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The Export-Import Bank of China                                                    3
China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation                                        5
China Classification Society                                                       6
CITIC Group                                                                        7
China State Shipbuilding Corporation                                               8
China Shipping (Group) Company                                                     9
China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation                             10
China Northern Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry (Group) Corporation            11
China Changjiang National Shipping (Group) Corporation                            13
IRICO Group Corporation                                                           15
FiberHome Technologies Group                                                      16
China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation                                  17
China Yituo Group Corporation Limited                                             18
Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group                                        19
China National Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Corporation                             20
China Third Metallurgical Construction Corporation                                21
China National Pulp & Paper Corporation                                           22
China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corp., Ltd.                         23
China Meheco Corporation                                                          25
NUCTECH Company Limited                                                           26
Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.                                                  27
Hongyun Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.                                                 28
Kunming Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.                                              29
Yunnan Copper Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.                                          30
Yunnan Expo Group Co., Ltd.                                                       31
Yunnan Tourism Industry Group Co., Ltd.                                           32
Yunnan Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation                          33
Yunnan Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.                                        34
‘Yunnan Red’Wine Group                                                            36
Shanghai Lingang Luchaogang Economic Development Co., Ltd.                        38
Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co.,Ltd.                                          39
The9 Computer Technology Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.                          41
Shanghai Genstex International Co., Ltd.                                          42
Shanghai Puyun Logistics Co., Ltd.                                                43
Tianjin Foreign Trade Group Co., Ltd.                                             44
Northern International Holding Tianjin New Textiles Import and Export Co., Ltd.   45
Beijing H-tek Group Limited                                                       46
Beijing Golden Olive International Trading Co., Ltd.                              47
Beijing XinTong HengYi Metal Co., Ltd.                                            48
APEX & RHINE Building System Ltd.                                                 49
Dalian Bingshan Group                                                             50
Yue Hua Textiles Co. Ltd.                                                         52
Haicheng Dongyue Garment Co., Ltd.                                                       53
Shandong FOTON Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.                                                54
Longda Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd.                                                         55
Qingdao Caiyuanchun Vegetable Planting Co., Ltd.                                         56
Qingdao Kejun Electronic Co., Ltd.                                                       57
Feiyue Group                                                                             58
Zhejiang Truelove Group Co., Ltd.                                                        59
Heilongjiang Huacheng International Economic and Technical Cooperative Group Co., Ltd.   60
China Yichang Xingfa Group LLC                                                           61
ZTE Corporation                                                                          62
Comba Telecom Systems (Guangzhou) Ltd.                                                   63
Guangdong Chigo Air-conditioning Co., Ltd.                                               64
Huaxing Electron & Electric Appliance Factory                                            66
TELLHOW Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.                                                               67
Jiangsu Huangpu Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.                                             68
Trade Development Bureau of MOFCOM                                                       69
China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges                          70
Companies by sector                                                                      72
Name List                                                                                74
Sectors                                                                                  84


                          The Export-Import Bank of China

General Introduction
Established in 1994 and solely owned by the central government, The Export-Import Bank of
China (China Eximbank) is a state policy bank under the direct leadership of the State Council. Its
international credit ratings are compatible to the national sovereign ratings. At present, the Bank has
seven business branches, six domestic representative offices and two overseas representative
offices - one for Southern & Eastern Africa and the other is Paris Rep. Office. It has established and
kept cooperative relationship with 140 foreign banks worldwide.
As an important force in the backup system of foreign trade and economy and a significant
component of the financial system, China Eximbank has developed into a key channel of policy
financing for both Chinese export of mechanic and electronic products, complete set of equipment,
and high and new tech products and undertaking of offshore construction contracts and overseas
investment projects. Meanwhile, the Bank is also the major on lending bank of foreign government
loans and the sole lending bank for Chinese Government Confessional Loan entrusted by the
Chinese Government. The Bank is playing a more and more important role in promoting
the development of the open and export-oriented economy of the country.
The main mandate of the Bank is to implement the state policies in industry, foreign trade and
economy and finance to provide policy financial support so as to promote the export of Chinese
mechanical and electronic products and high- and new-tech products, to support
Chinese companies with comparative advantages to "go global" for offshore construction contracts
and overseas investment projects, to develop and strengthen relations with foreign countries, and
to enhance Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation and exchanges.
Business Scope
Export Credit (including Export Seller's Credit and Export Buyer's Credit);
Loans to Overseas Construction Contract and Loans to Overseas Investment Projects
Chinese Government Confessional Loan;
     International Guarantee;
     On lending loans of foreign governments and financial institutions;
     International and domestic settlement and corporate deposits under the loan facilities
      provided by the Bank;
     Raising funds in domestic and international capital markets and money markets
     International inter-bank loans, organizing or participating in international and domestic
      syndicated loans;
     Renminbi inter-bank borrowing and lending and bond repurchases;
     Foreign exchange dealing and approved risk protection foreign exchange dealing for
     Creditworthiness investigation, consultation, appraisal and witness services which are
      relevant to the Bank's business;
     Other business approved or entrusted.
We sincerely hope to establish wide contacts and expand business cooperation with our partners
and friends in financial, economic, and trade sectors both at home and abroad.
Contact Information
Address:      No.77, Beiheyan Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Post code:    100009

Tel:       86-10-64099502
Fax:       86-10-64099498
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                 China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation
General Introduction
China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) is the only policy-oriented Chinese
insurance company specializing in export credit insurance. It started operation on December 18,
2001. The company has a registered capital of RMB 4 billion that came from the Export Credit
Insurance Risk Fund as arranged by the State fiscal budget. Headquartered in Beijing with 15
functional departments and one operational department, SINOSURE has built a service network of
12 branches and 7 business offices nationwide and a business office in London, UK.
SINOSURE is mandated, in accordance with the Chinese government's diplomatic, foreign trade,
industrial, fiscal, and financial policies, to promote Chinese exports and foreign investments,
especially the export of high-tech or high added-value capital goods. And it exports financing
facilitation, information, and receivables management services by means of export credit insurance.
SINOSURE offers coverage against political risks and commercial risks. Political risks include
restrictions on transfer and remittance of foreign exchanges, expropriation, nationalization and war,
etc. Commercial risks include credit risks on the part of buyers (default, bankruptcy and rejection of
goods) and credit risks on the part of buyer's banks (e.g. the issuing bank or confirming bank in the
case of L/Cs).
Contact Information
Address:      Rongjin Building, No. 5 Fuchengmen North Str., Xicheng District,
              Beijing, China
Post code:    100037
Tel:          86-10-88382288
Fax:          86-10-68357747
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                               China Classification Society
General Introduction
China Classification Society (CCS) is a public institution directly under the Ministry of
Communications, the only specialized body in China to provide classification services, and one of
the ten full members of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). Its highest
class notation has been included in the Classification Clauses of the Institute of London
Underwriters (ILU), whereby CCS classed ships can enjoy the same preferential treatment in cargo
insurance premium as those classed with other noted class societies. Up to now, CCS has been
authorized by governments of 23 countries or regions to perform statutory surveys for ships flying
their flags. CCS is also the associate member to the International Association of Dry Cargo
Shipowners (INTERCARGO) and the International Association of Independent Tankers Owners
CCS is an important technical body of China to participate in the development of international
conventions, codes and standards, an important part of the supporting system to China’s
shipbuilding industry and a key link on the maritime safety chain. CCS defines ‘Risk Management’
as the basic nature of her businesses, and establishes three major business lines featuring survey
of classed ships, survey of domestic ships and industrial services and the two supporting systems
featuring the rules & research and the information technology. By sticking to the tenet of ‘building up
the Society on technology and trust’, CCS keeps casting her brand with remarkable achievements
and plays a significant role in protecting safety of waterborne transport and preventing pollution of
maritime environment as well as providing a strong support to the development of Chinese shipping
and shipbuilding industries.
The Society’s mission is to provide services for the shipping, shipbuilding, offshore exploitation and
related manufacturing industries and marine insurance by furnishing reasonable and reliable
classification requirements and providing independent, impartial and integral classification and
statutory services to ships and offshore installations, for the promotion and safeguarding of the
safety of life and property at sea and for the prevention of pollution to the marine environment. The
society is a non-profit-making body.
Presently, CCS has a classed fleet of 1888 ships, totaling 22.594 million GT. The PSC detention
record of CCS fleet has become better year by year, now ranking one of the most excellent class
societies within IACS. Thirty-six CCS-classed ships have been awarded ‘Qualship 21 Certificate’ by
USCG, demonstrating the quality and brand of CCS class and the Chinese flag. The number of
domestic ships now amounts to 8238 with a total gross tonnage of 10.76 million. CCS ranks No. 7
among the 50 or so class societies all over the world. Our ‘land-based classification society’ has
also basically taken the shape with particular success in three areas, such as supervision of ultra-
large bridge engineering, supervision of large harbor equipment and installations and supervision of
ultra-large heavy lift appliances.
Cooperative Intention
Classification and statutory survey of ships
Contact Information
Address:      9 Dong Zhi Men Nan Da Jie, Beijing, China
Post code:    100007
Tel:          86-10-58112288
Fax:          86-10-58112811
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                                       CITIC Group
General Introduction
CITIC Group (CITIC) was initiated and approved by Deng Xiaoping, chief architect of China's reform
and opening-up, and was established on Oct. 4, 1979 by Rong Yiren, former Vice President of PRC.
After more than two decades of development, CITIC has grown into a large multinational
conglomerate. It now has 33 wholly owned subsidiaries, 9 companies in which it has controlling
shares, and 8 listed companies both home and abroad. By the end of 2005, CITIC's total assets
stood at RMB 805 billion. Mr. Wang Jun is Chairman of CITIC.
Contact Information
Address:      Capital Mansion, 6 Xinyuan nanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Post code:    100004
Tel:          86-10-64661710
Fax:          86-10-64661186
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                       China State Shipbuilding Corporation
General Introduction
China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) is an extra-large conglomerate and state-authorized
investment institution directly administrated by the central government of China. It boasts being the
mainstay of the shipbuilding industry in China. Under its wing, there are totally 60 sole
proprietorship enterprises and shareholding institutions, including a batch of most powerful and
some renowned shipbuilding and shiprepairing yards, research institutes, marine-related equipment
manufactures and trading firms in China.
CSSC’s main business is shipbuilding. CSSC is adept in building any kind of modern ships fully
complying with the rules and regulations of any classification societies in the world and meeting the
requirements of any international general standards and safety conventions and being able to travel
through any sort of waterways. CSSC boasts its wide spectrum of products, ranging from the
conventional oil tankers and bulk carriers to the sophisticated and state-of-the-art vessels, such as
LNG carriers, VLCCs, chemical carriers, ro/ro passenger freight ships, large containerships, large
LPG carriers, large self-unloading ships, high speed ships and various civil ships and offshore
engineering facilities. So far, CSSC has already exported a large number of ships to more than 50
countries and regions all around the world.
Shiprepairing is another main business of CSSC. All the yards are well equipped with mechanized
equipment for dock repairs and all kinds of testing and measuring facilities, enabling them to do a
wide range of repair work. Besides, dozens of service centers for repairing equipment of world-
famous brands have also been set up, thus upgrading further the quality of services offered. A good
impression of Chinese ship repairs has been given to ship owners and with good quality and speedy,
timely service plus reasonable price, CSSC has won a share the world market through fierce
CSSC is focusing on the construction of two shipbuilding bases, namely, Changxing Island
shipbuilding base in Shanghai and Longxue shipbuilding base in Guangzhou. As a result, CSSC
shall have upgraded its shipbuilding capability from the 4 million swt by now to 14 million dwt by
2015, with a wider range of products of high-tech ships or vessel such as the LNG carriers and
luxury cruise ships and so on.
At present, CSSC has already notched up in such 20-plus fields and sectors as shipping, aerospace,
construction, power generation, petrochemicals, hydraulic engineering, environmental protection,
metallurgy, railway and light industry and so on. CSSC has undoubtedly earned a leading position
peerless in the shipbuilding circles in China and has already proved itself worthy of the title of the
large-scale enterprise group with fast growth rate in many fields.
Cooperative Intention
Ship building, ship repairing, marine equipment export
Contact Information
Beijing Headquarters
Address:      No. 5 Yuetanbeijie, Beijing, China
Post code:    100861
Tel:          86-10-68038833
Fax:          86-10-68034592
Shanghai Headquarters
Address:      23F Marine Tower, No.1 Pudongdadao, Shanghai, China
Post code:    200120
Tel:          86-21-68861118
Fax:          86-21-68860082
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                          China Shipping (Group) Company
General Introduction
China Shipping (Group) Company (China Shipping) was founded on July 1,1997, in Shanghai, the
largest coastal city in China. It is one of the key state-owned enterprises under the direct
administration of the Central Government and is a super-large shipping conglomerate that operates
across different regions, different sectors and different countries. In 2004, China Shipping was
awarded the best prize of Development & Reform in State-owned Sector by Ministry of Propaganda
and SASAC.
Under its umbrella, there are five specialized shipping fleets of oil tankers, tramps, passenger ships,
container vessels and special cargo ships, which comprise over 440 vessels with an aggregated
deadweight of 15 million tones and an annual traffic volume of over 270 million tones. China
Shipping operates the diversified businesses of integrated logistics, ship management and terminal
management, finance and investment, engineering and labor service, supply and trading, and
information technology. It has established more than 260 overseas branches and offices.
China Shipping (Group) Company is the holding company of three publicly listed companies, i.e.
China Shipping Development, China Shipping Container Lines and China Shipping (Hainan)
Haisheng, whose H shares and A shares are traded on the stock markets of Hong Kong and
Shanghai respectively.
Contact Information
Address:      700 Dong Da Ming Road, Shanghai, China
Post code:    200080
Tel:          86-21-65966880
Fax:          86-21-65966886
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        China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation
General Introduction
China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation (CNCEC) is a large comprehensive
corporation directly administrated by the State Council of China. Founded in 1954, it was registered
as China National Chemical Engineering Corporation in 1984 and renamed as China National
Chemical Engineering Group Corporation in 2005.
CNCEC, the Group Corporation, has conducted operations through 9 engineering companies
ratified Grade A comprehensive certificates and 13 construction companies ratified Grade A
certificates of general contracting by possessing total assets amounted to RMB 8.5 billions and
68,000 staffs, of which 23,000 staff are engineers of disciplines including academicians of China
Engineering Academy and engineering masters for forming a technology intensive construction
group integrating with prospecting, engineering and construction. CNCEC has successively won
over 1000 national and ministerial prizes, including 4 National Science and Technology
Advancement and Magnitude Technique Progress Special Prizes, over 100 National Excellent
Project Golden Prize, National Excellent Engineering Special Prize and Luban Prize etc, and
CNCEC has 101 patents and 131 technical know-how.
In the past 50 years, in domestic market, CNCEC has been in leading position in the fields of
chemical, petrochemical, refineries as well as a number of projects in power, construction,
environment protection, pharmaceutical, machinery, light industry and textile etc. It has built up a
great number of chemical or petro-chemical bases including Jilin, Dalian, Taiyuan, Nanjing and
Lanzhou, including fertilizer plants, such as phosphate, ammonia, urea etc. for paving the
foundation of national industrial system. In international market, CNCEC has accumulatively signed
more than 1000 contracts valued over 6 billions, whose business footstep has been extended more
than 40 countries and areas around the world. CNCEC has contributed its great efforts for
improving and increasing technical level of China petrol and chemical industries. And in 2005,
CNCEC ranked No. 155 among 500 strongest Chinese enterprises and ranked No. 102 of ENR 225
Top Engineering Contractors.
CNCEC has adopted international engineering program and project management system to match
with international practice for providing engineering services in different ways like EPC (including
E,P,C), PMC, BLT, BOT, BOOT etc. according to client’s requests.
CNCEC has been the first Chinese contractor with investment to operate overseas project by BOOT.
CNCEC has undertaken projects in south-east Asia and Middle East like Iran, Pakistan, and
Bangladesh etc in different fields such as fertilizer, power generation, waste water treatment etc.
CNCEC has ever collaborated with many foreign engineering companies, like TECHNIP, UHDE,
FLUOR, TOYO, WASHINGTON GROUP, KAVEANER etc, and has established with some of them
long-term relationship. By cooperation with these corporations, CNCEC has learned international
project management procedure and matched domestic rules with international management
practice, whatever in design engineering, procurement and construction etc.
CNCEC is at the position to provide with you engineering services and CNCEC believes it will be a
successful project upon CNCEC’s experience, contribution and your support.
Contact Information
Address:       20 Anyuanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Post code:     100029
Tel:           86-10-84897569
Fax:           86-10-84897570
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     China Northern Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry (Group)

General Introduction
Approved by the State Council, China Northern Locomotive and Rolling Stock (Group) Corporation
(hereafter refer to as the CNR) was established after restructuring its former China National
Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry Corporation and becomes a large state-owned enterprise
under the leadership and supervision of the State Assets Supervision and Management
Commission of the State Council.
The registered asset of CNR is RMB 8.16 billion, and the total capital reached to RMB24.24 billion
by the end of 2004. CNR headquarters in Beijing, including 17 wholly owned subsidiaries, 8 share-
holding subsidiaries and 4 mutually share-holding subsidiaries, totaling over 100,000 working staff.
Adhering to the operation guideline of “conducting multiple business while centering on the core
business, focusing on the railway industry and gearing to the needs of the whole country and the
world”, CNR is mainly engaged in developing, designing, manufacturing and repairing locomotives
and rolling stocks, mass transit vehicles, railway cranes, various electro-mechanical equipments
and components, as well as the electronic devices and environment protection equipments. CNR
employs a number of technical talents specialized in locomotive and rolling stocks and other
subjects, has strong capacity of technology development with numerous major scientific and
technological advances recognized by the state, achieves the world's advanced level on the
technical equipments of its core enterprises, and possesses the significant advantages in machining,
casting and forging, steel structuring and assembling. At present, CNR has the annual production
capacity of 370 electric locomotives, 460 diesel locomotives, 2300 passenger coaches and multiple
units, 1100 city rail vehicles and 26000 freight wagons, and the annual repairing capacity of 260
electrical locomotives, 600 diesel locomotives, 2500 passenger coaches, 32000 freight wagons and
outstanding matched production scale for components. CNR’s locomotives, rolling stocks and city
rail vehicles have covered over 50% of the domestic market shares, and over 30 foreign countries
or regions.
CNR’s strategy is, market-oriented and capital-bonded, to vigorously implement the structure
adjustment and the resources reorganization and merging for forming the new group management
and control mode; to facilitate the establishment of the modern enterprise system and the
transformation of the operation mechanism; to persist in the technology introduction and
independent research and development for upgrading independent innovation ability; to build the
new CNR featured with “Powerful, Energetic and Cohesive”, realizing its objectives of “Leading in
China, Well-known in World” and “Three Firsts”.
CNR aims to become a leading enterprise in China and well-known around the world by the year
2010 with focus on the manufacturing of the rail transportation equipment while developing the
diversified business, have its technical indexes of main products meet with the world advanced level
and indexes of the operation benefit, productive power of labor and resources economy upgrade
greatly, further improve its internal management system, standardize its business operation and
develop strong capacity of competition to expand the business with the aid of the capital market. By
year 2015, CNR is expected to become a major competitor in the international rail transport market
and more powerful enterprise in the world through the efforts of further deepening its own diversified
CNR faithfully follows the enterprise motto of “Fidelity as Its Principle and Creativity as Its Soul”,
adheres to its professional ideal and ethics of “Duty-fulfilling and Perfection-pursuing”, and complies
with its marketing concept of “Thinking about the Customers, and Satisfying the Customers”. CNR
is and will be sparing no effort to provide its customers with excellent products and services.

