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                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

1                                                                                        2
Membership No: IL/ICA/0707                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/0708
Mr. T.T.P. Abdullah                                                                     Capt. R.N. Abhilashi
IPS (Retired)                                                                           Dy. Chief Materials Manager (Retd.) Coal India Ltd,
Mecca, 206 Lloyds Road                                                                  715, Sector 28 Arun Vihar
Chennai-600086                                                                          District G B Nagar
Phone: 476805 /Email:                                                                   Noida-201303
Date of Birth // (Age: 0)                                                               Phone: 0120-2455373/9899312177 /Email: r.abhilashi@yahoo.com
Particulars: Former Indian Ambassador to Saudi of External Affairs. Ex-                 Date of Birth 4/28/1935 (Age: 77)
ZonalManager, FCI Madras. Was Director of many public undertakings.                     Particulars: Retired Military Officer. 35 years force, Electricity Board & CoalMining
                                                                                        industry. Specialised in materials management and general management.

3                                                                                        4
Membership No: ALI/ICA/0404                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/0742
Mr. V.K. Agarwal                                                                        Mr. Rajendra Kumar Agarwal
Former Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice                                           Advocate
Flat No. 104, M.S. Flats, Dharma Apartments,                                            102, DDA, SFS Flats Madipur
Block No. 2, Patparganj,                                                                New Rohtak Road,
Delhi-110092                                                                            New Delhi-110063
Phone: 621572 /Email:                                                                   Phone: 5454520. 5155461 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Secretary to the Govt. of India, Specialised in Commercial Law,contracts   Particulars: Counsel in Arbitraion matters & Served as a Lecturer in
and arbitration.                                                                        Commerce.Experience in Domestic and International Arbiration. Former Executive of
                                                                                        Fertilizer Corporat- ion of India. Acting as an Arbitra- tor and Counsel in International
                                                                                        Arbiration. Dealt with about 50 arbitaraion cases.
5                                                                                       Membership No: IL/ICA/0750
Membership No: IL/ICA/0749                                                              Mr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal
Mr. Bejay Kumar Agarwal                                                                 Retd.Chairman, Railway Board,
Consultant - Project Development Indian Railway Welfare Organization                    17/2A, Aravali View Rail Vihar
7/3A, Aravaliview Rail Vihar Sector-56,                                                 Sector-56
Gurgaon-122011                                                                          Gurgaon-122003
Phone: 0124-2575500/09968295741 /Email: shashiagar@gmail.com                            Phone: /Email:
Date of Birth 8/25/1942 (Age: 69)                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Chartered Engineer with 32 years ex l and arbitration matters.             Particulars: Chairman, Railway Board & Principal Ministry of Railways. Member of
                                                                                        theWorld Executive Council, Chairman of the BG Group of the UIC, Chair- man of the
                                                                                        Human Resource Develop-m ent (HRD) Group of the UIC. More than 30 years
                                                                                        experience in the field.
 7                                                                                       8
Membership No: IL/ICA/0756                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/0759
Mr. Girish Kumar Agarwal                                                                Dr. Arun Gopal Agarwal
Retd. Dy. Manager (Admn.) BHEL                                                          Director (Finance) (Retd.) ITDC Ltd.
III-K-106, Nehru Nagar, Rakesh Marg,                                                    Usha Villa Plot No.B-76, Sector-2
Ghaziabad-201001                                                                        Vaishali
Phone: 2863706/9871644868 /Email:                                                       Ghaziabad-201012
Date of Birth 11/13/1940 (Age: 69)                                                      Phone: 0120-2773560/09810033204 /Email: agar1946@rediffmail.com
Particulars: Advocate, Delhi High Court for the in BHEL for about 40                    Date of Birth 3/2/1946 (Age: 66)
years.Specialization in State Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Insurance,               Particulars: Director (Finance), ITDC Ltd. Commercial Contracts, Telecommu-
Engineering/Technical and Construction.                                                 nication, Taxation, Joint Ventures, Hotel & Tourism Industry, Transport. Handled
                                                                                        several arbitration cases.

Membership No: IL/ICA/0760
                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/0762
Mr. O P Agarwal
                                                                                        Mr. Y K Agarwal
Additional Member Railway
                                                                                        Chief Director (Retd.) NCDC
C-184, Belvedere Towers DLF City Phase-II
                                                                                        K-58, Sarita Vihar Mathura Road
                                                                                        New Delhi-110076
Phone: /Email:
                                                                                        Phone: 26941750/9810948944 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                        Date of Birth 7/1/1942 (Age: 67)
Particulars: Additional Member, Railway Board Specialization in
                                                                                        Particulars: Retd. as Chief Director, NCDC. Food Processing, Cooperation andOffice
Engineering/Technical, Construction and Environment with vast experience.
                                                                                        Accounting. 40 years experience in Agriculture and Cooperation.
Handled several arbitration cases.

                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/4667
Membership No: IL/ICA/0763
                                                                                        Mr. Kamal Kishore Agarwal
Mr. B B Agarwal
                                                                                        Former Member, Traffic & Ex-Officio Secretary Railway Board, Govt. of India
Vice President (Commercial) Century Shipping Mumbai
                                                                                        Flat No. A-69, AI, Swarn Jayanti Rail Nagar Sector-50,
319, Raheja Crest-3 Off. New Link Road
                                                                                        Gautam Budh Nagar,
Andheri (W)
                                                                                        Phone: 0120-2500779 /Email: kkagarwal2004@gmail.com
Phone: 022-26300779 /Email:
                                                                                        Date of Birth 7/18/1944 (Age: 65)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                        Particulars: Former Member, Traffic and Govt. of India. Specialization inTransport,
Particulars: Vice President (Commercial), Centur n Commercial Contracts, Maritime
                                                                                        Commercial Contracts, and Engineering/Technical. Have 37 years experience in
Shipping and Transport etc. More than 20 years experience in commercial contracts.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

13                                                                                        14
Membership No: IL/ICA/0821                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/0826
Prof. Ram Krishna Agrawal                                                                 Mr. Subhash C Agrawal
Ex-Director, IT 203, Satyam Khand, Sector -19,                                            General Manager (Fin.) & Company Secretary Koathari Fermentation & Biochem Ltd.,
Vasundhara                                                                                208-C, Pocket-1n, Mayur Vihar Phase-1
Ghaziabad-201012                                                                          New Delhi-110091
Phone: 9810533061/0120-2880068 /Email: profrka2002@yahoo.co.in                            Phone: 40512338/9717494767 /Email: s1grawal@hotmail.com
Date of Birth 8/24/1945 (Age: 66)                                                         Date of Birth 5/4/1961 (Age: 48)
Particulars: Ex-Director (Finance) & Director hold additional charges as Directorin-      Particulars: Deputy General Manager (Finance) in Finance, Accounts, Taxation
Charge Chief Vigilance Officer. Worked incharge of systems Departme nt and                &Legal. Attended arbitration procee- dings and handling legal matters of the
Deputy Lecturer-Mechanical Engineering in Govt. College for about 10 years.               company.
Appointed arbitra- tion cases.

15                                                                                         16
Membership No: IL/ICA/0833                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/0834
Mr. Mahesh Kumar Agrawal                                                                  Mr. Ravindra Prasad Agrawal
Ex-Vice President Unitech Ltd                                                             Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety(Retd.),
Tower No. 15, H.No.702, South Close,                                                      A-113, Tower-3 Ashiana Upvan
Nirwana Country, Sector-50                                                                Indirapuram
Gurgaon-122001                                                                            Ghaziabad-201014
Phone: 0124-4048401/09810053401 /Email:                                                   Phone: /Email: r_pagrawal@rediffmail.com
Date of Birth 6/12/1962 (Age: 47)                                                         Date of Birth 9/15/1949 (Age: 60)
Particulars: Ex-Vice President, Unitech Ltd. Contracts, Construction, StateContracts,     Particulars: Chief Commissioner of Railway Officer (Engg.) in the VigilanceBranch of
Real Estate. CA. 21 years experience in service.                                          Railways. Specialization in Real Estate, State Contracts, Commercial Contracts,
                                                                                          Corporate Law, Engineering/Technical, Power Energy and Construction etc. 34 years
                                                                                          experience in service.
17                                                                                         18
Membership No: IL/ICA/0836                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/0850
Mr. B.M.D. Agrawal,                                                                       Mr. Sunil Ahuja
Advocate,                                                                                 IAS Officer (Retd.)
Virat Villa, 56, Block-B, Mahmoor Ganj                                                    6/2, Sarvapriya Vihar
Varanasi-221010                                                                           New Delhi-110016
Phone: 0542-2223343/09956629438 /Email: bmdainfo2010@gmail.com                            Phone: 26567337/09418227363/9718783410 /Email:
Date of Birth 1/21/1938 (Age: 73)                                                         Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Retd. as Chief Manager (Personnel & Sector IFFCO in 1994. 35                 Particulars: Culminating as Chief Secretary, Agency & Distribution andFranchising,
yearsexperience mainly Industrial relations, legal matters but also in personnel          Intellectual Property, State Contracts, Finance Banking, Commercial Contracts,
management, H.R. Development Estate Administration, public relations etc.                 Corporate Law, Taxation, Joint Ventures etc.
Practising as an Advocate since 1996.

 19                                                                                       20
Membership No: IL/ICA/0886                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/0887
Mr. Yogesh Anand                                                                          Mr. Inder Pal Singh Anand
General Manager (Legal) Delhi Transco Ltd                                                 Former General Manager Indian Railways
H-42, Ground Floor, Residency Greens,                                                     A9/14 (GF) Vasant Vihar
Sector-46,                                                                                New Delhi-110057
Gurgaon-122002                                                                            Phone: 26144512 /Email:
Phone: 0124-4254841/9810554282 /Email: yogeshanand1961@yahoo.co.in                        Date of Birth 5/15/1945 (Age: 64)
Date of Birth 4/6/1961 (Age: 48)                                                          Particulars: Former General Manager, Indian Boards of Central
Particulars: General Manager (Law), Delhi Commercial Contracts,                           WarehousingCorporation, CWC, HDCL, CTRAMN and Railways. Specialization in
IntellectualProperty, Real Estate, State Contracts etc. 25 years experience in service.   State Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Joint Ventures, Maritime Shipping and
                                                                                          Transport etc. 40 years experience in service.
Membership No: IL/ICA/0888                                                                 22
Mr. Ashok Anand,                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/0939
B-150, First Floor, Sector -50                                                            Mr. B.R. Atre
Noida-201301                                                                              Advocate
Phone: 9818336677/09435039022 /Email: aaoil@yahoo.com                                     C-8/8804, Vasant Kunj,
Date of Birth 4/15/1950 (Age: 60)                                                         New Delhi-110070
Particulars: GGM (HR &A) Oil India Ltd. Held pos ouncil, Workers Education                Phone: 7232352/72118529 /Email:
Centre,Tinsukia under Central Board of Workers Education (Ministry of Labour),            Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Chairman, NIPM, Assam Chapter, Vice President, NIPM, Delh i                               Particulars: Joint Secretary & Legislative as Joint Secretary & Legal Adviserfor more
Chapter.Specialization in HRM, HRD, Industrial Relations, Legal and Wage                  than 15 years.
Negotiations, Ind. Dispute 32 years

 23                                                                                        24
Membership No: IL/ICA/0940                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/0942
Mr. S.M. Aurora,                                                                          Mr. D C Awasthi
Former Director (BIS) Vidyawanti -Ramlal Vill.                                            Managing Director ACPL
22 Paschim Marg (FF), Vasant Vihar,                                                       A-201, Classic Aparments Rail Vihar, Sushant Lok
New Delhi-110057                                                                          Phase-III, Sector -57
Phone: 26144326/9810367009/9868874753 /Email: aurora4343@yahoo.co.in                      Gurgaon-122003
Date of Birth 4/18/1939 (Age: 73)                                                         Phone: 9968474823/09415125447 /Email: dharmeshawasthi@yahoo.co.uk
Particulars: Ex-Director Bureau of Indian Stand- Auditor/consultant of ISO 9000 Qua-      Date of Birth 8/31/1945 (Age: 64)
lity Mgt. Systems and ISO 14000 Envt.Mgt. Systems. Expert (ISI Marking, Consumer          Particulars: Managing Director, ACPL. Commercial Contracts, Telecommunications,
Courts Approved/ Fellow/Valuer Institution of Valuer appraiser and technical              Insurance, Automobile, Joint Ventures. B.Sc(Hons) with 20 years experience in
Appraiser, NTC and Head, National Craft Insti- tute of Hand Printed Textiles. Over 30     services.
years arbitration experience.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

25                                                                                      26
Membership No: IL/ICA/0946                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/0951
Mr Arun Kumar Babaria                                                                   Mr. Ashok Babu
Executive Director (Retd.), SAIL                                                        Sr. GM & Co.Secretary M/s. Ansal Buildwell Ltd
102, Yogi Kripa Apartment Near Kachchi Visa Oswal Bhavan                                7/38, III Floor South Patel Nagar
Lakad Ganj                                                                              New Delhi-110092
Nagpur-400008                                                                           Phone: 9811224639 /Email:
Phone: 0712-2732295/09422856358 /Email:                                                 Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 1/14/1943 (Age: 67)                                                       Particulars: GM & Company Secretary, M/s. Ansal al Estate, Finance Banking,
Particulars: Advisor. Retd. Executive Director, Specialization in                       Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law, Taxat ion, Joint Ventures, Construction,
CommercialContracts, Steel, Mining & Quarying, Engineering/Technical. 36 years          Securities and Corporation & relate d activities. 17 years experience i n job.
experience in steel plant.

27                                                                                       28
Membership No: IL/ICA/0972                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/0974
Mr. K S Baidwan                                                                         Mr. K.S. Bains
Financial Commissioner Govt. of NCT of Delhi                                            Padam Sri I.A.S. (Retd.),
House No. 4506, DLF City Phase-IV                                                       147, Sector 15-A, Gautam Budh Nagar,
Gurgaon-122002                                                                          Noida-201301
Phone: 95124-5046571 /Email:                                                            Phone: 0120-4287687, 9818094119 /Email: ksbains@akcgroup.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Date of Birth 5/11/1935 (Age: 77)
Particulars: IAS. Financial Commissioner, Govt. in Intellectual Property, RealEstate,   Particulars: Retd. IAS Officer/CMD, Punjab & Ranjit Singh Trust, Director
State Contracts, Finance Banking, Commercial Contracts and Corporate Law etc. 36        SreeMeenakshi Mills Ltd. During the period as Magistrate Ist Class, Assistant
years experience in judicial and quasi- judicial work.                                  Collector, Commissioner gained sufficient experience in court and arbitration
                                                                                        proceedings. 34 years experience in Judicial/ Administrative/Corporate fields.
                                                                                        Worked in GOI as Jt. Secretary.
                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/1001
Membership No: IL/ICA/0977
                                                                                        Mr. P.R. Balasubramanian
Mr. Ram Parkash Bajaj
                                                                                        Former CMD-FACT Limited
Distt & Session Judge (Retd.)
                                                                                        229, 9A Main 1st Block, HRBR Layout
# 5460, Sector 38 (West)
                                                                                        Kalyan Nagar
Phone: 0172-2625749/09815023541 /Email: rpbajaj1@hotmail.com
                                                                                        Phone: 080-25426947, 09448366947 /Email: prbalasubramanian@gmail.com
Date of Birth 12/28/1936 (Age: 76)
                                                                                        Date of Birth 2/2/1944 (Age: 66)
Particulars: President, Consumer Disputes Retd. Distt. & Sessions Judge in1996.
                                                                                        Particulars: General Manager in GAIL Incharge Director, GAIL Responsible
Handling a dozen arbitration cases brought by Haryana Agro Industries Corporation.
                                                                                        forEngineering Technology Functions. More than 22 years working experience.

31                                                                                      32
Membership No: IL/ICA/1002                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/1007
Mr. Chandra Shekhar Balasubramanian                                                     Mr. A Balraj
Formerly Sr. GM (F) The Tinplate Co.(I)Ltd.                                             Formerly Chairman, TNERC,
202, "Neel House"                                                                       New No.12, Old No.76 J Block(Behind 14 Shops)
No.12 C H Area (Old)                                                                    Opp: Yes Yes Supermarket, Anna Nagar East
Jamshedpur-831001                                                                       Chennai-600102
Phone: 0657-243121 /Email:                                                              Phone: 044-26207408-09 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Date of Birth 7/7/1941 (Age: 68)
Particulars: Senior General Manager (Finance), Specialization in Finance                Particulars: Chairman, Tamil Nadu Electricity on in Commercial Contracts,Corporate
Banking,Commercial Contracts, Corporation and related activities. 30 years              Law and Taxation.
experience in service.
                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/1016
Membership No: IL/ICA/4749
                                                                                        Mr. Raghu Nath Banerjee
Mr. K K Balu
                                                                                        Legal Adviser Cement Corpn. of India Ltd
Ex-Vice Chairman, Company Law Board,
                                                                                        B-46/c, Gangotri Enclave Alaknanda
17/11, Syndicate Enclave, Sengeni Amman Koil Street,
                                                                                        New Delhi-110019
Maduvankarai, Guindy
                                                                                        Phone: /Email:
                                                                                        Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Phone: 044-22445671 /Email: kkbalu1944@gmail.com
                                                                                        Particulars: Legal Adviser, Cement Corporation o cy & Distribution and
Date of Birth 9/15/1944 (Age: 66)
                                                                                        Franchising,Intellectual Property, Agriculture & Food Processing, Corporation & re
Particulars: Ex-Vice Chairman, Specialization inTaxation, Securities, Commercial
                                                                                        lated activities etc. 35 years expe rience in Marketing, Porcessed Food s and Soft
Contracts, Finance Banking, State Contracts, Real Estate etc. 41 years experience
                                                                                        Drinks etc. Handled abou t 10 arbitration cases.

                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/4967
Membership No: IL/ICA/4828
                                                                                        Mrs. Bela Banerjee
Mr. Ranjit Kumar Banerjee
                                                                                        Member Technical Railway Claim Tribunal
Executive Director (Retd.) Pandi Correspondent,
                                                                                        Flat No. 1809, Brahmaputra Apartments,
10, Mandeville Gardens, Flat No.401,
                                                                                        Sector -29,
Phone: 033-24409200 /Email: ranjitkbanerjee@yahoo.com
                                                                                        Phone: 0141-2203224, 9717289444 /Email: belabanerjee@rediffmail.com
Date of Birth 2/1/1941 (Age: 70)
                                                                                        Date of Birth 10/7/1950 (Age: 61)
Particulars: Executive Director (Retd.) Specialization inCommercial Contracts,
                                                                                        Particulars: Member Technical Specialization inIntellectual Property, Commercial
Maritime Shipping etc. Participated in many arbitration cases.
                                                                                        Contracts, Telecommunication, Construction, and Transport etc 35 years experience
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

37                                                                                      38
Membership No: IL/ICA/1019                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/1027
Mr. S.K. Banerjee,                                                                      Mr. Ajay Bansal
CMD National Aluminium Co. Ltd.                                                         Proprietor & Principal Consultant Ajay Builder & Consultants
A-4/6, KMDA Baitalik Coop. Housing Society Baghajatin                                   S-35, Sanjay Complex, Jayendra Ganj,
Kolkata-700094                                                                          Lashkar
Phone: 9831874164/24366620 /Email: skbanerjee44@yahoo.co.in                             Gwalior-474009
Date of Birth 8/12/1944 (Age: 65)                                                       Phone: 0751-2426750/09425109461 /Email: ajay.net@indiatimes.com
Particulars: Retd. Director & C.M.D., NALCO. in construction industries, rightfor       Date of Birth 7/11/1947 (Age: 62)
concept to commissioning of fertilizer and aluminium industries.                        Particulars: Prop. & Principal Consultant, Ajay as Consulting ArchitecturalStructural
                                                                                        Engineer and Valuer since last 15 years.

Membership No: IL/ICA/1033
                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/1035
Mr. J.C. Bansal
                                                                                        Mr. Suresh K Bansal
Cost Accountant and Financial Consultant
                                                                                        129, Vigyan Vihar Vikas Marg Extn.
2A, Shalimar Apartments, Block B.W.,
                                                                                        New Delhi-110092
Shalimar Bagh,
                                                                                        Phone: 22151012/9873392066 /Email: bansalsk@iocl.co.in
                                                                                        Date of Birth 3/15/1958 (Age: 51)
Phone: 7232352/72118529 /Email:
                                                                                        Particulars: DGM, IOCL ntracts, Engineering/Technical andConstruction &
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                        maintenance etc. Mor e than 26 years experience in the j ob. Handled several
Particulars: Retd. Jt. Director, SAIL. Cost National Insurance Co. Specialisedin
                                                                                        arbitration cas es.
Investment, Insurance matters, Audit, Planning etc.

Membership No: IL/ICA/1039                                                              42
Mr. Vishwa Mohan Bansal                                                                 Membership No: IL/ICA/1041
Former 'Principal Commissioner- cum-Secretary DDA                                       Mr. K K Bansal
Plot No. 50 (BNC) Tughlakabad Institutional Area,                                       Director General Police (Retd.) U P Govt.
New Delhi-110062                                                                        3/61, Vikas Nagar
Phone: 233181447/9810160310/40111000 /Email: secydda@yahoo.co.in                        Lucknow-226022
Date of Birth 6/12/1950 (Age: 59)                                                       Phone: 0522-2768422 /Email:
Particulars: Commissioner-cum-Secretary, DDA. generating Estates/Lands in               Date of Birth 6/28/1943 (Age: 66)
Delhifor DDA. Framing policy for allot- ment/disposal of commercial Spaces/ lands       Particulars: Retd. as Director General of in Intellectual Property, StateContracts,
at all the four International Airports of India. More than 30 years experience in the   Taxation, Transport and Investigation etc.
 43                                                                                     44
Membership No: IL/ICA/1042                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/1043
Mr. R N Bansal                                                                          Mr. Arun Kumar Bansal
IAS Officer (Retd.)                                                                     Valuation of Plant Machinery
609, Sheetal Vihar Society, Sector - 23,                                                220, Aashirwad Enclave 104, I P Extension
Dwarka,                                                                                 Patparganj, Trans-Yamuna
New Delhi-110077                                                                        New Delhi-110092
Phone: 28050835, 9868973790 /Email:                                                     Phone: 42181052/9891469820 /Email: arunbina@airtailmail.in
Date of Birth 2/1/1939 (Age: 73)                                                        Date of Birth 6/26/1944 (Age: 65)
Particulars: IAS Officer (Retd.). Specialization Franchising, Real Estate,              Particulars: Former Deputy General Manager, Chhattisgarh. Regd.
StateContracts, Commercial Contracts, Insurance, Corporate Law, Corporation and         Valuer.Specialization in Engineering/ Technical and Construction. 34 years
related activities and Environment. 33 years experience                                 experience

Membership No: IL/ICA/1044                                                               46
Mr. Shiam Lal Bansal                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/1046
Former finance Secretary UT of Daman & Diu and DNH                                      Mr. C.V. Bapat
C-35, First Floor Gulmohar Park                                                         IPS (Retd.)
New Delhi-110049                                                                        G-31, Indiranagri Kothrud
Phone: 26851080 /Email:                                                                 Pune-411029
Date of Birth 1/5/1947 (Age: 62)                                                        Phone: 333579 /Email:
Particulars: in Commercial Contracts, StateContracts, Taxation, Real Estate,            Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Corporate Law, Corporation and related activities and Environment. 20 years             Particulars: Member, Board of SVP National
experience in the service.

                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/1060
Membership No: IL/ICA/1052
                                                                                        Mr. C.L. Bashal
Mr. Kalyan Barooah
                                                                                        Joint Secretary (Retd.) Ministry of Petroleum, Govt. of India,
General Manager (Retd.) Oil India Ltd.
                                                                                        BA-5D, DDA Flats, Munirka,
Flat No. A-14, DG(S) CGHS Plot No. 6
                                                                                        New Delhi-110067
Sector-22, Dwarka
                                                                                        Phone: 9868866717 /Email:
New Delhi-110045
                                                                                        Date of Birth 11/10/1940 (Age: 70)
Phone: 25091447 /Email:
                                                                                        Particulars: Retd. as Joint Secretary from Gas, Govt. of India. Looked
Date of Birth 10/1/1942 (Age: 67)
                                                                                        afterAdministrative, Parliamentary matters, Court cases, Service conditions of
Particulars: General Manager (Retd.), Oil India Contracts, Oil, Petroleum and
                                                                                        Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts, Setting up of Lok Adalats & Family
Gas,Engineering/Technical and Construction.
                                                                                        Courts in India.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

49                                                                                       50
Membership No: IL/ICA/1065                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1070
Mr. S.K. Basu                                                                            Mr. Kailash Chander Batra
Retd. Secretary to the Govt. of India                                                    Executive Director Housing & Urban Dev. Corpn. Ltd.
E-22, Anandlok Housing Society Mayur Vihar-1                                             E-7, DDA Flats Saket
New Delhi-110091                                                                         New Delhi-110017
Phone: 275-3904 /Email:                                                                  Phone: 26560635 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: I A S Retd. as Secretary to the to the National Commission for SCand        Particulars: Executive Director, Housing & Ltd. Specialization in RealEstate, State
ST, Advisor in Planning commission in charge of BC.                                      Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Engineering/ Technical and Maritime Shipping. 34
                                                                                         years experience in construction works.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4796
                                                                                         Membership No: IL/ICA/1078
Mr. Anil Kumar Batra
                                                                                         Mr. Rajinder Singh Bedi,
General Manager (Retd.) Engineers India Ltd,
                                                                                         Advocate, Supreme Court,
A-215, Sarita Vihar,
                                                                                         F-594, Sarita Vihar,
New Delhi-110076
                                                                                         New Delhi-110044
Phone: 26942267/9818227994 /Email: ak.batra51@gmail.com
                                                                                         Phone: 6946510 /Email:
Date of Birth 3/18/1951 (Age: 60)
                                                                                         Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: General Manager (Retd), Specialization inOil, Petroleum and Gas,
                                                                                         Particulars: Advocate, Supreme Court & High te, CJM, DC Judical, Legal Remeren-
Engineering/Technical Construction, Commercial Contracts, Joint Ventures,
                                                                                         cer. Addl. Law Secretary, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
Aviation and Entertainment etc 36 years experience

 53                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/1098
Membership No: IL/ICA/1082                                                               Mr. Vijay Bhalla
Mr. P.M. Belliappa,                                                                      Consultant(Business Executive)
IAS (Retd.)                                                                              W-149, Greater Kailash Part-II
1-A, Gee Gee Minar, 23, College Road,                                                    New Delhi-110048
Chennai-600006                                                                           Phone: 65416665 /Email: beconsulting@gmail.com
Phone: /Email:                                                                           Date of Birth 7/21/1947 (Age: 62)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Particulars: Business Executive Consultant. Director (Corporate Affairs)/Business
Particulars: Ex-Chariman, Environment Board. IAS. Served as arbitrator.                  Strategy, Indo Rama Synthetics (I) Ltd. Specialization in Commercial Contracts,
                                                                                         Textile/ Jute Industry, Engineering/Technica l, Joint Ventures, Power Energy. 35
                                                                                         years experience in service.
Membership No: IL/ICA/1107                                                               56
Mr. P.N. Bhandari                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/1128
IAS (Retd.) Ex-Chairman, Rajasthan State Electricity Board,                              Mr. S N Bhargava,
S-271, Mahaveer Nagar Tonk Road                                                          Ex-Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
Jaipur-302015                                                                            Flat No. 301, Fancy Society, 19, Vasundhara Enclave,
Phone: 2552311/09351152311 /Email: rajneesh5555@gmail.com                                Delhi-110096
Date of Birth 3/7/1941 (Age: 68)                                                         Phone: 3378766,2621868 /Email:
Particulars: Retd. IAS Officer. Presently Rajasthan High Court. Speciali-zation in       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Commercial Contracts, State Contracts, Taxation, Engineering/Technical, Power            Particulars: Ex-Chief Commissioner of Income-tax University Administration,
Energy, Construction, Corporation & related activities. 35 years experience as IAS       TaxDepartment, International Taxation specialisation in tax disputes.

Membership No: IL/ICA/1149                                                               58
Mr. R.L. Bhatia                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/1159
Advocate                                                                                 Mr. K.L. Bhatia,
C-295, Vikaspuri                                                                         Advocate,
New Delhi-110018                                                                         M-32, Rajouri Garden,
Phone: 9868008747/25547573 /Email: rlbhatiaadv@gmail.com                                 New Delhi-110027
Date of Birth 10/5/1943 (Age: 67)                                                        Phone: /Email:
Particulars: Practicing as Advocate Worked as with private sector and                    Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
afterSecretarial matters.Specialisation in Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law and       Particulars: General Manger/ Law Officer of arbitraton cases while in service.
having more than 20 years experience.

Membership No: IL/ICA/1164
                                                                                         Membership No: IL/ICA/1165
Mr. R.P. Bhatnagar,
                                                                                         Mr. S.K. Bhatnagar,
                                                                                         Former Defence Secretary,
A-10, Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri,
                                                                                         10, Chitra Vihar, Trans Yamuna,
New Delhi-110021
Phone: 675554, 3340776 /Email:
                                                                                         Phone: 2208868 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                         Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: General Manger (Estate), I.T.D.C. service. 16 years in IAF and 20years in
                                                                                         Particulars: IAS Retd. Former Secretary to GOI. HAL, Bharat Earth Movers,
public undertakings services in Industry since 1975 (20 years) as HRM/HRD
                                                                                         MazagonDocks etc.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

Membership No: IL/ICA/1178                                                            62
Mr. Syamal Kumar Bhattacharya                                                         Membership No: IL/ICA/1182
Dy. Zonal Manager Food Corporation of India                                           Mr. Dipak Bhattacharya,
Flat No.132, Sector-15A                                                               Advocate,
Noida-201301                                                                          H-1553, C.R. Park, First Floor,
Phone: 95120-2511935/9899751700 /Email:                                               New Delhi-110019
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Phone: 6215117/3386231 /Email:
Particulars: Dy. Zonal Manager (North Zone), Specialization in CommercialContracts.   Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Agriculture & Food Processing and Maritime Shipping etc.                              Particulars: Advocate, Supreme Court of India. Service matters, Customs &
                                                                                      Exciseand other Revenue matters. More than 20 years experience in the field.

