; alumnus urges veterans to say thanks to wcc - Westchester
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alumnus urges veterans to say thanks to wcc - Westchester


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									Published by the Westchester Community College Foundation          75 Grasslands Road       Valhalla, New York 10595                                                     JUNE, 2010

       IL CLUB ITALIANO                                                 ALUMNUS URGES VETERANS TO SAY THANKS TO WCC
       MARKS 38TH YEAR                                                 When Steve Heintz, a Vietnam veteran and a 1970 grad-
                                                                  uate of WCC, picked up the November, ’09 issue of the
                                                                                                                                 experiences in the military and the new challenges facing
                                                                                                                                 them in the civilian world. Dean of Students Angelo
     Il Club Italiano at Westchester Community College            Alumnews, he was immediately struck by the lead headline:      Delgrosso was faculty advisor for the club and it ‘caught
celebrated its 38th anniversary on Friday, April 23rd, at the     “Kappa Sigma Kappa Awards First                                on’ and grew rapidly. When Vietnam veteran Steve Heintz
Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle. Guests enjoyed            Scholarship”. He thought back to                               joined the club in 1967 there were more than 80 members.
a wonderful Italian dinner accompanied by music, dancing          the late 60’s, when he was a member                                 In his last year at WCC Steve served as president of the
and entertainment as they celebrated the outstanding suc-         of the Veterans Club at WCC, and                               Veterans Club. He remembers those years, and those people,
cess of the largest club at the college and one of the most       remembered the friendly rivalry his                            with great fondness. “The club provided us with great ca-
                               influential Italian cultural       group had had with the Kappa                                   maraderie and a great social life,” said Steve. “We were a
                               groups in the county.              Sigma Kappa fraternity brothers. By                            ‘giving’ organization. We raised money, lots of money, for
                                    The Italian Club pro-         the time he had finished reading the                            scholarships or charities or for anybody who was in need.
                               motes and preserves the cul-       article, an idea was taking shape in                           And when we weren’t raising money we had a great time
                               ture, language, customs, tra-      his mind. If KSK members still cared                           just sitting around over a beer and talking about our military
                               ditions, folklore, and food of     enough about the college to fund a                             days, how we were adjusting to being home, and what we
                               Italy; helps to acquire a better   scholarship, why shouldn’t he and        Steve Heintz, ‘70     wanted to do with the rest of our lives.”
                               understanding and appre-           his fellow veterans do the same?                                    He recalls the club’s friendly rivalry with Kappa Sigma
                               ciation of the Italian heritage;        Steve called the WCC Foundation to find out how to         Kappa, a social fraternity at WCC that also had a large mem-
                               and promotes the signifi-          start a scholarship fund. Now, a few months later, he’s on a   bership. “We tried to outdo each other in everything”, said
                               cant contributions of Italians     mission to locate alumni who belonged to the Veterans Club,    Steve. “We competed for members. We tried to sponsor
                               and Italian-Americans in           which was active on campus from 1966-1973. His goal is to      more events than they did. And as far as raising money for
                               the United States. This club       build an active constituency of past club members and to       a cause, we were always trying to see who could raise the
     Prof. Carlo Sclafani                                         encourage them, among other things, to help establish an       most.” Apparently that spirit of friendly rivalry never ended.
                               provides the opportunity for
students to meet new people and enrich their lives with           endowed scholarship in the name of WCC veterans.               When Steve read about the KSK scholarship in the
many cultural activities. Moreover, unlike other clubs on              Westchester Community College actually owes its ex-       Alumnews, his first reaction was “we should do this too”.
campus, membership is open to the outside community and           istence to men and women who served in the United States            So right now Steve Heintz is busy trying to locate the
hundreds of Westchester residents have benefited from              Armed Forces. The college was established in 1946, under       members of the old WCC Veterans Club and convince them
the many activities sponsored by Il Club Italiano.                the name of The New York State Institute of Applied Arts       that today’s students need help as much as the students of
     Professor Carlo Sclafani, Chairman of the Modern Lan-        and Science, primarily to help returning World War II veter-   forty years ago. “We were all about giving then; why
guages Department and a native of Sciacca, Italy, has been        ans acquire the skills they needed to find employment. In a     shouldn’t we be about giving now?” said Steve. “Every
the driving force behind the Italian Club since 1971. Profes-     rented space in the Battle Hill School in White Plains, 226    one of us has a lot of reasons to be grateful to WCC. We
sor Sclafani started his career at WCC at the age of 27. For      students shared classroom space with elementary school         were given an opportunity to attend college, an opportu-
nearly four decades he has devoted much of his time to            children. Of these 226 new college students, 225 were men      nity we wouldn’t otherwise have had. It enabled us to get
promoting Italian culture. Over the years he has become an        and the majority of them were newly-returned veterans.         an education, get a decent job or maybe start our own busi-
ambassador for Italy to many students and individuals from             As years passed and the college grew, veterans con-       nesses. We’ve all had pretty good lives thanks to
the community.                                                    tinued to make up a large percentage of the student body       Westchester Community College. It’s time to pony up and
     Through much hard work, the Italian Club has grown           as new wars were fought in Korea and Vietnam. In the mid-      give something back.”
with help from supporting members and students, and of            sixties a group of vets got together and formed a club so           If you are a veteran who attended WCC at any time,
course, Professor Sclafani. Last year, the Italian Club of        they could meet to socialize and talk about their shared       please contact Steve Heintz at Stephen.Heintz@SNET.net,
Westchester Community College awarded over $30,000 in                                                                            or register online at www.mysunywcc.org, or call the Alumni
scholarships to students interested in the Italian language                                                                      Office at (914) 606-6559 -- or all of the above!
and culture. Over the years, the club has raised more than                                                                            NOTE: If there is a positive response from alumni vet-
$500,000 in scholarship funds.                                                                                                   erans, the WCC Foundation will begin planning a special
     Professor Sclafani has been honored in many ways; he                                                                        Veterans Day event for this coming November 11th and all
was given the title of “Commendatore” by the Italian gov-                                                                        our veterans, past and present, will be invited. If you want
ernment in 1999, an honor that is bestowed to only 10 indi-                                                                      to be part of this new initiative, please let us hear from you!
viduals every year; he was also given the New York State
Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching; and in 2006,
Professor Sclafani was invested into the Equestrian Order                                                                           WCC SEEKING FUNDS TO
of the Holy Sepulcher.
