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                                Wednesday, May 28, 2003



     The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Mt. San Antonio College was called to
     order at 6:05 p.m., on Wednesday, May 28, 2003. Trustees Baca, Chen Haggerty, Chyr,
     Hall, and Pacheco were present.


     Christopher C. O'Hearn, President; Nancy M. Rice, Vice President, Administrative
     Services, and Wade Frary, Vice President, Human Resources


     The Board adjourned to Closed Session to discuss the following items:

        Conference with Labor Negotiator
         Mt. San Antonio College Negotiator, regarding Faculty Association, CSEA 262 and
         CSEA 651, Management and Confidential
        Public Employee Employment
         Director, Admissions & Records
         Director, Facilities Planning & Management


     The public meeting reconvened at 6:36 p.m. Student Trustee Joe Carey arrived at 7:20


        President O'Hearn introduced John Mace, from the Walnut Valley Rotary Club of
         Diamond Bar. Along with Mr. Mace were past president Joe Ruzicka and members
         Bob Huff and Lou de Sylva. The Rotarians presented a $1,000 check to Board
         President Pacheco to be used for the Jazz History class. With this contribution, the
         Walnut Valley Rotary Club has donated $5,000 over the past five years to College
    arts programs. They selected that area because arts programs are generally
    underfunded. Trustee Pacheco thanked the Rotarian members for their support of
    Mt. SAC.

   Board members congratulated the Mt. SAC Forensics Team for winning the Phi Rho
    Pi National Speech and Debate Championship. Professor Archibald introduced
    students and coaches present and reviewed the Team’s successes, including winning
    over 300 trophies in competitions during the past season and winning its fifth national
    championship in the last nine years. Other Forensics Team coaches are Liesel
    Reinhart and John Vitullo, with the assistance of adjunct faculty member Steve
    Seagle. Trustee Pacheco presented the Team with a certificate from Supervisor Don
    Knabe commending them on their outstanding accomplishments.

   The following retiring faculty and staff were given Certificates of Service by Board
    President Pacheco for their years of service. Each Trustee and President O'Hearn
    thanked the retirees for their many years of dedicated service to Mt. SAC. They were
    all wished success and luck in retirement.

    Bonnie Adams, Director, Regional Health Occupations Resource Center, 22 years
    Elizabeth Adams, Professor, Biological Sciences, 29 years
    John Anders, Custodian, 37 years
    Monica Anderson, Director, Planning & Resource Development, 13 years
    Gary Angle, Equipment Technician, Electronics, 27 years
    Zane Arneson, Professor, Physical Education, 29 years
    Joann Arnold, Facilities Specialist, 18 years
    Hector Arredondo, Professor, Mathematics, 17 years
    Marcia Bennett, Secretary, 19 years
    John Blough, Professor, Art, 35½ years
    Paul Britz, Professor, Learning Assistance, 32 years
    Lawrence Brown, Professor, Computer Information Systems, 15 years
    Maxine Brown, Human Resources Technician, 18 years
    John Burns, Professor, Astronomy, 27 years
    Florence Childers, Admissions & Records Clerk II, 20 years
    James Deiner, Head Construction & Repair Worker, 38 years
    Dennis Deovlet, Professor, Office Technology, 34 years
    Joann Driggers, Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences, 29 years
    Thomas Feierabend, Director, Fire Technology, 13 years
    James Ford, Professor, Business Administration, 41 years
    Donna Foster, Publications Technician, 23 years
    John Fritcher, Heavy Equipment Operator, 24 years
    Barbara Fukuda, Risk Management Specialist, 12 years
    Sheryl Jensen Gonzalez, Secretary, 13 years
    Maria Hargis, Clerical Specialist, 14 years
    Judy Hartmann, Professor, Office Technology, 35 years
    Thomas Herberg, Professor, Art, 32 years
    Bruce Hines, Assistant Director, Regional Health Occupations Resource Center, 29
    Marie Holmes, Professor, Office Technology, 18 years
    Laveta Jett, Account Clerk I, 22 years
    Janice Jimenez, Human Resources Coordinator, 24 years
    Patricia Jones, Secretary, 27 years
    Marilyn Kaecke, Director, Student Life, 29 years
    Noura Kassis, Professor, Nursing, 34 years
    Roseann Kirchmann, Professor, Radiologic Technology, 28 years
    Phyllis Lamb, Supervisor, Financial Aid, 31 years
    Marjorie Leonard, Financial Aid Specialist, 30 years
    Jo Ella Lewis, Professor, Dance, 22 years
    John Long, Professor, Psychology, 35 years
    Andrew Markham, Professor, History, 32 years
    George Martin, Professor, Psychology, 33 years
    Betty Mazone, Account Clerk II, 28 years
    Francine Medeiros, Professor, History, 34 years
    Shirley Mercer, Secretary, 13 years
    Karen Meyers, Vice President, Community Education & Economic Development, 33
    Stella Miller, Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences, 36 years
    Karlene Morris, Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences, 36½ years
    Barbara Napper, Professor, Nursing, 33 years
    Katherine Ness, Telephone Operator/Receptionist, 15 years
    David “Cope” Norcross, Director, Small Business Development Center, 8 years
    John Norton, Dean, Physical Education, 33 years
    Hector Perez, Mechanic, 12 years
    Mary Donis Perrott, Professor, Psychology, 33½ years
    Clem Piontkowski, Locksmith, 13 years of service
    Kenneth Rellinger, Laboratory Technician - Art, 28 years
    Nancy Rice, Vice President, Administrative Services, 9 years
    Judith Ritner, Professor, Physical Education, 29 years
    Robert Ronketty, Professor, Art, 35 years
    D. Richard Ryerson, Director, Staff & Organizational Learning, 35 years
    Patricia Scarsi, Secretary, 13 years
    Russell Shadbolt, Heavy Equipment Operator, 38 years
    Louis Shainberg, Professor, Biological Sciences, 41 years
    Richard Shorter, Custodian, 23 years
    Gayle Southworth, Professor, Aeronautics & Transportation, 28 years
    Judyth Anne Suttle, Professor, Disabled Student Programs & Services, 27 years
    Sharon Valentine, Administrative Secretary, 28 years
    Robert Vasquez, Painter, 28 years
    David Vredenburg, Professor, Electronics Technology, 43 years
    William Waggener, Professor, Biological Sciences, 18 years
    Patricia Whalen, Human Resources Assistant, 23 years