Membership No: IL/ICA/1184
                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/1205
Mr. S.P. Bhattacharyya
                                                                                      Mr. M.S. Bir,
Expert Consultant Asian Development Bank
                                                                                      Hoy. Legal Advisor,
No.2, Captain Marious Xavier Street
                                                                                      C-2C/90-2, Janakpuri,
                                                                                      New Delhi-110058
Phone: 0'9818529060 /Email:
                                                                                      Phone: 25506956, 9868484993 /Email: msbir@yahoo.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Expert Consultant, Asian Developmen Administration. Specialization
                                                                                      Particulars: Retd. General Manger, NTC. Present- Specialised in marketing
inSr. Industrial Advisor, Commercial Contracts, Construction, Real Estate, Oil
                                                                                      contractsand arbitration. Acted as counsel in arbitration cases.
Petroleum and Gas, Steel, Mining & Quarying. 20 years experience

 65                                                                                   66
Membership No: IL/ICA/1212                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/4731
Mr. Alok Biswas                                                                       Mr. Madan Lal Bohra
Consultant                                                                            Ex-Chief Finance Manager STC of India Ltd.
Flat No.HIG-A/1/11/44 Calcutta Green Phase-I                                          D/3, STC Employee Co-operative Hsg. Society Ltd.
1050/2, Survey Park                                                                   Prof. NS Phadke Marg, (Andheri (E)
Kolkata-700075                                                                        Mumbai-400069
Phone: 94335-26176 /Email:                                                            Phone: 26221447/09892365528 /Email: mlbohra@yahoo.co.in
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Date of Birth 7/8/1942 (Age: 68)
Particulars: Consultant. Worked as Sr. Executive n Intellectual Property,             Particulars: Ex-Chief Finance Manager, Specialization inCorporate Law, Corporation
Telecommunications, Corporate Law, Taxation, International Investments, Informat      and related activities, Finance Banking, Intellectual Property and Commercial
ion Technology, Competition and Com puter Software. More than 15 years in job.        Contracts 41 years experience

67                                                                                     68
Membership No: IL/ICA/1233                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/1247
Mr. N.M. Brahmbhatt,                                                                  Mr. Kamal Mohan Chadha
Management Consultant,                                                                I.A.S. (Retd.)
97, Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point,                                                      G-03, Fountain Square Jawahar Circle,
Mumbai-400021                                                                         Jaipur-302017
Phone: 3671456, 3678723 /Email:                                                       Phone: 9571556102 /Email: km_chadha@yahoo.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Date of Birth 11/25/1944 (Age: 67)
Particulars: Management Consultant and Advisor Group. Wast knowledge of               Particulars: I.A.S. (Retd.) Nagaland Public Ombudsman. Specialization inInsurance,
Finance,Accounts, Taxation, Tax Planning National and International. Served as        Textile Industry, Agriculture & Food Processing and Environment. 34 years
Chief Executive of several public sector organisations                                experience in service.

                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/1276
                                                                                      Mr. Sujit Chakravorti
Membership No: IL/ICA/1248
                                                                                      Chartered Accountant Ex-CMD Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd
Mr. B.L. Chadha,
                                                                                      Romola Villa 17/7, James Long Sarani
Ex-CMD, Syndicate Bank,
S-359, Ist Floor, Greater Kailash-II,
                                                                                      Phone: 2446-2891, 9831039746 /Email: schakravorthi2k@yahoo.co.uk
New Delhi-110048
                                                                                      Date of Birth 9/13/1943 (Age: 67)
Phone: 41637048/09811045594 /Email:
                                                                                      Particulars: Non-Executive Chairman, Independent and Chartered Accountant.
Date of Birth 2/3/1937 (Age: 70)
                                                                                      FormerChairman and Managing Director, Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. Specialization in
Particulars: Retd. CMD of Syndicate Bank, Bank- Manger, State Bank of India.
                                                                                      Agency & Distribution and Franchising, Real Estate, Finance Banking, Commercial
                                                                                      Contracts, Corporate Law and Tax. M.Com. with 22 years experience in service.

 71                                                                                   Membership No: IL/ICA/1289
Membership No: IL/ICA/1280                                                            Mr. Prabodh Chander
Mr. Bipin Chand                                                                       Executive Director Insurance Regulatory and Dev. Authority,
Jt. President, Jaiprakash Associates Ltd,                                             AI Block, H.No.262, Safdarjang Enclave
A-3, Flat No. 409, Tower V, Silvercity, Sector -93,                                   New Delhi-110029
Noida-201304                                                                          Phone: 26711919 /Email:
Phone: 9958827617 /Email: chandbipin@gmail.com                                        Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 3/7/1952 (Age: 58)                                                      Particulars: Working as Officer on Special Duty of Executive Director in the Insu-
Particulars: Joint President, Real Estate Project, Handing Arbitration cases for      rance Regulatory & Development Authority of India since 1996. Specialized in the
thelast 20 years.                                                                     area of Insura- nce Service - Legal matters and handling arbitration cases since
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

73                                                                                      74
Membership No: IL/ICA/1293                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/1294
Mr. M.L. Chandok                                                                        Mr. Gopal Chandra
Ex-Chief GM(Legal) N.I.D.C. Ltd.                                                        Chartered Engineer (India),
130, Charak Sadan, AIIMS Doctors Society,                                               HIG-68-A, Abhay Khand-I, Indira Puram
Vikaspuri,                                                                              Ghaziabad-201010
New Delhi-110018                                                                        Phone: /Email:
Phone: 28530330/9811480490 /Email: mlchandok@indiatimes.com                             Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 8/15/1945 (Age: 65)                                                       Particulars: Retd. Chief (Marketing). Bharat in State Contracts, Telecommuni-cations,
Particulars: Ex-Chief General Manager, NIDC. State Contracts,Agriculture & Food         Taxation, Textile/Jute Industry and Motor Vehicle, Trailers and Semi-Trailers etc.
Processing, Company Law, Personnel and Administration matters 30 years                  Handled many legal and arbitration cases during service period for more than 20
experience in service, Consultancy, Arbitration and Legal                               years.
 75                                                                                     76
Membership No: IL/ICA/1302                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/1304
Mr. Ramesh Chandra                                                                      Mr. K Chandra
Retd. Chairman, CWC                                                                     Executive Director S.A.I.L.
#58, Sector 9, Pocket I                                                                 B-101, Ispatika Apartments Plot 29, Sector 4
Dwarka,                                                                                 Dwarka
New Delhi-110077                                                                        New Delhi-110045
Phone: 28080446/9810406585 /Email: rameshchandra39@gmail.com                            Phone: 25094022/9810822100 /Email:
Date of Birth 12/15/1939 (Age: 70)                                                      Date of Birth 7/28/1943 (Age: 67)
Particulars: Chairman, CWC & Ex-Officio Resources Vice President, ICIDChairman,         Particulars: Executive Director, SAIL. Contracts, Steel, Mining &Quarying 36 years
INCID Chairman Executive Committee Construction of Rajghat and Bansagar Multi           experience in Steel Marketing domestic and international.
Purpose Projects President, Indian Society of Engg. Geology. More than 20 years
working experience.
 77                                                                                      78
Membership No: IL/ICA/1305                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/1333
Mr. B S Sudhir Chandra                                                                  Mr. Pradeep Chaturvedi
Member (Retd.) Railway Board &                                                          Jt. Director Rajay Sabha Secretariate
A-502,'Sterling Terraces' No.3, 100 Ft. Ring Road,                                      234, Sita Ram Apartments Plot No. 102,
Banashankari,3rd Stage                                                                  I P Extn. Patparganj
Bangalore-560085                                                                        Delhi-110092
Phone: 080-'42078841/09886073352 /Email:                                                Phone: 22726474/42182200/'9810980012 /Email: prcyn@yahoo.com
Date of Birth 8/6/1943 (Age: 67)                                                        Date of Birth 10/2/1963 (Age: 47)
Particulars: Retd. Member, Railway Board. Telecommunications,                           Particulars: Deputy Director, Officer Rajya Sabha since 1990. Specialization in
Engineering/Technical, Construction and Transport. Settled a number of claims in        Intellectual Property, Commercial Contracts, Telec ommunications, Oil, Petroleum
construction, Projects etc. Have more than 35 years experience in contract              and G as, Joint Venture etc. 17 years exp erience in legal.
management, execution and construction projects.
 79                                                                                     80
Membership No: IL/ICA/1335                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/4662
Mr. Amiya Krishan Chaturvedi                                                            Mr. G S Chaturvedi
I.A.S.(Retd.) Ex-Member UP Public Service Commission                                    Addl. Secretary (Retd.), Govt. of Delhi
F-10, Bhuwan Chatuvedi Flat No.3481, F-3,                                               Flat No. 220 Sidhartha Enclave
Alok Vihar-I, Sector - 50(Gautam Budh Nagar)                                            Ashram Chowk
Noida-201301                                                                            New Delhi-110014
Phone: 0120-2481986/09412821999 /Email: chaturvediamiya@gmail.com                       Phone: 9873395571/26348155 /Email:
Date of Birth 11/14/1946 (Age: 63)                                                      Date of Birth 1/14/1944 (Age: 67)
Particulars: IAS (Retd.) Ex-Member, UP Public in Real Estate, State                     Particulars: Add. Secretary (Retd.) Govt. of Delhi. in Real Estate, State
Contracts,Agriculture & Food Processing, Textile/ Jute Industry, Entertainment,         Contracts,Corporate Law, Taxation etc. Have 37 years experience in service.
Corporation & related activities and Transport. 37 years expereince in service.

Membership No: IL/ICA/1347
                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/1353
Ms Sadhna Chaudhry
                                                                                        Mr. Bhupendra Singh Chauhan
Ex-Judicial Officer & (District Judge), U P Govt.
                                                                                        Legal Consultant
House No.53 Sector-37
                                                                                        4290/3, Ansari Road Darya Ganj
                                                                                        New Delhi-110002
Phone: 0120-4313293/09871195005 /Email: sadhna.chaudhry@gmail.com
                                                                                        Phone: 23290169 /Email:
Date of Birth 11/30/1947 (Age: 62)
                                                                                        Date of Birth 10/24/1968 (Age: 41)
Particulars: Ex-Judicial Officer (District Judge Printing and reproduction ofrecorded
                                                                                        Particulars: Legal Consultant. Specialization Franchising, Real Estate,
media, Agency & Distributi on and Franchising Intellectual Property, State Contracts
                                                                                        FinanceBanking, Commercial Contracts, Automobile, Corporate Law.
etc. LL.B., LL.M. with 31 years experience in service.

83                                                                                      84
Membership No: IL/ICA/1354                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/1361
Mr. Rajendra Prasad Chaurasia                                                           Mr. Harish Chander Chawla
Executive Director SAIL, Bokaro Steel Plant                                             Chairman, Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum
109, Cooperative Colony Bokaro Steel City                                               D-52, Greater Kailash Enclave-II
Bokaro-827001                                                                           New Delhi-110048
Phone: 06542-240745 /Email:                                                             Phone: 29216884 /Email: hcchawla@hotmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Date of Birth 6/21/1947 (Age: 62)
Particulars: Executive Director, Bokaro Steel Estate, Commercial                        Particulars: Chairman, Consumer Grievances Specialization in
Contracts,Insurance, Corporate Law and Taxation with more than 16 years                 CommercialContracts, Engineering/Technical, Power Energy, Electrical Machinery
experience. Dealt with several arbitration cases.                                       Equipment and Apparatus. 20 years experience in legal contracts.
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

85                                                                                      86
Membership No: IL/ICA/1363                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/1371
Mr. George Cheriyan                                                                    Mr. B L Chhibber
Sr. Vice-President(Retd.) Income Tax Appellate Tribunal                                Advocate Supreme Court of India
TFI Corddel Aparments                                                                  Chhibber & Chhibber (Regd.) Flat No.1014, 10th Floor,
13, Pycrofts Garden Road                                                               New Delhi House, 27, Barakhamba Road
Chennai-600006                                                                         New Delhi-110001
Phone: 8275594 /Email:                                                                 Phone: 24346387/23766103/9810999521 /Email: chhibbers@rediffmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Date of Birth 1/10/1941 (Age: 68)
Particulars: Sr. Vice President (Retd.), Income as an Advocate. Specialised inIncome   Particulars: Retd. Member Income Tax Appellate T Income tax Department since
Tax, Finances, commercial law, arbitration etc.                                        1965 including that of Commissioner of Inc ome-tax, Punjab, Chandigarh & HP. E
                                                                                       nrolled as Advocate. Specialization in Finance Banking, Commercial Con tracts,
                                                                                       Insurance, Corporate Law, T axation etc.
 87                                                                                     88
Membership No: IL/ICA/1381                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/1390
Mr. Ashok Kumar Chohdda                                                                Mr. Pawan Chopra
Dy. Director General (Retd.) Indian Supply Service                                     Former Secretary to the Govt of India
332, Pocket-C, SFS Triveni Apartments                                                  CI/39, Pandara Park,
Shaikh Sarai, Phase-I                                                                  New Delhi-110003
New Delhi-110017                                                                       Phone: 23385926, 9999020074 /Email: pchopra04@gmail.com;
Phone: 26012228 /Email:                                                                pchopra04@yahoo.co.in
Date of Birth 10/27/1947 (Age: 62)                                                     Date of Birth 5/22/1944 (Age: 68)
Particulars: Dy. Director (Retd.), Chartered Specialization in in State Contracts,     Particulars: Former Secretary to the Govt. of In Director, Rajasthan Finance
Telecommunications, Engineering/ Technical, Automobile ete. 34 years experience        Corporation. Specialization in Intellelct ual Property, State Contracts, Fina nce
in service.                                                                            Banking, Commercial Contracts, Agriculture & Food Processing etc. Have more than
                                                                                       30 years experience in job.
89                                                                                      90
Membership No: IL/ICA/1393                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/1397
Mr. S M Chopra                                                                         Mr. K.P. Choudhary
Retd. Addl. Dist. & Session Judge                                                      G.M., SAIL
181, Deshbandhu Apartments                                                             153, Co-Operative Colony, Bokaro Steel City
Kalkaji                                                                                Bokaro-827001
New Delhi-110019                                                                       Phone: 06542-40645 /Email:
Phone: 26484158/9213230349 /Email: sm4justice@yahoo.com                                Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 8/1/1947 (Age: 62)                                                       Particulars: General Manger, SAIL, Bokaro Steel Level Mangement. Arbitrator forover
Particulars: Retd. Dist. & Session Judge. Finance Banking, Commercial Contracts,       a decade in lage number of arbitrations involving vast magnit- ude (several crores)
Corporate Law, Joint Ventures, Securities, Corporate & related activities. 33 years    of claims and counter-claims.

 91                                                                                    92
Membership No: IL/ICA/1400                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/4636
Mr. N K Choudhri                                                                       Dr. Debabrata Chowdhury
Executive Director (Contracts-Civil) NHPC Ltd                                          Engineering Management Consultant Verma Flat No.D-11/A,
E-140 (SF) Greater Kailash-3                                                           Ground Floor, 35, Lawrence Street,
New Delhi-110048                                                                       Hooghly
Phone: 41435296 /Email:                                                                Uttarpara-712258
Date of Birth 2/12/1947 (Age: 62)                                                      Phone: 033-26638373/9831034547 /Email:
Particulars: Executive Director (Contracts-Civil Commercial Contracts,                 Date of Birth 1/2/1937 (Age: 75)
Insurance,Engineering/Technical, Joint Ventures, Power Energy, Construction and        Particulars: Worked as Chief Manager, Ministry of Agency & Distribution and
Transport. 36 years experience                                                         Franchising,Intellectual Property, Finance Banking, Telecommunication, Automobile
                                                                                       etc. Have 41 years experience in service.

93                                                                                     Membership No: IL/ICA/1431
Membership No: IL/ICA/1428                                                             Mr. Madan Lal Daga
Mr. S.P. Dada                                                                          Finance Controller & Company Secretary
A-12, Taxila Apartments, 1-1-11,                                                       28/1, Naba Gopal Mookherjee Lane, Post - Shibpur Tram Depot
S P Road                                                                               Dist: Howrah
Secunderabad-500003                                                                    Howrah-711102
Phone: 0'9849636721 /Email: dcmcapco@satyam.net.in                                     Phone: 9331023407/2642-6077 /Email: mldaga1957@yahoo.co.in
Date of Birth 1/15/1940 (Age: 69)                                                      Date of Birth 1/27/1957 (Age: 52)
Particulars: Dy. General Manager (Projects),                                           Particulars: Financial Controller & Secretary, More than 15 years experience
                                                                                       invarious capacities.

Membership No: IL/ICA/1437
                                                                                       Membership No: IL/ICA/1455
Mr. Vasant K Dalal
                                                                                       Mr. Samar Das
Amar Nivas 61-B, Bhulabhai Desai Road
                                                                                       Former G M MMTC
                                                                                       65/10, Jyotish Roy Road, P.O. New Alipur
Phone: 022-'23511154, 23538129 /Email: vasantdalal@hotmail.com
Date of Birth 3/21/1934 (Age: 78)
                                                                                       Phone: /Email:
Particulars: Ex-'Director, Rohit Pulp & Paper Mills tribution and Franchising,
                                                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Commercial Contracts, Insurance, Corporate Law and Corporation & related activ
                                                                                       Particulars: General Manager (Fertiliser) in acted as commercial Executive inMMTC
ities etc. 50 years experience in c orporate world through counseling, mediation,
                                                                                       in different cadres since 1977. 20 years experience in the field.
conciliation and arbitra tion.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

97                                                                                        98
Membership No: IL/ICA/1460                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1464
Mr. Ganga Das                                                                            Mr. Deba Prasad Dasgupta
IAS (Retd.) Commissioner, MCD                                                            DGM (E/M) Contract
9/2, Sarva Priya Vihar                                                                   North Eastern Electric Power Corpn. Brooke Land Compound
New Delhi-110016                                                                         Lower New Colony
Phone: 26862815/9868106039 /Email:                                                       Shillong-793003
Date of Birth 4/1/1939 (Age: 70)                                                         Phone: 364-224596,520385 /Email:
Particulars: IAS (Retd.). Specialization in Franchising, State Contracts,Commercial      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Contracts, Corporate Law, Taxation, Textile/Jute Industry, Joint Ventures, Securities.   Particulars: DGM, Neepco Ltd., and Senior Specialization in CommercialContracts,
35 years experience                                                                      Engineering/Technical and Power Energy. More than 20 years experience in erection,
                                                                                         testing and commissioning of Hydro Power Station & Switch-Yard.
99                                                                                       100
Membership No: IL/ICA/1466                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/4644
Mr. Sujit Dasgupta                                                                       Dr. Satyanarayana Dash
Chairman Energo Engineering Projects(P) Ltd.                                             Ex-Secretary (Heavy Industry) Deptt of Heary Industry
64, Ganga Apartments Alaknanda                                                           C1/4, Pocket VII, Phase-V, Kendriya Vihar II
New Delhi-110019                                                                         Sector - 82,
Phone: 26027767, 32923760 /Email:                                                        Noida-201304
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Phone: 24105429/9871800445 /Email: sndash@mic.in
Particulars: Chairman, Energo Engineering Projec Petroleum and Gas, Corporate            Date of Birth 3/14/1950 (Age: 60)
Law, Engineering/Technical, Joint Venture s, Power Energy, International Inve            Particulars: Ex- Secretary (Heavy Industry), Govt. of India. Specialization inPower
stments, Construction, Corporation & related activities etc. Over 35 y ears              Energy, Steel, Mining & Quarying, Automobile, Construction and Transport. Have 37
experience in power sector. Ha ndled several arbitration cases.                          years experience in service.
101                                                                                       102
Membership No: IL/ICA/1491                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1501
Mr. Devi Dayal                                                                           Mr. Pradip Kumar Deka
Presiding Officer (IAS)                                                                  Executive Director NEEPCO LTD.
B-192 A, Sector-44                                                                       Lower New Colony
Noida-201303                                                                             Shillong-793003
Phone: /Email:                                                                           Phone: 2224522 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Date of Birth 2/29/1948 (Age: 61)
Particulars: Presiding Officer in Revenue and Services and presently practisingas an     Particulars: Executive Director, Neepco Ltd. State Contracts, CommercialContracts,
advocate in Supreme Court. Specialization in State Contracts, Finance Banking,           Insurance, Engineering/ Technical and Information Technology etc. Conducted
Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law and securities etc. More than 35 years               about 15 arbitration cases.
experience as IAS.

103                                                                                      104
Membership No: IL/ICA/1514                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1519
Mr. Vinod M Desai                                                                        Mr. Jeevan Wamanrao Deshmukh
General Manager (Projects), Retd. Greaves Ltd.,                                          DGM (Law)(Retd) IOC
4, Meghdhanu, 52 Dadabhai Road, Vile Prle (West)                                         Flat No.1312, Building No.13 Clovet Highlands, Next to NIBM,
Mumbai-400056                                                                            Undri Pisoli Road, Kondhwa
Phone: 6710957, 2671524 /Email:                                                          Pune-411048
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Phone: 020-26823046 /Email:
Particulars: General Manger Projects. Projects & planning with italian.                  Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
CollaboratorSales Manager and Marketing Manager with All India Marketing of              Particulars: DGM (Retd.) Indian Oil Corpn. Ltd. Oil Corporation Ltd.Specialization in
Thermal Equipment. More than 30 years service experience.                                Power Energy, Maritime Shipping and Securities. Handling over 150
                                                                                         Adhoc/Instituiona lised arbitration and as such special interest in arbitration cases
                                                                                         and such special interest in arbitration and.
                                                                                         Membership No: IL/ICA/1541
Membership No: IL/ICA/1540
                                                                                         Mr. S K Dewan
Dr. S M Dewan
                                                                                         Member, Lok Adalat, UT Chandigarh
Ex-Chairman/Managing Director, STC
                                                                                         109, Sector - 8A
House No. 305, Sector XV-A
                                                                                         Phone: 0172-2780738/9814269065 /Email: skdewan46@hotmail.com
Phone: 0120-2511826 /Email:
                                                                                         Date of Birth 11/11/1946 (Age: 63)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                         Particulars: Member, Lok Adalat, UT, Specialization in Commercial Contracts,
Particulars: Retd. as Chairman & Managing 37 years. Specialization in Agency&
                                                                                         Automobile, Engineering/Techni cal, Power Energy and Information T echnology etc.
Distribution and Franchising, State Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Corporate
                                                                                         Handled 15 arbitrati on cases as arbitrator. More than 3 0 years experience in
Law etc. Handled several arbitration cases as arbitrator.

107                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/1546
Membership No: IL/ICA/1542                                                               Mr. R.S. Dhadwal
Mr. Basudev Dey                                                                          Chief Engineer (Retd.) Central Railway
Valuer                                                                                   8, Anand Vihar, Near HDFC Bank, New Juhu-Versova Link Road,
29/3B, Lake Place, Ground Floor,                                                         Andheri (W),
Kolkata-700029                                                                           Mumbai-400053
Phone: 09331025713 /Email:                                                               Phone: 9820129429/26243936 /Email: rdhadwal0917@hotmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Date of Birth 9/17/1940 (Age: 70)
Particulars: Valuer, Specialization in Real y and Equipment. M.A.(Econ) and23 years      Particulars: Regional Director, Pan Telecom (P) Indian Railways. Specialization
experience in valuation.                                                                 inReal Estate, State Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Telecommuni- cations, Steel,
                                                                                         Mining & Quarying, Engineering/Technical, Construction and Securities etc. Dealt
                                                                                         with several arbitration cases. 20 years experience in Management and Engineering.
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

109                                                                                       110
Membership No: IL/ICA/1556                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1573
Mr. Dharni Dhar                                                                          Mr. Channappa M Dhopare
Advocate                                                                                 Dist. Session Judge (Retd.)
R-12/3, Raj Nagar                                                                        302, Colonial Hearth 1054, Shivajinagar
Ghaziabad-201002                                                                         Model Colony
Phone: 8-717770 /Email:                                                                  Pune-411016
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Phone: 020-25659977/09922376497 /Email: cmdhopare2211@rediffmail.com
Particulars: Member on the panel of arbitrators Commission, Ministry of                  Date of Birth 11/22/1942 (Age: 67)
SurfaceTransport and UP State Electricity Board.                                         Particulars: District & Session Judge (Retd.). prosecutive, Secretary, MH.
                                                                                         Legist.Secretaries and President, Dist. Consumer Forum, Mumbai. Specialization in
                                                                                         Insurance, Real Estate, Commercial Contracts, Finance Banking and Agency &
                                                                                         Distribution. 19 years experience in service.
 111                                                                                      112
Membership No: IL/ICA/1575                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1608
Mr. Gopal Krishna Dikshit                                                                Mr. Arun Duggal
I.A.S. (Retd.)                                                                           Ex-CEO
50, Ishwar Nagar Mathura Road                                                            709, Ansal Bhawan, Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
New Delhi-110065                                                                         New Delhi-110001
Phone: 26313366,26312266 /Email:                                                         Phone: 9810188999 /Email: aduggal@shriram.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Date of Birth 10/1/1946 (Age: 64)
Particulars: Indian Administrative Service. Spec ntracts, Commercial Contracts,          Particulars: Consultant/Ex-CEO, Bank of America. Oil, Petroleum and Gas, Joint
Corprate Law, Entertainment, Joint Vent ure etc. More than 30 years experie nce in       Ventures, International Investment and Computer Software etc. More than 20 years
Government and Government or ganizations.                                                experience in Finance, Inves tment and International matters.

 113                                                                                      114
Membership No: IL/ICA/4800                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1616
Mr. Brahm Dutt                                                                           Mr. Salil Kumar Dutta
IAS Officer(Retd.) Govt. of India                                                        Retd. General Manager Bharat Petroleum
C-I/30, Pandara Park,                                                                    703/704 Building 3A, Neighbourhood
New Delhi-110003                                                                         Lokhandwala Complex, Kandivli (E)
Phone: 23385688/24615585 /Email: dutt.brahm@gmail.com                                    Mumbai-400101
Date of Birth 7/5/1950 (Age: 60)                                                         Phone: 022-56998540 /Email:
Particulars: IAS Officer(Retd.) Specializaton inIntellectual Property, Real Estate,      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
State Contracts, Finance Banking, Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law, Joint             Particulars: Retd. General Manager, Bharat Petroleum and Gas. 38 yearsexperience
Ventures, Information Technology Law 37 years experience                                 in Oil Industry.

 115                                                                                     116
Membership No: IL/ICA/1649                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1658
Mr. Atul Jayant Gandhi                                                                   Mr. A.S. Gangaramany
Company Secretary                                                                        Former Dy. General Manager, NBCC Ltd.
906, Navin Asha 126, Dadasaheb Falke Road,                                               B-301-302, Jai Kranti Society, 19, Clarke Town
Dadar                                                                                    Nagpur-440004
Mumbai-400014                                                                            Phone: 0712-538241 /Email:
Phone: 4110039 /Email:                                                                   Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Particulars: Worked with Govt. of India, Public various Project on the rank
Particulars: Company Secretary. Served in public & Arbitrator. Experienced in            ofManager, NBCC Ltd. Working as Contractor with M/s Bharat Petro- chemicals Ltd.
legaladmn., taxation etc.                                                                Specialised in Power Energy, Maritime Shipping and Securities. Dealt with number of
                                                                                         arbitration cases.
 117                                                                                     Membership No: IL/ICA/1690
Membership No: IL/ICA/4777                                                               Mr. Mahesh Kumar Garg,
Mr. Kuldip Chand Ganjwal                                                                 Techno Legal Consultant
Advocate Retd. Member, Co. Law Board.                                                    I-267, Naraina Vihar,
D-2/2309, Vasant Kunj,                                                                   New Delhi-110028
New Delhi-110070                                                                         Phone: 25793213, 9711115678 /Email: mkgarg267@yahoo.com
Phone: 26130451/9818825290 /Email: kuldeep.ganjwal@gmail.com                             Date of Birth 10/10/1948 (Age: 61)
Date of Birth 11/28/1949 (Age: 69)                                                       Particulars: Chief Engineer (Legal), Ministry Authority. Arbitration, legalmatters and
Particulars: Former Member, Specialization inCorporate Law, Training & Dressing of       attending to court cases including framing of rules and regulations under the Act
leather, Environment etc. 35 years experience                                            relating to electricity sector. Experience in planning, procure- ment, inspection,
                                                                                         execution of electrical and mechanical works etc .

 119                                                                                     120
Membership No: IL/ICA/1693                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1699
Mr. S.S. Gaur                                                                            Dr. N Gautam
Chief (Law), Housing and Urban Development Corpn. Ltd.                                   Advocate Supreme Court of India
51, Vidhi Aparts, 116, I.P. Extension,                                                   B-40-A, DDA (Old ) Flats Paschimpuri Chowk
Delhi-110092                                                                             Punjabi Bagh Club Road
Phone: 22016192, 20552018 /Email:                                                        New Delhi-110063
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Phone: 25213321/'9999474556 /Email:
Particulars: Dy. General Manager (Law), F.F.C.I. of Financial assisted companies         Date of Birth 1/10/1947 (Age: 62)
ofTFCI. 23 years middle & senior level experience in the disciplines of law, finance     Particulars: Ex-Vigillence Officer, DTC, and Corporation. Practising asAdvocate.
and management. Handled the matters relating to contracts, project finiancing            Specialization in Commercial Contracts, Transport, Securities, Real Estate, Motor
transfer of property, joint-venture taxation, arbitration, industries (Development and   Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-Trailer s. 37 years experience
Regulation) Act.
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

121                                                                                   122
Membership No: IL/ICA/4776                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/1703
Mr. Krishna Kumar Gautam                                                              Mr. Vijay Gera
Chief Executive Officer, NBHC                                                         Director-Projects ADV Design House Pvt. Ltd.
Flat No. 82, Neelkamal Apartment, H. Block, Vikas Puri,                               R-18, Rajouri Garden
New Delhi-110018                                                                      New Delhi-110027
Phone: 07738751723/28546377 /Email: krishnakg210@gmail.com                            Phone: 51008649,25117923 /Email:
Date of Birth 7/7/1946 (Age: 64)                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Chief Executive Officer & Company Director, Specialization               Particulars: Director-Projects, Advance Design H Real Estate, State Contracts,
inAgriculture & Food Processing, State Contracts, Transport, Maritime Shipping,       Commercial Contracts, Telecommunications , Engineering/Technical, Constructi on
Commercial Contracts, and Finance Banking etc. 40 years experience                    etc. 30 years experience in service.