Cooperative Intention
Railway Locomotive and Rolling Stocks
Contact Information
Address:      No.11 Yangfangdian Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Post code:    100038
Tel:          86-10-51862379
Fax:          86-10-63986770
Website:      www.
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        China Changjiang National Shipping (Group) Corporation
General Introduction
China Changjiang National Shipping (Group) Corporation, hereinafter called CSC, is the largest
inland shipping corporation in China. It is also one of the first 57 experimental corporations that are
specifically designated in the state plan. Now it is a large corporation administrated by the State-
Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of the State Council.
1. Development history
The predecessor of CSC can trace back to the state-run Changjiang shipping enterprise of late
Qing Dynasty. Now it has a history of more than 130 years. In 1950, the Changjiang Borough
Shipping Bureau was founded, which began to be called Changhang.
In 1984, the state carried out administration system reforms of Changjiang shipping and founded
Changjiang Steamship Company of the Ministry of Communications. In 1991, it changed its name to
China Changjiang Steamship Company. Then in March 1993, on the base of China Changjiang
Steamship Company, China Changjiang National Shipping Group was founded. Its core enterprise
was China Changjiang National Shipping Corporation, whose headquarter was in Wuhan.
2. Corporation scale
By the end of 2004, CSC had a total asset of RMB 20.1 billion, net asset RMB 2.23 billion and asset
liability ratio was 82.5% and had about 57000 registered employees, 47000 service employees,
10000 outsourced employees and 37000 retired employees. Now CSC has 18 full-funded
subsidiary companies, 1 holding subsidiary company and 1 overseas subsidiary company. They are
mainly distributed along the Changjiang River, in Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, Jiangxi
Province, Hubei Province, Hunan Province, Sichuan Province, Shanghai Municipality, Chongqing
Municipality and other large ports. It also has subsidiary companies, joint ventures and overseas
offices in the United States of America, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Australia, South Korea,
Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so forth.
3. Main industries
CSC takes water shipping as its core industry. And other related businesses include shipbuilding,
tourism and ship fuel trade.
Water shipping industry holds and controls 2,877 transporting and auxiliary ships. There is a cargo-
carrying capacity of 4,160,000 tons. The host generator can produce a power of 915,000 kilowatt. It
has 5,040 standard containers. It mainly provides the transportation for dry bulk cargo such as coal,
ore, sand, nonmetal mine, steel and the transportation of petroleum, containers, liquefied gas, roll-
on-roll-off cement, bulk cement and asphalt. Its navigation line covers Changjiang stem and its main
branches, and radiates to the coasts, shores, oceans, which has achieved ocean-going petroleum
transportation around the world. Now the marine transport has accounted for 1/3 of the total
shipping operation. It has achieved the initial trans-regional and transnational export-oriented
development pattern, based on Changjiang, featured with river-and-sea nonstop and river-and-sea
through transport, communicating coasts and oceans.
Shipbuilding industry has 7 large and medium-sized shipyards. The annual shipbuilding capacity
reaches 400,000 tons. The annual output value accounts for 20% of Changjiang shipbuilding
enterprises’ total value. The various ships under 50,000 tons can be provided. These ships are
mainly exported to American and European markets, which makes CSC the important export-
oriented base in Chinese shipbuilding industry. Meanwhile its businesses also cover
electromechanical equipment, harbor facilities, steel structure and other non-shipping products. In
tourism industry CSC has altogether 28 foreign-related and internal tourist ships, in which there are
17 luxury foreign-related tourist ships ranked by stars from 3 to 5. The foreign-related tourist ships
receive 100,000 persons-times each year, covering almost 1/3 of the whole reception of Changjiang
tourist ships. CSC is also the largest tourist enterprise on Changjiang River and the third largest

tourist enterprise all over the country. It has accomplished for many times the task of receiving and
safeguarding the leaders of the CPC, the State and foreign countries. The fuel trade industry has a
joint management with China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and the annual sales value of fuel
has broke 1,100,000 tons, covering more than 40% of the total sales volume on Changjiang River.
Other businesses of CSC include real estate development, auto service, hotels, external economic
and technical cooperation, import and export trade, computer network development and some other
multiple businesses.
4. Position and function
In the past few decades, CSC mainly undertook the mission of transport for such along-river large
iron and steel corporations as Shanghai Bao Steel, Jianshu Shagang Group, Ma’an’shan Steel,
Nanjiang Steel, Wuhan Steel, E’zhou Steel, Chongqing Steel, such power enterprises as Shanghai
Power Plant, China Huaneng Group, Jianbi Power Plant, Yueyang Power Plant, Beilun Power Plant,
such along-river petroleum and chemical enterprises belonging to China Petroleum & Chemical
Corporation. It also undertook the transport of raw materials and products for such building
materials enterprises as China Anhui CONCH Group, Jiangxi Yadong Cement Co., Ltd., Huaxin
Cement Co., Ltd. and so on. CSC adheres to the operating idea of ‘honesty, high quality, and
mutual win’. With its safe, high-quality and highly efficient service, for a very long time, CSC
supported the industries that had a great deal to the country’s lifelines, created very good economic
and social benefits and has had an irreplaceable contribution to the along-river economy and social
development. Now CSC’s annual shipping capacity has reached 120 million tons covering 30% of
the whole Changjiang shipping capacity. The volume of circular flow covers more than 60%, in
which the key materials as ore covers 90% and crude oil covers 100%. Meanwhile, in the military
traffic combat preparation, flood combat and important state reception, CSC has played the ‘main-
force’ role of the state-owned corporations. It was therefore reputed as ‘Changjiang National Fleet’
and ‘State Guest Fleet’
Contact Information
Address:      No.69 Yanjiang Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Post code:    430021
Tel:          86-27-82766119
Fax:          86-27-82767043
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                                IRICO Group Corporation
General Introduction
IRICO Group Corporation is a state-owned extra large enterprise directly under the state assets
supervision administration of the state council. As China’s earliest color picture tube manufacturer, it
has become the biggest one in China and fourth worldwide in CPT manufacturing after over 20
years of sustainable development. At present, the group company has totally 9 CPT production
lines with an annual production capacity of 17 million pieces.
Cooperative Intention
Cooperation in the display device areas
Contact Information
Address:      No. 1 Caihong Road, Xianyang, Shaanxi, China
Post code:    712021
Tel:          86-910-3334177
Fax:          86-910-3334175
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                           FiberHome Technologies Group
General Introduction
FiberHome Technologies Group is the most outstanding product and solution provider in China in
the field of information and communications. The first optical fiber in China was pulled out in
FiberHome Technologies.
Established in 1974, Wuhan Research Institute of Post and Telecommunications (WRI) is the
predecessor of FiberHome Technologies Group.
Wuhan Research Institute of Post and Telecommunications (WRI) has been the National Research
Center for Fiber-Optic Communication Technology and Engineering, the seminary of China's optical
communication and also the only research and industrial entity in China incorporating the research,
development and marketing of three strategic technologies in optical communication field: optical
communication systems, optical fibers and cables and photoelectronic devices. Approved by the
state, it is the National Research Center for Fiber-Optic Communication Technologies and
Engineering, the National Research Center for Optoelectronic Technologies (Wuhan Branch) and
the National Industrialization Base for High and New Technology R/D Planning Results.
The Group has inherited and carried forward WRI's profound technical background in the field of
optical communication and realized growth in great stride in terms of marketing and industrialization
capabilities. The market share of its optical transmission systems and optical cable products have
been in the front rank of the domestic manufacturers and the occupancies of its optical active and
passive devices in the home market have been in the first place.
Through development of nearly 30 years, the Group has evolved a development pattern of three
industries: fiber-optic communication, future public network represented by IP and wireless
communication. At present, with a total staff of over 4000, it incorporates several subsidiaries of
different forms--listed, controlled, fully owned and joint venture. Its total capital has reached RMB
5.8 billion yuan. It is also a key enterprise in China Optical Valley, Wuhan.
Main Productes
A.Hign-Speed Broadband Optical Transmission Systems
B.Fiber-Optic Broadband Access System
C.IP Network Routing and Switch SystemsIP
D.Wireless Communication and Power Supply
E.Fiber and Cable Products
F.Photoelectronic Devices
Cooperative Intention
Cooperation in the display device areas
Contact Information
Address:      No.88, Youke Yuan Rd., Hongshan District, Wuhan, China
Post code:    430074
Tel:          86-27-87806885
Fax:          86-27-87691755

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              China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation
General Introduction
With the approval of the State Council of China, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation
(CCECC) was established in 1979. As one of the pioneers engaging in international contracting and
economic cooperation, CCECC has been developed from the earlier Foreign Aid Department of the
Ministry of Railway (with the experience of executing the biggest foreign-aid project of China, the
TAZARA) into a large-scale state-owned enterprise with Chinese National Super Grade
Qualification for Project Contracting. With the strenuous efforts in the last two decades, its business
scope expands from international contracting for railway construction to civil engineering design and
consultancy, real estate development, trading, industrial investment and hotel management as well.
The business activities of CCECC have spread over 40 countries and regions where more than 20
overseas offices or subsidiaries have been set up. With its excellent performance and high-quality
services, CCECC has been listed among the world’s top 255 international contractors for many
years and ranked consecutively among the first 70 in recent years by the Engineering News Record
CCECC realized the strategic reform with the China Railway Construction Corporation in the form of
mergence on September 2003 based on the spirit of the document ‘The Written Replay on the
Reform of the China Railway Construction Corporation and the China Civil Engineering
Construction Corporation (Document No.: SA Reform [2003] No. 153) issued by the State-owned
Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.
At present CCECC serves as the member of the China Chamber of International Commerce, the
Vice Chairmen level section of the China International Contractors Association and the Director of
the China International Engineering Consulting Association.
CCECC’s assets are scaled up step by step, net assets are stably increased and comprehensive
strength is boosted up continuously. Domestically, CCECC has obtained the main business
qualification --- ‘Special Class of Main Contractor for Railway Construction’ and ‘First-class Main
Contractor for Building Construction’, and also obtained ‘First-class Main Contractor for
Construction of City Project’, ‘First-class Professional Contractor for City Rail Transportation Project’
and ‘First-class Professional Contractor for Building Decoration Project’.
CCECC’s position in this industry has gradually upgraded and its dominant brand in the world has
set up initially. CCECC has also obtained the highest qualification for its business with Hong Kong
China, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania and Botswana, etc.
CCECC is willing to cooperate with friends all over the world and develop hand in hand for a
prosperous future.
Cooperative Intention
Cooperation in the fields of design, consultancy and construction of railway, road, city planning,
environment protection, water supply and electric power, city railway, airport, port, mine and
diversity business with financing.
 Contact Information
Address:       4, Bei Feng Wo, Hai Dian District, Beijing, China
Post code:     100038
Tel:           86-10-51848495
Fax:           86-10-63395319

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                      China Yituo Group Corporation Limited
General Introduction
China Yituo Group Corporation Limited (Yituo Group), is restructured from China's First Tractor &
Construction Machinery Corporation (grown out of the First Tractor Works) to meet the need of
building a modern enterprise system. As one of the 156 key projects constructed in the period of the
first Five-Year Plan and China's first enterprise in agricultural machinery, it has been under great
care of the state leaders. Chairman Mao Zedong personally approved Luoyang, the Capital of Nine
Dynasties, as the seat of the corporation, and Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and many other state
leaders came to Yituo Group and inspected the enterprise and made important instructions.
Over the past 40 years, Yituo Group has turned out over 1,000,000 tractors.
Yituo Group, consisting of 50-odd plants and 20-odd companies, is the largest machine-building
group specialized chiefly in tractor manufacture. Founded in 1955,the corporation now owns 6
billion RMB of assets. Its products cover hundreds of applications, from farm machinery such as
tractors and combined harvesters to construction machinery such as rollers and road machines and
power machinery such as windmill generators and diesel engines, selling to over 70 countries
throughout the five continents.
Yituo Group has set up assembling factories, branch offices and service centers in Asia, Africa,
America, Europe and Oceania and has won the trust of customers from all these places.
Modernized management, advanced equipment and well-trained workers are the guarantee of Yituo
Group's reliable product quality and efficient services. With sophisticated equipment, automatic
production lines, processing center and more than 100 assembly lines from developed countries
such as Germany and Switzerland, Yituo Group has great manufacturing capacity and is well
qualified for casting, forging, mechanical processing, heat treatment, assembly and other process of
production. YITUO Group also has its own specialized combined machine tools and manufacturing
center for tools and moulds.
With more than 2000 R & D engineers, especially after the merging of China National Tractor
Institute in 1994, the R&D ability of YITUO Group is even further strengthened. To meet the needs
of the customers, it keeps introducing new technology, new material, new techniques and products
to the market. In addition, it carries out strict quality control, and all the models of tractors, road
rollers and diesel engines are awarded ISO 9000 certification.
To provide the customers with satisfactory service is YITUO Group's long-term policy. YITUO Group
always sticks to the principle of ‘customers first’ in after-sale service and spare parts supply. With its
skillful professional after-sale staff and its extensive service network and spare part centers
throughout the world, it can provide the customers with efficient and reliable services.
Cooperative Intention
Intend to find the advanced technology to import and improve our products, also to look for the local
dealer to promote our products to local market.
Contact Information
Address:      154 Jianshe Rd., Luoyang, Henan, China
Post code:    471004
Tel:          86-379-62799000
Fax:          86-379-62799099

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                Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group
General Introduction
As one of the largest national high-tech enterprises in communication area, Datang Telecom
Technology & Industry Group (abbreviated below as “Datang Group”) was established in 2001 and
is dedicated in the R&D, production and sales of telecommunications equipments. China Academy
of Telecommunications Technology--the parent company of Datang Group is the largest research
entity of telecom technology in China with a history of 49 years, which has made great contribution
to the progress and development of China’s communication technologies. Datang Group has 8
telecommunication research institutes and 5 companies, 2 of which are listed companies. Datang
Group has nearly 10,000 employees, of whom 70 percent are engineers and technicians. By now,
with a national leading power in R&D and technological innovations, sticking to the guideline of
extensive cooperation, Datang Group has introduced to the market series of advanced products
with outstanding qualities & performances in many key communication areas, including TD-SCDMA
3rd generation mobile communication system, SPC switch with high capacity, optical fiber
transmission system, SCDMA integrated wireless access system, data communication and
broadband communication equipment, telecom software and system integration ASIC chip set,
which are broadly applied in the national public and private networks.
Cooperative Intention
TD-SCDMA 3rd generation mobile communication system, SCDMA integrated wireless access
system, microelectronics
Contact Information
Address:      40 XueYuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Post code:    100083
Tel:          86-10-62301439
Fax:          86-10-62301943

