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                                   BOARD MEETING BRIEF
                                    Regular Meeting
                           PELL CITY BOARD OF EDUCATION
                          Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
                                  CenturyLink Building

Congratulations to Jones Willingham, 7th grade student at Duran South who was 2nd place winner
of the 2012 St. Clair County Spell Bee.
Angelia Oden, Pell City High School parent spoke regarding her concerns.

The Board took action on the following items:

    I. Approval of Minutes
       January 17, 2012, Regular Meeting

   II. Action Items
       A. Personnel
          1. Resignation
              a.     Whitten, Heather—Elementary Teacher at Williams Intermediate,
                     resigning effective February 3, 2012.
              b.     Gossett, Jeremy—Drama Teacher at Pell City High School, resigning
                     effective February 10, 2012.

          2. Employment
             a.   Davis, Greggory E.—Transportation Mechanic at Transportation, effective
                  February 15, 2012, pending background clearance.

          3. Leave of Absence
             a.     Helms, Tonya—Elementary Teacher at Walter Kennedy, Family and
                    Medical Leave beginning March 9, 2012, with Ms. Helms returning 1st
                    day of the 2012-2013 school year.
             b.     Friday, Merrill—Counselor at Pell City High School, Family and Medical
                    Leave beginning February 21, 2012, with Ms. Friday returning April 30,

          4. Substitute Lists-Pending Background Investigation
             a.     Substitute Teachers
                     Heather Streeval   Jennifer Ibrahim   Sharon Crosby

              b.     Substitute Lunchroom Worker
                     Mary Batson

              c.     Substitute Bus Driver
                     John Paul Golden
Board Brief, Regular Meeting, February 14, 2012                                                                      2

   II. Action Items-Con't
       A. Personnel-Con’t
           5. Contracts
              a.     LEAPS Academy—Providing Language and Behavioral Services, approval
                     to amend the 2011 contract to cover the services for an additional student.
              b.     Reeve, Dr. Christine—Board Certified Behavior Analyst/Autism
                     Specialist, effective February 15, 2012 until September 1, 2012.

        B. Resolution
           1. Resolution Opposing School Start Date Legislation.
                                             Resolution Opposing
                                          School Start Date Legislation

        WHEREAS, the Pell City Board of Education is aware that members of the Alabama Legislature will
        consider legislation that would outline school start dates for public schools in the state of Alabama; and

        WHEREAS, each local board of education already is required by Alabama Code §16-8-30 to set a uniform
        start date for all schools within its system, thereby recognizing that school calendars are local decisions;

        WHEREAS, unique local decisions take place in over 130 Alabama school systems regarding student
        achievement, holiday preferences, conflicts with community events, programmatic partnerships with local
        colleges and universities, and work days for educators to meet with parents; and

        WHEREAS, the Pell City Board of Education is the duly elected body foremost charged with making
        decisions that are in the best interest of its students and student achievement; and

        WHEREAS, the Pell City Board of Education and its faculty are held accountable for student achievement
        not only by the community, but under both state and federal accountability programs; and

        WHEREAS, local decisions about school calendar directly impact student performance, student and
        faculty morale, and community input;

        WHEREAS, a statewide school start date would compromise the Pell City school system's academic
        calendar and force students to lose instructional time prior to standardized testing; and

        WHEREAS, the Pell City school system's academic calendar is an education priority and not a business or
        tourism decision;

        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Pell City Board of Education
        unequivocally oppose statewide legislation on the school calendar and ask all members representing Pell
        City Board of Education to vote against any bill which proposes to outline a statewide start date or calendar
        for Alabama public schools.

        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be recorded in the minutes of the Pell City
        Board of Education and provided to the Alabama Association of School Boards, each member of the
        Alabama Legislative Delegation and the Governor.

        Done this the 14th day of February, 2012.

        _____________________________________                  ______________________________
        Superintendent                                         Board Chairman
Board Brief, Regular Meeting, February 14, 2012                                            3