   The Board offered accolades to the Mt. SAC Women’s Softball Team for winning its
    first-ever State Championship.      Debbie Blackmore, Associate Dean, Physical
    Education, introduced team coach Kelly Ford, who is in her second year at Mt. SAC.
    Coach Ford introduced two players – Porsha Finley and Marcel Torres – who were
    instrumental in the team’s success. Eight sophomores from this year’s team will
    transition into four-year schools. Coach Ford presented President O'Hearn with a
    team picture.
          Associate Dean Blackmore announced that the Division enjoyed another “first” this
          year – the Men’s Tennis Team took the conference championship for the first time.
          According to Ms. Blackmore, the Mt. SAC Men’s and Women’s Track and Field
          Teams are having their banquet tonight and can’t be present to receive the Board’s
          congratulations for winning the South Coast Conference Championships and for
          placing second at the State Championships. Although the Mounties State
          Championship consecutive win streak records ended at three for the women and six
          for the men, no other program in the State captured two State trophies at this year’s
          championships. The teams are coached by Doug Todd and Mike Goff.


     It was moved by Student Trustee Carey, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve
     the minutes of the regular meeting of April 23, 2003. Motion unanimously carried. Student
     Trustee concurred.






     A.    Becky Meza, Associated Students President, reported the following:

              Students held many year-end events that were extremely successful, which
               included the Cultural Fair, Educators of Distinction, Students of Distinction, and
               the End-of-Finals Week Snacks.

              Ms. Meza explained that, because of a conflict one evening, the polls during the
               student elections had closed early, which invalidated the election. As of June
               30, Associated Students will not have any officers, and there will not be a
               Student Trustee. She explained how crucial the summer is for student
               government planning. According to Ms. Meza, current student leaders will be
               bringing a formal proposal to the Board of Trustees at next month’s meeting
               asking the Board to agree to officers on an interim basis.

     B.    Robertson Wellen, Academic Senate President, distributed copies of his 2002-03
           year-end report listing the Senate’s accomplishments. He stressed that the
           accomplishments are the result of collaborative and collegial work of the Senate
           with the Faculty Association, College President, and many other faculty, staff, and
           administrators.   Attached to the report was a listing of individual faculty

     C.    Kathi Van Natter, Classified Senate President-Elect, reported the following:

              The Senate recently held its elections. Results will be announced at the next
               Board meeting.
        The Senate, in collaboration with the two CSEA units, has established a
         Classified Leadership Council. The Council will work together for the common
         interest of the classified staff on non-negotiable and shared governance issues.

D.   Representing the Faculty Association, Terri Smith announced that negotiations were
     completed about two weeks ago. Ballots to ratify the contract have been sent out to
     faculty and are due back next week. Professor Smith again com-mended Wade
     Frary and Arlo Minden for their work during the negotiations process.

