The Postcode Lottery Misleads the Public Again

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					Every video that we have looked at so far on the Postcode Lottery's official video channel shows evidence of being
studio shot, played out by actors who are then digitally made over to represent members of the general public. Many of
which are so good, it is very hard for the average person to determine whether they are real or not.

That is the whole point. They want you to believe that these events and winners are all real to substantiate the way they
are running their "business".

There is evidence of digital tampering on them all which indicates that the Postcode Lottery's promotion is tantamount
to "lying" visually to the general public.

This will end up being a court case at some point I imagine, until then, let's expose more misleading Postcode Lottery
videos that the Advertising Standards Authority, Gambing and Charity commissions would have a field day with!

There are 3 pictures below, one a straightforward as-is original screengrab from the Postcode Lotterys Channel, the
link to which is currently: and titled Stephen Jardine Visits The
Scottish Wildlife Trust.

These fakes need to be brought out into the open and the Postcode Lottery needs to explain why they are genuinely
misleading the public while promoting their good work, and to what end.

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Description: Iin this document there is pictorial evidence of further misleading practices employed by the Postcode Lottery. Studio shot "events" revolving around their associated charities that they "donate" to, actors who have been digitally created all to bring credibility to their business. Save your money and spend it with a charity that you can trust.