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POTUS: No Deal on Sequestration:                "We're still going to have some work to         an ax instead of a
President Obama, speaking with a group          do," Obama said. That work, he added,           scalpel" with the
of what the White House characterized           would include addressing the prospect           sequester cuts,
as middle class Americans arrayed on a          of automatic spending cuts, known as            Obama said.
stage behind him, announced Monday              sequestration. Sequestration would              "That's a piece of
afternoon that a deal to prevent a series       impose cuts of 9.4 percent in nonexempt         business that still
of tax hikes from going into effect at the      defense discretionary funding in fiscal         has to be taken
beginning of the New Year was "within           2013 and 8.2 percent in nonexempt,              care of." It's
sight." But that deal, the president            nondefense discretionary funding.               possible that a
indicated, did not include a bargain to         Obama said that would involve cuts in           last-minute fiscal cliff agreement could
stop automatic cuts in discretionary            everything from Defense Department              include language delaying sequestration
federal spending from going into effect.        programs to Head Start. "We're using            for several months or a year. But more
tax revenues "have to be part of the        meaning that agencies “will not be
equation in turning off the sequester,"     executing” unpaid furloughs Jan. 2,
the president said. (More) (Fiscal Cliff    according to the OPM guidance. (More)
Deadline: Live Updates)
                                            Debt Ceiling is the Next Fiscal Cliff:
How Badly Will Budget Cuts Hurt             No matter what happens with the fiscal
Troops, DoD Civilians? : In the final       cliff over the next
presidential debate,                        few days, a
President Barack                            potentially bigger
Obama declared to the                       budget mess is
American people with                        just around the
unflinching certainty                       corner. Congress
that sequestration                          will have to raise
“will not happen.”                          the debt ceiling soon, probably by late
Two months later, the Jan. 1 deadline is    February or early March. The deadline
looming, with no debt reduction deal in     sets the tables for another fight on
sight. Now what? (More)                     Capitol Hill, where some Republican
                                            lawmakers view the debt limit as
Agencies Have Much Flexibility in           leverage in negotiations with President
Managing Furloughs: Federal                 Obama over spending cuts and reforms
employees should report to work as          to Medicare and Social Security. (More)
normal Wednesday even if
no deal is reached on                       President, Defense Leaders Praise
heading off across-the-                     Schwarzkopf’s Service, Legacy:
board budget cuts set                       President Barack Obama, Defense
to begin that same day,                     Secretary Leon E.
the Office of Personnel                     Panetta and Joint Chiefs
Management said in                          Chairman Army Gen,
new guidance. The cuts,                     Martin E. Dempsey
formally known as sequestration, would      praised the service and
carve anywhere from about 8 percent to      legacy of retired Army
9 percent out of agencies’ budgets          Gen. H. Norman
during the remainder of this fiscal year.   Schwarzkopf, who
But the impact would not be immediate,      passed away yesterday at age 78.
Schwarzkopf was a Vietnam veteran and      involving both a wrongful-termination
one of the architects of the western       claim and a discrimination claim –
flanking movement that helped to defeat    where the MSPB does not decide the          Dec. 31: New Year's Eve
the Iraqi army during the Gulf War in      merits of the discrimination claim, and     Jan. 1: New Year's Day (Federal Holiday)
early 1991. As the commander of U.S.       dismisses the wrongful termination          Jan. 5: U.S. Army All-American Bowl
                                                                                       Jan. 13: AMBER Alert Awareness Day
Central Command, Schwarzkopf led the       claim on procedural grounds, the            Jan. 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Federal
international coalition assembled by       employee may seek judicial review in        Holiday)
then-President George H.W. Bush that       federal district court, rather than with    Jan. 17: 21 Anniversary of Operation Desert
expelled Iraqi troops who had invaded      the U.S. Court of Appeals for the           Storm
Kuwait in August 1990. (More)              Federal Circuit. (More)                     Jan. 27: National Eosinophilia Day
                                                                                       Jan. 27-Feb. 2: Tobacco-Free Awareness Week
(ARNews)                                                                               Jan. 28-Feb. 1: No Name-Calling Week
                                           Private and Federal Organizations           Jan. 28-Feb. 3: National Drug Facts Week
Supreme Court Clarifies Appeals            May Not Be As Different As We               Jan. 29: Thomas Paine Day
Rights for Federal Employees: On           Think: It's common to think that the        Feb. 1: National Wear Red Day
December 10, 2012, the Supreme Court       nature of work in federal government        Feb. 1: National Freedom Day
                                                                                       Feb. 1-7: National Patient Recognition Week
handed down a critical                     organizations is                            Feb. 2: Groundhog Day
victory to federal                         different than in                           Feb. 2: National Junior Achievement Groundhog
employees in a                             the private                                 Job Shadow Day
highly technical                           sector. There are                           Feb. 3: Super Bowl Sunday (Super Bowl XLVII)
case. This decision                        differences in                              Feb. 3-9: Burn Awareness Week
                                                                                       Feb. 4: USO 72 Birthday
now gives federal                          employees' roles,                           Feb. 4: World Cancer Day
employees a simpler                        the mission or                              Feb. 4-10: World Salt Awareness Week
and less confusing                         business of an                              Feb. 4-11: Congenital Heart Defect Awareness
process for appealing                      organization and the products, services,    Week
discrimination cases that have been        and customers that private and federal      Feb. 5: Army Emergency Relief 73 Birthday
                                                                                       Feb. 5: National Patient Recognition Day
dismissed by the Merits Systems            organizations serve. This perception        Feb. 5: National Weatherman's Day
Protection Board (MSPB). Federal           may also be reflected in the different      Feb. 7: National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
appellate courts previously were divided   ways management tends to deal with its      Feb. 10-16: Children of Alcoholics Week
on which court should handle cases that    workforce. The work "at will" nature of     Feb. 11-15: Random Acts of Kindness Week
were dismissed by the MSPB on              employment in the private sector, the       Feb. 12: Darwin Day
                                                                                       Feb. 14: Valentine's Day
procedural grounds. This Supreme Court     role of unions, the evolution of            Feb. 14: National Donor Day
decision gave a final answer to that       retirement coverage, and other factors,     Feb. 14: National Pet Theft Awareness Day
question. Kloeckner v. Solis. The Court    such as benefits/compensation packages,     Feb. 17-24: Military Saves Week
held that in a “mixed case” – one          tend to dictate different human resources   Feb. 17-24: Eating Disorders Awareness Week
                                                                                       Feb. 18: Presidents' Day (Federal Holiday)
policies and practices than has evolved      agreement for Microsoft products,           programs and their particular trade.
