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									    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
     Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
     “Ohio Chapter of the Year!”

                 General Body Meeting
                    March 21, 2009

• Impactful social action programming that mobilizes the chapter
• Contributing $30,000 over the next 5 years to our chapter scholarships and
• Reclaiming at least 50 sorors over the next 5 years
• Enhancing our internal policies and procedures for better chapter
• Increasing chapter visibility within the community and the sorority.

Regional Goals:
• 200 delegates at DDNC
• 100% Chapter Compliance
• 7000 Members by June 30, 2009
• 200 DIDs (Delta Internal Development workshops)
• 8 State Meetings (e.g., Delta Days, Statewide Founders Day, Training
  Clusters, etc.)
• Launch a State Program Initiative for all 8 states
• Submit 4 articles from the Midwest for the Delta Journal
• 100% attendance by chapters at the Regional Conference
• Full slate of candidates for 2009 Regional Conference
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                          Ohio Chapter of the Year!”
                           General Body Meeting
                               March 21, 2009
                             ORDER OF BUSINESS

Δ Meeting Call to Order                     Δ Committee Reports
Δ Adoption of the Agenda                             – Ways & Means
                                                       /Golf Outing
Δ House Keeping
  Reminder                                           – Delta Academy
                                                     – Delta GEMS
Δ Minutes of Previous
  General Body Meeting                               – Social Action
   – Read Silently
                                                     – Cotillion
Δ Correspondence
                                                     – Membership
Δ Officer’s Reports                                    Intake
   – President
                                            Δ Unfinished Business
   – 1st Vice President
   – 2nd Vice President                     Δ New Business
   – 3rd Vice President
                                            Δ Announcements
   – Financial Secretary
   – Treasurer                              Δ Ritualistic Closing

Note: Italic and shadowed items are reports
containing recommendations and will require action
 2008 - 2009                                                           2
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                  General Body Meeting Minutes
                          February 2009
 The February 2009 meeting was called to order at 10:12 am, College Hill
 Presbyterian Church. A quorum was present with 31 financial members 3
 non-financial/ visiting sorors. Sor. Danelle Carter moved to adopt the
 agenda. The motion was seconded. Motion passes. The January
 General Body Meeting minutes were read silently. Sor. Danelle Carter
 Moved to accept the minutes. Seconded. Motion Carries.

 Sor. Charlotte McKenzie gave her report. Invitation by the Girl Scouts to
 attend their Women of Distinction Awards Banquet-Sor. Veronica
 Chapman will be honored. Invitation to see the Spelman choir at Mt. Zion
 in Woodlawn. 1 request to be discussed under new business.
 Sor. Veronica Chapman gave her report. Local, State, Regional and
 National updates. Violets to sorors and committees on outstanding
 programs. Looking for volunteers for the MW regional leadership team
 meeting here in Cincinnati at the Double Tree in Blue Ash.
 1st Vice President
 Sor. Tina Welch gave the report. Updates on Chapter programs and
 upcoming events. Soliciting soror participation in the different
 committees. Delta Academy collecting used cell phones for March of
 Dimes. Program Proposals for 09-10 due by March 17th.
 2nd Vice President
 Sor. Danelle Carter gave her report. Reminder about Statewide Founders
 Day. Update on other regional Founders Day events. Reminder to Sorors
 about the 3 rites of Passage for every Delta, encouraging sorors to come
 out to Omega Omega services. Recognition of Sor. Betty Davis on the
 work she does for Delta Dears, acknowledgement of visiting sorors and
 Feb birthdays.

2008 - 2009                                                             3
                      CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                    General Body Meeting Minutes
                     February 2009 ….continued
3rd Vice President

Sor. Vickie Fairley gave her report. Informational. Golf outing asking for each
soror to get 2 hole sponsors, bring in donations for the goodie bags and get
golfers for the event. Asking that templates for officer and committee positions
are turned in by Feb 28th.
Financial Secretary

Sor. Ligaya West gave her report. Up to 127 financial members. 14 for 09-10

Sor. Gayle DeBrossard gave her report. Discussion on external audit.
      • Scholarship: Sor. Reynell Frazier gave the report. 45 applications
        received. Presentation of winners to take place at Golf outing
        and HS for senior awards day.
      • Membership Intake: Sor. Gail McCullom gave her report. RD
        approved 19 applicants. Pyramid Induction 3/14 10am. Sorors
        asked to arrive no later than 9:30am. Save the date for Odyssey
      • Ebony Fashion Fair: Sor. Charlotte McKenzie gave her final
        report. Recognition of Top 3 ticket sellers Sor. Rhonda Twitty (1st),
        Margaret Horton (2nd), Marie White (3rd). Motion to accept the
        final report by Sor. Marie White. Seconded. Motion Carries.
      • Social Action: Sor. Deitria Walker gave her report. Delta Days at
        Nations Capital coming up next weekend. DD at City Hall is in
        planning stages, will be 4/28-4/29. Encouragement for sorors to
        attend the Mayors State of the City address on 2/25.
      • Physical & Mental Health: Sor. Evelyn Ellington gave her report.
        Focus on Stroke awareness and prevention.
Unfinished Business
2008 - 2009                                                                        4
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                     General Body Meeting Minutes
                      February 2009 ….continued
     New Business

          • Request from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. will host their 78th
            Great Lakes Regional Conference .They are asking for support of
            their souvenir journal. Motion to donate $50 for a business card
            ad by Sor. Marie White. Seconded. Motion fails.
          • Chapters being asked to pay $500 for the MW regional retreat.
            Motion to shift monies from unused accounts by Sor. Nancy
            Moody. Seconded. Motion Carries


     Motion to adjourn by Sor. Tina Welch. Seconded. Motion Carries.

