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Denver Public Schools Installs CheckMate Capital Asset
Management Software and Reduces Time to Locate Assets

Redmond, Washington/January 16, 2013/ Dynamic Systems, Inc., a leader
in mobile data collection applications, announces that the Denver Public Schools
has chosen the CheckMate Capital Assets Software as their asset management

About CheckMate Capital Assets Software
CheckMate software increases productivity and saves money by reducing the
time it takes to locate capital equipment and by assuring that items will not be
lost. Based on fast, accurate barcode technology, CheckMate records where the
item is, what building and/or room it is in, and even if it is installed in a “parent”
(such as a graphic board installed in a computer). The system can depreciate
assets, track maintenance contracts, and record “destroy” dates.

"When we installed the CheckMate Capital Assets Software, it reduced the time
to count one school from a week to 3 days,” stated Rich Maes, Inventory
Specialist for the DPS.

About Denver Public Schools
Denver Public School System is a large school district that consists of over 200
locations and owns more than 100,000 assets. They are required to account for
all of their assets on a regular basis. They chose the CheckMate software for a
number of reasons, including its ability to transfer data to and from their
financial system and the option to upgrade to RFID (radio frequency
identification) technology at a later date.

About Dynamic Systems
Dynamic Systems has been a national leader in Barcode Tracking Solutions since
1981, providing flexible, complete and configurable programs for: tool and
equipment tracking, inventory control, document tracking, fixed asset
management, time and attendance, work order tracking and job costing.

Barcode Data collection has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient
method of tracking/counting items. "Our customers see a typical payback for the
CheckMate Capital Asset Management System within a matter of months," states
Alison Falco, President of Dynamic Systems.

Contact: Rob Freeman
VP Business Development

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