FP-3000ts by leader6


    Flat-Panel Display for Honeywell
        Classic Universal Stations
     A low-maintenance, long life upgrade
          for your Universal Stations

A high quality replacement display                                   Low maintenance
This LCD flat-panel display was designed as a direct                 The solid-state design of the flat-panel TFT LCD
replacement for the CRT-based monitors used in                       display provides inherent reliability, low power
Honeywell’s classic Universal Station with EPDG                      consumption, and low maintenance. This LCD
video, and in GUS stations in classic furniture. The                 technology is expected to last twice as long as CRT-
display may be installed either bezel-mounted, to bring              based monitors. Setup adjustments are accomplished
it closer to the operator, or tray-mounted, for a fast               using an intuitive button and joystick interface to
and simple monitor replacement. Connect the power                    control the on-screen menu. Once initial adjustments
cable, video cable, and touch screen cable to the new                have been made, the on-screen control feature may be
display and you’re up and running.                                   disconnected, preventing unauthorized adjustments to
                                                                     the display.
Integrated flat touch screen
The FP-3000 comes with a flat infrared touch screen
mounted to the front of the display. This touch screen               Viewable Area: 18.1” diagonal (14.1” x 11.3”)
is mounted a few millimeters from the display surface,
and eliminates “false picks” sometimes seen with the                 Viewing Angle: 170° horizontal, 170° vertical
old touch screen because of its distance from the
screen. For the tray-mounted option, flat bezel inserts              Power Consumption: 39 watts, 110VAC/240VAC
are supplied to match the flat profile of the display.
These slide-in bezel inserts can be installed without                Display modes supported: VGA 640x480 through
removing the bezel - giving you a quick and easy                     VESA 1280x1024, includes EPDG scan frequency.
installation process.                                                9-pin connector, 15-pin adapter available.
Bright image, durable screen                                         Brightness: 240 cd/m²
The delicate LCD plastic surface is protected by a
glass antiglare layer attached to the front of the display.          Operating Environment: Temperature 0-55°C,
This durable surface protects the LCD from the wear                  Relative Humidity < 95% at < 40°C
scratches that any plastic surface eventually suffers
after repeated cleaning (or touching with fingers,                   Weight: 10 kg, 22 lb
pencils, or sharp objects). The antiglare treatment of
the glass combined with the inherent low-glare
                                                                     Ordering info:
characteristics of a flat display results in a high-                 Please specify tray or bezel mount. The bezel-mount op-
contrast display that is easy on the eyes.                           tion comes with bezel, please specify upper or lower tier
                                                                     when ordering. The tray-mount kit is additional cost.

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