; What is the Jewish Virtual Library? Featuring Natalie Portman, Ken Mehlman, and Michael Bay
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What is the Jewish Virtual Library? Featuring Natalie Portman, Ken Mehlman, and Michael Bay


This is a slidehshare presenting information on what the Jewish Virtual Library actually is. It goes over American-Israeli Corporative Enterprise (which they are a part of), what they do, who is in charge, and who they profile.

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									The Jewish Virtual
What it is, what they do, and who they
A Part of the American-Israeli
   Corporative Enterprise
 O     The Jewish Virtual Library is a part of The American-
     Israeli Corporative Enterprise. AICE was established
     in 1993 as a non-profit organization that was working
     to strengthen the US-Israel relationship.

 O     AICE’s mission statement says they want to,
     “provide a vehicle for the research, study, discussion
     and exchange of views concerning nonmilitary
     cooperation (Shared Value Initiatives) between the
     peoples and governments of the United States and
    What is the Jewish Virtual
O    The Jewish Virtual Library (JVL) has information
    about Jewish history, Israel, U.S.-Israel relations,
    the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and Judaism.

O    It also provides profiles of well-known Jewish
    people in politics, Hollywood, etc.

O    JVL is not just a search engine, but they see
    their site as a one-stop place for all information
    on Israel, Jewish history, etc.
         A “Living” Library
O     The JVL is committed to keeping everyone
    updated and newly informed on all new issues. It
    isn’t something they edit every now and then, but a
    website that they are constantly updating.

O    Information is updated as they receive new data,
    for example, they are always adding new pictures,
    maps, charts, and other materials.
Well-Known Biographies
O    Michael Bay – American Film Director and
    Producer for movies such as Armageddon, The
    Amityville Horror, and Coyote Ugly.

O    Ken Mehlman – Former RNC, Head of Public
    Affairs at KKR, and founder of Project Right

O    Natalie Portman – Actress known for Black
    Swan, V for Vendetta, and Star Wars III.
       Board of Directors
O   Howard Rosenbloom – President/Treasurer

O   Dr. Arthur Bard - Vice President/Secretary

O   Mitchell G. Bard - Executive Director

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