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									                           GOLD COAST BOAT CLUB INC.                        OCTOBER 2011
                           Visit our website for all the latest info: www.goldcoastboatclub.org.au

 COMMODORE                                             BOOKING OFFICER
 Steve Fawcett         0418 450 760                    Kevin Sones        0417 704 506
 VICE COMMODORE                                        with CABIN BOOKING in subject line
 John Fels    0437 829 450
                                                       MERCHANDISE OFFICER
 REAR COMMODORE                                        Kirsten Barnard 0427 522 901
 Scott Barnard 0431 375 114
                                                       FISHING CAPTAIN
 SECRETARY                                             Vacant
 Michelle Fawcett      0459 033 990
                                                       COMMITTEE MEMBERS
 David Petherbridge 0414 405 557                       ASSISTANT SECRETARY
 mailto:gcbctreasurer@yahoo.com.au                     Carly Rooney   0408 682 661

 ANCHORAGE CAPTAIN                                     ASSISTANT ANCHORAGE
 Aaron Hutton 0421 521 881                             John Burrows  0408 763 362

 SEAFARI CAPTAIN                                       SOCIAL COMMITTEE
 Leigh Townsend  0418 189 865
                                                       Bob Fels             0438 774 503
 Chris Bell         0413 524 966                       Marty White          0434 394 634
                                                       Tom Fogarty          0418 754 963
 Honorary Member: Gary Laycock
                                                       Patron:              Alan Rickard

                                       LIFE MEMBERS
Ray & Shirley Cary                                 Ken & Marion Von Bibra
Geoff & Jan Rose                                   Alan Rickard
Jim & Kay Davidson                                 Adrian & Denise Titchmarsh
Des & Clare Sandercock                             Shirley Brown ( Laurie Brown – Deceased)
Patrick & Anne Henry                               Julie Madin (Ray Madin - Deceased)
Barry & Lorraine Sechtig                           Marcia Rooney (John Rooney – Deceased)
Barry & Leslie Moore

         P.O BOX 321, SOUTHPORT QLD. 4215                                                  Page One
                                  GOLD COAST BOAT CLUB INC.                                     OCTOBER 2011

Hello all again,

We held the interclub Bay Cruise Breakfast,and I have to say the event went down very well without a hitch. Thanks to
the teamwork it all fell into place, great work to all.

The anchorage is looking fantastic, the comments I received by our guests made me proud to be a part of our club.
There is some works to be carried out at the anchorage in the coming weeks, such as water tank underside beams side
flashing, and cabin lights etc, please assist our Rear Commodore Scott Barnard and Anchorage Captain Aaron Hutton in
their efforts to maintain your club, I’m sure they will give you a task that will take some of the burden of their shoulders,
and help achieve the goals set.

The next working bee will be advised in the next news letter thank you all again.

Till we next meet - Steve Fawcett

 Hello to all at the Anchorage.

 Well to kick off the new committee year it was great to see so many members step up and give a hand at the Interclub
 Bay Cruise breakfast on Saturday the 24-9-2011, it was a mission but with so many helping hands, it was enjoyable and
 every one had a great time. As this is my first time at organising the functions for the year I am open to any suggestions,
 Like any other committee member we are unable to do our role alone and the easiest way to achieve our goal is to all
 work together.

 On Saturday the 3rd of December I would like to hold the Adults Xmas Party - a Hot and Cold DISH NIGHT, we all bring
 a plate of hot or cold food and it will be set up as a smorgasbord. The hot and cold dish nights we have had in the past
 have all been a great success especially when you don’t know what you are going to eat. After dinner we will be having a
 Karaoke Night and a bit of laughter at each other. There is plenty of time to think of that surprise dish and maybe a song
 you can sing on the night.

 On the following morning Sunday December 4th, we will host Santa’s visit to The Anchorage. A party with games for the
 kids whilst they await Santa’s visit. So parents will need to RSVP on how many kids will be attending for catering purpos-
 es. Also a gift to the value of $10.00 pre-wrapped with each child’s name on it, will need to be given to me by 9am.

 Stay tuned to the future newsletter reports for more info.

 John Fels

 Papillon The Tinnie.

             P.O BOX 321, SOUTHPORT QLD. 4215                                                                    Page Two
                                 GOLD COAST BOAT CLUB INC.                                         OCTOBER 2011

Hi to one and all,

As most are aware the club held it’s AGM in early September and I was given the great honour an privilege of being the clubs
Rear Commodore for the 2011/2012 club year.