 123                                                                                  124
Membership No: IL/ICA/1707                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/1705
Mr. Pravesh Kumar Ghadiok,                                                            Mr. S C Ghai
Sr. Manager/Electrical Sir Ganga Ram Hospital                                         Vice-President, ITDC
28/6, First Floor, Ramesh Nagar, ('Double Storey),                                    A-17, LIC Colony Near Meera Bagh
New Delhi-110015                                                                      Paschim Vihar
Phone: 9871736201/25102431 /Email:                                                    New Delhi-110087
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Phone: 25254242 /Email:
Particulars: Senior Manager /Electrical Specialization in TenderingPreparation of     Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Cost estimates for erection & commissioning of National & International Projects      Particulars: Vice-President, ITDS Ltd. Corporation and related activities,Hotel &
Insurance, Bills verification, Expediting invoices, payment collection, Exchange of   Tourism Industry. 37 years experience in service. Handled several arbitration cases.
input information.

125                                                                                    126
Membership No: IL/ICA/1754                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/1772
Mr. S Gopal                                                                           Mr. A K Govil
Addl. Secretary (Retd.) Central Vigilance Commission                                  Insurance Surveyor & Loss Assessor
E-340 A, Greater Kailash-I                                                            114, Jor Bagh
New Delhi-110048                                                                      New Delhi-110003
Phone: 29234537/9868274777 /Email: gopal340@yahoo.com                                 Phone: 24620060,, 99891996200 /Email:
Date of Birth 11/11/1946 (Age: 63)                                                    Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Addl. Secretary (Retd.). Central Specialization in CommercialContracts   Particulars: Insurance Surveyor and Loss Central Council. Specializationin State
and State Contracts. Handled many personnel and administrative matters and            Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Insurance, Oil, Petroleum and Gas, Corporate
number of occasions adjudicate on many issues. 34 years experience                    Law, Taxation, Engineering/Technical with more than 30 years experience.

127                                                                                   128
Membership No: IL/ICA/1790                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/1791
Mr. Ramesh Chander Grover                                                             Air Cmde Puran Chand Grover
Dy. General Manager (Retd.) The New India Assurance Co.                               Chief General Manager(Legal) National Highways Authority of India
H-15, Vaishno Devi Marg Lajpat Nagar-2                                                G-5 & 6, Sector -10, Dwarka
New Delhi-110024                                                                      New Delhi-110075
Phone: 41722706/9811214045 /Email:                                                    Phone: 25074100/9811672668 /Email: groverpuran@gmail.com
Date of Birth 2/20/1946 (Age: 63)                                                     Date of Birth 7/11/1953 (Age: 57)
Particulars: Dy. General Manager (Retd.), Specialization in Insurance.33 years        Particulars: Air Cmde. Air Headquarters, New Delhi Specialization in State
experience in insurance job.                                                          Contracts,Construction and Aviation etc. 33 years experience in service.

Membership No: IL/ICA/1806
                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/1828
Mr. O.P. Gulati
                                                                                      Mr. D.V. Gupta
                                                                                      Former Chairman, Airport Authority of India
D-300, Anand Vihar,
                                                                                      B-27 B, Gangotri Enclave Alaknanda
                                                                                      New Delhi-110019
Phone: 22160700/800-900 /Email:
                                                                                      Phone: 26035555, 26035454 /Email: dvgupta17@gmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Wholetime Director/Company Secreta- Investment Consultant since
                                                                                      Particulars: Ex-Chairman, Airport Authority of Executive Director of Air IndiaLimited,
1983.Specialized in Corporate Laws, Financial. Attended several arbitration
                                                                                      Indian Airlines Ltd. Bharat Electronics Ltd. Central Electronics Ltd. 39 years
proceedings as a Company Secretary/Executive before National Stock Exchange
                                                                                      professi- onal experience in various primier Public Sector Undertakings.
Arbitration Tribunals.

Membership No: IL/ICA/1855                                                            132
Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Gupta                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/1856
Dy. General Manager(Retd.) MECON                                                      Mr. Kanhaiya Lal Gupta
Block 2 - A, Street 23 Sector-8                                                       Advocate, Delhi High Court,
Dist: Durg                                                                            B-4, Chandra Nagar,(Delhi U P Boarder)
Bhilai-490009                                                                         Ghaziabad-201011
Phone: 0788-2354692/0932902541/09425293132 /Email: kamleshkmgupta@gmail.com           Phone: 65847520/9810164309 /Email:
Date of Birth 9/8/1947 (Age: 62)                                                      Date of Birth 11/14/1935 (Age: 77)
Particulars: Incharge Academics, Runta College as Dy. General Manager,                Particulars: A S (Retd.) Presiding Officer of Public Undertakings, CollectorDistt.
MECON.Specialization in Steel, Mining & Quarying Engineering/Technical, Power         Magistrate. Addl. Resident Commissioner, U.P. Govt.
Energy, Machinery and Equipment etc. Was associated with arbitration of cases
between various plants and contractors. Have 33 years experience in consultancy to
steel plants.
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

Membership No: IL/ICA/1859                                                            134
Mr. M.G. Gupta                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/1860
Senior Officer (Retd.) Government of India                                            Mr. Mahesh Kumar Gupta
A-54, Panchsheel Enclave,                                                             Engg. Consultant Motley Consultancy Services
New Delhi-110017                                                                      56/B, Sec-5/A, Trikuta Nagar,
Phone: 6446968 /Email:                                                                Jammu-180012
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Phone: 0191-2470174/9419126230, 09419113902 /Email: mkgmotley@gmail.com
Particulars: IAAS (Retd.) Was Chief Controller Taxes. Held charges as                 Date of Birth 8/22/1950 (Age: 62)
Director(Banking). Member Finance, DDA etc. Experienced in Accounts & Customs         Particulars: Chief Consultant, Specialization inCommercial Contracts, Insurance,
etc.                                                                                  Corporate Law, Engineering/Technical, Construction Transport etc.

                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/1866
Membership No: IL/ICA/1861
                                                                                      Mr. Navneet Kumar Gupta
Mr. Mahendra Prakash Gupta
                                                                                      B-1/32, Paschim Vihar
Retd. Addl. Secretary Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance,
                                                                                      New Delhi-110063
C-2/2, Ashok Vihar II
                                                                                      Phone: 25287117/9811794355 /Email: navneetkgupta@hotmail.com
                                                                                      Date of Birth 5/2/1958 (Age: 51)
Phone: /Email:
                                                                                      Particulars: Company Secretary. Corporate Specialization in IntellectualProperty,
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                      Finance Banking, Commercial Contract, Telecom., Insurance, Corporate Law
Particulars: Retd. Additional Secretary, arbitration cases.
                                                                                      etc.Around 29 years experience in Secretarial, Legal finance and HRD.

 137                                                                                  138
Membership No: IL/ICA/1872                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/1878
Mr. P.N. Gupta                                                                        Mr. Rajendra Swaroop Gupta
Ex-Addl. GM Power Grid Corporation,                                                   Ex-Chairman-cum-Managing Dirctor, NICL
C-4/501, P.W.O. Housing Complex Sector -43                                            A-42, Sector 36
Gurgaon-122009                                                                        Noida-201301
Phone: 9891226406 /Email: pngupta2002@yahoo.com                                       Phone: 0120--4574219 /Email:
Date of Birth 1/6/1944 (Age: 66)                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Retd. Addl. General Manager from (Elect.), M.B.A. and LL.B. as wellas    Particulars: Ex-Chirman-cum-Managing Director, to Bank of Baroda, Punjab &
Chartered Engineer. Worked in various Executive Cadre for 35 years till 2004, NTPC,   SindBank and Shyam Telecom. Chief Executive of Insurance Services Bureau, New
MECON, TSL including DGM & HOD (ARB.). Contracts and Law Deptts. Specialized          Delhi.
in International Contracting of World Bank, ADB.

                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/1919
Membership No: IL/ICA/1884
                                                                                      Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta
Mr. S.B. Gupta
                                                                                      Dy. Controller (F&A) Punjab Govt.
Formerly Sr. Secretary (Law) FICCI Corporate & Commercial Law Advisor
                                                                                      H.No. 2189, Sector-38C
`Vimla Kunj' BM 64(W)
Shalimar Bagh
                                                                                      Phone: 0172-2690917/09815290433 /Email:
                                                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Phone: 2783578 /Email:
                                                                                      Particulars: Retd. as Deputy Controller (F&A) working as Arbitrator withPUNSUP,
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                      MARKFED, PSWC & PACF. Specialization in Commercial Contracts, Corporation &
Particulars: Commercial & Corporate Laws, tant Ex-Senior Secretary (Law).
                                                                                      related activities etc. More than 20 years experience in arbitration.

141                                                                                    142
Membership No: IL/ICA/1931                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/1933
Mr. D C Gupta                                                                         Mr. Rajneesh Gupta
Member MRTPC                                                                          Ex-CMD MECL, Ministry of Mines
Flat No.55, IES Apartments, Plot No.9                                                 F-261, Saraswati Kunj Society Plot No.25
Sector-IV, Dwarka                                                                     I P Extension, Patpargunj
New Delhi-110075                                                                      New Delhi-110092
Phone: 25082882 /Email:                                                               Phone: 9810697970 /Email:
Date of Birth 10/2/1944 (Age: 65)                                                     Date of Birth 4/15/1948 (Age: 61)
Particulars: Member, MRTP Commission and Former India. Specialization in              Particulars: Ex-Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Ltd. Specializaton in
FinanceBanking, Insurance, Steel Mining & Quarying,Corporation and related            CommercialContracts, Telecommunication, Engineering/Technical and Joint
activities, Securities and Taxation . M.Com., LL.B with 32 years experience in        Ventures. B.Sc. with 32 years experience in service.
Membership No: IL/ICA/1934
                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/1937
Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta
                                                                                      Mr. Amitabh Gupta
Jhilmil & Friends Colony CETP Society
                                                                                      Former DG of Police Rajasthan
1/10473, Mohan Park Naveen Shahdara
                                                                                      B-205, Rajendra Marg Bapu Nagar
Phone: 22113488, 22321730 /Email:
                                                                                      Phone: 09828166208 /Email:
Date of Birth 3/12/1966 (Age: 43)
                                                                                      Date of Birth 7/9/1940 (Age: 69)
Particulars: General Secretary of the CETP ageis of the Hon'ble Supreme Courtof
                                                                                      Particulars: Former Director General of Police. charge of District Jalore, Tonk,Sawai-
India. Specialization in Real Estate, Commercial Contracts, Environment, Maritime
                                                                                      Madhopur (Chambal Valley) and Jaipur. Worked as DIG of Jaipur, Bharatpur, Bikaner
Shipping, Taxation and Corporation & related activities. B.Sc., LL.B with 17 years
                                                                                      and Kota range. 35 years
experience in service.
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

145                                                                                 146
Membership No: IL/ICA/1940                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/1949
Mr. Bhupesh Gupta                                                                   Mr. Mahesh Chandra Gupta
Chief Executive(Bus & Devel) DLF Ltd                                                General Manager (Retd.) BALCO
C-38, Green Park                                                                    D-15, Siddhi Vinayak Apartment Flat No.602
New Delhi-110016                                                                    Meera Bagh, Bani Park
Phone: 26510187/9810053522 /Email:                                                  Jaipur-302016
Date of Birth 8/26/1961 (Age: 48)                                                   Phone: 0141-2203153 /Email: mcguptabalco@yahoo.com
Particulars: Chief Executive (Business Developme Real Estate,                       Date of Birth 8/30/1946 (Age: 63)
Engineering/Technical,Construction and Corporate Law. 21 years expereince in        Particulars: General Manager (Retd.) Bharat in Steel Mining &
service.                                                                            Quarying,Engineering/Technical, Oil, Petroleum and Gas. 30 years experience in

147                                                                                 148
Membership No: IL/ICA/1955                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/4656
Mr. Navinender Gupta                                                                Mr. V K Gupta
Executive Director (Retd.) MECON Ltd                                                District & Session Judge(Retd.)
Flat No.435, Plot No.1 Bahawalpur                                                   E-63, Sector - 39
Sector-4, Dwarka                                                                    Noida-201301
New Delhi-110075                                                                    Phone: 2500519 /Email:
Phone: 25077462/9958416308 /Email: ngnavin@hotmail.com                              Date of Birth 6/15/1946 (Age: 63)
Date of Birth 9/1/1949 (Age: 60)                                                    Particulars: Disrict & Session Judge, (Retd.) Finance Banking,
Particulars: Executive Director (Retd.), MECON Ltd. Gas, Steel, Mining &            CommercialContracts, Corporate Law, Joint Ventures. Have 35 years experience
Quarying,Engineering/Technical, Power Energy etc. 31 years experience in service.   service.

 149                                                                                 150
Membership No: IL/ICA/1956                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/1958
Mr. Arunabha Sen Gupta,                                                             Mr. Jagdish Narayan Gupta,
Manager, Legal-Admn.                                                                Legal Profession,
1A 195, Salt Lake City,                                                             III A, 143A, Rachna Vaishali,
Kolkata-700091                                                                      Ghaziabad-201012
Phone: 3374710, 3583875 /Email:                                                     Phone: 91-4775357 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                          Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Executive Officer in the grade of of Company Secretaries of            Particulars: Retd. Chief Legal Advisor, STC of advocate in High Court &
India.Manager (Legal & Admn.) of a South Korean MNC operating in India.             SupremeCourt. Conducted and attended arbitration cases on behalf of STC. More
Specialised in Banking Admn. & Legal Commercial. 20 years experie- nce in the       than 19 years experience in the field.
 151                                                                                152
Membership No: IL/ICA/1965                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/1973
Mr. Krishnarao Gururaj                                                              Mr. T.C. Handa
Retd. Company Executive                                                             B-2, Yogeshwar Park Society Makerpura Road,
497, 3rd Cross, 7th Main, HAL-II Stage                                              Near Bhavans's School
Indiranagar                                                                         Vadodara-390009
Bangalore-560008                                                                    Phone: 0265-2644414/09824084757 /Email: handarajiv@hotmail.com
Phone: 080-5254288 /Email:                                                          Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                          Particulars: Officer Finance in Oil and Natural Railway. Head of Fainance
Particulars: Retd. as Managing Director, in Agency & Distribution andFranchising,   andAccounts at Projects Regions etc. Retd. as Group General Manager (Finance) of
Commercial Contracts and Engineering/Technical. More than 30 years experience in    ONGC and was holding the overall charge of Finance of Bombay Off-shore Region.
Engineering and Technology.                                                         Acted as Finance Director Gas Authority of India.
Membership No: IL/ICA/1994
                                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/2000
Mr. Purva Chandra Hota
                                                                                    Mr. Manmohan Hurria
                                                                                    IAS (Retd.), MA, LLB.
No. 5, Bazar Lane, Bengali Market,
                                                                                    267 Sector 7,
New Delhi-110001
Phone: 9350817571/23311035 /Email:
                                                                                    Phone: 094175-25045 /Email: mmhurria@gmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                    Date of Birth 9/29/1936 (Age: 76)
Particulars: IAS Retd. Worked as Secretary to UPSC. Specialization in
                                                                                    Particulars: IAS (Retd.) Sub-Divisional Magistr- ate, Secretary Soldier
StateContracts, Steel, Mining & Quarying, Agriculture and Food Processing,
                                                                                    Board,Administrator, Municipal Committee, Chairman Improvement Trust, Distri- ct
Corporate Law, Taxation, Entertainment, Power Energy and Hotel & Tourism
                                                                                    Officer, Removal of Grievances, District Education Officer etc.
Industry. More than 30 years experience in service.

155                                                                                  156
Membership No: IL/ICA/4976                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2008
Dr. Mohd. Ashiq Ibrahimi                                                            Ms. Kanwal Inder
Former Chief Secretary (rank) Bihar, Govt. of India                                 Retd. District & Session Judge,
1177, Sector A, Pocket-B, Vasant Kunj,                                              B-50-B, Siddhartha Extension,
New Delhi-110070                                                                    New Delhi-110014
Phone: 09868855786, 08757805786 /Email: maibrahimi@gmail.com                        Phone: 2634406/9810125754 /Email: ravinder_singh3@hotmail.com
Date of Birth 1/5/1952 (Age: 60)                                                    Date of Birth 9/3/1944 (Age: 65)
Particulars: Formerly Chief Secretary, Specialization inTextile/Jute Industry,      Particulars: Retd. as District & Session Judge. Consumer Forum. Specialization
Corporation & related activities, Hotel & Tourism Industry, Finance Banking &       inState Contracts, Telecommunication, Real Estate, Insurance, Finance Banking,
Commercial Contracts, 35 years experience                                           Corporate law and Transport. 40 years experience in service.
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

157                                                                                       158
Membership No: IL/ICA/2046                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2050
Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain                                                                     Mr. Hans Kumar Jain
Managing Director, Sterling Finpro Consultant,                                           Manager (Admn.) Ridhi Sidhi Starch & Chemicals Ltd.
16-A, I.P. Extension,                                                                    Flat No.29, Block No.3, Parshram Park
Delhi-110092                                                                             Refinery Road, Gorwa
Phone: 91-11-22040293/2233642 /Email:                                                    Vadodara-390016
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Phone: 0265-384177 /Email:
Particulars: Sterling Shipro Consultant Pvt. Instrumentation & Controls, Compu-ter       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Peripherals, M/s Precon Cont- rols Pvt. Ltd. Specialised in designing and supply of      Particulars: Administrative Manager/Factory Starch & Chemicals Ltd.
complete hardware systems. Worked as Indep- endent Sr. Management & Finance              Ahmedabad.Worked as Dy. Commercial Manager, Asstt. Foreman and Draftman
Consultant in the field of Projects financing. 27 years experience in the field.         (Civil) Specialised in materials Management Handled over more than two dozen
                                                                                         Arbitration cases involving amounts ranging from a sum of Rs.50,000 to 3.5 crores.
                                                                                         Membership No: IL/ICA/2075
Membership No: IL/ICA/2062
                                                                                         Mr. R.K. Jain
Mr. K.K. Jain
                                                                                         Adviser, FRAC
C-47, Malviya Nagar,
                                                                                         23/13, Punjabi Bagh Extension, Ist Floor, Club Road
New Delhi-110079
                                                                                         New Delhi-110026
Phone: /Email:
                                                                                         Phone: 25226566, 25228386, 9811855693 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                         Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Chief Resident Executive, Indo Gulf foreign suppliers and
                                                                                         Particulars: Adviser, FRAC. Worked as Deputy cial Manager, Britania IndustriesLtd,
vendors,execution of contracts. 35 years as Commissioned Officer in Indian Air
                                                                                         Cost Accountant, Shaw Wallace & Co. More than 25 years working experience.
Force. Have long legal experience in Courts Marshal and family of legal luminaries.
                                                                                         Specialization in Business Management, Industrial Co-operation & Sales tax.

 161                                                                                      162
Membership No: IL/ICA/2076                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2079
Mr. S. Bhushan Jain                                                                      Dr. Sheroj Jain
Advocate & Secretary (Retd.) Govt. of India                                              Consultant
K-1416, Palam Vihar,                                                                     N-15/1, Phase II, DLF Qutab Enclave
Gurgaon-122017                                                                           Gurgaon-122002
Phone: 91-6365522 /Email:                                                                Phone: 20823 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Advocate, Supreme Court. Secretary job experience. Specialization           Particulars: Chairman, SAIL, Coal India, Heavy Bhilai Steel Plant. Past Presidentof
incommercial contracts, Joint Ventures, Aviations, Maritime Shipping etc.                Indian Institute of Metals. Engg. Consultant in Project Management.

Membership No: IL/ICA/2085                                                               164
Mr. C P Jain                                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/2096
Business M/s. Paper Combines (India) Pvt. Ltd.                                           Mr. Mukesh Jain
Post Box No. 3216, XL/5241 Kateson Building,                                             Advocate Supreme Court & High Court
M.G. Road,                                                                               43/8, East Patel Nagar, 2nd Floor
Cochin-682035                                                                            New Delhi-110008
Phone: 0484-2372090, 2323687 /Email: keralachamber@vsnl.net                              Phone: 25811048/9350490888 /Email: mukeshjain7@hotmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Date of Birth 10/2/1956 (Age: 54)
Particulars: Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Combine (India) Pvt. Ltd.. Vice             Particulars: Practicing as an advocate in Specialization in Corporate Law,DRT and
President of KeralaChamber of Commerce. More than 20 years experience in                 BFIR, Automobile etc. More than 28 years in the fields.
arbitration of construction disputes and engineering disputes.
165                                                                                      166
Membership No: IL/ICA/2099                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2107
Ms. Sushma Jain                                                                          Mr. A P Jain
Ex-Joint Secretary & Legislative Counsel(M/Law)                                          Govt. Officer (Retd.) Special Metropolitan Magistrate
4, Bahubali Enclave                                                                      Delhi Govt. W.Z. 780, Mohall Baryal
Karkardooma Area                                                                         Near Shiv Mandir, Palam Village
Delhi-110092                                                                             New Delhi-110045
Phone: 22377366, 9868108211 /Email: sushma1946@yahoo.com                                 Phone: 25083493/9899138017 /Email:
Date of Birth 5/18/1946 (Age: 63)                                                        Date of Birth 4/5/1943 (Age: 66)
Particulars: Ex-Joint Secretary and Legislative practicing as an                         Particulars: Govt. Officer Retd. Special Govt. Specialization in Steel,Mining &
Advocate.Specialization in Agriculture & Food Processing. Insurance, Aviatio n,          Quarying, Taxation and Corporation & related activities. Have more than 18 years
Transport, State Contracts, Intellectual Property, Oil, Petroleum and Gas. M.A., LL.B.   experience in service.
with 30 years experience in service.
Membership No: IL/ICA/2116                                                                168
Mr. S P Jakhanwal                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/2127
Former Secretary, Govt. of India                                                         Prof. M.L. Jand
7/104, East End Apartments Mayur Vihar Phase-I, Exten.                                   IRPS (Retd.)
Nr. New Ashok Nagar Metro Stn.                                                           105, Anand House-4, EME Temple Road,
New Delhi-110096                                                                         Vadodara-390002
Phone: 9818600281 /Email: spjakhanwal@yahoo.com                                          Phone: 0265--2783927 /Email:
Date of Birth 11/23/1939 (Age: 70)                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Former Secretary, Govt. of India. Specialization in Real Estate,            Particulars: Advisor to N F Rly. Admn. on legal Arbitration. Imparting training inall
StateContracts, Steel, Mining & Quarying, Agriculture & Food Processing,                 aspects of Contracts and Arbitration to very senior officers of Govt. & Public Sector.
Construction and Environment. 36 years experience in service.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

169                                                                                   170
Membership No: IL/ICA/2134                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/2141
Mr. M K Java                                                                          Mr. A.P. Jayaram
Project Manager (Elec. & Mech.) Department of Atomic Energy                           Consultant & Govt. Regd. Valuer
Vidya Enclave Flat No. 201                                                            Flat No. H. 026, Ushas Apartments, 16th Main,
Plot G.H.11, Sector-56                                                                4th Block, Jayanagar
Gurgaon-122001                                                                        Bangalore-560011
Phone: 0124-4018638/9810866623 /Email: mohaneeti@yahoo.co.in                          Phone: 9483511617, 080-26631617 /Email: hill123@sify.com
Date of Birth 4/30/1944 (Age: 67)                                                     Date of Birth 5/13/1957 (Age: 55)
Particulars: Project Manager (Electrical & Mecha Mumbai. Specialization in Agency     Particulars: Commercial Executive. Six Stars Commercial Contracts, Agriculture
&Distribution and Franchising. Tele communications etc. 39 years experi ence in the   &Processing, Construction etc. 20 years experience of Grading, Quality Control.
service.                                                                              Arbitration, Auction, Trade Contracts etc. Conducted several arbitration cases .

 171                                                                                   172
Membership No: IL/ICA/2143                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/2148
Mr. S. Jayaraman                                                                      Mr. Jagdish Chander Jetli
Ex-Director STC                                                                       IAS (Retd.) Advocate,
49, 10A, Cross Road, Sector A,                                                        A-205, ICON Apartments Plot No. GH-04,
New Yelahanka                                                                         Sector - CHI-03,
Bangalore-560064                                                                      Greater Noida-201308
Phone: 460291 /Email:                                                                 Phone: 0120-4217645/09810337477 /Email: jcjetli@yahoo.co.in
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: IAAS Retd. Chief of Finance-Hal, STC, Financial Advicer, HOCL Consu-     Particulars: IAS (Retd.) Was Secretry to GOI. public undertakings. Experiencedin
ltant to various public sector undertakings.                                          Contracts, taxation, shipping, commerce etc.

173                                                                                   174
Membership No: IL/ICA/2154                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/2157
Mr. R.S. Jha                                                                          Mr. Brajendra K. Jha
Ex-Secretary-Cum-Manager Legal Punjab State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.           Chairman & Mg. Director Hindustan Steel Works & Constn. Ltd.
15, Gulmohar Park Rajendra Nagar                                                      171, Cooperative Colony
Bareilly-243122                                                                       Bokaro Steel City-827001
Phone: 0581-2310708 /Email:                                                           Phone: 06542-259233 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Date of Birth 7/2/1944 (Age: 65)
Particulars: Secretary-cum-Manager (Legal), Ltd., Chandigarh. Worked as Secre-tary    Particulars: Chairman-cum-Managing Director. Ltd. Specialization in
UP State Food & UP Handloom Corpn., U.P. State Food & Essential Commodities           CommercialContracts, Steel, Mining & Quarying, Corporate Law.
Corpn. 15 years experi- ence as Arbitrator conducting arbitration cases between the   Engineering/Technical, Construction and Corporation & related activities.
Corpn. and millers etc.
175                                                                                   176
Membership No: IL/ICA/2168                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/4963
Mr. Kailash Chander Jhinga                                                            Mr. Pradeep Vidyadhar Joshi
Globe Company-International Law Advisor, Advocate & Arbitrator, Mediator & Legal      AGM (Law) BHEL
Practitioner                                                                          Plot No. 31, 5th Layout of Dharmapeth Society,
H-48, Street No.3, Vikas Marg, Nr. State Bank of Hyderabad                            Jayprakash Nagar,
Laxmi Nagar                                                                           Nagpur-440025
Delhi-110092                                                                          Phone: 0712-2291134, 9818695567 /Email: pvjoshi09@gmail.com
Phone: 22044587/9968235823 /Email: kcjhinga@yahoo.com                                 Date of Birth 7/19/1952 (Age: 60)
Date of Birth 6/1/1952 (Age: 58)                                                      Particulars: AGM(Law) Specialization inLabour Industries Law, Corporate Law,
Particulars: Globe Company - International Law Advisor Specialization inAgency &      Corporate Law, Real Estate, State Contracts etc. 36 years experience
Distribution and Franchising, State Contracts, Transport, Oil, Petroleum and Gas
and Construction, Corporate Law and Taxation etc. 31 years experience
Membership No: IL/ICA/2212                                                            178
Mr. D.R. Kaarthikeyan                                                                 Membership No: IL/ICA/2232
Advisor, Law-Human Responsiblties,                                                    Mr. Rajender Nath Kalra
102, Ground Floor, Anand Lok,                                                         Retd. Joint Secretary Lok Sabha Secretariat
New Delhi-110049                                                                      8/11, Sarva Priya Vihar
Phone: 46013255-66 /Email: drkaarthikeyan@gmail.com                                   New Delhi-110016
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Phone: 26868946 /Email:
Particulars: Presently:Advisor to National Education, National                        Date of Birth 9/29/1943 (Age: 66)
AgriculturistsAwareness Movement, Prof. Emeritus: Visva Bharati University,           Particulars: Retd. as Joint Secretary, House). Specialization inState Contracts,
Shanti- niketan, Chairman: Modi Spg. & Wvg. Mills Co. Ltd. Director: Taj GVK Hotel,   Commercial Contracts, Automobile, Corporate Law and Entertainment.
Hyderabad. More than 20 years job experience.

 179                                                                                  180
Membership No: IL/ICA/2241                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/2246
Mr. Chandrakant U Kamdar                                                              Mr. Rajanna Narayanrao Kandulwar
Chartered Arbitrator & Consultant                                                     Chief GM (Tech) Retd. Reserve Bank of India,
302, Mermaid CHS Ltd. Juhu Tara Road                                                  Flat No.501, Tirumala, CHS Plot No. 10, Sector 21,
Juhu                                                                                  Kharghar
Mumbai-400049                                                                         Navi Mumbai-410210
Phone: 022-26175965, 9820084003 /Email: chandararbitrator@yahoo.co.uk                 Phone: 9867668886 /Email: rnkandulwar@rediffmail.com
Date of Birth 3/9/1942 (Age: 67)                                                      Date of Birth 8/3/1947 (Age: 62)
Particulars: Chartered Arbitrator. Fraud matters. Specialization inInsurance,         Particulars: Chief General Manager (Tech) Specialization in State
Securities, Corporation & related activities, Securities (Stock Exchange, SEBI,       Contracts,Commercial Contracts, Engineering/ Technical and Construction. 31 years
Insurance etc.).                                                                      experience in service.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

Membership No: IL/ICA/2247                                                            182
Dr. Anil Kane,                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/2259
PresidentWWEA Chairman, WEA                                                           Mr. Ravi Kant
A-15, Sahayog Gorwa                                                                   Ex-Chairman CentralBoard of Direct Taxes
Vadodara-390016                                                                       F-86, Richmond Park DLF-IV
Phone: 0265-2290415/09824303730 /Email: kaneanil@hotmail.com                          Gurgaon-122002
Date of Birth 10/18/1941 (Age: 68)                                                    Phone: 0124-4045784 /Email:
Particulars: Resident Director, ESSAR Gujarat in various companies. 31                Date of Birth 6/20/1940 (Age: 69)
yearsexperience in various fields.                                                    Particulars: Retd. as Chairman, Central Board Taxation, Securities and
                                                                                      FinanceBanking. M.A. (Econ.) with 37 years in services.