in the public sector. (More)                 defense officials announced. The deal,      Applications for entry into
                                             led by the Army Contracting Command         apprenticeship programs will be
New 2013 Along The River – Guide to          in collaboration with the Defense           available. (More)
Recreation: Each year the U.S. Army          Information Systems Agency, the Army
Corps of Engineers,                          and the Air Force, demonstrates the best    Quad City Bald Eagle Days: The U.S.
Rock Island District's                       pricing DOD has received to date for        Army Corps of Engineers Mississippi
Mississippi River                            Microsoft desktop and server software       River Project
Project publishes a                          licenses, officials said. (More)            would like to
new updated guide to                                                                     invite you to the
camping and                                  Helmets to Hardhats Job Fair: What:         Annual Quad
recreation areas along                       Job Fair; When: Monday, Jan. 7;             City Bald Eagle
the banks of the                             Where: Iowa                                 Days, Jan. 11-
Mississippi River that                       National                                    13, at the
are managed by the                           Guard Facility                              QCCA Expo
project. This year's                         - 9650 N.                                   Center. Come see a live eagle
2013 edition will be                         Harrison                                    presentation given by the World Bird
available soon and offers information on     Street;                                     Sanctuary of St. Louis or check out one
reserving a campsite, buying a boat          Davenport; Who: Sponsored by Helmets        of the other live animal shows presented
ramp pass, campground amenities, and         to Hardhats and the Tri-City Building       by the Pella Wildlife Company and
has a list of many things to see and do      and Construction Trades Council. The        Niabi Zoo. This is a family friendly
from Potosi, Wis., all the way to            Helmets to Hardhats/Tri-City Building       event that can last all day with many
Saverton, Mo. If you are interested in       and Construction Trades Council Job         booths to see and hands on activities for
receiving a free copy of this publication,   Fair is open for active duty and military   the kids. An of course don't miss out on
please send your name and address to         veterans from all branches of service, as   your chance to view these beautiful and we              well as all veterans groups and other       birds in the wild on one of the guided
will be happy to send you one.               military organizations throughout the       bus tours along the Mississippi. These
                                             region in both Iowa and Illinois. The job   outdoor eagle viewing tours will take
DoD Awards First Joint Licensing             fair represents a great opportunity to      you on a trip around the Quad City area
Agreement: The Defense Department            highlight and showcase career               and show you the many places to see
has leveraged the buying power of more       opportunities for veterans in the skilled   these majestic birds. For more
than two million information technology      trades. Representatives from all of the     information call (309) 788-2543. (Bald
users to award a three-year, $617            skilled trades will be on hand to provide   Eagle Watches in Illinois and Iowa
million joint enterprise license             information pertaining to apprenticeship    during January)
                                           Arsenal Attic Thrift Shop &                  approximately1½ hours long and be
How Many Holidays Will You Get in          Boutique: The Attic Thrift Shop              guided by a Visitor Center park ranger.
2013?: With the new year quickly           reopens Thursday, Jan. 3, at 9 a.m. Lots     The tour will begin at the Mississippi
approaching, you may want to start         of mark downs with something for             River Visitor Center, located on the west
planning your vacation time in 2013.       everyone. Happy New Year and see you         end of Arsenal Island at Locks and Dam
According to OPM, federal employees        on the Jan. 3. POC: (309) 782-6977.          15. This program is free of charge and
will get the following ten paid holidays                                                everyone is invited to attend. Advance
next year, the first one coming next       Historic Clock Tower and Eagle               registration is recommended. An adult
week with New Year’s Day. (More)           Watch Tours: The U.S. Army Corps of          must accompany children under 12
                                           Engineers Mississippi River Project          years of age. All persons over age 16
Antiterrorism Quarterly Theme -            announces that                               must carry a photo ID to enter the
Cyber Threat: The Army antiterrorism       the Visitor                                  island. Vehicles are subject to search
theme for the 2Q/FY13 is                   Center at Locks                              and participants should allow 15
Cyber Threat. The                          and Dam 15 is                                minutes extra to ensure proper arrival
purpose of the                             inviting guests                              time for the tour. For more information
theme is to                                to come                                      or to sign up for the program, please
promote Army-                              participate in a                             contact the Visitor Center at (309) 794-
wide understanding                         Historic Clock                               5338.
of adversaries' use                        Tower and
of cyberspace to                           Eagle Watch Tour. Relive the early days      Blood Drive: The Mississippi Valley
conduct attacks and the fundamental        of the Rock Island Arsenal as you climb      Regional Blood Center is
security measures associated with          your way up the historic corridor of the     hosting a blood drive in
protecting Army networks and critical      Clock Tower Building which has been a        the Caisson Room
resources from cyber attack. (More)        Quad City landmark for more than 100         (First Floor, Bldg. 60),
                                           years. Waiting at the top is a spectacular   on Friday, Jan. 11, 10
Arc-BSC Holidays and Inventory: The        view of the Mississippi River where you      a.m. – 12 p.m. If you
Base Supply Center, Arc, will be closed    could have the opportunity to see bald       would like to donate at this
on the following days: Jan 1 - Closed      eagles who visit our area during the cold    blood drive, feel free to e-mail
for New Years Day; Jan. 21 - Closed        winter months. Visitors are invited to with the time
for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Contact    join these tours every Saturday and          you'd like to schedule, or call their
Store with any questions, (309) 782-       Sunday beginning Jan. 19, and running        Donor Center at (563) 359-5401, ext.