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             China National Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Corporation
General Introduction
China National Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Corporation (abbreviated as COFCO) is one of China’s
largest import and export corporations consisting of trade, industry, finance, information, service and
scientific research. The business scope covers agricultural commodities, foodstuffs, real estates,
hotels and financial services. COFCO boasts the oldest history in dealing in agricultural
commodities and takes the most powerful position in China. It has been ranking among the list of
Global Top 500 Enterprises by the Fortune magazine since 1994.
Under COFCO, there are:
‘COFCO Grains and Oils Import and Export Company’, which is engaged in the business of
agricultural commodities including corn, rice, wheat, edible oil and sugar as the import and export
agent and principal.
‘COFCO International’, a Hong Kong listed company in the trading and processing of cereals,
foodstuffs, edible oils, flour, malt, beverages as well as E-commerce.
‘Top Glory International’ is engaged in the investment and management of real estate, hotels and
‘COFCO Development Company’ is the hatcher of potential business.
‘COFCO Finance’ provides financial services such as futures, insurance, trust and handling fund
management and capital operations.
COFCO is a producer of high quality goods such as ‘Great Wall’ wine, ‘Fortune’ edible oil, ‘Le
Conte’ chocolate and ‘MaLing’ canned food, all of which enjoy great popularity in China. COFCO is
the leader in the business of flour, Malting barley, beverages, metal coating and printing, and tops
and caps manufacturing.
The target of COFCO is to grow into a prestigious multinational company, with strong market
competitiveness and industrial influence, delivering more quality products and services to
customers in China and the rest of the world.
Cooperative Intention
The ‘Cereals Trade Division’ of ‘COFCO International Ltd.’ is responsible for the import and export
of cereals, oils & feedstuffs. Its principal trading items are soybeans, rapeseeds, fishmeal, rapeseed
meal and cottonseed meal, vegetable oils, beans and grains. With the ability of procuring,
processing, store and transporting of agricultural products, ‘Cereals Trade Division’ has established
extensive relation with many well-known agricultural traders all over the world. It has become a
major export channel for agricultural products in China.
Rumania and Greece are main agricultural production area in Europe. They have been developing
economy rapidly in recent years. Through this trip, we hope to get further acknowledge of
production and market of cereals and grains in the two countries. We will discuss with the local
trader about the possibilities of exporting rapeseeds to China and importing Chinese beans to the
local market. At the same time, we will seek opportunities to expand economic and business co-
operation between both countries and China.
Contact Information
Address:        8/F Tower A,Beijing COFCO Plaza,No.8, Jianguomennei Ave. Beijing, China
Post code:      100005
Tel:            86-10-65268888 ext. Cereals Trade Division
Fax:            86-10-65278651
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            China Third Metallurgical Construction Corporation
General Introduction
China Third Metallurgical Construction Corporation (TMCC) is a national large comprehensive
engineering construction enterprise, which possessed national Grade A qualification for general
contracting of houses and buildings engineering construction projects, national Grade A qualification
for mine engineering construction projects, national Grade A qualification for general contracting of
municipal engineering projects, national Grade B qualification for general contracting of machinery
and electrical equipment fixing and installation engineering projects, national Grade A qualification
for specialized contracting of steel structure qualification for metallurgical and smelting machinery
and equipment fixing and installation engineering projects, national Grade B specialized
qualification for contracting of high building engineering projects, national Grade B specialized
qualification for contracting of pipeline system engineering projects. The company also possesses
the right and permit for direct overseas operation and contracting and acquired the ISO 9001:2000
series International Quality Control System Certification. The company is based in Anshan city,
Liaoning province.
Contact Information
Address:      No.4 Jiangong Street, Lishan District ,Anshan City, Liaoning, China
Post code:    114032
Tel:          86-412-6917614
Fax:          86-412-6917614

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                   China National Pulp & Paper Corporation
General Introduction
China National Pulp & Paper Corporation (CNPPC) is one of the largest state-owned enterprises
that specializes in the import & export of pulp, paper and paper products. The annual volume of
import pulp and paper stands at over 300,000 tons. We have established long-term and stable
business relationships with major pulp and paper manufacturers and suppliers in many countries
and regions all over the world, including North and South American countries, Indonesia, Japan,
Russia,Europe and Scandinavian countries. We have over fifty years of rich experience in
marketing, nationwide distribution networks and strong financial strength; we endeavor to satisfy
our customers’ needs with top quality products and service. On July 30, 2003, CNPPC was
awarded the ISO9001:2000 certification. We sincerely hope to become your business partner in the
pulp and paper industry, your bridge to the Chinese market as well as your window of
understanding China.
Cooperative Intention
Businesses for pulp & paper products
Contact Information
Address:      No.910, 9th Section, Jinsong, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Post code:    100021
Tel:          86-10-67780376/67780359
Fax:          86-10-67747294/67719856

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       China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corp., Ltd.
General Introduction
As a limited company, China National Complete Plant Import & Export Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter
referred to as ‘Complant Ltd’) was incorporated and sponsored by the primary sponsor, China
National Complete Plant Import & Export Corporation (Group), subject to the approval of the State
Trade and Economic Commission (GJMQG[1999] No.40) and in accordance with the relevant
stipulations of the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations.
The Company was registered to incorporate in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce
of China in March 1999. In June 2000, Complant Ltd 's 70,000,000 shares of common share stock
in RMB were issued to the general public and listed successfully, and began to be traded in
September in the same year. In October 2001, the company implemented the capital surplus
converting to scheme and the total amount of the company's share capital has reached
The company has obtained the certificate of ISO9000 Quality Management System, and has also
get certificates from CNAB (registration no. 03804Q1037-9R0M) and JAS-ANZ (registration no.
J04Q10224R0M) for the import and export of complete plant and technics, management of
investment and stock rights, as well as general trade.
World Trade Center Association
Aim of the Company
Taking market as the orientation and customers as the center, the company has been creating value
with knowledge and pursuing developments through integration. Through making full use of social
resources and providing personalized services, the company has constantly sharpened the core
competitive edge and realized the upgrading of overall value and a sustainable growth of the
Upholding the entrepreneur spirit of constantly making innovation and continuously surpassing
oneself and advocating honesty, rigorous, ever-surpassing, dedication as its culture, the company
has made great efforts to maximize overall interests of customers, shareholders and the staff.
Development Strategy
To take the import and export of complete plant and technics as the core business, vigorously
develop overseas investment and general trade, solidify the business related to foreign-aided
projects, continuously explore new business area, and build up a harmonized and healthy-
developed business combination. By means of developing the key market in depth, it brings the
potentiality of different business into full play so as to maximize the overall benefit in the targeted
key market. On the basis of continuously breeding the ability on congregating human resources,
holding the opportunities, project developing and management, as well as merging and associating,
the company aims to promote its core competitiveness and become the symbol enterprise in the
field of import and export complete plant and technics in China.
Brief Introduction of the holding Shareholder
As the holding shareholder of Complant Ltd., China Complete Plant Import & Export Corp. (Group)
(hereinafter to referred to as Complant Group), was set up in 1959. Originally subordinated to the
Ministry of Foreign Trade Economic & Cooperation, Complant Group is presently under the
leadership and administration of Sate Property Supervision Administrative Committee. Over the
past forty years, Complant Group has established economic and technological cooperation
relationship with the governments and industrial and commercial circles of over 100 countries and
regions in an extensive and stable way, and has undertaken and completed nearly 1400 large and
medium scale complete plant projects. In recent years, actively carrying out the development
strategy of ‘overall trade and economy’ ‘quality foremost’ and ‘diversification of market element’ and
relying on economic assistance business, the company has made intensified efforts in launching

international engineering contracting and labor cooperation, enterprise investment, general trade
and other business. As a result, the company has ranked into the forefront among the major foreign
trade and economic enterprises in China in terms of economic strength, competitive edge,
management level, contingent quality and etc.
Business Scope
Import and export of complete plant and technics: As the core business of the company, it mainly
covers such areas as energy resources, transportation, chemical industry, light industry,
environmental protection and public facilities, etc. The major market is located in developing
countries. With rich client and project information resources, it has held stable market and client
The company also boasts of its expert team in market development and project management, which
is skillful in combining the domestic technics with that abroad, and providing technics and products
to the clients in the styles of EPC, Turn Key as well as BOT.
General trade: Mainly handling the import and export of general commodities; the export
commodities range from kidney beans, computers, textiles, light industrial products, automobiles
and spares, etc. The major export market locates in Cuba, D.P.R. of Korea, Suriname and other
developing countries. The import products ranges from computer network equipment, timbers and
marbles, etc and the suppliers are mainly from USA, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Turkey and
Industrial investment: As one of the most important business as well as the long term operation idea
of the company, it is very important for the sustainable development and enhancement of anti-risk
ability for the company. Now the company is participating in the operation of the Sino-Togo Co., Ltd,
Sino-Kyrgyzstan Paper Mill and Luquan Dongfang Zenitlicement Co.,Ltd.
Enterprise Culture
1. Entrepreneur Spirit: Honesty, Preciseness, Ever-surpassing and Dedication
Honesty: the responsibility of a listed company. For our clients, it is the company's guide line; for our
staff, it shows the open and trust from the company;
Preciseness: as a long term working style of the company, it is the assurance of continuous success;
Ever-surpassing: surpassing the competitors as well as self-surpassing which encourages
creativeness and development so that rich reward could be brought to our clients and shareholders;
Dedication: Whole-hearted devotion to the obligation and target of the company.
2. Idea of HR: Esteem, Team Coordination, Individual Development
The management and development of human resources of the company is based on equality,
justness and openness; the company also attaches great importance on the teamwork and
coordination. Meanwhile, the company encourages the individual development of different
personnel so that our staff could fully realize their own value.
Cooperative Intention
During the conference, we expect to interview the president of the World Trade Center.
Contact Information
Address:      9, Xi Bin He Lu, An Ding Men, Beijing, China
Post code:    100011
Tel:          86-10-64219055
Fax:          86-10-64212745
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                               China Meheco Corporation
General Introduction
China Meheco Corporation (original name: China National Medicines & Health Products Imp. & Exp.
Corp.) is one of the leading foreign trade enterprises in medicines and health products in China. It is
the key branch company of China General Technology (Group) Holding Co. Ltd in the latter’s
expansion into the medical industry.
Extending into the fields of botanical medicines (herbs, spices, bee products, botanical extracts etc.),
pharmaceuticals, finished medicines, chemical reagents, medical instruments, medical dressings,
medicine-manufacturing equipments and other products related with life and health, China Meheco
Corporation adopts a variety of business modes: import and export, domestic distribution,
technology services, manufacturing and processing.
In the past two decades, China Meheco Corporation, enjoying a high business prestige, has built an
extensive global trading network with business partners in more than 100 countries and regions,
which is further strengthened with its subsidiary companies and representative offices in the major
markets. In the Chinese market, China Meheco Corporation has set up a series of industries and
service centers for its core business, such as herbs planting bases, Tanggu Storage and Processing
Plant, Beijing Logistic Center, Hainan General Sanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and also founded
the pharmaceutical and medical instruments purchase system as well as a nationwide sales
network by means of joint venture and business cooperation.
Driven by the enterprise core spirit of ‘Care of Life, Pursuit of Superior’, China Meheco Corporation
aims to make great contribution to the people’s health, to provide extensive medical and healthy
products and services for our customers domestically and overseas. By doing this, we ensure the
benefits of our stockholders, staffs and customers to grow with the development of China Meheco
Corporation together.
China Meheco Corporation looks forwards to cooperating with friends both home and abroad for a
brighter and healthier future.
Cooperative Intention
Hope to get involved in the process of upgrading of medical facilities in Romania, supply medical
equipment and consumables for local medical service and cooperate on manufacturing projects, on
pharmaceutical products together with Romanian government; Exchange views with local
manufacturers in Greek and Romanian markets and source right products that can meet the
requirements of Chinese market, eg. pharmaceuticals, intermediates, medical instruments and
Contact Information
Address:      No. 18 Guangming Zhongjie, Chongwen District, Beijing, China
Post code:    100061
Tel:          86-10- 67116688
Fax:          86-10-67128905,67121579

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                            NUCTECH Company Limited
General Introduction
NUCTECH Company Limited (NUCTECH), founded in 1997, is a prestigious high-tech company
originating from Tsinghua University, dedicating to providing total security solutions and relevant
products to serve the security needs of homeland, society, economy, environment, life, information
and products.
With the full support of Tsinghua University, NUCTECH has gained a remarkable reputation in the
highly competitive market of security products worldwide. Our main products of NUCTECH include:
Container/Vehicle Inspection Systems, X-ray Inspection Systems, Industrial CT None-Destructive
Test Systems, Mail Sterilization Systems and Radioactivity Monitors. The THSCAN® Security
Inspection Systems are being used in a comprehensive range of fields, including the customs,
aviation security inspection, industrial manufacturing, medical devices, environmental protection
and food processing. Besides of the intensive technical research, development, manufacturing and
engineering capability, NUCTECH has its fully owned electron linear accelerator technology.
Through the years’ efforts, the integrated engineering service network and training system have
been established worldwide, which can provide our customers systemic training and first-class
after-sales services at the any time and any demand related.
In the last 8 years, we have signed contract and/or installed nearly 200 units X-Ray Inspection
System in nearly 40 countries and regions, including Romania, Turkey, Australia, Belgium, Ireland,
Gulf region, Asia, South American and African countries, etc.
Cooperative Intention
Market Development
Contact Information
Address:      3/F, Block A, Tongfang Building, Beijing, China
Post code:    100084
Tel:          86-10-62782719
Fax:          86-10-62784270

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                         Hongta Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Hongta Group’s predecessor is Yuxi Cigarette Factory, started as Yuxi Tobacco Leaf Redrying Plant
in 1956. In 1959, the first packet of Hongtashan cigarette was launched into market. In September
1995, Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Ltd. was established. Geared to the needs of reformation and
development, Yuxi Hongta Tobacco (Group) Ltd. was renamed as Hongta Tobacco (Group) LTD in
December 2005.
Loyal to the corporate notion of “No Matter How High the Mountain Is, A Human Being Can Go
Further” and the industry value –“Orientation to National and Consumer Interests”, Hongta’s people
persist in and carry out the corporate development mode of “Giant Enterprise, Big Market, Powerful
Brand”, and energetically promote the corporate development strategy of integration. Hongta
currently runs seven cigarette factories as Yuxi cigarette factory, Chuxiong cigarette factory, Dali
cigarette factory, Changchun cigarette factory, Hainan cigarette factory, Shenyang cigarette factory
and Yingkou cigarette factory, and owns five functional companies—Hongta Rear-service Co.,
Ltd.,Hongta International, Hongta Domestic Investment Co., Ltd, Hongta Leaf Tobacco Co., Ltd
and Yunnan Hongta Group Ltd. Hongta also successfully set foot in the trans-ownership business of
the energy resources, transportation, light industry and so on. Hongta has become a large
modernized state-owned enterprise among the leading position of the world tobacco industry.
Contact Information
Address:      Hongta Avenue, Yuxi City,Yunnan, China
Post code:    653100
Tel:          86-877-2968165
Fax:          86-877-2968662

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                         Hongyun Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Hongyun Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. is the first company merged into by former Kunming Cigarette
Factory, Qujing Cigarette Factory, Branch of Kunming Cigarette Factory, Huize Cigarette factory
and Ulanhot Cigarette Factory in China tobacco industry field. It is also the first shareholder
(62.22%) of Shanxi-Kunming Tobacco Co., Ltd. and a shareholder (48%) of Inner Mongolia-
Kunming Tobacco Co., Ltd. There are 20542 workers in the Group whose total assets is 24.768
billion RMB and net assets is 18.091 billion RMB. The annual planning production capacity of the
Group is 121.75 billion cigarettes, which is the second largest in China tobacco industry field. The
Group has kept healthy developing steadily for many years and achieved profit and tax 15.547
billion RMB in 2005.
Cooperative Intention
The Group is positively the international cigarette market.
Contact Information
Address:      Tobacco Road No. 2, North of Kunming, China
Post code:    650202
Tel:          86-871-5828888
Fax:          86-871-5833110

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                       Kunming Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Kunming Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd (KISCO) is a state-owned professional large industrial
enterprise, and one of 520 important enterprises in China, the largest steel production base in
Yunnan Province. At present, the total asset of KISCO is RMB 21.2 billion, and the sales income is
more than RMB 10 billion. In recent years, KISCO has kept updating its traditional industries and
found a way to incorporate the potential exploration, modification and expansion with science and
technologies for further development. KISCO has developed a series of projects at current
advanced technical level both at home and abroad, which are the high speed wire rod mill, raw
materials stock, large sinter, 2,000 stere blast furnace, the large fifty-oven battery, new hot-rolling
mill, continuous galvanizing line and continuous coating line. The main products of KISCO are pig
iron, crude steel, high-speed wire rod coils, deformed bars, hot-rolled sheets, cold-rolled sheets,
zinc paint plates and multicolor-paint plates. The products of KISCO have been exported to
Germany, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand, and etc.
At present, KISCO has a comprehensive production capacity of 3.5 million tons of crude steel
annually, develops an integrated enterprise group consists of ferrous metallurgy, manufacturer,
construction and installation, refractory materials, engineering designing, gardening, transportation,
trade and international business, tourism and etc.
Cooperative Intention
Import iron ore; export iron and steel products
Contact Information
Address:      Langjiazhuang District, Anning City, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Post code:    650302
Tel:          86-871-8603459
Fax:          86-871-8651010

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                    Yunnan Copper Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Focusing on copper, Yunnan Copper Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large-scale corporate group
supported by the provincial government. It covers different regions and industrious sectors with
diversified assets and products and gathers the segments of mining, flotation, smelter, technology
development, production and trade. In the year of 2005, it has a total asset is RMB 13.5 billion,
320,000 tons of copper cathode production, 100,000 tons of extracted copper metal and realizes
RMB14.5 billion of marketing revenue and RMB1.4 billion of profit plus tax and $ 780 million of
import and export revenue, which was listed No. 297 in the top 500 companies of China, the 7th in
the top 50 Chinese Non-ferrous Metal Companies, the 3rd in the Chinese Copper Sector, the 19th
in the Global Copper Sector. It has been appraised as the pioneer company in the further reform
development by the provincial government, and rewarded a national “May One” Work Diploma.
The strategy of Yunnan Copper is to acquire 10 million tons of copper resource reserves, to
produce 700,000 tons of copper cathode, copper concentrates production 400,000 tons copper
metal, 300,000 tons of further processed copper products, with revenue of RMB 30 billion, turnover
of import and export of $ 1 billion, profit plus tax of RMB 3 billion, and total assets of RMB 22 billion
in the year of 2010.
Contact Information
Address:      No. 111, Renmin Dong Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Post code:    650051
Tel:          86-871-3147281
Fax:          86-871-3131307