183                                                                                   184
Membership No: IL/ICA/4668                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/2276
Mr. Anuj Kanwal                                                                       Mr. Ulfat Rai Kapoor
B-37, Mohan Park                                                                      Addl. Commissioner (Retd.) Salex Tax
Naveen Shahdra                                                                        C-764, (G.F.), Near Friends Colony
Delhi-110032                                                                          New Delhi-110065
Phone: 9911477437 /Email: kanwalanuj@yahoo.co.in                                      Phone: 26932371/9810026562 /Email:
Date of Birth 9/27/1968 (Age: 42)                                                     Date of Birth 6/26/1944 (Age: 65)
Particulars: Director, Ministry of WaterResources, Govt. of India                     Particulars: Retd. as Addl. Commissioner, Sales Finance Banking, Insurance,
Engineering/Technical, State Contracts,Commercial Contracts, Power Energy,            Taxation, Entertainment, Power Energy, Co nstruction, Hotel & Tourism Industr y,
Construction, Information Technology etc. Have 20 years experience in service.        Transport etc. More than 31 year s in job.

185                                                                                   186
Membership No: IL/ICA/2282                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/2285
Mr. Ashok Kapur                                                                       Mr. Yogendra Lal Karan
Former Principal Secretary West Bengal                                                Retd. Dy. G.M. (Fin. & Accounts) SAIL Bokaro Steel Plant
103, Navjivan Vihar                                                                   D-204, Kalyani Apartment Sector-6, Vasundhara
New Delhi-110017                                                                      Ghaziabad-210012
Phone: 26692001/9899579990 /Email: ak@iodonline.com                                   Phone: 0120-2884379 /Email:
Date of Birth 12/15/1943 (Age: 66)                                                    Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: I.A.S. (Retd.). Worked as Principal Specialization in State              Particulars: Retd. Dy. G.M. (Finance & Accounts) Specialization in Finance
Contracts,Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law, Corporation & related activities       Banking,Commercial Contracts, Entertainment etc. Vast experience in conclusion of
and Environment.                                                                      commercial contracts and settlement of claims arising thereto.

187                                                                                   188
Membership No: IL/ICA/4857                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/2297
Mr. Amarjit Singh Katari                                                              Mr. F.N. Katgara
Chairman Permanent Lock Adalat,(Public Utility Services)                              Vice President (Legal) Siemens Ltd.
Kothi No. 145, Phase-III, B-I, Sector 60,                                             Sai Ashish 31-32, Dr. Peter Dias Road,
Dist: S A S Nagar,                                                                    Bandra(West)
Mohali-160059                                                                         Mumbai-400050
Phone: 01632-246007, /Email: amarjit1942@gmail.com                                    Phone: 09820702878/26405031 /Email: farrokhkatgara@rediffmail.com
Date of Birth 4/20/1942 (Age: 69)                                                     Date of Birth 8/24/1950 (Age: 60)
Particulars: Chairman (Public Utility Services)Specialization in Agency &             Particulars: Vice President-Legal, Siemens Ltd. Legal, Jindal Iron & Steel
Distribution and Franchising, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, State Contracts,    Ltd.Crompton Greaves Ltd. 18 years experience in all.
Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law etc. 35 years experience
189                                                                                   Membership No: IL/ICA/2307
Membership No: IL/ICA/2301                                                            Mr. R L Kaul
Mr. Nand Kumar Kathuria                                                               Consultant
Civil & Mechanical Engineer,                                                          W-16, Ground Floor, Green Park Main
5001, Heritage Apartments, 5, Park Road,                                              New Delhi-110016
Lucknow-226001                                                                        Phone: 46064309/9811348705 /Email: rkaul123@yahoo.com
Phone: 237296 /Email:                                                                 Date of Birth 6/11/1942 (Age: 67)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Particulars: Chartered Engineer. Regd. as UNDP. Worked as Director, Presidentand
Particulars: Working as Deputy Secretary in last 30 years.                            other senior level position for more than 30 years in Kanoria Chemicals and
SpecializationEngineering/Technical Construction/ Maintenance Works.                  Industries Ltd., Esslon Synthetics Ltd and Info-X Software Technology P. Ltd.
                                                                                      Actively involved in several arbitration matters.

 191                                                                                  192
Membership No: IL/ICA/2309                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/2340
Dr. Sanat Kaul                                                                        Mr. Pratap Khandge
IAS (Retd.)                                                                           Techno-Legal Consultant/Advisor
Apartment 602, Asha Deep                                                              121-B, Plcket- 'A' SFS Flats
9, Hailey Road                                                                        Sukhdev Vihar
New Delhi-110001                                                                      New Delhi-110025
Phone: 9818519235 /Email: sanat_kaul@hotmail.com                                      Phone: 26830663/9810121945 /Email: aai_pk@yahoo.co.in
Date of Birth 12/12/1947 (Age: 62)                                                    Date of Birth 2/16/1945 (Age: 64)
Particulars: IAS (Retd.). Advisor, Indian Chairman, International Foundationfor       Particulars: Dy. General Manager, Retd. in Finance Banking, CommercialContracts,
Aviation and Development. Specialization in Intellectual Property, State Contracts,   Telecommunications, Oil, Petroleum and Gas Automobile, Engineering/Technical
Agriculture & Food Processing, Automobile & Aviation etc. Have 37 years               and Construction. B.E. Mech. with 40 years experience in service.
experience in service.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

193                                                                                     194
Membership No: IL/ICA/2346                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/2348
Mr. S.K. Khanna                                                                         Mr. Suresh Kumar Khanna
B-3/172, Janakpuri                                                                      Ex-Officio Secretary Govt. of India, Ministry of Railway
New Delhi-110058                                                                        S-368, Panchshila Park,
Phone: /Email:                                                                          New Delhi-110017
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Phone: 6012726 /Email:
Particulars: Chairman, Railways Claims Tribunal. Govt. Undertakings &                   Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
transportation. 33 years experience in Indian Railways Traffic Service.                 Particulars: Member Electrical Railway Board an India. Worked in various
                                                                                        capactiesas Chief Electrical Engineer, Chief Project Manger, RE/Bhopal. Divisio- nal
                                                                                        Railway Manager, Kharagpur. General Manger, CORE, Allahabad.

 195                                                                                    196
Membership No: IL/ICA/2365                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/2371
Mr. A.C. Kher                                                                           Mr. L N Khilari
IAS (Retd.), Advocate Delhi High Court                                                  Lawyer
C-380, Sushant Lok-I                                                                    10, Varsha Lane No.5,
Gurgaon-122009                                                                          Prabhat Road
Phone: 0124-4044380/9810392790 /Email:                                                  Pune-411004
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Phone: 9890070412 /Email:
Particulars: I.A.S. (Retd.). Worked as Judicial Coop. Societies, Labour Commiss-        Date of Birth 6/10/1956 (Age: 54)
ioner, Dist: Magistrate. Speciali- sed in Contracts/Collaborations/                     Particulars: Former Sr. Manager, Bank of Baroda, Specialization in Finance
Labour/Land/Excise. More than 30 years experience in the field.                         Banking,Agriculture and Food Processing and Lawyer. 23 years experience in in

197                                                                                     198
Membership No: IL/ICA/2380                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/2388
Mr. Satish Khurana                                                                      Mr. Alok Kishor
Secretary to the GOI (Retd.) Former CMD, REC                                            A & M Consultant Litigation Management & Legal Solutions
B-67, Hill View, Vasant Vihar                                                           10/32, 2nd Floor, Yog Maya Mandir Complex Mehrauli
New Delhi-110057                                                                        New Delhi-110030
Phone: 6431615, 6493701 /Email:                                                         Phone: 26642287, 9818515090 /Email: majalokkishore@gmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: CMD, REC Ltd. Spcialised in Finance & Law. Was Director onBoards           Particulars: Judicial Officer, British Council. cts, Corporate Law, Information
NTPC, NHPC, PEC, NPCC, IAAI, REC, etc.                                                  Technology etc. 17 years experience in legal practice.

199                                                                                     Membership No: IL/ICA/2402
Membership No: IL/ICA/2399                                                              Mr. S.K. Kohli
Mr. J.N. Kohli                                                                          Tax Counsaltant,
Member (Traffic)(Retd.) Railway Board                                                   R-89, 2nd Floor, Greater Kailash-I
D-99, Anand Vihar                                                                       New Delhi-110048
New Delhi-110092                                                                        Phone: 41733090/9810316718 /Email:
Phone: 2201488 /Email:                                                                  Date of Birth 4/1/1935 (Age: 77)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Particulars: Worked as Director General, Excise Gneral of Inspectoin, Audit
Particulars: Member (Traffic) Rly. Board (Retd.) ised/experienced in arbitrationlaws,   &Vigilance. Now practicing as an Advocate & Consultant in Customs, Excise, Import
shipping, multimodel transpo- rt, commercial and engineering.                           & Export. Tax Consultant in all areas on indirect Taxation. Supervision and inspectio
                                                                                        n of field offices under the CBEC. Over 35 years experience in this field.
Membership No: IL/ICA/2405
                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/2409
Mr. Arvind Kohli,
                                                                                        Mr. Suchitta Koley
Company Secretary
                                                                                        Company Secretary
199 Sector -7, Urban Estate,
                                                                                        62/12, II Floor, Old Rajendra Nagar
                                                                                        New Delhi-110060
Phone: /Email:
                                                                                        Phone: 42433730, 9810082385 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                        Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Company Secretary. Had served the in different capacities. Speciali-sed
                                                                                        Particulars: Company Secretary. Specialized in Environment and Transport. Over
in Joint Ventures and Environ- ment. Member of Company Secretaries of India. All
                                                                                        20years experience including last 10 years in Practice. Having been experience. To
India Management Association. Having been empanelled to various legal
                                                                                        various legal administrative process and being involved in Corporate business.
administrative process and involved in the corporate consultancy.

                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/2427
                                                                                        Dr. Madhu Krishan
Membership No: IL/ICA/2410
                                                                                        Govt. Builder & Executive Chairman Legal Aid Services-West Bengal
Dr. M.R. Kolhatkar
                                                                                        C-9, House No. 9052 Vasant Kunj
IAS Officer (Retd.) CAT
                                                                                        New Delhi-110070
501, Charleville Coop. Hsg. Society, A-Road, Churchgate,
                                                                                        Phone: 03102-237799 /Email:
                                                                                        Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Phone: 022-22875651/9920599504 /Email:
                                                                                        Particulars: Chairman, J K Group of Companies. Services-West
Date of Birth 3/29/1936 (Age: 76)
                                                                                        Bengal.Specialization in Real Estate, State Contracts, Engineering/ Technical,
Particulars: Retd. IAS Officer, Retd. Member, 33 years as IAS Officer.
                                                                                        International Investments, Construction and Information Technology. More than 18
                                                                                        years experience as Govt. Builder.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

205                                                                                     206
Membership No: IL/ICA/2431                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/2432
Prof. Dr. V.R.C. Krishnaiah,                                                            Mr. N Krishnamoorthi
PG Department of Law,                                                                   Retd.Director General(Works) CPWD
14, Professor Quarters Prakash Nagar,                                                   67/1 (New 30/1) Indira Colony
SV University Campus                                                                    Ashok Nagar
Tirupati-617502                                                                         Chennai-600083
Phone: 9440166871/08-772249885 /Email: deanvrc@yahoo.com                                Phone: 24890170/26020774 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Date of Birth 1/1/1941 (Age: 68)
Particulars: Professor and Dean Faculty of Law. Head of Deptt.and Chairman,             Particulars: Retd. Director General (Works) CPWD Engineering/Technical, Power
Boardof Studies. Specialization in Corporate Law, Taxation, Environment, State          Energyand Construction. Over 37 years ex perience in job and handled various
Contracts, Intellectual Property, Commercial Contracts. Have more than 24 years         arbitration cases in contract matt ers.
experience in service.
 207                                                                                     208
Membership No: IL/ICA/2435                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/2440
Mr. R. Krishnamurthy                                                                    Mr. M.R.S. Krishnan
Dy. General Manager(Fin.) (Retd.) Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.,               Vice President (Personnel) ITDC Ltd.
4/9, Twinkle Star Society, Ghatla Village,                                              B-81, Sheikh Sarai, Triveni Phase-I,
Chembur P.O.                                                                            New Delhi-110018
Mumbai-400071                                                                           Phone: 6423369, 4362690 /Email:
Phone: 25207488 /Email:                                                                 Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 3/18/1934 (Age: 78)                                                       Particulars: Vice-President (Prosonnel). Organisation. Having 35 hotel unit20 travel &
Particulars: Retd. Dy. General Manager (Finance) als & Fertilizers Ltd. Specialisat-    transport units. Counsel in different nature of arbitration cases like service contract,
ion in commercial contracts, works contracts taxation, company law matters, Bank        wage and salary etc. with more than 30 years experience.
Finance and legal matters. 17 years experience in Indian Audit and Accounts.
Membership No: IL/ICA/2443                                                              210
Mr. V Krishnan                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2450
Advocate                                                                                Mr. G.G. Kudalkar
Aspen Court 39 (old 19) 6th Main Road,                                                  Star Textile Colony, Kudalkar's Bunglow Manprade Road,
R.A. Puram,                                                                             Dombivili (East),
Chennai-600028                                                                          Thane District-0
Phone: 044-4322894 /Email: aspen@md2.vsnl.net.in                                        Phone: /Email:
Date of Birth 10/25/1936 (Age: 76)                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: IAS Retd. Secretary to the Govt. the Bar Council. Have experienceof four   Particulars: Worked as Addl. Secretary to & Govt. Dealt with arbitratonmatters.
decades in important posi- tion in Govt. Public sector and legal practice with a
leading counsel. Appointed `Umpire' by the Govt. of India to resolve the disputes
and appointed arbitrator.
Membership No: IL/ICA/2453
                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/2456
Mr. A.N. Kukreja,
                                                                                        Mr. A.S. Kulkarni
Company Secretary,
                                                                                        Law Consultant
E-147A/1, Naraina Vihar,
                                                                                        "Samadhan", Vidya Nagar,
New Delhi-110028
Phone: 25892575/9810587990 /Email: an_kukreja@rediffmail.com
                                                                                        Phone: /Email:
Date of Birth 8/1/1936 (Age: 76)
                                                                                        Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Practise as Company Sectary. legal with matters falling under
                                                                                        Particulars: Retd. General Manager (Law), MMTC. Member, Indian Institute of
theCompanies Act, FERA, MRTP Act/ Consumer Protection Act, Arbitrati- on and
                                                                                        publicadmn. Handling Arbitration cases in MMTC.
Conciliation Property Rights 20 years experience as Company Secretary.

Membership No: IL/ICA/2491                                                              214
Mr. Naresh Kumar                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/2492
Advocate,                                                                               Mr. P.N. Kumar
713, Anand Kunj Vikaspuri                                                               Company Secretary,
New Delhi-110018                                                                        C/o P.N. Kumar & Co. 7, Dakshin Marg,
Phone: 25518274/9899101097 /Email: nareshadvocate08%yahoo.com                           DLF City II,
Date of Birth 8/17/1942 (Age: 67)                                                       Gurgaon-122002
Particulars: Former Managing Director, Vidhi (Merchant Banking), NRI                    Phone: 0124-2353936/9810263458 /Email: pnkumar2001@hotmail.com
FinancialServices Ltd. Company Secretary and Member Pawan Hans Ltd. and                 Date of Birth 2/4/1943 (Age: 66)
Duputy Company Secretary, Engineers India Ltd. Presently practising as an               Particulars: Company Secretary. Dealing in Over 26 years experience in theline.
Advocate. Over 25 years experience in the field. Acted as Counsel in arbitration
                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/2499
Membership No: IL/ICA/2494
                                                                                        Mr. Praveen Kumar
Mr. Pankaj Kumar
                                                                                        Special Director, BIFR
Dy. GM (Law) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
                                                                                        A-403, Mary Ellen Mhatarpada, Off Caeser Road
A-1502, Phase 4, Lake Home Primrose, Powai Vihar
                                                                                        Amboli, Andheri (W)
Phone: 022-28857090/09820918126 /Email: pankajku@indianoil.co.in
                                                                                        Phone: 26775138/9820019774 /Email:
Date of Birth 11/16/1957 (Age: 53)
                                                                                        Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Dy. General Manager (Law) constituted Attorney for Regd.Office of PSU.
                                                                                        Particulars: Special Director BIFR. Was IDBI Nirlon Ltd. Bhoruka Aluminium
Specialisation in Martitime Shipping and Securities. Handled litigation of commercial
                                                                                        ofMangement & Strategic Advisory of Management & Strategic Advisory to healthy &
nature including arbitration matters. 22 years experience in the field of law.
                                                                                        sick industrial companies
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

Membership No: IL/ICA/2501                                                                218
Mr. Promod Beharilal Kumar                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2513
Dy. Managing Director (Retd.) Air India                                                   Mr. V. Dilip Kumar
103, Vasundhara, Swami Vivekananda Road,                                                  Manager (Coordination) The K.C.P. Limited
Santa-Cruz (West),                                                                        3, Seshadri Road,
Mumbai-400054                                                                             Chennai-600018
Phone: 6105466 /Email:                                                                    Phone: 452165, 470687 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                                Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Retd. as Dy. Managing Director from experience in all aspects                Particulars: Sr. Manager (Co.ordination). The Management, Contract
ofEngineering, Aviation, Administra- tion, Contract Negotiation.                          Administraion,Procurement and Marketing.

219                                                                                        220
Membership No: IL/ICA/2517                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2524
Mr. Virender Kumar                                                                        Mr. Prafulla Kumar
Retired Joint Secretary,                                                                  Director General & Addl. Secretary Govt. of India
144, Narmada Apartment, Alaknanda                                                         D-86, Sector 56
New Delhi-110019                                                                          Noida-201301
Phone: 643-4894/644-6542 /Email:                                                          Phone: 0120-2583816 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                                Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: IAAS/ICAS (Retd.). Formerly Joint Ministry of Chemicals &                    Particulars: Director General (Retd.), Road India. Specialization
FertilisersGovt. of India. More than 35 years experience in the field.                    inEngineering/Technical, Constn. etc. More than 30 years experience in engineering.

                                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2535
Membership No: IL/ICA/2530
                                                                                          Mr. Ashok Kumar
Mr. Vinod Kumar
                                                                                          IAS, Secretary (Retd) Govt. of India
Dy. General Manager MECON
                                                                                          366, Sector 15A
110, MECON Apartments C-58/10, Sector-62
                                                                                          Phone: 95120-2511561 /Email:
Phone: 0120-2403473/9810507211 /Email:
                                                                                          Date of Birth 12/12/1940 (Age: 69)
Date of Birth 7/5/1954 (Age: 55)
                                                                                          Particulars: IAS (Retd). Specialization in Contracts, Finance Banking,
Particulars: Dy. General Manager, MECON. and Gas, Steel, Mining &
                                                                                          StateContracts, Power Energy, Engineering/Technical and Corporation & related
Quarying,Engineering/Technical and Construction.
                                                                                          activities. M.A. with 35 years experience in service.

223                                                                                       224
Membership No: IL/ICA/2544                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2545
Maj. Gen. Nilendra Kumar                                                                  Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Director Amity Law School                                                                 Legal Advisor to Govt. of India
E-114, Jal Vayu Vihar Sector-21                                                           Deptt. of Atomic Energy 2C, Kanchanjunga
Noida-201301                                                                              Anushakti Nagar
Phone: 0120-4277771/0917017741 /Email: nilendrak@yahoo.co.in                              Mumbai-400094
Date of Birth 11/2/1949 (Age: 60)                                                         Phone: 25553656/9869229002 /Email: dr.kumar.j@gmail.com
Particulars: Judge, Advocate General, Army Ministry of Defence. Specializationin          Date of Birth 6/2/1957 (Age: 52)
Defence Procurements and Contracts, Construction, Information and Technology,             Particulars: Legal Advisor to the Govt. of India, in Commercial Contracts,
Environment, Transport and Computer Software. Have 37 years experience in                 StateContracts, Finance Banking, Insurance and Atomic Energy. Have 24 years
service.                                                                                  experience in service.

225                                                                                        226
Membership No: IL/ICA/4660                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/4824
Mr. Brajesh Kumar                                                                         Ms. Rita Kumar
Member, (Legal) Delhi Elect. Regulatory Commission                                        IAS Officer (Retd.) AGMU W 110, 1st Floor,
E-35, Saket                                                                               Greater Kailash Part - I,
New Delhi-110017                                                                          New Delhi-110048
Phone: 9968139955/26568916 /Email: bharti26kumar@yahoo.co.in                              Phone: 29674208, 9810910912 /Email: ritakumardip@gmail.com
Date of Birth 8/20/1943 (Age: 66)                                                         Date of Birth 3/3/1952 (Age: 59)
Particulars: Member (Legal), Delhi Electricity Intellectual Property, Real Estate,State   Particulars: IAS Officer ( Special Commissioner of Vat) Specialization in Real
Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Agency & Distribution Franchising and                    Estate,Joint Ventures, Agency Distribution and Franchising, State Contracts,
Telecommunication etc. Have 31 years experience in service.                               Taxation etc. 36 years experience

Membership No: IL/ICA/2568
                                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2571
Mr. K.S. Lahkar
                                                                                          Mr. S. Lakshiminarayanan,
Chief Engineer, AGCC (Retd.) Econ Design and Project Services (P) Ltd.
                                                                                          Plot No.55, Door No.2/196 Selvaraj Avenue, VGP-UTHANDI-PART-2
Hari Mandir Path Mathura Nagar,
P.O. Assam Sachivalay
                                                                                          Phone: 2345682 /Email:
Phone: 567351 /Email:
                                                                                          Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                          Particulars: General Manager (Sales), Zuari Vice-President (Commercial), Chamb-al
Particulars: Chairman & Managing Director, ECON More than 15 years experience
                                                                                          Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd., Delhi from 1991-1997.
inthe field of Engineering.
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

229                                                                                       230
Membership No: IL/ICA/2578                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2579
Dr. K.B. Lal                                                                             Mr. Krishan Lal
ICS (Retd.)                                                                              Advocate,
B-25, Chiragh Enclave,                                                                   N-43, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar,
New Delhi-110048                                                                         Delhi-110009
Phone: 6413672 /Email:                                                                   Phone: 27651782/24646886 /Email: klalassociates@gmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Date of Birth 4/7/1944 (Age: 65)
Particulars: ICS (Retd.). Held High Positions External Affairs, Commerce & Indus-        Particulars: Worked as Sr. Legal Executives for es in Industrial Finance Corporati-on
try, Finance. Served as Ambassador of India of Belgium.                                  of India, Bharat Heavy Electri- cals, National Thermal Power Corpn. Ltd., Ballarpur
                                                                                         Industries Ltd. Escorts Ltd. Practicing as Advocate for the last 10 years in various
231                                                                                      232
Membership No: IL/ICA/2583                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2588
Mr. Sant Bhushan Lal                                                                     Mr. Krishna Murari Lal
Chief Engineer (Arbitration) Retd. Govt. of India                                        Chairman (Retd.) Staff Selection Commission, Govt. of India,
C-5/21, Ground Floor, Grand Vasant                                                       706A, Sector-23 HUDA
New Delhi-110070                                                                         Gurgaon-122001
Phone: 26899898/9810040310 /Email: santbhushanlal@rediffmail.com                         Phone: 23383393 /Email:
Date of Birth 12/17/1940 (Age: 69)                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Retd. As Chief Engineer (Arbitra- more than one hundred cases               Particulars: Ex-Chairman, Staff Selection Workedas Joint Secretary andSpecial
asStatutory Arbitrator. 40 years of experience in Contract Management at all levels      Secretary, Finance Deptt. Govt. of West Bengal. Specialisa- tion in State Contracts
up to Chief Engineer. Worked for five years as Technical Coordinator in His              and have 23 years service experience.
Majesty's Personal Properties Department in Sultanate of Oman. Engineer and a law
233                                                                                       234
Membership No: IL/ICA/4850                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2593
Dr. Bhure Lal                                                                            Mr. S.M. Lalsare
Secretary (Retd.) Govt. of India                                                         Advocate, High Court
67, Lodhi Estate,                                                                        "Ashirwad", Plot No. 36, Sukhad Sahawas Colony,
New Delhi-110003                                                                         (Near Soot Girni) Garkheda Area,
Phone: 24623060/24645863 /Email: bhurelal@in.com                                         Aurangabad-431005
Date of Birth 2/9/1943 (Age: 68)                                                         Phone: /Email:
Particulars: Secretary (Retd.) Specialization inFinance Banking, Oil, Petroleum and      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Gas, Agriculture & Food Processing, Agency & Distribution and Franchising                Particulars: General Manager (Legal). The Great 32 years experience in the legalfield
Automobile, Corporate Law etc. 30 years experience                                       court matters, arbitration, legal interpretations, title investigation, documentation for
                                                                                         various commercial transactions involving all the aspects of law including
                                                                                         commercial and shipping.
235                                                                                       236
Membership No: IL/ICA/2599                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2603
Dr. Prem Lata                                                                            Mr. Anant S Laulkar
Legal Advisor, SAIL                                                                      Dist. & Session Judge (Retd.) High Court of Bombay
H-101, 1st Floor Vikaspuri                                                               Anay Apartments Flat No.10, 5th Floor
Delhi-110018                                                                             Nanasahab Bhonde Path, Erandwane
Phone: 25514339 /Email:                                                                  Pune-411004
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Phone: 9423051703/020-65274432 /Email:
Particulars: Legal Advisor, SAIL. Specialization al Contracts, Insurance,                Date of Birth 6/9/1949 (Age: 60)
CorporateLaw and Corporation & related activ ities etc. Conducted several arbitr         Particulars: Former Dist. & Session Judge, in Commercial Contracts, StateContracts,
ation cases. Advocate, Bar Council of Delhi and Member, Consumer Forum Delhi.            Insurance, Agriculture & Food Processing, Corporate Law etc. 17 years experience
Having more than 30 years e xperience in legal affairs.                                  in service.
 237                                                                                     238
Membership No: IL/ICA/2620                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2623
Dr. K.U. Mada                                                                            Mr. Bishamber Nath Madan
Consultant/Co. Director                                                                  Chartered Insurer
24, New Silver Home, 15, Kantwadi Road, Off. Master Vinayak                              B-27, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar,
(Perry) Cross Road, Bandra (West),                                                       New Delhi-110024
Mumbai-400050                                                                            Phone: 26446027/9899007494 /Email: bnmadan@yahoo.com
Phone: 26400565/9820911415 /Email: mada@bom5.vsnl.net.in                                 Date of Birth 4/9/1938 (Age: 71)
Date of Birth 12/29/1933 (Age: 79)                                                       Particulars: Retd. General Manger from the National Insurance Co. Ltd. (Bothfully
Particulars: Economist/Consultant/Development Executive Director for 27 years            owned subsidiaries of GIC of India) Chartered Insurance Practi- ioner. Fellow
inIDBI & functioned for as acting CMD. Vast experience in commercial institutional       Member of Chartered Insurance Institute of India. Over 40 years experience in
and corporate affairs                                                                    various branches of non life insurance.

 239                                                                                     240
Membership No: IL/ICA/2624                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/5002
Mr. K.K. Madan                                                                           Mr. Arif Mohammed Madani
Member, U.P.S.C.                                                                         Former Addl. Dist. & Session Judge, Rajasthan High Court,
B-174, Lok Vihar Pitam Pura                                                              A-1005, Ashiana Green Wood Near Shooting Range,
New Delhi-110034                                                                         Jagat Pura,
Phone: 27103464, 27151949 /Email: kewalkrish@hotmail.com                                 Jaipur-302015
Date of Birth 12/4/1938 (Age: 71)                                                        Phone: 0141-2759844, 09414396746 /Email: arifmohammedmadani@yahoo.com
Particulars: Director General Works, CPWD. maintenance of roads, buildingsboth           Date of Birth 9/20/1956 (Age: 56)
residential and non-residen- tial, airports and other civil engineering projects and     Particulars: Former Addl. Dist. & Session Judge, Specialization inAgency &
other civil engineering projects. Acted as arbitrator in number of arbitra- tion cases   Distribution and Franchising, Joint Ventures, Real Estate, State Contracts and
in DDA. 30 years experi- ence in the field.                                              Finance Banking etc. 27 years experience
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

241                                                                                    242
Membership No: IL/ICA/2633                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/2634
Dr. B B L Madhukar                                                                     Mr. Arun Kumar Mago
Director (Personnel) MMTC Ltd.                                                         Former Chief Secretary Govt. of Maharashtra
A-203, Som Vihar R K Puram                                                             E-7, Nizamuddin West
New Delhi-110022                                                                       New Delhi-110013
Phone: 9810149511 /Email:                                                              Phone: 981188098 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Date of Birth 9/27/1944 (Age: 65)
Particulars: Director, MMTC Ltd. Specialization Finance Banking,                       Particulars: Worked as Chief Secretary, Govt. of State Electricity
CommercialContracts, Steel, Mining & Quarying, Automobile, Joint Venture and           Board.Specialization in Power Energy, Maritime Shipping and State Contracts. M.Sc.
Competition. 36 years experience in Banking, Finance, Personal etc. Appeared in        with 37 years experience in services.
Arbitration cases also.
Membership No: IL/ICA/2643                                                             244
Mr. H L Mahajan                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/4823
AGM(Mines) Retd. PSU                                                                   Mr. Kumar Mahesh
DDA Flats No.313, Block-E, SFS, Aastha Kunj                                            Addl. Commissioner (Trade & Taxes) 21/127, Lodhi Colony,
Sector-18, Rohini                                                                      Lodhi Road
Delhi-110089                                                                           New Delhi-110003
Phone: 27851662/9350308419 /Email:                                                     Phone: 23319057/24652329 /Email: maheshkumar1301@yahoo.com
Date of Birth 1/2/1941 (Age: 68)                                                       Date of Birth 1/13/1967 (Age: 44)
Particulars: AGM (Mines) Retd. PSU. Consultant Mining & Quarying,                      Particulars: Addl. Commissioner (Trade & Taxes) Specialization in Taxation,Real
CommercialContracts, Environment, Engineering /Technical, Oil, Petroleum and           Estate, Environment, State Contracts, Corporate Law etc. 20 years experience
Gas. 37 years experience in service .