1666.                                      through Feb. 10. There will be two tours     119. A 2nd shift blood drive will be held
                                           offered each day that will begin at 9 a.m.   in the Cafeteria (Bldg. 210) beginning
                                           and 12:30 p.m. The tour will be              at 6:15 p.m. on Jan. 18. A 3rd shift
blood drive will be held in the Cafeteria     the recreational opportunities our project    will be presented by John Mundt, Ph.D.,
(Bldg. 210) beginning at 2:15 a.m. on         has to offer. We will even have annual        licensed clinical psychologist and
Feb. 16. To sign up for a blood drive         day use passes available for sale so that     national trauma-informed treatment
held on either the 2nd or 3rd shift, donors   boaters can get ready for the season by       expert with special guest speaker
should contact their shift supervisor.        purchasing their boat ramp sticker early.     U.S. Army Maj. Jeffrey Hall, PTSD
        Charlie Corpuscle Says, "On           The RV Camping Show will be the               Survivor. For more information, contact
       behalf of the patients we serve,       following weekend Feb. 22-24 and              Stephanie Burrough at (309) 779-3077.
       Thank You to all of our Arsenal        rangers will be on site to answer
       Blood Donors! Not a donor?             questions and provide information on all      Winter Weather Awareness: The
       New donors are always                  our camping and recreational areas. For       weather is getting cooler and almost all
       welcome!"                              more information on these shows check         the leaves have fallen from the trees. It
The Army encourages its employees             out the website                               is important to
to volunteer as candidates for any of                       prepare for
the variety of medical donor                                                                winter now
programs, including blood, bone               Jason's Box Save the Date –                   before it
marrow, and organ donor/transplant            PTSD/TBI in the Church: Wednesday,            arrives. Winter
programs. For additional information          Jan. 9, 1-3 p.m., in the Jardine              storms can
click here.                                   Auditorium, at Trinity Medical Center,        range from a
                                              located at 2701 17th Street, in Rock          moderate snow over a few hours to a
Corps of Engineers' Park Rangers at           Island. The free event will be presented      blizzard with blinding, wind-driven
Outdoor Show and RV Camping                   by Rev. Scott Fluegel (Army Chaplain).        snow that lasts for several days. Many
Shows: If you have a love for the             For reservations contact Stephanie            winter storms are accompanied by
outdoors and winter is keeping you from       Burrough at (309) 779-3077 to reserve         dangerously low temperatures and
participating in your                         your spot. Reservations are required as       sometimes by strong winds, icing, sleet
favorite recreational                         seating is limited. (More)                    and freezing rain. One of the primary
activities then come                                                                        concerns is the winter weather's ability
visit with our ranger                         Jason's Box Save the Date – Treating          to knock out heat, power and
staff at the QCCA                             Today's Servicemen & Women:                   communications services to your home
Expo Center in Rock                           Understanding Deployment, the War             or office, sometimes for days at a time.
Island, and get geared                        Zone Experience and Homecoming:               Heavy snowfall and extreme cold can
up for summer while the cold air is still     Thursday, March 14, in the Gold Room,         immobilize an entire region. The
blowing outside. The Outdoor Show will        Hotel Blackhawk, Davenport, 6-6:30            National Weather Service refers to
be held Feb. 14-17 and our rangers will       p.m.; registration, buffet dinner, cash bar   winter storms as the "Deceptive Killers"
be on hand to provide information on all      from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The presentation          because most deaths are indirectly
related to the storm. Instead, people die     Questions" for more information. Walk-     Avenue and Gillespie until March-May
in traffic accidents on icy roads and of      in appointments are not available.         due to weather concerns. Minor work on
hypothermia from prolonged exposure           Photographs will be taken at the Photo     Phases 1 and 2 is expected to be
to cold. It is important to be prepared for   Studio (Bldg. 56, basement, by the         completed within the next two weeks.
winter weather before it strikes. While       elevator). Priority is: 1. Active duty     Please avoid walking through the newly
the majority of the RIA workforce is          Soldier's DA photos; 2. Official           backfilled areas, as these areas are soft
already aware of this, those who are new      government passport photos; 3. Official    and pose a potential safety hazard. POC:
to the area may not be. It's always good      command photos; 4. DA photos for           Joe Gumpert, (309) 782-1389.
to review, please click HERE and take         Army Reserve and Army National
the pledge to prepare today, because you      Guard Soldiers (not on active duty). The   Rock Island Gate Officer Stations:
never know when it is the day before a        8"x10" head and shoulders-command          Effective Dec. 24, at 7 a.m., the
disaster. For more information, videos        photos will be printed and available       Directorate of Public Works (DPW) will
and presentations that you can use for        digitally. Additional prints can be        begin a project to replace the two officer
your organizational winter weather            ordered in VIOS. To obtain an official     stations for the vehicular entry lanes at
preparedness efforts.                         government passport photo: 1. Schedule     the Rock Island Gate. In order to
                                              a passport photo appointment at the RIA    minimize impact on the workforce, work
VIOS Schedule for January: Official           VIOS website. 2. Go to Transportation      will be completed in a phased approach,
DA Studio Photography (DA,                    to obtain a printed DA Form 3903,          shutting down only one inbound lane at
government passport and command               Multi-Media/Visual Information Work        a time. Signage and safety barriers will
photos) will be                               Order, signed by the passport agent in     be positioned at the appropriate
offered at Rock                               Block 14. 3. Present that DA3903 form      locations during the designated lane
Island Arsenal                                to the photographer before the passport    closure(s). The right hand lane (South)
Jan. 8, 9 and 10.                             photo is taken. You will receive two       officer station will be replaced first.