     If you’d like more information about the Italian Club,                                                                      ESTABLISH A VETERANS CENTER
you can contact Professor Sclafani by phone or email:
     Office phone: 914-606-6794                                                                                                        Westchester Community College has submitted a re-
     Email: carlo.sclafani@sunywcc.edu                                                                                           quest for a Federal Budget Appropriation to support the
                                                                                                                                 development of a new Veterans Center on campus. Through
                        REMEMBERING ALPHA SURFRAT                                                                                the Center, the college would provide services specifically
                                                                                                                                 for veterans and their spouses, including peer networking,
                                                                                                                                 counseling, and workshops.
                                              By Maddi Ferraro Dudley, ‘73                                                            Returning veterans, who have dedicated themselves
                                                                                                                                 to serving the U.S., bring experience and commitment to
     I attended Westchester Community College from 1971-          consisted more of getting to know your upper classmates        their education but may often face challenges from combat
1973. During that time I was a member of a very unique            and each other on a deeper/more intimate level.                experiences or injuries. By providing services focused on
organization called Alpha Surfrat. We were not the tradi-              We used to have a table or two at the Student Center      their needs, the college can facilitate the transition to civil-
tional sorority/fraternity but a co-ed group which operated       where we would gather daily to have lunch, socialize, etc.     ian life and successful future employment. The project will
as an organization. Our mission was simple: Cultivating                We participated in making homecoming floats, Cam-          ensure that veterans and their spouses are prepared for in-
friendships and building relationships that would last a life-    pus Sweetheart contests, and other clubs/organizations at      demand jobs that require a degree or certificate.
time. We held regular meetings and functions, but pledging        the school. Our mission statement was: “Unity Together              While Westchester Community College has seen an
                                                                  Through Time”; our logo was UTT. For new pledges, this         increase in the number of adult students served overall,
                                                                  was a guarded secret code until they were officially initi-     veterans represent a special group with unique concerns.
                                                                  ated into the group. Our theme song was “That’s What           The college currently has 180 enrolled veteran/students and
                                                                  Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick.                            the Post 9/11 version of the GI Bill means that we’ll be see-
                                                                       Some of the pictures from our time together recently      ing more and more veterans and spouses enrolling here.
                                                                  were posted on Facebook and an avalanche of former mem-             The college has reached out to veterans on campus
                                                                  bers have finally, after almost 40 years, reconnected. This     and listened to their concerns. Many are eager to partici-
                                                                  is truly amazing, and we hope to establish a page on           pate in planning and implementing a Veterans Center; the
                                                                  www.mysunywcc.org in the near future. In the meantime,         NYS Division of Veterans Affairs would also provide guid-
                                                                  we’re asking all former members of Alpha Surfrat to get in     ance, enabling WCC to actively develop the most effective
                                                                  touch with us. I live in Texas and would be happy to share     possible program compatible with State benefit offerings.
                                                                  my reflections on this special group at anytime. (817-788-           By establishing a Veterans Center, the college hopes
                                                                  9963) or rmdudley@sbcglobal.net. Let’s aim for a reunion       to increase recruitment and retention of the individuals who
                                                                  at WCC in the not-too-distant future!                          have served our country, and their spouses, ensuring that
                                                                       We were ahead of our time in what we stood for and        they have full access to their benefits and can experience a
                                                                  tried to accomplish in our short time at WCC. Today with       truly veteran-friendly campus as they earn their degrees.
                                                                  the help of the internet, we have fulfilled our goal of Unity        The key element is funding. If WCC’s request for fed-
 Members of Alpha Surfrat were pictured in the 1972 Yearbook      Together Through Time.                                         eral appropriations is denied, private funds may be sought.
  DWAYNE KELLY WINS SECOND                                             SCHOLAR TAKES PRIDE IN
     COOKE SCHOLARSHIP                                                   HIS WCC “ROOTS”
     For the second time in four years Dwayne Kelly, ‘06,
has beaten incredible odds to win a scholarship from the
                                                                       Joseph Agonito, ‘56, is a Professor Emeritus of Ameri-
                                                                 can History at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse,
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. This organization awards             where he taught history from 1964 to 2004. He is also a
some of the most valuable, and highly competitive, college       specialist in the Plains Indians and the American West and
scholarships in the nation.                                      has been honored for his original research in this area. The
     Dwayne has been chosen as one of approximately 50                                                                                                                           June, 2010
                                                                 award-winning documentarian has written extensively                 Dear Alumnus/Alumna,
students nationwide to receive the Jack Kent Cooke Foun-         about Native American
dation 2010 Graduate Scholarship. The $50,000 scholarship        life and achieved na-
will help Kelly, a native of Jamaica who majored in urban                                                                             On July 1, 1965, Stuart Steiner and I began our higher-
                                                                 tionwide acclaim for a                                          education careers at Harford Community College in Mary-
studies, pursue his dream of studying immigration law.           novel which he wrote
     The award was open to students who had previously                                                                           land. I was director of the evening division and summer
                                                                 with his wife, Dr. Rose-                                        session; Stuart was admissions director. I became presi-
won a Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Undergraduate Scholar-            mary Agonito, also a
ship—which Dwayne received in 2006 while enrolled at                                                                             dent of Harford in 1967, and of Westchester Community
                                                                 well-known author.                                              College in 1971; Stuart has been president of Genesee Com-
                                 Westchester Community                 “Buffalo Calf Road
                                 College. That award, which                                                                      munity College since 1975. We hold a combined record of
                                 pays recipients up to $90,000   Woman” is a historical                                          78 years of presidential service and are told that we’re the
                                 toward the completion of a      novel based on the true                                         longest-serving community college presidents in America.
