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Psychology                                     Faculty and Facilities                         College of Science and Mathematics
Psychology is concerned with the scientific    All full-time and some part-time members
study of human behavior and conscious-         of the department hold Ph.D. degrees in        Department of Psychology
ness, and the applications of these findings   psychology and many are licensed as psy-       Karen Carey, Chair
to the areas of home, school, work, and        chologists for private practice by the state
                                                                                              Sheri Osborn, Administrative Support
social relations. It covers topics such as     of California. Our faculty represents a wide
learning, cognition, motivation, personal-     range of theoretical orientations and inter-   Coordinator
ity, psychophysiology, sexuality, group pro-   ests that include most of the major areas in   Science II Bldg., Room 312
cesses, cultural factors, and abnormal be-     American psychology.                           559.278.2691
havior. Psychology is an area for students     A comprehensive test library is maintained
interested in learning about the behavior of   for programs in the testing and clinical
humans and other organisms.                    areas. The department is equipped with a       B.A. in Psychology
The Department of Psychology provides a        seventeen station computer lab which is        Pre-M.B.A. Option
variety of opportunities for students. We      networked to the departmental server and
have an undergraduate major that can be        to the campus fiber optic network. Profes-     M.A. in Psychology
tailored as a strong liberal education, a      sors within the psychology department have
preprofessional degree or as preparation       very active research programs and are able     M.S. in Psychology
for graduate study in psychology. In addi-     to offer undergraduate and master’s-level      Minor in Psychology
tion, we have two advanced degrees pro-        students the opportunity to participate in a
viding professional training in psychology.    variety of research projects.                  Pupil Personnel Credential
Our program gives considerable emphasis                                                       with an Advanced Specialization
to psychology as an empirical science, in-     Career Opportunities                           in School Psychology
cluding research design, data analysis and     In addition to learning theoretical views
interpretation, and computer skills.           and research methods, students often have
As preparation for graduate work in psy-       the opportunity to apply psychological
chology, our undergraduate major is one of     principles of counseling and testing in com-   ness and administration, social services, and
the strongest and most respected in the        munity settings. Students who earn the         education. Significant numbers can also be
CSU System. Our better students do well        M.S. degree obtain certification as school     found in the health care professions, biologi-
in the Ph.D. programs into which they are      psychologists. There are openings in men-      cal sciences, and computer programming.
often accepted. Our undergraduate pro-         tal health, public schools, community col-
                                               leges, and other agencies for these advanced   The B.A. degree does not train a person to
gram provides a solid background for lib-                                                     work as a professional psychologist. How-
eral arts majors choosing to enter business    students.
                                                                                              ever, a number of jobs related to psychol-
or other more specialized vocations imme-      Recent surveys show that large numbers of      ogy can be entered without advanced edu-
diately after graduation.                      psychology graduates are employed in busi-     cation. Some examples are employment
                                                                                              interviewers, personnel managers, market
                                                                                              researchers, management trainees, proba-

                                                                                                                                                 Science and Mathematics
                                                                                              tion officers, and mental health workers.
                                                                                              Our 30-unit M.A. provides a strong back-
                                                                                              ground for further graduate study toward
                                                                                              the doctoral (Ph.D.) degree. In the 82-unit
                                                                                              M.S./School Psychology degree, students
                                                                                              learn many clinical skills (psychotherapy,
                                                                                              psychological assessment, etc.) that lead to
                                                                                              employment possibilities in the schools
                                                                                              and mental health settings.
                                                                                              Professional psychologists are employed in
                                                                                              colleges and universities as instructors, re-
                                                                                              searchers, and counselors. State and federal
                                                                                              governments utilize psychologists in a vari-
                                                                                              ety of agencies and settings (mental hospi-
                                                                                              tals, rehabilitation centers, prisons, em-
                                                                                              ployment testing, and personnel work).
                                                                                              Finally, some psychologists are in private
                                                                                              practice as counselors and psychotherapists,
                                                                                              or consulting psychologists.

