HALIFAX by leader6



Recording Console                          Microphones
Otari Concept Elite Console, 40 on         Not on board microphones, though many
board mic preamps, 80 faders.Eq is         high quality microphones are available
available on both top and bottom faders    from our technical stores

Recorders/Storage Mediums                  Cabling and I/O
2 iZ Rada 24/96 Nyquist (48 tracks) with   6 40 pair Mass Snakes of various length
remote, meter bridge and flat screens      2 40 channel stage boxes 3 way split, 1
monitors                                   leg direct, 2 legs transformer isolated
2 Sony PCM R500 DAT recorders              4 75’ Sub Snakes 2-tail to box, 2-tail to
ProTools 002 using a Music XPC C3          tail
computer and flat screen                   60 25’ XLR mic cables

Monitoring System                          Truck Specs and Power
Dynaudio Acoustics BM15a Monitors
Westlake and Genelec also available

Ancillary Equipment
24 George Massenburg Labs mic
2 channels Solid State Logic G383
4 Channels Focusrite Preamp/ EQ/
Compressor Voicebox
2 Lexicon PCM90 Effects
1 Lexicon PCM80 Effects
1 Eventide Eclipse Effects processor
Neve 33609J Compressor
Solid State Logic G384 Compressor
2 Focusrite Red Compressors
DBX 160S Compressor
BSS DPR402 Compressor
Valley 610 Compressor/Expander
Urei 1178 limiter
Drawmer Quad Gate
4 Channel Clearcom base station
Image Video switchers
Remote controlled Camera with 2 flat
screen monitors

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