     Meeting adjourned at 12:20 pm followed by the Ritualistic Closing.

     Stacey Fulgham                                 Veronica Chapman
     Recording Secretary                            President

2008 - 2009                                                                      5
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                       Correspondence Report
                           March 21, 2009
  Happy Sisterhood Month, Sorors. Please review the guidelines listed
  below that will help in our correspondence process.
  •All committee meetings, updates, announcements, etc. that you
  would like included in the upcoming CAC Weekly Update should be
  submitted each week, no later than Sunday, 5:00pm to You must write your own
  submission in its’ entirety. This will insure inclusion of any early week
  meetings, as the Update will be emailed during the early part of each
  week. If you have an exception/emergency, feel free to call 513-258-
  •Please submit your info in the format as you would like for it to
  appear in the update. Your info should be inclusive but brief, in
  STANDARD TYPE AND FONT. Include pertinent info such as date, time,
  location, contact person, email, phone number, etc. Only minor
  editing will be done.
  Therefore, submit your info as bullet points that can be included in the
  body of the update or send an attachment that is small in capacity.
  ETC. with our Sergeant at Arms as you sign in for the Chapter Meeting.
  Also, if you have information that is currently not on file for another
  Soror, please provide it to us. We need correct information so that
  we can keep you in the communication loop of CAC.
  •Your suggestions and comments are welcome. Remember, ALL

  • Happy Sisterhood email from Soror Octavia Matthews, Director,
  Midwest Region.
  •Candidacy support email from Soror Anitra Durand-Allen (Louisville
  Alumnae) who is seeking the office of Member of the Regional
  Nominating Committee.

2008 - 2009                                                                   6
                      CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

               Correspondence Report continued…..

 • Midwest Regional Conference Souvenir Book, July 2009,
    Charleston, WV. They are asking for support of their souvenir
    journal. Ad prices range from $50 (business card); $150/quarter
    page with photo, $125 w/o photo; $250/half page with photo,
    $225 w/o photo; $350/full page with photo, $325 w/o photo. Full
    page is 7.75 x 10. No additional cost for color. Deadline to
    submit is April 13, 2009.

 •     MS Motivational Institute, Inc. is seeking a financial contribution to
       help in their assistance of MS patients and their families.

 Submitted in the spirit of Delta,
 Charlotte McKenzie
 Corresponding Secretary

2008 - 2009                                                                     7
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                        Presidents Report
                         March 21, 2009
  Sorors, Happy Sisterhood Month! Please take this opportunity to
    fellowship, bond and get to know you sorors better.

  Local Updates

  ▲ Violets to Sorors who came out to participate in the Omega
    Omega Service for Soror Dorothy Dickerson. Special violets to Soror
    Cammie Montgomery for presiding over the ceremony.

  ▲ Violets to Soror Gail McCullom and the Minerva Circle for a
    beautiful Pyramid Induction ceremony.

  ▲ This is your last opportunity to sign up to volunteer for the Midwest
    Regional Leadership Team Meeting, April 3-5. See me or Soror
    Monetta Pennington to sign up.

  State Updates
  ▲ Attended Statewide Founders Day in Dayton, 11 Sorors from the
     chapter attended, approx. 150 sorors attended across the state.

  Midwest Update
  ▲ Advisors Certification Training is being held April 18, 2009 in
    Southfield, Michigan. You must receive approval to attend this
    training. Contact Soror Tina Welch for more information.

  National Update
  ▲ The Call to Conference has been posted on the Midwest Region
    Website in the Members only section. The User ID is DeltaGirls and
    the password is 22Founders. Register on the National Website.

  ▲ Attended Delta Days at the Nation’s Capital. Soror Deatria Walker
    will share her report.

      Yours in Delta,
      Veronica L. Chapman
2008 - 2009                                                                 8
                    DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                          CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                         First Vice President Report
    The program committees continue to move our programs
    forward below are some of the program highlights from the
    past month:
              ∆   Delta Academy and Delta GEMS, Fall Retreat: Mind, Body &
                  Soul - Healthy Choices, Healthy Attitudes on February 28th
              ∆   Cotillion “Sister to you Retreat”, 18 Debutants and mentors
                  participated on February 21st and 22nd
              ∆   Social Action, Delta Days at the Nations Capital, “Celebrating
                  The Life and Legacy of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs
                  Jones and the Election of Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge,
                  February 28th through April 3rd
    We have some great things planned for the remainder of the
    sorority year. Below is some key information regarding each
    program and upcoming activities:
              –   Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy - Young ladies grades 5th
                  through 8th, focus on math/science, meets 1st Saturday of
                  each month. Next meeting April 11th, Lights! Camera! Action!
                  Part-2 at Cincinnati State Technical College, 12pm – 3pm. The
                  Academy is also collecting used cell phones as contribution
                  towards the annual March of Dimes Walk for Babies on
                  Sunday, April 26th. Please bring your used cell phones to our
                  next sorority meeting in March and April.

              –   Delta Academy II: Delta G.E.M.S. (Growing and Empowering
                  Myself Successfully) – Young ladies grades 9th through 12th,
                  focus on self esteem and leadership, meets 1st Tuesday of
                  each month at Xavier University Gallagher Student Center
                  (Room 214), 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Next meeting April 7th, Yes,
                  No, Maybe? Choices and Healthy Relationships. Next event
                  April 25th & 26th, Overnight College Retreat, Miami University,
                  Oxford, Ohio. The retreat focus: campus tour, financial aid
                  and admissions Q&A, minority student panel, community
                  service, and sisterly bonding.