                                                                    2005-2006 California State University, Fresno General Catalog              413

  Faculty                                                       Advising Notes                                   Pre-M.B.A. Option
  Karen Carey, Chair                                            1. Students desiring to major in psychol-        The pre-M.B.A. psychology major option
  Ronald Yockey,                                                    ogy must do the following before being       is intended for students who wish to com-
   Undergraduate Advising Coordinator                               permitted to enroll in restricted, 100-      bine comprehensive training in the field of
  Marilyn Wilson, Graduate Adviser                                  level psychology courses (courses with       psychology with coursework preparing
                                                                    prerequisites):                              them for jobs in business and/or future
  Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola Terry Newell
  Jennifer Austin                                                   a. formally apply to the major, at which     graduate training in business administra-
                         Karl Oswald
  Barbara Basden                                                        time they will be placed in a pre-       tion. The option is aimed at two groups of
                         Paul Price
  David Basden                                                          psychology major category, and           students:
                         Jean Ritter
  Michael Botwin         Aroldo Rodrigues                           b. complete PSYCH 10, 42, and 144 (or
                                                                        their equivalents) with grades of C or   1. Students who wish to complete a major
  Thomas Breen           Martin Shapiro                                                                             in psychology, while at the same time
  Christine Edmondson Matthew Sharps                                    better and have earned a cumulative
                                                                        grade point average of at least 2.0.        prepare for jobs in business, industry,
  Constance Jones        Michael Thackrey                                                                           and government that emphasize both
  Lorin Lachs            Lynnette Zelezny                           Students may apply for upper-division           psychology and business skills upon
  Robert Levine                                                     psychology major status in the Psychol-         completion of their B.A. degree.
                                                                    ogy Department Office during the se-
                                                                    mester in which they expect to success-      2. Psychology majors who wish to enter an
  Bachelor of Arts                                                  fully complete the core course                  M.B.A. or other business-related gradu-
  Degree Requirements                                               requirements. Approval will be contin-          ate program upon completion of their
  Psychology Major                                     Units        gent upon satisfactory fulfillment of           B.A. degree. The option is designed to
                                                                    these requirements.                             allow students to complete many or all of
  Major requirements .................... 44-53
  A. Core Courses (all required):                                                                                   the prerequisite courses required by typi-
                                                                    All students, including transfer students
     PSYCH 10, 42, 144 ............ (12)                                                                            cal M.B.A. programs, and all of those in
                                                                    and students changing to the psychol-
  B. Basic Knowledge and Skills                                     ogy major, must request the Psychology          the Craig program at Fresno State.
     (select 2): PSYCH 36,                                          Department to screen their transcripts       The option is especially designed for psy-
     60T, 145, 166 ...................... (4-8)                     (to be provided by the student) for suc-     chology majors who wish to apply for the
  C. Basic Applications (select 1):                                 cessful completion of the requirements       Craig M.B.A. program at California State
     PSYCH 136, 162, 169, 173,                                      before enrollment in restricted, 100-        University, Fresno. By completing the re-
     175, 176 ............................... (3-4)                 level psychology courses will be permit-     quirements of the pre-M.B.A. option, stu-
  D.Advanced Applications                                           ted. Currently enrolled students who         dents will generally be allowed to waive all
     (select 1): PSYCH 143,                                         wish to change to the psychology major       of the Group 1 coursework usually required
     149, 172,177, 179 .................... (4)                     must first obtain the change-of-major        for the M.B.A. degree at Fresno State. Fur-
  E. Advanced Content                                               form in the north lobby, Joyal Admin-        thermore, students who maintain a GPA of
     (select 2): PSYCH 154,                                         istration Building.                          3.4 or more in their last 60 units and in the
     155, 156 ................................ (8)              2. Psychology majors may not receive Gen-
  F. Advanced Processes (select 2):                                                                              major, and who receive a suitable score on
                                                                   eral Education credit for G.E. Integra-       the GMAT, are reasonably assured of ad-
     PSYCH 121, 122,                                               tion courses offered by the Department
     124, 125, 128 ....................... (8)                                                                   mission to the Craig M.B.A. program. Stu-
                                                                   of Psychology.                                dents not meeting these requirements will,
  G. Integration:
     PSYCH 182 .......................... (4)                   3. CR/NC grading is not permitted in the         however, also be considered and are encour-
                                                                    psychology major.                            aged to apply.
  H.Advanced Topics (select 1):
     PSYCH 120T, 140T, 150T,                                    4. General Education and elective units
     160T, 170T, 180T ............ (1-5)                            may be used toward a double major or         Psychology Pre-M.B.A. Option Units
  I. Psychology Electives                                           minor (see Double Major or departmen-        Major option requirements ........ 64-72
     (see Advising Note 5)                                          tal minor). Consult the appropriate          A. Core Courses (all required):
  General Education requirements ..... 51                           department chair, program coordina-             PSYCH 10, 42, 144 ............ (12)
  Electives and remaining                                           tor, or faculty adviser for further infor-   B. Basic Knowledge and Skills
   degree requirements ................ 24-27*                      mation.                                         (select 1): PSYCH 145 or
    (See Degree Requirements);                                  5. Students who complete all courses re-            IS 52 and 52L and (select 1):
    may be used toward a                                            quired in the major may be cleared with         PSYCH 36, 60T, or 166 .... (5-8)
    double major or minor.                                          a minimum of 44 units for the psychol-       C/D. Applications:
                                                                    ogy major or 64 units for the pre-M.B.A.        MKTG 100 or 100S and
  Total ................................................. 120       option. Although not required, psychol-         MGT 104; or MGT 110 .... (6-7)
  * This total indicates that 3 units of PSYCH 10 in                ogy electives may be applied toward the      E. Advanced Content
    G.E. Breadth D3 also may be applied to the                      major and may be used to meet the               (select 2): PSYCH 154,
    psychology major. In addition. G.E. certified                   required minimum total of 44 units for          155, 156 ................................ (8)
    courses that are equivalent to PSYCH 10 and                     the psychology major or 64 units for the     F. Advanced Processes
    PSYCH 42 taken at another CSU campus or a                       pre-M.B.A. option.                              (select 2): PSYCH 121,
    public California community or junior college                                                                   122, 124, 125, 128 ................ (8)
    may be applied to the major. Consult the
    department advising office for additional details.