                                 Bachelor’s degree, made it      story of a female Chey-                                              Many of our colleagues serve average presidential
                                 possible for him to attend      enne warrior named                                              terms of five to seven years, so our longevity humbles and
                                 and graduate from Fordham       Buffalo Calf Road who,                                          surprises us. After much reflection on the reasons for our
                                 University.                     a c c o r d i n g t o t h e Drs. Rosemary and Joseph Agonito    long and successful tenures, we’ve learned these lessons:
                                     Soon after he transferred   Northern Cheyenne,                                                   Successful community college presidents are educa-
                                 to Fordham, Dwayne set his      delivered the final blow that killed Gen. George Custer at       tors first and foremost. We spend a lot of time teaching
                                 sights on the next prize--a     the Battle of Little Bighorn. The book won the 2006 West-       board members, elected officials, staff members, committee
                                 JKCF Graduate Scholarship-      ern Heritage Award for the Outstanding Western Novel.           chairs, reporters, and the college community. Our curricu-
                                 --which would enable him to           The award was presented at the National Cowboy and        lum consists of educational vision, stewardship of resources,
                                 pursue a professional degree.                                                                   and leadership development. We use every teaching tool
                                                                 Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City by former              we have, including in-house professional development,
                                 And he won the prize.           Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. The
                                     The Jack Kent Cooke                                                                         meetings, one-on-one “face time,” newsletters, awards, and
                                                                 Agonitos joined a distinguished group of previous win-          more. Our ability to teach and guide others is our best tool
                                 Foundation’s Graduate           ners including James Michener, Barbara Kingsolver, John
       Dwayne Kelly, ‘06         Scholarship Program is de-                                                                      for perpetuating our vision for our institutions.
                                                                 Wayne, Kevin Costner, and Clint Eastwood.                            Successful presidents keep learning. Successful presi-
signed to help talented students with demonstrated finan-               In a recent letter to the WCC Foundation, Joseph ex-
cial need pursue graduate or professional study. Recipients                                                                      dents are always in learning mode. Certainly we learn from
                                                                 pressed his “gratitude for the education WCC provided me        colleagues and subordinates. But equally important, we walk
must have maintained a 3.5 GPA and have shown leadership         so long ago, and without which I would never have suc-
ability and concern for public service. Hundreds of appli-                                                                       around the campus, talking with students, faculty and staff
                                                                 ceeded in my life’s work.” He explained how WCC gave            members, and visitors. We remain curious about big goals
cants nationwide apply for the award each year.                  him an opportunity for higher education in spite of a medio-
     Kelly, a first-generation student who was raised in the                                                                      and obscure details. The more we know, the better we lead.
                                                                 cre high school record. “I surprised myself at WCC and               Successful presidents think about tomorrow. Many
Bronx and does community service with a local religious          turned out to be a good student, thanks to the many fine
organization, said he hopes to become a “voice for the voice-                                                                    faculty and staff members are immersed in managing the
                                                                 professors I met there.” He earned a Ph.D. in American          “here and now,” but we do our jobs best when we manage
less men and women who feel hopeless about their circum-         History from Syracuse University in 1972 after beginning a
stances” in the United States.                                                                                                   years into the future. We might, for example, begin mobiliz-
                                                                 teaching career at Onondaga that was to last for 40 years.      ing resources and people for bold new academic programs
     “A legal education would equip me adequately to tackle            “I look upon WCC (and the community college move-
the kind of injustices that immigrants suffer as a result of                                                                     or institutional priorities that may not come to fruition for
                                                                 ment in general) as providing the first, best hope for count-    many years. Our gratification comes from the knowledge
their lack of legal status,” Kelly said.                         less young men and women from the working class,” he
     Dwayne, who said he never expected he’d get to attend                                                                       that we are shaping and securing our institutions’ futures.
                                                                 wrote, adding “I am honored and grateful that I began my             Successful presidents are fair. Many, if not most, dis-
college, made the dean’s list at Fordham for three consecu-      academic career at WCC. My thanks to WCC for taking me
tive years. He minored in philosophy.                                                                                            agreements in the college environment arise over the allo-
                                                                 on as a student when some four-year colleges would not.”        cation of resources. Even the most successful of presidents
                                                                                                                                 cannot meet all the financial demands of their institutions.
                                                                                                                                 But they can encourage thoughtful discussion about pri-
           WCC ALUMNI ENTREPRENEUR: RYFORD ESTORES                                                                               orities and allocation of dollars, facilities, and equipment.
                                                                                                                                      Successful presidents are careful with resources.
