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					                                                                                                                 Doc. Number :         FRM/KUL/01/02
                                               FORM                                                              Revision No. :        03

                                      GUIDELINES FOR TEACHING                                                    Effective Date :      1 October 2008

       ISO 9001 : 2000                                                                                           ISO Clause     :      7.5.1 and 7

                   Made By                            Checked By                             Approved By                             Valid Date

                                                                                                                                     1 Maret 2011

           Rusmala Santi, S. Kom.             Dedy Syamsuar, S. Kom., M.IT.    M. Izman Herdiansyah, S. T., M. M., Ph. D.

1. Faculty                                :    Computer Science
2. Study Program                          :    Computer Technic                     Diploma : Three
3. Subjects Name                          :    Office Applications Practice
4. Subjects Code                          :
5. Prerequisite                           :
6. Subjects Status                        :Compulsory
7. Description                            :This subject contains about the technique of using word processing applications include the introduction of
                                           Microsoft Word, the introduction of the toolbars, document editing, insertion, table creation, newspaper columns,
                                           mail merge, and the making of mathematical formulas. about the ins and outs of wireless technology in theory and
                                           practice. Then the use of numerical data processing applications which include the introduction of Microsoft
                                           Excel, the introduction of toolbars, functions in excel, database and graphics. And continued with Microsoft
                                           Power Point application is used to make a presentation to be displayed either in a slide show or slide projector.
8. Competence                            : Students are expected to have the knowledge and expertise and are able to process words by using the Microsoft
                                           Word application, number of data processing with Microsoft Excel and create presentations with Microsoft Power
                                           Point to be able to understand the structure and characteristics of communication systems and wireless networks.
9. Weekly Learning Process Implementation