245                                                                                     246
Membership No: IL/ICA/2657                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/2658
Mr. Asesh Kumar Maitra                                                                 Mr. Saptarshi Kumar Maitra
Architect-Town Planner Environment Specialist                                          General Manager (Legal) I.T.D.C. Ltd.
N. 3-D, Saket                                                                          94, Charak Sadan Budela Phase-II
New Delhi-110017                                                                       Vikas Puri
Phone: 29561451/9810413591 /Email: asesh.maitra@gmail.com                              New Delhi-110008
Date of Birth 3/21/1942 (Age: 67)                                                      Phone: 24360233 /Email:
Particulars: Architect, Town Planner, Professor Specialization in Real                 Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Estate,Engineering/Technical, Construction, Environment, Computer Software.            Particulars: General Manager (Legal), ITDS Ltd. Property, Real Estate,
Arbitrator in Various arbitration cases. More than 39 years experience in the field.   StateContracts, Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law, Joint Ventures, Aviation,
                                                                                       Corporation & related activities, Hotel & Tourism industry. 21 years experience as
                                                                                       Legal & Vigilance Executive. Appeared in several cases on behalf of corporation.
247                                                                                     248
Membership No: IL/ICA/2661                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/2665
Mr. Basudeb Majumdar                                                                   Mr. Tapas Kumar Majumdar
Company Secretary                                                                      Solicitor & Advocate Calcutta High Court
Plot No. 19, Sector 4, Flat No. 824, Delhi EPDP Coop. G.H. Society,                    B-1601, BPCL Tower Plot No.3, Sector-46A
Dwarka Phase-I,                                                                        Nerul
New Delhi-110078                                                                       Mumbai-400706
Phone: 011-25096507, 9953770425 /Email: majumdar.basudeb@yahoo.com                     Phone: 09821216733/022-27711878 /Email:
Date of Birth 10/17/1941 (Age: 69)                                                     Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Retd. as Company Secretary from years job experience in                   Particulars: Executive Director (Legal), Enrolled as Solicitor andAdvocate of Calcutta
variouscapacities. Specialization in commercial, Real Estate, Environ- ment,           High Court in 1970. Specialization in Agency & Distribution and Franchising, Real
Computer Software etc.                                                                 Estate, Commercial Contract, Oil Petroleum and Gas, Corporate Law etc. More than
                                                                                       21 years experience in service. Dealt with several arbitration cases.
249                                                                                     250
Membership No: IL/ICA/2669                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/2670
Mr. P.K. Basu Majumdar,                                                                Prof. Sashadhar Majumder
GM & Principal Law Officer, Steel Authority of India Ltd                               Senior Insurance Executive(Retd.)
20th Floor, SCOPE Minar Laxmi Nagar                                                    HB-171, Sector - III Salt Lake City
District Centre                                                                        Kolkata-700106
Delhi-110092                                                                           Phone: 94339 42712/033-23215766 /Email: s_majumder_44@yahoo.co.in
Phone: 22448377, 0120-2772026 /Email:                                                  Date of Birth 7/14/1944 (Age: 66)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Particulars: General Manager, National Insurance Commercial Contracts,
Particulars: General Manager & Principal Law Ltd. Have engaged in arbitrationon        Insuranceetc. 33 years experience in Insurance Executive. Handled number of
behalf of company in various stages.                                                   arbitration cases.

251                                                                                    252
Membership No: IL/ICA/2671                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/2677
Mr. S.P. Maken,                                                                        Dr. K. Malaisamy
Advocate,                                                                              Advocate Member of Parliament(Rajya Sabha)
H.No. 805, Sector-28,                                                                  AC Block- No.89, Second Street Anna Nagar
Faridabad-121002                                                                       Chennai-600040
Phone: 278064/278179, 5718529 /Email:                                                  Phone: 044-26263776/09868181095 /Email: malaisamymp@gmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Date of Birth 6/1/1937 (Age: 75)
Particulars: Practising as an advocate. Corpora- Worked as Head Legal &                Particulars: IAS. Former Home Secretary to Govt. tion Commissioner of Tamilnadu.
CommercialDeptt. And Company Secretary in DCM Gruop Shriram Honda Power                Ex-Member of Parliament. Specializatio n in textile/Jute Industry, Maritim e Shipping
Equipment Ltd. and in Modi Group. Vice President in Nova Group. 25 years               and wide knowledge of Go vt. Department. 30 years experience in Indian
experience in the field.                                                               Administrative Service.
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

253                                                                                       254
Membership No: IL/ICA/4775                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2704
Mr. Vinod Kumar Malhotra                                                                  Mr. M.N. Malkani
IAS Officer(Retd.)                                                                        Advocate,
H/002, Pearl Gateways Towers, Sector 44                                                   6-A, Basant Mahal, Near Fly Over,
Dist: Gautam Budh Nagar                                                                   Wadala (E), Antop Hill,
Noida-201301                                                                              Mumbai-400037
Phone: 9811220338 /Email: vk.malhotra@nic.in                                              Phone: 4125134 /Email:
Date of Birth 2/18/1946 (Age: 65)                                                         Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: IAS Officer(Retd.) Specialization inAgriculture & Food Processing,           Particulars: Advisor, Indian Oil Corporation and ten years in Sales/serviceMarketing
Finance Banking, Corporate Law and Transport etc. 33 years experience                     and other fields. Specialization in Agency & Distribution and Franchising Intellectual
                                                                                          Property, Insurance Claim, Corporate Law etc.

Membership No: IL/ICA/2706
                                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2715
Mr. Shyam Kishore Mallick
                                                                                          Mr. Surya Narain Mandal,
Addl. Director General (Retd.) DGS&D
C-2C/2/121/, Janakpuri
                                                                                          A-6F, DDA Flats Munirka
New Delhi-110058
                                                                                          New Delhi-110067
Phone: 25514144 /Email:
                                                                                          Phone: 26178823 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                          Date of Birth 1/11/1939 (Age: 70)
Particulars: Addl. Director (Retd.), DGS&D. in Intellectual Property, RealEstate, State
                                                                                          Particulars: Advocate, Retd. Manager (Legal). cadre, dealt with dispute
Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Automobile and Engineering/Technical etc. 36
                                                                                          beforearbitrators since about 16 years.
years experience in placement of contracts.

257                                                                                       258
Membership No: IL/ICA/4757                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2738
Mr. Arun Kumar Manocha                                                                    Dr. Satish Mapara,
Executive Member Alumni Association of KGML                                               Globe Apex Management Consultants
24-A, Railway Colony, Sardar Patel Marg,                                                  42, Ajay Apartments, 28/A, S V Road, Above O.B.C.
Chanakyapuri                                                                              Santacruz (West),
New Delhi-110021                                                                          Mumbai-400054
Phone: 011-26115448/03621-240483 /Email: arun_manocha@yahoo.co.in                         Phone: 9819405993/022-26616160 /Email: satmap2003@yahoo.com
Date of Birth 7/30/1957 (Age: 53)                                                         Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Executive Member Specialization inState Contracts, Commercial, Hotel         Particulars: Shipping & Legal Consultant. and Gas, Maritime Shipping andrelated
& Tourism Industry and Transport etc. 18 years experience                                 activities. 15 years experience in arbitration i.e. handled charter party, bills of lading,
                                                                                          demurrage, despatch disputes and settlement. Sole Arbitrator in several arbitration
Membership No: IL/ICA/2747
                                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2760
Mr. Satya Paul Marwah
                                                                                          Mr. G.K. Mathur
Former IAS Officer, Govt. of India,
                                                                                          Managing Director, Engineering Projects (I) Limited
R-68, Greater Kailash-I
                                                                                          B-205, Priyadarshni Vihar,
New Delhi-110048
Phone: 26452829/9910091212 /Email: spmarwah1945@gmail.com
                                                                                          Phone: 2241832, 3313603 /Email:
Date of Birth 1/19/1945 (Age: 64)
                                                                                          Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Former IAS Officer, Govt. of India. and Chandigarh. Specialization inReal
                                                                                          Particulars: CMD, Engg. Projects (I) Ltd. Materials Management and Contract,Hydro
Estate, State Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Insurance, Taxation and Finance
                                                                                          Power Projects, Metallurgical Projects, Defence Projects etc.
Banking. Diploma in ADR from Indian Law Institute. 36 years experience in service.

                                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2782
Membership No: IL/ICA/2773
                                                                                          Mr. Santi Moy Mazumdar
Mr. Pramod Kumar Mathur
                                                                                          IAS Officer (Retd.) Ministry of Home Affairs
Former Dy. Zonal Manager (North) Food Corporation of India
                                                                                          Govt. of India A-501, Rudra Apartments
192, BG-1 Pashchim Vihar
                                                                                          Sector-6, Plot-12, Dwarka, Phase-I
New Delhi-110063
                                                                                          New Delhi-110075
Phone: 25270193 /Email:
                                                                                          Phone: 9818400817 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                          Date of Birth 12/1/1946 (Age: 63)
Particulars: Retd. as Dy. Zonal Manager, FCI. Contracts, Agriculture &
                                                                                          Particulars: I.A.S (Retd.) Former Secretary-cum- Affairs. Specialization in
FoodProcessing, Maritime Shipping and Hotel & Tourism Industry. Have more than
                                                                                          StateCommercial Contracts, Agriculture & Food Processing, Corporate Law,
30 years experience in service.
                                                                                          Construction, Corporation & related activities etc. 38 years experience in service.

Membership No: IL/ICA/2785                                                                264
Mr. M P Mehani                                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/2787
Ex-Chief Manager, (State Bank of India)                                                   Mr. Joginder Paul Mehmi
C/41, Aishwaryam Apartments Sector-4, Plot-17,                                            Addl. Dist. Judge (Retd) High Court of Chandigarh
(Opp: Delhi Public School)Dwarka                                                          #26, Punjab Judges & Officers Encalve
New Delhi-110078                                                                          Sector-77
Phone: 9811122425, 25083100 /Email: mpmehani@gmail.com                                    Mohali-160071
Date of Birth 1/1/1945 (Age: 64)                                                          Phone: 0172-3251399 /Email:
Particulars: Ex-Chief Mgr. State Bank of India Contracts, Financial                       Date of Birth 9/1/1948 (Age: 61)
Services/Securities, Corporate Laws, Textile Industry. 25 yrs experience as               Particulars: Former Addl. District Judge, High Real Estate, Insurance andCorporate
Commercial/Financial/Legal Consultant. Appeared in many arbitration/court cases           Law. 30 years experience in service.
during my service. Knows German Language. Long Exp. in Vigilance
Mangement/Economic Crimes
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

265                                                                                       266
Membership No: IL/ICA/2794                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2814
Mr. Jitaindra Mohan Mehra                                                                 Mr. V.R. Mehta
Management Consultant & Advisor (International Taxation)                                  Company Chairman/Director
Flat No.B-7/5131, Vasant Kunj                                                             G-12, South Extension Part-II
New Delhi-110070                                                                          New Delhi-110049
Phone: 26138333/26890333 /Email:                                                          Phone: 22152483/9810399054 /Email: yrmehta@vsnl.com
Date of Birth 8/9/1940 (Age: 69)                                                          Date of Birth 1/12/1934 (Age: 78)
Particulars: Management Consultant & Advisor Chief Commissioner of Income                 Particulars: Chairman of Tirupati Ceramics Ltd. Director on Boards of some
Tax.Specialization in Commercial Contra cts, State Contracts, International               majorpublic and private sector compani- es. Also experienced as Director/ Joint
Investment, Securities, Real Estat e, Finance Banking and Computer Sof tware etc.         Secretary, Ministry of Shipping and Transport. Govt. of India. More than 20 years
Impresive skills in Arbi tration, Mediation and allied Negot iation skills specially in   experien- ce in the field.
the area of works Contracts in Govt. Deptts.
 267                                                                                      268
Membership No: IL/ICA/2821                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2823
Mr. Chandrakant Mehta                                                                     Prof. Davendra K Mehta
Ex-Member Ordnance Factory                                                                Sr. Executive & Professor (Retd.) Center for Railway Information Systems
Flat No. 301, Bldg.No.B-9, Bhujbal Township                                               440, Sardarpura 3rd 'C' Road
Behind Eklavya Polytechnic, Kothrud                                                       Jodhpur-342003
Pune-411038                                                                               Phone: 0291-2636893/9413460890 /Email:
Phone: /Email:                                                                            Date of Birth 1/1/1943 (Age: 66)
Date of Birth 12/25/1948 (Age: 61)                                                        Particulars: Sr. Executive and Professor, Specialization in Engineering/Technical,
Particulars: Ex- General Manager, Ordnance Engineering/Technical, JointVentures,          Power Energy, Information Technology, Computer Software & Systems. 35 years
Information Technology, Machinery & Equipment and Apparants . 34 years                    experience in service.

269                                                                                       270
Membership No: IL/ICA/4917                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2834
Mr. Puran Singh Mehta                                                                     Mr. A. Chandrasekara Menon,
Manager (Retd.)FCI J K Puram                                                              Consultant,
A/36, Chhoti Mukhani,                                                                     Matiri Thiroor, (P.O.) M.G. Kavu
Dist: Nainital                                                                            Trichur-680581
Haldwani-263134                                                                           Phone: 0487-2030090 /Email:
Phone: 263652, 09412958198 /Email:                                                        Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 9/21/1948 (Age: 63)                                                         Particulars: Secretary (Law & Labour) Retd. to Civil Law,(Contract, Property
Particulars: Manager, (Retd.) Specialization inState Contracts, Transport etc.            etc.)Service, Labour & Factory Laws. 20 years experience in the field. Settled some
practicing now as an advocate 36 year experience in service                               cases between Govt. and Pvt. parties Civil Contracts.

 271                                                                                      272
Membership No: IL/ICA/2847                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2848
Mr. S.C. Mishra                                                                           Mr. S.N. Mishra
Chief Engineer (C),                                                                       Technology, Management Consultant
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd., B, Rana Pratap Marg,                                           571, Shakuntalam Apartments Plot 16, Sector-10
YMCA Complex,                                                                             Dwarka
Lucknow-226001                                                                            New Delhi-110075
Phone: 2821100/8723 /Email:                                                               Phone: 31012018 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                                Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Chairman of the Expert Panel of Director General of Income Tax(Inv.)         Particulars: Worked with many companies with Birla group of Industries.
East and Director and Joint Secretary in the Tax Planning and Legislation wing of         Director(Projects) on the SAIL Board. Executive Director (Works) SAIL. Executive
the Central Board of Direct Taxes Dept. of Revenue Ministry of Finance. More than         Director & Chief Executi- ve of SAIL-Sale Steel Plant, General Manager (Rolling Mills
30 years experience in the field.                                                         & Services) Rourkela Steel Plant.
 273                                                                                      274
Membership No: IL/ICA/4659                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/2855
Mr. Hari Prakash Mishra                                                                   Mr. G.M. Misra
Ex-Sr. Dy. Director General Deptt. Of Telecommunication,                                  Advocate
C-194, First Floor Sushant Lok-III                                                        Bansal Plaza Flat No. 304, Block B, Station Road
Sector - 57,                                                                              Behind Guru Nanak Hospital
Gurgaon-122002                                                                            Ranchi-834001
Phone: 26185648/9868132111 /Email: mishrahp@gmail.com                                     Phone: 0651-2461120/9835165544 /Email: gunendramisra@gmail.com
Date of Birth 2/10/1950 (Age: 60)                                                         Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Ex-Sr. Deputy Director General State Contract, Commercial                    Particulars: Additional Director (Law), SAIL. ence in the field in many govern-ment
Contracts,Telecommunications. and Environment. Have 22 years experience in                organisations. Vast experience in arbitration matters. Specialised in International
service.                                                                                  Contracts building and engg. contracts, sale of goods, etc.

                                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2866
Membership No: IL/ICA/2859
                                                                                          Mr. Laxmi Narain Misra
Mr. R.N. Misra
                                                                                          Retd. Dist. & Session Judge
Addl. Legal Advisor (Retd.) Ministry of Law. Advocate. Was
                                                                                          C-29, Palace Orchard (Phase-2) Kolar road
Flat No. 19, Nirman Apartments, Mayur Vihar, Phase-I,
                                                                                          Phone: 9893198031/0755-4005555 /Email: laxmi_shakun@gmail.com
Phone: /Email:
                                                                                          Date of Birth 10/13/1943 (Age: 66)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                          Particulars: Retd. District & Session Judge. Of M.P., Bhopal. Specialization
Particulars: Addl. Legal Advisor (Retd.), Arbitrator in DGS&D. Was Registrarin Board
                                                                                          inTelecommunication, Commercial Contracts, Finance Banking, Oil, Petroleum and
for Industrial Financial Reconstruction. Govt. of India.
                                                                                          Gas, State Contracts, Transport etc. 33 years experience in service.
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

277                                                                                 278
Membership No: IL/ICA/2878                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2884
Mr. Kamal Kumar Mitra                                                               Mr. S.K. Mitra,
Management & Arbitrator Advisor Railway Claims Tribunal,                            Dy. General Manager (Law) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
1050/1, Survey Park UDITA, Prothoma 201                                             BE-349, Salt Lake Sector-1
Kolkata-700075                                                                      Kolkata-700064
Phone: 033-24188454/09831032729 /Email: kamalkmitra@yahoo.com                       Phone: 033-23374227/9330112209 /Email:
Date of Birth 10/30/1939 (Age: 70)                                                  Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: A Member of the Indian Railway Additional Member (Finance).Railway     Particulars: Dy. General Manager (Retd.), Indian Specialization in Agency
Board. More than 25 years experience in Arbitration. Handled several arbitration    &Distribution and Franchising, Real Estate, Finance Banking, State Contracts,
cases.                                                                              Commercial Contracts, Steel, Mining & Quarying and Joint Venture. Handled several
                                                                                    arbitra- tion cases with 41 years experience in Petroleum Industry.
 279                                                                                 280
Membership No: IL/ICA/2893                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/2903
Mr. P.N. Mittal                                                                     Mr. Dinesh Kumar Mittal
Retd. IRS                                                                           I.A.S. (Retd.)
A-56, Retreat Apartments, 20, I.P. Extension,                                       C-15, Shivalik Malviya Nagar
Patpar Ganj,                                                                        New Delhi-110017
Delhi-110092                                                                        Phone: 26688901 /Email:
Phone: 22728401/ /Email: premmittal@satyam.net.in                                   Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                          Particulars: IAS (Retd.). Worked as Joint Secret man and Managing Director in many
Particulars: Retd. from Indian Revenue Service. Responsible for the Internal        PSU companies. Specialization in Sta te Contracts, Commercial Contracts,
Auditand Management Audit for heavy industries corporation. Wide experience in      Engineering/Technical and Environm ent etc. More than 30 years experie nce in the
the field.                                                                          service.

                                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/2937
Membership No: IL/ICA/2931
                                                                                    Mr. Anil Dinker Mohile
Mr. C. Mohanty
                                                                                    Former Chairman CWC & Ex-Officio Sect. to Govt. of India,
Former Managing Director P.P.L.
                                                                                    P-3A036, Princeton Estate DLF Phase-5
28, HIG Duplex Bungalow Sailashree Vihar
                                                                                    Phone: 26521706/9891154061 /Email: anildmohile@yahoo.co.in
Phone: 0674-2740069 /Email: chandidasm@hotmail.com
                                                                                    Date of Birth 8/20/1940 (Age: 69)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                    Particulars: Retd. as Chairman, Central Water Brahmaputra Board, Director
Particulars: Retd. Chairman & Management Direct- tenure as General Manger,
                                                                                    GeneralNational Water Development Authori- ty. 38 years experience of Planning
Marketi-ng & C.M.D. more than ten arbitrat- ion cases settled.
                                                                                    Water Developments Construction & Construction management etc.

                                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/2942
Membership No: IL/ICA/2940
                                                                                    Mr. Mihir Kumar Moitra
Mr. M S Mohnot
                                                                                    IAS (Retd.)
Sanskirti Apartment Flat No. 302, 7/170,
                                                                                    H-205, Wembley Estate Rosewood City
Swaroop Nagar
                                                                                    Sector 50,
Phone: 0512-2554644 /Email: ms.mohnot@lohiagroup.com
                                                                                    Phone: 9810048932, 0124-2211346 /Email: m_moitra@yahoo.com
Date of Birth 7/24/1954 (Age: 55)
                                                                                    Date of Birth 2/28/1942 (Age: 67)
Particulars: General Manager (P&A), Lohia Automobile, Corporate Law.Machinery &
                                                                                    Particulars: Director (Commercial) & Director Member of the Board of Director
Equipment and Engineering etc.
                                                                                    ofSAIL. 30 years of public service in various civil and revenue matters.

                                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/2963
Membership No: IL/ICA/2961
                                                                                    Mr. Deb Narayan Mukherjee
Mr. S.P. Mukherjee
Vice-Chairman, Central Administration Tribunal
                                                                                    402/1A, N S C Bose Road
J-1984, Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi-110019
                                                                                    Phone: 24300297/9331043096 /Email:
Phone: 26272347/26275945 /Email:
                                                                                    Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                    Particulars: Joint Principal Officer, Steel an Advocate in 1971. Specializationin
Particulars: IAS (Retd.) Vice Chairman, CAT in various capacities. Specialisedin
                                                                                    Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law etc. More than 19 years experience in service.
Company Law, Admn. Law, Indus- trial Law, Personnel Management etc.
                                                                                    Dealt with number of arbitration cases as counsel.

Membership No: IL/ICA/2967                                                          288
Prof. K.K. Mukherjee,                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2970
Corporate Lawyer and Management Advisor                                             Mr. Asim Kumar Mukherji,
Mukherjee Cottage, 30A, Asoke Road,                                                 Adviser,
Ganguli Bagan East,                                                                 C-18-F, MIG, Mayapuri,
Kolkata-700084                                                                      New Delhi-110064
Phone: 2487656/2207857 /Email:                                                      Phone: 5133654 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                          Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Company Secretary & General Manager Calcutta. Vice President,          Particulars: Retd. Dy. Manager, Food Corporation sultant of various Sugar Mills
KhaitanInsustries Ltd. Calcutta. Handled many large arbitraion cases while in       ofUttar Pradesh. Vast experience in handling Arbitration cases arising out of various
service for 32 years. Associates of Khaitan & Co., Advocate & Notaries, Calcutta.   contracts and sugar cases.
Professor of Management & Legal studies. Fellow of All India Mangement
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

289                                                                                       290
Membership No: IL/ICA/2976                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/2982
Mr. Sukumar Mukhopadhyay                                                                 Mr. Baldev Singh Mundra
Former Member, Central Board of Excise & Customs                                         Petroleum & Legal Consultant,
C-601, Purvasha, Anandlok Hsg. Society, Mayur Vihar, Phase-I,                            702, C-Wing Shradha Complex, Western Express Highway,
Delhi-110091                                                                             Kandivali (East),
Phone: 22752366, 22794107/9811317395 /Email: smukher2000@yahoo.com                       Mumbai-400101
Date of Birth 4/18/1937 (Age: 75)                                                        Phone: 8621433,5632806 /Email:
Particulars: Worked as Director General, Natio- Narcotics (NACEN) an apex                Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
trainingschool for indirect taxes. Member, Central Board of Excise and Customs           Particulars: Retd. Chairman and Managing Direct- CCIL Govt. of India. Worked
Ministry of Finance. Senior Consul- tant National Institute of Public Finance. Over 18   withONGC in various capacities. 30 years of Professional experience in the Oil & Gas
years experience in the field.                                                           industry.

 291                                                                                     292
Membership No: IL/ICA/2988                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/4950
Mr. P. Murari                                                                            Mr. KVV Satyanarayana Murthy
II-A, Bajaj Manor 14-A, College Road                                                     Management Consultant Dr. No.22-1-29/2,
Chennai-600006                                                                           P R College Road,
Phone: 09884411511/42326331 /Email:                                                      Kakinada-533001
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Phone: 0884-2363090, 09866177689 /Email: drmurthykimco@gmail.com
Particulars: Retd. as Secretary to the President Committee of World                      Date of Birth 6/16/1955 (Age: 57)
MarketingCongress. President, Federation of Association of Senior Citizens - India.      Particulars: Arbitrator and Specialization inTaxation, Commercial Contracts,
Arbitrator in certain cases.                                                             Agreement Analysis, Corporate Law, Finance and Accounts etd 33 years experience

Membership No: IL/ICA/3015                                                               294
Mr. Arumugam Muthusamy                                                                   Membership No: IL/ICA/3024
Executive Director(Retd.) SAIL                                                           Mr. J.C. Nag,
569, "Anugraha" 8th Cross, 8th Main, Coffee Board Layout,                                Haimawati-Anirvan Trust,
Kempapura, Hebbal                                                                        25, Russa Road South 3rd Lane
Bangalore-560024                                                                         Kolkata-700033
Phone: 22330666/9880439580 /Email: ar_muthu2002@yahoo.co.in;                             Phone: 24149377/9433245717 /Email:
ar_muthu45@hotmail.com                                                                   Date of Birth 4/3/1933 (Age: 79)
Date of Birth 4/10/1944 (Age: 68)                                                        Particulars: Worked as Company Secretary with had dealt with all legal mattersof the
Particulars: Executive Director (Retd.), SAIL. Contracts, Steel, Mining &Quarying        company including suit matters in Supreme Court relating to Central Excise.
Construction, Engineering/ Technical. More than 30 years in service.
Membership No: IL/ICA/3038                                                               296
Mr. A P Nagrath                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/3042
Retd. Advisor Railway Board                                                              Mr. K. Jayaram Naik
5/1-A, Aravali View Rail Vihar Sector-56                                                 General Manager
Gurgaon-122003                                                                           442, 8th Cross Mahalaxmi Layout
Phone: 95124-2572080/9891409659 /Email: nagrath_arun@rediffmail.com                      Bangalore-560086
Date of Birth 5/20/1941 (Age: 68)                                                        Phone: 23498858 /Email:
Particulars: Advisor, Railway Board (Retd.). Specialization in State                     Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Contracts,Engineering/Technical, Power Energy, Information Technology and                Particulars: General Manager (Retd.), NTPC. Technical and Construction.
Transport. 37 years experience in service. Appointed arbitrator in number of
construction cases.
 297                                                                                     298
Membership No: IL/ICA/3067                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/3071
Mr. Harcharan Singh Nanda                                                                Mr. Dilip Kumar Nandi
Retd. Dy. Commissioner (IT) Indian Revenue Service                                       Executive Director
'Nanda Villa' 9, Shanti Kunj, Mall Road                                                  FE-63, Sector-III, Salt Lake City,
Behind Pocket-03, Vasant Kunj                                                            Kolkata-700091
New Delhi-110070                                                                         Phone: 23374683/9831888426 /Email:
Phone: 26898595 /Email:                                                                  Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Particulars: Executive Director,(Western Region) Specialized in Electrical
Particulars: Retd. Dy. Commissioner of Income- 1993 in Delhi High Court                  Engineering (Power Transmission System). Handlaed several arbitral matters and
andSupreme Court. Specialization in Real Estate, State Contracts, Commercial             none of the award was challenge d in the court on any ground by award was
Contracts, Insurance, Corporate Law, Taxation, Joint Ventures etc.                       challenged in the court or any ground by any party.

299                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/3083
Membership No: IL/ICA/4938                                                               Mr. Anant Deo Narain
Mr. Sudipto Nandy                                                                        Retd. Director General Road Development
Chief Commissioner (Retd.) C/o. Mr. P K Dasgupta,                                        B-186 Sector-26
9UC, Mani Towers, 31/41, Acharya Vinobha Road,                                           Noida-201301
Kolkata-700038                                                                           Phone: 0120-2519265 /Email:
Phone: 9836150953 /Email: snandy@gmail.com                                               Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 2/25/1952 (Age: 60)                                                        Particulars: Ex-Director General (Road Developme f Road Transport, Govt. of
Particulars: Former Chief Commissioner, Specialization inTaxation, Commercial            India.Specialization in Engineering/Techn ical, Joint Ventures, Power Energy,
Contracts, Entertainment, Environment etc. 36 years experience                           Construction, Environment and Trans port etc. More than 30 years experi ence in
                                                                                         job. Handled five cases as arbitrator.
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

Membership No: IL/ICA/3113                                                                 302
Mr. Digvijay Nath                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/3117
Executive Director, NHPC Ltd. Contracts (E&M) Division                                     Mr. Rajendra Nath
J-74, Jal Vidyut Apartments Sector-21C                                                     General Manager (Retd) Central Railway
Faridabad-121003                                                                           X-67, Regency Park II, DLF City Phase-IV
Phone: 0129-2428574, 9871539111 /Email:                                                    Gurgaon-122002
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                                 Phone: 0124-4045109/9810511118 /Email: rnath41@yahoo.com
Particulars: Manager (E), NHPC Limited, Salal                                              Date of Birth 6/26/1941 (Age: 68)
                                                                                           Particulars: General Manager (Retd.), Central Ra g/Technical, Construction and
                                                                                           Transport etc. Handled 10 arbitration ca ses. More than 30 years experience in job.

                                                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3128
Membership No: IL/ICA/3126
                                                                                           Mr. Ravinder Kumar Nayar,
Mr. P.K. Somasundran Nayar
                                                                                           Dy. General Manager, Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd.
Advocate High Court of Ernakulam
                                                                                           S-232, Greater Kailash, Part-I,
Sai Sadan, FACT Nagar, Mini-Bypass Thripunithura
                                                                                           New Delhi-110048
                                                                                           Phone: 6238460 /Email:
Phone: 0484-2784897, 9562566820 /Email:
                                                                                           Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 2/5/1936 (Age: 76)
                                                                                           Particulars: Dy. Gen. Manager, Shaw Wallace & International Ltd. Vam OrganicsLtd.
Particulars: Ex-Chief Manager (Legal Services) FACT. Was judicial officer for
                                                                                           Birla Gwalior Group of Industries. Represented Co. and Assisted Legal Deptt. In out
                                                                                           of court settlements Arbitration in legal cases.