I would like to assure all members that I will be doing my utmost to continue to maintain the high standards observed by the
Rear Commodores before me. I will also be doing my absolute best to insure all works both big and small carried out on in or
around the Anchorage are carried out both professionally and efficiently with minimum cost and inconvenience to the club and
members alike.

While I hate to mention working bee in my first report we are planning a working bee on the 5/6 of November to finish off cabin
electrical, replace a rotten beam on high tank stand and finish flashing on the same as well as a generally prepare the Anchor-
age for what should be a hot summer season. I ask anyone who can spare even a few hours during that weekend to please
contact me so to insure your valuable time is used productively.

While on the Anchorage if any one has any problems with the Anchorage or it’s surrounds while there please feel free to
contact Anchorage Captain Aarron Hutton or my self so we can give it our attention. I believe it a great privilege to be helping
insure a strong exciting future for our club and look forward to enjoying a beer with you all soon.

 Hi everybody, we are back to arrange the seafaris for another year which I hope members will enjoy the cruising and
 company to be found in some varied destinations.

 Weather permitting I have planed for a seafari to Blaksleys Anchorage on north Stradbroke island on the 12th and 13th of
 November . I will take the BBQ to the beach for a BYO food and drinks dinner on Saturday evening, it will also be avail-
 able for breakfast on Sunday morning if required.

 I will be anchoring in Tiger Mullet on Friday night and leaving for Blaksleys at 9 am on Saturday morning, cruising at ap-
 prox 8 knots it will take somewhere around 2.5 hours, anybody who would like to follow I will monitor vhf 09 and 27 meg
 91 for the weekend.

 FYI - The beach at Blaksleys anchorage was formed approx thirty years ago when the sand mined steep dunes slipped
 into Moreton Bay, the sand mining company then planted gum trees to stabilize the foreshore, this is the only sandy
 beach between Canipa point and Dunwich which now has a lovely shady camping area.

 See you there,


              P.O BOX 321, SOUTHPORT QLD. 4215                                                                     Page Three
                                    GOLD COAST BOAT CLUB INC.                                               OCTOBER 2011

Hello all, it appears that I am the booking officer for the next 12 months. Some of you may remember me from my days as
fishing captain some years ago, this was a very exciting time for fisherman, largely due to the dedication and hard work that
I put into this role, at times we had up to 2 members attending the fishing competitions, it was so nice to see my children
accepting the awards at trophy night, great memories indeed.

Given my commitment to the club over the years I was somewhat disappointed by the apparent lack of interest in having
me back on the committee, it would have been so nice to be nominated for SOMETHING at the recent AGM, anyway, rath-
er than take it to heart I nominated myself for this position, I am not sure who seconded my nomination but whomever you
are please don’t be too concerned as no one reads the AGM minutes anyway. Well, now to the business at hand, thought I
would kick off with a list of FAQ’s.

  Q. HOW DO I BOOK A CABIN?                                              Q. WHERE CAN I GET KEYS?
  A. The BEST way to do this is via email gcbcbookingofficer@            A. Keys can still be obtained from Gold Coast Boat Sales at
  yahoo.com.au this will get you the quickest response and can           Runaway Bay (thanks Paul) and Southside Marine wreckers at
  be used 24/7. SMS is sort of OK but remember to include your           Yatala, I will also have a set which can be picked up from my
  name in the text as I may not have your details in my phone            house at Cabbage Tree Point by prior arrangement, this may be
  address book. Lastly, you can give me a call on 0417 704 506,          handy for those of you who launch at Horizon Shores Marina.
  given that I don’t like phone calls this should be your last resort,   Please remember to return the keys as soon as possible.
  if you wanted phone service you should have voted for my wife
  as booking officer.                                                    Q. CAN I BOOK CABINS FOR MY NON MEMBER
  Q. HOW DO I PAY FOR MY CABIN?                                          A. If you are fortunate enough to have friends then it is only to
  A. The BEST way is direct payment into the GCBC account,               be expected that you would wish them to sample the luxury of
  details are as follows:                                                our waterfront accommodation, you should remember though,
  Heritage Building Society                                              that our club rules state that any non member (over 14 years
  BSB- 638 070                                                           old) staying overnight is required to pay a fee of $5-00 per per-
  Account # 009 074 120                                                  son per night,
  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU NOTE ON THE PAYMENT                          this would make the South cabin $25-00 per night for two
  WHAT IT IS FOR, EXAMPLE “STH CAB 25 DEC”, DAVID                        people, still the cheapest accommodation on the Gold Coast.
  NEEDS THIS INFORMATION!                                                Another
  As a last resort I will take the payment, however, if you wanted       couple of points to remember:
  someone to take cash you should have voted for my wife, she
  works in a bank.                                                       • The $5-00 fee also applies to camp sites.
                                                                         • A member must accompany the visitor.
  Q. WHEN SHOULD I PAY FOR MY CABIN?                                     • Overnight visitors are not permitted over the Easter break and
                                                                           19th December through to 8th January
  A. Payment should be made as soon as possible and preferably
  within a week of the booking date, the exception to this is Easter
                                                                         If I can help anyone or you have any questions feel free to con-
  and Christmas holidays, as with any premium accommodation
                                                                         tact (email!) me.
  demand is high at this time of year so payments for the upcom-
  ing Christmas season will be required by 30 November 2011.
                                                                         Regards Kev

