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 Professionals who undergo trainings from GlobalCompliancePanel
 exhibit a vastly improved quality of life in which there is increased
 productivity and professional growth. Some 30,000 professionals have
 gained from more than 500 training courses we have conducted till now.

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The Meeting Point for professionals and Experts

Get Subject Matter Experts to Show the Way

Where Experts Come down To Enhance your Knowledge

Have your Doubts Clarified from renowed Experts

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What We Do
Seminars ,Webinars, Consulting
GlobalCompliancePanel is a provider of high-quality continuing professional
education in the area of compliance.
We impart training through webinars and seminars on all areas of compliance
through a panel of over 120 Experts, who are known in the industry and bring
several decades of experience.
These experts also offer highly specialized, customized Consulting services
aimed at addressing organizations’ specific pain areas.

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               Who We Are

                                            Respected within the Industry by peers
 In business since 2009.
                                           & clients alike.
 Customers from diverse industry
                                            Look for more than 700 compliance
verticals & of varied scale.
                                           online trainings, webinars, seminars,
 Known for innovation, leadership
                                           Online and Offline consulting and
& highest levels of business ethics.       International standards for Medical
                                           Devices & Pharmaceutical Industry.

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Customized Training Programs
Total customization in relation to:
    Level of training
    Duration of your trainings
    Date and time of your choice
    Expert of your choice
    Choice of medium for your instruction
    Documentation and access to materials
    Interaction with the instructor
    Cost effectiveness

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mainly Focus On :

                    GlobalCompliancePanel focuses primarily on
                    providing extensive and quality training in
                    these core areas and anything related to them:

   Risk                Regulatory            Corporate                    Quality
Management            Compliances            Governance                 Management

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Featured Products
 Aerospace (AS9100 Products)
 Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001)
 Environmental (ISO 14001)
 Medical Device (ISO 13485)
 Quality Management (ISO 9001)
 Automotive (ISO/TS 16949)

                                       Drugs / Biologics

              Industries         Medical & Surgical

                                        SOX Compliance

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     Why to attend our seminars
           GlobalCompliancePanel’s in-person, live seminars are a very
          profound means of enhancing regulatory and compliance                 GlobalCompliancePanel
          professionals’ knowledge of their industry. An extension of our       offers a broad range of
          live webinars; these seminars were started with the idea of           channels for
          imparting specific, focused knowledge and information about the       broadcasting and
                                                                                exchange of
          industry by having an Expert come down for this purpose. While
                                                                                information through web
          our webinars are short and last between 60 and 90 minutes on          based training, seminars
          average; these seminars are longer sessions at which more             and conferences
          expansive areas are discussed elaborately.                            globally.

                                                              Webinars      &    Consulting
All rights are reserved © GlobalCompliancePanel.
Commenced this line of business over two years back;

    Successfully conducted over 1000 webinars and counting;

           Over 15,000 satisfied professionals for webinars;

  Our accreditations and certifications have helped professionals enhance their skills and
  grow in their field.

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Categories :                         Laboratory Compliance
 GlobalCompliancePanel will                           SOX Compliance
 mainly do Webinars on the
 Following listed Categories from
 highly Experienced Experts         Drugs/Biologics
                     Medical & Risk Management                  Biotechnology
                                                      Packaging and Labelling

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                                 Meet with fellow professionals…
 Usually held over two days; these seminars are a wonderful opportunity for
professionals in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology
industries to not only extend their existing knowledge about regulatory
compliance; but to also interact with like-minded professionals.

                                    More benefits…
  The Expert’s physical presence at the venue offers attendees a window of opportunity
  to understand the workings in the regulatory and compliance industries and have their
  doubts clarified. They also earn RAC credit points for their participation. These points
  help them scale the professional ladder more easily and effectively.

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                    GlobalCompliancePanel Partial Client List


Featured Products
     Where we are Planning to do our Conferences


                                                              India HQ
                 Wilmington, DE,
CA, USA               USA
                                                         Chennai, India

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Corporate HQ
NetZealous LLC,
                          Contact Us
Brigade Software Park,
Banashankari 2nd stage,
Bangalore-560070                     GlobalCompliancePanel
USA                             Reach us at:
NetZealous LLC,                          1800 447 9407
43337 Livermore Common,                  globalcomplaincepanel@gmail.com
Fremont CA 94539, USA.                   Fax: 302-288-6884
Phone: 800-447-9407                      support@globalcompliancepanel.com

                                   Visit : www.globalcompliancepanel.com

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