414   2005-2006 California State University, Fresno General Catalog

G. Integration:                                                4. Field Work (recommended)                          lege teaching, research, or entry into Ph.D.
   PSYCH 182 .......................... (4)                       PSYCH 179 ................................. (4)   or Psy.D. programs in Psychology.
H.Advanced Topics (select 1):                                 For additional information or advising,               Admission to the Master of Arts and Master
   PSYCH 120T, 140T, 150T,                                    contact the Department of Psychology.                 of Science programs in Psychology is based
   160T, 170T, 180T ................ (1-5)                                                                          upon the satisfactory completion of prereq-
I. Psychology Electives                                       The Department’s                                      uisite courses selected from the core courses
   (see Advising Note 5)                                      Honors Program                                        required for the California State University,
J. Additional pre-business                                    The Department of Psychology Honors Pro-              Fresno undergraduate major in psychology,
   requirements: ECON 40,                                     gram has two major components that are                or their equivalent. Potential graduate stu-
   50, ACCT 4A, FIN 120,                                      completed over the course of one year. Stu-           dents should submit transcripts of all aca-
   BA 174, MGT 124 ............. (20)                         dents participate in a seminar (PSYCH 183A            demic work and three letters of recommen-
General Education requirements ..... 51                       and 183B - Honors Seminar) designed to                dation. In addition, students must submit
Electives and remaining                                       provide an advanced survey of research and            scores from the GRE general test and the
 degree requirements .................... 0-4*                theory in several major substantive areas of          subject test in psychology to be considered
Total ................................................. 120   psychology. In addition, over the course of           for admission. School Psychology program
                                                              the year, honors students conduct their own           applicants must submit scores from the
  * See footnote to the psychology major.                     honors project under the supervision of a             CBEST as well and complete other prereq-
                                                              faculty mentor. The program provides the              uisites as outlined in the department’s ap-
Preprofessional Preparation                                   opportunity for highly qualified, advanced            plication. All students must submit applica-
A psychology major is often used as prepa-                    psychology students to sharpen their ana-             tions to both the Division of Graduate
ration for other professions. For pre-pro-                    lytical abilities, refine their writing skills,       Studies and the Department of Psychology.
fessional programs in law, dentistry, medi-                   and expand their knowledge of psychology.
cine, and the ministry, see the Preprofessional               The honors project itself is an opportunity           Admission to the graduate program in psy-
Preparation units section and consult an                      for students to apply the knowledge and               chology is based on the evaluation of a
adviser in the psychology department.                         skills they have acquired as psychology ma-           student’s capacity to successfully complete
                                                              jors to a particular question. Minimum cri-           master’s level work. The graduate commit-
Credential Programs                                           teria for application to the program include          tee uses multiple criteria to assess an
The Department of Psychology offers the                       at least 18 units in psychology courses com-          applicant’s qualifications including course-
M.S. degree. Degree requirements coin-                        pleted, GPA of at least 3.5 in psychology             work completed, grades, test scores, essays,
cide with those of the Pupil Personnel                        and 3.5 for overall in last two years of              and letters of recommendation. In addi-
Services Credential with an Advanced Spe-                     coursework, and a letter of recommenda-               tion, an applicant’s professional interests
cialization in School Psychology.                             tion from the faculty mentor. Applications            and goals are evaluated in terms of the
                                                              are accepted in the spring semester for the           interests of the faculty and the resources of
Application forms and advising are avail-                                                                           the Department of Psychology. Separate
able through the coordinator of the School                    following academic year. See also the
                                                              Smittcamp Family Honors College section of            evaluations of applicants are made for the
Psychology Program within the Psychol-                                                                              M.A. general/experimental program and
ogy Department.                                               the catalog for further information about
                                                              honors programs available at the university.          the M.S. School Psychology program. Al-
                                                                                                                    though many applicants meet our mini-
Applied Behavior Analysis Training                                                                                  mum admission requirements, we are lim-
Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) pro-                      Psychology Minor
                                                                                                                    ited in the number of positions available

                                                                                                                                                                      Science and Mathematics
gram meets the academic content required                      A Psychology Minor must have prior ap-
                                                              proval of the psychology department. The              and many qualified applicants cannot be
for certification by the Behavior Analysis                                                                          offered admission.
Certification Board. Behavior analysts and                    minor consists of 22 units of psychology
specialists design and implement behavior                     courses, 15 of which must be upper divi-              Admission to classified graduate standing
change programs in a variety of settings                      sion. The specific courses may be selected            requires a minimum undergraduate grade
including schools, homes, group homes,                        to satisfy the needs of individual students           point average of 3.0, as well as a minimum
care facilities, and hospitals. Our training                  but must be worked out in advance with an             grade point average of 3.0 in undergradu-
gives students necessary coursework in theo-                  adviser from the department and be ap-                ate psychology courses. A combined GRE
retical foundations, basic research, and ap-                  proved by the department.                             Aptitude Test score of 1,000 or higher, and
plications for applied behavior analysis.                     Note: The Psychology Minor also requires              a score on the GRE Subject Test in Psy-
Courses can be applied to both the psychol-                   a 2.0 GPA and 6 upper-division units in               chology equivalent to the 60th percentile
ogy major and to the ABA training. The                        residence.                                            or higher is preferred. Applicants lacking
following classes comprise the training pro-                                                                        minimum scores in one area with compen-
gram:                                                         Graduate Programs                                     sating strengths in other areas may apply.
                                                              The Master of Arts and Master of Science              The Department of Psychology does not
                                                  Units                                                             typically admit unclassified students into
                                                              degrees in Psychology are designed to pro-
1. Core Courses in Psychology                                 vide students with a broad background in              the graduate program.
   PSYCH 10, 42, 144 ................... (12)                 psychology while allowing them opportu-
2. Theory/Basic Processes/Basic Content                                                                             Specific requirements for advancement to
                                                              nities to pursue areas of special interest.           candidacy for all degrees and credentials in-
   PSYCH 121, 136, 155 ............... (11)                   Completion of the requirements for either
3. Applications                                                                                                     clude a score above the 60th percentile
                                                              master’s degree prepares students for posi-           (ETS norms) on the GRE Subject Test in
   PSYCH 172, 177 ......................... (8)               tions in community mental health service              Psychology. Grades of A or B must be
                                                              agencies, school settings, community col-