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                            Yunnan Expo Group Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Yunnan Expo Group Co., Ltd was authorized to set up in March 1997 by the people’s government of
yunnan province. The group was reorganized as a limited company after Expo’99 kunming, which a
registered of 450 million. It has set up a developing strategy, which has one core tourism industry
and the three main points- eco real estate, meetings and exhibitions and horticulture and flowers
industries. It made a miracle because it was the first time that whole garden and equipment of
EXPO’99 Kunming have been shifted into enterprise management and has good development.
Cooperative Intention
Organize tourist to local travel; Undertake the reception work and arrange local tourist travel to
Contact Information
Address:      375, Bailong Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Post code:    650224
Tel:          86-871-5635274
Fax:          86-871-5635313

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                    Yunnan Tourism Industry Group Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Approved by the Yunnan government, the YNTIG is established as a state-owned company with
large scale. It operates enterprises engaging in senic zones, senic spots, hotels, travel agencies,
transportation facilities etc. As a dominant tourism company in Yunnan province, it makes full use of
competitive advantages that it integrates all sorts of travel enterprises to contribute to the
construction and development of the tourism industry of Yunnan province.
Cooperative Intention
To strengthen cooperation and communication with the travel businessmen and companies in
Romania and Greece, investigating the travel tendency of European market, proceeding the travel
advertisement and promotion, and exploring the European market.
Contact Information
Address:      52 Dong Feng Dong Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Post code:    650051
Tel:          86-871-3162063-6315
Fax:          86-871-3105774

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    Yunnan Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation
General Introduction
Yunnan Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation (in short form YMEC) is an enterprise
with the qualification of foreign trade, economic cooperation and import and export in the P. R.
China, credit grade is AAA, and YMEC has passed the attestation of International Quality ISO9001
and IQNET.
YMEC is a trading corporation specializing in import and export of all kinds of machinery and
electrical products, engaging in international bidding, tender invitation, tender negotiation and
adopting foreign advanced technology etc. YMEC is good at contracting international engineering.
As the general contractor covering all the process of the project construction, YMEC has
accumulated rich experience in managing and building large hydropower stations, rail equipments,
ports, cement plants and complete set of equipments etc.
Since its establishment, all staff of YMEC has been working very hard and going all out in their work
and gained excellent achievements: it has been ranked as the No.285 in the top 500 Import and
Export Enterprises of China, one of the top 100 Export Enterprises for the machinery and electrical
products of China, and has been awarded many times by Yunnan Provincial Government.
YMEC has set up agencies, branch offices in U.S.A., Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos, in Beijing, the
capital of China, Shanghai, and border cities like Ruili, near the border between China and
Myanmar, He Kou, near the border between China and Vietnam. Through international project
contract and foreign trade business, YMEC has established its economic and technical cooperation
and business relations with more than 80 countries and regions all over the world, and contracted
dozens of large projects, which involve transportation, energy resources, building industry, light
industry, environmental protection, etc.
At present, two big projects in Myanmar, i.e. Paunglaung Hydropower Station with installed capacity
of 280MW and Shweli River Hydropower Station with installed capacity of 400MW, are being under
construction by YMEC.
As an enterprise pursuing remarkable achievements, YMEC will, as always, act on its working
principle: Clients first, Honesty and law abiding, Good service and efficiency, Safety and Reliability.
YMEC is famous all over the world by its high prestige, good quality products and perfect pre-sale
and after-sale services. YMEC will take further step to strengthen the ties and cooperation with
friends of various circles all over the world, and with the aid of international, domestic market
channels and qualified persons, through professional services, excellent quality and reasonable
price, YMEC will carry forward its work, make profit for customers continuously, and make great
efforts to satisfy the demand and interest of our clients.
Cooperative Intention
We hope that we have cooperation on international engineering projects and importing and
exporting machinery equipment.
Contact Information
Address:      8-9th/F Expo. Building, 45 Tuodong Road, Kunming, China
Post code:    650011
Tel:          86-871-3167467
Fax:          86-871-3168878
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                 Yunnan Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Yunnan Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd (YMC) is an outwardly oriented enterprise, specialized
in international business and foreign economic and technical cooperation. It was transformed from
the original state-owned Yunnan Machinery Import & Export Corporation. In the past decade, YMC
has grown up with its total export valued 500 million US dollars and import 400 million dollars. In
2002 its total import and export reached a record 120 million US dollars and from 1989 to 1996 it
was awarded as "Pioneer Exporter of Yunnan Province" and from 1992 to 1996 it was consecutively
ranking among "China's Top 500 Import & Export Enterprises". In October 2000, YMC passed ISO
9002 Quality System Certification and has grown up as an international business company leading
in the region and field.
YMC always emphasizes the promotion of the business by utilizing its advantages of science &
technology, industry, trade, and finance to compete in the market based on the guideline of
enhancing export, increasing profit, improving management and intensifying innovations. YMC has
set up business ties with a variety of companies in over 20 countries and regions linked by its
representative offices established within China, i.e. Shanghai, Ruili and Hekou and outside China,
i.e. Myanmar, Hong Kong, Malaysia, America, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. A stable
network made up of a variety of elite Chinese enterprises was formed with YMC as the coordinator,
offering the best products and services to different customers. YMC is known as a reputed company
with increasing customers and business in the world. YMC has been involved in a variety of
business including complete sets of equipment, machinery, instruments, apparatus and electrical
products, processing materials supplied by clients, processing according to samples or designs
supplied by clients, barter trade, seller's credit and buyer's credit trade, establishing overseas
enterprises and labor output, international bidding and undertaking overseas project, aid foreign
project, processing imported materials, etc. YMC mainly exports ships, bridges, machinery,
automobiles, railway cars, mine locomotives, textile & food processing equipments, farming
machinery, artificial-boards processing equipment, sugar-milling equipment, optical instruments,
shipyard rebuild projects, cement factory rebuild projects etc. YMC has rich experience in
construction of large-scale bridges, ships, seaports and expressways. It has built and exported over
200 bridges for Myanmar, of which a 1900-foot-span one is the longest in the country's history. YMC
has exported over 80 ships and vessels along with a variety of shipyard and harbor equipments.
With the cooperation of YMC, a large number of factories and manufacturers have been growing
steadily while their products have been entering into the international market. With its outstanding
performance, YMC has acquired strong financing capability with close cooperation from a number
of banks and support from relevant government departments and its competitive ability has been
greatly upgraded in contracting large projects.
Apart from the international business, YMC has also been involved into strategic investment of
ropeways in Dali and Lijiang, which has largely promoted local tourism. YMC is now planning to
build a world-class golf course on the side of scenic Dian Chi Lake, Kunming.
Since its establishment, YMC has set up its reputation through its enterprising culture, high
efficiency and outstanding enthusiasm. YMC will continue to devote itself to developing new
markets and fields while intensifying cooperation with domestic and overseas friends to achieve
greater successes and expect a promising prospect.
Cooperative Intention
Large-scaled overseas engineering contracting projects
Contact Information
Address:      175 Beijing Road Yunnan Foreign Trade Building Kunming, Yunnan, China
Post code:    650011
Tel:          86-871-3164879
Fax:          86-871-3136829


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                                ‘Yunnan Red’Wine Group
General Introduction
‘Yunnan Red’ Wine Group, selected by the Chinese Agricultural Ministry as the ‘Dragon Head’
enterprise in the national agricultural industries, is the largest foreign invested group in agricultural
industry of Yunnan Province. It is figured as another ‘RED’ after the Red Pagoda Group in Yunnan,
the most famous cigarette group known throughout China. Supporting the industries of grape
growing and grape wine making as one of the main policies, Yunnan provincial government has
given the group many preferential treatments in policies and taxation for its speedy and healthy
development, expecting that the achievement will bring forth to the development of grape growing
and wine-making in Yunnan Province and play a great role in ‘making the poor rich’ in the rural
areas of the whole province.
Invested by Hongkong Crosston International Co., Ltd., ‘Yunnan Red’ Group was founded in 1997.
It has been expanded into a powerful enterprise after 7 years of development with the following
companies running grape growing, wine making and selling:
Yunnan Highland Wine Co., Ltd. is the winery located in Mile County of Honghe region, producing
wines under the brand ‘Yunnan Red’.
‘Yunnan Red’ Chateau Wine Co., Ltd., located in Kunming Economical Development Area, is a
newly invested winery by Hongkong Crosston International Group.
‘Yunnan Red’ Wine Co., Ltd., located in Kunming City, is mainly engaged in marketing and selling of
Yunnan Red Wines. The company has 7 branches and 14 selling networks throughout China.
Mr. Wu Kegang, Chairman of the board of Hongkong Crosston International Investment Group, is in
charge of the management of ‘Yunnan Red’Group. He was graduated in Beijing North
Communication University, worked as vice master of Shekou Industrial Administrative District in 70’,
and afterwards he had been a visiting professor in the International Institute of University of
Michigan for five years. At present, he is the committee member of the Yunnan Political Consultative
Conference and the vice Chairman of Yunnan Overseas Economy Promotion Association. Under Mr.
Wu’s leadership, ‘Yunnan Red’ Group has undergone 7 years’ development with quite a number of
personnel experienced in management, wine making and sales.
‘Yunnan Red’ is developing sound and rapidly for seven years. In the year 1997 at the beginning, its
annual output of wines was less than 700 tons, the sales income was less than 5 million RMB, and
the profit was less than RMB 500,000. By the end of year 2003, ‘Yunnan Red’ Group became one
of the top class wine-making enterprises in China with its annual output of 10,000 tons, the sales
income of RMB 200 million and the profit RMB 28 million. The advantages for ‘Yunnan Red’ to
develop from a small winery in the southwest China to a big successful enterprise in China’s wine
markets are summarized as bellow:
   1.Unique grape species
   2.Excellent conditions for the grape growing and natural resources
   3.Success in the brand promotion and marketing
   4.Advanced equipments and strict QC management system
   5.Rich grape resources and continually exploring new products
   6.Supports from Yunnan Provincial Government and People
According to the statistics by the Chinese Wine Association, the total national wine output by the
year 2010 will be 1,500,000 tons, with retail sales amounting to RMB 25 billion. At present the
biggest output in China is about 500,000 tons. The consuming rate of wine for one Chinese is less
than one fifth of the average consuming rate in the world and less than one twentieth of the rate in
Europe. With the living level increasing rapidly in China, the consumption for wines in the Chinese
market will be increased by 20 percent each year. This is a great chance for ‘Yunnan Red’ to further
its development for the years to come.
Nowadays the main products of ‘Yunnan Red’ are dry wines including dry red and dry white and
semi-dry wines. New products like brandy and grappa will be explored and produced this year.
Having 80% of the Yunnan wine markets, 20% of markets in southwestern provinces and Fujian
Province, we are exploring the markets in other provinces gradually. There are tremendous spaces
for the wines to be promoted.
In the recent 3-5 years, the main efforts of ‘Yunnan Red’ Group will be on producing and selling dry
wines, aiming to achieve annual output for 50,000 tons of wines and annual income for RMB 500
millions. We are now exploring some big markets like Guangdong Province, Beijing and Shanghai
Apart from above mentioned items, the following two items will be the new highlight for the
development of ‘Yunnan Red’.
Please find more information in our website:

Contact Information
Address:       17-3#, Jingdong Road, Economy & Technology Development Zone,
               Kunming, Yunnan, China
Post code:     650217
Tel:           86-871-7282834
Fax:           86-871-7282836

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    Shanghai Lingang Luchaogang Economic Development Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Shanghai Lingang Luchaogang Economic Development Co, Ltd is the principal part to construct
and develop the sub-town of Luchao Port, responsible for the overall planning, construction,
development, marketing and service of the sub-town. The company was established in Jan 2005 by
Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Ltd and Shanghai Luchaogang Port Properties
Investment Co, Ltd.
Strength of strategy
To develop and build Shanghai Lingang New Town is one important strategic decision by Shanghai
Municipal government, which has big impact on Shanghai’s development in 21st century. Within the
300 square kilometers of Lingang New Town, there is deep-water container port, international
airport and state-level modern equipment manufacture zone and logistic zone. It’s a charming town
with harmonious development of the society, economy, environment and culture. It’s not only an
eco-city with blue sky, clean waters and green trees surrounding, but also a port city with developed
port industry and advanced service industry integrating the port, the zone and the town. Luchao
Port is the only seaside town in Lingang New Town.
Contact Information
Address:      No.8, 1750 Nong, Luchaoganglu, Luchaogang Town, Nanhui District,
              Shanghai, China
Post code:    201308
Tel:          86-21-58281165
Fax:          86-21-58281165

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                  Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co.,Ltd.
General Introduction
Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) is a world-famous manufacturer of cranes and
large steel structures.Its main products include: quayside container cranes, rubber—tyred gantry
cranes(RTGs), bulk-material ship loaders and unloaders, bucket—wheel stackers and reclaimers,
portal cranes, floating cranes engineering vessels and large steel bridge structures. So far, as per
its order book, ZPMC has an outstanding supply record of 700 quayside container cranes, 1200
RTGs and numerous non-standard large port machinery. According to the survey made by ‘World
Cargo News’ in England.ZPMC has had the largest order book for large container cranes during
the last seven years.ZPMC designed and fabricated the first set of quayside container crane,
which can handle twin 40’containers with dual hoist in the world. The double trolley quayside
container cranes fabricated by ZPMC are also taking leading position in the world.
ZPMC is a multi-functional company. It is capable of designing, manufacturing, erecting,
commissioning, shipping in fully-erected state, after-sales services and developing new products.
ZPMC has successfully converted ten bulk cargo ships (60,000 DWT) into specialized vessels for
transporting large container cranes and heavy structural pieces. ZPMC is the only large crane
manufacturer in the world that owns vessels for transportation. Therefore, ZPMC is able to deliver
high quality products at reasonable prices on schedule and with short lead times.
ZPMC’s products are in use at 48 countries and regions, and over 80 terminals around the world.
ZPMC’s container cranes are working efficiently in the main ports of the eastern and western coasts
of the United States.They are also used in Canada, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France,
Italy, Romania, NewZealand, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Djibouti, Malaysia, Jamaica, Colombia,
Oman, UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, Sudan, Burma, Ghana, Venezuela, Indonesia,
Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Korea, Japan, Pakistan and Iran. ZPMC products
are also in Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other Chinese domestic ports.
ZPMC has also had great success in supplying large bulk machinery. The three 2500t/h grab-
bucket ship unloaders have an excellent performance record on the 200,000-ton ore terminal in the
Port of Qingdao, since they were put into use in 1999. Their productivity ranks No.1 in Asia.
ZPMC has a record of supplying world first-class steel structures. It has supplied large bridge
structures to the United States and Canada. And it also supplied steel of over 100,000 tons for the
Donghai Bridge of Shanghai, P.R.China. ZPMC employs 2000 certificated welders, 400 of whom
hold international welding certificates. In 1999, ZPMC was granted the certificate from American
institute of Steel Constructions (AISC) for steel structure fabrication. This is one of the only two
certificates issued in China.
ZPMC is constructing a large port machinery production base on the Changxing Island, which is
located at the mouth of Yangtze River. This base has a total area of one million square meters, and
a coastline of 3500 meters. ZPMC plans to recruit 3 million square meters in the hinterland of the
island, to expand the production scope and develop on the manufacture of offshore heavy-duty
equipment. It will be the largest port machinery production base using state-of-the-art technology.
The first phase of construction was completed in 2001. ZPMC has achieved the annual capacity of
supplying 160 quayside container cranes, and 200,000 tons large steel bridge structures.
ZPMC has established four manufacturing bases namely Jiangyin Base, Changzhou Base,
Changxing Base and Zhangjiang Base. ZPMC also has four professional corollary companies ie.
Zhenhua Fengcheng Brake Co., Zhenhua Shenyang Outdoor Elevator Co., Zhenhua Changzhou
Painl Co, and Zhenhua Ningbo Transmission Mechanism Co. ZPMC can supply first-class port
machinery, bridge structure, construction steel structure, and high quality elevator, brake, paint,
coupling, single-lift and twin lift spreaders and reducer with hardened, teeth to domestic and
international markets.
ZPMC employs 800 engineers engaged in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic design. Among them
are 250 senior engineers, creating the most experienced design team in the crane industry. ZPMC
is able to complete high quality designs of standard and non-standard products within a short time.
This ensures that sufficient drawings will be made to satisfy ZPMC’s productivity of supplying 300
quayside container cranes,600 RTG/RMGs and 200,000 tons of steel bridge structure per year.
ZPMC is dedicated to improving itself to meet customers’ requirements, and to make its products
the leader of the crane industry throughout the world.
ZPMC has its own R&D department, which works in cooperation with scientific research institutes
and universities in Shanghai and nationwide. The AC and DC control systems developed by ZPMC
have reliable performance. They have won high praise from the domestic and overseas customers.
ZPMC has many high-tech products optional to customers, such as the GPS system for RTG auto-
steering and container management, failure displaying and monitoring system, intelligent spreader
and automatic positioning system and anti-collision systems.
ZPMC has been successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchanges for A shares (RMB) and B
shares (USD). The net assets of ZPMC have reached USD 450 million.
Cooperative Intention
Willing to provide high quality consumer handing craves for ports, bridge steel structure, and
offshore equipment
Contact Information
Address:      3470 Pu Dong Nan Lu, Shanghai, China
Post code:    200125
Tel:          86-21-58396666
Fax:          86-21-58397000

