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					  iTERA Availability 6
  The Worlds Most Sold HA Solution To SMB

      Andy Kowalski
      June 15th 2011
                                            for Business

Leaders Have Vision™                       1
iTERATM Availability 6
                                             Ideal for SMB type environments

   The industry benchmark for self managing HA
       iTERATM    Virtual Role Swap Test (VRST) – While-active role swap tests
       iTERATM    Fully Automated Role Swap – one button role swap process
       iTERATM    Transport Journal – Fast & robust object replication
       iTERATM    Direct Apply – optimized performance for SMB
       iTERATM    Real-Time Self-Correction – spend less time managing
       iTERATM Apply Accelerator – spend less time tuning
       iTERATM ZZ Audit – No locking required on backup system
       iTERATM Audit Command Console – centralized audit control
       iTERATM RSR Monitor – continuously shows you are ready to role swap
       iTERATM Cluster Host Monitor – single screen multi-node monitoring
       iTERATM Alert – Flexible e-mail alerting system
       iTERATM SAT Lite – Fast automated analysis of your environment
       iTERATM MQ Support – WebSphere MQ messaging support
       iTERATM CRGs – Manage separate application groups on same system
       iTERATM Quick Sync – no need to use tape for initial synchronization
       Migrate While Active – migrate servers without down-time
       Local Languages – English, Italian…

                                              Sold globally - supported locally

    Over 2000 licenses sold to over 1000 customers

Leaders Have Vision™                                                     2
Concepts & SMB Philosophy
                                 If the primary system or a business application       Backup system (B) can be in same
      Users work on the
                                 experiences down time then the backup system            room or in another city without
      primary system (A)
                                  is available to quickly take over the role of the         impacting performance
                                   primary system. Users continue work on the
                                             backup without data loss
                                                                                                              The backup database
                                                                                                                 is accessible for
                                                                                                              read-only applications
                                                                                                                  while mirroring

                                                                                                                Tape backups
                                                                                                                  take place
                                                                                                                on the backup
                                                                                                                system without
                              User changes in database files are captured and
                                                                                                              causing down time
                                 replicated in real time to a backup system
                                                                                                                on the primary
                                  either synchronously or asynchronously
      Philosophy of iTERA HA
  is to auto-correct issues, there
                                                             The backup database is continuously checked for
     are no reports to study …
                                                       role swap readiness (database and application consistency)
   …this is ideal for most SMB
                                                                     and auto-corrected if necessary

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                                       3
Built-From-The-Start For Remote Journaling

                Benefit: Built Around most flexible and robust data transport mechanism

              Tech Tip*(1): Hardware mirroring typically does not maintain database or application level consistency while mirroring.
              After unplanned downtime this can cause damaged objects, access path rebuilds, referential integrity and other data
              consistency issues which may take hours to correct before the applications are available.

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                                                           4
Transport Journal

  ● Data areas
  ● Data queues
  ● Integrated File System (IFS)
  ● MQ / WebSphere
  ● User profiles
  ● Database triggers and constraints
  ● System values
  ● Spool files & output queues
  ● Program objects
  ● Communication objects
  ● IBM job scheduler entries                    Benefits
  ● Directory entries                            ●   Faster and more reliable object replication
  More…                                          ●   Object changes captured and replicated in real time
                                                 ●   Multiple transport journals per system adds flexibility
                                                 ●   More efficient than FTP

                Tech Tip: The traditional method for transporting object changes uses FTP (file transfer protocol)
                however FTP does not have the performance or reliability of remote journaling. A transport journal is a
                remote data journal that is used by iTERA Availability 6 to package and send changed parts (bytes)
                of objects in FIFO sequence. Each iTERA CRG has it’s own transport journal. It’s a faster and more
                reliable method for replicating object changes than FTP.