                                                                                       2005-2006 California State University, Fresno General Catalog                415

  earned in PSYCH 231 and PSYCH 244 for                          ence, completed during the third year of the                   Participation in research, data analysis, and
  advancement to candidacy and graduate                          program, requires a minimum of 1,200                           APA research report writing. (May include
  credit in these courses.                                       hours with at least half of these hours com-                   lab hours)
  The graduate writing requirement can be                        pleted in a school setting.                                    PSYCH 42. Introductory Statistics (4)
  fulfilled by PSYCH 244. Further informa-                       Students who wish to become eligible for                       Basic statistical methods for analysis of
  tion can be found in the course syllabus                       the Pupil Personnel Credential with a spe-                     data; parametric tests of significance; linear
  and graduate handbook.                                         cialization in School Psychology as granted                    regression and correlation; analysis of vari-
                                                                 by the California Commission on Teacher                        ance; introduction to non-parametric tech-
  (See also Admission to Graduate Standing,
                                                                 Credentialing should contact the depart-                       niques. (May include lab hours)
  Advancement to Candidacy, Program
  Requirements, and Criteria for Thesis and                      ment for application materials and addi-                       PSYCH 60T. Psychology as a Behav-
  Project in the Graduate Studies section of                     tional information.                                            ioral Science (2-5; max total 6 if no
  the catalog, page 486-496.)                                                                                                   topic repeated)
                                                                 Minimum Course Requirements                                    Problems in approaching man as a social
  Under the direction of a graduate adviser,                     for the M.S.             Units                                 animal; sections in basic or applied pro-
  a coherent program is prepared and sub-                                                                                       cesses in personality, interpersonal rela-
  mitted, directed toward the achievement                        PSYCH 200T ....................................... 4
                                                                 PSYCH 225T ....................................... 3           tions, social environment, and group par-
  of the student’s goal in graduate study.                                                                                      ticipation. (May include lab hours)
                                                                 PSYCH 231 ......................................... 3
  Master of Arts                                                 PSYCH 244 ......................................... 4          PSYCH 61. Personal Adjustment (3)
  Degree Requirements                                            PSYCH 255T ....................................... 3           Not open to students with credit in PSYCH
                                                                 PSYCH 267 ....................................... 12           171. General adjustment behavior with re-
  The Master of Arts degree program in
                                                                 PSYCH 270T ....................................... 6           gard to health, social, academic, and emo-
  psychology may be arranged to include                          PSYCH 277 ......................................... 3          tional problems; application of principles
  interest areas such as general experimental,                   PSYCH 278 ......................................... 4          for prevention of health, social, academic,
  developmental, and social psychology, as                       PSYCH 279 ......................................... 4          and emotional problems. G.E. Breadth E1.
  well as special master of arts programs for                    PSYCH 282 ......................................... 4
  individuals. This 30-unit degree program                                                                                      PSYCH 101. Child Psychology (3)
                                                                 PSYCH 284 ......................................... 4          Not open to students with credit in PSYCH
  is intended primarily to prepare graduates                     PSYCH 285 ......................................... 4
  for entry into doctoral programs in general                                                                                   155. The dynamics of infant and child
                                                                 PSYCH 286 ......................................... 4          development and adjustment.
  experimental, developmental, social, or                        PSYCH 287 ......................................... 4
  clinical psychology, and may serve as prepa-                   PSYCH 288 ......................................... 4          PSYCH 102. Adolescent Psychology (3)
  ration for community college teaching or                       PSYCH 299 (Thesis) ............................ 3              Adjustment of youth to self and society.
  professional employment requiring a                            COUN 200 .......................................... 3          PSYCH 103. Psychology of Aging (3)
  master’s degree.                                               COUN 201 .......................................... 3          (Same as GERON 103.) Psychological
                                                                 COUN 240 .......................................... 3          study of maturity and old age; physiologi-
  Minimum Course Requirements                                    Total ................................................... 82   cal and sociological considerations.
  for the M.A.                                                                                                                  PSYCH 120T. Topics in General
  Core                                                 Units     COURSES                                                        Psychology (2-5; max total 12 if no
  PSYCH 231 ......................................... 3          Psychology (PSYCH)                                             topic repeated)
  PSYCH 244 ......................................... 4          PSYCH 10. Introduction                                         Prerequisites: psychology major or minor
  PSYCH 200T or 250T or 255T                                     to Psychology (3)                                              status or permission of instructor. Empiri-
   (one course) ........................................ 3       Prerequisite: G.E. Foundation A2. Not open                     cal evidence and theoretical issues in learn-
  PSYCH 220T or 225T (one course) .... 3                         to students with more than 6 units in psy-                     ing, motivation, cognition, language, per-
  PSYCH 299 (Thesis) ........................... 3               chology. Introduction to psychology as an                      ception, sensory, and physiological
  Total ................................................... 16   empirical science; biological and social bases                 processes. Sections may be limited to ani-
                                                                                                                                mal or human studies; research and report-
                                                                 of behavior; scientific principles of psychol-
  Electives                                            Units                                                                    ing. (May include lab hours)
                                                                 ogy in perception, learning, motivation,
  Must include two additional courses                            intelligence, and personality. G.E. Breadth                    PSYCH 121. Learning and Memory (4)
  in psychology or a related field; maxi-                        D3. (CAN PSY 2)                                                Prerequisites: psychology major or minor
  mum of 6 units independent study.                                                                                             status or permission of instructor. Com-
                                                                 PSYCH 36. Biological Psychology (3)                            bined survey of (1) principles from the
  Program must be approved by                                    Role of the nervous system in mediating
  graduate adviser .................................. 14                                                                        human and animal laboratory with theo-
                                                                 sensory processes, motivation, emotion,                        retical interpretations and applications; and
  Total ................................................... 30   sleep and dreams, language, cognitive pro-                     (2) principles of operation of the human
                                                                 cesses, learning and memory, and mental                        memory system with theoretical interpre-
  Master of Science                                              disorders. (CAN PSY 10)                                        tations. (May include lab hours)
  Degree Requirements                                            PSYCH 40T. Topics in Research
  The Master of Science in Psychology is a                                                                                      PSYCH 122. Motivation (4)
                                                                 Design and Statistics (2-8; max                                Prerequisites: psychology major or minor
  three-year, full-time graduate program and                     total 12 if no topic repeated)
  requires a minimum of 82 units. Practicum                                                                                     status or permission of instructor. Initia-
                                                                 Introductory research methods and statis-                      tion and continuation of behavior, acquisi-
  experience is required during the first two
                                                                 tics in psychology. Introduction to scien-                     tion, and modification of motives. (May
  years of coursework. The internship experi-
                                                                 tific procedures and empirical research.                       include lab hours)