              –   Scholarship Committee - Screening and reviewing
                  applications for the 2008/2009 scholarship awards. Interviews
2008 - 2009       to be scheduled for next month.                             9
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                      First Vice President Report

          –   Debutante Cotillion - Young ladies that are High school Juniors
              and Seniors, focus on developing and enhancing the
              debutante’s personal, educational, cultural, spiritual, and social
              lives. Rehearsals are held at Xavier University Armory on
              Sundays, starting at 3PM. Cotillion presentation, Saturday, April
              11th, 6PM, Duke Energy Center. Tickets now available at a cost
              of $50.

          –   Social Action committee - Collaboration with community
              partners to enhance the political and social awareness of the
              Cincinnati community residents. Currently planning Delta Days
              at City Hall, on April 28th and 29th. More details will be given in
              the Social Action report.

          –   Physical and Mental Health Committee – will be focused on
              Stroke and Stroke prevention in addition to Breast Cancer
              Awareness, and Heart Disease. We are looking forward to a
              Stroke Awareness presentation during our April sorority meeting.

          –   Financial Fortitude Committee – will focus on home ownership
              and preventative maintenance.

  Sorors its that time of the year to submit your program
  proposals. The was sent out electronically as a separate
  attachment last month. The program proposals are due today,
  March 17th , please take a moment to submit your ideas for the
  2008/2009 Sorority year.

  The chapter calendar is posted on our website, We are excited about our programs and we
  invite you to participate.

  Yours in Delta
  Tina A. Welch
  First Vice President
2008 - 2009                                                                    10
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                          Second Vice Presidents Report
    The Ohio Statewide Founder’s Day celebration was great! There were 11 Sorors
    to attend from our chapter. The weekend celebration provided an opportunity
    to reflect on our commitment to Delta during the rededication ceremony, time
    to fellowship and meet new Sorors and rekindle old relationships, opportunity to
    shop and workshops that helped us to learn more about the operational
    functions of our Sorority.

    Thanks to those Sorors who attended and represented our chapter! There are
    still a couple of Founder’s Day celebrations remaining in the Midwest. Please
    see below.
    Other Midwest Founder’s Day celebrations:
    •March 21, 2009- Battle Creek Alumnae Chapter in Battlecreek, MI; Keynote
    speaker: Soror Paulette Walker, 1st National Vice President.
    •March 21, 2009- Eastern Panhandle Alumnae Chapter in Martinsburg, WV;
    Keynote speaker: Soror Gwendolyn Boyd, 22nd National President.
    •March 21, 2009- Collegiate Chapters in Wisconsin; Keynote Speaker, Soror
    Cynthia Butler-McIntyre, 24th National President
    •March 28, 2009- Bowling Green Alumnae Chapter in Bowling Green, KY;
    Keynote speaker Soror Pamela E. Smith, Immediate Past National Secretary

    Violets to Soror Michelle Toney for being honored in Who’s Who in Black
    Cincinnati. Soror Toney was promoted a couple of years ago to Dean of
    Academic Affairs at Brown-Mackie College. She was recognized for
    accomplishments in education. Also, Soror Crystal Kendrick was inducted as
    well. Crystal started her own business The Voice of Your Customer which has
    developed into a successful marketing consulting firm. Way to go Soror’s!!!!

    I spoke, you listened and then YOU ACTED!!!! Thank you Sorors for hearing my
    plea about attendance at Omega Omega services. Unfortunately, shortly after
    our meeting last month we were informed of another death. However……the
    turnout for this Omega Omega service, held during the day, was phenomenal!
    Please continue to make every effort to show our Sorors how much they were

2008 - 2009                                                                            11
                     DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                           CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

               Second Vice President’s Report Continued
                       Happy Sisterhood Month!!!!
                Soror’s please join the chapter in celebration of
                sisterhood month! Our Soror Integration chair has
                  planned a variety of activities to give Sorors an
               opportunity to fellowship. Please see the schedule of
                events below and plan to attend! See you there!

         •    Wednesday, March 11, 2009 (6pm to 8pm) – “Let’s Get Creative!”
         •    Join us at Paint and Play (7556 Voice of America Dr.) where you can create your own ceramic
              masterpieces! Prices for material range from $9-25 plus a studio fee of ½ the price of your
              selected art piece. Please see for more information.
         •    Friday, March 13, 2009 (5pm-7pm) – “5 After 5”
         •     Join us at Whole Foods (2693 Edmondson Rd) for a wine taste! For only $5.00 per person you
              can sample five amazing wines and hors d'oeuvres. Please see
     for more information.
         •    Sunday, March 15, 2009 (3pm – 5pm) -“What’s It Really All About?”
         •    Join us at the Cincinnati Museum Center (1301 Western Avenue) as we tour the “Race: Are We
              So Different” exhibit; designed to explores how race differs from human biological make up,
              when and why the idea of race was invented, and how race and racism affects everyday life.
              Admission: Adult $8.00/ seniors $7.00 / children $6.00 (plus parking). Please see
     for more information.
         •    Saturday, March 21, 2009 (immediately following chapter meeting)– “Let’s Break Bread Together”
         •    Join us for lunch after chapter meeting at Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar (9455
              Colerain Ave). Lunch entrees range from $7.95 – 14.95.
         •    Sunday, March 22, 2009 (10:45am) – “Everybody Say Amen”
         •    Put on your best Crimson and Cream and join us as we Praise the Lord at the Mt. Zion Baptist
              Church in Woodlawn (10180 Woodlawn Blvd.) Please see for more
         •    Tuesday, March 24, 2009 (6:15pm-7:15pm) – “Work It Out!”
         •    Join us the Contemporary Dance Theater (1805 Larch Ave) for the Hip Hop Freestyle Dance
              Aerobics and Toning class. It uses a base of Hip Hop and other fun, exciting classes including
              Salsa, African, House, and Funk to give you an aerobic and toning workout that targets specific
              muscle groups. Admission is $10.00 per person (pre-registration is recommended so please
              contact me by 3/23/09 if you plan to attend) Admission: $10.00 per person. Please see www.cdt-
     for more information.
         •    Sunday, March 29, 2009 (10:45am) – “Everybody Say Amen”
         •    Put on your best Crimson and Cream and join us as we Praise the Lord at the Lincoln Heights
              Missionary Baptist Church (9991 Wayne Ave) Please see for more information.

