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									SIMBA Food, Seafood & CheckMate Barcode Software Connects To
QuickBooks and Other Accounting Programs

Redmond, Washington/ November 13, 2012 / Dynamic Systems, Inc., a
leader in multi-purpose Barcode Tracking Software, has announced the
integration of QuickBooks to CheckMate and SIMBA Barcode Tracking Software

About SIMBA and QuickBooks: QuickBooks is now integrated with SIMBA
Programs for Fish Processing Companies, Cold Storage, and Wholesale
Distributors. SIMBA tracks Lot Number, Expiration Dates, and Inventory, and
does Compliance Labeling and Shipment Verification. SIMBA connects to scales
for proper weight collection and reports production data.

About CheckMate Software: CheckMate Software is targeted for
organizations that need to track inventory and assets. The Suite integrates major
functions within an organization and includes tracking of assets, inventory, tools
& equipment. The applications are Windows based, integrated, and very easy to
use. Also included are Document Tracking, Job Costing, and ID Badge Tracking.

Release of QuickBooks Integration: CheckMate and SIMBA can connect to
QuickBooks and other major accounting systems. This connection allows a
CheckMate or SIMBA user to upload information such as inventory to
QuickBooks with ease. CheckMate can also import data from QuickBooks, such
as sales orders, as stipulated by our customers.

“I’m impressed with the simplicity and adaptability of your QuickBooks
Integration. It’s easy to use and affordable for most organizations, even those
with just a hand full of employees,” stated Bill Allen, Process Control Consultant.

Cost Justification of QuickBooks Integrator: Advantages of the QuickBooks
integration is the elimination of errors, improved staff productivity, time savings
and reduced employees’ frustrations.

Contact: Rob Freeman V.P. Business Development

800-342-3999 X 208

robf@dsisales.com www.a-barcode.com

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