305                                                                                        306
Membership No: IL/ICA/3134                                                                 Membership No: IL/ICA/3135
Mr. J.L. Nehru                                                                             Mr. P S Nerwal
Former Chairman & Managing Director HFCL                                                   801, Saksham Apartments Plot No.40-B, Sect. 10,
Flat No. 8734, Pocket-8, Sector-C,                                                         Dwarka
Vasant Kunj,                                                                               New Delhi-110045
New Delhi-110070                                                                           Phone: 25082532, 09779232167, /Email: psne2005@gmail.com
Phone: 6891129/9891297360 /Email: jlnehru2003@yahoo.com                                    Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 1/20/1941 (Age: 71)                                                          Particulars: Group General Manager, CONCOR Rail. Contracts, Corporate
Particulars: Retd. as Chairman & Managing Corporation Ltd, Delhi. Dealt withall            Law,Engineering, Joint Ventures, Corporation and related activities, Environment
aspects of General and Project Management including commercial matters in India            and Transport. Have 25 years experience in Rail operation and Commercial matters.
and for 13 years out side India. 38 years service experience in the field.
 307                                                                                       308
Membership No: IL/ICA/3144                                                                 Membership No: IL/ICA/3151
Mr. S.C. Nirwani                                                                           Mr. K.K. Ojha,
Ex-Director, ICA                                                                           Retd. Chief GM(MM), CCL (Coal India),
22, Mausam Vihar,                                                                          Dam Side Road, Opp: Gandhinagar,
Delhi-110051                                                                               Ranchi-834008
Phone: 2454049/2444040 /Email:                                                             Phone: 0651-230125 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                                 Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Practice at the Bar. Served as cities with ICA 30 years. Arbitra-tor &        Particulars: Retd. Chief GM (MM), CCL (Coal in reputed Management Institutes
Consultant for 5 years. Spe- cialized in international business law, international         onMaterials Management and other management topics. Worked as arbitration and
contracts & arbitration. Acting as Sole Arbi- trator in commercial matters. Rep-           given awards in many arbitration cases.
resented parties in international arbitration in London/India. Panel Arbitrator of Delhi
Stock Exchange.
 309                                                                                        310
Membership No: IL/ICA/3156                                                                 Membership No: IL/ICA/3165
Dr. Surendra Kumar Pachauri,                                                               Mr. S. Padmanabhan,
IAS(Retd.)                                                                                 Management Consultant
Flat No.T4/202,Parsvnath Prestige-II Sector -93 A,                                         "Padmasheel Bungalow", 30, Vishrambagh Society,
Taj Express High Way                                                                       Senapati Bapat Road,
Noida-201304                                                                               Pune-411016
Phone: 0120-2426600/9810946722 /Email: skpachauri@amity.edu                                Phone: 020-25652912/9820052751 /Email: padmanabhans@videoconmail.com
Date of Birth 8/25/1944 (Age: 65)                                                          Date of Birth 9/1/1939 (Age: 70)
Particulars: Secretary, Ayodhya Commission of Govt. of India. Chairman of                  Particulars: IAS. Director in Videocon's Group Executive posts in Government
theHon'ble Commission of HIS Lordship Hon'ble Justice MS Liberhan, Chief Justice,          ofMaharashtra. Served as arbitrator in ICC Arbitration and other arbi- tration cases.
High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. Appointed Board of Directors of                   35 years experience in different branches of engineer- ing and Govt. Department.
Mazagaon Dock, Mumbai and Chairman, NRI Institute.
Membership No: IL/ICA/3167                                                                 312
Mr. C M Pahuja                                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/3192
Chief Manager (IA)/(F&A)                                                                   Mr. A.K. Panda
Krishak Bharati Co-operative Ltd. F-41, Vikas Puri,                                        Chief Law Officer, SAIL,
New Delhi-110018                                                                           Law Department Rourkela Steel Plant
Phone: 28535353/9810573353 /Email: cmpahuja2004@yahoo.co.in                                Rourkela-769011
Date of Birth 3/1/1945 (Age: 64)                                                           Phone: 0661-2646977/09437042124 /Email: advita1@yahoo.co.in
Particulars: Chief Manager (IA)/(F&A), Krishak Specialization in State                     Date of Birth 4/21/1953 (Age: 56)
Contracts,Finance Banking, Commercial Contracts, Corporation and related                   Particulars: Chief Law Officer, SAIL. Was Civil of Orissa, Judicial Departmentabout 4
activities and Costing. More than 25 years experience in the field of finance and          years and Law Officer in MMTC. Dealt Civil, Criminal, Taxation, Labour Law matters.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

313                                                                                    314
Membership No: IL/ICA/3195                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/3198
Mr. Manindra Chandra Panda                                                             Mr. R.K. Pandey
Addl. Director General (Retd.) DGS&D                                                   Corporate Adviser
DDA, SFS, Flat No.151 Sector-22                                                        L-277, Sarita Vihar,
Dwarka                                                                                 New Delhi-110044
New Delhi-110075                                                                       Phone: 6944862 /Email:
Phone: 28051149/9999008545 /Email:                                                     Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 1/21/1942 (Age: 67)                                                      Particulars: Former Executive Director, Delhi Secretary and Chief Accountant
Particulars: Formerly Addl. Director General, of Commerce. Specialization inState      withHicks Thermometers (India) Ltd. and other many public sectors. More than 18
Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Insurance, Oil, Petroleum and Gas, Engineering/       years working experience in the field.
Technical, Power Energy, Construction, Hotel & Tourism Ind. 40 years experience
315                                                                                    316
Membership No: IL/ICA/3199                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/4940
Mr. Suresh Pandey                                                                      Mr. Bhupati Prasad Pandey
Managing Director Steel Authority of India Ltd.                                        Addl. Chief Secretary (Retd.) Govt. of Maharashtra
M.D. Bungalow                                                                          A-202, Amaltas, C.H.S. Versova Line Road,
Distt. Bokaro                                                                          next to HDFC Bank,(Andheri West),
Bokaro Steel City-827001                                                               Mumbai-400053
Phone: 06542-240300 /Email:                                                            Phone: 022-26213344, 09820542812 /Email: bhupatip@hotmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Date of Birth 7/19/1950 (Age: 61)
Particulars: Manaaging Director, Steel Authority Specialization in Steel, Mining       Particulars: Addl. Chief Secretary (Retd.) Specialization inJoint Venture, Maritime
&Engineering/Technical, Power Energy, Machinery and Equipment etc. More than 30        Shipping, Corporation & related activities, Environment, State Contracts etc. 34
years experience in engineering.                                                       years experience

317                                                                                    318
Membership No: IL/ICA/3204                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/3216
Mr. Rama Shankar Pandey,                                                               Mr. S C Parakh
Divisional Director Dalal Mott Mac Donald                                              Advisor, Power Industry
Sarojani House, Ground Floor Bhagwan Das Road                                          A-116, Alkapuri Habibganj
New Delhi-110001                                                                       Bhopal-462024
Phone: 23389386 /Email:                                                                Phone: 0755-2485334/9303136129 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Date of Birth 7/27/1938 (Age: 71)
Particulars: Divisional Director, Dalal Mott Intellectual Property, StateContracts,    Particulars: Advisor, Contractual Issues Commercial, Contracts & Business.Past
Commercial Contracts, Engineering, Power Energy, Environment etc. More than 30         Position Held: Chariman and Managing Director & Director (Projects) Power Grid
years experience in service. Handled several arbitration cases as arbitrator.          Corpn. of India Ltd. Executive Director, NTPC. 38 experience in Power Sector.

319                                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/3274
Membership No: IL/ICA/3266                                                             Mr. Milind Lakshmikant Patil
Mr. M A Pathan                                                                         Vice President Chhatrapati Shivaji Mem.
Chairman, Tata Petrodyne Ltd,                                                          National Committee 4th Floor(Top), 7,Tansen Marg
K-80, 1st Floor Hauz Khas Enclave                                                      Near Bengali Market
New Delhi-110016                                                                       New Delhi-110001
Phone: 26511800 /Email: pathanasad@hotmail.com                                         Phone: /Email:
Date of Birth 3/9/1942 (Age: 67)                                                       Date of Birth 6/26/1960 (Age: 49)
Particulars: Group Resident Director, Tatas, Ltd. Specialization in                    Particulars: Vice President, Sri Chhatrapati Committee. Specialization
CommercialContracts, Oil, Petroleum and Gas and Joint Venture.                         inEngineering/Technical, Textile/ Jute, Oil, Petroleum and Gas, Agriculture and Food
                                                                                       Processing, Automobile, Real Estate etc. More than 16 years in this area.
321                                                                                    322
Membership No: IL/ICA/3275                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/3285
Mr. Balasaheb B Patil,                                                                 Mr. K M Paul
Engineer & Contractor B.T. Patil & Sons                                                Ex-Engineer-in-Chief All India Radio
4112, Patson House Poona Bangalore Road                                                A-83, Seema Apartments Plot -7, Sector-11
Belgaum-590003                                                                         Dwarka
Phone: 0831-2483333/09845818000 /Email: btpaitl@vsnl.com                               New Delhi-110075
Date of Birth 6/20/1933 (Age: 79)                                                      Phone: 9873229948 /Email:
Particulars: Consultant Adviser. Served as Pvt. Ltd., Pastson Structural (I)Ltd. and   Date of Birth 1/1/1946 (Age: 63)
Paston Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Partner of SBP & Co., Chairman of Markandeya Coop.           Particulars: Acting as D.G. All India Radio. Specialization in Radio, Television,
Credit Bank Ltd. and Markandeya Coop. Sugar Factory Ltd. Experience in                 Communication, Equipment and Apparatus, Telecommunications, IT and
construction, petroleum fields.                                                        Engineering/Technical. 36 years experience in service.

Membership No: IL/ICA/3292
                                                                                       Membership No: IL/ICA/3317
Mr. Jayant Gopal Pendse,
                                                                                       Mr. Ram A Poddar,
Director Income-Tax,
                                                                                       Company Executive, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd.,
Bhagirathi, Plot No. 11, Sector No. 25,
                                                                                       49, Community Centre, Friends Colony,
Pradhikaran Nigdi,
                                                                                       New Delhi-110065
                                                                                       Phone: 6831485 /Email:
Phone: /Email:
                                                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                       Particulars: Chief Executive, Godfrey Philips Management for the past 20
Particulars: Additional Secretary (Retd.) Worked as Chairman, (ITSC)Specialization
                                                                                       years.Overall exposure in resolving several disputes of signigicant importance to co.
in Taxation, Commercial Contract, Steel, Minining, & Quarying, Corporate Law etc.
                                                                                       and other gruop companies.
30 years experience
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

325                                                                                   326
Membership No: IL/ICA/3318                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3331
Mr. Arvind Kumar Poothia                                                             Mr. S Prabhakaran
Director General Engineering Staff College of India,                                 I.A.S. (Retd.)
Old Bombay Road, Gachi Bowli,                                                        201, 2nd Floor, Abhijit Apartment K T 40, N.H.S. Road
Hyderabad-500032                                                                     V V Puram, Nr. Lal Baug
Phone: 040-23000465/66 /Email: esci.ic@gmail.com                                     Bangalore-560004
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Phone: 080-26512552 /Email:
Particulars: Retd. indian Navy Commander General, The Institution ofEngineers        Date of Birth 6/5/1943 (Age: 66)
(India) Over 30 years experience in Indian Navy. Headed legal department GOI. PSU,   Particulars: I.A.S. (Retd.), Advisor, ISRO and Intellectual Property, StateContracts,
Acted as Sole Arbitrator and Member of Arbitral Tribunal.                            Commercial Contracts, Power Energy, Maritime, Construction etc.

Membership No: IL/ICA/3332                                                           328
Mr. Sundaram Prabhu                                                                  Membership No: IL/ICA/3333
Indian Audit Accounts Services NTRO, Govt of India                                   Mr. J.C. Pradhan
Flat No. A-8, M S Flats                                                              Special Metropolitan Magistrate Dadar Court
Pandara Park, Pandara Road                                                           Kusum Kunj, Indraprastha Enclave RH-1, Sector-29
New Delhi-110003                                                                     Vashi
Phone: 23074341 /Email: prabhu_pda@yahoo.co.in                                       Navi Mumbai-400703
Date of Birth 5/30/1953 (Age: 56)                                                    Phone: 27899929, 31063907 /Email:
Particulars: Controller of Admn., Indian Audit Technical Research                    Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Organization,Govt. of India. Specialization in Intellectual Property, Real Estate,   Particulars: Special Metropolitan Magistrate, years.
Commercial Contracts, Insurance and Construction. 36 years experience in service.
 329                                                                                 330
Membership No: IL/ICA/3360                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3364
Mr. S N Prasad                                                                       Mr. Ramendra Kishore Prasad
General Manager (Vigilance) Visakhapatnam Steel Plant                                Consulting Arbitration & Mining
Qr. No.322-B, Sector-7 Ukkunagaram                                                   A-6, Songanga Colony P.O. SECL
Visakhapatnam-530032                                                                 Sipat Road, At & Dist.
Phone: 0891-2519521 /Email:                                                          Bilaspur-495006
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Phone: 07752-258072, 09993955955 /Email: rkprasad14@yahoo.co.in
Particulars: General Manager (Vigilance), Visakh in Commercial Contracts, Steel,     Date of Birth 1/22/1942 (Age: 67)
Engineering/Technical and Construction . Long experience in field of Contr acts      Particulars: Arbitration Consultant & Mining. Quarying,
Management in Construction & M aintenance of major Steel Plant and have aptitude     Engineering/Technical,Construction, Transport and Commercial Contracts. 35
for resolving dispute s.                                                             years experience

331                                                                                  332
Membership No: IL/ICA/3386                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3393
Col. Gopal Purdhani                                                                  Mr. Jugal Kishore Puri
Ex-Spl. Metropolitan Magistrate                                                      Chief Adviser(Cost)(Retd.) Ministry of Finance
A-403, Lovely Home CGHS, Sector-5                                                    K-19, (Ground Floor), South Extension Part-II
Flat No.-5, Dwarka                                                                   New Delhi-110049
New Delhi-110075                                                                     Phone: 09868844232/09818488344 /Email: jugalpuri@gmail.com
Phone: 25086154/28855046 /Email:                                                     Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 5/13/1941 (Age: 68)                                                    Particulars: Chief Advisor (Cost), Govt. Specialization in State Contracts,Finance
Particulars: Magistrate. Specialization inCommercial Contracts, State Contracts,     Banking, Oil Petroleum and Gas, Steel Mining & Quarying, Corporate Law, Taxation,
Corporate Law. 35 years experience in service.                                       Power Energy, Transport, Pricing matters, Fare Rate Determination subsidy
                                                                                     determination etc. More than 20 years experience in Finance and accounts.
333                                                                                  Membership No: IL/ICA/3436
Membership No: IL/ICA/3408                                                           Mr. T.P. Rajasekhar
Mr. G.C. Raghubir                                                                    Flat No.3, Yamuna, Thane Mukand Co-Op, Hsg. Society Ltd.
Consultant,                                                                          Majiwada
K-11, South Extension-I,                                                             Thana-400601
New Delhi-110049                                                                     Phone: 022-5349139 /Email:
Phone: 693478 /Email:                                                                Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Particulars: Workedas Vice President (Project & Protection System Ltd.
Particulars: Sr. Adviser, DSP. Financial ONGC (Member). Director of                  GeneralManager (Operation) with Kamani Tubes Ltd. Senior Manager and Head of
manycompanies. Over 30 years experience                                              Power Engineering and Civil Engineering Division with M/s Steel Industrials Kerala
                                                                                     Ltd. and Commer- cial Manager with Steel Industries.

 335                                                                                  336
Membership No: IL/ICA/3452                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/4791
Mr. M.S. Ram                                                                         Mr. N Ramakrishnan
IAS (Retd.) Management Consultanat                                                   IAS Officer(Retd.) Ex-Member, CAT
6-E, Old Tower Block, Nandanam,                                                      1450, 40th Street, 6th Avenue, I Block,
Chennai-600035                                                                       Anna Nagar,
Phone: 4320861 /Email:                                                               Chennai-600040
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Phone: 044-26186061 /Email: ramakrishnanias@yahoo.com
Particulars: Management Consultant, Chariman/ Companies. Director-General            Date of Birth 4/2/1945 (Age: 66)
ofsupply Mission Washington dealing with very large number of contract for the       Particulars: IAS Officer(Retd.) Specialization inFinance Banking, Textile/Jute,
Govt. of India in Amercia and Canada. Was Member, Board of Revenue, Govt. of         Taxation, Corporate Law, Information Technology and Commercial Contracts etc, 36
Tamil Nadu. More than 30 years experience in the field.                              years experience
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

337                                                                                     338
Membership No: IL/ICA/3464                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/3472
Mr. M. Ramamoorthy                                                                     Mr. R Ramanathan
Ex-Chief General Manager (Fin.) Coal India Ltd.,                                       Retd. Secretary Ministry of Telecommunication
Block No. H/13, Flat -A, First Floor, South Avenue, Kamarajnagar,                      E-601 Ambience Island NH-8
Thiruvanmiyur,                                                                         Gurgaon-122002
Chennai-600041                                                                         Phone: 95124-5029074 /Email:
Phone: 98405 40136 /Email:                                                             Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Particulars: Retd. as Secretary, from Telecom Co tions, Govt. of India. Specialization
Particulars: Retd. Chief General Manager now Practicing as an                          in State Contracts, Commercial C ontracts and Telecommunications. Mo re than 25
Advocate.Specialization in Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law and Environment.        years experience in serv ice.
35 years experience in Finance and Accounts.
Membership No: IL/ICA/3475                                                             340
Mr. A Ramani                                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3477
Joint Secretary South India Cotton Association                                         Mr. T.C.A. Ramanujam
'KANAKADHARA' 195-A, Annamalai                                                         Regd. Chief Commissioner of IT
Chettiar Road                                                                          No.7, Narasimhapuram South Street, Mylapore
Coimbatore-641011                                                                      Chennai-600004
Phone: 0422-5382075 /Email: aramani@touchtelindia.net                                  Phone: 836745, 837771 /Email:
Date of Birth 12/2/1956 (Age: 54)                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Joint Secretary, South India Cotton liation in Cotton Trade,              Particulars: Retd. Chief Commissioner of Income
TechnicalCommercial. 26 years experience in Cotton Trade and Commercial Technic

 341                                                                                    342
Membership No: IL/ICA/3480                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/3481
Mr. S Ramaswamy                                                                        Mr. N Ramaswamy
Member Generation TNEB (Retd.)                                                         Civil Engineer
C1 Malles Yoga Villa Old 29, New 6 Gopalaakrishna Road                                 1, Bansuri Bunglows Pashabhai Park
T Nagar                                                                                Race Course
Chennai-600017                                                                         Vadodara-390007
Phone: 044-28157879 /Email: sramaswami@rediffmail                                      Phone: 0265-2341235 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Retd. Member/ Generation TNEB the TNEB, Chairman of Pay Commiss-          Particulars: Consultant. Secretary, Gujarat Sarovar Nigam Ltd. Specializationin
ion of TNEB during 1993. Vice President, NEPC Micon Ltd. for 3 years.                  Engineering/Technical and Construction. Vast experience in handling difficult &
                                                                                       large sized contract. Settled large number of cases.

Membership No: IL/ICA/3484
                                                                                       Membership No: IL/ICA/3491
Mr. C.N. Ramdas
                                                                                       Mr. Y N Rammurthy
Chairman CNG Group, CNG Consultancy
                                                                                       Executive Director (Engineering)
K-48, Anna Nagar East,
                                                                                       13, VI Floor, Oval Vien Maharshi Karve Road
Phone: 044-26206000 /Email: cnramdas@gngworld.com
                                                                                       Phone: 022-22026554 /Email:
Date of Birth 10/3/1937 (Age: 75)
                                                                                       Date of Birth 11/27/1945 (Age: 64)
Particulars: Retd. Secretary to the Govt. of Transprot. Specialization inCommercial
                                                                                       Particulars: Executive Director (Engineering), Real Estate, State
Contracts, Oil, Petroleum and Gas, Joint Venture, Power Energy, Aviation and
                                                                                       Contracts,Engineering/Technical and Construction.
Transport. More than 35 years experience in service.

Membership No: IL/ICA/3502
Mr. H.L. Randev
                                                                                       Membership No: ALI/ICA/0365
                                                                                       Mr. Anand Sagar Ranka
1510, Sector 36-D,
                                                                                       950, Sector-16,
Phone: /Email:
                                                                                       Phone: 0129-2290058/9811488265 /Email: asranka@sify.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                       Date of Birth 11/22/1934 (Age: 78)
Particulars: Retd. District & Sessions Judge, of Punjab & Haryana High Court
                                                                                       Particulars: Dy. General Manager, Punjab with PNB including 20 years
BarAsson. Specialised in Civil matters involving disputes concerning money
                                                                                       atExecutive/Senior Executive level.
matters, trade & commerce, real Estate, partnership differences, Joint personal
injury, insurance coverage, construction projects & contracts interpretation &
perfor- mance. Acted as sole Arbitrator.
 347                                                                                   Membership No: IL/ICA/3524
Membership No: ALI/ICA/0361                                                            Mr. C.V.R. Joga Rao
Mr. A. Ramachandra Rao                                                                 Engineer Marketing and Project Management of Construction
Cost Accountant,                                                                       B-5-402, L&T South City,
6-3-1086/1, Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda Gul Mohar Avenue,                              Bangalore-560076
Hyderabad-500482                                                                       Phone: /Email:
Phone: 226371 /Email:                                                                  Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Particulars: General Manager (Contracts), also worked as Project Manager withEPI,
Particulars: Retd. Govt. Official. Cost Accoun- Sr. Positions as General Manageretc.   New Delhi., Dy. General Mana- ger with DLF Industries Ltd. 35 years experience in
in Public Sector Undertakings.                                                         construction, maintenance & engineering and deeply involved in dispute settle- ment
                                                                                       through negotiation/concilia- tion/arbitration.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

349                                                                                   350
Membership No: IL/ICA/3544                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/3559
Dr. M. Seshagiri Rao                                                                  Mr. R Ranga Rao
627, "Sudhama" 13th Cross Road,                                                       Mangare (Legal) AIR INDIA
J P Nagar II,                                                                         21st Floor, Air India Building,
Bangalore-560078                                                                      Nariman Point
Phone: 080-26580321/9845162548 /Email: moorchungl@dataone.in                          Mumbai-400021
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Phone: 2024142 extn. 6381 /Email:
Particulars: International Consultancy. Former Additonal Secretary 1957-1989          Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
inIndian Railways. Handled 25 arbitration cases of construction, industrial, labour   Particulars: Manager (Legal), Air India. Exper- Central Excise, Aviation Law,
disputes and supply contracts.                                                        AirCargo, Air Passenger etc. Advocate Ex. Sr. Law Officer, NTPC.

351                                                                                    352
Membership No: IL/ICA/4651                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/3583
Mr. N S Rao                                                                           Mr. Bhupendra Rastogi
Judicial Officer High Court of A P                                                    (Retd.) Gazetted C-I Officer
304, Bhavya S Krishna Residency 11-5413, Near RBI Officers Qtrs                       A-75, Shastri Bhawan
Red Hills                                                                             Meerat-250004
Hyderabad-500004                                                                      Phone: 3954265 /Email:
Phone: 040-4026368 /Email:                                                            Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 7/1/1949 (Age: 61)                                                      Particulars: Retd. from MES as Sr. Legal Execu- in Immovable Property.
Particulars: Formerly Judicial Officer, High Court of (Junior Civil Judge and Dist.   Specialisedin Residential, Industrial & Tech- nical buildings, Roads & Harding
Judge)Specialization in Commercial Contracts Corporate Law etc. Have 29 years         Standing, Sewage disposal, Air- Conditioning & Lift, Electrical & Water supply. 38
experience in service.                                                                years experience in the field.

353                                                                                    354
Membership No: IL/ICA/3586                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/3597
Mr. Rajesh C. Rastogi                                                                 Ambdr. Rajendra Singh Rathore
Teaching/Academic                                                                     I.F.S. (Retd.)
50, Mall Apartment Mall Road                                                          B-1, Gitanjali Enclave, 2nd Floor
New Delhi-110054                                                                      New Delhi-110017
Phone: 9811505400/23819009 /Email: rajesh.c.rastogi@gmail.com                         Phone: 26691788/'9810994935 /Email: rajenrathore@yahoo.com
Date of Birth 8/23/1943 (Age: 68)                                                     Date of Birth 8/11/1945 (Age: 64)
Particulars: Head, Post Graduate Deptt. University). Specialization inIntellectual    Particulars: Former Ambassador. Indian Foreign Commercial Contracts,
Property, Entertainment, Hotel & Tourism Industry and Environment. More than 30       AgencyDistribution and Franchising, Corporate Law, Joint Ventures and
years experience in service.                                                          International Investments. M.A.LL.B with 34 years experience in Indian Foreign

                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/3608
Membership No: IL/ICA/3598
                                                                                      Mr. J.D. Rawtani
Mr. P.V. Ratnam
                                                                                      Chief Surveyor of Works MES
Fincial Adviser & CAO
                                                                                      361, Pocket J, Sarita Vihar
                                                                                      New Delhi-110076
                                                                                      Phone: 6844933/3019015 /Email:
Phone: /Email:
                                                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                      Particulars: Chief Surveyor of Works, MES, Army Contract matters pertaining
Particulars: Indian Rly. Accounts Service. Was Specialised in International Lawand
                                                                                      toengineering contracts, arbitration etc. Chartered Engineer. Over 30 years
Constituional Law. Experienced in Arbitration matters.

Membership No: IL/ICA/3612
                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/3615
Mr. Subir Kumar Ray
                                                                                      Mr. Krishnendu Prasad Ray
Advocate Supreme Court of India
                                                                                      Dy. General Manager(Finance) NEEPCO Ltd
D-603, Purvasha Anadlok Co-opp Group Hsg. Society Ltd.,
                                                                                      Lower New Colony, Laitumkharah,
Mayur Vihar, Ph-I,
                                                                                      Phone: 0364-2229744, 259028309435339887 /Email: cmakpray@gmail.com
Phone: 22792049/9313786167 /Email: ray.subir@indiatimes.com
                                                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                      Particulars: Sr. Manager (Finance & Accounts). S ommercial Contracts and Office,
Particulars: Worked in different capacities as Calcutta. Addl. CIT Bombay. ChiefCIT
                                                                                      Accounting and Computing Machinery etc . More than 18 years experience in
Kanpur. Advocate, Supreme Court of India. Specialised Quasi Judical, Control
                                                                                      Finance and Accounts.
supervision and inspection of quasijudical decisions, administration matters
income-tax Appellate Tribunal etc. 30 years experience in the field.
 359                                                                                  Membership No: IL/ICA/3628
Membership No: IL/ICA/4742                                                            Mr. O.F. Reddy
Mr. Uday Shanker Prasad Ray                                                           Managing Director (Retd.) Candid Management & Arbitration Consultants P. Ltd.
Former Secretary, Govt. of India E-7, Ground Floor                                    EDEN VILL', 32-601, HAL Officers Colony, G R Road
Anand Niketan                                                                         Jeedimetla P.O.
New Delhi-110021                                                                      Hyderabad-500855
Phone: 24118420/9810201858 /Email: rusprasad@gmail.com                                Phone: 9908440438 /Email: ofabianreddy@yahoo.com
Date of Birth 6/26/1940 (Age: 70)                                                     Date of Birth 12/14/1835 (Age: 77)
Particulars: Former Secretary, Ministry of Communication, Specialization              Particulars: Sr. Manager (Pers. & Admn.), HAL sector undertakings. Dealing
inTelecommunications and Information Technology, 41 yearsexperience                   withlabour laws, service matters, contracts, conciliation, arbitra- tion, company
                                                                                      cases, etc.
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

361                                                                                  362
Membership No: IL/ICA/3635                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3637
Dr. Y.V. Reddy                                                                       Mr. B R Mohan Reddy
Governor, Reserve Bank of India                                                      Advocate
RBI Governor's Bungalow 5, M.L. Dahanukar Marg                                       104, LIC Colony Opp. Indira Park
Mumbai-400026                                                                        Domalguda
Phone: /Email:                                                                       Hyderabad-500080
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Phone: 31005388 /Email:
Particulars: Governor, Reserve Bank of work experience since 1961 asDirector         Date of Birth 3/25/1951 (Age: 58)
General, Public Enterpris- es Management Board, Joint Secreta- ry Ministry of        Particulars: Worked as Branch Manager in an Advocate. Specialization inAgency &
Finance and Ministry of Commerce and Lecturer, Osmania University, Hyderabad.        Distribution and Franchising, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, State Contract,
                                                                                     Finance Banking, Insurance, Corporate Law, Taxation etc.

                                                                                     Membership No: IL/ICA/3663
Membership No: IL/ICA/3649
                                                                                     Mr. Ashis Kumar Roy
Mr. A.J. Rizvi
                                                                                     Flat No.7, EPSIT Apartment, Neel Kamal Society
Chartered Accountant Rizvi and Company
20/153, Indira Nagar
                                                                                     Phone: 0575-771164/011-3317477 /Email:
Phone: 75674 /Email:
                                                                                     Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                     Particulars: Executive Director (Projects),SAIL. ence in executing large
Particulars: Chartered Accountant, Financial ment Corpn. Specialised in
                                                                                     projects,involving Indian & Foreign Agencies Acted as Arbitrator in Contractor's
Finance,Accounts, Audit and Commercial matters.
                                                                                     Disputes in SAIL.

365                                                                                   366
Membership No: IL/ICA/3670                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3686
Mr. T C Sinha Roy                                                                    Mr. D.B. Sabharwall
Executive Director India Trading Company                                             Secretary, APFP EDA, Govt. of India,
1004, Nirmal Tower 26, Barakhamba Road                                               A-19, Sector-21,
New Delhi-110001                                                                     Noida-201301
Phone: 24656776/9811065621 /Email: export@airtailmail.in                             Phone: 91-4534739/4535290 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Executive Director Govt. recognized export houseSpecialization in       Particulars: Secretary of APEDA (Ministry of Admn. & Personnel. Air-ForceOfficer
Finance Banking Commercial Contracts, Agriculture & Food Processing, Corporate       from 1975-90. Handling legal cases concerning dispute between exporters and
Law and Taxation etc. More than 30 years experience in Finance and Accounts.         importers.