416   2005-2006 California State University, Fresno General Catalog

PSYCH 123. Developmental                       PSYCH 140T. Topics in                            PSYCH 153. Developmental Research
Psychobiology (4)                              Psychological Methods                            and Inquiry for Practitioners (3)
Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth     (4; max total 8 if no topics repeated)           PSYCH 101, PSYCH 155, or CFS 39
Area D. Biological and psychological foun-     Prerequisite: PSYCH 10. Research meth-           recommended prior to enrollment in this
dations of behavioral development. Topics      ods and statistics in psychology: introduc-      course. Empirical and theoretical treat-
include issues in developing systems, genet-   tion to scientific procedures, experimental      ment of developmental issues. Emphasizes
ics and evolution of behavioral develop-       research, survey research, and qualitative       understanding the process of scientific dis-
ment, behavioral embryology, comparative       research. Participation in research, data        covery and learning to accurately interpret
development of nervous systems, develop-       analysis and APA research report writing.        and evaluate developmental research. Ex-
ment of cognitive and affective behaviors,     (May include lab hours)
and ecological and multicultural influences                                                     amines theories and methods that guide
on biobehavioral development. G.E. Inte-       PSYCH 143. Intermediate Computer-                research on physical, social, cognitive, and
gration ID.                                    based Statistical Analysis (4)                   emotional development.
                                               Prerequisites: psychology major or minor         PSYCH 154. Personality (4)
PSYCH 124. Sensation and Perception (4)        status or permission of instructor. Inten-
Prerequisites: psychology major or minor                                                        Prerequisites: psychology major or minor
                                               sive computer-based study of analysis of
status or permission of instructor. Study of                                                    status or permission of instructor. Major
                                               variance with research emphasis. Topics
sensory and perceptual processes in vision,                                                     contemporary theories of personality; tech-
                                               include single and multifactor designs both
touch, and hearing. Emphasis is placed on                                                       niques for research in personality. (May
                                               with and without repeated measures, mul-
how basic perceptual principles operate in                                                      include lab hours)
                                               tiple comparisons, trend tests, analysis of
everyday life as well as in lab settings.      covariance and multivariate analysis of vari-    PSYCH 155. Developmental
PSYCH 125. Behavioral Neuroscience (4)         ance. (May include lab hours)                    Psychology (4)
Prerequisites: psychology major or minor       PSYCH 144. Research Designs                      Prerequisites: psychology major or minor
status or permission of instructor. (PSYCH                                                      status or permission of instructor. Empiri-
                                               and Experimental Methods (5)
36 recommended.) Nervous systems struc-                                                         cal and theoretical treatment of human
                                               Prerequisite: PSYCH 10 and PSYCH 42.
tures and physiological processes underly-                                                      development throughout the life span; ge-
                                               Basic course in experimental psychology:
ing behavior; anatomical and physiological                                                      netic, physiological, and sociocultural in-
                                               research design and inferential statistics;
bases of learning, motivation, emotions, and                                                    fluences upon development; physical, emo-
                                               introduction to scientific procedures and
emotional disorders. (May include lab hours)                                                    tional, motivational, intellectual-cognitive,
                                               methods in psychology; participation in
PSYCH 126. Cognitive Neuroscience (3)                                                           and social facets of development. (May
                                               research, data analysis, and report writing.
                                                                                                include lab hours)
Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth     (May include lab hours)
Area B. Biological mechanisms which me-                                                         PSYCH 156. Social Psychology (4)
                                               PSYCH 145. Computer and Informa-
diate cognitive processes. Topics include                                                       Prerequisite: psychology major or minor
                                               tion Skills in Psychology (3)                    status or permission of instructor. Exami-
the nervous system substrates for percep-
                                               A survey of computer and information             nation of the interaction between social
tion memory, language, cerebral lateraliza-
                                               skills in the behavioral sciences. Applica-      environments and behavior. Application of
tion and specialization, attention, and con-
                                               tions of information technology include          social psychological theories and principles
sciousness. G.E. Integration IB.
                                               use of word processors, electronic commu-        to interpersonal relationships, education,
PSYCH 128. Cognitive Psychology (4)            nications, spreadsheets, statistical packages,
Prerequisites: psychology major or minor                                                        work, health, and the media. (May include
                                               and other specialized computer programs