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       The9 Computer Technology Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
The9 is a leading online game operator and developer in China which commenced operations in
1999. Currently, The9's business is primarily focused on operating massively multiplayer online
role playing game, or MMORPG, which allows thousands of players to concurrently log on to
network servers to ‘role-play’ characters in a virtual world. To broaden our product and service
offerings, we have obtained exclusive licenses to localize and operate MMORPGs in China,
including ‘MU’, ‘World of Warcraft’ or WoW, ‘Mystina Online’, ‘Granado Espada’ and ‘Soul of the
Ultimate Nation ™’. Meanwhile, we are expanding our own product development capabilities to
develop proprietary online games, including MMORPGs. ‘Joyful Journey West’ is a 2D side-scrolling
MMORPG, our first in-house developed game, which started open beta testing in August 2005.
The9's products and services include game operating support, website solutions and advertisement
services, and game-related short messaging services (SMS). In December 2004, The9 Limited
(Nasdaq:NCTY) priced its IPO of 6.075 million American Depositary Shares (ADS) on Nasdaq.
Cooperative Intention
1. To introduce the administration and supporting system of the online game’s operating.
2. Bring the traditional cultural and national online game to abroad.
Contact Information
Address:      Building 3, No.690, Bi Bo Road, Zhang Jiang Hi-tech Park, Pu Dong
              New Area, Shanghai, China
Post code:    201203
Tel:          86-21-51729999
Fax:          86-21-51729883

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                   Shanghai Genstex International Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
We are unfaltering in management, canonical administer. We also have our own factory and our
own brand shops in China. Meanwhile, we are the appointed vender for a lot of name brand for
overseas famous companies.
For the details, please check with our web: WWW.GENSTEX.COM
Contact Information
Address:      5/FL, Mingdao Mansion, No. 8 Ganhe Road, Shanghai, China
Post code:    200437
Tel:          86-21-55389728
Fax:          86-21-55389727

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                        Shanghai Puyun Logistics Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Shanghai Puyun Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comparatively young company and is managed by a group
of young and dynamic people who have extensive shipping experience in the fields of import and
export (Sea, Air & Land Cargo). The Company was established in 2004 registered in the Chinese
Communication Department as the 1st class international freight forwarder company with the
intention of providing first class service that meet customer requirements, as well as providing
competitive rates.
The company has a number of 42 30-Ton heavy container trucks and 623 15-60 Ton all kinds of
trucks. Our modernized indoor warehouse covers an area of 15,000 square meters (5,000 square
meters for import and 10,000 for export) and a 20,000 square meters outside depot. The company’s
office is located at the juncture of Tianmu Road (M) and Xizang Road (N) covering an area of 470
square meters.
We provide with our clients services in import and export with air and ocean freight forwarding
business including booking, trucking, warehousing, dispatching, container-stuffing, container
dissembling, customs declaration and clearance, cargo track-and-tracing and pertaining domestic
land transportation.
The company's headquarter is in Shanghai, and its agents are in Ningbo, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao,
Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou and etc.
The whole operating service of the company is realized by computer system independently
developed by its own. And the company is equipped with GPS system for every container truck of
our caravan.
Our staff provides service wholeheartedly for our clients in the tenet of ‘faithfulness, accuracy-
pursuing, developing and satisfaction’.
Contact Information
Address:      21F, No.267 the Sapphire Tower Tian Mu Road (M.) Shanghai, China
Post code:    200070
Tel:          86-21-51015898
Fax:          86-21-51015890

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                       Tianjin Foreign Trade Group Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Tianjin Foreign Trade Group Co., Ltd. (Former: Tianjin Foreign Trade Corporation) is a large
comprehensive trading enterprise dealing in import and export business, barter trade, transit trade,
compensation trade and processing business with overseas materials, sample and components as
well as domestic trade, information consulting service. With an annual volume of import and export
over 300million US dollars, the Group has been ranked into the top 500 largest import and export
companies nationwide.
The business scope includes: machinery and complete set of equipment as well as technology,
meters and instruments, metals and minerals, chemical materials, medical apparatus, traditional
Chinese medicine, pharmaceuticals, light industrial products, stationery and sporting goods, textiles
and garments, cereals, oil, foodstuffs, native produce and animal by-products etc.
Tianjin Foreign Trade Group sincerely invites friends from all over the world for business co-
operation and mutual development.
Cooperative Intention
Learn market conditions and trade policy, search for trade access and copartner.
Contact Information
Address:      No.59 Nanjing Road Tianjin, China
Post code:    300050
Tel:          86-22-84286737
Fax:          86-22-84286033

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             Northern International Holding Tianjin New Textiles

                               Import and Export Co., Ltd.

General Introduction
Northern International Holding Tianjin New Textiles Import and Export Co. Ltd. is a stock company
with modern operating mechanism. It is a group corporation with a history of more than 40 years in
manufacturing and managing textiles as well as garments import and export business. The annual
business volume reached RMB 2 billion. It is one of the 500 biggest export enterprises in China.
We have our own manufacturers in weaving, printing and dying, garment and ready-made goods
making in the forms of sole investment, joint venture, coordinative operating and lease. We have
kept long and steady cooperative relations with over 1200 producers of textiles and garments
Our business includes yarn, thread and grey cloth in big varieties of specification and components;
we do the finishing work as well as produce bleached, dyed, printed and yarn dyed fabrics in
various specification and components, such as poplin, sheeting, drill, stretched fabrics, denim,
canvas, corduroy, suede, poly-fleece etc; we also deal in wool and blended overcoating, navy and
uniform coating, ladies' suiting, tweed flannel etc.
We deal in series of men and women's suiting, shirts, trousers, sports and casuals, padding jackets,
leather garments, work clothes, woolen sweater, skirt, and all kinds of baby and children’s wear,
towels, blankets, beddings etc.
In recent years, we have developed new articles for export that are made of Tencel, Modal, Bamboo
fiber, soybean protein fiber, natural color-cotton, hemp fiber etc. All of these natural fiber fabrics are
popular nowadays.

Cooperative Intention
Make good use of mutual advantages in garment and textiles to enlarge cooperation and business
in both Romania and Greece.
Contact Information
Address:      No.68, Dali street, Heping District, Tianjin, China
Post code:    300050
Tel:          86-22-23125334
Fax:          86-22-23121885

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                              Beijing H-tek Group Limited

General Introduction
Providing many yeas of services to petroleum industry, H-tek company has developed series of
petroleum technologies, especially has formed own specialized technologies in fields of petroleum
reservoir evaluation in new exploration areas, residual oil distribution study in developed oilfields,
and enhancement of oil well productivity and oilfield recovery.
Persisting in Advanced Technology & Comprehensive Service, H-tek Group has realized good
results and earned a good reputation in the fields of petroleum and information technology.
Economic globalization provides an excellent opportunity for the economic development and culture
exchange among people and countries that becomes increasingly important and makes cooperation
between companies. H-Tek Group will make friends all over the world and promote for mutual
development, to contribute in building a blue planet into a beautiful home for all human beings!
Cooperative Intention
Technique exchange and cooperation in petroleum exploration and development, especially old
oilfield development and well-logging technology
Contact Information
Address:      C2-903, Sunshine Plaza, Asia Game Village, Beijing, China
Post code:    100101
Tel:          86-10-64944257,64891298
Fax:          86-10-64987349

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             Beijing Golden Olive International Trading Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Beijing Golden Olive International Trading Co., Ltd. undertakes the import and export trade on
healthy and natural products with the Mediterranean oil olive products as the key business. The
main business of the company covers 3 groups: 1. The super-class primary olive oil of Crete Island
in Greece; 2. Mediterranean style food and rural grapes wine; 3. A series of make-up and beauty
products made of olive, our company advocates the healthy philosophy of ‘harmony, nature, green
and sustainability’ and is dedicated itself to promotion of new healthy living manner and solution of
perfect health which comes from perfect living manner. Healthy Management Organization of
Beijing Golden Olive International Trading Co. Ltd include: 1. Chained alignment center 2. Products
distribution center 3. After-sale service center
The first delivery of super-quality and pure primary olive oil from Crete of Greece entered Chinese
market in January 1 of 2005. The products include organic super-quality primary olive oil that is EU
certified and imported to China for the first time, and PDO super class primary olive oil with original
protection certificates of EU so on and so forth. The Company will provide the Chinese customers
with the primary olive oil with high nutrition, taste and quality.
Currently, the Company is establishing an information platform of Chinese olive oil and carrying out
the all-round cooperation with trading companies from different regions with the attitude of ‘sincerity,
pragmaticality, innovation and high efficiency’. The Company is sure to become the major force in
Chinese olive market. The company has established a number of cooperation partners and
branches in Jiangsu, Hunan, Guangxdi, Shaanxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Inner Mongolia.
The cooperative spirit of the company:
Forging Ahead, Leading fashion, Sincere Cooperation and Sustainable Win-win
Market Position:
Markets of Functions, Gifts and Investments
Professional Principals:
Treasure time and opportunities, Be honest and hard-working, Obtain high quality and efficiency
The three winning magics:
Cooperative Intention
Olive oil, wine, Olive food, Olive cosmetic
We want to find company that product above production. We hope we can set up a long-term
cooperative relationship friendly.
Contact Information
Address:      607, 3L, Mantingfangyuan, Shuangyushu, Haidian District, Beijing,
Post code:    100086
Tel:          86-10-62121549
Fax:          86-10-62121479

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                      Beijing XinTong HengYi Metal Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Beijing XinTong HengYi Metal Co., Ltd. was set up in 2003, involving in both international and
domestic trade. Our products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, and etc. Some
steel products have been shipped for some overseas projects while they are also delivered for
various projects, steel fabrication and customers in China.
Our main products are steel sections and flat rolled that meet Chinese standard (GB), JIS, ASTM
and CSA. We also supply tailor made products upon customers’ request and offer services of
transport, packing, and etc. Moreover, we work as an export agent for steel products and we will be
very pleased to serve you whenever you need.
Our slogan: Quality First, Reputation First and Customer First.
Cooperative Intention
Look for customers in the field of steel and new chances for bilateral trade.
Contact Information
Address:      No.4 C district, Qinghe anningzhuang road, Haidian District, Beijing,
Post code:    100085
Tel:          86-10-82710859
Fax:          86-10-82416326

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                         APEX & RHINE Building System Ltd.
General Introduction
APEX & RHINE Building System Ltd. was established in Beijing in May, 2000. The company offers
service of processing and installing architectural steel products, which named aluminum zinc stencil
plate. Since the company was engaged in building metal products in 2000, it has become a
professional supplier for architectural metal products in general electricity trade in the country.
The company plans to set up a steel-processing factory in Europe, which purchases raw materials
(mainly base plates of stencil plate) from European steel producer and processes zinc and
aluminum plating and coating. This factory is planned to locate near some old industrial bases or
large-scale steel plants in Europe, which of the area has deep industrial foundation and complete
infrastructure such as transportation, communication, electricity, water supply, and etc. The factory
is planned to occupy an area of 5,000 to 8,000 square meters with workshops (it would be better if
there was old and useless workshop to be utilized).
Cooperative Intention:
A. The metals plank and metal building system field:
i.     Trade on high strength steel coil with AZ coating or Zinc coating
ii.    Manufacture and trade on the color coated metal coil
iii.   Manufacture and trade on the film coated metal coil
iv.    Manufacture equipments and technique on the metal building material
v.     Cooperation in the metal building design
B. Energy saving field
i. Manufacture in the large and high efficient li-ion battery
ii. Cooperation in CDM and ESCO fields
Contact Information
Address:      Dongxiaokou Industrial Park, Chang Ping District, Beijing, China
Post code:    100096
Tel:          86-10-81708182-555
Fax:          86-10-81708182-100
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                                    Dalian Bingshan Group
General Introduction
Dalian Bingshan Group (hereafter refer to as Bingshan Group) is located in the beautiful seashore
city - Dalian. Bingshan Group is not only the biggest manufacturing base of whole-set of
refrigeration and air-conditioning facility and agricultural deep processing facility, but also one of
major manufacturing bases of petrochemical general machinery facility in China.
At present, Bingshan Group owns 46 enterprises, which include 2 listed companies, 12 subsidiary
companies (domestic-funded enterprise), 32 Sino-foreign joint ventures. Bingshan Group has a total
asset of RMB 9.5 billion and 12,000 registered employees.
Major Products:
Whole set of industry refrigeration facility; whole set of deep processing facility of agricultural and
sideline products; whole set of refrigeration facility in food circulation field; whole set of central air-
conditioning facility; whole set of petrochemical facility.
Piston and Screw refrigeration compressor unit,
Cooling water unit, Heat pump unit,
Spiral freezer, Contact freezer and Belt freezer,
Block ice, tube ice and flake ice making,
Prefab cold storage, Foundation cold storage,
Fan coil, Air processor, etc. air-conditioning end-series products,
Air cooler, Cooling water tower, etc.
Product Technology Level:
Bingshan Group set up 32 Sino-foreign joint ventures with many top 500 world famous company
such as Sanyo Company Japan, Fuji Company Japan, Ingersoll-Rand Company USA, Linde
Company Germany, and etc. Bingshan Group realized product regeneration through combining
introducing advanced technology and developing independently. 75 percent of all products have
been leveled with the advanced technology in the same industry of the world, and 25 per cent in
national leading level. Bingshan Group’s products are exported to over 60 countries and regions
including Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan and the United States, and etc. ‘Bingshan’ brand is
recognized by the state as the only famous brand in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry
field in China, and also the key export brand supported and developed by the state. In 2005,
‘Bingshan Brand’ screw refrigeration compressor was appraised as the first batch of Chinese
famous brand in domestic refrigeration industry.
Status in China: In 2004, Bingshan Group realized a total sale of RMB 8 billion, which listed as
No.8 among industrial enterprises in national machinery field, No.282 among the top 500 national
enterprises, and No.1 in national general machinery industry.
First-class ‘Bingshan Brand’ products come of everlasting creation. Dalian Bingshan Group is willing
to contribute nicer and more advanced products to the world. ‘Bingshan’ is committed to create a
comfortable and clean environment for all people!
Cooperative Intention
Understand the local manufacture & market of refrigeration equipment
Contact Information
Address:      No. 888 Xinan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning, China

Post code:   116033
Tel:         86-411-86538855
Fax:         86-411-86658099

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                                Yue Hua Textiles Co. Ltd.
General Introduction
Yue Hua Textiles Co. Ltd. is located in the southwest of Haicheng, Liaoning province. The traffic is
very convenient and it is near the famous freeway ‘The First Freeway of Liaoning’.
The company covers an area of 30 thousand square meters and owns 200 advanced looms, sizing
machine, beam-warping slasher and a series of equipments. The amount of its production reaches
15 million meters and it produces mainly pure-cotton, denim shoize, blending fabric of Dacron and
cotton, plain, till and other kinds of fabric cloth. Now it has one hundred and eighty staff and has
large quantities of technological experienced operators.
Not only is there rational institutional framework and first-class production equipment in the
company, there are also advanced craft, technology and strict quality testing means and perfect
system of business management.
Since its establishment, the company leader has adhered to market demand as well as the
management concept based on the principle that the customer is satisfied. The company follows
the aims of ‘high-quality, innovating, honesty, prestige’ in the course of producing and insists on the
policy of ‘quality first, consumers first, high efficiency to innovation, continuous improvement’. Not
only did the company make good economic benefits in the past few years, but also obtained good
social benefits. The company has received numerous awards such as ‘Trustworthy Quality Unit’
chosen by the Bureau of Technical Supervision of Quality in Anshan in 2003.