                                                                                                                                 Faculty and staff, board members, legislators, citizens, are
      Ryford Estores, ‘06 and ‘07, is the founder and CEO of experience and that of his friends that standing in line at the     watching how we allocate resources. Successful presidents
a company called Self-Cut System LLC, which has just barber shop could waste a lot of time. And staying well-                    pay attention to the budget and monthly reports. We watch
launched a new product in the hair care industry. The prod- groomed by getting regular haircuts was expensive. So he             enrollment-driven income on a daily basis. We want our
uct is actually an educational program that                                   came up with his own “Big Idea”, an idea           constituencies to recognize that we treat the resources en-
teaches men how to cut their own hair. The                                    that would give men an alternative to barber       trusted to us as carefully as we would treat our own.
kit includes a 1-hour instructional video and                                 shops and enable them to take control of                Successful presidents respect the board’s role. Many
a patent-pending height-adjustable three-                                     their own image and save thousands of dol-         successful governing boards give their presidents broad
way mirror that gives the user a 360 degree                                   lars over their lifetime.                          latitude to operate their colleges, but successful presidents
view of his entire head while he is cutting his                                    Ryford began research and development         understand that the board is the governing and policy-mak-
hair. The DVD gives easy-to-follow instruc-                                   of his product two years ago by creating a         ing body. Presidents who lose sight of this may erode their
tions on how to create a number of different                                  Powerpoint presentation and shopping               abilities to effectively serve the board and the college.
hair styles and also includes instructions for                                around for funding. He developed a proto-               Successful presidents stay fresh. Our institutions are
beard and mustache trimming.                                                  type and applied for a patent. And he took         always evolving, so effective leaders must continually grow.
      Ryford, who lives in Ossining, has two                                  an active role in creating the video. Through-     Active involvement in professional organizations, peer net-
degrees from WCC, one in Marketing and                                        out the process he has kept in touch with          working, and daily exposure to higher-education news help
one as an LPN. He said he got the inspira-                                    Prof. Deirdre Verne, chair of WCC’s Market-        us stay on top of trends and innovations. We translate
tion for his hair-cutting system from watch-                                  ing curriculum, who has helped and encour-         what we observe and learn into tangible benefits for our
                                                        Ryford Estores        aged him every step of the way.
ing Donny Deutsch on the former TV show,                                                                                         colleges—through ideas we pass along, pitfalls we avoid,
“The Big Idea”. Ryford said that he was fascinated by the            Check out Ryford Estores’ new hair care product at the      and new approaches to leadership we glean from others.
stories of people who had had amazing financial success company’s excellent website, www.selfcutsystem.com. The                        Successful presidents celebrate. Celebrations build a
by developing a simple idea into a new product and getting site contains photos, testimonials, and ordering instruc-             sense of community. Every institutional milestone deserves
it out on the market. “It changed my whole attitude about tions, as well as a highly entertaining music video which,             a celebration, and every celebration becomes an opportu-
how to become an entrepre-                                                                     by itself, is worth a visit to    nity to deepen the commitment and involvement of those in
neur”, he said. “I learned how                                                                 the site!                         our community. Conversation, laughter, food, and drink may
to draw on what you know and                                                                        Right now the Self-Cut       not build academic programs or balance budgets, but these
not try to create some imagi-                                                                  System can be purchased           light moments make navigating the tough ones much easier.
nary product that nobody                                                                       only on the website, but will
      Ryford knew from his own
                                                                                               eventually be in stores na-
                                                                                               tionwide.                                                     Joseph N. Hankin

     My parents and I emigrated to the USA from Germany          except Brazil and Paraguay. Learned Spanish as a third                This summer I’ll turn 66 and my retirement is nowhere
in 1955. In 1965 I enrolled at WCC in the Electrical Technol-    language to German and English.                                 in sight. I am currently involved in developing, building and
ogy curriculum and had no idea that the next few years were           I wound up in St. Croix, Virgin Islands and worked for     selling complex radar systems
to be among the best years of my life.                           the Hess Oil Company and was offered a job once again by        worldwide. To learn more about
     A few of my favorite professors were Professor Del          the GE International Projects Division in New York City.        my company look up Euro-Art In-
Grosso (Dean of Students), Professor Rauch (Political Sci-       They sent me to Algeria from where the US imported lique-       ternational online.
ence), Professor Van Werth, Professor Evans (Electrical),        fied natural gas and I was Project Manager for a gas pipe-             To sum it up, I shall never
and Professor Dadikas (Physics). I also had a magnificent         line from the Algerian desert to the Mediterranean.             forget the good times (perhaps
time as a brother in the Kappa Sigma Kappa Fraternity                 In Algeria I started working for the El Paso Natural Gas   too good) I had at WCC. My As-
     I left WCC twice and tried an apprentice job and a school   Company and managed the construction of a natural gas           sociates Degree in Electrical Tech-
in Munich, Germany because my parents wanted to keep             liquefaction plant. I stayed for 4 years and learned French     nology never really made a dif-
me away from Vietnam. It didn’t work out because my na-          as the fourth language. Then I moved on to Libya (dreadful      ference one way or the other. But
tive country had changed so much (or I did) that I was very      place) and Saudi Arabia (not much better).                      my personal stability that I
homesick for the USA and for WCC. So I came back.                     Worked for a French Petrochemical & Construction           learned at WCC through the many
     I will never forget Professor Delgrosso who allowed         firm, one year in Paris and 10 years in Lyons. They sent me      friends I made and had and the
me to participate in the 1969 graduation ceremony and            to Morocco and to Nevada. I started dating the boss’s           lectures (in the constructive
handed me an empty diploma binder just to please my par-         secretary, which didn’t go over too well, and left the com-     sense of the word) from my pro-            Paul Kiener, ‘70
ents whom I couldn’t tell that I failed my exam. I finally        pany to work for another French firm in Iraq. Stayed for 2       fessors stayed with me and certainly played a role in what I
graduated in 1970 after a night course in a college in New       years and got out just before the first “Desert Storm”.          call my very interesting life. Even today when I sit with my
Jersey where I was working for General Electric Company.              The same company I worked for in Iraq had a new            friends and family and a good glass of wine and we start
     I left GE and went to work for a small engineering firm.     contract based in Munich and I accepted. This was in 1989       reminiscing about the past and I start in with my WCC memo-
Spent the next 2 years as Project Manager installing gas         and I’ve been here ever since. One can say that after 35        ries, you can hear the silence and perhaps even a little envy.
turbine power stations in every country of South America         years, it was “back to the roots” .                             They just don’t believe it - but it was really so.