Appointments                                  2"x2" Passport photos. All scheduled       Replacement began Dec. 24 and be
may be scheduled                              dates can be found on the RIA VIOS         complete by Jan. 4. The left hand lane
online by                                     website FAQ.                               (North) officer station will then be
submitting a                                                                             replaced beginning on Jan. 7, with
DA3903 Work                                   Arsenal Traffic/Construction               completion scheduled for Jan. 18. Dates
Request using the Visual Information                                                     are weather-dependent and any
Ordering Site for these available times:                                                 necessary adjustments will be
Tuesday, Jan. 8, 7:20 a.m. – 3:40 p.m.;                                                 publicized. DPW POC for this action is
Wednesday, Jan. 9, 7:20 a.m. – 3:40           North Avenue Repair & Closures             Joe Gumpert at (309) 782-1389.
p.m.; Thursday, Jan. 10, 7:20 a.m. –          Update: Directorate of Public Works is
3:40 p.m. Click on "Frequently Asked          postponing storm sewer and paving
                                              work on the intersection of North
North Avenue Opened: Effective Dec.                                                        detrimental to the force. "Soldiers and
17, the Directorate of Public Works will                                                   their Families have come to realize that
open North Avenue between building 62                                                      irresponsible consumption of alcohol
and East Street. The opening includes                                                      can be a career ender," said Col. Chad
                                             The Fiscal Cliff: How It Could Affect
the intersections of 2nd and 3rd streets.    Troops: The so-called fiscal cliff is         B. McRee, commander, 16th Military
Traffic signs and barrels will be placed     actually a series of four potentially long    Police Brigade and the director of
as the contractor will still be working on   drops — and the first could have the          Emergency Services at Fort Bragg.
North Avenue from Gillespie Street to        biggest effect on the pocketbooks of          Army doctrine charges its leadership to
Bldg. 62. Please use caution when            military members and their families           use the Army values and warrior ethos
traveling around the construction area.      because it involves tax rates. But            to set the example for their Soldiers in
DPW POC's for this action are Joe            everything involved in the budget             terms of not abusing alcohol. "Leaders
Gumpert, (309) 782-1389 or Mike              imbroglio remains in flux as                  must lead from the front," said McRee.
Panilo, (309) 782-6004.                      negotiations continue to try to avoid the     (More)
                                             fall that some fear could send the nation
Building/Space Closures                      back into a recession. President Obama        What New Marijuana Laws Mean for
                                             said Monday that one of his top               Troops: Service members hoping to join
                                             priorities is to stop the tax hike. “It       the party in Colorado and Washington
                                                                                          state should think twice about sparking
Closure of Third Floors in Bldg. 61,         appears an agreement to prevent this
                                             New Year’s tax hike is within sight, but      up with the jubilant supporters of
Bldg. 62: The Directorate of Public                                                        marijuana legalization. Already among
Works plans to close Bldg. 61 3rd floor      it is not done,” he said. An agreement
                                             might also be reached to delay across-        the 18 states that have legalized medical
and Bldg. 62 3rd floor, East and South                                                     marijuana, both states became the first
Wings, Sept. 10 - 3rd week in May to         the-board budget cuts. “That is a piece
                                             of business that still has to be taken care   … (More)
execute projects. Closure is to prevent
individuals from entering the work area      of,” Obama said. (More)
                                                                                           Online Program May Help ID Self-
and to preclude any potential accidents.                                                   Harm Patterns: The Army is
Plastic enclosures will be installed from    Down the Hatch: Army Cracks Down
                                                                                           developing an online software program
the passenger elevator in Bldg. 62 to the    on Alcohol Dependence, Binge
                                             Drinking: Soldiers are expected to work       leaders hope will help commanding
eastern most stairwell in Bldg. 61 so                                                      officers connect the dots between a
                                             hard and, as it is popularly understood,
employees in Bldg. 62/3/W have an
                                             to party just as hard. While excessive        soldier’s history of high-risk behavior
entry/exit pathway. Entries will be                                                        and any outward signs he might be
marked with signage and barriers to          alcohol consumption and binge drinking
                                             are thought to be part of the military        considering self-harm. The
prevent entry.
                                             lifestyle, the Army is cracking down on       Commander’s Risk Reduction
                                             such behavior, as it is deemed                Dashboard, requested by the Army G-
Active Duty/Reserve Zone
1’s office and scheduled for a February      emergency sites. Another measure            photos album. We think this is a
release, will pull incident reports from     prohibits the use of cell phones by         beautiful piece of artwork. Let us know
multiple Army databases to create a          drivers in all roadwork zones.              what you think. (More)
profile commanders can consult when          Previously, that restriction only applied
considering the best way to intervene        to work zones with speed limit              MWR
with a soldier who might need help.          reductions. Another law bans
(More)                                       commercial drivers from using any
                                             hand-held cell phone. Previously, school    
Safety Spotlight                             bus drivers were banned from all cell       Morale, Welfare & Recreation
                                             phone use. Both of those laws take          (MWR): Visit the MWR website at
                                             effect Jan. 1. (More)              for information on all
                                                                                         MWR programs. Also click here to
New Year's Eve Safety Tips: New              New Year's Safety Resolution: As the        become a fan on Facebook and stay up
Year's Eve is a night to have fun and        New Year approaches, it's a good time       to date on all the great MWR offerings
celebrate the coming year. However,          to reflect on the success of your           here at the Arsenal.