                                                                                                                                                   Science and Mathematics
status or permission of instructor. An in-                                                      lab hours)
                                               for psychology. Emphasis will be on devel-
troduction to theory and research in hu-       oping information competence including           PSYCH 160T. Topics in Clinical
man information processing. Topics in-         locating, gathering, organizing, and report-     Processes (2-5; max total 12
clude attention, mental representation,        ing computer-based information. (May in-         if no topic repeated)
imagery, problem solving, reasoning, lan-      clude lab hours)                                 Prerequisite: psychology major or minor
guage, and other higher mental processes.                                                       status or permission of instructor. Exami-
                                               PSYCH 149. Psychological Testing (4)
PSYCH 132. Psychology of Sexuality (3)         Prerequisites: psychology major or minor         nation of individual behavior and small-
Prerequisite: upper-division standing. Psy-    status or permission of instructor. Theories     group processes; include such topics as clini-
chological aspects of human sexual behav-      of psychological testing stressing the logic     cal psychopathology, sensitivity training,
ior: influence on personality, various be-     and limits of measurement. Emphasis on           and intragroup dynamics, consciousness,
havioral manifestations and pathologies.       technical and individual tests. (May in-         dreams, and imagination.
PSYCH 136. Human Learning and                  clude lab hours)                                 PSYCH 162. Introduction
Behavior (3)                                   PSYCH 150T. Problems in Personality,             to Clinical Psychology (4)
Introduction to learning principles as they    Developmental and Social Psychology              Overview of clinical psychology, including
interact with perception, cognition, and                                                        history, ethics, applied roles, conceptual
                                               (2-5; max total 12 if no topic repeated)
motivation. Relevance of these principles                                                       and technical approaches to assessment and
                                               Prerequisites: psychology major or minor
in understanding human adaptation to                                                            intervention, applying to graduate school,
                                               status or permission of instructor. Wholistic
school, home, and social environments.                                                          and anticipated future developments.
                                               levels of analysis in psychology such as
                                               personality, social, individual differences,     PSYCH 166. Abnormal Psychology (3)
                                               and developmental; conceptual and em-            Study of the origins, symptoms, and treat-
                                               pirical issues. (May include lab hours)          ments of behavioral and personality distur-