2008 - 2009                                                                                                 12
                      CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

              Second Vice President’s Report Continued

   • Reclamation……Who’s responsibility is

   • Have you invited an inactive Soror to
     attend a chapter meeting? Please
     make a commitment to bring at least
     one inactive Soror to a chapter
     meeting during the sorority year.

   Yours in Delta,
   Danelle A. Carter
   2nd Vice President

2008 - 2009                                              13
                      CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

              Third Vice President’s Report – March 2009

     Greetings Sorors as we celebrate Women’s History Month!

     •    Ways & Means Committee ~ Soror Lisa Rowell
          4th Annual Golf Outing – Saturday, May 16th at Walden
          Pond. Committee meeting conducted this month.
          Reminder: Two hole sponsors and goodie bags items are
          requested from each soror. See weekly update for an
          electronic copy of the golf brochure/related info.

     •    Parliamentarian ~ Soror Esther Cash Mills
          Working to finalize draft document for chapter
          procedures booklet. It is not too late to submit your

     •    Chaplain ~ Soror Wanda Owens
          It gives me a deep, comforting sense that “things seen
          are temporal and things unseen are eternal.”
          Helen Keller

     •    Publicity ~Katelyn Jackson
          Developing chapter marketing plan and media
          outreach reference notebook. Contact Katelyn at
 or 513-616-0204 for
          assistance with upcoming events.

     •    Journalist ~ Sorors Lynadius Joseph & Camile Woods
          Submit articles by March 31st for next edition of the
          newsletter to or regular mail to
          P.O. Box 19955, Cincinnati, OH 45219.

2008 - 2009                                                        14
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                Third Vice President’s Report cont’d

  •     Historian ~ Soror Ebonie Byndon
        Organizing chapter pictures, articles and items of
        historical interest. Contact Ebonie at 513-283-3066 or for more info.

  •     Web Mistress ~Soror LaCosta Moore
        Exploring purchase of software to maintain our chapter
        website! Click for the latest chapter
        happenings. Look for updates soon and contact Soror
        Moore at

  •     Dial-a-Delta ~ Sorors Melba Morgan & Pearline Singletary
        Reminder: Remember to update your contact info!

  •     Custodian ~ Soror Sandra Wiggins)
        Kudos for support to Pyramid Induction Ceremony and
        related membership intake activities.

  •     Housing Management ~ Soror Glenda Leonard-Wilkinson
        Collecting attendance data for housing feasibility study.
        Welcome Soror Delores Elliott to the committee.

  Soror Vickie D. Fairley
  Third Vice President

2008 - 2009                                                         15
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                        Monthly Report
                         February 2009

  Income                                   Amount
  Membership Dues 2009-2010                       2030.00
  Membership Intake: initiation fees             18525.00
  Delta Academy: Water Challenge                   269.73
  Cotillion: sponsorship, luncheon                3875.00
  Ebony Fashion Fair: PayPal tickets              2263.37
                        Total Receipts      $26963.10

2008 - 2009                                                 16
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                                Monthly Report
                                 February 2009

Expenses                                                        Amount
Duplication                         FedEx Kinkos                    84.97
Website , Telephone Listing -       Cincinnati Bell                 46.84
August & September
Meeting Location - January          College Hill Presbyterian      100.00
PO Box: yearly fee                  US Postal Service              170.00
Finance Team: QuickBooks            Gayle DeBrossard               113.93
Membership Dues 2009-2010           DST HQ                         730.00
Membership Intake: initiation       DST HQ                        9975.00
Membership Intake: Interviews       College Hill Presbyterian      150.00
Membership Intake: Mailing of       Gayle DeBrossard                17.50
Candidate Fees
Sisterhood: flowers                 Peachy's Blossom                43.13
Chapter Representation:             Veronica Chapman               100.00
Statewide Founders' Day
Social Action: Delta Days at        Tina Welch                     402.40
Nation's Capitol (reg & travel)
Delta Academy: Facility             Candice Higgins                180.00
Delta Academy: food & supplies      Candice Higgins                123.92
Delta Academy: Water                Candice Higgins                269.73

2008 - 2009                                                           17
                         CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                              Monthly Report
                               February 2009

Expenses                                                      Amount
Ebony Fashion Fair: signage       Ad Pro Signs                   382.25
Cotillion: Crowns Luncheon        Hilton Garden Inn              987.14
Cotillion: Retreat                Hyatt Place Cincinnati NE      759.38
Cotillion: tiara                  Jamie Jovanna                  600.00
                                   GRAND Total Expenses       $12889.67

