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									5 Niche Template Websites That You Don’t Want to Miss

Many people use website templates to make their website. If you want to build your website
with a template, there are many template websites that you can choose from. Some sites like
Template Monster cater to a wide variety of websites ranging from regular HTML to Flash
while others focus on templates for specific types of websites. This article identifies niche
template websites that specialize in their given area.

Some of the sites offer templates that you have to customize and adapt to your needs while
others offer ready-made websites that require very little customization to get started.

The Template Websites on this list have been chosen based on the following criteria:

      Web design quality
      Variety of design
      Ease of use
      Value for money

Here are 5 niche template websites that you don’t want to miss.

1. Smallbusinessecommerce.co.uk

Niche: Ready-made Small Business Websites
This is a relatively new service launched by web design experts from London that offers
ready-made website templates that are ready to use and require little customisation. You can
choose to download a professional website for $67 or you get an expert to set-up and launch
the website on your behalf.

The template consists of 6 core pages including images and industry standard text. Social
media, email marketing and live chat feature are built-in to the website which can be very
useful to generate leads on your site. What I like about this service is the free logo and free
web-hosting package that you get with your template.



Niche: Open Source

OSWD targets the vast open source community. offers a collection of web designs submitted
by the community. It offers free and premium designs.

The Open Source Web Design project was founded in September, 2000 with the goal to
provide the Open Source community with web design templates that could use and build
upon to create a website whatever their needs. It also helps designers to showcase their
projects on the Internet. Here you can get design samples for personal blogs, simple
business sites as well as content managements systems. The templates typically include
sample layouts for the homepage and one sub-page which you will need to customise to
meet your needs.

3. Mojo Themes

Niche: Wordpress, Tumblr Themes

Mojo Themes is a premium themes marketplace. It is different to the sites on this list. It is
especially useful if you run a website that is built with one of the popular open-source
software. The site sells themes for the most commonly used CMS and e-commerce platforms
on the web such as premium WordPress and Tumblr themes, and more. The templates
range from basic Photoshop (PSD) templates to complex premium WordPress plugins.

The website also has a blog and support forum for posting your queries which can be useful if
you need further help.
4. Photocrati


Niche: Photography Websites

This is a niche template site which is useful if wish to build a professional photography
website, fast and cost effectively.

If you’re researching the best option for creating a photography related website, then
Photocrati is an option worth taking a look at. Photography websites focus on the overall
design and visual presentation more than a regular business and this is reflected by the
designs available on this site.

Photocrati's powerful WordPress theme, that is specially created for photographers, comes
with 60+ Built-in Styles, Gallery Management as well as built-in e-commerce shopping cart
that can be used for selling your photographs.

5. Dreamweaver Graphics

Dreamweaver Graphics offers affordable websites templates for businesses. You can choose
from a wide selection in several categories or types such as Flash, Ecommerce, CMS, Blogs
and standard web site templates. Although I cannot confirm, I believe this is one of affiliate
sites that offer templates from other sites such as Template Monster.

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