     Professor Smith introduced Jennifer Galbraith, new Vice President of the Faculty
     Association. Professor Galbraith gave the Board an update on the number of
     scholarships the Faculty Association awarded to students this year.

E.   President O'Hearn’s report included the following:

        President O'Hearn welcomed Professor Galbraith to her new role as Vice
         President of the Faculty Association. He also extended best wishes to Professor
         Smith as she assumes the duties of President of the Association. President
         O'Hearn added that he appreciated the opportunity of working with Professor Reel
         this past year and thanked him for his leadership.

        President O'Hearn informed Board members that Mt. SAC continues to
         accomplish much with limited resources. He offered kudos to the following
         student groups:

               The Mt. SAC Flying Team, for the second year in a row, received the Top
                Community College in the Nation award at the National Collegiate
                Airmeet in North Dakota. In the overall ranking, Mt. SAC came in tenth.
               The Mt. SAC Chamber Singers won the Grand Prix Championship at the
                Grand Prix Varna International Choir Competition in Bulgaria.

                The Mt. SAC Chamber Singers competed in the large mixed choir
                category and won first place. One of the competitions was a Small Choir
                Category, and, since we didn’t have a group smaller than the Chamber
                Singers, Professor Rogers selected 16 singers from the Chamber
                Singers group to participate in this category, and they won first place.

                For the final competition, the winners of each of the four categories – the
                two above along with the women’s choir and youth choir – went head to
                head in the final ceremony. It was at this competition that the Mt. SAC
                Chamber Singers won the Grand Prix Championship. President O'Hearn
                said that Professor Rogers and the students were extraordinarily proud to
                represent not only the College, but also the United States.

                To add to that good news, Professor Bruce Rogers won the Best
                Conductor Award. There were more than 20 conductors participating in
                the competition.
         Both groups will be invited to a future Board meeting to be recognized by the
             President O'Hearn thanked the Board members for their presence and
              participation at last week’s Commencement. He commended Vice President
              Yamagata-Noji and the numerous staff who work to make this event so special
              each year.

             Trustee Pacheco announced that this is Student Trustee Carey’s last Board
              meeting as the Student Trustee. She presented Student Trustee Carey with a
              plaque thanking him for his year of service. All Board members commended
              Student Trustee Carey for his commitment, leadership, and the amount of time he
              gave all year on behalf of the students.


     It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve or ratify
     the following items:


     1.   Approval of activities to enter into a contract with the California Fashion Association
          and to pay travel expenses for Community College faculty, industry representatives,
          and high school staff who will participate in the activities of the grant titled
          “Industry/Discipline Collaborative for Family and Consumer Sciences.” (Mt. SAC

     2.   Acceptance of funds for a grant titled “Regional Information Systems Security
          Center (RISSC)” (Mt. SAC #951 - $899,690), funded by the National Science
          Foundation under the Advanced Technology Education Program. The grant will
          develop a Regional Information Systems Security Center that will package a
          sequence of courses leading to degrees in Information Systems Security.


     3.   Approval of stipends.

     4.   Approval of affiliation agreement with Los Angeles County Fire Department and Long
          Beach Fire Department for Paramedic Program.

     5.   Approval of new credit courses for Fall semester, 2003.

     6.   Ratification of payment of costs associated with the Honors Recognition Dinner held
          May 15, 2003.

     7.   Approval of students’ participation in Skills USA – VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of
          America) National Conference and Championships in Kansas City, MO, June 23-27,


     8.   Approval/ratification of additions and/or changes to Community Education &
          Economic Development programs.
9.   Approval to renew the Community College Training Group Consortium agreement.

10. Approval to renew the agreement between the Community College Training Group
    and its Project Manager.

11. Approval for the Regional Health Occupations Resource Center to use grant funds
    for food for workshops/meetings during the 2003-04 academic year.

12. Approval/ratification of Contract Education agreements – The Training Source.


13. Approval of Monthly Financial Statement for April 2003.

14. Approval of the Quarterly Investment Report for March 31, 2003.

15. Approval of the Quarterly Financial Status Report for March 31, 2003.

16. Approval of Resolution No. 02-17, Approving Assignment of Delinquent Tax
    Receivables to the California Statewide Delinquent Tax Finance Authority for the
    Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2003 and 2004, and Authorizing Execution and
    Delivery of Related Documents and Actions.

17. Approval of an agreement with Quantum Power to provide professional services for
    the Technology Center Electrical Upgrade, at a proposed fee of $14,800.