367                                                                                  368
Membership No: IL/ICA/3694                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3697
Mr. S.C. Sachdev                                                                     Mr. Baldev Raj Sachdeva,
Executive Director & Sectretary MSTC Limited                                         Company Secretary,
4/3, 4 RB, Purbachal Hsg. Estate, Pahse-II,                                          46/6-LGF, Community Centre, East of Kailash,
Block `GA', Salt Lake City                                                           New Delhi-110065
Kolkata-700091                                                                       Phone: 26427221 /Email:
Phone: 033-3349943, 2476919 /Email:                                                  Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Particulars: Company Secretary and now practicin . Specialization Intellectual
Particulars: Executive Director & Secretary, Corporate Law, Commercial Inter-        Property, State Contract, Insurance, Cor porate Law, Taxation, Joint Venture etc.
national Trade, Iron & Steel. More than 30 years experience in the field.            Attended various arbitration proceedings on behalf of employer. More than 15 years
                                                                                     experience in le gal field.
 369                                                                                 370
Membership No: IL/ICA/3706                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3707
Mr. R.L. Saha                                                                        Mr. Sheo Nandan Sahai
Finance Director(Retd.) Krishak Bharati Coop. Ltd.                                   Chief General Manager (Retd.), State Bank of India,
H.No. 312, Sector 15-A                                                               Building No. C-5, Flat No. 601 Power Welfare Organization
Noida-201301                                                                         Sector-43
Phone: 95120-2516119/9868100824 /Email: rlsahaco@yahoo.co.in                         Gurgaon-
Date of Birth 12/13/1940 (Age: 69)                                                   Phone: 9810522664, 26167749 /Email:
Particulars: Chartered Accountant & Director, holding senior positions invarious     Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Public Sector Undertakings since 1966 onwards for the 34 years Considerable          Particulars: Consultant (Legal) TRAI. Former Specialization in Agency & Distri-bution
experience of Account- ing, Auditing, Financial Managment, resolution of disputes    and Franchising, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Commercial Contracts and
in respect of various contracts and commercial clauses.                              Corporate Law etc. Dealt with 200 arbitration cases. More than 20 years experience.

                                                                                     Membership No: IL/ICA/3713
Membership No: IL/ICA/3708
                                                                                     Mr. Gurvinder Pal Sahi
Mr. Swinder S Sahani
                                                                                     Company Secretary Pall India Ltd.
Retd. Inspector Gen. of Police International Consultancy Services
                                                                                     BF-97 (East), Shalimar Bagh
144/EBS, Maker Chamber III,
Nariman Point
                                                                                     Phone: 23322077/9810672626 /Email: gpsahi@lemeridien_newdelhi.com
                                                                                     Date of Birth 10/4/1962 (Age: 48)
Phone: 2048214 /Email:
                                                                                     Particulars: Company Secretary, PACL. India Ltd. Secretray with Capital Trust
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                     Ltd.Company Secetary cum Cost Accounta- nt with CT Cotton Yarn Ltd. Delta Hamlin
Particulars: Retd. IPS Officer. Served in CBI, Maharashtra, MD, MaharashtraTourism
                                                                                     Ltd. Responsible for legal arbitration, financial and statuto- ry aspects of business
Dev. Corpn. Experience in Arbitration.
                                                                                     management for the last 16 years.
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

373                                                                                  374
Membership No: IL/ICA/3720                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3732
Mr. Sanil Prakash Sahu                                                               Dr. Aditya Narain Saksena
Chartered Accountant                                                                 Addl. Secretary (Retd.), Govt. of India
201, Shakuntla Apartment 59, Nehru Place                                             55D, Pocket-4, Mayur Vihar,
New Delhi-110019                                                                     Phase-I,
Phone: 26280248 /Email:                                                              Delhi-110091
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Phone: 2716869/2756565 /Email:
Particulars: Executive Director, Gwalior Indust- Chartered Accounted in Mumbai       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
asI.T. Consultant. Appointed as President, Lion Club, Gwalior, Industries            Particulars: Retd. as Addl. Secretary to the in Ministry of Petroleum & NaturalGas,
Association and M.P. Task Force advising Govt. of M.P. Involved in solving various   Director Finance in Ministry of Shipping. More than 15 years working experience.
dispute between Govt. and more than 30 years experience in the field.
 375                                                                                  376
Membership No: IL/ICA/3736                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3740
Mr. Pukh Raj Salecha                                                                 Mr. M. Sampangi
I.A.S. (Retd.)                                                                       Consultant (Internation Trade)
Prempuri Kripa G-6, Janpath                                                          142/13, Kailash Colony, Anna Nagar
Shyamnagar                                                                           Western Extension
Jaipur-302019                                                                        Chennai-600101
Phone: 2295100 /Email:                                                               Phone: 26153960/9841139240 /Email:
Date of Birth 8/10/1939 (Age: 70)                                                    Date of Birth 8/6/1936 (Age: 76)
Particulars: Ex-Member, Indian Administrative in Finance, Commercial                 Particulars: Consultant (International Trade). Transport, Govt. of India 15
Contracts,Insurance. Corporate Law, Joint Ventures, Information Technology and       yearsexperience dealt with publication of transport, shipping cargo, export policies,
Transport etc.                                                                       foreign trade statistics etc.

377                                                                                  378
Membership No: IL/ICA/3753                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3754
Dr. P S Sangal                                                                       Mr. Girish P Sangal
Professor of Law Delhi University                                                    Consultant U.N.
Flat No.29, Sheetal Apartments Sector-14, Rohini                                     636A Sector-15 Part-I,
Delhi-110085                                                                         Gurgaon-122001
Phone: 27568294/27866855 /Email:                                                     Phone: 6313132 /Email:
Date of Birth 12/25/1951 (Age: 58)                                                   Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Professor, Delhi University, Deptt. International Trade Law of Multi-   Particulars: Consultant:UN, Worked as Advisor, experience in Indian ServiceClass-I.
national Corporations, Commercial Arbitration etc.                                   Handled several arbirat- tion cases.

 379                                                                                 380
Membership No: IL/ICA/3765                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/3779
Mr. A Santhanakrishnan                                                               Mr. Keshav Saran
Whole time Director (Retd.) SPIC Ltd.                                                CMD Engineers India Ltd.
Plot No. 1189, West End Colony Annanagar West Extn.                                  151, Raja Garden,
Mogapair                                                                             New Delhi-110015
Chennai-600050                                                                       Phone: 25455408 /Email:
Phone: 26231309 /Email:                                                              Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Particulars: Chairman & Managing Director,(Retd) Specialization in State
Particulars: Whole-time Director (Retd.), SPIC L ution and Franchising,              Contracts,Commercial Contracts, Oil Petro- leum and Gas, Power Energy, Engin-
IntellectualProperty, Real Estate, State Contr act, Agriculture & Food Processing,   eering/Technical and Construction. 39 years experience in Govt. and PSU. Handled
Corporate Law, Taxation etc. 40 ye ars experience in administration an d Compay      several arbiration cases on behalf of the PSU.
Law and Corporate Law. Han dled two arbitration cases as arbit rator.
                                                                                     Membership No: IL/ICA/3805
Membership No: IL/ICA/3785
                                                                                     Mr. A S N Sastry
Mr. Harish Kumar Sareen
                                                                                     Consulting Engineer
General Manager (Estate) ITDC
                                                                                     B-3, Seeta Chandra Apartments, 8-24-54, Subba Rao Street
194-B, DDA, MIG Green Flats Rajouri Garden
New Delhi-110027
Phone: 23340776, 25938846 /Email:
                                                                                     Phone: 0884-63427 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                     Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: General Manager (Estate), ITDC. Hotel & Tourism Industry. Havingmore
                                                                                     Particulars: Consulting Engineer in Business in all matters of contract managem-ent
than 30 years experience in arbitration in the area of recovery & Eviction.
                                                                                     since 1981.

                                                                                     Membership No: IL/ICA/3830
Membership No: IL/ICA/3828
                                                                                     Ms. Asha Saxena
Mr. D B Saxena
                                                                                     Advocate, Arbitrator and Professor, Supreme Court of India
                                                                                     335, Mandakini Enclave Alaknanda
"Prestige Point", Ist Floor,
                                                                                     New Delhi-110019
16 Haddows Road
                                                                                     Phone: 26277922, 26278570, 9810310999 /Email: asha_saxena@hotmail.com
                                                                                     Date of Birth 12/20/1950 (Age: 61)
Phone: 8276912 /Email:
                                                                                     Particulars: Worked as Personnel/Admn. in Indian Aluminium Gedore andPresently
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                     practicing as lawyer in Supreme Court/High Court. Specialization in Intellectual
Particulars: Advocate Corporate and Commercial time Director with kothari Insustr-
                                                                                     Property, Real Estate, State Contract, Insurance and Admn./ Personnel. Dealt with
ial Corporation.
                                                                                     number of arbitration cases. 30 years experience in the field.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

385                                                                                       386
Membership No: IL/ICA/3837                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/3839
Mr. Mrityunjoy Seal                                                                      Mr. Rohtash Kumar Seewal
Communique Associates Consultants, Counsellors & Facilitators                            Former Executive Director FCI
Ground Floor, Nilima Apartments, 528, Dum Dum Park,                                      B-151, Mount Kailash DDA - SFS Apartments
Kolkata-700055                                                                           East of Kailash
Phone: 033-64590922, 09831532324, 09804988811 /Email: moumou@vsnl.net;                   New Delhi-110065
communiqueassociates@gmail.com                                                           Phone: 9891259975/26481213 /Email: seewalrk@yahoo.com
Date of Birth 4/23/1961 (Age: 49)                                                        Date of Birth 6/5/1945 (Age: 64)
Particulars: Worked as Secretary & & Company Ltd,Specialization in Agency &              Particulars: Former Executive Director, Food n in Agency & Distribution
Distribution and Franchising, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Corporate Law, Joint   andFranchising, State Contracts, Telecommunications, Agriculture & Food
Ventures, Information Technology Law 25 years experience in service.                     Processing, Engineering/ Technical, Maritime Shipping, Corporation & related
                                                                                         activities. B.Sc.,MBA, LL.B with 40 years experience in services.
                                                                                         Membership No: IL/ICA/3861
Membership No: IL/ICA/3851
                                                                                         Dr. Prof. D S Sengar
Mr. Arun Kumar Sen
Attorney-at-Law & Advocate
                                                                                         Indian Law Institute, Bhagwan Das Road Opp: Supreme Court of India
28/1A, Gariahat Road Block-3, Flat No.28
                                                                                         New Delhi-110001
                                                                                         Phone: 0522-2736660/2736542 /Email:
Phone: 440-6209 /Email:
                                                                                         Date of Birth 7/15/1955 (Age: 54)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                         Particulars: Prof. Legal management & Chairman, Specialization in
Particulars: Solicitor and Advocate. Supreme Court. Was Official receiver HighCourt,
                                                                                         IntellectualProperty, Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law and Environment. 25
Calcutta for 20 years. Participated in several arbitration proceedings.
                                                                                         years experience

Membership No: IL/ICA/3870                                                               390
Air Cdr. V K Seth                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/3874
Flat No. 12, Ganesh Officers Coop. Hsg. Society,                                         Mr. Vimal Kishore Seth
Plot No. 31, Sector-20,                                                                  Former Chief PMG Indian Post Service &
Panchkula-0                                                                              Member (CAT) Retd. A-335, Sarita Vihar
Phone: 8-524308/3377277 /Email:                                                          New Delhi-110076
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                               Phone: 41401022/9891070535 /Email:
Particulars: Director - Maintenance Administra- Command Logiatics                        Date of Birth 3/27/1936 (Age: 76)
ManagementOfficer, HQ South Western Air Command, Jodhpur. Chief Logistics                Particulars: Retd. Post Master General, Indian Specialization in Corporate
Officer, 24ED, Air Force, Manauri Allahabad. Chief Instructor(Logis- tics                Law,Telecommunications, Commercial Law. 40 years experience in service.
Management) at AF Academy Hyderabad. Can handle any indepen- dent profit
centre. 30 years exper- ience in the field.
391                                                                                      392
Membership No: IL/ICA/3881                                                               Membership No: IL/ICA/3918
Mr. Subhash Ram Sethi                                                                    Mr. Ashok Kumar Shahi
Power Sector Specialist                                                                  Engineer & Lawyer 522, 'Green Heavens Society
T-3 #801, Parsvnath Prestige,                                                            SAIL Group Housing Society Plot No. 35, Sector 4
Sector -93 A,                                                                            Dwarka
Noida-201304                                                                             New Delhi-110078
Phone: 9810076947 /Email: subhashrsethi@gmail.com                                        Phone: 45635490/09871122491 /Email: ashok.shahi@yahoo.co.in
Date of Birth 1/21/1946 (Age: 63)                                                        Date of Birth 6/5/1946 (Age: 63)
Particulars: Former Director (Power Transmission) Engineerging/Technical,                Particulars: Advocate, Supreme Court of India. SAIL. Vast experience in thefield of
JointVentures. 39 years experience                                                       domestic and international arbitration and contracts.

Membership No: IL/ICA/3955
                                                                                         Membership No: IL/ICA/3957
Mr. M P Sharma
                                                                                         Mr. Madan Mohan Sharma
Chief Legal Adviser (Retd.) SAIL Advocate
                                                                                         Director (Personnel) State Trading Corporation of India Ltd
C-27B, Rajat Vihar Sector-62 (Opp. Sector-55)
                                                                                         B-256, Ganpat Andalkar, Block Asian Games Village
                                                                                         New Delhi-110049
Phone: 0120-2492377/9810606866 /Email: mpsharma.advocate@yahoo.co.in
                                                                                         Phone: 23701009/26492727 /Email: dir.pers@stc.gov.in
Date of Birth 8/9/1946 (Age: 67)
                                                                                         Date of Birth 6/10/1954 (Age: 56)
Particulars: Chief Legal Adviser, SAIL (Retd.) counsel in many arbitration
                                                                                         Particulars: Director (Personnel) STC Conducted number of arbitration casesrelating
mattersSpecialization in Intellectual Property, State Contracts and Steel, Mining &
                                                                                         to various PSU's e.g. FCI, SAIL and MMTC
Quarying. 30 years experience in PSU 30 years experience

                                                                                         Membership No: IL/ICA/3965
Membership No: IL/ICA/3959
                                                                                         Mr. Om Prakash Sharma
Mr. Mohan Lal Sharma
                                                                                         Board of Director, Nathpa Jhakri Power Corpn. Ltd.
Spl. Director, B.I.F.R, Govt. of India
                                                                                         Noni's House, B-9, Sector-19, P.O. Noida,
J-366, New Rajinder Nagar
New Delhi-110060
                                                                                         Phone: 0120-2520489/9818353903 /Email:
Phone: 46254696/9811537909 /Email: ml49sharma@yahoo.co.in
                                                                                         Date of Birth 6/5/1940 (Age: 69)
Date of Birth 12/25/1949 (Age: 61)
                                                                                         Particulars: Board of Director, Nathpa Jhakri 10 years. Responsible for
Particulars: Former Legal Advisor, Food Corporation Commercial Contracts,
                                                                                         HumanResources Management and Corporate Legal functions pertaining to Contract
CorporateLaw and Maritime Shipping etc. Appeared in several arbitration cases
                                                                                         Management and Industrial Labour Laws. Handled major contract disputes with
during service in FCI and in ICA.
                                                                                         International firms.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

397                                                                                   398
Membership No: IL/ICA/3990                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/3993
Mr. Girdhari Lal Sharma                                                               Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma
GM (Legal) Adani Enterprises Ltd.,                                                    Dy. General Manager (Retd.) I.T.D.C. Ltd.
B-407, Krishna Complex Opp. Sardar Bridge                                             2, L.F., Todar Mal Square Bengali Market
Adajan Road                                                                           New Delhi-110001
Surat-395009                                                                          Phone: 23316727,9810406105 /Email:
Phone: 0261-3062569/09998007236 /Email: gls_law200@yahoo.co.in                        Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 7/23/1955 (Age: 54)                                                     Particulars: Dy. GM (Retd.) ITDS Ltd. Finance Banking, CommercialContracts,
Particulars: General Manager (Legal), Adani Construction, Real Estate,                Corporate Law, Entertainment, Joint Ventures, Corporation & related activities, Hotel
PowerEnergy, Corporate Law, Oil, Petroleum and Gas, Commercial Contracts,             & Tourism Industry, Competition and Transport etc. More than 30 years experience
Finance Banking and Joint Ventures. 26 years experience in service.                   as Executive.
399                                                                                   400
Membership No: IL/ICA/4012                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/4848
Mr. S K Sharma                                                                        Mr. Ashok Sharma
Former G M (Legal) Apollo Tyres Ltd.                                                  Chief General Manager (Retd.) MMTC Limited,
Advocate & Legal Consultant H.No.1070,                                                J-12/22, 3rd Floor, Rajouri Garden
Sector-14                                                                             New Delhi-110027
Faridabad-121007                                                                      Phone: 9810174168, 26894521, 24361857 /Email: ashoksharma7@gmail.com
Phone: 0129-2291549/2261082 /Email: surkrishna@yahoo.com                              Date of Birth 9/9/1952 (Age: 59)
Date of Birth 4/25/1948 (Age: 61)                                                     Particulars: Chief General Manager (Retd.) Specialization inSteel, Mining & Quarying,
Particulars: Former GM (Legal)/Head Legal & & Legal Consultant. Specializationin      Agriculture & Food Processing, Corporate Law, Joint Venture and Maritime Shipping
Agency & Distribution and Franchising, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, State      etc. 20 years experience in service.
Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Labour Laws, Joint Ventures, Corporate & related
& activities. 37 years experience in service.
Membership No: IL/ICA/4930                                                            402
Mr. Yudhishter Sharma                                                                 Membership No: IL/ICA/4971
Advocate Supreme Court of India                                                       Ms. Vandana Sharma
BE-12, DDA Flats, Munirka,                                                            J. Management/Advocate
New Delhi-110067                                                                      704, Western Wing, Tis Hazari Court,
Phone: 26188167, 08860193372 /Email: yudhishter_s@hotmail.com;                        Delhi-110054
yudhishter_s@legalopinion.co.in                                                       Phone: 23981608, 09313703202 /Email: vandanasharma@yahoo.com
Date of Birth 10/20/1955 (Age: 56)                                                    Date of Birth 9/27/1955 (Age: 56)
Particulars: Commissioner, and worked as Sr. Manager, Syndicate bank.                 Particulars: Management Specialization inReal Estate, Finance Banking, Intellectual
Specialization in Finance Banking, Commercial Contracts, Insurance, Corporate         Property, Corporate Law, and Environment etc. 32 years experience
Law, Taxation etc. 29 years experience

403                                                                                   404
Membership No: IL/ICA/4017                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/4026
Er. S N Sharma,                                                                       Dr. H B N Shetty
Former Director Ministry of Industry                                                  Advocate, Madras High Court,
Flat No. 73/GH-4, Meera Apartments,                                                   17, 1 Cross Street, Indiranagar, Adyar
Paschim Vihar, (Outer Ring Road)                                                      Chennai-600020
New Delhi-110063                                                                      Phone: 4911415 /Email:
Phone: 5281919 /Email:                                                                Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Particulars: Retd. I.A.S. Officer. Practising Vice-Chairman Land Reforms Tribunalfor
Particulars: Retd. as Director (Mech) from India. 34 years experience Indus-trial     5 years. Position held as Secretary to Govt. of Tamilnadu for more than 10 years and
Development Policy Planning & monitoring etc.                                         Chief Executive of several PSU. 30 years experience in the field.

                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/4042
Membership No: IL/ICA/4028
                                                                                      Mr. S C Shrivastava
Mr. Ravindra Bhaskar Shetye
                                                                                      DGM(C) West MTNL, Mumbai,
Managing Director, Indomag Steel Technology Ltd.
                                                                                      704 'E' GRACE, Vasant Oscar Opposite Green World
SF, G-2, Kailash Colony,
                                                                                      L.B.S. Road, Mulund (West)
New Delhi-110048
Phone: 6443107 /Email:
                                                                                      Phone: 5652874 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Managing Director, Indomag Steel Director, Vice President and Gener-al
                                                                                      Particulars: DGM (Civil), MTNL. Experience in building & cable duct work.Handled
Manager, neutral umpire to resolve disputes. More than 20 years experience in the
                                                                                      several arbitration cases of 30 building works. More than 30 years working
                                                                                      experience in the field.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4043
                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/4053
Mr. Jitendra Kumar Shrivastava
                                                                                      Mr. M U Siddiqui,
Ex-Director Engineering Projects (I) Ltd.
                                                                                      Dy. Secretary (Home) Retd.
A-14/10-C, Kalkaji Extension,
                                                                                      9 Park End Vikas Marg
New Delhi-110019
Phone: 9820289989 /Email:
                                                                                      Phone: 22530770/42440770 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                      Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Executive Director (Western Region) Specialization in
                                                                                      Particulars: Retd. Dy. Secretary (Home) Posted Administrative Officer
CommercialContracts, Telecommunications, Oil, Petroleum and Gas,
                                                                                      Education,Addl. Enterainment Tax Officer, District Excise Officer. Function- ing as
Engineering/Technical, Joint Venture and Construction etc. More than 20 years
                                                                                      Arbitrator on the Panel of Registrar Coop. Societies, Delhi.
experience in service and handled number of arbitration cases.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

Membership No: IL/ICA/4059
Mr. J P Sil,                                                                           410
Advocate,                                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/4061
9A, Santosh Mitra Sqaure                                                               Mr. Justice R G Sindhakar
Kolkata-700012                                                                         28, Belvedere Bhulabhai Desai Road,
Phone: 09830561062, 9891075107 /Email:                                                 Mumbai-400036
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Phone: /Email:
Particulars: Barrister-at-Law. Worked as Head of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce        Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
&Industry, Secretary. The East India Jute & Hession Exchange Ltd. Exposure in          Particulars: Presiding Officer, National Indus- Industrial Tribunal, Bombay.
various types of commercial arbitrarion, dealt with several arbitration cases.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4073                                                              412
Mr. Ashwini Kumar Singh                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/4102
Director (Commercial) SAIL,                                                            Mr. K S Singh
13th Floor, Hindustan Times House,                                                     (Retd.) Chief General Manager, Coal India Ltd.
18-20, Kasturba Gandhi Marg,                                                           86, Rohit Nagar, Naria,
New Delhi-110001                                                                       Varanasi-221005
Phone: 3317609, 3317610 /Email:                                                        Phone: 314304 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Director (Commercial) SAIL, Inchar- of SAIL in domestic as well as        Particulars: Retd. Chief General Manager, Coal industry and arbitration,
ininternational market. Designated arbitrator in several contracts of commercial       financialmatters etc.
413                                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/4114
Membership No: IL/ICA/4104                                                             Brig. Mohindra Singh
Mr. Kanwarjit Singh                                                                    VSM (Retd.)
Former Executive Director MMTC                                                         A-105, Som Vihar Apts., R.K. Puram,
D-6/12, Ground Floor, Vasant Vihar                                                     Sector-10,
New Delhi-110057                                                                       New Delhi-110022
Phone: 51663036 /Email:                                                                Phone: 6100501 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Former Executive Director, MMTC Ltd service.                              Particulars: In house 33 years experience in ller QA/Def.Ord. Factories. Follow-ed by
                                                                                       12 years as G.M. in P.K. Group/Ressham Singh & Co. Pvt. Ltd. in Industrial
                                                                                       Contracts, Negotiator , Arbitrator, Joint Venture and now as an Advocate.

415                                                                                    416
Membership No: IL/ICA/4120                                                             Membership No: IL/ICA/4134
Mr. P N Singh                                                                          Dr. Y R Singh
Ex-Director, SAIL                                                                      A-351, Surya Nagar P.O. Chandranagar
104, Sumeru Apartment, Kaushambi Complex,                                              Ghaziabad-201010
Ghaziabad-201010                                                                       Phone: 91-4623468 /Email:
Phone: 91-772100 /Email:                                                               Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                             Particulars: Executive Director, Alkali Mfrs. Dy. Secretary in PHD chamber.
Particulars: Director (Personnel) SAIL, Director experience in Steel Industries.Have   Wellversed in Export Import, Contract Engineering matters having 25 years
worked as wage Negotiator for 12 years for steel industries.                           experience in the field.

                                                                                       Membership No: IL/ICA/4145
Membership No: IL/ICA/4140
                                                                                       Mr. Nageshwar Singh
Mr. Amarjit Singh
                                                                                       Joint Principal Law Officer (Retd.), SAIL
Joint Director, Department of Food, Civil Supplies &
                                                                                       Plot No.33, Co-operative Colony Bokaro Steel City
113, Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar,
                                                                                       Phone: 242715, 81068 /Email:
Phone: 222432, 098145-00018 /Email:
                                                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                       Particulars: Joint Principal Law Officer (Retd.) Specialization in Real Estate,State
Particulars: Joint Director, Deptt. of Food, Specialization in CommercialContracts,
                                                                                       Contracts, Finance Banking, Insurance, Steel Mining & Quarying, Corporate Law,
Insurance, Corporate Law, Entertainment. 15 years experience in General Admn.
                                                                                       Taxation and Construction 28 years of experience in service. Dealt with several
Arbitration & Conciliation Work.
                                                                                       Arbitration Cases.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4147
                                                                                       Membership No: IL/ICA/4153
Col. Khushwant Singh
                                                                                       Mr. Man Mohan Singh
GM and Project Director NHAI
                                                                                       Manager (Inquiry), FCI
PIU, NHAI, 'Gayatri Complex' Opp: Gayatri Temple
                                                                                       H.No. 255, Sector-33A
                                                                                       Phone: 0172-2661343 /Email:
Phone: 02742-324049/9426726253 /Email: ksingh_nhai@rediffmail.com
                                                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 2/19/1956 (Age: 54)
                                                                                       Particulars: Retd. as Manager, FCI. Specializa- Agriculture and Food
Particulars: Army Officer. Site Engineer, 1981. Specialization Real
                                                                                       Processing,Corporation & related activities and Transport etc. Attended several
Estate,Engineering/Technical and Construction. Dealt with arbitration cases as
                                                                                       arbitration cases on behalf of FCI. Have 30 years experience in Commercial Works.
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

421                                                                                    422
Membership No: IL/ICA/4157                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/4158
Mr. Narendra Pal Singh                                                                Mr. Manjit Singh
Jt.Director General(Admn & Workfoce) Organizing Committee,                            Chief Manager (Law) Punjab Markfed
Commonwealth Games-2010 C-4/4, First Floor,                                           H.No.360, Phase-IV (4)
DLF Phase-I                                                                           Mohali-160059
Gurgaon-122001                                                                        Phone: 0172-2225942/98147-00360 /Email: counsel_manjit@yahoo.co.in
Phone: 23281056/9810027553 /Email: np.singh@hotmail.com                               Date of Birth 1/18/1947 (Age: 62)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Particulars: Chief Manager (Law) Punjab Markfed. Commercial Contracts, Corporate
Particulars: Joint Director General(Administration & Workforce) Specialization in     Lawand Taxation. More than 31 years ex perience in job. Handled about 40 a
Real Estate, State Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Insurance Joint Ventures,         rbitration cases as arbitrator.
Construction and Tr ansport etc. More than 20 years exp erience in job.

 423                                                                                   424
Membership No: IL/ICA/4159                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/4169
Mr. Balbir Singh                                                                      Mr. Amarjit Singh
I.A.S. (Retd)                                                                         IAS (Retd.)
C-14 (FF) Hauz Khas                                                                   Kothi No.1773 3B-II, Sector-60
New Delhi-110016                                                                      SAS Nagar(Dist)
Phone: 2653-3369 /Email:                                                              Mohali-160055
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                            Phone: 0172-22244676 /Email:
Particulars: I.A.S. (Retd.) Working as Consultan hnocrats. Specialization in Real     Date of Birth 4/6/1941 (Age: 68)
Estate, State Contracts, Commercial C ontracts, Agriculture and Food Proc essing,     Particulars: IAS (Retd.). Specialization in Telecommunications, Oil, Petroleumand
Hotel & Tourism Industry et c. 30 years experience in administr ation.                Gas, Agriculture & Food Processing, Automobile, Corporate Law, Taxation, Joint
                                                                                      Ventures etc. 30 years experience
 425                                                                                  Membership No: IL/ICA/4175
Membership No: IL/ICA/4172                                                            Mr. Jagdish Narayan Singh
Mr. Gurbax Singh                                                                      Advocate
Sr. Executive BSNL                                                                    104, Uma Shanti Apartments
464, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar                                                              Kanke Road
New Delhi-110009                                                                      Ranchi-834008
Phone: 27604106 /Email:                                                               Phone: 0651-3293242/09431129355 /Email: jnsingh15@yahoo.com
Date of Birth 3/2/1947 (Age: 62)                                                      Date of Birth 1/15/1944 (Age: 65)
Particulars: Sr. Executive (Retd.). BSNL. Engineering/Technical andInternational      Particulars: Worked as Director, Coal India Environment, Automobile, Steel,Mining &
Investments. 35 years experience                                                      Quarying, Power Energy, Engineering/Technical and Real Estate. 36 years
                                                                                      experience in service.
 427                                                                                  428
Membership No: IL/ICA/4181                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/4185
Mr. Balbir Singh                                                                      Mr. K D Singh
Executive Director (Retd.) SAIL                                                       Former Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice
71, Vrindavan Colony, Jindal Road,                                                    Govt. of India D-204, Unique Apartments
Raigarh (C.G.)                                                                        Sector-6, Plot No. 38, Dwarka
Raigarh-496001                                                                        New Delhi-110075
Phone: 9993099407 /Email: balbir.singh49@gmail.com                                    Phone: 45638244/41633660 /Email: kdsing31@gmail.com
Date of Birth 2/19/1949 (Age: 60)                                                     Date of Birth 8/3/1948 (Age: 61)
Particulars: Executive Director (Retd.) SAIL Monnet Ispat & Energy                    Particulars: Former Secretary, Ministry of Law & Contracts, Corporate Law,
Ltd.(Raigarh)Specialization in Commercial Contracts, Industrial Disputes,             PowerEnergy, Real Estate, Agency & Distribution and Telecommunication etc. Have
Negotiation & Conciliation, Counselling and Labour Laws etc. 38 years experience in   37 years experience in service.
the field.
 429                                                                                  430
Membership No: IL/ICA/4880                                                            Membership No: IL/ICA/4188
Mr. Devi Singh                                                                        Mr. S P Singha
Former Director and GM Oriental Insurance Corpn Ltd,                                  Advocate,
E-2/2, Ganga Triveni Apartments Sector - 9,                                           Q-505, Anupam Apartments, East Arjun Nagar,
Rohini                                                                                4 CBD,
Delhi-110085                                                                          New Delhi-110032
Phone: 27864621, 9871414621 /Email: chahalds@rediffmail.com                           Phone: 22301581/9871032410 /Email: spsingha1934@gmail.com
Date of Birth 10/2/1951 (Age: 60)                                                     Date of Birth 8/6/1934 (Age: 78)
Particulars: Former Director & GM Specialization inInsurance and Maritime Shipping    Particulars: Adviser (Management Services), Board. Specialised in Transporta-tion
etc.                                                                                  and Management including Personnel Management. 38 years experience in service.

