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           September 2008                                                            Free to a Good Home

Next Meeting:                                              President’s Message:

What: Spring Road Cleanup and                              Ah, the hay is in the barn and fall is in the air. Cooler tem-
Meeting                                                    peratures at night, giving way to warm afternoons signals a
                                                           change of season. The dogs are more excited in the morn-
Date: October 18, 2008
                                                           ings; I know they, like myself, are anxious to start training
Meet: Highway 2 and Sacheen
Road south of Newport at 10:00
AM. Bring Gloves. Vests and                                Summer club events went reasonably well, considering. A
hard hats provided. Potluck and                            mix-up in the scheduling at the Rathdrum Grange left us
                                                           scrambling at the last minute. Another location was avail-
meeting to follow at Vince and
                                                           able, but turned out to be a disappointment. A second sale
Brendia’s home. Pizza provided.                            at the Grange saved the day. Thanks to Susie Malcolm for
                                                           contacting the Grange and to everybody who donated and
                                                           helped at the sales. The old Cushman finally found a new
Inside this Issue:                                         home-thanks to Steve and Vicky for repairing and selling it.
                                                           (But now what are we going to use to hold down the sales
From the Prez ................................. 1          tent at Priest Lake?)

Malamutes in the 1994                                      We have many fall events scheduled this year. A pull train-
Iditarod............................................ 2     ing workshop is planned at Farragut State Park. Hopefully
                                                           it will introduce some people to the wonderful world of dog
July Meeting Minutes ..................... 5               powered sports and help add some funds to the club treas-
                                                           ury. Thanks to Bob Wilson for conceiving and setting up
Classifieds........................................ 6      this entire event. Also, Jim and Susie are hosting a training
IESDA Schedule.............................. 6             run at the place again this year. I certainly am looking for-
                                                           ward to sharing some great trails with some great people
Sponsors .......................................... 7      once again at this annual event. The Dirt Rondy is coming
                                                           up in November and the road cleanup and club meeting will
2008-2009 PNW Event
Schedule .......................................... 8      be held on Saturday October 18th.

IESDA Pull Training                                        I hope to see everybody at the meeting, we have some im-
Flyer................................................. 9   portant decisions to make concerning the upcoming events
                                                           and need to talk about how to make races a little more spe-
Spokane Dirt Rendezvous
Entry .............................................. 10    cial this year for our 40th Anniversary!   Jeanne
September 2008                        IESDA SLEDTRACKS                                   page 2