18. Approval of an agreement with Grillias.Pirc.Rosier.Alves to provide professional
    services for the Art Center Electrical Systems Upgrade, at a proposed fee of

19. Approval of an agreement with Quantum Power to provide professional services for
    the Parking Lot Electrical Design, at a proposed fee of $16,800.

20. Approval of a Joint Venture Agreement with Thee Christmas Tree Company for the
    rental of the property at the corner of Grand and Amar Avenues, for the period
    September 1, 2003 through August 31, 2006, realizing increased income to the
    College at various intervals throughout the duration of the agreement.

21. Approval of the following change order:

     Bid No. 2520 – Construction of a Beef Unit and Tractor Barn – Change Order No. 3

22. Approval of the following bid:

     Bid No. 2543 – Campus Infrastructure – Phase A. Awarded to ARB, Inc., in the
     amount of $432,408.

23. Approval and acceptance of the following donations/gifts to the College:

     Charles E. Payne – Ercoupe Airplane 415C, N3116H, Serial No. 3741, valued by donor
     at $5,000, to be used by the Aircraft Maintenance Department.
          Kathleen West – $250 cash, to be used by the Horticulture Department.

     Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


     Board members reviewed the proposed 2003-04 meeting calendar and changed the July
     2003 meeting back to the fourth Wednesday.

     It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve the 2003-04
     meeting calendar for the Mt. San Antonio College Board of Trustees, as revised. Motion
     unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


     President O'Hearn asked that the following corrections and/or changes be made to the
     Personnel Transactions:

         Page 17 – Management Appointments. There is a placeholder for the Director of
          Admissions & Records. The President is recommending that the Board approve the
          appointment of Patricia Montoya. There is also a placeholder for the Director of
          Facilities Planning & Management. President O'Hearn said the hiring process for
          this position has not been completed.

         Page 21 – The retirement effective date for Vice President Rice should be changed
          to 7/1/03.

         Page 26 – Faculty Appointment. There is a placeholder for a full-time temporary
          Professor. The agenda states the position is Respiratory Therapy; however, it
          should read Radiologic Technology. The President is recommending that the Board
          approve the appointment of Paulette Engisch to this position.

     It was moved by Trustee Chyr, seconded by Trustee Hall, to approve the Personnel
     Transactions, Reference No. 11, dated May 28, 2003, as corrected and amended.
     Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


     President O'Hearn asked the Board to make the following correction on page 48: change
     the Fund 15 total from $52,280 to $46,272.

     It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve the
     Appropriation Transfers to General Fund 01 (Unrestricted), General Fund 03 (Restricted),
     Child Development Fund 11, Capital Outlay Fund 15, and Health Services Fund 25, as

          General Fund 01 - Unrestricted
        FROM:          01-1000      Certificated Salary                     $      56,476
                       01-2000      Classified Salary                              76,895
                       01-3000      Fringe Benefits                                 3,724
                       01-4000      Supplies, Books                                 9,433
                       01-7900      Contingencies                                   6,500
                                                                            $     153,028

        TO:            01-5000      Contract Services                       $      59,469
                       01-6000      Capital Outlay                                 33,599
                       01-7000      Other Outgo                                    60,000
                                                                            $     153,028

        General Fund 03 - Restricted

        FROM:          03-2000      Classified Salary                       $       32,595
                       03-6000      Capital Outlay                                     180
                                                                            $       32,775

        TO:            03-1000      Certificated Salary                     $       2,845
                       03-3000      Fringe Benefits                                 1,655
                       03-4000      Supplies, Books                                28,226
                       03-5000      Contract Services                               6,623
                                                                            $          49
                                                                            $      32,775
        Fund 11 – Child Development

        FROM:          11-6000      Capital Outlay                          $        6,008

        TO:            11-5000      Contract Services                       $        6,008

        Fund 15 – Capital Outlay Projects

        FROM:          15-7900      Contingency                             $      46,272

        TO:            15-5000      Contract Services                       $      46,272

        Fund 25 – Health Services

        FROM:          25-7900      Contingency                             $   1,200,000

        TO:            25-5000      Capital Outlay                          $   1,200,000


   Trustee Hall pointed out a correction that needs to be made in the last line of the
   resolution. The word “not” should read “now.”