safety is a must when participating in       organization’s safety program during the
the festivities. Whether you're staying in   past year. Was safety a top priority for    No More Great Escape Theater
and celebrating with friends and family,     everyone in your organization? Did          Tickets from Leisure Travel: The
or you're traveling to a party or city       your organization meet its safety           Leisure Travel Office has sold the last of
bash, following a few safety tips will       objectives, or does your organization       their supply of discounted movie tickets
ensure that you're safe and sound when       need to undertake some new initiatives      to Moline's Great Escape movie theater
the clock strikes midnight, ringing in the   in the coming year? (More)                  (now the Regal Moline Stadium 14) and
New Year! (More)
                                                                                         due to new management policies at the
                                             EEO                                         theater will not be receiving any more in
New Limits on Cell Phone Use for
                                                                                         the foreseeable future. All previously
Illinois Drivers: Drivers in Illinois are
                                                                                         purchased tickets will still be honored.
coming under more pressure to stay off       
their cell phone as a result of four new     DEOMI MLK Holiday Poster and
                                                                                         Saturday, Dec. 22 Through Thursday,
laws Governor Quinn signed on Friday.        News Release: The Defense Equal
                                                                                         Jan. 31, Arsenal Island Golf
Governor Quinn says it is the states way     Opportunity Management Institute has
                                                                                         Clubhouse Closed: During the above
to crack down on distracted driving.         released its 2013 Dr. Martin Luther
                                                                                         period the Golf Clubhouse will close for
Starting immediately, mobile use within      King Jr. holiday poster and news
                                                                                         regular lunch operations to make
500 feet of an emergency zone is             release. You can download the hi-
                                                                                         building renovations. All pre-booked
prohibited. This also includes using a       resolution image of the poster here. The
                                                                                         functions will be unaffected by the
cell phone to take photos near               accompanying news release is in our
closure. Call (309) 782-6319 for more         cannot find the information that you are      to check out and enjoy this winter
info.                                         looking for or just need help navigating      season.
                                              the new layout please feel free to call the   Time: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Yoga Now Offered in 6-Week Session:           MWR marketing office for assistance at
The RIA Fitness Center will now be            (309) 782-4420.                               MWR RV Storage and Storage Units:
offering yoga in a six-week session                                                         MWR has several openings for RV
format like the rest of the class schedule.   Electronic Marquee Outage: The                storage and Indoor Storage units. For
Price will be pro-rated for partial           operating system used to update the           more information or to sign up, please
sessions and as always, you have the          outdoor marquee signs on either side of       contact Outdoor Recreation at (309)
option of paying for single classes. Price    the Island has become obsolete and            782-8630.
is $45 (6 weeks) or $8 (single). Call         inoperable. Consequently no requests          Time: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
(309) 782-6787.                               for messages can be fulfilled and the
                                              signs have been shut off at this time.        Scooby-Doo LIVE! Musical Mystery
Tuesday Pasta Bar Lunch Special at            The Garrison is working towards a             (Adler Theatre): A trouble-making
the Island Oasis Café: Have your pasta        solution and a future message will be         ghost is haunting a local theater and
just the way you like it every Tuesday        sent out as information becomes               Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma and
from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Island          available about whether the signs can be      Scooby-Doo are on their way to help
Oasis Café located inside the Fitness         repaired or replaced.                         solve it! This hilarious live theater show
Center (Bldg. 67). Chef James will                                                          brings everyone's favorite animated
whip up your choice of pasta, sauce,          ITR                                           series to life. LTO has limited
veggies and meat into a pasta bowl sure                                                     discounted seats at $27 on sale until
to make your taste buds dance with                                                          Feb. 15 or while supplies last.
delight. All this plus a side salad and a                                                  Date: Saturday, March 2
breadstick for only $6.95.                    Office Hours: Monday through Friday,          Time: 2 p.m.
                                              9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Bldg. 60. The office is
New MWR Website: Come check out               closed for lunch from 10:30–11 a.m.,          Gabriel Iglesias Stand-up Revolution
our new and improved MWR website at           (309) 782-5890. (email) (website)             Tour (Adler Theatre): Gabriel Iglesias for information on all                                                       high-octane show is a sure-fire hit: a
things MWR. We hope that this new             MWR Outdoor Recreation:                       mixture of storytelling, parodies,
layout will make it easier for you to         Remember Outdoor Recreation for all of        characters and sound effects that bring
navigate to the information that you          your winter outdoor recreation activities.    all his personal experiences to life.
need. Please bear with us as we               Downhill skis, Cross country skis,            Gabriel’s unique and animated comedy
continue to transition all of the files and   snowboards, ice skates, snowshoes and         style has made him popular among fans
links from the old web server. If you         many other items are available for you
of all ages. Discounted seats on sale        Date: Saturday, April 27                  
until Jan. 15 at $42.                        Time: 7:30 p.m.                           ACS is located
Date: Thursday, March 7                                                                in Bldg. 110, 1st
Time: 8 p.m.                                 MWR Outdoor Recreation Seasonal           floor SE; Visit
                                             Entrance Change: With the end of the      our ACS website or phone (309) 782-
Free Universal Military Only: Active         summer season, Outdoor Recreation         0829. Call ahead for special
duty and retired members of the military     patrons are asked to use the South        accommodations when attending ACS
can receive a free three-day, park-to-       Entrance to the Equipment Checkout        classes. Find us on Facebook click
park ticket with valid military              Center in Bldg. 333.                      here. 24/7 Sexual Assault Hotline:
identification. Admission is valid for up                                              (309) 229-8412
to 14 days from first use. Tickets are       CYSS
available for pick up until March 31                                                   Special Needs and Family/Social
and must be redeemed by June 30.                                                       Gatherings: Holidays, family reunions,
Contact LTO at (309) 782-5890.                                                        birthdays, visiting relatives, and other
                                             Covenant Cottage Child Development        special celebrations can be especially
Rock of Ages (Adler Theatre): In 1987        Home: Covenant Cottage Child              stressful for children with special needs.
on the Sunset Strip, a small town girl       Development Home is available for         These activities may bring about
met a big city rocker and in LA's most       backup, emergency, and hourly care for    unexpected events as well as excessive
famous rock club, they fell in love to the   ages four weeks through 12 years. The     amounts of sensory input and stress.
greatest songs of the '80s from Journey,     home is located on post and is open       Such situations can contribute to
Night Ranger, Styx, Poison, Pat Benatar,     from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through       anxiety, and the child can soon feel
Twisted Sister and many more. On sale        Friday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings     overwhelmed. Writing a ‘heads-up’
until Feb. 26 for $59.50                     and Saturday mornings. Army Family        letter to hosts/guests before family visits
Date: Wednesday, April 24                    Covenant Guidelines state deployed        can help make the event more enjoyable.
