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      Complete Point of Sale Systems Installation

                                     First Publication: January 2010

                     Complete Retail Setup.
• Network Terminal Interface setup
• Multiple terminal Systems and single terminal systems
• User Specific Installations
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            Getting Started
                                    Start-up Packages.
· ULTISALES Retail Management point of sale software (primary software)
· Software licensing
· Peripheral software support (specific to client preference)
                                  New hardware setup:
Standard Point of sale Operating System
PC Desktop Tower (minimum specifications to operate Windows XP required)
LCD Screen
Point of Sale Printer (Invoice)
A4 Printer (Report)
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
Barcode Scanner
Cash Drawer
Complete Point of sale Operating System
Card Reader (optional)
Stock take Scanner (optional)
Barcode Label Printer (optional)
Digital Camera Recording System (optional)
CCTV Camera System (optional)
External Backup Drive (optional)
Digital Signature Pad (optional)
Replacement peripherals
· On site stock taking.
A technician on site to set up the software, conduct or assist in the stock count and cap-
ture and complete the stock take accurately and efficiently.
· Web Hosting
Support and maintenance of your existing company web site.
Set up, launching and maintenance of a new web site.
Your web page will be moved to and set up on our server and supported by our team of
very experienced and highly qualified designers.
All maintenance is done according to your preference for maximum efficacy
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B4 IT Solutions

        Installation Guide

Windows XP Operating System     1
LCD Flat Screen Monitor         2
Uninterruptible Power Supply    3
Point of Sale Cash Drawer       4
Point of Sale Thermal Printer   5
Standard A4 Report Printer      6
Point of Sale Barcode Scanner   7

Stock take Scanner              8
External HDD                    9
Network Switches and Routers    10
Signature Pad                   11
Swipe Card Reader               12
Web Cameras                     13
Barcode Label Printer           14
Replacement Peripherals         15
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    To Order Call: 0800 123 684

   A Single Station Operation

                                    Your POS Terminal
In order for a success business to operate requires reliable hardware that is durable, aes-
thetically pleasing and consistently efficient.

                                   A Seven Point Setup
The basic fundamental of point of sale retail is the applied use of a designated transaction
terminal. The function of this terminal is to facilitate client interfacing with your product
as well as with your staff representative. A basic requirement for this process is a Com-
puter work station terminal.

                       Minimum Operating System Specifications

The minimum OS requirements for running a stable and secure Windows platform are:
Pentium® CPU 1.8GHz
1.8GHz, 0.99 GB of RAM

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 2002
Service Pack 3
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   B4 IT Solutions

   The Workstation

                           Service Quality Assured
All products are endorsed by the manufacturers and come with service and maintenance
warranties where applicable.

                      Building onto your existing system
No need to replace an already working terminal, all our hardware additions
are full interpretable with existing POS systems (subject to assessment on
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   To Order Call: 0800 123 684

  Network Station Operation

                           Additional Advancement
Above and beyond your standard point of sale installation we offer a full range
of non standard peripheral hardware designed for specific tasks and applica-

                            Using Your Peripherals
Each unit of additional hardware has a specific use and function and will best
suite the consumers needs when used appropriately.

                  Minimum Server Operating System Specifications

The minimum OS requirements for running a stable and secure Server network platform
Pentium® 4 Duo core CPU 2.2GHz
2.2GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM (maximum 4.00GB)

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Network connection speeds:
Ranging from 10.0mps (megabytes per second) per terminal to 1.0gps (gigabytes per sec-
ond) per terminal.
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To Order Call: 0800 123 684

                      All terminals are built to the minimum operating
                      requirements for running of a streamlined platform to
                      facilitate efficient and reliable functioning
                      Order #: POS001
                      Type: Windows XP Operating System.
                      Server specifications also available

                      LCD flat screen monitors are aesthetically sound in
                      dimension and design for a professional appearance.

                      Order #: POS002
                      Size: 17 inch standard
                      Larger sizes available on request

                      The uninterruptible power supply designed to protect
                      against and resist power disruptions while providing the
                      user uninhibited work time.
                      Order #: POS003
                      Size: 600 kva standard
                      1000 kva units also available

                      POS Printer
                      The workhorse of any point of sale. Print invoices, reports
                      and notes quickly and quietly.

                      Order #: POS004
                      Type: Thermal Transfer standard
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B4 IT Solutions

                  Report Printer
                  Printing of documents and reports for business record
                  and practice.

                  Order #: POS005
                  Type: 4 in 1 multi-function station is standard.
                  Range of printers available on request.

                  Cash Drawers
                  Safe, secure and concealable.

                  Order #: POS006
                  Type: Standard kick drawer interfacing.

                  POS Scanners
                  Multi purpose barcode scanning of all stock.

                  Order #: POS007
                  Type: 12 digit US barcode reader
                  Programmable units available on request

                  Stock Take Scanner
                  Portable handheld barcode scanners for a fast and
                  accurate inventory count of stock holdings and

                  Order #: PER008
                  Type: Various units available on request
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To Order Call: 0800 123 684

                      External HDD
                      Back up your operating system in case an unforeseen
                      incident should occur.

                      Order #: POS009
                      Type: 1 terabyte standard
                      Larger capacity units available on request

                      Network Switches and Routers
                      Connecting all terminals to a server with fast data
                      transmitting and the facility for remote connection support.
                      ISP service not supplied.
                      Order #: POS0010
                      TBA on assessment for installation purposes.

                      Signature Pad
                      Digital conversion of signature on important

                      Order #: POS0011

                      Swipe Card Reader
                      Best suited for all magnetic stripe cards.

                      Order #: POS0012
                      Type: Thermal Transfer standard
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   B4 IT Solutions

                                  Web Camera
                                  High quality imaging (3.8 megapix or higher).
                                  Still photograph and video feed compatible.

                                  Order #: POS0013

                                  Barcode Label Printer
                                  Thermal transfer printing of labels of various sizes at a
                                  high output rate.
                                  Completely programmable.

                                  Order #: POS0014

                                 Replacements Available.

We also support a full range of replacement toner cartridges, thermal ribbons and memory
                                   sticks / flash drives.

                  All hardware pricing subject to quotation approval

All hardware supplied by B4 IT Solutions cc is quoted according to competitive resale pricing
  margins. Support and servicing of hardware done as per signed contractual agreement.
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