November Minutes - Ironbark Ridge Public School by pengxuebo


									                 Ironbark Ridge Public School
                                  P&C Meeting Minutes
                                   16th November 2011
1. Welcome

2. Apologies: Donna Wright, Jane Moog, Monica Calderwood, Kylie Havill, Paul Sayer, Cathy Stokes

3. Minutes of last meeting
       No minutes as it was a casual get together

4. President’s Report
        Thank you to Fundraising for Bingo night- great success
        Thank you to all P&C volunteers for work this year
        P&C will sponsor awards at presentation night
        This is our last meeting until next Feb
        Frog Pond- nearly there, turf and planting to go
        Parent helper morning tea 6th Dec- 10am. An invitation will be sent out to all helpers

5. Principal’s report
        Usually at final Kindergarten evening there is a P&C rep to discuss the following, it is on Monday 28th
           Nov at 7pm
                  i. Nicolle- P&C
                 ii. Deanne- Uniform
                iii. Sharon- Fundraising
                iv. Jaclyn- canteen
                 v. Rebecca- first time parent (Nicolle will share notes)

          Multi-purpose court- resurface- a quote has been obtained, under $15000. Company recommended
           by Hills Council and will also be doing cricket nets- something to consider for the future
          There will be 22 classes next year- interviews will take place for 2 teachers before the end of the
           year. 561 enrolments for 2012 won’t be finalising teachers on classes until the interviews have taken
           place. This also means 2 new demountables
          May purchase 3 electronic whiteboards as cheaper that way, should be able to find money in school
           budget. 2 for new rooms and a spare
          Solar panels still waiting for info

6. Treasurer’s Report
        Please read attached report
        Uniform shop, maybe $5000 to come- a lot of people still have not purchased one uniform for Kindy
        Maybe shouldn’t commit to anything major as canteen is up in the air.
   What would we like to spend our $60000 on?
        Path, multipurpose court, reading materials, technology?
        Question- Path- why is spotless not doing it? There is no obligation for them to do it.
        School Resources- Mrs Poole stated Staff have the opportunity to make suggestions through the
          management plan- don’t need a separate wish list for them
        Maybe we could give each stage of school a pool of money that they could access through the year
        Comment: can we have a specific long term goal? There are reasons for and against this concept
          including, some things may just be out of reach e.g. another COLA a quote 5 years ago was $120000.
          People don’t want to provide money for items that their child will not benefit from e.g. donate now
          and get the item 5-10 years later.
        Other items eg sound system up to COLA
           Should we/shouldn’t we spend- just going around in circles. We need to make a decision
           Voting Items and results
                  o Option 2: multipurpose court-$15000
                  o Option 3: Paths $25000
                  o Option 1: Power/sound system

7. Canteen Report
       Canteen report attached
       Banana Paddle Pops no longer available
      Discussion re Canteen Future:
       Note will go out separately to the newsletter- based on the report provided today.
       Could we put note up onto Flexischools? Will look into it but don’t think so
       Volunteers- Kindy parents 2012- could be approached, but first preference is to use current school
       Suggestion? An incentive for people who volunteer to work on committee?
       If we had a Paid manager we would still need a committee
       If tendered out- money goes to school- would be about $4000
       Need to make parents aware that there are out of hour jobs available for volunteers
       People did volunteer but never got contacted- need a good communication method
       If it goes to tender we will be lucky to get it reopened by Term 2
       If we get 6 people volunteering for committee and a full roster of volunteers by 2nd Dec then canteen
          will still open, if not it will be handed back to Kerry.
       You really need someone experienced on each shift
       Ask Kindy 2012 parents on orientation night to volunteer- get names
       Break jobs down with more detail in letter
       Names/volunteers for committee will go back to Jackie, they will start next term

8. Fundraising report
       Bingo night-profit $1469, a lot of hard work, not sure if we would recommend for next year as kids
          lost interest
       Camel Calendars: Not sure if it is worth doing again as teachers put in a lot of effort gathering 30
          artworks and then only 1-10 students ordered a calendar from each class. Teachers would only want
          to do it again with K-2, not for older grades. It has been decided to have a break from it next year.
          Profit approx. $700
       Woolworths BBQ-$293.65-Competed with McHappy Day, so not worth it. Had some great helpers.
          Constantly asked why they were fundraising- need to set goals for every fundraiser so people know
          why they are donating money. Perhaps not all activities- but maybe for a number of specific
          activities we give people a goal. We need better communication to whole school body to show
          where all our funds are going. Goals have been set in the past eg whiteboards, computers. We have
          the wish list, people can contribute to this with ideas. If we allocate a specific item to an activity then
          people may not be interested in donating to this and therefore not participate. Needs to be linked
          with yearly plan and 3 year plan- communication is the key. We need to have a separate page in the
          newsletter with a really obvious message to show what we have spent our money on this year,
          should list the activities and what we bought. Could be done at start of year, middle of year and at
          end of year.
       $16287 total for this year

9. Uniform Shop Report
        Too much stock- please buy
        Will be open in holidays- Deanne will publish dates and times for holiday openings

10. Correspondence in/out
         Nil
11. General Business

          Compassion 4kids project (school bags): meeting with Mrs Walker and Mrs Nahirny, teachers and SRC
           support the project. A mufti day will be held with gold coin donation on 8 th Dec. This will allow
           purchases to be made for next year. An item will be placed into newsletter for parents to buy
           additional stationary as a way to contribute. Teachers will then be able to access for needy students.
           Local businesses will also be asked to donate. We are aiming for 10 bags filled with items. Most
           important item to have is a voucher for school jumpers for winter as there are a number of students
           who don’t have a jumper in winter. Will be given out at discretion of Mrs Poole. A sport shirt would
           also be good. Could give advertising in newsletter to businesses who donate. Will also look at
           Community Grants for next year.

          Might need a volunteer to just look at Community Grants to see what we can access

          We can hand uniforms in to uniform shop that we no longer need and they will be distributed as

          Good Guys Vouchers: purchase of new urn as current one is an OHS hazard, discovered at Kindy
           Mum’s morning tea. We don’t think Goods Guys sell an urn and this is a school urn not owned by
           P&C, so we could purchase our own urn and a new one for the school. We have $144 to spend at
           Good Guys- we might buy a A3 laminator for the Support teacher

           Coles vouchers final tally: 53715 vouchers collected. Mrs Nahirny has made a wishlist, sporting
           equipment, 74 items in total. Will need to be finalised by Coles. Next year they will need to be
           counted before they are handed in!!!!

          End of financial year – documents for treasurer/auditor. Everything closed off at 31st Dec. Everything
           will need to be finalised, receipts and invoices tallied up and handed in to Deanne

          The Fete
               1. High school happy to let us use their car park and possibly their grounds
               2. Going to see if High school P&C wants to be involved, they could use money for air
               3. HS car park will be used for rides
               4. Risk management plan is done, used a proper consultant
               5. Budget being worked on
               6. Overview for Spotless needs to be submitted ASAP

                 Anyone who has donated to school- have they received their thank you certificates? Need to
           check with Sharyn to see what has gone out

                   Question uniform shop fees: EFTPOS charge of 2.5% seems extremely high when most
           schools only charge a maximum of 50cents per transaction. Response: The P&C have to pay for the
           hire of the machine and we have to bank with Westpac. This was originally the amount agreed upon.
           We need to know what is the rental fee? If people used the Flexischools system then it wouldn’t be
           an issue. We can change this, so will look at next year

                  Next meeting Feb 8th

                  P&C AGM 14th March

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