                     Malamutes in the 1994 Iditarod

Editors note: Every year over a thousand              - 4 years, male, born November 4, 1989, 63
Alaskan huskies run the Iditarod and a team or        pounds—ran point and lead, had parvovirus
two of Siberian Huskies. In 1994 Jamie Nelson         as a 9 week old puppy. Owned by Jan Rich-
set out with an intrepid team of Alaskan Mala-        ards.
mutes from Nancy Russell’s Storm Kloud kennel.       Icess (Storm Kloud’s Iicess WTD) - 4.5
It was an historic moment. While the team did         years, female, born 7/2/1989, 68 pounds—
not make it to Nome, their accomplishment was         steady worker who joined the team after
nonetheless considerable. Due to the length of        having a litter in 1992, and a real charmer in
the original article', I took the liberty, with the   the show ring.
author’s permission, of deleting some portions in    Missy (Winhaven’s Missy Magoo WWPD,
order to fit our newsletter. Nonetheless, here        WTD) - 6 years, female, born 9/29/1987,
is their story. To see the article in its entirely    68 pounds—ran point, has one eye that
go to:             never developed. Owned by Mark Scepan-
trails/2303/TailTalk/MalIditTeam.htm                  ski.
Thanks to Vicky Massey for sharing this article      Drum (Storm Kloud’s Hhear the Drum
                                                      WTDX) - 6 years, male, born 5/9/1989, 82
Written by Stephen H Peters                           pounds—finished his championship just be-
                                                      fore leaving for the race.
Nancy Russell, owner of Storm Cloud Kennel           Jerico (Storm Kloud’s Hhanibal WTDX) -
                                                      4.5 years, male, born 5/9/1989, 86 pounds—
in Sussex, Wisconsin, dreamed of having an            beggest and most powerful dog on the team.
Iditarod team ever since the race started             Head surgery for bloat in December 1993
in 1973. Nancy met musher Jamie Nelson                and again for a muscle tear (250 stainless
of Togo, Minnesota, at a freight race in              steel stitches) six days before the race.
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, in 1987.                  He ran with the stitches in. One tough dog.
Shortly after, she sent two dogs to Jamie            Justin (Storm Kloud’s Yyes Just Say Yes
to be trained as lead dogs. In 1989, Nancy            WTD) - 2 years, male, born 11/4/1991, 75
took a litter of six puppies to Jamie to de-          pounds—Casey’s son. Most photographed
velop into a team for promotional purposes.           ember of the team, usually because he had a
Jamie was impressed with the working abil-            dirty face.
ity of the Malamutes and the idea of an Id-          Andy (Storm Kloud’s At It Again) - 2 years,
                                                      female, born 2/26/1992, 56 pounds—Tab’s
itarod team became a real possibility. By             daughter and a natural leader.
the fall of 1993, Jamie had 20 malamutes             Miz (Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud’s Mmy Last
in training and finally decided to enter the          One WTD) - 5 years, female, born
race. Because of the lateness of this deci-           1/27/1990, 60 pounds—team cheerleader
sion, it was not possible to obtain commer-           who would rather let the boys do the work.
cial sponsors, so money was raised through           Sprite (Ch Storm Kloud’s Wwon in Great
mile sponsorships, the Alaskan Malamute               Taste) 2.5 years, male, born 8/2/1991, 86
Club of America, and several all-breed dog            pounds—tallest dog on the team. He earned
clubs. The remainder was paid for by                  his WTDX on the team and started his show
                                                      career in July 1994. He finished his cham-
Storm Kloud Kennel.                                   pionship on 10/1/1994.
                                                     Tab (Ch Storm Kloud’s Tabetha) - 6.5 years,
The Dogs:                                             female, born 4/19/1987, 60 pounds—oldest
(All ages and weights are those at the time of        member of the team and Andy’s mother.
the Iditarod) Those who made the team:                Backup leader who did not join the team
 Jacob (Ch Storm Kloud’s Here I Am WLDX)             until June 1993 because she had a litter of
     - 4.5 years, male, dob 5/9/1989, 65              9 in arch 1993.
     pounds—lead dog and the brains of the           Mark (Ch Storm Kloud’s Eez remarkable
     team.                                            WTDX) - 5 years, male born 11/28/1988, 72
 Joshua (Ch Storm Kloud’s Hailstone WTDX)            pounds—had a difficult time adjusting to
     - 4.5 years, male, born 5/9/1989, 62             the life of a racing dog, but will now run
     pounds—lead dog. Joshua completed his            with any dog on the team.
     conformation championship on July 15, 1994.     Casey (Ch Storm Kloud’s Grand slam WTD) -
 Kruzer (Strom Kloud’s Kkruzin’ Along WTD)           5 years, male, born 2/22/1989, 80 pounds—
    September 2008                     IESDA SLEDTRACKS                                page 3
     wheel dog has a desire to dominate. Justin’s   the 5 mushers, 2 of whom had to be
     father.                                        dragged unconscious from the tent. All 5
    Barney (Barnstormer by Storm Kloud WTD)        took their mandatory 24-hour layover at
     2 years, male, born 3/1/1992, 82 pounds—       Finger Lake. Beth and Jamie received the
     wheel dog and youngest member of the           Sportsmanship Award for their efforts.