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                                     5
Direct Apply

                ●   Efficient and robust apply architecture
                ●   No staging area (log spaces) needed on backup system
                ●   Low I/O generated per transaction
                ●   Easy to manage & monitor because there are few moving parts
                ●   Reliable because there are few moving parts
                                                                                               Vision AutoGuardTM
             Tech Tip: In sophisticated multi-journal, multi-processor and multi-application
             environments the multi-job dynamic apply architecture in MIMIX & OMS has
                                                                                                automatic notification
             apply performance advantages                                                        and self-correction

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                            6
Real-Time Self-Correction

       ● Spend less time managing HA
       ● Files don’t go ‘on hold’
       ● If a transaction fails to update the backup then the record is instantly self-corrected
         without interrupting mirroring
       ● Operators can review the self-correct history at later stage if they wish to
       ● Helps maintain Role Swap Ready (RSR) status

           Tech Tip: Most common reason why files go ‘on-hold’ (not mirrored) with some HA
           solutions is a single record failed to update. iTERA Availability 6 retrieves an image of   Vision AutoGuardTM
           the record from the primary using RRN and over writes the backup in a parallel stream.       automatic notification
           File doesn’t go on hold and we’re in synch.                                                   and self-correction

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                                    7
Apply Accelerator Self-Correction

           ●   Spend less time tuning HA
           ●   Automatically starts/stops whenever latency detected
           ●   User defined latency thresholds
           ●   Uses memory on backup system to bulk apply transactions
           ●   Can accelerate apply up to 400%
           ●   Preserves database consistency
           ●   Preserves application consistency
           Tech Tip: If apply latency reaches a user determined threshold (minutes or
           transactions) then an apply accelerator job automatically starts and caches the apply     Vision AutoGuardTM
           essentially doing a bulk read and apply. When latency falls below a threshold the apply    automatic notification
           accelerator automatically ends.                                                             and self-correction

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                                  8
ZZ Audit Self-Correction
                                         Self-correcting updates
                                      are placed in the transport &
                                     apply data path and self-correct
                                               the backup                                                       User accidentally
                                                                                                                 updates data
                                                                                                                  on backup

                          ZZ Audit automatically sends request
                              to primary for self-correction            Local journal on backup identifies
                                                                         unauthorized database changes
     ●   Spend less time repairing HA
     ●   Protect backup database from unauthorized updates without locking it
     ●   Any unauthorized data updates on backup are immediately self-corrected
     ●   No need for iTERA Availability 6 to lock the backup database
     ●   Faster mirroring startup and shutdown
     ●   Less potential for lock conflicts

           Tech Tip: The backup data is journaled by iTERA Availability 6 to a local journal.         Vision AutoGuardTM
           Any updates which are not made by the iTERA HA apply job user trigger the ZZ Audit          automatic notification
           job to retrieve an image of the record from the primary by RRN and self-correct              and self-correction
           (replace) the record on the backup

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                                   9
Audit Command Console Self-Correction

                                                                    iTERA Availability 6
                                                                    Audit Command Console Screen

                                                                    Opt 2=Change the Audit Test
                                                                    Opt10=Review History of The Audit Test
                                                                    Opt18=Submit using schedule

                                                                    Extensive list of automated audit tests

                                                                    Test interval in Days or Hours

                                                                    F7=Last start time
                                                                    F8=List all audit tests
                                                                    F9=Sort the audit tests

      ● Spend less time scheduling audit tests
      ● Centralized console for managing all iTERA Availability 6 audit tests
      ● Pre-configured with best practice audits and run intervals
      ● iTERA Availability 6 audits don’t produce reports they self-correct
                                                                                Vision AutoGuardTM
                                                                                automatic notification and

Leaders Have Vision™                                                             10
Role Swap Readiness Monitor

                                                                       iTERA Availability 6
                                                                       Role Swap Readiness Monitor Screen

                                                                       List current RSR status
                                                                       OK, ERR or WRN

                                                                       Status of each individual audit

                                                                       Extensive list of audit tests that will
                                                                       be performed to verify role swap

                                                                       F13=Maintain Frequency (of audits)
                                                                       F18=Submit all Tests (now)
                                                                       F23=Message Log (of audits)