   II. Action Items-Con't
       C. Approval of Proposed School Calendar for the 2012/2013 school year.

August 1                                Institute
August 2                                Teacher Inservice
August 3                                Teacher Inservice
August 6                                Teacher Inservice
August 7                                First Day for Students (First Semester)
September 3                             Labor Day Holiday
October 10-12                           Fall Break
October 22                              Parenting Day/Inservice
November 12                             Veterans Day Holiday
November 21-23                          Thanksgiving Holidays
December 19                             Winter Break
January 2                               Teacher Inservice
January 3                               First Day for Students (Second Semester)
January 21                              King/Lee Holiday
February 18                             Weather Day/President’s Day Holiday
March 25-29                             Spring Break
April 26                                Weather Day
May 23                                  Graduation/Last Day for Students
May 24                                  Inservice
Ending dates for 20-day Attendance Reporting:
(20 Days)      9/4/12          (80 Days)        12/7/12         (140 Days)       3/20/13
(40 Days)     10/2/12          (100 Days)       1/22/13         (160 Days)       4/24/13
(60 Days      11/5/12          (120 Days)       2/20/13         (180 Days)       5/23/13
                                   PROGRESS REPORT DATES
                 9/6/12        11/8/12                2/7/13           4/18/13
                                      REPORT CARD DATES
              10/18/12         1/10/13                3/14/13          5/23/13
Grading Periods: 8/7/12-10/5/12 ♦ 10/8/12-12/18/12 ♦ 1/3/13-3/8/13 ♦ 3/11/13-5/23/13
Board Brief, Regular Meeting, February 14, 2012                                                  4

   II. Action Items-Con't
       D. Approval of the Following Surplus Items:
                    Trucks:
                     1990 Ford F350 White
                     VIN #: 1FDHF37YOLKA48813
                         1992 Chevrolet 2500 Brown
                         VIN #: 1GCFC24H7NE217195

                Lawn Mowers:
                       2 – Toro Z Master 60” Cut

                Van:
                         1992 Dodge B250 Blue
                         VIN #: 2B7HB21Y5NK146428

                1 – 4,000 lb engine hoist, Southeastern Tool & Equipment Serial #00722
                1 – engine stand, medium duty
                1 – transmission jack, 1-ton Rotary Model SE602
                1 – pneumatic floor bottle jack
                1 – pneumatic sand blaster, ALC Model F300
                1 – vehicle mountable air compressor, National 021-0152 with 11hp Kohler

                1 – arc welder, Lincoln Model AC-225-S
                1 – tractor, Allis-Chalmers 5030 Serial #3954 with box blade and 60” Bush Hog
                 Model RZ60 Serial #1Z-01129

        E. Approval to pay $15,000 for the old car lot property located at Pell City High
           School to Robert and Brenda Dorough. In addition a letter of donation to school
           for $5,000.

        F. Approval of the Accounts Payable for January in the amount of $1,648,994.37.

        G. Approval of FY 2012 Budget Amendment I.

  III. Monthly Financial and Bank Reconciliation

  IV. Superintendent’s Report
      Laurie Funderburg, Cory O’Neal, and Tammy Stewart, principals at Eden Elementary,
      Duran South, and Coosa Valley spoke and presented a power point presentation.
Board Brief, Regular Meeting, February 14, 2012                                                5

   IV. Superintendent's Report-Con’t
       Pell City High School News:
       JROTC: Congratulations to Pell City High School Army JROTC who competed in the
       Central Alabama Area JROTC Drill Meet in Birmingham, on January 21, 2012. Over 20
       teams from our area competed. PCHS Drill Team finished in 3rd place, both Color
       Guard Teams finished in 1st place and the Academic Team finished in 3rd place. Overall
       PCHS finished in 1st place, receiving the overall Commander’s Trophy. This is the first
       time PCHS JROTC has won the Commander’s Trophy. The top five schools from the
       Area Drill JROTC Drill Meet will go on to the State Drill Meet on April 14, 2012 which
       will be held in Birmingham.

        Wrestling Team: On Saturday, February 11, 2012, the Pell City High School wrestling
        team competed in the AHSAA 6A Section 3 Wrestling Tournament in Gardendale,
        Alabama. Below is a list of student athletes who will be representing Pell City High
        School at the Alabama State Wrestling Tournament in Huntsville, Alabama, February
        16th through the 18th.

                120 lbs          Jake Smith       1st Place     6A Section 3
                132 lbs          Robert Lowery    3rd Place     6A Section 3
                152 lbs          Daniel Edwards   3rd Place     6A Section 3
                182 lbs          Alex Hopson      1st Place     6A Section 3
                195 lbs          Will Harmon      4th Place     6A Section 3

        Congratulations to Coach Del Hufford and team members.

        Scholar’s Bowl Team: Pell City High School Scholar’s Bowl Team went undefeated on
        Friday, February 10th and advanced to the Regional tournament to be held on March 3rd.
        Our Junior Varsity competed on January 27th and finished 3rd behind Grissom and
        Buckhorn. The members of our team are as follows: Nick Toth, Melissa Shostak, Alex
        Hartley, Mark Lee, Cameron Roberts, Lexie Vandall, Emmy Byrd, and Melody Hardin.
        Congratulations to Coach Michelle Sanders and team members.

   V. Future Meeting
      The March board meeting will be Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 6:00 p.m.

        Bobby Hathcock, Ed. D., Superintendent

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