2008 - 2009                                                         18
                      DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                            CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                                    Financial Roster
A                         F                           M                         T
Adams-Davis, Sherri       Fairley, Vickie             Mackey-Moore, LaCosta     Taylor, Nikki
Allen, Maurine            Fears, Kristal              Madry, Trina              Thomas, Nikki
Archable, Victoria        Ferguson-Booker, Sheila     Marshall, Mikaela         Tillery, Irma
Austin, Terricka          Foree, Marthella            Matthews, Keianna         Toliver, Ernestine
                          Frazier, Josephine          McCray, Adrienne          Toney, Michelle
                          Frazier, Reynell            McCray, Jacquelyn         Turner, Jacqueline
B                         Fulgham, Stacey             McCullom, Gail            Twitty, Rhonda
Baker, Erica              Fultz, Betty                McDonald-Gordon, Robyn
Barnes, Donnia            Fuqua, Jaekeia              McKenzie, Charlotte       V
Barnes, Vanessa                                       Meadows, Cheryl           Veals-Pierre, Bennette
Benjamin, Tikica          G                           Merrida, Chemere
Berry, Sallie             Gayle-Rucker, Gracie        Montgomery, Olivia        W
Black, Monica             Glaspie, Geraldine          Moody, Nancy              Walker, Beulah
Bowen, Tina               Glover, Frances             Moore, April              Walker, Deatria
Boyce-Mathis, Angela      Goodloe, Celestine          Morgan, Melba             Walters, Lottie
Brooks-Higgins, Candice   Graham, Scharleen           Morton, Stephanie         Ward, Gloria
Brown, Elsie              Green, Tamara               Murphy, Eunice            Watson-El, Jasmin
Brown, Marena                                                                   Weber-Lashore, Akiliah
Burton, Kyndal            H                           N                         Welch, Tina
Byndon, Ebonie            Handy, Ronnise              Newberry, Lillie          Wesley, Florence
                          Hardy, Krystal                                        West, Ligaya
C                         Heard, Danyelle             O                         Wheeler, Tisha
Cargile, Lori             Henry, Martha               Owens, Vera               White, Dorothy
Carter, Danelle           Hollinger, April            Owens, Wanda              White, Marie
Cash-Mills, Esther        Horton, Margaret                                      Wiggins, Sandra
Chapman, Sheryl           Howard, Carla               P                         Winston, Tiffani
Chapman, Veronica         Hudson, Lucia               Paddio, Lillie            Woods, Camille
Cole, L’Tanya             Hull, Kimberly              Pankey, Danielle
Coleman, Mary                                         Pennington, Monetta       Y
Collins, Ashani           J                           Potter, LeQuita           Young, Sylvia
Collins, Tamia            Johnson, Ruth
Cook, Angela              Jones, Nikita               R                         TOTAL
Coursey, Yvonne           Joseph, Lynadius            Reed, Allene              127
                                                      Reed-Jett, Carmen
D                         K                           Rogers, Michelle
Dale, Marviette           Kearney, Rose               Rogers, Shawana
Davis, Betty              Kendrick, Crystal           Rowell, Lisa
DeBrossard, Gayle
DeRamus, Shawnda          L                           S
Dixon, Sheree             Leonard-Wilkinson, Glenda   Sams, Vanessa
                          Lewis-Thornton, Jennifer    Shirley, Virginia Faye
E                         Love, Melinda               Singletary, Pearline
Ellington, Evelyn                                     Stallworth-Lett, Cheryl
Elliott, Deloris                                      Stewart-Tyson, Karla
Everett, Minnie                                       Story-Stewart, Michelle
                                                      Strudwick, Casandra

 2008 - 2009                                                                                         19
                       DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                             CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                                           Treasurers Report
General Body Account
Beginning Balance February 1, 2009                                                                      $ 9,711.11
Income Generated:

       MIT - Membership Fees                                                              $ 18,525.00
       Delta Academy - Collection for Water Project                                            269.73
      Total Income                                                                                       $18,794.73

Expenses Generated:
      Cincinnati Bell - Telephone Listing $9.56, Website $37.28                             $46.84
      Tina Welch - Social Action - Delta Days @ Nations Capital( registration, airfare)     402.40
      DST HQ - MIT - Membership Fees                                                       9,975.00
      Veronica Chapman - Statewide Founder's Day - Chapter Representation                   100.00
      College Hill Presbyterian Church - MIT Meeting Space $150, Chapter Mtg $100           250.00
      Peachy's Blossoms, Inc. - Sisterhood- Flowers                                          43.13
      Fed Ex Office - Duplication                                                            84.97
      US Postal Service - P.O. Box Fee                                                      170.00
      Gayle DeBrossard - $17.50 MIT Mailing, $113.93                                        131.43
      Candice Higgins - Delta Academy - February Session supplies                           303.92
      The Water Project, Inc. - Delta Academy - Water Challenge project                     269.73
      Total Expenses                                                                                    $ 11,777.42

                                                              Ending Balance February 28, 2009          $ 16,728.42

 2008 - 2009                                                                                                   20
                        CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                         Treasurers Report ….continued
Ways and Means Account
Beginning Balance February 1, 2009                                      $    3,820.05
Income Generated:
        2008 EFF - Pay Pal Tickets             $ 2,263.37
        Void CK# 1096 Ad-Pro Signs                 382.25
        Total Income                                                    $    2,645.62