Time: 7:30 p.m.                              Soldiers are entitled to 16 hours free    Share the things that will help your child
                                             respite childcare per child, per month.   feel comfortable, activities that your
Bill Cosby – 50 Years of Making You          For reservations call (309) 782-6793.     child enjoys, preferred foods, and how
Laugh Smile and Feel Good Tour               We encourage you to call as far in        guests and family members can expect
(Adler Theatre): One of America's            advance as possible because spaces fill   your child to respond when situations
most beloved comedians of all time, Bill     quickly.                                  may be too much for him/her. If you are
Cosby, has captivated generations of                                                   traveling, bring special toys, videos,
fans. His comedy transcends age, gender      acs                                       games, or other comfort items. Be sure
and cultural barriers. Discounted seats                                                to plan frequent breaks when traveling.
on sale for $60 until Jan. 15.                                                         If you are a guest, ask the host to
provide a room where your child can           information on this topic and              free, confidential counseling session
take a break from the crowd. That will        information on special needs, contact      offered by the Rock Island Arsenal
help the visit be more enjoyable for          Jan Saito with the Exceptional Family      Employee Assistance Program. Master-
everyone. Holidays bring lots of change       Member Program at (309) 782-4736.          level counselors provide short-term
and increased social demands. Consider        Reference: Illinois Parent Guide to        counseling and referral assistance. Call
keeping the decorations simple and safe.      Autism Spectrum Disorders                  the EAP at (309) 782-4357 to schedule
Make sure your decorations will not                                                      an appointment. The EAP is located in
choke or harm your child if he/she were       EAP                                        Bldg. 56, 1st Floor, East Wing and
to touch them or place them in his/her                                                   convenient hours are available 7:30 a.m.
mouth. Send a list of preferred gifts to                                                 – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The
family members to help everyone feel                                                     Rock Island Arsenal EAP hopes you
more fulfilled, that way your child will                                                have a great start to the New Year. If
receive a gift he/she prefers and the         For free, confidential counseling          you would like to learn more about King
family member may get to witness your         assistance or for information on           Day of Service please visit
child enjoying the gift. Prepare your         services that are available, call (309)
family for the possibility that your child    782-4357. Normal business hours are
may not want to participate in opening        from 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday -          PTSD Support Groups: Is the quality
gifts or consider setting a limit on the      Friday. For additional information         of your life being affected by Post-
number of gifts your child is expected to     on the Employee Assistance Program         Traumatic Stress Disorder? The Rock
open. At home, you may allow your             see our website or visit us on Facebook.   Island Arsenal Health Clinic and
child to open a gift a day so he/she is not   The new location for the EAP/ASAP          Employee Assistance Program are
overwhelmed on the actual holiday.            is Bldg. 56, 1st floor, East.              sponsoring support groups to assist you
Consider using a social narrative to          Martin Luther King Day of Service –        through this difficult challenge. Contact
describe what will happen at holidays or      January 2013: Beat the post-holiday        Rita Baugh, EAP counselor, at (309)
birthdays or other special events. If you     blues this month by helping your           782-2552 for more details.
plan to attend a family reunion or other      community and yourself. The King Day
large gathering, showing your child           of Service on Martin Luther King Day,      Smoking Cessation Group: Start the
pictures of the unfamiliar people and         Jan. 21, offers you the opportunity to     New Year with a healthy plan to quit
places ahead of time may help ease            spend a day helping your community in      smoking. The Employee Assistance
anxiety. Preparing both your child and        a direct way. The social connection and    Program offers an ongoing educational
your family through open                      sense of shared purpose that one gains     support group for people who would like
communication is always helpful. For          from community service can often help      to quit smoking. The group meets each
other ideas, see the book, Finding Our        one feel better. However, if you haven't   Wednesday, 3-4 p.m., at the EAP office
Way by Kristi Sakai. For more                 been feeling well lately and nothing       located in Bldg. 56, 1st floor, East.
                                              seems to help, consider scheduling a
                                            The Commissary makes fresh fruit          open to the public, Tuesday through
Education                                   baskets daily for you! Shopping for       Saturday, 12-4 p.m. Closed Sunday,
                                            someone who has everything?               Monday, federal holidays, the Friday
                                            Problem solved. They are hungry for       after Thanksgiving, and Christmas
                                           fresh fruit. Just buy them a fruit        Eve. Admission is free.
The Rock Island Army Education              basket and relax. Ask our friendly
Center is located in Bldg. 56, 1st floor,   staff to make you one or order one in     This Week in Rock Island Arsenal
west end of the building. Office hours:     advance. Check out local specials and     History – Dec. 31-Jan.7: Automotive
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday.        get POC information HERE. For             Section established in Shop M, Bldg.