    1958                                                             1988                                                              before and after school, and this experience led her to de-
     JOHN (JACK) GALVIN passed away on April 7 in                    BRENDA J. PEREZVARGAS is a field interviewer for                   velop a keen interest in child development. After raising her
Vero Beach, Florida at the age of 72. Jack was president of     the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the Uni-                son and daughter she enrolled at WCC and earned an
WCC’s Student Council in 1957-58. This sad news was             versity of Chicago. The renowned research organization                 associate’s degree in early childhood education in 2001.
sent to us by JOE BROWNE, a classmate and close friend          operates nationwide and is best known for its national stud-           She went on to receive a bachelor’s and a master’s degree
of Jack who also lives in Florida.                              ies. Brenda lives in Indialantic, Florida. She earned a                in that field from the College of New Rochelle. She devoted
                                                                Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies in 1999 and an M.B.A.              five years to teaching early childhood educators before ac-
                                                                in Global Management in 2005.                                          cepting the position at the New Milford Center.
     PERRY SCHNEIDER teaches Science and Driver Ed
at Nova High School in Davie, Florida and is also assistant          1990                                                                  2001
coach of the football team. During the 1980’s Perry worked            VINCENT DALY is the owner of CuteMonster LLC, a                       CARLOS (CHARLIE) RAMOS is very busy cam-
as an assistant coach for the WCC football team along with      media company focused on content creation. Their lat-                  paigning for the New York State Senate. Charlie is running
Ed Hendrix. Perry lives in Deerfield Beach, Florida.             est project is the development of                                      in the 32nd District in the Bronx, where he currently serves
                                                                CuteMonster.com, an online re-                                         as the Bronx Representative in the New York City
                                                                source for dads of young children.                                     Comptroller’s Office of Community Relations. Prior to hold-
    1974                                                                                                                               ing this position he worked for a lobbying firm in Washing-
     ALLAN MAWHINEY is a Speech/Language Patholo-               Vincent is a graphic designer, writer,
                                                                actor, artist and most importantly                                     ton DC and earned a reputation as one of the nation’s top
gist. In 1976 Allan graduated from Hofstra University with
                                                                a husband and father of two small                                      emerging Latino leaders.
a B.A. in the Teaching of Speech and Hearing Handicapped.
Two years later he received an M.A. in Speech Pathology         children. CuteMonster’s mission
and Audiology, also from Hofstra. He’s been working ever        is to provide dads with a wealth of                                        2003
since in his chosen field and sends his thanks to WCC.           helpful information that includes                                           KATHLEEN (KATIE) SULLIVAN is a Development Co-
                                                                                                            Vincent Daly
                                                                advice on parenting, movie re-                                         ordinator at Baruch College/CUNY, where she is also study-
                                                                views, descriptions of new toys on the market, reviews of              ing for a Master’s degree in Public Administration with con-
    1976                                                        new kids’ products, tips for organizing a household with               centrations in program evaluation/health policy. Katie has
     CHARLES W. BROWN, JR. is one of the founders of            kids, and shopping links for various kids’ items. Vincent’s            a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience from Brandeis University. Al-
C.W. Brown Inc. a certified WBE contractor specializing in       creative artwork and talent with graphics are displayed all            though she no longer aspires to be a scientist, she still has
high-end interior alterations and renovations. Charlie has      over this lively and colorful website: www.cutemonster.com.            a great interest in the findings of neuroscience, and envi-
been the President since the company’s inception in 1984.       Yo u c a n a l s o c h e c k o u t t h e i r o n l i n e s t o r e :   sions working with a mental health advocacy or policy re-
He and his wife Renee Brown have built the company from         www.cafepress.com/shopcutemonster.                                     search group in the future.
a small business to a growing company with an annual
                                                                                                                                            Katie started volunteering a good deal after her under-
revenue of almost $50 million. They recently moved the
office from its longtime location in Thornwood to a new               1994                                                              graduate studies (including tutoring biology for a few se-
                                                                     THOMAS AMMAZZALORSO has been recognized                           mesters at WCC, thanks to an invitation from her favorite
“green” building in Armonk. For the past two years C.W.
                                                                by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication,                   professor, Michael Priano) and found an interest in the non-
Brown Inc. has been working on an extensive renovation of
                                                                leadership and excellence in education. Tom is a teacher at            profit world. Her current position as a Development Coor-
the Tech Building on the WCC campus, and is presently
                                                                McKinley Technology High School in Washington, DC,                     dinator at Baruch College is her first professional foray into
completing the final stage of this project. Charlie received
                                                                where he teaches history and social science. He previously             fundraising. While attending a recent fundraising confer-
his AAS degree in Civil Technology in 1976 and a B.S. in
                                                                worked for Fairfax County (Virginia) Public Schools and for            ence Katie became interested in the different challenges
Construction Management from Utica College. When he
                                                                the New York City Public School System. Tom is pursuing                faced specifically by community colleges, especially the
finds the time to relax, he enjoys fishing and skiing.
                                                                his Master of Education in Education Leadership at George              difficulties of creating affinities for alumni.