                                      We would like to introduce our newest members, Richard and Charmaine
                                      Petherbridge to the Gold Coast Boat Club. Please be sure to make them
                                      feel welcome next time your at the Boat Club.

              P.O BOX 321, SOUTHPORT QLD. 4215                                                                                 Page Four
                                      GOLD COAST BOAT CLUB INC.                                           OCTOBER 2011

                      ANCHORAGE CAPTAIN’S REPORT
 Hi all to those who don’t know me I’m Aaron Hutton your new Anchorage Captain for 2011/2012.
 We have a full supply of gas, diesel and the all important toilet paper. All cabins have new brooms
 and dust pans and thanks John Burrows for our new leaf burning drum. If you have any problems
 while at the Anchorage please contact me on 0421521881.

 I look forward to meeting you and enjoying a cold beverage and maybe working bee or function
 with you in the future thanks all.

 Aarron & Ryley - The Tank

 Jazmine Pelman                          2nd        Madalyn Wade                    11th      Ross & Beverley Robinson               22nd
 Joel Wade                               3rd        Peter Heironymus                11th      Lilly Jakavicius                       24th
 Clive McKenzie                          5th        Charah Eather                   12th      Jeffrey Elder                          26th
 Janet B-Hill                            6th        Julie Madin                     12th      Bruce Forester                         26th
 Clair Scifleet                          8th        Bernard & Tracey Kearney        14th      Noel & Brenda Pennell                  26th
 Bruce Slade                             8th        Carolyn Martin                  17th      Rory Curtis                            28th
 Peter Young                             8th        Ray Cary                        18th      Stephen Goodall                        28th
 Gary & Janet B-Hill                     9th        Paul & Margaret O’Hanlon        18th      Todd Shelford                          28th
 Nicole De Luca                          10th       Romus Jakavicius                21st      Jayden Taylor                          29th
 Wayne & Sharon Randall                  11th       Grant Ferguson                  22nd

   Gold Coast Boat Sales                                                    Nev Howard’s
    and Broadwater Taxi                                                     SOUTHPORT FISHING & DIVE CENTRE
                  Suite 14 Runaway Bay Marina
                                                                                                                      ...since 1973
                Open 6 Days a week or 24 hours at:                                   THE FISHING & DIVE GURUS
       www.goldcoastboatsales.com or phone: 5577 5569                             • Expert Advice • Discount Fishing Tackle
      www.broadwatertaxi.com.au or phone: 0403 587 804
                                                                                  • Live & Frozen Bait • Dive Gear & Airfills
 Tony Capolupo: 1410 477 791          Warwick Mulhearn: 0402 600 296
 Paul O’Hanlon: 0411 593 008          Stuart Stephenson: 0424 800 000                   Glenn Howard - Skipper
20’ TO 150’ - $20,000 TO $3,000,000 - Discount rates apply to all members          Email: tackle7@bigpond.net.au Phone: (07) 5591 1421

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                                GOLD COAST BOAT CLUB INC.                                            OCTOBER 2011

NEWSLETTER EDITOR REPORT                                                                              BALMAIN
                                                                                                      ARRANGE LEND MANAGE
                                                                                                      Balmain’s specialist commercial loan

Greetings everybody. I would like to introduce myself to those that don’t already know                origination network is the largest and most
                                                                                                      experienced source of loan origination
me, my name is Chris Bell and I will be in charge of producing the monthly Gold Coast                 not owned by the major Australian banks.
                                                                                                      This network, comprising staff of over 140
Boat Club newsletter. I would like to encourage everyone to contribute by sending your                located in eight offices around Australia
                                                                                                      and New Zealand has an established market
photo’s, story’s, jokes or anything else that you think would be appropriate so I can                 presence and a significant client base.