Expenses Generated:
        Ad-Pro Signs                           $    382.25

        Total Expenses                                                  $     382.25

                                          Ending Balance February 28, 2009   6,083.42

Sisterhood Account
Beginning Balance February 1, 2009                                      $    2,959.22
Income Generated:
        Interest                               $       0.24
        2009-10 Membership Dues                    2,030.00
        Total Income                                                    $    2,030.24

Expenses Generated:
       DST HQ - 2009-10 Membership Dues        $    730.00
        Total Expenses                                                  $     730.00

                                          Ending Balance February 28, 2009   4,259.46

 2008 - 2009                                                                    21
                     DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                           CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                        Treasurers Report ….continued

Scholarship Account
Beginning Balance February 1, 2009                                              $ 14,187.14
Income Generated:
       Interest                                                 $      1.09

      Total Income                                                              $      1.09

Expenses Generated:
      No Activity
      Total Expenses                                                            $       -

                                                                                $ 14,188.23
                                             Ending Balance Before Restricted Funds

Restricted Funds:
       Scholarship Funds Reserved                                   5,000.00

      Total Restricted Expenses                                                 $ 5,000.00

                                             Ending Balance February 28, 2009   $ 9,188.23

Certificate of Deposit Account
Beginning Balance February 1, 2009                                              $ 6,277.82
Income Generated:

      No Activity - Maturity February 2010

                                             Ending Balance February 28, 2009   $ 6,277.82

  2008 - 2009                                                                               22
                      DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                            CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                           Treasurers Report ….continued

Cotillion Account
Beginning Balance February 1, 2009                                                   $   6,341.77
Income Generated:
          Cotillion Fees                                               $ 3,150.00
          Crowns Luncheon                                                  725.00
         Total Income                                                                $   3,875.00

Expenses Generated:
        Hilton Garden Inn - Crowns Luncheon                            $   987.14
        Jamie Jovanna - Tiaras                                             600.00
        Hyatt Place Cincinnati NE - Cotillion Retreat - Location           759.38
        Return Deposit Item # 306071                                       100.00
        Total Expenses                                                               $   2,446.52

Ending Balance Before Restricted Funds                                               $   7,770.25

Restricted Funds:
        2007-08 Cotillion Scholarships                                     $3,000

        Total Restricted Expenses                                                    $   3,000.00

                                                  Ending Balance February 28, 2009   $   4,770.25

  2008 - 2009                                                                               23
                      DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                            CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                         Treasurers Report ….continued

                                                               GRAND TOTAL   $ 47,307.60

Ads / Contribution Year-to-
       date $1,200          $1,200
Jul-08                      $0.00
Aug-08                     $0.00

                                       Delta Research & ED
                                       Foundation - Donation
                                       Queen City Chapter -
Sep-08                     ($100.00)   Walkathon
                                       Delta Sigma Theta Rho
                                       Xi - Contribution -
Oct-08                     ($100.00)   Scholarship Luncheon
Nov-08                     $0.00
                                       Cincinnati Youth
                                       Collaborative $125 ,
                                       Omega Psi Phi $110,
                                       American Cancer
Dec-08                     ($335.00)   Society $100
Jan-09                     $0.00
Feb-09                     $0.00
Mar-09                     $0.00
Apr-09                     $0.00
May-09                     $0.00
Jun-09                     $0.00
Currently Available        $665.00

  2008 - 2009                                                                     24
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                        Ways and Means/Golf Outing Report
                                 March 21, 2009

  The date is May 16, 2009 at Walden Ponds Golf
  Course with a 1:00 shot gun start. We do need

  Sorors are asked to obtain two Hole sponsors at $100
  and to obtain goody bag items for golfers. We will
  need a total of 80 pieces. These items can be in the
  form of ink pens, mints or whatever you have. Please
  keep donations until closer to the event.

  We have a total of 3 teams that are registered to play
  and we need more. We also have one Par Level
  Sponsor. We also have a drink Sponsor which is
  Pepsico. Violets to Soror Cheryl Lett for securing.

  Contact Soror Lisa Rowell at (513) 260-3323 or e-mail

  Respectfully Submitted:
  Soror Lisa Rowell, Ways and Means Chair

2008 - 2009                                                 25
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                        Delta Academy Report
                              March 2009
  The 2008-2009 Delta Academy program year has been very busy with
  numerous successes and more to come.

  Enrollment: 41 girls, ages 10-14, grades 5-8

  Average attendance: 23 participants; 4.6 Sorors

  The “Bridge Building” Learning Module launched on Dec. 13. Guest
  Speaker Soror L’Tanya Cole, director of Global Process Development
  and Engineering for P&G’s Feminine Care products division, engaged
  participants in a thought-provoking presentation on how to find their
  path to success, as well as sharing her experiences as a civil engineer
  and the first Black female to graduate with a master’s in engineering
  from Princeton University. Participants were also introduced to the
  principles of sound bridge design through videos, diagrams, a software
  demo, and a peer education activity.

  Also, on Dec. 13, Delta Academy began its Water Challenge
  community service project to support the efforts of the Water Project,
  Inc. and Water for Children Africa to build the infrastructure, like water
  pumps and dams, needed to establish and sustain a clean water
  supply in impoverished areas of Africa. Participants have been
  encouraged to make a personal sacrifice for two weeks, such as
  drinking only water or requesting donations rather than Christmas
  presents, and divert the funds saved as a donation to this noble cause.
  In total, with soror contributions, we raised $334.73, which more than 30
  people gain long-term access to clean water.

  In January, as assigned teams, participants continued to build their
  bridges and learned about Cincinnati Bridge trivia, such as the
  designers, history and nick names for area bridges. In addition,
  participants were treated to a blind-folded obstacle course ice
  breaker and heard from guest speaker Nicole Griffith, who as a civil
  engineer inspects Cincinnati’s bridges.