Cooperative Intention
Hope to cooperate or joint fund with foreign enterprise on the project of 30,000 ingots of spinning
with a total investment of USD 5 million.
Contact Information
Address:      Dengjiatai Village, Ganwang Town, Haicheng, Liaoning, China
Post code:    114221
Tel:          86-412-3870109
Fax:          86-412-3879102

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                        Haicheng Dongyue Garment Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Haicheng Dongyue Garment Co., Ltd. is located in the Nantai industrial zone of Haicheng city in
Liaoning Province. Bordering the Shenyang – Dalian express highway and about 90km away from
the port of Bayuquan and 240km from the port of Dalian.
The company was established in 2004 and went into production in the same year. It is a medium
size export company specializing in formal suits and casual wear production. It covers a total site
area of 8,000 square meters and the building area is over 12,000 square meters. Its fixed assets
have reached RMB 28 million(USD 3.45 million. All of the equipment was imported from Japan
(JUKI) America (REECE) and Germany (DüRKOPP). The products are exported to international
markets such as America, Canada, Germany, Korea and Japan etc. The equipment for producing
our formal suit line is of a first-class level compared with our competitors within the province. Annual
production capacity is 600 thousand pieces or sets, which consists of 400,000 of casual wear and
200,000 formal suits. Presently, the company employs over 500 people.
The company will be increasing investment and expanding its production capacity to reach 1 million
units during the next three years, of which 600,000 will be casual wear and 400,000 formal suits.
Our marketing principles are honesty, superior quality, efficiency and a top-grade business
enterprise spirit. And we have dedicated our efforts to building a bright future for Dongyue Garments
in the international market.
Cooperative Intention
Hope to explore cooperation with foreign customers
Contact Information
Address:      Ganwang Town, Haicheng, China
Post code:    114202
Tel:          86-412-3805522
Fax:          86-412-3805500

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                 Shandong FOTON Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Shandong FOTON Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (FOTON HI) was established on 19th Oct. 2004.
FOTON HI is a big scale modern manufacturing enterprise, which mainly covers construction
machinery, agricultural equipment and vehicles businesses areas. The headquarter of FOTON HI is
located in Weifang advanced technology district, Shandong Province. FOTON HI owned the capital
over RMB 2 billion with employees over 10 thousand and has been honored as ‘Top 100 Chinese
mechanical industry with core competition’, ‘Top 50 of Chinese information enterprises’, ‘Domestic
high quality service unit’, ‘Top 100 Shandong industry enterprise’ and ‘Shandong Province great
enterprise’ etc.
  FOTON HI insists that advanced technique creates values and best quality to gain market.
  Meanwhile FOTON HI takes as its own responsibility to promote all-round development
  worldwide. FOTON HI has made all its business fields grow rapidly by independent technological
  innovation and scientific development. In the year of 2005, FOTON HI has realized sale revenue
  over RMB 6 billion and its products have been exported to over 80 countries all around the world
  including America and Europe. FOTON GUSHEN harvester has developed over 50% domestic
  market and kept the top position for years. FOTON EUROPARD tractor and FOTON FIVE-STAR
  three-wheeler vehicle has also acquired the champion position in their fields respectively.
Fast development of FOTON HI has received each confirmation and support from all level of
leaders and governments. On 8 April 2005, Mr. Hu Jintao, President of People’s Republic of China
visited FOTON HI and sang high praise for its self-creation and scientific developments. Mr. Wu
Bangguo, NPC committee leader, Mr. Wang Lequan, President of Xinjiang Province and vice
Premier Hui Liangyu had also visited FOTON HI.
During the eleventh ‘Five-year Plan’, FOTON HI will continue its management rule of ‘best quality,
low cost and globalization’ and operation rule of ‘standardization, fineness and faultlessness’.
FOTON HI would apply global source further and make progress in independent innovation.
FOTON HI would be going all out for being one of biggest construction machinery and agricultural
equipment manufacturing enterprises, and its final target is to be an important power in mechanical
Cooperative Intention
To combine producing, sales and technology’s transfer and exploitation in construction machinery,
agriculture equipment (tractor, harvester), three-wheeler motorcycle, three-wheel motorcar
electrical-drive bicycle; the producing and sales of spare parts.
Contact Information
Address:      No.192 S Beihai Road, Weifang, Shandong, China
Post code:    261206
Tel:          86-536-7608250
Fax:          86-536-7603120

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                         Longda Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Longda foodstuff Group Co., Ltd. is an important base of producing and exporting fast-frozen food
and a national leading enterprise in China's agriculture industrialization. The group has 26 joint
ventures and fully invested subsidiary companies with 20,000 employees and a total asset of RMB
2 billion. The Group's main products include more than 400 kinds of food in five categories, and its
business includes foodstuff processing, vegetable base planting, seed pig breeding, raising,
packaging making, architectural decoration, woods-making and commerce and trade service. The
main food products include fresh-kept and quick-frozen fruits and vegetables, aquatic, food and oil
stuffs, freeze dried products, seasoning food and meat products, which are sold to over ten
countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, USA, France, Germany, the
Netherlands and so on. It has formed a scale of processing 150,000 tons of food annually, RMB 2.6
billion of sales income, USD 160 million of export and RMB 200 million of profit and taxes annually.
‘LONG DA’ brand had been awarded Chinese famous brand by Chinese government.
Contact Information
Address:      LongDa Industrial Zone, Laiyang, Shandong,China
Post code:    265231
Tel:          86-535-7717036,7717288
Fax:          86-535-7718289

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             Qingdao Caiyuanchun Vegetable Planting Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Founded in 2003, Qingdao Caiyuanchun Vegetable Planting Co. Ltd mainly deals with vegetable
planting and export.
Our company possesses abundant vegetable sources from local special vegetables in Shandong,
China. Ginger, garlic, pepper and other special vegetables are our main exports. Due to the fertile
land as well as unpolluted, natural and green cultivation, our exports receive high praise from more
and more countries.
In addition, our company has prepared to establish a vegetable-planting base in Sweden. We will
select and plant excellent vegetable seeds, and the products will be exported mainly to North
Europe and other European countries. Our goal is to combine the producing, supplying and
marketing together and establish the first vegetable-planting base in Europe.
Cooperative Intention
We are seeking the cooperative partner in Europe concerning with the vegetable planting in green
Contact Information
Address:      Room6012, No.17, Huiquan Road, Shinan District, Qingdao,
              Shandong, China
Post code:    266071
Tel:          86-532-81977126
Fax:          86-532-81977127

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                        Qingdao Kejun Electronic Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Founded in 2005, Qingdao Kejun Electronic Co., Ltd mainly deals with the R&D of the electronic
burglarproof system.
The intelligent invisible burglarproof door and window railings, which is our patent product, has
more than 20 specifications. Once this product was put into the market, it won favorable comments
from consumers and was regarded as the professional burglarproof system in the intelligent
burglarproof market.
With the aim of constantly meeting the needs of consumers, our company, basing on the original
patent, reformed the original product with high technology. And we invented a new model, which
has intelligent warning system. When an illegal invader enters into the warning area of the
intelligent invisible burglarproof door and window railings, by GSM net, the video frequency system
will automatically show the clear image of the illegal invader on the TFT screen of the owner’s
mobile phone or on the screen of the police command center, so that it ensures the interests of
consumers to a large extend.
Under the support from China IPR Bureau, our company applied for the law protection of our patent
product from the European Patent Bureau. The European Patent Bureau paid much attention to the
pragmatics of this invention and sent Germany experts to investigate. The Germany experts gave
high praise to this invention and suggested to launch it in the European market. By now we have
made preliminary cooperation agreement with Sweden enterprises and we plan to launch our
products in the European market recently.
Cooperative Intention
We are seeking the cooperative partner in Europe concerning the electronic products.
Contact Information
Address:      2-402, No11, Huayichunzhidu, Licang District, Qingdao, Shandong,
Post code:    266100
Tel:          86-532-87652478
Fax:          86-532-87652846

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                                        Feiyue Group
General Introduction
Set up in 1986, Feiyue Group was an export-oriented modernization group that combines scientific
research, producing, and international trading together in the area of sewing facilities, and Feiyue
Group had been the national leader and the biggest sewing facilities producing manufacturer,.
Feiyue Group had stepped into the advanced manufacturers list.
At present, Feiyue Group had owned a total asset of 2.3 billion, 5000 employees home and abroad.
It also owned the ‘Name Brand of China’ and the ‘Famous Trademark of China’. Feiyue Group had
entered into China 500 manufacturing companies; Feiyue Group is also the State Major High-tech
enterprise, China international trading sample enterprise, the first one in the ‘The Most Competitive
Enterprise Company of China Enterprise Manufacturers’.
Persisting in independent innovation, Feiyue group has possessed of the core technology and
independent intellectual property rights of more than 50 series and 500 categories of whole-set
products, obtained 300 item of national patents, having the annul output of 5 million sets of sewing
machine and it’s high-speed over-lock sewing machine and high-speed stretch sewing machine
account for 50% of the globe turnover. Its product enjoys high advantage in the comparison of price
and quality and its brand being one of the most competitive one in the field of sewing machine
worldwide. Dozens of its products are listed in the national debt funds, national torch program,
national key new product project and passed the international identifications such as CE, GS, UL
and TUV. With the successful development of series automatic, intelligent and mechanical-
electronic intergraded products, the corporation has been renowned as the “Made in China” and
made historical transform in its products structure and marketing status.
Relying on high technology products, the corporation exerts to adjust and perfect the marketing
network worldwide. It established 18 subsidiary companies in 17 countries, set the branches in all
the big and medium sized cities nationwide and its products are exported to over 120 countries and
regions, of which 50% enter the market of the developed countries and regions such as Europe,
USA and Japan.
Standing at the new century, Feiyue Group will continuously strengthen its global competitive
strength, improve international popularity, create the world famous brand and step toward to be the
best sewing facility manufacturer.
  Cooperative Intention
Mechanical-electrical Integration Multi-function Household Sewing Machine, Industrial sewing
machine, Computer Controlled Embroidery Machine, Electronic Presser Iron trading.
Contact Information
Address:      No. 109, Middle airport Rd., Jiaojiang, Taizhoiu, Zhejiang, China
Post code:    318010
Tel:          86-576-8176402
Fax:          86-576-8155800

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                         Zhejiang Truelove Group Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Established in May 1995, Zhejiang Truelove Group Co. Ltd. is one with the rights of import and
export. It has a total investment volume of RMB300million and the registration capital of RMB135.88
million. It covers an area of 343340 square meters with its building area over 160000 square meters.
The company mainly manufactures ‘TRUELOVE’ cashmere wool, ‘TRUELOVE’ Rachel blankets,
man made fur etc. We have more than 2000 employees. Our annual turnover is RMB400 million. In
2005, the selling volume was RMB413.94 million and export volume was about $46 million. Its
export ranks the first among manufacturing industries in Yiwu and tops its counterparts in the
Cooperative Intention
Seeking trade partners
Contact Information
Address:      Xujiang Industry Zone Jiangdong Street, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China
Post code:    322000
Tel:          86-579-5693333
Fax:          86-579-5693305

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      Heilongjiang Huacheng International Economic and Technical

                             Cooperative Group Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Heilongjiang Huacheng International Economic and Technical Cooperative Group Co., Ltd. is an
enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce with the registered capital RMB 20,000,000. It
pursues international trade, labor exportation, project techniques consultation, construction, real
estate, forest cutting, wood processing, restaurants and entertainment, and the total asset is RMB
120,000,000. After the establishment, the company targets on Russian markets, cooperating with
Russia in economy and has made great progress.
Heilongjiang Huacheng International Economic and Technical Cooperative Group Co., Ltd. is one of
the most successful enterprises doing forests cutting in Russia. In 2004, the company bought out
70% shares of Russia ‘ Pine’ Company with Heilongjiang Zhenrong Sida Industrial Co., Ltd and
gained the 49 years of forests cutting lease. It also owns the franchise of Lu Gu He-Pokrofka
temporary goods-transportation port. The company exports 1,000 labors annually, provides more
than 1,500 posts and uses over 500 sets of equipment domestically.
Heilongjiang Huacheng International Economic and Technical Cooperative Group Co., Ltd. and
Russia Zabailalyesk Investment Co. formed a joint-venture Heilongjiang Hua Cheng Wood Co., Ltd
with the registered capital RMB 20 million and the total investment RMB 50 million and the 120,000
square meters. Heilongjiang Cheng Wood Co. uses the sawing production ling and lines of beam,
finger-jointing panel, and window frame material from Japan and Germany, of which the beam
production line is the first one in domestic market. The production capacities are square timbers
30000 cubic meters, beam 15000 cubic meters, finger-jointing panel 5000 cubic meters and window
frame material 5000 cubic meters. The company also established the North-East Asia Real-Estate
Development Co., Ltd in Chita State of Russia and a wood-processing factory.
Heilongjiang Huacheng International Economic and Technical Cooperative Group Co., Ltd. has
designed Russia Zabailalyesk International Highway Port Project, Chita Beer Factory, Chita
Hockery Stadium, Zabailalyesk Hospital, Building of Passports and so on.
We sincerely hope to cooperate with more partners for mutual benefit.
Cooperative Intention
Cooperation in wood processing, technology development and products sale.
Contact Information
Address:      No. 24 Hengshan Road Nangang District, Harbin, China
Post code:    150090
Tel:          86-451-82311660
Fax:          86-451-82309366

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                         China Yichang Xingfa Group LLC
General Introduction
Xingfa Group locates in the area of Changjiang Three Gorges reservoir-Xingshan county in Hubei
province. Depending on the local rich water and phosphorus resources, it is a big company of
minerals and tourism. With a capital of RMB3.2 billion, it controls a listed company. Xingfa Group
always devotes to the development of the delicate phosphorus chemical products. Now it has nearly
30 kinds of products on industry, feed, food and medicine levels and its annual producing ability is
more than 700,000 tons. Now it is the largest chemical products company producing phosphate and
dedicate phosphorus in China and the largest company producing Sodium hexametaphosphateb in
the world. Xingfa Group is one of the 100 important exporting companies that connect the
government directly. It forms the strategic cooperation relationships with the three international
washing products producers—P&G, Hangao and Unilever. And it enters the several global
purchasing systems of the top 500 companies in the world. 75% of its products are exported to
more than 30 countries or areas in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Its annual production and
sales scale, the comprehensive ability and the exporting capability keep No.1 for 4 years
consecutively among its counterparts in the whole country.
Cooperative Intention
Open series of products market of the fine phosphorization
Contact Information
Address:      Zhaojun Village, Zhaojun Rd. Gufy Town, Xingshan Canty Yichang
              City, Hubei, China
Post code:    443711
Tel:          86-717-2581719
Fax:          86-717-2581719

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                                     ZTE Corporation
General Introduction
ZTE Corporation is China's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer and largest
wireless solutions provider.
Founded in 1985, ZTE Corporation has been listed as an A-Share company on Shenzhen Stock
Exchange since 1997. In December 2004, ZTE was successfully listed on the Main Board of The
Stock Exchange in Hong Kong, becoming the first Chinese company that held both A shares and H
shares. ZTE recorded the contract sales of approximately USD 4,111 million (RMB 34 billion) in
ZTE Corporation is the pioneer of China’s telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry,
and a comprehensive provider of telecommunications equipment, mobile terminals and services.
With its three product series, i.e. wireless, network and terminal (mobile phone), ZTE is capable of
providing global customers with diversified integrated telecommunications networking solutions and
a wide range of professional services, and has been involved in the market of international
telecommunications operation services.
The international market is becoming ZTE’s most important strategic market. ZTE’s diversified
products like WCDMA, CDMA, NGN, GSM, switching, access, and optical transmission have
entered over 60 countries and regions. ZTE will attract talents across the world, attach more
importance to the international market and use international capital to shape its brand in the
international market, and make ZTE a world-class leading enterprise.
Cooperative Intention
‘Providing Sincere Service and Focusing All the Work on Customers' Requirements’ is the important
norm of ZTE corporate culture. The company is willing to cooperate with the reformers with the
same objectives to provide the leading products and solutions, helping the service providers and
enterprise to reduce the costs, increase their profits and improve business performances.
ZTE Corporation hopes to establish strategic alliances with the manufacturers worldwide in the
telecom industry, and wants to change the rules of the game by virtue of such alliances, quickly
providing advanced solutions to the practical issues for the customers.
Contact Information
Address:      ZTE Plaza, Keji Road South, Hi-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan
              District, Shenzhen, China,
Post code:    518057
Tel:          86-755-26770000
Fax:          86-755-26771999

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                   Comba Telecom Systems (Guangzhou) Ltd.
General Introduction
The leading wireless solutions provider
Comba Telecom Systems (‘Comba’) provides the infrastructure and solutions to mobile operators
and enterprises to enhance and extend their wireless communications networks.
As one of the largest suppliers of subsystems in the world, Comba is also ranked as the number
one integrated wireless solutions and sub-system provider in Asia with over 25%* market share in
                                                                       * IDC Market Analysis 2003
Global presence
With corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, Comba has deployed solutions throughout the world.
Through its offices in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, India, Sweden and extensive
distribution network, Comba supplies solutions to customers in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East,
Africa and the Americas.
In one of the fastest growing markets in the world, Comba's sales and support network in China is
unrivalled with over 30 offices serving all of the major provinces.
End-to-end solutions
From its R&D and manufacturing base in Guangzhou, China, Comba develops and manufactures
over 300 models of products including repeaters, antennas, RF passive accessories and digital
microwave systems.
In short, Comba offers customers complete product solutions addressing all wireless subsystems
2G & 3G and all wireless backhaul needs that includes:
1. Turnkey wireless solutions
2. Technical consultation
3. Customized product design services
4. Network optimization services
5. Product research and development
6. Installation of wireless systems commissioning
7. After-sales maintenance services
Our Mission
Comba's mission is to be the technology and market leader in the wireless
telecommunications sector by developing innovative products and total end-to-end wireless
coverage solutions in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.
Cooperative Intention
1. To profit from this visit, get to know more local telecom companies, set up liaison with the key
persons so as to identify future cooperation.
2. To enhance understanding of our government’s policies on trade with the visiting countries,
make good use of the resources provided by the government to boost our business in the
concerned market.
Contact Information
Address:      6 Jin Bi Road, Guangzhou Economic and Technological
              Development District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Post code:    510730
Tel:          86-20-82225788
Fax:          86-20-82226121