       ● Spend less time monitoring role swap readiness
       ●   Continuously checks that you are role-swap-ready (RSR)
       ●   iTERA Availability 6 Alert e-mails are sent if an issue cannot be self corrected
       ●   Summary of all audit tests is easy to navigate
       ●   There are no reports to study.. all results on-screen (faster)     Vision SwitchAssistantTM
                                                                                 provides automated push
                                                                                       button failover

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                   11
Cluster Host Monitor

                                                                                 iTERA Availability 6
                                                                                 Cluster Host Monitor Screen

                                                                                 Each line contains a summary of one
                                                                                 CRG*(1) Primary or backup node

                                                                                 Status of every audit OK, WR or ER

                                                                                 Disk utilization %

                                                                                 Status of iTERA Availability 6
                                                                                 processes jobs

                                                                                 Alert Indicator
                                                                                 F9=Auto Refresh Mode
                                                                                 F13=Maintain Frequency
          Benefits                                                               F14=Sort by Alert
                                                                                 F23=Message Log
          ●   Spend less time monitoring multiple systems or LPARs
          ●   Monitor all your systems and LPARs from one screen
          ●   Instantly see status of replication for all environments
          ●   Issues alerts when operator attention required
          ●   Sort systems/LPARs by alert
          ●   Drill down to System Monitor and RSR monitor

*(1) CRG is an iTERA Availability 6 Cluster Resource Group (Replication Group)

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                           12
Automated Role Swap With Full Monitoring

                                                                       iTERA Availability 6
                                                                       Role Swap Monitor Screen

                                                                       Summary status of nodes being role

                                                                       Current step and how long it will take

                                                                       Log showing what happened so far

                                                                       F9=Process Log
                                                                       F16=Role Maintenance
                                                                       F20= Role Swap History
        ● Faster, more reliable role swaps
        ●    Role swap process can be customized
        ●   *ROLLOVER is a planned role swap (runs audits before role swap)
        ●   *FAILOVER is an unplanned role swap (does not run audits before role swap)
        ●   *RVYVRTENV is a virtual role swap (allows while active tests)
                                                                           Vision SwitchAssistantTM
        ●   Monitor shows status in real time
                                                                            provides automated push
        ●   Monitor predicts task completion times based on history (mins)        button failover

Leaders Have Vision™                                                               13
Virtual Role Swap Test (VRST)

                                                                         iTERA Availability 6
                                                                         Role Swap Monitor Screen

                                                                         Resume means that the backup data
                                                                         consistency will be resumed after the
                                                                         virtual test is complete

                                                                         F20=Role Swap History
                                                                         F21=Role test log

       ● Less time and cost spent executing role swap tests
       ●   Production system users and jobs not interrupted while role swap test runs
       ●   No tape save/restore required
       ●   No system exposure or data loss during test
       ●   Users can update data on the backup during the test            Vision SwitchAssistantTM
                                                                                provides automated push
                 Tip: 90% of iTERA customers execute virtual role swap
                                                                                      button failover
                 tests during the day without introducing down-time!

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                14
Virtual Role Swap Test (Under The Covers)
                                                                                                     After a virtual role swap test
                                               During a virtual role swap test, apply            apply processing is restarted. This
                                                 processing is suspended which                   will self-correct data changes made
  During a virtual role swap test               simulates un-planned down-time                  during the test and then process the
      users remain on-line                          (freezes the backup data)                        backlog of transactions in the
                                                                                                remote journal to bring systems back
                                                                                                             in synch quickly

                   During a virtual role swap test ZZ Audit automatically            During the test users sign-on
                      sends request to primary for self-correction. Self            to the backup and update data
                     correcting updates are placed in the transport data            and run jobs to make sure that
                   path and transferred to the remote journal immediately               backup applications are
                                                                                          Role Swap Ready

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                                   15
iTERA Alert

                                                                           Select notification methods
                                                                    e-mail, text message or message queue

                                                                       Configure e-mail gateway SMTP

                                                                      Identify monitored message queues

                                                                       Identify monitored messages and
                                                                               message severities