   It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve Resolution No. 02-
   18, Authorizing Application to the Director of Industrial Relations, State of California, for a
    Certificate of Consent to Self-Insure Workers’ Compensation Liabilities in Compliance
    with State Regulations and Permitting Reinstatement of Self-Insured Status for Mt. San
    Antonio College, as corrected. Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


    Board members were given the Associated Students proposed 2003-04 tentative budget
    for review. The budget will be presented to the Board for action at the June 25 Board

    According to Becky Meza, students received $852,000 total budget requests, with a final
    budget of $676,481; however, $257,349 of that is in fixed expenses. Ms. Meza said the
    students’ long-term goal continues to be setting aside funds annually to help fund the
    planned Campus Center.

    In reviewing short-term goals, Ms. Meza said students believe it is the College’s
    responsibility to fund academically-related programs; however, because of the College’s
    current fiscal state, those funds were kept at status quo for this year.


    Board members received for first reading and discussion proposed revisions to Policy
    535.2 – Matriculation Exemption Criteria. This item will be placed on the June Board of
    Trustees agenda for adoption.


    Board members discussed proposed revisions to Policy 703 in great detail. There was
    agreement that it would be prudent of the College to use reserves during this fiscal crisis,
    and that reserves should be maintained at a level not below five percent. Because of the
    College’s past conservative fiscal policy, it was believed that Mt. SAC would weather the
    State fiscal crisis better than many colleges.

    There was lengthy discussion as to when it would be appropriate to prepare a plan to
    restore a deficit or shortage. Previous wording had required that a plan to restore a
    deficit within a two-year time frame would be prepared should the reserves drop below
    ten percent. However, all agreed such a plan should be meaningful, and in today’s fiscal
    climate, no one can predict when the economy will improve.

    President O'Hearn commended the Board members for the seriousness in which they are
    reviewing this particular policy. He said the College is currently looking at very, very
    serious cuts in programs, services, and classes, and he appreciates that the Board is
    equally committed to trying to resolve the budget issue while recognizing the impact
    being made on the institution.

    With minor wording revisions suggested by Board members, this proposed policy revision
    will be returned to the Board at its June meeting for action.

   Board members received for first reading and discussion a proposed policy on Academic
   Renewal. This item will be placed on the June Board of Trustees agenda for adoption.


   President O'Hearn explained to Board members that the Federal Government requires
   the biennial review of an illicit drugs and alcohol prevention policy. Proposed revisions to
   Policy 807 – Drug-Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program are meant to refine
   and clarify the current policy.

   Board members received for first reading and discussion proposed revisions to Policy
   807 - Drug-Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program. This item will be placed on
   the June Board of Trustees agenda for adoption.


       Trustee Chyr said he was encouraged by the Academic Senate’s report regarding
        on-line education. He believes lifting the moratorium on Distance Learning would be
        a big boost to students. Trustee Chyr said he had the opportunity to attend the
        Spring Choral Concert where students sang some of the same songs they were
        going to sing in Bulgaria. After attending that concert, he said he could see why
        they won – they were wonderful!

       Trustee Chen Haggerty commented on some of the activities she had attended
        during the last month, including the EOPS banquet and the Faculty Recognition

       Trustee Baca echoed Trustee Chyr’s comments on the College’s Chamber singers,
        agreeing they are outstanding. He also said he had been able to attend the
        Students of Distinction and enjoyed the event very much.          Trustee Baca
        commented on the check presentation made earlier in the evening by the Rotary
        Club. Being a Kiwanian, he said he would have to see if his club could match the
        donation. In closing, Trustee Baca commended Assemblyman Pacheco for his
        strong support of California’s community colleges.

       Trustee Hall said it was good to hear the words collegiality, collaboration, and
        cooperation throughout the evening and he thanked everyone who’s managing to
        perpetuate that culture during these difficult times. He added that he was pleased
        to hear that the faculty contract has progressed so well, saying that was an
        impressive achievement under the current circumstances. Trustee Hall added that
        the College needs to take Congressman Gary Miller up on his offer to provide
        whatever financial help he can to the College through federal grants. President
        O'Hearn indicated he had already been in touch with the Congressman.

        Trustee Hall congratulated President O'Hearn on a remarkable first year of his
        administration. The President has performed admirably under tough circum-

       Student Trustee Carey thanked Board members for attending so many events this
        year and for their help during his tenure as Student Trustee, saying it was a
         rewarding, phenomenal experience, and one he will always remember. While this is
         his last official meeting as Student Trustee, he plans to continue to work with the
         Associated students on revising the students’ constitution and updating of the
         student handbook.

        Trustee Pacheco said she had been able to attend the Annual Agricultural Banquet
         and enjoyed it very much. She also reminded Board members of important
         upcoming events.

        All Board members commented on how nice the Commencement Ceremony was
         and how much they enjoyed Dr. Suzuki’s speech.


    The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


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