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                   Guangdong Chigo Air-conditioning Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Guangdong Chigo Air-conditioning Co., Ltd. is a large modern air-conditioner manufacturer,
specializing in Room air-conditioner (RAC) and Central air-conditioner (CAC), with more than 13000
employees and annual production capacity of 8 million units. With the continuous sales doubling for
years, Chigo has enlarged to land coverage of 3 million square meters so as to build up the largest
refrigeration base in the world. In the RAC field, Chigo has 3 major categories of Window type, Spilit
wall mounted type, Floor standing cabinet type in over 400 varieties of models and specifications. In
2004, Chigo develops a series of new products with kinds of characteristic technology, such as
multi-dimensional wind-outlet function, anti-bacteria air-conditioner, intelligent LED display, fresh air
exchange function etc. In CAC area, Chigo manufactures 10 major series of products including the
CMV intelligent inversion type, household central air-conditioning system, ceiling cassette type, air-
cooled chiller type, water-cooled chiller type, fan coil type and suspension type air-conditioning
system etc.
In 2003, Chigo began to enter the field of wine cellar with capital investment of 20 million RMB for
production line. At the moment, there are three types of 50 units, 100 units and 150 units
respectively. Besides, the home ice machine on capacity of 15kg, commercial ice machine on
capacity of 40kg, and large refrigerators of 210L and 270L would be quickly put into production.
Thereafter, Chigo will develop relevant series upon the market demand. At the same time, Chigo
owns more than 30 sorts of products in small home appliance.
Chigo products have been widely acknowledged and accepted by our valuable customers, and
have been granted a series of honors and awards, such as China Compulsory Certificate (3C),
China Certificate Products Exempted from National Inspection, Hong Kong Safety Label, CE
Certificate by EU, Germany TUV, GS, etc Certificate, Australia SAA Certificate, UL, Russia GOST-R
Certificate, NORDIC Certificate and so on. The newly-developed anti-bacteria air-conditioner has
been technologically supported by National Disease Prevention and Control Center. In 2002, the
intangible value of Chigo trademark was 1 billion RMB valued by authoritative valuation institution.
In 2003, Chigo testing lab was approved by National Lab, and in the same year, Chigo was
remarked as Guangdong Excellent private-owned enterprise by Guangdong Provincial Government.
Chigo keeps a growing rate of over 80% annually in its sales in more than 200 countries and
regions worldwide. In 2003, Chigo’s annual sales of air-conditioner hit 1.8 millions units, which
enables Chigo to become top 5 among China air-conditioner manufactures. The exportation
reached 0.7 million units with a record of 1 billion RMB in turnover. In recent years, Chigo built up a
manufacture factory in Thailand and set up VIP client service team, which focus on the business
contact with the 500 top companies in the world. Chigo has had strong relationships with many
international groups by its charming characteristics in past decade. For example, the nine years’
cooperation with Mitsubishi from Japan, the Sino-Japan Semi-conductor Research Institute is
consistently bearing more fruits. In April 2004, Chigo and Korean Hyundai signed agreement on
small home appliances after the agreement to joint-manufacture Hyundai brand air-conditioner. At
the same time, Chigo has had meetings and negotiations with famous international companies like
Emerson, Whirlpool, Carrier, Mitsui, Dakin, Electrolux etc. The business relationship with Delonghi
Ltd, the largest air-conditioner manufacturer in Italy, is further to enhance Chigo’s reputation in
overseas market in refrigeration industry.
Chigo’s domestic sales network spreads to the whole nation. In recent years, Chigo has set up 31
provincial after-sales service centers, 42 urban after-sales service centers and more than 3000
service shops. The tech consultation board is composed of 50 outstanding doctorate tutors that
provide Chigo with quick, professional and systematic process and service.
As we are professional in manufacturing air-conditioner, we are looking for more cooperative and
strategic partners in Romania and Greece though we already enjoy the current relationship with our
clients in local markets of the two countries. We believe this trip will not only enhance the friendship
with our current customers, but also will promote more business in the above two countries.
Contact Information
Address:      Shengli Industrial Park, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City,
              Guangdong, China
Post code:    528244
Tel:          86-757-85660491
Fax:          86-757-85662764

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                Huaxing Electron & Electric Appliance Factory
General Introduction
Huaxing Electron & Electric Appliance Factory, Ltd. was founded in 1985. It covers an area of
15,000 square meters and has a high-tech working team. The main products are radio, fan, electric
oven, meat grinder, plastic products and etc. The factory has established the ‘product development’,
‘mould manufacturer, ‘electron & electrical appliance testing laboratory’ and also set up workshops
of mould, plastic injection, painting, silkscreen, assembling and etc. The factory developed business
in America, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and other countries. With UL, GS, CE and
SONCAP international quality certificate, the factory provides its customers with excellent service
and meanwhile gains high reputation. We believe that quality is the life of an enterprise and we do
our utmost to send best products in the current market. ‘Customer First, Quality Perfect’ is our
principle. OEM & DEM are warmly welcome.
Cooperative Intention
Electron & Electric product, plastic products and so on
Contact Information
Address:      Gongchong Industrial Area, Luo Ge Xiang, Nan Zhuang Town,
              Chancheng Qu, Foshan City, Guangdong, China
Post code:    5280614
Tel:          86-757-85338828
Fax:          86-757-85327999

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                             TELLHOW Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Tellhow Sci-tech Co., Ltd. (Tellhow) is a high-tech enterprise founded and developed in Nanchang
National High-tech Development Zone with the ‘Cooperation of Province and University’ by Jiangxi
Province and Tsinghua University. The company is also a key high-tech enterprise under National
Torch Program approved by the Science & Technology Ministry and one of the 520 enterprises
announced for the first time that ‘Abiding by the Contract and Keeping Promise’ appraised by State
Administration of Industry and Commerce. On June 1, 2001, President Jiangzemin inspected
Tellhow and gave his warm care and cordial encouragement. On July 3, 2002, the company was
listed in Shanghai Securities Exchange and became the first listed company in the intellectualized
building electric area.
Tellhow aimed at ‘dedicating to information technology application, creating and guiding
intellectualized life’ and actively developed the products of autonomous intellectual property
technology. Through introducing advanced processing technology of multinational corporation and
giving full play to the complete production ability of army enterprise, the company established the
Tellhow (Nanchang) High-tech Industrious Park at the international level. In the area of
intellectualized building, Tellhow owns comprehensive strength of designing, manufacturing, and
installing intellectualized electric products of building such as intellectualized center of air
conditioning, intellectualized generating set and power equipment, etc. And it successfully hosted
the 3rd National Symposium of Intellectualized Building Technology. In field of army power
equipment, by integrating science technology of Tsinghua University with manufacturing technique
of SANBO Electric, for decades Tellhow creates the only product winning the national prize for
invention to serve the modernization construction of national defense. In the field of photoelectric
product, it constantly promotes the technological innovation and puts modern optics, medical
technology, information technology into comprehensive application, and has developed the
international advanced Tellhow photoelectric information products.
The company practices the development model of ‘Technology + capital’, ‘Undertaking, Exploring,
Surpassing’ in accordance with the spirit of Tsinghua University as ‘Strive unceasingly, hold noble
morality to serve society’. The Tellhow persons take the religion of ‘the personal success is the duty
completion, the value of life is constantly undertaking duty’ and attaches much importance to
construction of the enterprise culture with the core of ‘undertaking responsibility and realizing value’
in order to construct Tellhow as an international high-tech enterprise in the area of electric industry
of intellectualized building.
Contact Information
Address:      TELLHOW Plaza, High-Tech Rd, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Post code:    330096
Tel:          86-791-8116897
Fax:          86-791-8116137

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                Jiangsu Huangpu Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.
General Introduction
Jiangsu Huangpu Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. is an integrated privately run strategic investment
company that engages in integration of traditional industries of China and focuses on capital market
combining with trade investment. Projects consist of new packing material, real estate, power plant
equipments, regenerative resources, R&D of intelligent identification system, agent of bad assets of
stated-owned banks and adolescent national defense education.
Cooperative Intention
Our company would like to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies and government
agencies on new packing material and regenerated resources.
Contact Information
Address:      Suite C, 23rd Floor, Golden Eagle International Plaza, 89Hanzhong
              Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Post code:    210029
Tel:          86-25-84701999
Fax:          86-25-84719000

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                     Trade Development Bureau of MOFCOM
General Introduction
The Trade Development Bureau (TDB) was established by the Ministry of Commerce, the People’s
Republic of China for the very goal of trade promotion. It is committed to carrying out various
national trade-related policies, strengthening the international competitiveness of Chinese
businesses, promoting exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies, and
the overall, coordinated and sustainable development of China’s trade.
Thanks to the effective measures and extensive network of the government, TDB has established
close cooperation with foreign governmental institutions, chambers of commerce and associations
and industrial organizations. It offers many public services including information, consultancy,
exhibitions and seminars, trainings, market development, enterprise guidance, credibility
investigations and etc. Among these services, a variety of information products like magazines,
books, CDs and websites have been provided to meet different needs of the enterprises. The
Assistance Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) has assisted to solve many
problems encountered in daily operation of companies, which has been widely commended by the
business circle. Training courses organized in different forms in provinces and cities across China
have benefited many companies. Trade promotion activities organized by TDB overseas have
established         bridges         between        Chinese          and          foreign      companies.
Ambitious objective goes with concrete work at hand. As China evolves from a big trader to a strong
trading power, TDB will continue to act on the principle of “service the enterprises and strengthen
the nation through trade”, bridge effectively the government and companies, and create more
development opportunities for both Chinese and foreign businesses.
Its main functions are
    -Providing public import and export information and consulting services
    -Organizing official trade promotion activities (e.g. exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars and etc both
    home and abroad)
    -Exchanging and cooperating with foreign trade promoting organizations
    -Supporting international marketing activities by Chinese companies or for Chinese products
    and facilitating mutual exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies
    -Committing specific commodity and market research designated by the Ministry of Commerce
    and providing information and suggestions for proper decision-making for the development of
    China’s foreign trade
    -Establishing and maintaining a credibility system of foreign trading companies and conducting
    credibility investigation for domestic and foreign partner companies
    -In charge of the daily management of the Development Funds for SMEs, including its
    registration, pre-examination and verification from companies and project organizational
    -Committing other items designated by MOFCOM. (Performing other tasks by MOFCOM)
The TDB will, according to the trade development and the change of companies’ needs, continue to
explore and innovate for the new items and areas of its services so as to assist companies, esp.
SMEs to upgrade their management and operation for a better participation in international

Contact Information
Address:      4F, No. 82 DongAnmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Post code:    100747
Tel:          86-10-85226456
Fax:          86-10-85226470

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  China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges

General Introduction
Directly under the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), the China international Center for Economic
and Technical Exchanges (CICETE) was founded on March 12,1983 with the approval of the State
CICETE's main mandate delegated by MOFCOM is to coordinate, on behalf of the Ministry, the
cooperation between China and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United
Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and to undertake the execution of the
assisted programs and projects.
The main objectives are to intensify personnel exchanges, economic and technical co-operation
between China and other countries, promote the development of new and advanced technology, so
as to support China's economic reforms and modernization. In addition, CICETE has also been
cooperating actively with International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) through its
subsidiary body China Association for Non-Governmental Organization Cooperation (CANGO),
Beijing Association of UN Volunteers (UNV) and China-Europe Association for Technical and
Economic Cooperation, giving strong backing to the social and economic development of this
As the largest multilateral development assistance institution in the United Nations operational
system for development, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the central
coordinating organization to help promote human sustainable development through technical
assistance. To date, it undertakes development activities in 166 recipient countries with a worldwide
network of 131 field offices.
    Since its resumption of state membership of the United Nations in 1971, China has participated
    in UN development system's work and for a certain time, used to be a net contributing country
    without receiving assistance from it. In 1978 when China began to implement reform and
    opening-up to the outside world policy, it has been actively promoting international economic
    and technical cooperation between China and the rest of the world. The Chinese government
    signed Basic Agreement On Cooperation with UNDP in June 1979 and commenced to accept
    its assistance, which marked a new period of ‘to take while giving’ policy in international
    cooperation. That is while continuing to provide support to other developing countries; China
    began to accept international assistance at the same time. During the 21 years from 1979 to
    2001, UNDP had provided China with a total assistance of some $ 500 million. Besides, $ 130
    million was mobilized as cost-sharing fund through other channels. With the above mentioned
    assistance and cost-sharing funds, 557 projects were arranged, covering various fields such as
    agriculture, industry, energy, communication, telecommunication, education, public health,
    finance, taxation, environment protection, poverty alleviation, women in development, social
    welfare, foreign investment promotion, economic restructuring, and etc. Through the
    successful implementation of these UNDP-assisted projects, thousands of technical and
    managerial personnel were trained, a large number of foreign experts were introduced to
    undertake technical support and consultancy services, and various advanced equipments for
    scientific research, production and teaching were procured. All these had improved the working
    conditions and technical capacity of research institutes, and promoted tremendously the
    industrial and agricultural production of China.
    In order to help China build up and improve socialist market economy system swiftly, to be in
    line with the international practice and to meet with the challenge brought about by economic
    globalization, UNDP has played a unique and significant role through multilateral cooperation.
    Since 1980s, UNDP has appropriated a total of $50 million assistance, with 30
    reform/governance projects having been implemented, involving restructuring administrative
    organs, economic system, financial system, planning management system, economic laws,
    custom administration, capital market operation, foreign investment introduction and reforming
     social security system. All these provide China with good opportunity and effective channels to
     be involved in international communication widely, learning foreign experience and thus to
     accelerate China's reform and opening up
To complement with China's Eight Seven Poverty Alleviation Program (1994-2000), UNDP initiated
more than 40 Poverty-alleviation (PA) pilot projects in poverty-stricken counties of 14 provinces,
municipalities and autonomous regions. UNDP appropriates about $40 million from its limited core
resources to support 41 PA projects, which involves 90,000 farmer households, and enabled
400,000 people to be lifted out of poverty. At the same time, UNDP is also very active in promoting
cooperation between China's poverty-stricken regions and foreign NGOs. Since 1985, more than 40
international NGOs have provided nearly RMB300 million aid to more than 70 poverty-stricken
counties. Hence, 200 PA programs have been completed. All these PA activities are warmly
welcomed and highly praised by the poverty-stricken population with remarkable economic and
social impact. Although the assistance provided by UNDP in the poverty-stricken regions is far from
enough compared with the local actual demands, yet through the UNDP pilot projects, new ideas on
PA were transfused into national PA staff, and new PA modalities were explored and applied. For
example, based on China's reality and Bangladesh PA pattern -- micro-finance, that is, lending the
poverty-stricken farmers a small amount of fund with a deadline for them to return for further
recycling, China has developed a series of new PA patterns, such as ‘S & T (Science & Technology)
+ M (Micro-finance)’ and ‘M (Micro-finance) + F (Farmers) + R (Research institutes)’. These new
patterns are featured with science and technology being the forerunner, micro-credit supporting and
companies connecting the market. Thus PA is associated with market demands and the farmers'
inherent worries about the sale of their products. Now micro-finance has been widely operated in
China's PA. In addition, UNDP PA projects also stress particularly on economic and social
sustainability of the poverty-stricken areas and capacity building of the grass-roots people. Skill
training on the improvement of ecological environment in the poverty-stricken areas is made one of
the important activities in PA in China. Thus the development of poverty-stricken areas can be put
into a virtuous circle and people who have broken away with poverty will not fall back into poverty
Environmental protection is another priority area for cooperation. At present, environmental pollution
not only hinders economic development, but also endangers the subsistence of human.
Environmental protection is of a common concern both for international society and the Chinese
government. UNDP has implemented 36 EP projects in China including education, public-
awareness-strengthening for environment, improving environment monitoring technique, clean
energy, prevention of air and ocean pollution, combating desertification, protection of water
resources and improving the techniques for solid wastes and waste water treatment. These
interventions play an important role for sustainable development of China in conjunction with the
GEF, MP and other international assistance complementing the national environment initiatives. It
would be beneficial for our further cooperation by reviewing the 21years cooperation between
UNDP and China, summarizing the achievements and experience, and examining the impact
exerted by UNDP assistance on China's opening and reform. By doing so, it can also let people
know about UNDP and the differences it has made in China. As it covers a durable period and wide
range of issues, most of the projects have been concluded almost for 10 years, and much change
has taken place in particular, the personnel and institutions involved in the implementation of these
projects, it is extremely difficult for us to gather sufficient credible information all the time. In addition,
the various project areas call for multi-disciplinary knowledge. Constricted by our knowledge, it
seems unavoidable that there might be some mistakes; we are earnestly looking forward to your
comments and reflections.
Contact Information
Address:      No. 18 Bei San Huan Zhong Lu, Beijing, China
Post code:    100011
Tel:          86-10-62049988
Fax:          86-10-62011328
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                        Chinese Enterprises by Sector




                                 FOOD / WINE / TOBACCO


                               IT / TELECOMS / ELECTRONICS

                        MACHINERY / ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT



                        HEALTH, PHARMACEUTICAL & MEDICAL


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                                         Name List

                      The Enterpriser Delegation to Greece
                 单位                        姓名              职务                       行业
              Organization                Name             Title                  Industry
Central Enterprises

                                 李晓苹                总经理
      中国进出口银行                    LI Xiaoping        General Manager
      The Export- Import Bank of
      China                      宋 庆                助理调研员
                                 SONG Qing          Deputy Director

                                       许复兴          副总经理
      中国出口信用保险公司                       XU Fuxing    Senior Executive
      China    Export    &    Credit
      Insurance Corporation            王 彦          处长
                                       WANG Yan     Division Chief

                                   李科浚              总裁
      中国船级社                        LI Kejun         President
      China Classification Society
                                                                          classification services
      (CCS)                        范 强              总裁助理
                                   FAN Qiang        Assistant President
                                       王 川
7.                                     WANG
                                                    Vice Chairman
      中国中信集团公司                         Chuan                           综合
      CITIC Group                      邱文光          副董事长助理             Comprehensive
8.                                     QIU          Assistant to Vice
                                       Wenguang     President
      中国船舶工业集团公司                                    副总工程师
                                  陈金海                                  Shipbuilding,      ship
9.    China    State Shipbuilding                   Deputy       Chief
                                  CHEN Jinhai                          repairing,       marine
      Corporation                                   Engineer
                                                                       equipment export
                               李绍德                  党组书记
      中国海运(集团)总公司              LI Shaode            Party Secretary
      China   Shipping (Group)
                                                    总经理助理             Shipping
      Company                  蔡彦燊
11.                                                 Assistant      to
                               CAI Yanshen
                                                    General Manager
                                       金克宁          总经理
                                       JIN Kening   President
      中国化学工程集团公司                                                          化学
      China    National  Chemical 葛 雄               副总经理                  Chemical
13.   Engineering Group Corp.     GE Xiong          Vice President

