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Psychology by linxiaoqin


									                     W    E S T E R N          N   E W         M   E X I C O      U   N I V E R S I T Y

                                    WITH           A    CONCENTRATION                           IN

Fall, 2008                                                                                                         prepared by Dr. Coleman

             PROGRAM INFORMATION                                                   ADVISING INFORMATION
     The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)              Advising for the psychology concentration is available from
degree at WNMU is a fully accredited, 36-hour, fully online          both Dr. Coleman and the wonderful staff in our Extended
program. This unique program allows students to study two            University office. As a graduate student, you will be able to plan
or three disciplines as part of their graduate studies. When         your own schedule and determine the pace at which you
two areas are chosen, students complete 18 hours of study            complete this degree. This newsletter describes the psychology
within both disciplines. When three areas are chosen, the            course rotation that you can expect to experience, and any
student completes 18 hours in one area and 9 hours in each           changes to this will be communicated to all students active in the
of the other specializations.                                        program.

     Psychology is a common choice for our graduate                       We do our best to accommodate the needs of our long-
students; it complements many topics nicely. As someone              distance students. Our campus offices are prepared to assist you
reading this newsletter, you have either chosen psychology           with admissions, registration, and financial aid issues.
or you are considering psychology as one of your areas.
This newsletter is intended to help guide you through the                 When registering for graduate study, many courses require
psychology specialization. Choosing psychology as one of             instructor and advisor signatures. We can “sign” for things long-
your disciplines will allow you to explore the field at the          distance by using email, phone, and fax verifications of your
graduate level. Completion of the Interdisciplinary Masters          requests. So, stay in touch and be sure to let us know how we
is not equivalent to completing a Masters degree in                  can support and help you. All contact information is listed on the
psychology. However, this degree offers you considerable             next page.
learning and would prepare you well for additional study in
the field.                                                                          “EXIT” REQUIREMENTS
                                                                          The Psychology concentration has exit requirements for all
                                                                     students. If you complete psychology as a 9-hour field of study,
               FACULTY SPONSOR                                       you will be required to take a written exit exam. This exam will
    Dr. Jennifer Coleman came to WNMU in 2003. She                   include essay questions addressing each of the three courses you
earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from the                      completed for your 9 hours. The faculty sponsor will work with
University of New Hampshire.                                         you as you prepare for the exam.
While at UNH, she also earned a
Masters of Science in College                                        If you complete psychology as an 18-hour field of study, you
Teaching. Dr. Coleman has been                                       have several options for your exit exam, including:
teaching at the college level for                                        1. Research-based thesis – this option requires students to write a
more than 14 years. She also has                                              significant paper (minimum 45 pages), based on scholarly
extensive experience mentoring                                                sources, about a topic of their choice. Students register for 6
graduate students and experience                                              thesis credits hours when completing this option.
                                                                         2. Field-based thesis – this option requires students to write a
teaching college-bound, gifted high                                           significant paper (minimum 45 pages), based on field-based
school students.                                                              experience and scholarly sources, about a topic of their
                                                                              choice. Students may register for 6 thesis credit hours when
She currently serves as the faculty sponsor of the                            completing this option or this may be completed in
psychology concentration for the MAIS program. She is                         conjunction with internship hours.
also a very active member of the undergraduate psychology                3. Written exit exam – this comprehensive exam requires students
program on the Silver City campus. She is the faculty                         to respond to questions about the topics covered in the 18
advisor to Psi Chi, the National Honors Society in                            hours taken by the student.
Psychology, which all psychology MAIS students are
welcome to join.                                                     These options allow students to customize their exit
                                                                     requirements to fit their interests and their strengths.
                                     PSYCHOLOGY COURSE OFFERINGS

                Course descriptions can be found at

                  Class schedules can be found at

                                505 – Psychology of Learning (and Memory)                        (3 credit hrs)
                                525 – Theories of Personality                                    (3 credit hrs)
                                512 – Psychopathology                                            (3 credit hrs)

                                   A minimum of two online graduate courses will be offered each summer.

Courses offered at anytime, at the request of the student with faculty approval and supervision
582 - Advanced (Graduate-level) Internship in Psychology (1 credit hour for each 45 hours of field work)
585 - Directed Study – student studies a topic not covered in regular courses with faculty guidance (credit hours vary)
590 – Directed Research – student conducts original research under faculty guidance (credit hours vary)
595 – Tutorial Reading – regularly offered course taken on independent basis (3 credit hours)
598 – Psychology Thesis (6 credit hours, can be done over 2 semesters)

Online electives that you can expect to see offered on a rotating basis:
     530 – Psychology of Gender (3 hrs)                                          535 – Human Motivation (3 hrs)
     580 – Psychology Workshop – topic of faculty interest (3 hrs)               5## - Positive Psychology (3 hrs)
     5## - Sports Psychology (3 hrs)                                             # - indicates course number has not been designated.


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