2008 - 2009                                                                26
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

               Delta Academy Report ….continued
 In February, as a special surprise for the participants, approx. 10 sorors
 gathered to sing the Delta Sweetheart Song. The girls were impressed
 by the sisterhood displayed by the sorors. Violets to all the sorors who

 On Feb. 14, The Bridge Building learning module also culminated with
 the Bridge Building Contest and Trivia Challenge. The winning bridge
 building team comprised of Cydney Grayer, Jessica Gassett, and
 Dylanne Twitty with a bridge that weighed 15 grams and carried 752
 grams, more than 50 times its own weight! The winners of the Bridge
 Trivia challenge were Aleeyah Nurredin and Terrin McCullough!

 As many are aware, the Delta Academy African-American History
 Bowl team – Jessica Gassett, Isis Thornton, Reina Gaither, Cydney
 Grayer, and Nakia Woodard – took home the gold at the 4th Annual
 Alpha Esquire Black History Month Quiz Bowl on Feb. 7 at the University
 of Cincinnati. Many violets to Co-Chair Tamia Collins for leading and
 preparing the team!

 On Feb. 28, our committees partnered for the Delta Academy/Delta
 GEMS Mind, Body and Soul Winter Retreat! This full day of activity
 •a sweat-dripping, hip-popping hip-hop aerobics session led by
 Instructor Shanee Pacley;
 •an Eat This, Not That nutrition discussion involving analyzing our lunch
 that day;
 •an exploration of self image through analyzing images in the media
 and an affirmation of one’s own positive self image while peering into
 a mirror;
 •And a craft activity to decorate their own personal mirror to take

2008 - 2009                                                                   27
                      CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                Delta Academy Report ….continued

     On March 14, we switched focus to the Lights! Camera! Action! Learning
     Module in Cincinnati State’s Main Building room 324. This was made
     possible through a partnership with the Black Data Processing Association
     for the location and once again, Media Bridges for the equipment. We’ve
     implemented some improvements that have gotten us off to a great start.

     Violets to our committee Members: Carmen, Akilah, Sherri, Melanie,
     Ashley, Rhonda and our honorary member Ligaya West for agreeing to
     lead a dance team!

     Please mark your calendars for the following remaining events:
     April 11- Lights! Camera! Action!, 12-3 pm, Cincinnati State, Main building
     3rd flood student study area and RM 324
     April 25 - Optional Community Service: Great American
     Clean-up, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., Corryville Recreation Center
     April 26 - Community Service: March for Babies, 9 a.m. start-3 miles,
     Sawyer Point Park, 705 E Pete Rose Way
     (We are collecting donations, cell phones and pagers for this cause.)
     May 9 - Lights! Camera! Action!, 12-3 pm, Cincinnati State, Main building
     3rd flood student study area and RM 324
     June 13 - Lights! Camera! Action! and Closing Ceremony,12-3 pm, College
     Hill Presbyterian Church sanctuary (calling all sorors for a

     For more information contact Soror Candice Higgins at (513) 829-
     1085 home, (740) 707-0682 cell, or
     with questions or for more

     Humbly Submitted,
     Soror Candice C. Higgins
     Program Chair
     Soror Tamia Collins-McGuire
     Program Co-chair
2008 - 2009                                                                    28
                      CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

              Delta G.E.M.S. March Informational Report
     Feb 28, 2009-Delta GEMS and Delta Academy Winter Retreat @
     College Hill Presbyterian Church. Mind, Body and Soul.

     March 3, 2009 –Show Me The Money-Life After High School: Career
     Planning and College Preparation

     GEMS Attendance: 13 GEMS
     Soror Attendance: 4 committee members and two guest Sorors: Tina
     Armstead and Brandy Stewart

     Topics: College Preparation, Resumes, Cover Letters, Useful Tips on
     Career Planning and we also had an interactive Careel Panel.

     Violets to Sorors: Ashani Omari and Tikica Benjamin
     for preparing an interactive, informative program that even included
     a mini college fair!

     April 7, 2009-Healthy Choices: Sex Education and Peer Pressure
     Xavier University-Gallagher Student Center 6:30-8:30pm. We will also
     host a Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive. The GEMS will collect and
     donate gently used clothing items and the items will be donated to
     the Freestore Foodbank.

     April 11, 2009- Three GEMS are in this years Cotillion. If there are any
     Sorors who are interested in donating tickets so the GEMS can
     support their GEMS sisters-please let me know. The GEMS will
     volunteer their time the day of the event in exchange for any tickets
     that are donated.

     April 25-26, 2009-Spring College Retreat Miami University Oxford,

     Thank you Sorors,
     Camille Woods
2008 - 2009                                                                     29
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                 Social Action Committee Report
  Sorors…Delta Days in the Nation’s Capital was a SUCCESS!

  There were over 1100 sorors that attended the event from across the
  country. CAC was represented by 5 chapter members: Deatria
  Walker, Tina Welch, Veronica Chapman, Stephanie Morton, and
  Yvonne Coursey. From the moment we arrived on Saturday, we got
  straight down to the Delta business of addressing “Advocacy in
  Action: Strengthening Our Legacy”.