     ANNEPEREIRABRUNO andROBERTBRUNO were                       Mason University, where he received his Master of Arts in
active in student government during their two years at WCC      2004. He also earned an M.S. from Pace University in 1997.                 2004
and still talk about the great times they had here. Anne and    He is a member of the Graduate Student Association, Phi                     NADINE NILFAIR MARSH COLEMAN recently
Bob have been married for 33 years and have two children        Delta Kappa, Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Inc. and Alpha Beta           graduated from Strayer University in Atlanta with a Master’s
and a grandchild. They moved from Florida to Las Vegas          Gamma International Business Honor Society. He plans                   degree in Information Systems, Soft-
two years ago. Bob is a controller for an international truck   to become a school principal and obtain his Ph.D.                      ware Engineering Management.
dealership and Anne is a pre-school teacher. After losing                                                                              While at WCC Nadine’s favorite
touch with WCC for many years, the Brunos are anxious                                                                                  teachers were Prof. Dilsizian (whom
                                                                     1999                                                              she credits with helping her decide
to reconnect with old friends, teachers, and classmates.             ALYCIA M. GUICHARD, Director of Street Law Pro-
                                                                                                                                       her career path) and Prof. Lindley
                                                                gram at Rutgers School of Law--Newark, is the recipient of
                                                                                                                                       (who was always willing to provide
    1977                                                        the 2010 Ernest McMahon Award for her outstanding lead-
                                                                                                                                       extra assistance with computer pro-
    VIRGINIA BILIADES RIOJA is the owner of Unison              ership in extending the educational resources of the uni-
                                                                                                                                       gramming classes). Prof. Dilsizian
Travel LLC in Connecticut. Virginia lives in Killingworth,      versity to the people of New Jersey through the Street Law
                                                                                                                                       calls Nadine “one of WCC’s truly
CT with her husband Robert and two children. While at           Program. Guichard is Director and New Jersey Bar Founda-
                                                                                                                                       wonderful success stories”. Nadine
WCC she was a member of Alpha Beta Gamma and was a              tion Fellow for Street Law, which places law students in
                                                                                                                                       transferred to SUNY Purchase and
Student Advisor for two years. She then went on to Mercy        urban schools and youth facilities to educate teenagers
                                                                                                                                       got her Bachelors degree in Math-
College and graduated cum laude with a B.A. degree.             about the law and civic engagement. Since the Street Law                                                    Nadine Marsh Coleman
                                                                                                                                       ematics & Computer Science in
                                                                Program was founded, 152 law students have taught weekly
                                                                                                                                       2006 before relocating to Georgia.
    1978                                                        classes about law, democracy and human rights to more
     JOHNNY LOMBARDI is an Assistant Public Defender            than 1,400 young people in a dozen Newark-area schools
for the State of Oklahoma. A member of the Hockey Club at       and youth organizations. “In just three years,” said Asso-                 2005
WCC, Johnny presently resides in Norman, Oklahoma.              ciate Dean Fran Bouchoux, “Alycia Guichard has devel-                      ERNESTO ARREGUIN is now pursuing his Master’s
                                                                oped Street Law from a loosely-structured student initia-              degree in computer science and has been accepted by both
                                                                tive into a nationally recognized program that connects                NYU and Columbia. Ernesto won the curriculum award when
    1983                                                        the law school to educators and youth in the urban centers             he graduated from WCC and was one of the students fea-
     CINDY ARGIENTO has recently published a book en-           of northern New Jersey.” Alycia received her Associates                tured in an early Gateway Center promotional piece.
titled “Deal With Life’s Stress With A Little Humor”, a col-    degree from WCC, B.S. with honors from NYU, J.D. from
lection of 50 of her best humor col-                            Fordham University School of Law, and her LL.M. in Ad-                      RYAN CASKEY, a computer science major who won
umns from a number of local news-                               vocacy with distinction from Georgetown University Law                 the Terry O’ Bannion Microsoft Scholarship at WCC, re-
papers in and around Greensboro,                                Center. In 2008 she received the Young Lawyer of the Year              cently graduated from Georgia State and is currently work-
North Carolina. Cindy met her hus-                              Award from the New Jersey State Bar Association.                       ing on a mission in Peru with his wife.
band, RALPH ARGIENTO (‘80) at
WCC. They were married four years                                    2001
after she graduated and now have
                                                                     BARBARA CONTE is the Executive Director of The                         GARY MORGAN, an international student sent to
three children. She is also the author                          Children’s Center in New Milford, Connecticut. The North               Westchester Community College by the government of Ja-
of “Doris in Dreamland”, a book                                 Salem resident was appointed last July to head the Center,             maica, graduated in December 2008 with an AAS as an Emer-
about a child who is hiding a secret                            which provides services for an enrollment of 90 children,              gency Medical Technician-Paramedic. With a 3.74 GPA, Gary
of sexual abuse. To read more about        Cindy Argiento       ranging from 3 months to 8 years of age.                               returned to his job in Jamaica with the Jamaica Fire Brigade.
Cindy’s writing career, go to                                        ”I really like the atmosphere because it is a home-like           Shortly after his return he was promoted to the rank of Su-
www.cindyargiento.com.                                          setting,” Ms. Conte said, noting that she actually began               perintendent with the Brigade – in charge of all EMS Opera-
                                                                her career 25 years ago by offering child care in her home             tions. Gary Morgan replaces GIFFORD BLAGROVE as
    1985                                                        after she gave birth to her first child. She became “kind of            the Officer in Charge of EMS. Gifford Blagrove was also a
     JANETE FIGUEIREDO GUARDIA is a Consumer                    the neighborhood babysitter” as she looked after children              graduate of the AAS degree paramedic program at WCC.
Safety Officer with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration in
Hartford, CT. Janete returned to school after being a full-
time mom for 10 years and obtained a Masters in Biomedi-
                       cal Science. With her previous back-
                       ground in research, pharmaceutical,
                       environmental and food industry,
                       she landed a job with the FDA and
                                                                                                       Don’t Forget to Write!
                       relocated her family back to the east            Send Us Your E-mail Address so we can invite you to alumni events
                       coast after living in the Chicago area
                       for 14 years. In her new position,          Send Us News About Yourself so we can share your success with 27,000 readers
                       Janete will be primarily conducting
                       inspections at medical device firms           Make A Donation to the WCC Foundation Annual Fund so others can have
                       in the New England region that are
                       required by law to be regulated and                                       the same educational opportunities that you had
    Janete Guardia     approved in order to conduct busi-
                       ness and provide safe products to
the public. Janete said, “This is a great stepping stone for       Register on www.mysunywcc.org so you can find old friends and get back in touch
my career path, because I always wanted to work in the
public health area.”
