US FALL Rev guide 12-13 by MsG77


									                                  U.S. History Final Exam Information Fall 12-13


        Prologue: Influence of the Enlightenment: Ideas, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights
        Chapter 2: Revolution and the Early Republic
        Chapter 3: The Growth of a Young Nation
        Chapter 4: The Union in Peril
        Chapter 6: A New Industrial Age
        Chapter 7: Immigrants and Urbanization
        Chapter 8: Life at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
        Chapter 9: The Progressive Era
        Chapter 10: America Claims an Empire
        Chapter 11: The First World War
        Chapter 12: Politics of the Roaring Twenties
        Chapter 13: The Roaring Life of the 1920’s

            o   California Standards Enrichment Workbook pp 19 – 78 (The “Patriot Book”)
            o   The “Units of Study” pages at our class wikispace:
            o   There are practice questions on the grey banner page of our wiki (perhaps useful for cheat sheet)
            o   That page also has the Spanish language reading guide pages.

The Exam:

        It will consist of 100 objective questions, that is, multiple choice/matching
                 Part A will be the history dept questions – I have no control over what those will be
                 Part B will be my choice of questions – mostly from past tests
        If your glossary is complete, the exam will be graded on a scale of 75
        If your glossary is missing 1-5 words and/or definitions, the exam will be graded on a scale
        of 80
        If your glossary is missing 6 – 10 words and/or definitions, the exam will be graded on a scale of 90
        If your glossary is missing more than 10 words and/definitions, the exam will be graded on a scale of 100
        The exam is worth 25% of your semester grade
        There will also be a short written response for extra points

        You will be allowed to use:
                        Your glossary
                        Your cheat sheet

On exam day make sure you bring the following to class:

       Your glossary, your cheat sheet (if you worked on one)
       A number 2 pencil (Do not expect me to provide you with one!!!!)
       One piece of paper

How your semester grade will be figured:

        Best six week grade =           x3
        Middle six week grade =         x2
        Worst six week grade =          x1
        Final Exam =                    x2

As you can see, it will greatly benefit you to have worked hard all semester on your glossary, to be sure to bring it
on exam day, and to come prepared with your materials so that you can do your best.

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