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					                                                                                          Ms. Lo
                                                                          Law in American Society

                                Unit 2: Introduction to Law
       History of Law; Human Rights; Structure of our Legal System; Lawyers & Justices

   1. To describe how our legal system developed and how it is structured
   2. To explain the importance of Supreme Court Justices, trial judges, and of lawyers in our

Key Vocabulary Terms: (16 total) On a separate sheet of paper, define each term. Vocabulary
definitions are due on the last day of the Unit. You will see these terms on your Unit Test.
legal precedent, human rights, criminal laws, civil laws, prosecutor, plaintiff, defendant, verdict,
federal laws, state laws, local laws, supreme court, appeals court, trial court, strict
constructionist, loose constructionist

Unit 2 Essay is cancelled due to upcoming schedule changes!

Daily Activities and Due Dates:
    Day One: Purpose of Law
           o Why do we have laws? What would happen if we didn’t have laws? Are there
               problems which law cannot handle? Do laws ever conflict with each other?
           o Distribute books
           o Shipwrecked sailors p. 6 #1.2

      Day Two: History of law
          o History of Law PowerPoint/notes
          o History of Law cases in groups

      Day Three*: Human Rights
          o Read Universal Declaration of Human Rights p. 600-607
          o Work on #1.5 p. 11

      Day Four: Gideon v. Wainwright
          o Gideon case & discussion
          o Sleeping lawyer case & discussion

      Day Five: Civil and Criminal Laws
          o Activity: read news articles about Phil Spector; complete Civil vs. Criminal chart
          o Notes on Civil vs. Criminal Law

      Day Six: Federal, State & Local Laws
          o Notes on Federal, State, Local laws
          o Discuss #2.1 on p. 21; Activity: #2.2 on p. 22
          o HW: Quiz next class on Criminal/Civil and Federal/State/Local laws.
   Day Seven: Supreme Court Justices
       o Quiz
       o Notes on the Court Structure and the US Supreme Court
       o Activity: Do #5.6 on p. 61 in groups; discuss
       o HW: Judicial Philosophies worksheet

   Day Eight: Unit wrap-up & Review
       o Discuss homework & quiz
       o Interpret rules from the Student Code of Conduct
       o Discuss Unit 2 vocabulary and study questions
       o Discuss binders
       o Review jeopardy
       o HW: Complete vocab definitions and study questions; prepare binder to be turned
          in at the beginning of class; study for test

   Day Nine: Unit 2 test
       o Unit 2 vocabulary definitions and study questions due
       o Binders due
       o Unit 2 test
       o No homework!

   Day Ten: Negotiation
       o Types of dispute resolution
       o Activity: Negotiation
                                                                                          Ms. Lo
                                                                      Law in American Society
                                                                     Unit 2: Introduction to Law

                                    Unit 2 Study Questions

Instructions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. You may attach a page if
you need more room. These questions, along with vocab definitions, are due on:

   1. What is the difference between a civil law system and a common law system, and which
      do we use in the United States?

   2. Are any human rights violations common in the United States? If so, which ones, and
      why are they not outlawed?

   3. What are the main differences between civil laws and criminal laws?

   4. What types of issues are governed by federal laws? State laws? Local laws?

   5. Why is the right to an attorney important? How did we get the right to a free attorney?

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