Phone: (309) 782-2065 Fax: (309) 782-       information on this and other             220, in January 1919. By Jan. 3, 1880,
7901. Please visit our website to learn     Commissaries, visit:                      the rolling mill in Shop F, with its
more.                              (Facebook)           furnace and steam hammer, had turned
                                                                                      out hammered blooms for production of
Women in Defense Scholarship: WID           Food Safety Alerts: For information       high grade iron for use in roof
is now accepting applicants for its         about the latest food-safety alerts and   construction of Arsenal shops. In
scholarship program. Scholarship            product recalls affecting military        January 1958, the RIA began
application and eligibility criteria may    commissaries, visit                       manufacturing prototype XM7D (T143)
be found under Scholarship by clicking and click on         model rocket launcher. In January 1957,   the Food & Product Recalls under the      development work on the Honest John
Chapter/Pages/default.aspx Application      Quick Links box on the front page. For    and Little John rocket launchers
submission must be post marked no later     general food-safety information, visit    continued at the RIA.
than midnight April 13. For more            the website and choose Food Safety at
information, call (309) 792-4102.           the bottom of the page.                   healthbeat

Deca-px                                     Sales Flyers: Patrons can visit the
                                            AAFES website and sign up to receive      
                                            free online sales flyers.                 New Year's Eve Party Skills That Can
                                                                                      Add Years to Your Life: Here's a
                                           archive                                   reason to party: It might add years to
The Rock Island Commissary and the                                                    your life. Researchers at the University
Exchange are for active duty military                                                 of Edinburgh tracked 298 gorillas at
and retirees only, with the exception                                                zoos in the U.S. and Canada for two
of select items (mainly consumable) at      Information for the Arsenal Archive is    decades. On average, the most social
the Exchange that can be purchased          made available by the Rock Island         and outgoing gorillas outlived the more
by Arsenal Island employees with ID.        Arsenal Museum. The Museum is             introverted simians by 3 to 4 years. And
the trend carries over into the human         vets                                          disability claims, with more than 65
world: Extroverted people have been                                                         percent pending for more than 125 days,
shown to outlive homebodies in recent                                                       as a “staggering” figure that denies
studies. (More)                                                                            veterans quick payment of benefits.
                                              Pentagon Debuting Float in Rose               (More)
Eat Asparagus, and More                       Parade to Honor Veterans: It's been
Questionable Ways to Ease Your                almost 60 years since James McEachin          carpooling
Hangover: After all the champagne,            returned home with a bullet still lodged
beer, spirits or (and?) wine on New           in his chest, finding an America
Year’s Eve, some of us will wake up           indifferent toward the troops who fought
                                                                                            Submit car pooling announcements via
with a persistent pounding in our heads,      in Korea. Now he will get the
                                                                                            the Island Insight submission page.
mouths as dry as deserts and                  homecoming parade he had expected.
                                                                                            Please use that page to contact Garrison
overwhelming nausea -- all the telltale       The Defense Department for the first
                                                                                            Public Affairs to take your
signs of a hangover. What can make this       time will put a float in Pasadena's
                                                                                            announcement off once you have found a
terrible feeling go away? “The only           Tournament of Roses — one of the most
thing that actually helps is not drinking,”   watched parades — to commemorate the
says Dr. Glen Aukerman, medical               veterans from a conflict that still casts a
director of the Ohio State University         shadow over the world. (More)
Center for Integrated Medicine, using
logic to wreck everyone’s festive mood.       VA’s disability Claims Backlog Tops            Car Pool: New hire with flexible
He notes that taking calcium,                 900,000: The Veterans Affairs                   hours seeking to pay for ride from
magnesium and a complete B                    Department’s disability claims backlog          Moline 9th & 53rd, (Franklin School
supplement and drinking lots of water         edged above the 900,000 mark this               area) (309) 757-5755.
helps with hangover symptoms. (More)          week, with 608,365 -- 67.6 percent --          Car Pool: Looking to join a car pool
                                              stuck in the system more than 125 days.         or ride and pay. IL 84 southbound
Health Clinic Announcement: Sick              VA reported Thursday that total                 Fulton/ Albany/ Cordova area.
Call Hours 7-8 a.m. Tricare closed Dec.       disability claims hit 900,121 as of Dec.        Interested text me at (563) 650-8791.
21 to Jan 1. Radiology closed to Jan 2.       24, up 24,725 -- 2.7 percent -- from the       Car Pool: Looking for members to
Clinic closed Jan. 1- holidays. Clinic        backlog that existed at the start of the        join carpool along the Hwy. 61
closed, Friday, staff meeting - Dec. 28 at    calendar year on Jan. 3, 2012. Claims           corridor from Dubuque to Rock
11:30 a.m. For any issues or concerns         backlogged more than 125 days                   Island Arsenal, 2nd shift 2:15-10:30
with the RIAHC clinic please call our         increased 7.5 percent or 45,245 since           p.m. Starting in the middle April.
customer support line (309) 782-0721.         January. In April, representatives of           Email or call (815) 651-4624.
                                              veterans services organizations
                                              described the backlog of 897,566              summer
                                               April 27: Quad Cities Cruisers Cruise-In      July 19-20: Heartland Jam (Centennial
                                               (SouthPark Mall, Moline)                      Park, Downtown Davenport)
                                              May 4: Derby Day Party (Arsenal Island        July 26-27: Downtown Street Fest
Jan. 5: Not Dead Yet! - A Celebration of       Golf Course Clubhouse)                        (Downtown Davenport)
Survival (Moline Public Library)               May 4: Venus Envy (Bucktown Center for        July 27: Bix 7 Run/Walk (Downtown
Jan. 11-13: Bald Eagle Days (QCCA Expo         the Arts, Davenport)                          Davenport)
Center)                                        May 11-12: Beaux Arts Fair (Figge Art         July 30-Aug. 4: Great Mississippi Valley
Jan. 11-13: Quad City Boat & Vacation          Museum plaza, Davenport)                      Fair (Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds,
Show (RiverCenter, Davenport)                  May 25: Quad Cities Cruisers Cruise-In        Davenport)
Jan. 12: Quad Cities Birth Conference (Villa   (SouthPark Mall, Moline)                      Aug. 1-4: Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz
Montessori School, Moline)                     May 27: Quad Cities Criterium (Downtown       Festival (LeClaire Park and RiverCenter)
Jan. 13: Chocolate Fest (Quad City             Rock Island)                                  Aug. 8-10: Tug Fest (LeClaire, Iowa and
Botanical Center)                              June 1-2: QC Pridefest 2013, Bursting With    Port Byron, Ill.)