                                                                      2005-2006 California State University, Fresno General Catalog              417

  bances from childhood through senescence;        PSYCH 174. Introduction to                      PSYCH 183A-B. Honors Seminar
  application of current DSM.                      Counseling (3)                                  (1-3; max total 6)
  PSYCH 168. Exceptional Children (3)              (See COUN 174.)                                 Prerequisite: application and acceptance
  The atypical child; etiology, symptomatol-       PSYCH 175. Family Counseling (3)                into the department’s honors program. Ad-
  ogy, nosology, recognition, and recommen-        Theory and application of major counsel-        vanced experience in psychology for se-
  dations.                                         ing models. Family problems, relationships      lected majors that includes critical and cre-
                                                   and systems. Application of child develop-      ative thinking about topics in psychology,
  PSYCH 169. Psychological Aspects                                                                 individualized research training, and ex-
  of Physical Disability (3)                       ment principles, relevant communication
                                                   theory and current research to therapy with     ploration of options in psychology. (For-
  Psychological theory and research pertain-                                                       merly PSYCH 180T)
  ing to physical disability and disabled per-     couples, families, children, and groups.
  sons. Attitudes regarding disability and the     PSYCH 176. Industrial Psychology (3)            PSYCH 190. Independent Study
  impact of disability on individual behavior.     Occupational assessment, training proce-        (1-3; max total 6)
  Primarily deals with blindness, deafness,        dures, production efficiency, morale deter-     See Academic Placement — Independent
  orthopedic handicap, and epilepsy, and sec-      minants, human engineering, decision pro-       Study. Approved for RP grading.
  ondarily with cardiovascular disease, can-       cesses, organization theory.                    PSYCH 199. Senior Thesis
  cer, and diabetes.                                                                               (2-4; max total 4)
                                                   PSYCH 177. Behavioral and
  PSYCH 170T. Topics in                            Cognitive Change Techniques (4)                 Concentrated empirical or theoretical study
  Psychological Applications                       Prerequisites: psychology major or minor        of specific topic in psychology; emphasis
  (2-5; max total 12 if no topic repeated)         status or permission of instructor. Intro-      on independent and creative activity. Copy
  Applications of psychology; human fac-           duction to learning principles and their        of thesis required for Psychology Depart-
  tors; clinical psychology, learning applica-     applications to behavioral and cognitive        ment file.
  tions, clinical quantitative, learning, cre-     change. Methods and techniques used for
  ativity, computer, and other applied topics.     changing self, children, adolescents, and       GRADUATE COURSES
  (May include lab hours)                          adults.                                         (See Catalog Numbering System.)
  PSYCH 171. Adjustment and                        PSYCH 178. Culture, Social Class,               Psychology (PSYCH)
  Mental Health (3)                                and Development (3-4; max total 4)              PSYCH 200T. Seminar in
  Addresses how basic psychological prin-          An introduction to theory and research on       Developmental Psychology
  ciples facilitate adjustment to the prob-        race, prejudice, culture, and social class,     (2-4; max total 15 if no topic repeated)
  lems, challenges, and demands of modern          and the results of these on the intellectual    May be repeated with different topics. Pre-
  living. Emphasizes critical thinking through     and social development of the child.            requisite: permission of instructor. Semi-
  application of principles and consideration      PSYCH 179. Supervised Field                     nars in development and genetic psychol-
  of multicultural issues. Not open to stu-                                                        ogy, special topics for particular age ranges
                                                   Experience (4)
  dents with credit in PSYCH 60T or PSYCH                                                          and problem areas. (May include lab hours)
                                                   Prerequisites: psychology major or minor
  61. G.E. Breadth E1.
                                                   status or permission of instructor. Super-      PSYCH 220T. Seminar in
  PSYCH 172. Applied Behavior                      vised field experience in community set-        Learning and Related Problems
  Analysis (4)                                     tings. Placements may include schools,          (2-4; max total 15 if no topic repeated)
  Prerequisite: psychology major or minor          hospitals, institutions for the aged, com-      Prerequisite: undergraduate core. Advanced
  status or permission of instructor. Intro-       munity service agencies, and legal settings,    current developments in learning, percep-
  duction to the philosophy and research of        depending on student interests. Regular         tion, language, memory, and cognitive psy-
  applied behavior analysis. Includes the          class meetings.                                 chology. (May include lab hours)
  methods of research, basic principles, and       PSYCH 180T. Seminar in Psychology               PSYCH 225T. Seminar in
  applied techniques used in the field. Pre-       (1-5; max total 12 if no topic repeated)        Psychobiological Bases of Behavior
  sents ethical and legal standards under which    Prerequisites: 9 units in psychology, per-      (2-4; max total 15 if no topic repeated)
  behavior analysts work. (Formerly PSYCH          mission of instructor. Undergraduate semi-      Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Re-
  170T)                                            nar in specialized areas, new developments      cent advances in psychophysiology, physi-
  PSYCH 173. Environmental Psychology              and synthesis of psychological processes,       ological psychology, psychopharmacology,
  (3-4; max total 4)                               thought, and theory.                            behavior genetics, sensory processes and
  Prerequisites: G.E. Foundation and Breadth       PSYCH 182. History and Systems (4)              related topics. (May include lab hours)
  Area D. The scientific study of the effects of   Prerequisite: psychology major or minor         PSYCH 231. Ethics in Psychology (3)
  human behavior on the environment and            status; senior standing or permission of        (Same as AETH 200.) Prerequisite: per-
  the psychological effects of the environ-        instructor; 12 upper-division units in the      mission of instructor. Study of ethical is-
  ment on human behavior. Topics include           major. Historical, philosophical, and scien-    sues, values, and problems in psychological
  issues related to overpopulation, pollution,     tific background in psychology; review and      research and practice. Topics include sub-
  urbanization, noise, and environmental di-       integration of theoretical issues and current   ject risk, confidentiality, court decisions,
  saster, as well as environmental policies and    systems in the field. Lecture and discussion.   and licensing laws. Seminar format with
  grass-roots movements worldwide. G.E. In-                                                        student presentations.
  tegration ID.