                                                                   Identify alert recipients depending on time of
                                                                              day plus escalation path

                                                                      iTERA Alert will now monitor 24X7
                                                                        so you don’t have to be stuck
                                                                                 to a screen!
        ● iTERA Alert finds the right person and notifies them by e-mail
        ●   Monitors message queues
        ●   Selects most important messages by user defined severity thresholds
        ●   Sends e-mail to user configurable recipients or groups
        ●   E-mails are widely supported by mobile devices
        ●   Respond to alerts locally or remotely

Leaders Have Vision™                                                               16
Flexible Replication Scenarios
       1                             2                                3

                                            Production    Backup      Production                       Backup
             Production     Backup             (A)          (B)         LPAR                            LPAR
                (A)           (B)

                                                                          Backup                     Production
                                                                           LPAR                        LPAR

                                     One-to-Many            (C)
           One-to-One Replication    Replication                           Two Way Replication

       4                             5                                6
               LPAR                  Production                                                       Backup
                                       LPAR                 Backup                 Production          LPAR
                                                            System                  System
               LPAR                   Backup                                                           Backup
                                       LPAR              Backup              Production                 LPAR
                                                         System               System

        Single-System Replication        One-to-Many Replication           Many-to-One Replication

                              Flexibility Equals Business Value
Leaders Have Vision™                                                                   17
Data Migration Projects

                                                                  Before Migration Users are live on the old system
                                                            1     and database on new system is empty

                                                                  Electronic Synchronization iTERA HA has the
 Live                                                             ability to schedule and manage the electronic
users                                                       2     synchronization of large libraries overnight. ITERA
                                                  Test            HA then keeps the new system synchronized
                                                                  Cut Over Test iTERA HA then allows users to
                                                                  sign-on to the new system and verify that the
                                                            3     applications are Cut Over Ready. If not then we
                                                                  synchronize any missing objects or libraries until
                                                                  users are happy.

                                                            4     Cut Over is done and users continue working on
                                                                  the new system.
                                               Live users
                                                                                 Tip: Over 20% of iTERA
            ● Take the down time and risk out of data migration                  customers also use it for data
                                                                                 migration projects
            ● No need to courier tapes
            ● No need to work weekends
            ● Cut Over test guarantees success

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                      18
More iTERA Availability 6 Features 1/2

     No production downtime during install iTERA is designed so that the
     implementation and initial synchronization of the backup system can be done without
     introducing any user down time.

     Library Analyzer iTERA analyzes all libraries and objects and provides valuable input
     to help optimize the mirroring setup (SATLITE Tool)

     Auto Library & Object Registration Customer who periodically create rename and
     delete libraries and objects and want them automatically mirrored can do so. Libraries &
     contents can be defined for mirroring with wild cards. Libraries and contents will be
     automatically journaled, synchronized and mirrored.

     Library Auto Sync. Helps eliminate the need for operators to be present during the
     initial data synchronization. Libraries to be replicated are pre-selected, the journals to
     which the libraries will be replicated are assigned, and a syncing priority status is assigned.
     Sophisticated targeting functionality allows for a wide range of unattended syncing

Leaders Have Vision™                                                            19
More iTERA Availability 6 Features 2/2
      MQ / WebSphere Support iTERA replicates the associated MQ Library. Creates the
      Queue Manger, if needed. Creates the queue. Replicates the current messages and other
      IFS objects. Creates the remote journal and receive. Applies the messages to the Backup
      node, then deletes messages as needed.

      Menu Fastpaths All menus are logically and consistently laid out following i5/OS
      naming conventions and standards to make them familiar and easy to use. In addition a
      fastpath technique is used to allow operators to navigate faster and communicate easier
      to others. To access the system monitor for example type ‘1.1’ on any screen…it takes
      you to menu 1 and then option 1 in a single step.

      CRC Audit Allows all records in a file to be checked between source and target without
      sending the records to the target. A CRC code is generated for each record (or block of
      records) on source and target and only the CRC code needs to be compared. This
      greatly reduces the time involved.

