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									Barcode Tracking Software With Unique Features Slated For Aviation.

Redmond, WA December 21, 2012 -- About Dynamic Systems (DSI)
In business since 1981, DSI provides bar code systems that track tools, maintenance,
equipment, documents, work orders, inventory, capital assets, ID badges, and job costing.
Bar code data collection has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of
tracking or counting items.

Release of Tool and Maintenance Manager
DSI has announced the immediate launch of "Toolroom", targeted for airports, MRO's, and
FBO's that need to reduce the loss of tools and equipment and save time tracking them
down. Service Manager tracks maintenance performed in accordance with Aviation
Regulations. Job Costing calculates parts & labor used on particular projects. Stockroom
Inventory tracks materials used, prints PO's and has complete audit trail reporting. The
program is integrated, user friendly and flexible. "I'm impressed with the simplicity and
adaptability of your Management Systems. It's affordable for most companies, even those
with just a few employees," stated Bill Allen, Process Control Consultant.

Our flexible suite of CheckMate software applications are installed in a wide range of
industries and government facilities. The easy-to-use software manages important assets
such as tools for construction companies or jobs and inventory for manufacturers. While it is
used by very large companies, it is primarily designed to work for small to mid-sized

Our SIMBA software is a solution that is designed for seafood, meat and fresh food
processors, providing custom labels and real-time updated production information for
management on the fly. SIMBA has been used in the food industry for over 20 years.

If what you need is Barcode or RFID equipment, DSI has the expertise to recommend the
best products for your business, and manage your project through successful install.

And we don't consider our job done when the installation is complete. Our success comes
from long-term partnerships that thrive year-upon-year. When you call for support, you will
get a live person on the phone who is trained to solve your problem.

Cost Justification
If it requires one minute checking a tool in and out, and if the company's staff spends even
20 minutes a day searching for tools or servicing equipment, the overhead savings is
dramatic. "Loss of tools and malfunctioning equipment is a major overhead cost today",
states Alison Falco, President.

More information at http://www.a-barcode.com/software/equipment-tool-tracking


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