 No.                     Lesson                                Topics                                Reference Reading                      Information
                                                1. WLAN Standard                         1. Abas Ali Pangera, Menjadi Administrator
 1.      Introduction to WLAN
                                                2. Access Role                              Jaringan Nirkabel, Andi OFFSET,
                                        3.   Benefit of WLAN                        Yogyakarta, 2008.
                                        4.   Network Extension                   2. Edi S. Mulyanta, Pengenalan Protokol
                                        5.   Building-to-Building connectivity      Jaringan Wireless Komputer, Andi
                                        6.   Last mile data delivery                OFFSET, Yogyakarta, 2005.
                                        7.   Mobility                            3. M. Agus J. Alam, Mengenal WiFi
                                                                                    HotSpot LAN & Sharing Internet, Elex
                                                                                    Media, Jakarta 2008
                                                                                 4. Onno W. Purbo, Buku Pegangan Internet
                                                                                    Wireless & HotSpot, Elex Media, Jakarta,
                                        1. RF Behavior
2.   Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamental                                                          Same as above
                                        2. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
                                        1. The wave
                                        2. Polarization
                                        3. Electromagnetic Spectrum
     Practical Introduction to Radio
3.                                      4. Bandwidth                                           Same as above
                                        5. Frequency and Channel
                                        6. Behavior of radio waves
                                        7. Line of Sight
                                        1. Introduction
                                        2. Narrow band Transmission
4.   Spread Spectrum Technology         3. Uses of spread spectrum technology                  Same as above
                                        4. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
                                        5. DSSS
                                        1. Wireless that is connected
                                        2. Choosing a wireless component
5.   Networking Hardware                                                                       Same as above
                                        3. Commercial Solutions vs. DIY
                                        4. Creating an Access Point from a PC
                                        1. Access Points
                                        2. Wireless Bridges
                                        3. Workgroup Bridge Nirkabel
6.   WLAN Infrastruktur Devices                                                                Same as above
                                        4. Wireless LAN Client Devices
                                        5. Residential Gateway Nirkabel
                                        6. Enterprise Wireless Gateway
                                        1. Network Configuration for Wireless
7.   WLAN installation in Windows                                                              Same as above
                                        1. Designing the Physical Network
8.   Network Design                                                                            Same as above
                                        2. 802.11 Wireless Networks
                                      3.   Mesh Networking with OLSR
                                      4.   Estimated Capacity
                                      5.   Traffic Optimization
                                      6.   Internet Connection Optimization
9.                                                                       QUIZ
                                      1.   Cable
                                      2.   Tube waves
                                      3.   Connectors and Adapters
10.   Antenna and Transmission Line   4.   Antenna radiation patterns            Same as above
                                      5.   Theory Reflectors
                                      6.   Amplifier
                                      7.   Practical Antenna Design
                                      1.   RF Antenna
                                      2.   Antenna Installation
11.   Antenas and Accessories                                                    Same as above
                                      3.   Wireless LAN Accessories
                                      4.   Configuration and Management
                                      1.    Detailed Installation Equipment in
                                            Outdoor WLAN
12.   Antenna Installation Notes      2.    Some Notes on Antenna Installation   Same as above
                                      3.    Installing Multiple Access Point
                                      1.   Canned USB WLAN Antenna
                                      2.   USB Parabolic Antenna
                                      3.   Famous Canned Milk Antenna
                                      4.   Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) Meter
13.   Custom Outdoor Antenna                                                     Same as above
                                           and Signal Generator
                                      5.   Simple technique to measure gain
                                     6.    Canned Antenna Making Process
                                     1.    FCC
      Wireless LAN Organizations and 2.    IEEE
14.                                                                              Same as above
      Standards                      3.    Some big organizations
                                     4.    Competitive Technologies
                                     1.    A Placement of Wireless LAN
                                     2.    Authentication and Association
15.   Network Architecture                                                       Same as above
                                     3.    Service Set
                                     4.    Power Management Features
16.   MAC and Physical Layers        1.    How WLAN Communicated                 Same as above
                                        2. Interframe Spacing
                                        3. Request to Send/Clear to Send
                                        4. Modulation
17.                                                                   MID TEST
                                        1. Multipath
                                        2. Hidden Node
      Troubleshooting       for    WLAN 3. Near/Far
18.                                                                              Same as above
      Installation                      4. Throughput System
                                        5. Types of Interference
                                        6. Coverage Considerations
                                        1. Waterproof cover
                                        2. Providing power
                                        3. Placement Consideration
19.   Building an Outdoor Node          4. Security                              Same as above
                                        5. Directing the antenna on a long
                                           distance relationship
                                        6. Surge and lightning protection
                                        1. Tower for WiFi Infrastructure
20.   Tower and Grounding                                                        Same as above
                                        2. Grounding and anti-Lightning
                                        1. Calculation of Free Space Loss(FSL)
                                        2. Line of Sight (LOS)
                                        3. Calculation of System Operating
                                           Margin (SOM)
21.   Calculation of Radio Connection   4. Effective Isotropic Radiated Power    Same as above
                                        5. Antenna Directing
                                        6. Angle of Tilt Antenna
                                        7. Down Tilt Coverage
                                        1. Equipment for Site Survey
                                        2. Some Questions on The Site Survey
      Site Survey Techniques and        3. Hand Held Global Positioning System
22.                                                                              Same as above
      Overcoming Interference              (GPS)
                                        4. Site Survey software on your PC
                                        5. Techniques to overcome Interference
                                        1. IEEE 802.11a Technology
                                        2. Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division
23.   Backbone Technology                                                        Same as above
                                        3. Installation of Backbone Equipment
                                         4.   Configuring Backbone Bridge 5GHz
                                         1.   Physical security
                                         2.   Threats to Network
                                         3.   Authentication
24.   Security & Control                                                                         Same as above
                                         4.   Privacy
                                         5.   Network Monitoring
                                         6.   Normal traffic?
                                         1.   Client Tools
                                         2.   HotSpot Type
                                         3.   Free Configuration of WiFi HotSpot
25.   HotSpot                            4.   HotSpot for Many Users                             Same as above
                                         5.   Mechanism Portal Captive HotSpot
                                         6.   HotSpot Wireless Authentication
26. Authentication Mikrotik              1.   Simple configuration of Mikrotik                   Same as above
27.                                                                    FINAL TEST
  10. Evaluation              :
                                  QUIZ (UH)                 : 15%
                                  MID TEST (UTS)            : 30%
                                  Personal Task (TR)        : 15%
                                  FINAL TEST (UAS)          : 40%
  11. Reference Reading       :
                                  1.   Abas Ali Pangera, Menjadi Administrator Jaringan Nirkabel, Andi OFFSET, Yogyakarta, 2008.
                                  2.   Edi S. Mulyanta, Pengenalan Protokol Jaringan Wireless Komputer, Andi OFFSET, Yogyakarta, 2005.
                                  3.   M. Agus J. Alam, Mengenal WiFi HotSpot LAN & Sharing Internet, Elex Media, Jakarta 2008
                                  4.   Onno W. Purbo, Buku Pegangan Internet Wireless & HotSpot, Elex Media, Jakarta, 2006.

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