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The mobile value added services (MVAS) market in China is valued at 18.2 bn in 2008 it is expected to
reach INR 34.5 bn in 2011.

Netscribes’ report begins with a snapshot of China’s mobile market. It analyses the MVAS value chain
and provides information regarding the popular MVAS services. Market entry procedure describes
entry procedure for a foreign investor in the Chinese MVAS market. The report also highlights key
government regulations. Market overview gives a brief overview of the existing scenario with market
size and growth figures as well as data for VAS’s share of total revenue of major mobile operators. An
analysis of drivers reveals that increasing mobile penetration, growing popularity of mobile
entertainment, rising income levels, declining ARPU and introduction of 3G is driving growth in this
sector. The key challenges identified include dependency on telecom operators, competition from free
WAP sites, and billing and transmission failures. The competitive landscape profiles the major players
in this sector. The report also provides details regarding the key developments in this sector.

Table of Contents :

Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Mobile market in China - Growth in mobile subscribers and mobile operators market share
Value Chain and Services
Page 3: MVAS value chain
Page 4: Popular MVAS services and popular services by mobile generation
Market Entry Procedure
Page 5-6: Market entry procedure and stages in market entry in MVAS
Government Regulations
Page 7-8: Government regulations
Market Overview
Page 9: MVAS market - Overview, market size and growth (2006-2011e), MVAS share of total
operator’s revenue
Drivers & Challenges
Page 10: Drivers – Summary
Page 11-13: Drivers
Page 14: Challenges – Summary
Page 15-16: Challenges
Page 17: Competition Overview
Page 18-25: Major Players
Key Developments
Page 26: Key Developments

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