  ALFRED STATE PRESIDENT                                              Alumnews is published by
                                                                      Westchester Community College Foundation

  ANDERSON VISITS CHINA                                               75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, NY 10595
                                                                      E-Mail: wcc.alumni@sunywcc.edu
                                                                                                                                                                            U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                                           White Plains, NY
                                                                      Barbara Christesen, Alumnews Editor                                                                  Permit No. 9519
       A group of twenty-four SUNY officials, including
Alfred State College President Dr. John M. Anderson, ‘72              Change Service Requested
and 200 SUNY students, traveled to China last winter as
guests of the Chinese government.
      It was China’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to SUNY for
the aid it gave to Chinese students following the massive
earthquake in Sichuan Province in 2008. Various SUNY
campuses hosted 150 Chinese students for the 2008-09
                                         a c a d e m i c y e a r.
                                         Alfred State hosted
                                         two young Chinese
                                         women as part of
                                         the project. Presi-
                                         dent Anderson, a             IF YOU GRADUATED IN THE FORTIES, WE’RE LOOKING FOR YOU!
                                         WCC alumnus
                                         (class of ‘72) was              The Westchester Community College Foundation is              in ‘48 or ‘49 to get in touch with us and help us to update
                                         one of only two            planning a luncheon and reception this fall for members of        your contact information.
                                         SUNY presidents to         the first two graduating classes--the classes of 1948 and               Call the Alumni Office at (914) 606-6559, or e-mail:
                                         make the trip.             1949. In the past six months we’ve heard from two 1949            WCC.Alumni@sunywcc.edu. You can also get in touch
   Dr. John M. Anderson with China’s             The Ameri-         graduates interested in having a reunion with their class-        with Don Cook, ‘49, who actually ‘started the ball rolling’
         Great Wall in background
                                         cans were greeted          mates, who attended WCC when it was known as the New              for this reunion. Don’s e-mail address is cookdn@msn.com.
                                         with much pag-             York State Institute of Applied Arts and Science.                      We hope to have as many of you as possible come to
eantry, performances, exhibits, and feasts. It was apparent              Many of our records for these early classes are incom-       Valhalla in the fall for your 60-plus-year reunion. We’ll set
that the Chinese people were exceedingly grateful to                plete or incorrect, so it’s really difficult to find out where      the date by the end of the summer, so we ask you to contact
America for having ‘adopted’ some of their students for             everyone is today. We are asking all of you who graduated         us before August 15th.
that academic year. There was an outpouring of emotion
that touched both hosts and visitors alike.
      The delegation toured various colleges and universi-
ties in Beijing and Chengdu as well as some of the country’s           Class of 1960 Celebrates Fiftieth Anniversary
sightseeing highlights. They ate lunch together in the up-
per floors of the local restaurants and were also divided                                                                                                               The 1960 grads were, in al-
into groups to tour campuses of particular interest to them.                                                                                                      phabetical order, Jacqueline
They slept in dorms or with Chinese families for the last                                                                                                         Rizzo Alleva, Charles H.
week of their stay, which enabled them to have an authentic                                                                                                       Beachman, Clair Bizzoco Blum,
cultural experience.                                                                                                                                              Judith Risher Christ, Carl
                                                                                                                                                                  Concia, Joyce Mockov
                                                                                                                                                                  DeSantis, Nancy E. Hauber,
         IN MEMORIAM                                                                                                                                              Barbara Shumovsky Hut-
                                                                                                                                                                  nik, Susan Morgan Katz,
                                                                                                                                                                  Gene Kopfmann, Robert
     It is with sadness that we announce the death of                                                                                                             Mammarella, Philip J.
Stephen Fraley, an alumnus of the college as well as an                                                                                                           McGovern, Robert A. Monroe,
esteemed instructor in the Division of Continuing Educa-                                                                                                          Michael Palen, Barbara Fusco
tion and JobSTAR. He formerly tutored in the Academic                                                                                                             Rinaldi, Joseph F. Sansaverino,
Support Center. Those of you who interacted with him knew                                                                                                         Virginia McLoughlin Sartorius,
him to be the consummate professional. For several years,                                                                                                         Arthur R. Spinner, Mildred
he taught a variety of non-credit remedial courses such as                                                                                                        Reinheimer Sterling, Robert
spelling and grammar, spelling 101, building a good vocabu-                                                                                                       Louis Tranzillo, John Vaszko,
lary and improving writing skills. Dedicated to his students,                                                                                                     Thomas P. Walsh.
he strove to help make their lives better by teaching them                  Members of the Class of 1960 gather on the Hartford Hall patio before attending the        The alumni traveled from as
basic skills for work and/or college success. He touched                                             2010 Commencement ceremonies                                 far as Kansas, California, and
countless lives by sharing his personal experiences to in-                                                                                                        Florida to attend the reunion.
spire others to overcome adversity and help them realize                 Twenty-two members of the class of 1960 celebrated               The tradition of inviting the graduating class of fifty
that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.          their 50th anniversary at a reunion in Valhalla on May 20, years ago to Commencement began in 2000 as a way of
He believed in education as a path to self-improvement,             2010. Following a reception and buffet supper the group celebrating the new millennium. Next May we’ll be hosting
self-confidence, and one’s sense of worth. He was a great            donned caps and gowns and led the procession of 2010 the Class of 1961--so if you graduated in ‘61 please make
motivator and role model for his students.                          graduates to their Commencement ceremony.                        sure we have your current address.

                          HEIGH HO, HEIGH HO, IT’S OFF TO ENGLAND WE GO!!