include it each month.                                                                                • Australia’s largest commercial Mortgage
                                                                                                        Originator established for over 30 years

Please email me at: gcbcnewslettereditor@yahoo.com.au                                                 • Specialists in the purchase and refinance of:
                                                                                                         - Commercial, Retail and Industrial

LIKE TO ADVERTISE?                                                                                         Property
                                                                                                         - Hotels, Motels, Child Care, Aged Care,

12 month advertising $110 inc GST –Newsletters sent out to members & affiliated clubs                      Taxis
                                                                                                         - Land subdivisions
each month.                                                                                              - Property Development
                                                                                                         - Residential Owner Occupied and
                                                                                                      • Good old fashioned serviced from long

                                                                                                        term local professionals who care

                                                                                                      Call Gold Coast Boat Club Member
                                                                                                      Noel Pennell
                                                                                                      for a confidential discussion.


The Council recognises the important role that non-profit organisations (ie Gold Coast Boat
                                                                                                      Suite 42 HQ @ Robina Level
                                                                                                      4/58 Riverwalk Avenue

Club) play in supporting the growth and development of the City’s community network and               ROBINA QLD 4226
                                                                                                      Tel (07) 5553 9700
facilities through generous rate donations.                                                           Fax (07) 5553 9701
                                                                                                      Mob 0411 865 428

The Gold Coast Boat Club gratefully recognises, acknowledges and thanks the Gold Coast

City Council for their substantial donation (rate discount) each year.
                                                                                                      VAZE 4854

  THE ROCK SHOP (Gold Coast)
   We specialise in semi-precious gemstone beads temporary
                                                                      3.55 Quintrex Dart Tinnie
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              Hours: Monday – Friday 9am to4pm
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              Must show your membership card.
     Phone / fax: (07) 55920099 - Ross & Bev Robinson                Contact Noel Pennell on 0411 865 428

                             Garmin fish finder 90, black & white picture,         Flash & Julie’s Crab pots.
                             12mth old. Great for tinnie & finding the fishing     Supplying locals since 1993
                             spots. $110.00                                        Member’s Discount $35
                             Contact Gary Hill on 0412 478 130                     Contact Julie & Brad on 5577 4070

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                                 GOLD COAST BOAT CLUB INC.                                           OCTOBER 2011

TIPPLERS RALLY                     RALLY at GCCC HQ
                                   Monday 10th October, 2011: 12-1 pm
Feedback received is that GCCC are again voting to demolish the Tipplers Tavern building come Monday 10th October,
2011. Instead they plan to open the adjacent ‘ Tradewinds Building ’ as a licensed café, apparently only open on weekends.

  This is despite:
  • Overwhelming community sentiment calling for the refurbishment & reopening of the Tipplers Tavern building.
  • Recognised significance of ‘Tipplers’ as a core, ‘high priority’ component of our local tourism industry.
  • ‘Tipplers Tavern’ being a culturally and historically significant destination for residents of, and visitors to, South East
     Queensland .
  • ‘Tipplers Tavern’ being recognised as a destination that stimulates the economy of the local boating industry.

This is despite GCCC’s own community consultation for their plans only receiving support from 30% of their respondents…
and yet GCCC are advertising that they are ‘Getting on with the Job’. Does community sentiment count for nothing? Are
our Councillors exempt from operating within the Local Government Act?

“high standards about transparent decision-making, inclusive community consultation practices and Local Government per-
formance. Meaningful community engagement is now a key principle of governance in Queensland Local Governments.”

Also find attached independent ‘Tipplers Survey’ of 1627 respondents, with 94.3% of these (as of 6th October 2011) wanting
a “Commercial Hotel License/Barefoot Bar/Affordable Meals.” In contrast only 14.8% of respondents want a ‘Licensed Cafe/
Restaurant instead of a bar’ ie. Council’s plans. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MTS3BQM

                                                                     RALLY @ GCCC HQ
                                                                     Monday 10th October, 2011: 12-1 pm
                                                                     In the interim, please share your thoughts on the matter
                                                                     with all Councillors @ Gold Coast City Council, every one
                                                                     of their vote will count come Monday:


 MEMBERS LIBRARY                             Borrow a book or a magazine from our great library in the locker shed. Please
                                             keep bookshelves tidy when borrowing / returning items.

            P.O BOX 321, SOUTHPORT QLD. 4215                                                                        Page Seven

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