Jan. 18-21: Be a Tourist in Your Own           Pride (Mary's on 2nd, 832 West 2nd Street,    Aug. 9-10: Ya Maka My Weekend (The
Backyard Weekend (Quad City Visitors           Davenport)                                    District, Rock Island)
Center)                                        June 7-8: Gumbo Ya Ya - Mardi Gras in         Aug. 10-17: ISC Men’s Fastpitch World
Jan. 20-22: QC Farm Equipment Show             The District (The District, Rock Island)      Tournament (Greenvalley Sports Complex,
(QCCA Expo Center)                             June 12-15: Rally on the River (Centennial    Moline)
Feb. 14: Valentine Walk (Watchtower            Park, Davenport)                              Aug. 16-17: River Roots Live (Downtown
Lodge, Black Hawk State Historic Site, Rock    June 14: Greek Cultural Festival              Davenport)
Island                                         (Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, East       Aug. 17: Floatzilla (Sunset Marina, Rock
Feb. 14-17: 2013 Outdoor Show (QCCA            Moline)                                       Island)
Expo Center)                                   June 16: Ride the River Bike Ride             Aug. 24: Quad Cities Irish Festival (Rock
Feb. 22-24: RV & Camping Show (QCCA            (Davenport to Moline)                         Island)
Expo Center)                                   June 23: Blossoms at Butterworth              Aug. 22-25: World Series of Drag Racing
Feb. 24: CBRC Chili Chase 4 Mile               (Butterworth Center, Moline)                  (Cordova Dragway)
Run/Walk (Duck Creek Park Lodge,               June 25-29: Rock Island County Fair           Aug. 31-Sept. 1: Rock Island Grand Prix
Davenport)                                     (Fairgrounds, East Moline)                    (Downtown Rock Island)
March 1-3: Antique Spectacular (QCCA           June 27-29: Antique Automobile Club of        Sept. 7: Quad City Symphony Riverfront
Expo Center)                                   America Grand National Show (John Deere       Pops (LeClaire Park, Downtown Davenport)
March 16: St. Patrick's Day Parade             Commons, Moline)                              Sept. 7: ¡VIVA! Quad Cities (Isle Casino
(downtown Rock Island to downtown              July 3: Red, White & Boom! (The District,     Hotel Bettendorf)
Davenport)                                                                                                 th
                                               Downtown Davenport)                           Sept. 7-8: 27 Annual Quad City Air Show
March 22-24: Flower & Garden Show              July 4-6: Mississippi Valley Blues Festival   (Davenport Municipal Airport)
(QCCA Expo Center)                             (LeClaire Park, Davenport)                    Sept. 7-8: Beaux Arts Fair (Downtown
March 23: Quad-Cities Comic Book               July 8-14: John Deere Classic PGA Tour        Davenport)
Convention (Ramada Inn, Bettendorf)            (TPC Deere Run, Silvis)                       Sept. 21: Brew Ha Ha (LeClaire Park,
April 7: Gilda’s Run for Laughs (Waterfront    July 19-21: USA BMX National                  Davenport)
Convention Center, Bettendorf)                 Championships (East Moline BMX                Sept. 21: Celtic Festival & Highland Games
April 20: Earth Week Fair (QCCA Expo           Speedway)                                     (Centennial Park, Davenport)
Sept. 21-22: Riverssance Festival of Fine      PhotoShop using Portable Document
Arts (Village of East Davenport)               Format reproduction for online distribution
Sept. 22: Quad Cities Marathon (Downtown       with the use of federal funds under
Moline)                                        provisions of AR 360-1 by the Rock Island
Sept. 27-29: Hot Air Balloon Festival          Arsenal Garrison Public Affairs Office.
(Kennedy Square, East Moline)                  Contents of Island Insight are not
Oct. 12: Trinity Quad Cities Classic Regatta   necessarily the official views of, or
(On the Mississippi River in Moline)           endorsed by, the U.S. Government, the
Oct. 24: Fright Night (The District, Rock      Department of Defense, or the Department
Island)                                        of the Army. The views and opinions
Oct. 26: Witches Walk (Downtown LeClaire)      expressed are not necessarily those of the
Oct. 26: Lagomarcino’s Cocoa Beano 5K          Garrison or the Department of the Army.
Race (Sylvan Island)                           The editorial content of Island Insight is the
Oct. 26-27: Boo at the Zoo (Niabi Zoo,         responsibility of the Rock Island Arsenal
Milan)                                         Garrison Public Affairs Office. Submission
Nov. 15-24: Quad City Arts Festival of         of announcements, articles, photos, letters,
Trees (RiverCenter, Davenport)                 and graphic art of interest to the general
Nov. 16: Festival of Trees Parade              readership is encouraged. All manuscripts
(Downtown Davenport)                           are subject to editing and rewriting prior to
Nov. 16: Lighting on the John Deere            publication. Postal address: Garrison
Commons and Holiday Pops Concert               Manager, 1 Rock Island Arsenal, ATTN:
(Downtown Moline)                              IMNE-RIA-PA, Rock Island, IL 61299-
Dec. 1: 19 Century Christmas (Butterworth      5000. For submission of announcements to
Center, Moline)                                the Island Insight; usarmy.ria.imcom-
                                               (309) 782-1121. The Island Insight is
                                               available on-line.

Joel Himsl, Garrison Manager; Eric
Cramer, Public Affairs Officer; Mark
Kane, Editor
The Army publication, Island Insight, is an
unofficial publication authorized under AR
360-1 to provide information on people,
policies, operations, technical
developments, trends and ideas of, about,
and of interest to the Rock Island Arsenal
community. It is published weekly using
word processor software and Adobe

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