                 单位                        姓名              职务                       行业
              Organization                Name             Title                  Industry

14.                                                理
                                                   Party Secretary &
      中国北方机车车辆工业集团公 Ligang                         Vice President
      司                                                                 机车
      China Northern Locomotive & 曹国炳              副总经济师                Locomotive and rolling
15.   Rolling Stock Industry Group CAO             Deputy         Chief stock
      Corp.                        Guobing         Economist

                                    杨继联            项目经理
                                    YANG Jilian    Project Manager

                                    刘锡汉            总经理
                                    LIU Xihan      General Manager
      中国长江航运(集团)总公司                                General manager 航运
      China Changjiang National                    of   the Foreign
                                   李文德                                Shipping
18.   Shipping (Group) Corporation                 Economic        &
                                   LI Wende        Technical
                                                   Cooperation Co. of
                                                   China Changjiang
                                                   National Shipping
                                    牛新安            副总经理
                                    NIU Xin’an     Vice Manager
      彩虹集团公司                                                            综合
      IRICO GROUP Corp.             张君华                                 Comprehensive
20.                                 ZHANG
                                                   Vice President
      武汉邮电科学研究院                     李广成
                                                   总裁                   电信
21.   Wuhan Research Institute of   LI
                                                   President            IT
      Posts & Telecommunication     Guangcheng
                                    卢 山            总经理                  工程建设
22.   China Road and Bridge
                                    LU Shan        President            Engineering construction
                                    刘志明            副总经理
      中国土木工程集团公司                    LIU Zhiming    Vice President
      China     Civil   Engineering
                                    王劲松            援外部副总经理         Engineering construction
      Construction Corporation
24.                                 WANG           Deputy  General
                                    Jinsong        Manager

                 单位                   姓名                      职务                      行业
              Organization           Name                     Title                 Industry
                                  赵剡水                总经理
25.                               ZHAO               General Manager
      中国一拖集团有限公司                  Yanshui            of Group        拖拉机制造
      China Yituo Group Corp. Ltd 周向前                西欧部经理           Tractor manufacture
26.                               ZHOU               Manager of W.
                                  Xiangqian          Europe De.
27.   大唐电信科技产业集团                  YANG
                                                     Vice Chairman
      DA      TANG       TELECOM Yigang                                     电信
      TECHNOLOGY & INDUSTRY                                                 Tele technology
                                  阎雅茜                副主任
28.   GROUP
                                  YAN Yaqian         Vice Director

      中粮国际(北京)有限公司粮谷贸                 宋 冬            业务员
      易部                              SONG Dong      Trader
      Cereals  Trade      Division,                                         Cereal trade
      COFCO International (Beijing)   杨 樾            业务员
      Ltd.                            YANG Yue       Trader
      中国第三冶金建设公司                     赵广利                                    冶金建设
31.   China    Third   Metallurgical ZHAO                                   Metallurgical
                                                     General Manager
      Construction Corp.             Guangli                                construction
                                  董 巍                总经理
      中国纸张纸浆进出口公司                 DONG Wei           General Manager        纸张进出口
      China National Pulp & Paper                                           Import and export pulp,
      Corp.                       蔡燕平                部门经理                   paper & paper products
                                  CAI Yanping        Manager
                                      李峰伟            副总经理
34.                                                                 Import     and      export
      中成进出口股份有限公司                     LI Fengwei     Deputy Manager
                                                                    complete       plant    &
      China National Complete Plant
      Import & Export Corporation 张亚军                成套项目二部副总 techniques,
                                                                    management              of
35.   Ltd.                          ZHANG            经理
                                                                    investment and stock
                                    Yajun            Deputy Manager right, general trade
36.                                   ZHANG
                                      王宏新                                   医药
      中国医药保健品进出口总公司                                  总经理
37.                                   WANG                                  Medicines      and   health
      China Meheco Corporation                       General Manager
                                      Hongxin                               products
                                      吴 彬
38.                                                  Deputy       General
                                      WU Bin

                单位                       姓名             职务                             行业
             Organization               Name            Title                        Industry
                                     李荐民          总经理
                                     LI Jianmin   General Manager
      司                       刘玲群                                          计算机
40.                                               Marketing
      Nuctech Company Limited LIU Lingqun         Manager
                              杨 芳
41.                                               Marketing
                              YANG Fang
Local Enterprises
                                     柳万东          董事长
      司                                                                    烟草
42.                                  LIU          Chairman      of   the
      Hongta     Tobacco  (Group)                                          Tobacco
                                     Wandong      Board
      司                                           总裁                       烟草
43.                                  ZHU
      Hong Yun Tobacco (Group)                    President                Tobacco
      Co., Ltd
      昆明钢铁集团有限责任公司                   郝蜀东          董事长
44.   Kunming Iron & Steel Group     HAO          Chairman of the
      Co., Ltd (KISCO)               Shudong      Board
      云南铜业(集团)有限公司                                副总经理
                                     余卫平                           金属
45.   Yunnan      Copper Industry                 Vice     General
                                     YU Weiping                    Copper
      (Group) Co., Ltd                            Manager
      云南世博集团有限公司                     王 兢          董事长                      旅游
      Yun Nan Expo Group Co., Ltd    WANG Jing    Chairman of Board        Tourism
      云南旅游产业集团有限公司                   王 冲
                                                  董事长                      旅游
47.   Yunnan     Tourism  Industry   WANG
                                                  Chairman                 Tourism
      Group Co., Ltd                 Chong
      云南省机械设备进出口公司                                                       机械进出口
                                     冯 柯          总经理
48.   Yunan Machinery & Equipment                                        Imp & exp machinery
                                     FENG Ke      General Manager
      Imp & Exp. Corp.                                                   and equipment
      云南机械进出口股份有限公司                               董事局主席                  机械进出口
                                     陈 方
49.   Yun Nan Machinery Imp &                     Chairman of        the Imp & exp machinery
                                     CHEN Fang
      Exp. Co., Ltd                               Board                  and equipment
      云南红酒业有限公司                      武克钢          董事长                      酒业
      Yun Nan Red Wine Co., Ltd      WU Kegang    Board Chairman           Wine

                  单位                      姓名                职务                      行业
             Organization                Name               Title                 Industry
      公司                              赵海彬            董事长                   综合
51.   Shanghai             Lingang    ZHAO Haibin    President             Comprehensive
      Luchaogang         economic
      development Co., LTD
      限公司                             戴文凯            总经济师                  港口机械
      Shanghai    Zhenhua      Port   DAI Wenkai     Marketing Director    Port machinery
      Machinery Co., Ltd
                                      朱 骏            董事长兼 CEO
                                      ZHU Jun        Chairman & CEO
      海)有限公司                                         董事                    计算机
54.                                  GONG
      The 9 Computer Technology Qingqing             Director              IT
      Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
                                     钟 慧
55.                                                  Director         of
                                     ZHONG Hui
                                                     President Office
                                     林 萍             总经理                   贸易
56.   Shanghai               Geastex
                                     LIN Ping        General Manager       Export clothes and bags
      International Co., Ltd
                                    蒋 剑              董事长
57.   上海普运国际货运代理有限公
                                    JIANG Jian       Board Chairman
      司                                                                    货运代理
      Shanghai Puyun Logistics Co., 李婷婷              副总经理                  Shipping agency
58.   Ltd                                            Deputy      General
                                    LI Tingting
                               徐 霈                   厂长                    钢制品
59.   Shanghai Baoshan Yongjia
                               XU Pei                Factory Director      Steel products
      Steel Products Factory
      丰佳国际集团                          待定                                   综合
      Fengjia International Group     TBC                                  Comprehensive
                                      待定                                   船舶管理
61.   Zhonghai International Ship
                                      TBC                                  Ship management
      Management Co., Ltd
      天津机械进出口有限公司                                                          机械进出口
                                      丁建新            总经理
62.   Tianjin Machinery Import &                                           Imp & exp machinery
                                      DING Jianxin   General Manager
      Export Corporation                                                   and equipment
                                    田 冶              董事长
      天津外总集团有限公司                    TIAN Ye          Chairman
      Tianjin Foreign Trade (Group)
                                                                           Imp & exp business
      Co., Ltd                      刘二元              经理
                                    LIU Er’yuan      Manager
                 单位                       姓名              职务                      行业
              Organization               Name             Title                 Industry
      北方国际集团天津市新的纺织 郝之清                              副总经理
65.                                                  Vice      General
      品进出口有限公司      HAO Zhiqing                                        Textile business
      Tianjin New Textiles Import
                                  俞铁蕾                业务员
66.   and Export Co., Ltd
                                  YU Tielei          Business Woman
      北京北方亨泰科技发展有限公                                                        石油
                                  谭兴义                总裁
67.   司                                                                    Petroleum   exploration
                                  TAN Xingyi         President
      Beijing H-tek Group Limited                                          and development
                                       李建新           总经理
68.   北京金色橄榄国际贸易有限公
                                       LI Jianxin    General Manager
      司                                                                    橄榄油
      Beijing      Golden        Olive 刘芬芳           西南区经理                 Olive oil
69.   International Trading Co., Ltd   LIU           Southwestern
                                       Fengfang      Manager
      司                                              总经理                   金属贸易
70.                                    WANG
      Beijing Xin Tong Heng Yi Metal Jingmian        General Manager       Metal trade
      Co., Ltd
71.                                    KANG
                                                     General Manager
      系统有限公司                           李剑锋                             建筑
72.                                                  Deputy    General
      APEX—RHINE(Beijing)              LI Jianfeng                     Construction material
      Building System, Ltd
                                       卢 煜
73.                                                  Marketing   Dep.
                                       LU Yu
      限公司                          王新民
                                                     总经理                   综合
74.   China Dalian International WANG                General Manager       Comprehensive
      Cooperation (Group) Holdings Xinmin
                                   王志强               副总经理
      大连冰山集团                                                               制冷设备
75.                                WANG              Vice        General
      Dalian Bingshan Group                                                Refrigeration equipment
                                   Zhiqiang          Manager
      大连金阳进出口有限公司                  张 钢                                     机械设备、原木进口
76.   Dalian Golden Sun Import & ZHANG                                     Machinery, wood import
                                                     General Manager
      Export Co., Ltd              Gang
                                   康 宇               总经理                   Imp    &      exp   glass
77.   Dalian Hantai International
                                   KANG Yu           General Manager       products
      Trade Co., Ltd
      大连保税区伟天国际贸易有限                                                        进出口
                                   华伟毅               总经理
78.   公司                                                                   Imp & exp cars, yachts,
                                   HUA Weiyi         General Manager
      Way Trade International Inc.                                         and casual sportswear
                   单位                  姓名                  职务                       行业
              Organization            Name                 Title                  Industry
      司                            薛维哲               总经理                   纺织品
      Da Lian New Star Textiles XUE Weizhe           General Manager       Textile
      Import & Export Co., Ltd
                                   卢忠越               经理                    纺织品
80.   Haicheng Yuehua Textile Co.,
                                   LU Zhongyue       Manager               Textile

                                      张 旭            总经理                    纺织品
81.   Haicheng Dongyue Textile Co.,
                                      ZHANG Xu       General Manager        Textile
                                      刘 铁            总经理                    综合
82.   Ying Kou Yuyuan Industrial
                                      LIU Tie        General Manager        Comprehensive
      Co., Ltd
83.                               LIANG
      山东福田重工股份有限公司                                   Vice President
                                  Qirong                                    机械设备
      Shan Dong Foton Heavy
                                  田效龙                                       Machinery
      Industries Co., Ltd                            销售部部长
84.                               TIAN
                                                     Sales Minister
                                  宫学斌                董事长
85.                               GONG               Chairman of      the
                                  Xuebin             Board                  食品
      Longda      Foodstuff Group
                                                     部门经理                   Food
      Co.,Ltd                     王 文
86.                                                  Department
                                  WANG Wen
87.                                WANG
                                                     Vice President
88.                                HAO
      青岛菜源春蔬菜种植有限公司                                  Technician
                                   Lingqian                                 蔬菜出口
      Qingdao          Caiyuanchun
                                   张洪磊                                      Vegetable export
      Vegetable Planting Co., Ltd                    技术员
89.                                ZHANG
                                      林淑芬            技术员
                                      LIN Shufen     Technician
91.                                   YU
      青岛克俊电子有限公司                                     Vice President
                                      Zhaicheng                      电子
      Qingdao Kejun Electronic Co.,
                                                     技术部经理           IT
      Ltd                           李雪峰
92.                                                  Manager of the
                                    LI Xuefeng
                                                     Technical Dept.

                  单位                      姓名                职务                         行业
               Organization              Name               Title                    Industry
93.                                                  President & Board
                                     QIU Jibao                         缝纫机制造
       飞跃集团                                          Chairman
                                                                       Sewing        machinery
       FEIYUE GROUP                    杨元增           董事长助手
94.                                    YANG          Assistant      of
                                       Yuanzeng      President
       浙江真爱集团有限公司                      郑期中                             毛毯制造
95.    Zhejiang True Love Group ZHENG                                  Cashmere          wool,
       Co.,Ltd                         Qizhong                         blankets, man-made fur
       司                               杨晓莉           总裁                      进出口
96.    Hei Longjiang Provincial Wan YANG Xiaoli      President               Trade and logistics
       Yang Economic Trade (Group)
       Co., Ltd
97.    Heilongjiang          Huacheng 吴宝瑞            副总经理                    综合
       International Economic and WU Baorui          Vice Manager            Comprehensive
       Technical Cooperative Group
       Co., Ltd
                                       蒋远华           董事长/总经理
       湖北宜化集团有限责任公司                                                          化学
98.                                    JIANG         President
       Hubei Yihua Group Ltd                                                 Chemical
                                       Yuanhua       General Manager
                                       李国璋           董事长                     综合
99.    China Yichang Xingfa Group
                                       LI Guozhang   Chairman                comprehensive
                                       丁少华           高级副总裁
       华为技术有限公司                                                              计算机
100.                                   DING          Senior           Vice
       Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd                                          IT
                                       Shaohua       President
101.                                   FAN
                                                     Vice President
       中兴通讯股份有限公司                      Qingfeng                              电信
       ZTE Corporation                 王欢欢                                   IT
102.                                   WANG
                                                     Deputy Director
       司                               戴静辉           业务发展总监                  电信
       Comba Telecom Systems DAI Jinghui             Director                IT
       (Guangzhou) Ltd.
       广东志高空调股份有限公司                                                          空调生产
                                       李兴浩           总裁
104.   Guangdong        Chigo     Air-                                       Air-conditioner
                                       LI Xinghao    President
       conditioning Co., Ltd                                                 manufacturing

                单位                    姓名                    职务                         行业
            Organization             Name                   Title                    Industry
                                冼润流                  总经理                      Electrum & electronic
105. Huaxing      Electron    &
                                XIAN Runliu          General Manager          products
     Electric Appliance Factory

     泰豪科技股份有限公司                  孔祥川
                                                   执行董事                   综合
106. TELLHOW        SCI-TECH     KONG
                                                   Director               Comprehensive
     CO., LTD                    Xiangchuan
                                 陈光标               董事长
107. 限公司                                                                  Regenerative
     Jiangsu          Huangpu    CHEN Guangbiao    President
     Investment Co., Ltd
       FIBERHOME                                                          电信
       TECHNOLOGIES GROUP                                                 IT

Local Governments
                                 孙晓立               处长
108. 厅
                                 SUN Xiaoli        Division Chief
     Liao   Ning    Provincial
     Bureau of Foreign Trade                       助理调研员
109. And            Economic                       Deputy      Division
                                 MU Dongyi
     Cooperation                                   Chief
                                 尚晓辉               Deputy      Division
110.                                               Chief of Foreign
                                 SHANG Xiaohui
     Shanghai         Foreign
     Economic Relations & 何小瀛                      调研员
     Trade Commission         HE Xiaoying          Director

                                 陈章达               研究室副主任
                                 CHEN Zhangda      Deputy Director

                                 孙小虹               厅长
                                 SUN Xiaohong      Director General
114. The     Department of 王 扬                     处长
     Commerce of Yunnan WANG Yang                  Director
                           龚云尊                     主任科员
                           GONG Yunzun             Section Chief
116. 局                                             处长 Division Chief
     Dalian Foreign Trade and DUAN Xiaoning
     Economic     Cooperation

               单位                  姓名                            职务            行业
          Organization            Name                           Title       Industry
     局                      张 静                        处调
117. Anshan Foreign Trade
                            ZHANG Jing                 Director
     and           Economic
     Cooperation Bureau
                                                       局长 (团长)
                               冯烘章                     Director  General
                               FENG Hongzhang          (      Head      of
119.                                                   Deputy     Director
     商务部外贸发展事物局                JIA Guoyong
     Trade   Development
120. Bureau  Ministry of 傅长纯                           副主任
     Commerce            FU Changchun                  Deputy Director

                               杨皓                      干部
                               YANG Hao                Officer

                               罗妍妍                     干部
                               LUO Yanyan              Officer

                               刘军                      处长
                               LIU Jun                 Director
                               武峻峰                     干部
124. 术交流中心
     China     International   WU Junfeng              Officer
     Centre for Economic
                               朱雅娟                     干部
125. and          Technical
     Exchanges Ministry of     ZHU Yajuan              Officer
                               闫颖                      干部
                               YAN Ying                Officer

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