418   2005-2006 California State University, Fresno General Catalog

PSYCH 240T. Seminar in Quantitative             PSYCH 277. Role and Function                    PSYCH 284. Assessment of
Methods for Behavioral Research                 of the School Psychologist (3)                  Intellectual Abilities (4)
(2-4; max total 15 if no topic repeated)        Prerequisites: graduate standing and admit-     Prerequisites: a course in psychological test-
Prerequisite: PSYCH 143. Methods for            tance to School Psychology Program. State       ing and permission of instructor. Review of
analysis of multivariate data; factor analy-    and federal education codes and court deci-     theories of intelligence. Administration,
sis; multiple regression; advanced analysis     sions related to the practice of school psy-    scoring, and interpretation of individual
of variance procedures. Computer applica-       chology; types of community resources and       and group measures of intelligence. Super-
tions and use of computers for analysis of      referral services. Includes supervised          vised practicum includes case studies of
data. (May include lab hours)                   practicum experience in schools.                learning problems and the role of intelli-
PSYCH 244. Seminar in Research                  PSYCH 278. Intervention and                     gence measures in assessment batteries.
Methods and Theoretical Issues (4)              Prevention in School Psychology (4)             PSYCH 285. Assessment of Learning
Prerequisite: PSYCH 143 or permission of        Prerequisite: PSYCH 277, 279, 282, and          and Developmental Problems (4)
instructor. Examination of recent theories,     288. Roles and responsibilities of the school   Prerequisite: PSYCH 284. Administration,
advanced research methods, and statistical      psychologist including prevention, indi-        scoring, and interpreting measures of learn-
techniques in behavioral research. (May         vidual and group techniques for early inter-    ing disorders, physical-motor development,
include lab hours)                              vention, and strategies for modification of     psychomotor abilities, social maturity, tests,
                                                individual programs and educational envi-       school achievement, and vocational selec-
PSYCH 250T. Seminar in                          ronments. Includes supervised practicum
Personality and Related Areas                                                                   tion. Supervised practicum emphasizing
                                                experience.                                     proscriptive and rehabilitative recommen-
(2-4; max total 12 if no topic repeated)
                                                PSYCH 279. Consultation and                     dations in case studies.
Prerequisite: undergraduate core in psy-
chology. In-depth examination of the re-        Supervision (4)                                 PSYCH 286. Instructional Consultation
cent developments in personality and clini-     Prerequisite: PSYCH 277 and 288. Types          and Intervention (4)
cal psychology. (May include lab hours)         of consultation services offered by school      Develops students’ skills for using assess-
                                                psychologists and variables which influ-        ment data to target areas of student needs.
PSYCH 255T. Seminar in                          ence consultation effectiveness including       After identifying student needs, course cov-
Social Psychology and Related Areas             organizational and systems issues. Empha-       ers skills in consulting with teachers about
(2-4; max total 15 if no topic repeated)        sizes development of consultation and su-       how to develop, implement, and evaluate
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Theo-   pervisory skills. Includes supervised           instructional interventions (e.g. materials,
ries and research about individual func-        practicum experience.                           strategies, etc.) (Formerly PSYCH 283T)
tioning in society; also includes such topics   PSYCH 281. Interviewing and
as environment psychology and the psy-                                                          PSYCH 287. Practicum in School
                                                Individual Psychotherapy (4)                    Psychology (1; max total 6)
chology of women. (May include lab hours)       Prerequisites: a course in abnormal or clini-   Prerequisite: enrollment in the M.S. in
PSYCH 267. Internship in School                 cal psychology and permission of instruc-       Psychology program. University- and
Psychology (3-6; max total 12)                  tor. Basic interviewing skills including in-    school-based supervision of practica in
Prerequisites: PSYCH 281, 284, 285, 288,        take and interviews for diagnostic and          school psychology. CR/NC grading only.
and permission of instructor. University        therapeutic purposes. Review of current         (Formerly PSYCH 283T)
and school-based supervised internship in       models and theories of psychotherapy. De-
school psychology.                              velopment of applications using video tap-      PSYCH 288. Advanced Applied
                                                ing and supervised practicums.                  Behavior Analysis (4)

                                                                                                                                                   Science and Mathematics
PSYCH 270T. Seminar in                                                                          Prerequisite: PSYCH 177. Applied use of
Applied Behavioral Science                      PSYCH 282. Cognitive and                        classical and operant conditioning and so-
(1-6; max total 15 if no topic repeated)        Behavior Therapy (4)                            cial learning theory as behavior change tech-
Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Top-    Prerequisites: a course in learning or behav-   niques. Emphasis will be on functional as-
ics in applied behavioral research; conflict    ior modification and permission of instruc-     sessment of behavior, including structured
management, group dynamics, organiza-           tor. Historical and current trends, research    observations and behavior rating instru-
tion development, sensitivity training, and     issues, and designs. Application of the be-     ments. Students will also learn to develop
multicultural issues. For students in the       havior approach in a variety of settings.       and evaluate single subject research designs.
fields of business, communications, educa-      Includes supervised practicum experience.       Includes supervised practicum experience.
tion, psychology, and the social sciences.      PSYCH 283T. Topics in Clinical
(May include lab hours) CR/NC grading                                                           PSYCH 290. Independent Study
                                                Intervention (1-4; max total 12 if no           (1-3; max total 6)
only.                                           topic repeated)                                 See Academic Placement — Independent
PSYCH 272. Seminar in Lab Teaching              Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Ad-     Study. Approved for RP grading.
(1; max total 4)                                vanced study in specialized areas in clinical
Enrollment restricted to and required of        and school intervention. May include top-       PSYCH 299. Thesis (3-6; max total 6)
graduate students teaching discussion sec-      ics such as clinical hypnosis, health psy-      Prerequisite: See Criteria for Thesis and
tions in psychology laboratories. Class dis-    chology, family therapy, group therapy,         Project. Preparation, completion, and
cussion of teaching techniques and pro-         individual and group intervention in            submission of an acceptable thesis for the
cedures used to demonstrate principles in       schools, etc. Practicum training usually in-    master’s degree in compliance with Psy-
introductory psychology. Course may be          cluded. Topics may not be repeated. CR/         chology Department regulations. Approved
repeated for a maximum of 4 units credit.       NC grading only.                                for RP grading.
CR/NC grading only.

                                                                      2005-2006 California State University, Fresno General Catalog              419

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