                                                                                   By Dr. Iris Cook, ‘54
     Last fall I opened my mail and there it was – an invita-                                                                         message forward. It clearly was a thrill of a lifetime for me –
tion to participate in an Oxford Roundtable at Oxford Uni-                                                                            and I even have a lovely certificate to prove it! As
versity in England in March of 2010 on the topic of “Women          gate and handed in our boarding passes, The Brits all cleared     Shakespeare said, “All’s well that ends well” and it did.
and the Academy – Status and Prospects”. Wow! And I                 and I WAS BOUNCED BACK!!!!Why?? Because someone                        At the end of the conference I boarded the bus to go
                        was invited to submit a paper! Wow          with a higher priority than I had (so much for bargain tick-      back to Heathrow, still dragging my bags and looking
                        again. “Well”, I thought, “I’ve been        ets) arrived at the last minute and bumped me! I sadly waved      wretched, found the same bus and the same bus driver who
                        in Academia for the past forty years, I     good bye to the Brits and returned to Tarrytown to await          once again bundled me into his bus and off we went. This
                        should have something to say, and my        the next day’s flights. This was no glacier but it was not         time I was very early for the flight and to my disappointment
                        college is a great example of the ad-       going well, to say the least.                                     I couldn’t be processed until two hours before the flight so
                        vancement of women”. So…..I sub-                  On March 15th I returned to the airport and this time I     there I am wandering around Heathrow STILL dragging my
                        mitted an abstract and lo and behold        made it onto the flight, arrived at Heathrow the next morn-        bags. Several hours later I am allowed to check in and get
                        it was accepted! That started it. I made    ing and struggled to find the Central Bus Station. When I          my boarding pass. Off I go to the GATE, where I promptly
                        reservations and began my research.         finally got there the bus driver looked at me, assumed I           settle in and fall asleep. Soundly asleep. Much later I feel a
                        Thanks to the several snow days we          would soon be dying and said – “Let me get that for you           tap on my knee and a kindly face says, “Madam if you wish
                        had this past winter I had time to put      dear”, took my bags and hustled me onto the bus for the 1         to make this flight they are about to close the doors”. Well,
                        the paper together and get organized        and ½ hour ride to Oxford. Finally I was there!! What a thrill!   I bolt up, adrenaline pumping, and begin running down the
     Dr. Iris Cook      for what I was sure would be a fabu-        I hurried into the conference, took my place and then intro-      corridor to the plane when I hear a baby screaming and I
                        lous trip. (You all may remember my         duced myself to an amazing group of women from all around         utter the silent prayer we have all said, “Oh please God
last planned adventure when my trip to Antarctica was can-          the world- each one with a different story about their col-       don’t let my seat be next to that baby”.
celled after my ship hit a glacier- well this time it would be      leges and career histories and opportunities.                          Of course my seat is RIGHT NEXT TO THE SCREAM-
smooth – after all it’s England! – civilized and proper!)                 I was so excited to be in my dorm room at OXFORD; to        ING BABY a four month old beautiful boy travelling with
     March came quickly, and I packed my bags (and 40               eat in the big dining hall (think Harry Potter) and absorb the    his mommy. He won’t stop. Mommy is distraught, Baby is
copies of my paper) and headed off to JFK to board my               atmosphere of this spectacular University. I was here – a         distraught. Iris is distraught. Iris says, “Give me that baby!”
flight to England – it was March 13th. That was the day of           little graduate of Harrison High School and Westchester           and begins to pace up and down the plane as it gets ready
the terrible storm and flood in our area. After hours and            Community College – in Oxford!!                                   to leave. Iris returns to the seat with “Jeremy” for take-off
hours in the airport our flight was cancelled!!                            And I was in the country of my father’s birth. I hoped      while mommy is fumbling for a breast to offer to the baby.
     By that time I had made friends with 2 British couples         somehow he would know that I was here.                            Upon seeing this procedure a wretched flight attendant
on the same flight and when the cancellation came all hotel                My paper was the last one to be given - #25. It was the     screams “You can’t do this here. Everyone can see you” the
rooms were booked, so I invited them to come home with me           only one with a positive story to tell. The other 24 told of      “everyone” is me, mommy and Jeremy so I counter with,
to spend the night. I think they felt I was going to eat them       struggles and inequities within a variety of institutions and     “Leave us alone, WE ARE FINE!” Finally Jeremy gets
but having no other choice they did come home with me –             circumstances. In my research I was able to identify 665          “hooked up” and things calm down, but we are facing a 7
by this time it was 2:00 a.m. and they would have gone              pivotal position of influence at my College, of which 55%          and ½ hour flight to the U.S. Needless to say Mom will have
anywhere. We fell into bed and returned to JFK to be                were occupied by women. Many factors contributed to this.         to eat, use the restroom and just breath a little, so Jeremy
waitlisted for the next day’s flights. The airline was Delta         A major force is the President Dr. Joseph Hankin, the long-       spends about 1/3 of the flight in Iris’s lap. And because life
(which I later learned stands for Doesn’t Ever Leave The            est sitting president of any of the SUNY colleges, and most       is so funny, he and mommy are going to be picked up by
Airport). Visiting with the Brits was a delight!! They asked        senior in the nation, who clearly supported women in any          mommy’s best friend who is the daughter of my eye Doctor,
great questions about our country and answered many about           position. Adding to this the faculty, WCC Foundation,             Dr. Sally Jordan who was a member of the Biology Depart-
theirs. We all sat quietly waiting to see if our names would        SUNY and Middle States Accrediting Agency all play a part         ment at the College for many years before going to medical
be placed on the cleared standby list. And suddenly, there          in the advancement of women in universities. Ours is a won-       school. It surely is a small, small world and we had better
we all were – we were going!!!!! Happily we approached the          derful example and I was honored to be able to bring our          just help one another whenever we can.

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