  We were addressed by our distinguished Sorors, Bishop Vashti Murphy
  McKenzie, the Honorable Alexis Herman, the Honorable Marcia L.
  Fudge, Past National Presidents Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Gwendolyn
  Boyd and of course our Current National President Cynthia M.A.
  Butler-McIntyre. We heard from a few notable African American
  leaders such as Benjamin Jealous, Pres/CEO, NAACP, Dr. E. Faye
  Williams, Chair, National Congress of Black Women and Marc Morial,
  President/CEO, National Urban League. There was even a wonderful
  tribute to our late Soror, the Honorable Stephanie Tubbs Jones,
  coupled with a celebration for Soror Marcia L. Fudge for being
  elected to Congress in her seat.

  Some common messages of the weekend were, we as Delta
  women, need to become more engaged in what’s going on in our
  communities, we need to support our new President but also
  continue to challenge him. Soror President Butler-McIntyre said, “We
  Have to Stay Awake & Do the Work”. Soror Herman asks that we
  keep reclaiming the Delta Spirit & Light it Up!

  We exceeded our goal of having 200 Sorors attend from the Midwest
  Region. The 2008-2010 Social Action Agenda was rolled out. It
  includes topics such as Voting , the Census, Economic Survival,
  Quality Education, Eco-Friendly Environment, Keeping our
  Connection to Africa, and United Nations NGO Status.

2008 - 2009                                                              30
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

              Social Action Committee Report…cont.
  We are encouraged as a chapter to focus our Social Action
  programs and efforts that address some specific issues within those
  key topics. National Headquarters announced a collaborative
  initiative to help restore Soror Mary Church Terrell’s home so we all be
  hearing more about how they expect the chapter’s to support this

  You’ll see the Social Action working diligently thru 2010 and beyond
  to do all that is possible to support our National Social Action
  Agenda. That’s why we will have our 2nd Annual Delta Days at City
  Hall (DDCH)on April 28-29, 2009 to remind our local government that
  we are here and will continue to use our voices to improve the lives
  of those being underserved in our communities. We intend to
  strengthen the relationships that currently exist between Delta and
  our local government and also build new ones with those who have
  been asked to represent us, the citizens of Cincinnati.

  We have set a goal of 50 Sorors to attend DDCH. Our Theme for this
  year will be “Advocacy in Action; Renewing Our Purpose”. We must
  get back to doing what we have been called to do. We hope that
  you will participate in DDCH, if not both days…at least one of the 2
  days. We ask that you also invite an inactive Soror to participate with
  you. Feel free to forward her contact information to us so that we
  can formally invite her as well. We anticipate the cost will be $15 to
  cover continental breakfast, lunch and supplies. All of the numbers
  are being finalized and we’ll communicate all of the specifics late
  this month via the weekly email update. You are encouraged to pre-
  register now as we anticipate having to close registration.

2008 - 2009                                                                  31
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

              Social Action Committee Report…cont.
  Contact me if you are interested in planning for DDCH but can’t
  attend. The next meeting will be by conference call on April 7, 2009
  at 7:00pm.

  Contact me at or or call me 513-503-1476 to be included on all
  Social Action Committee planning correspondence.

  Respectfully Submitted

  Soror Deatria T. Walker

2008 - 2009                                                              32
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                      Membership Intake
                        March 2009

  •Violets to the Minerva Circle for an outstanding job on the
  Pyramid Induction Ceremony!
  •19 Women were inducted as Pyramids on 3/14/09.
  •Pyramid Patricia DeJarnett declined continuing with the
  membership intake process on 3/15/09 due to personal
  issues but thanks the chapter for the opportunity, thus we
  have a total of 18 Pyramids.
  •The Pyramids are currently in the PPP phase of the
  membership intake process.
  •Odyssey is scheduled for March 28 & March 29th at Six
  Acres located at 5350 Hamilton Avenue. Sorors are asked to
  arrive by 12:30 p.m. Odyssey is open to all Trained Cincinnati
  Alumnae Chapter Sorors only.
  •Please see Soror Gail McCullom for a calendar which
  includes dates for J Days. J Days are open to all Trained
  Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Sorors only.
  •As a sisterly reminder, please keep all dates confidential!

   Respectfully Submitted,
       Soror Gail McCullom

2008 - 2009                                                        33
                      CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

    Membership Intake ….Continued

    Odyssey Weekend Report

    Odyssey weekend will be a fun filled, energy packed weekend for
    pyramids and Sorors. It is scheduled for Saturday, March 28th –
    Sunday, March 29th at the Six Acres Bed and Breakfast and Seven
    Acres Bed and Breakfast located at 5350 Hamilton Avenue,
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45224 (513) 541-0873.
    We will have activities starting at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday until
    Sunday at 12:00 noon. Due to the limited sleeping space, we are
    asking Sorors to come for the activities, but not spend the night. If
    you want to spend the night, you may have to sleep on a couch,
    sleeping bag or on a roll out bed. We have a total of 13 rooms
    available for sleeping which means we will have approx. 4
    pyramids to a room and three sorors to a room. With that said, it
    still will be one of the best experiences that we’ve had with
    membership intake in a long time. It is private, unique and I
    believe the pyramids and Sorors will get a lot out of the weekend.

     The cost for the weekend is as follows:
    Sorors staying overnight - $40.00 each – This cost includes snacks,
    dinner (cook-out) & breakfast.
    Sorors staying the day - $25.00 each - This cost includes snacks,
    dinner (cook-out).
    We are excited about this private opportunity. We will have
    activities inside and out side so please bring jackets just in case it is
    I will need the names of the Sorors who are attending so we can
    plan accordingly.
    Make checks payable to Delta Sigma Theta or pay cash to the

    Submitted by: H. Michelle Toney
2008 - 2009                                                                     34

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