      Auto Installation When iTERA is installed on the source system it sends an copy of
      itself to all target nodes and auto installs. Journals are automatically created

Leaders Have Vision™                                                            20
More New Features in iTERA Availability 6 1/2

          Italian Language Support All screens and messages now available in Italian
          (from SP09)

                                                                                                    In Italy…

          Role Swap Readiness Monitor Enhanced Formerly called E2KG has been
          renamed and enhanced. Allows customers to always know that they are role swap

          User Profile Replication Enhanced User Profile Replication can now be
          performed via the iTERA HA transport journal, which provides a more efficient
          replication method. Replication using the original exit point method is still available.

          Option & Function Standardization Changes Options that formerly were
          alpha characters are now all numeric. Follows CUA/SAA standards.

          System Value Replication System Value Replication is an advanced feature and is
          accessible via menu option 5.8. However, this menu option is not visible unless *SYSVAL
          is enabled in the Replication Components screen (30.23, F20).

          Vision Auto Validate New common way to receive license keys
                          *(1) Contact your local Vision business partner for more details

Leaders Have Vision™            iTERA Availability 6 has been GA since April 2009   21
More New Features in iTERA Availability 6 2/2

           User Experience Level Allows screens to be restricted or expanded to use
           advanced features.

           IBM i Support Supports IBM i V5R3 - V6R1+ (v5.0 supports V5R2 – V6R1)

           iTERA Alert Enhancement iTERA Alert users now have more control over e-mail

           New Audits & Enhancements Preferred run time, Object Attribute Audit, Constraint
           Audit, Object Existence Audit, Installation Existence Audit, Object Attribute Audit,
           System Values Audit

           Pre-Applied iTERA HA Patches (formerly called PTFs) A new technique is being
           deployed for v6.0 software package distribution. The software product image with the
           latest cumulative patches pre-applied will be posted regularly to our FTP site
           (whenever a new PTF Service Pack is released, which is generally monthly). This will
           benefit business partners by significantly accelerating software installation time.

           Object Difference Audits Identifies discrepancies of objects between production
           and recovery systems. Provides a facility for customer to correct the discrepancy

Leaders Have Vision™                                                              22
iTERA 6.1 New Features
                                                                 1. Audit & Self Heal
                                                                     1.1 Heal Boost For Virtual Role Swap Test
                                                                     1.2 Best Of Breed Attribute Audits (From MIMIX)
                                                                     1.3 Attribute Audit Report
                                                                     1.4 Audit Activity Status
                                                                     1.5 Stored Procedure Audit
                                                                     1.6 Deleted Record Audit

                                                                 2. Replication
                                                                     2.1 Retain Receivers On Sync
                                                                     2.2 Filter Change Without ENDJRN
                                                                     2.3 Rename Library Support
                                                                     2.4 Fast Quick-Sync
                                                                     2.5 Windows Enrolment Attribute Support,
                                                                     2.6 STRJRNLIB Support

                                                                 3. Installation & Packaging
                                                                     3.1 Parallel Installs Via iWiz,
                                                                     3.2 MIMIX Style Service Pack Protocol

              Five Areas of Focus                                4. Help & Documentation
              Sixteen* New features                                  4.1 Online Help Version 6.1

                                                                 5. Configuration
   *There are sixteen new features. Some of these features can       5.1 Centralized Policy (Parameter) Maintenance
   be broken down into more sub features.

Leaders Have Vision™                                                                                23
iTERA Support

        24X7 Support – telephone, e-mail, on-line
        First level iTERA support from certified local business partners
        Second level MIMIX support from support centers in Manchester UK
        Third level MIMIX support from development labs in Salt Lake City UT and Rochester MN
        On-line knowledge base
        On-line incident tracking
        Regular Service Packs (approx every 2 months)
        On-line software upgrades
        On-site assistance (extra cost)

Leaders Have Vision™                                                     24
Over 2000 Licenses Sold to over 1000 Customers

              The Worlds Most Sold HA Solution To SMB Environments
Leaders Have Vision™                                   25

Leaders Have Vision™ 26

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