Health And Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992
                                     Workstation Self-Assessment Checklist - DSE 1
                                                   Section 1 – Personal details
 Name                                                             Department

 Location                                                          Date of assessment
 Briefly describe your duties

 How much time do you spend using the DSE each                     Computer inventory number
                                                    Section 2 – The equipment
 Your screen
 Is the screen:                                                    Yes   No      If no, give details
          at a comfortable height?
          free from reflections and glare?
 Are the images:
          free from flicker?
          clear and easy to read?

 Do you know how to adjust the screen to suit you?

 Your keyboard
 Can you:                                                          Yes   No      If no, give details
          rest your hands in front of the keyboard?
          find a comfortable keying position?

 Are the letters on the keyboard clear and easy to read?

 The computer software
                                                                   Yes   No      If no, give details
 Is the software easy to use?
 Is it suitable for the job?
                                                     Section 3 – The furniture
 Your chair
 Is your chair:                                                    Yes   No      If no, give details
          stable?
          comfortable?
          adjustable?

 Do you know how to adjust your chair to suit you?

 Can you place your feet flat on the floor when seated?

 Your desk
 Is your desk:                                                     Yes   No      If no, give details
          large enough for all tasks - both those that use
           the computer those that don’t?
          large enough for all the equipment you use?
          at a comfortable height?

 Is there enough room under the desk for your legs?

 Can you reach all equipment easily, without awkward
                                                   Section 4 – The environment
                                                                  Yes    No If no, give details
 Do you find the lighting suitable for the job?

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 Do you find the temperature generally comfortable?

 Is the ventilation in the room reasonable?

 Is the humidity comfortable?
 Is the area free from hazards such as trailing cables?
 Is there enough space around your workstation?
 Are levels of noise reasonable?
                                      Section 5 – Training and Information
                                                         Yes     No
 Have you got a copy of the DSE Code?                                 If no, ask your manager

 Do you understand all parts of the Code?                                       If no, ask your manager

 Have you been trained to use the equipment and                                 If no, ask your manager
 Are you aware that free eye tests can be arranged for                          If no, ask your manager
 Council employees who are “habitual users” of DSE at
 Do you know how to adjust your workstation to suit you?                        If no, ask your manager

    If you have any special needs or health problems that make working with DSE difficult or
                         uncomfortable tell your manager immediately!
 Additional comments or information                                                           Your name

                                                 Section 6 – Management action
 Manager’s comments                            To comply with the DSE Regulations the answer to all questions must be ‘yes’.

 Manager’s name – block capitals

 Location                                                           Date

                                           Section 7 – Departmental assessor action
 Date Received                                                   Date entered on departmental register


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