                                                                                      Membership No: IL/ICA/4860
Membership No: IL/ICA/4197
                                                                                      Mr. Satish Kumar Singhal
Mr. R P Singhal
                                                                                      Advocate and Retd. DGM (Law), State Bank Group,
Retd. D.G. (DGS&D)
                                                                                      383, Shrigopal Nagar, Gopalpura Bye Pass Road,
32-A, Green View Apartments Sector-15A
                                                                                      Phone: 0141-2501730, 9829210320 /Email: sksadvocate1951@gmail.com
Phone: 0120-2511735 /Email:
                                                                                      Date of Birth 5/20/1951 (Age: 60)
Date of Birth 5/9/1935 (Age: 77)
                                                                                      Particulars: Dy. GM (Retd.) and Advocate Specialization inCommercial Contracts,
Particulars: Director General (Retd.), DGS&D. Property, State Contract,Commercial
                                                                                      Finance Banking, Insurance, Corporate Law, Real Estate, State Contracts,
Commercial Contract, Hotel & Tourism Industry.
                                                                                      Environment, and construction etc. 36 years
                                                       INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                              PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

433                                                                                 434
Membership No: IL/ICA/4200                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/4202
Mr. Ravinder Singhania                                                              Mr. S K Singhi
Solicitor Supreme Court of England & Wales                                          Advocates & Company Secretary
B-92, Himalaya House, 23, K.G. Marg,                                                Raja Chambers, 1st Floor, 4, Kiran Shankar Roy Road,
New Delhi-110001                                                                    Kolkata-700001
Phone: 26164041 /Email:                                                             Phone: 033-22318652/9748035250 /Email: surendra.singhi@sksinghiandco.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                          Date of Birth 1/5/1962 (Age: 47)
Particulars: Advisor on various Projects for the Finance Banking.                   Particulars: Advocate & Company Secretary. Corporate Law, Securities,Intellectual
CommercialContracts, Telecommunications, Corporate Law, Joint Venture, Power        Property, Commercial Contracts, Finance Banking and Taxation etc. 23 years
Energy, International Investments, Information Technology and Environment etc.      experience in the field.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4213                                                          436
Mr. A K Sinha                                                                       Membership No: IL/ICA/4215
Legal Consultant                                                                    Mr. Arun Kumar Sinha
15, Central Silk Board Colony Kasavanahalli, Bellandur P.O.                         Consultant
Sarjapur Road                                                                       A-28, Sector-27,
Bangalore-560037                                                                    Noida-201301
Phone: 9341345210/56731885 /Email:                                                  Phone: 8-534162 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                          Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Chief Manager (Laws), Visakhapatnam in Kudremukh Iron and Steel        Particulars: Contact and Arbitration Consultant. in Army Welfare Housing
Ltd.Appeared on behalf of company in several arbitration cases. Legal Consultant.   Organisati-on. More than 15 years experience in Arbiraton and contract matters.
More than 30 years experience at various capacities.
Membership No: IL/ICA/4232                                                          438
Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Sinha                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/4720
Former C.M.D. Northern Coalfields Limited                                           Mr. Abhay Kumar Sinha
Road No.9, H.No. 402 Plot No.30/C,                                                  Ex-GM ((I&A)
Filmnagar, Jubilee Hills                                                            C-6, Ashiana Nagar Phase-II
Hyderabad-500033                                                                    Patna-800025
Phone: 91-9885595959 /Email:                                                        Phone: 0612-6457590/09771493885 /Email: sinhaabhaya@gmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                          Date of Birth 7/8/1950 (Age: 60)
Particulars: Former CMD, Northern Coalfields and Director (Tech) Coal India         Particulars: GM (I&A) Specialization inFinance Banking, Commercial Contracts, 26
Ltd.Specialization in Commercial, Civil and engineering contracts, mining and       years experience
quarying, engineering/technical & power energy etc. More than 39 years experience
in service.
Membership No: IL/ICA/4934                                                          440
Mr. Khem Chand Swaroop Sinha                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/4242
Dy. GM (Retd.) IOCL                                                                 Mr. K A Sivaramakrishnan
P-604, Anupam Apartments, RECGHS,                                                   Joint Sect. to Govt. of India(Retd)
East Arjun Nagar,                                                                   F-2/F, DDA Flats, Munirka,
Delhi-110032                                                                        New Delhi-110067
Phone: 22301987, 9811900414 /Email: kcssinha@gmail.com                              Phone: 6852665 /Email:
Date of Birth 2/23/1945 (Age: 67)                                                   Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Dy. GM (Retd.) Specialization inOil, Petroleum & Gas, Agency &         Particulars: Retired Indian Revenue Service Ministry of Fertilisers. Ex-MemberBoard
Distribution and Franchising, Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law, Joint Ventures   of Director of National Fertilisers. Acting as sole arbitrator in two cases.
etc 40 years experience

441                                                                                  442
Membership No: IL/ICA/4254                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/4288
Mr. O M Solanki                                                                     Dr. K Srinivasan
Senior Executive, Swedeshi Poytex Ltd.                                              I.A.S. (R)
F-19, Vikaspuri,                                                                    B-2/71, Azad Apartments Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi-110018                                                                    New Delhi-110016
Phone: 5556545 /Email:                                                              Phone: 9811066220 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                          Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Executive Director, National on the Board of NTC's subsidiaryCompany   Particulars: Joined IAS in 1965. Worked as Director General, National Product-ivity
at Bangalore. Held various senior Executive positions in the Public Sector          council, Secretary, Departme- ntof consumer Affairs, Principals Adviser Planning
Undertakings and the total experience at senior level is more than 35 years.        commsission, Addl. Secretary, Econimic Affairs, Ministry of Finance.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4290
                                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/4295
Mr. P Srinivasan
                                                                                    Mr. V B Srinivasan
(Retd.) Member, CAT,
                                                                                    Chairman Income-Tax Settlement Commission
001, 'SRIVAS' 18, 19th Cross Road
                                                                                    D2/17, Road No. 1 Andrews Ganj
                                                                                    New Delhi-110049
                                                                                    Phone: 26259861/9999024341 /Email:
Phone: 3349136 /Email:
                                                                                    Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                    Particulars: Chairman, Income Tax Settlement Taxation. Functioned in theIncome
Particulars: Advocate. Retd. Member, CAT Retd. Specialised in Taxation, Adminis-
                                                                                    Tax Department in various capacities. More than 20 years experience in taxation.
tration, Appeals, etc.
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

445                                                                                        446
Membership No: IL/ICA/4307                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/4309
Mr. Om Prakash Srivastava                                                                 Mr. A K Srivastava
Former Cbairman, Central Board of Direct Taxes                                            Advocate
D-54, Retreat Apartments 20, I P Extension,                                               C-605, Shakti Apartments Plot No. 18, Sector-V
Patparganj                                                                                Dwarka
Delhi-110092                                                                              New Delhi-110075
Phone: 9810744060/22785983 /Email:                                                        Phone: 25082747 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                                Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Presently practicing as an Advocate of Direct Taxes. Worked                  Particulars: Worked as Collector, Addl. Sales Ta Home Secretary, Joint Secretary,
asCommissioner of Income Tax. Director General of Income Tax. Member of Central           Govt. of India. Specialization in Rea l Estate, State Contracts, Commerci al
Board of Direct Taxes. About 36 years experience in Indian Revenue Services.              Contracts, Corporation & related activities. Environment and Transp ort etc. More
                                                                                          than 34 years experie nce in Govt. service.
447                                                                                        448
Membership No: IL/ICA/4310                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/4316
Mr. R L Srivastava                                                                        Maj. Gen. Retd. P P Subherwal
Ex-Member District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum                                       AVSM, BE
DI/92, Janak Puri                                                                         27, Hanuman Road,
New Delhi-110058                                                                          New Delhi-110011
Phone: 28521305/9868099142 /Email:                                                        Phone: 93346-24617/22362086 /Email:
Date of Birth 1/27/1942 (Age: 67)                                                         Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Member, District Consumer Dispute R eal Estate, State Contracts,             Particulars: Consultant and Co. Director Engineers and M.D. of McnallyBharat Engg.
Finance Banking, Commercial Contracts, Te lecommunications and Insurance. 37              Co. Ltd. Specialization in State Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law,
years experience in service. Handle d several arbitration cases.                          Taxation, Engineering/ Technical and Construction. More Than 40 years experience
                                                                                          in engineering. Handled several cases as arbitrator.

449                                                                                       450
Membership No: IL/ICA/4329                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/4344
Mr. N S Sukhwal                                                                           Mr. Ved Prakash Suri
Advocate,                                                                                 Advocate
53, Paryatan Vihar, Vasundara Enclave,                                                    F-46, Preet Vihar Vikas Marg
Plot-B,                                                                                   Delhi-110092
Delhi-110091                                                                              Phone: 22540282/9818071665 /Email:
Phone: 4360303/526 /Email:                                                                Date of Birth (Age: )
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                                Particulars: Retd. IAS and practicing as Specialization in IntellectualProperty, State
Particulars: Manager (Legal), ITDC Ltd. tion, Company & Contract Laws.23 years            Contracts, Commercial Contracts, Taxation, Joint Ventures, Competition
experience in the arbitra- tion field. Dealt with a number of construction arbitration.   Engironment, Transport etc. Having more than 34 years experience.

                                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/4879
Membership No: IL/ICA/4356
                                                                                          Ms. Suman Swarup
Mr. N Swaminathan
                                                                                          IAS (Retd.) Secretary(Retd.) Govt. of India
                                                                                          A-9/13B, Vasant Vihar
C-1, Leiah Apartments, B-15, Vasundhra Enclave,
                                                                                          New Delhi-110057
                                                                                          Phone: 26143827, 9873977099 /Email: swarupsuman@hotmail.com
Phone: 22619221 /Email:
                                                                                          Date of Birth 3/21/1945 (Age: 66)
Date of Birth 11/28/1934 (Age: 78)
                                                                                          Particulars: IAS (Retd.) Specialization inReal Estate, State Contracts, Commercial
Particulars: *Company Secretary, IRCON Ltd. Head tration matters.
                                                                                          Contracts, Insurance, Corporate Law, Joint Ventures, International Investments 36
Administrativematters. Advocate.
                                                                                          years experience

 453                                                                                       454
Membership No: IL/ICA/4369                                                                Membership No: IL/ICA/4377
Mr. R K Takkar,                                                                           Mr. Satyapal Talwar,
Retd. Secretary, Govt. of India,                                                          Deputy Governor RBI,
306A, Hamilton Court, DLF City-IV,                                                        Central Banker,RBI Vasant Vihar,
Gurgaon-122002                                                                            85, Nepeansea Road,
Phone: 95124-2392006 /Email:                                                              Mumbai-400006
Date of Birth 10/20/1937 (Age: 75)                                                        Phone: 91(022)3699657 /Email:
Particulars: Retd. as Secretary to Govt. of Industry. Chaired as a Magistrate/District    Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Magistrate, Revenue Court for a number of years. Wide experience in Public Admn.          Particulars: Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of for financial Supervision
runing over almost all Department of Govt. which included revenue and land                (BFS).Actively involved in macro level exercise on the Central bank's Monetary and
records, law order, agricultu- re, forests etc.                                           Banking Policy formu- lation. Was Chairman IBA. Have over 40 years of experience
                                                                                          in commerci- al and central banking.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4384
                                                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/4387
Mr. Gopal Tandon
                                                                                          Capt. P L Tandon
                                                                                          House No.186 Sector 11-A
121-A, Ballygunje Gardens, Gole Park,
                                                                                          Phone: 0172-2745480 /Email:
Phone: 033-4403672 /Email:
                                                                                          Date of Birth 2/13/1941 (Age: 68)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                          Particulars: Worked as Director, Central Reserve Sind Bank. Specialization
Particulars: Adviser and Consultant, Project Operation of Contracts,
                                                                                          inFinance Banking, Telecommunication, International Investments and Securities. 27
Claims,Arbitration Retd. Dy. General Manager from HSCL and more than 26 years
                                                                                          years experience in service.
experience in SAIL, EPI and HSCL. Incharge of Claims Department
                                                          INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                 PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

457                                                                                      458
Membership No: IL/ICA/4388                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/4390
Mr. B B Tandon                                                                          Mr. G L Tandon(Padam Bhushan)
IAS Officer (Retd.) & Chief Election Commissioner of India                              Ex-Chairman Coal India Ltd
J-238, First Floor Saket                                                                Flat No.619 (First Floor) Sector A, Pocket B,
New Delhi-110017                                                                        Vasant Kunj
Phone: 29555657 /Email:                                                                 New Delhi-110070
Date of Birth 6/30/1941 (Age: 69)                                                       Phone: 09910930192/26179423 /Email:
Particulars: IAS Officer & Chief Election Specialization in Aviation, Finance,          Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Commercial Contrats, Taxation, Hotel & Tourism Industry, Service                        Particulars: Ex-Chairman, Coal India Ltd., the Board of several Companies.Advisor
Matters/Administrative issues. 40 years experience in service.                          to SAIL, NMDC, Kudremukh Iron Ore Co.

 459                                                                                     460
Membership No: IL/ICA/4411                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/4414
Mr. T N Thakur                                                                          Mr. C Thangaraju
Manager(Sports, C.A & Law) SAIL                                                         I.A.S. (Retd.)
Qr.No.2181, Sector-4D Street-6                                                          4/19, 3rd Main Road Indira Nagar
Bokaro Steel City-827004                                                                Chennai-600020
Phone: 06542-231166/9431128030 /Email:                                                  Phone: 24914497 /Email:
Date of Birth 3/14/1944 (Age: 65)                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Manager(Sports,CA & Law, SAIL, Boka tate Contracts, Commercial             Particulars: I.A.S.(Retd.). Managing Director & Specialization in State
Contracts, Engineering/Technical and Comput er Software etc. 30 years experienc e       Contracts,Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law, Taxation, Corporate & related
in job.                                                                                 activities and Environment etc.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4417                                                               462
Dr. Lajpat Rai Thapar                                                                   Membership No: IL/ICA/4425
Flat No. 13/2A, Aravali View Apartments, Rail Vihar,                                    Mr. George G Thomas
Sector - 56,                                                                            Adarsh, B-205, G.D. Ambekar Marg, Dadar (E),
Gurgaon-122011                                                                          Mumbai-400014
Phone: 40558101, 9910268010 /Email: lthapar@hindterminals.com                           Phone: 0022-4187955 /Email:
Date of Birth 8/29/1945 (Age: 64)                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Chief Transporation Planning Baroda House. Experience since                Particulars: Assistant Manger, Insurance, Advisory Commitee, General Insuran-ce
1984Planning and Coordiantion of the Railway operations on a long-term basis            Industry from 1985.
ensuring inter-departmental coordination. Manpower planning and Management.
Interacting with the Railways customers and the general public in respect of comme-
rcial working, passenger amenites.
463                                                                                     Membership No: IL/ICA/4440
Membership No: IL/ICA/4434                                                              Mr. Minoo F Titina
Mr. M L Tiku                                                                            NTC House, N Morarjee Road,
Director Engineering (Retd.) DDA                                                        Ballard Estate,
272, Mandakani Enclave Kalkaji Extension                                                Mumbai-400038
New Delhi-110019                                                                        Phone: 4942035/2615001 /Email:
Phone: 26277668 /Email:                                                                 Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth 3/1/1942 (Age: 67)                                                        Particulars: Sr. Legal Executive, Gill & Co.Ltd. International and Domestic Arbitra-
Particulars: Chartered Engineer. Specialization Technical, Construction.     39 years   tion matters. Responsible for all legal matters of organisation with particular
                                                                                        reference to Interna- tional & Domestic Arbitration. Over 15 years experience in all
                                                                                        branches of Law, Business Management & Asstt Manager Marketing.
465                                                                                     466
Membership No: IL/ICA/4445                                                              Membership No: IL/ICA/4457
Mr. Vinod Kumar J Tiwari,                                                               Mr. R P M Tripathi
Management & Legal Consultant,                                                          Retd. Director General Income-tax
Plot No. 17, Trisharan Society, Infront of Somathura School,                            D-55, Retreat Apartments, 20 I.P. Extension,
Khamla Nagar,                                                                           Patparganj,
Nagpur-440025                                                                           Delhi-110092
Phone: 0712-2262477 /Email:                                                             Phone: 09935234449/32515494 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                              Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Management & Legal Consultant. Intellectual property,                      Particulars: Retd. Director General of Income Distribution and
Taxation,Environment, Financial Expert etc. 19 years experience in Management and       Franchsing,Intellectual Property, Real Estate, State Contracts, Finance Banking and
Legal.                                                                                  Corporate Law etc. More than 35 years experience in services.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4459
                                                                                        Membership No: IL/ICA/4460
Mr. Sunil Chandra Tripathi
                                                                                        Mr. D P Tripathi,
Former Secretary, Govt. of India Petroleum and Natural Gas
                                                                                        B-34, Jagat Puri
No.27, Sector 15A,
                                                                                        Phone: 9810354416 /Email:
Phone: 0120-4258027/9810266024 /Email: sctripathi@yahoo.com
                                                                                        Date of Birth 12/15/1933 (Age: 79)
Date of Birth 1/1/1946 (Age: 64)
                                                                                        Particulars: Former Secretary, Railway Board, Ministry legal issues adjudicated
Particulars: Former Secretary, Petroleum & Natural Principal Secretary, Govt. of
                                                                                        beforeCAT and superior Courts in the country. Conducted arbitration proceedings
UP.Specialization in Oil, Petroleum & Gas, Power Energy, Steel, Mining, Quarying,
                                                                                        between Railways and outside partis. 34 years experience in the field.
Finance Banking and Joint Ventures. 42 years experience in service.
                                                         INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                                PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

469                                                                                  470
Membership No: IL/ICA/4475                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/4478
Mr. Anil Kumar Tyagi                                                                 Dr. K L Ukey
Addl. Director (Materials Management) SAIL                                           Company Secretary,
C-47, Ramprastha Colony, PO: Chander Nagar,                                          95, Dronachararya - Nagar Parekh - Layout
Ghaziabad-201011                                                                     Ring Road
Phone: 0120-2624061 /Email:                                                          Nagpur-440022
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Phone: 234452/237029/532251 /Email:
Particulars: Addl. Director (Materials Commercial Contracts, Steel,Mining &          Date of Birth 6/23/1952 (Age: 57)
Quarying Engineering/ Technical, Basic Metals, Machinery and Equipment and           Particulars: Company Secretary - Finance/ Legal/Company Law, Industrial
Chemical and Chemical Products. More than 28 years working experience in SAIL.       andCommercial Laws etc.

471                                                                                  472
Membership No: IL/ICA/4479                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/4481
Mr. Madhukar Rangnath Umarji                                                         Mr. A C C Unni
Chief Advisor-Legal Indian Banks' Association                                        Advocate, Madras High Court,
B/702, Pataliputra Coop. Hsg. Soc. Ltd. Four Bunglows                                AI-15 (100-C) Shanti Colony,
Andheri (W)                                                                          Annanagar
Mumbai-400053                                                                        Chennai-600040
Phone: 26301993 /Email:                                                              Phone: 044-26192641 /Email: accuman@flashmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Date of Birth 8/22/1938 (Age: 71)
Particulars: Executive Director, Deptt. of Non- (Specialized in Commercial           Particulars: Retd. Judical Member of Customs & Ministry of Finance, Retd.
Banking,Banking Law & Practice. Worked as General Manager and handled credit,        Addl.Secretary to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Law, Former Chairman FERA Board,
Personnel, HRD Recovery Management and General Administration Deptt. More than       Member, Indian Legal Service. Specialized in Arbitration I P Law, Taxation, Supply
30 years experience in the this field.                                               Contracts Construction Contracts. Dealt with Arbitaration matters in the Minist- ry of
473                                                                                  Membership No: IL/ICA/4492
Membership No: IL/ICA/4486                                                           Mr. P Vaidhyanathan
Mr. Sanjeeva Uthra                                                                   Advocate, Ex. Director (Retd.)
M-175, Sector-25                                                                     5, Gulmohar, S.V. Road, Vile Parle (West),
Noida-201301                                                                         Mumbai-400056
Phone: 95-120-253632 /Email:                                                         Phone: 6105943 /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Manager, Hotelier. Specialization i an 15 years experience as           Particulars: Retd. Executive Director, LIC. Personnel, Data Processing, Invest-ment
mediator,while working in hospitality indus try/service industry.                    and Training. Was Chairman of the Western Indian Regional Council of the Institute
                                                                                     of Company Secre- taries of India.

475                                                                                  476
Membership No: IL/ICA/4496                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/4550
Mr. S V Vaidya                                                                       Mr. K V Venugopal
President Cum Director Gayatri Projects Ltd.                                         Vice President, SMS Demag Pvt. Ltd.
B-1, TSR Towers, 6-3-1090 Rajbhavan Road,                                            C-005, Terrace Garden Apartments 2nd Main Road
Somajiguda                                                                           Banashankari III Stage
Hyderabad-500082                                                                     Bangalore-560085
Phone: 0091-40-3310330 /Email:                                                       Phone: /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: President Cum Director, Gayatri Specialization in Real                  Particulars: Vice President, Indomag (SMS Demag) reputed firm Dealt with number
Estate,Engineering/Technical, Joint Venture and Construction. Have 37 years          ofarbitration cases.
experience in Engineering field.
477                                                                                   478
Membership No: IL/ICA/4556                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/4563
Mr. Chander Verma                                                                    Mr. Narendra Kumar Verma
Managing Director, Continental Constn. Ltd.                                          Retd. Manager (Legal) FCI
9-A, Sainik Farms, Lane C-3,                                                         C-27/111, J-ka Jagat Ganj,
Khanpur,                                                                             Varanasi-221002
New Delhi-110062                                                                     Phone: 340145 /Email:
Phone: /Email:                                                                       Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Particulars: Retd. Manager (Legal) FCI. Dealt contract shipping and commerciallaws
Particulars: Managing Director of Continental Dispute Resolution Board and           arbitration matters. Handling arbitration case of FCI relating to a handling and
givendecisions on all disputes/claims of value upto Rs. 50 Million. Specialised in   transport contra- ct. Handled various court and arbitration proceedings. 20 years
domestic and Inter- national contracts. Over 15 years experience in the field of     service experience.
479                                                                                   480
Membership No: IL/ICA/4569                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/4571
Mr. D K Verma                                                                        Mr. Girija Shanker Verma
CMD Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.                                           Advocate High Court of Jharkhand
Bungalow No. 4, Type VI RCF Colony,                                                  8/137, North Office Para Doranda
Chembur                                                                              Ranchi-834002
Mumbai-400074                                                                        Phone: 0651-2482305, 2482478 /Email: gs_vrm@yahoo.com
Phone: 5563311 /Email:                                                               Date of Birth 12/31/1941 (Age: 69)
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                           Particulars: Former Topmost Executive (Legal) Co in High Court. Specialization in
Particulars: Chairman and Managing Director, Ltd. Specialization in Oil,Petroleum    Intellectual Property, State Contrac ts, Commercial Contracts, Insurance , Corporate
and Gas, Steel, Mining & Quarying, Engineering/Technical and Maritime Shipping.      Law, Joint Ventures, In ternational Investments etc. More t han 35 years experience
Handled several arbitration cases with public sector companies. Having more than     as very Sen ior top leval Executive.
20 years experience.
                                                        INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION
                                               PANEL OF ARBITRATORS - AS ON 20TH OCTOBER, 2012

Membership No: IL/ICA/4576                                                          482
Mr. A K Verma                                                                       Membership No: IL/ICA/4709
Chief G.M.(F&A), MMTC                                                               Mr. Ram Pratap Singh Verma
2325, D-II Vasant Kunj                                                              Financial Advisor & CAO DTC
New Delhi-110070                                                                    139, Lok Vihar Apartment Vikas Puri
Phone: 55143400, 9810505218 /Email:                                                 New Delhi-110005
Date of Birth 7/1/1945 (Age: 64)                                                    Phone: 28534605 /Email: pratapsatinder@gmail.com
Particulars: Chief General Manager (F&A), MMTC. Commercial Contracts,               Date of Birth 6/5/1950 (Age: 0)
Insurance,Corporate Law, Taxation, Joint Venture, International Investment.         Particulars: Financial Advisor & CAO, Specialization inFinance Banking,
                                                                                    Telecommunication, Taxation and Transport etc.

483                                                                                 484
Membership No: IL/ICA/4578                                                          Membership No: IL/ICA/4586
Mr. V P Verma,                                                                      Mr. M Vijayaraghavan
Tax Consultant,                                                                     Advocate,
Block No. 24, Flat No. 001, Heritage City,                                          187, R.K. Mutt Road, IInd Floor,
Mehrauli Gurgaon Road,                                                              Mandaivelli,
Gurgaon-122002                                                                      Chennai-600028
Phone: 9810979738 /Email: vedverma@hotmail.com                                      Phone: 4938689, 4954094 /Email:
Date of Birth 5/15/1934 (Age: 78)                                                   Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Retd. Chief Commissioner of Income- ion Lok Group of Companies         Particulars: Advocate, Madras High Court. Served ing Private Commercial
andMember Bar Council.                                                              Organisationlike South India Sugars Ltd., etc. for past 16 years and functioning as
                                                                                    Domestic Tribunal under Indust- rial laws relating to Disciplinary matters.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4587
                                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/4589
Mr. N C Vijayaraghavan,
                                                                                    Mr. Francis R Vincent
Door No. 89/1, Block A1, Sarasu Apartments,
                                                                                    502, ORION, 174, St. Cyril Road
Anna Nagar,
Phone: 618782 /Email:
                                                                                    Phone: /Email:
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                    Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
Particulars: Ex. Astt. General Manger, United in many financial companies. Over27
                                                                                    Particulars: Chief Legal Advisor,Larsen & Toubro Commercial Arbitration Matters.
years experience in the Insura- nce field.

487                                                                                 Membership No: IL/ICA/4599
Membership No: IL/ICA/4592                                                          Dr. V J S Vohra
Mr. B B Virmani                                                                     Prosthetic Consultant
E-139, (Ground Floor), Greater Kailash-II,                                          H.No.1134, Sector-44B
New Delhi-110004                                                                    Chandigarh-160047
Phone: 5058291, 617321 /Email:                                                      Phone: 0172-2623620,09814006829 /Email: drvjsvohra@gmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)                                                          Date of Birth 7/30/1948 (Age: 61)
Particulars: Director Training, The Institute of Possess over 25 years experience   Particulars: Co Founder Director Nevedec Prosthe Consultant, Hony.
asSr. Executive in large Commercial and Industrial Corporate Sector Companies.      ProstheticAdviser to Governments of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh & Himachal
                                                                                    Pradesh. Specialization in Fitment of Artificial Limbs since 1973, Disability
                                                                                    Empowerment and Rehabilitation, Corporate Law, Commercial matters and Health
Membership No: IL/ICA/4605
                                                                                    Membership No: IL/ICA/4927
Mr. Hanuman Prasad Vyas,
                                                                                    Dr. Ashish Wakhlu
Financial Legal Advisor, Kopran Ltd.,
                                                                                    Surgeon/Consultant CSMHU, LKO
104, Mansarover, 6-7, Mount Pleasant Road,
                                                                                    1/147, Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar,
Phone: 022-3677091 /Email:
                                                                                    Phone: 0522-2394812, 09415111654 /Email: ashish.wakhlu@gmail.com
Date of Birth / / (Age: 0)
                                                                                    Date of Birth 1/24/1965 (Age: 46)
Particulars: Jt. Managing Director of TECLL Advisor KOPRAN Ltd. Specialised
                                                                                    Particulars: Surgeon/Consultant Intellectual Property,Commercial Contracts,
inFinance, Accounts and Law. Have 40 years experience in Finance, Commerce and
                                                                                    Telecommunications, Agriculture & Food Processing, Automobile and Taxation,
Law and all aspects of commercial contracts, Advising on Indian/Foreign contracts
                                                                                    Power Energy, Aviation, 20 yearf experience
of commer- cial matters.

Membership No: IL/ICA/4628                                                           492
Mr. Ramavtar Prasad Yadav                                                           Membership No: IL/ICA/4626
Former Chairman & MD NTC                                                            Mr. Ramavtar Yadav
H.No.7232, Sector -B Pocket-10                                                      I.P.S. (Retd.)Former DG of Police H-76, DGS Society,
Vasant Kunj                                                                         Plot No.6, Sector 22 Dwarka
New Delhi-110070                                                                    New Delhi-110077
Phone: 9891333615/26135537 /Email:                                                  Phone: 9910675288 /Email: yram99@gmail.com
Date of Birth 1/2/1943 (Age: 67)                                                    Date of Birth 9/15/1946 (Age: 65)
Particulars: *Former Chairman and Managing Direct racticing as an Advocate in       Particulars: I.P.S. (Retd.) Former Director General of Police Worked as Managing
High Court/Supreme Court. Specialization i n Commercial Contracts, Insurance,       Director of aPublic Sector Unit. H-76, DGS Society, Plot 6, Sec 22, Dwarka, ND-77
Steel Mining & Quarying, Agricultur e & Food Processing, Joint Venture etc. 38
years experience in PSU.

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