                                                            Jamie and the 15 malamutes left
The humans on the team:                             Finger Lake on the evening of March 8, and
                                                    worked their way uphill and downhill
    Nancy Russell, Sussex, Wisconsin—team          through the Alaska Range. Going into the
     owner, fund raiser, and travel planner.        Rohn checkpoint, the Tatina River had a
     Nancy owns Storm Kloud Kennel and has          foot of overflow (water on top of ice) on it.
     been in Malamutes for over 25 years. She       The Mals led two teams of reluctant hus-
     has served in a number of positions with the   kies through this part of the trail.
     AMCA, including President.                             The team arrived in Rohn, 193 miles
    Jamie Nelson, Togo, Minnesota—driver and       into the race, at 2:34 pm on March 9, and
     trainer of the team. A noted musher, Jamie     departed at 2:27 am on the March 10. Be-
     has won the Beargrease Sled Dog Race           yond Rohn, the trail is mostly ice and gravel
     (Duluth, Minn., 500 miles) and the UP 200      with a number of obstacles. The most nota-
     Sled Dog Championship (Marquette, Mich.,
     240 miles) twice each, and had previously      ble is the Farewell Burn, 360,000 acres of
     raced in the Iditarod.                         burned out forest covered with sedge-
    Mark Scepanski, Sussex, Wisconsin—             tussock tundra that had little or no snow.
     assistant trainer, welder by occupation,       The Mals handled this part of the trail in
     meat butcher, general handyman.                fine style.
    Jan Richards, Mankato, Minnesota, office               Four miles outside of Nikolai, the
     manager, record keeper, photographer, and      first of the native villages, Barney pulled a
     supply manager. Also edited the S.K.I.R.T.     muscle in his leg. Jamie dropped him at the
     Scoop Newsletter, the newsletter of the        checkpoint there and on the flight out (his
     Storm Kloud Iditarod Racing Team.              first airplane ride) he willingly served as a
                                                    pillow for a couple of huskies. It was in the
The Race:                                           Nikolai area that Jamie first noticed that
                                                    the Mals were having foot problems.
       Because of lack of snow, the cere-                   Leaving Nikolai the trail follows the
monial start in Anchorage on Saturday               south fork of the Kuskokwim River, and the
March 5, was limited to teams of 6 dogs.            team arrived at the McGrath checkpoint at
The real start was the following morning in         8:43 pm on March 11. as the team came
Willow, Alaska. Jamie drew starting posi-           into McGrath, people ran down the streets
tion 47 and left Willow with Jacob and              shouting, “The Malamutes are here! The
Joshua in lead. It took 6 men to the Mala-          Malamutes are here!”
mutes while they were in the starting                       Jamie and the Mals left McGrath at
chute. Some spectators at the start pre-            1:19 am on Saturday, March 12, and trav-
dicted that the team would scratch after            elled through an area of hills, valleys and
about 35 miles. They sure didn’t know much          ghost towns. The team arrived in Cripple,
about Malamutes.                                    the halfway point of the race, at 8:45 am
       The first 115 miles to Finger Lake           on March 13, and departed at 11:43 pm the
were uneventful. When Jamie arrived at              same day.
Finger Lake on the evening of March 7, she                  Jamie arrived in Ruby at 1:40 am on
went into a tent to sleep. After a while she        March 15, with 14 of the 15 Malamutes.
noticed that some of the other mushers in           This was an achievement in itself as most
the tent were breathing oddly. She de-              teams have dropped up to half their dogs
cided that she needed her sleeping bag, and         by this point in the race. It was apparent
when she stepped outside, she realized that         at Ruby that the dogs were having serious
the tent was filling with carbon monoxide           problems with their feet, and nothing that
and raised the alarm. Another musher,               had been tried had worked. Jamie left
Beth Baker, a pulmonary medical specialist          Ruby at 1:37 pm, but the situation did not
(how’s that for having the right specialist in      improve. She said, “They had developed a
the right place at the right time) treated
 September 2008                      IESDA SLEDTRACKS                              page 4

trust in me, a trust that I would always do      of a particularly good athlete. So he is now
what’s right for them…...I went back and         a “textbook” case.
took another look at their feet, then I                 Although the race was over, the Ma-
looked into their eyes, and the decision was     lamutes were not yet finished with their
made.” The team scratched in Ruby and            Alaska activities. They took off their har-
was flown to Nome for the awards banquet.        nesses, had baths, and went to the dog
        In talking to Martin Buser, Charlie      show. Justin, Joshua, Kruzer, Barney, and
Boulding, and other mushers after the race,      Drum were entered in the Cook Inlet Kennel
Nancy learned that too little fat in the         Club show in Anchorage on Saturday, March
dog’s diet and booties of the wrong shape        26, and the Alaska Kennel Club show on
were the most likely reasons for the blis-       Sunday, March 27. Drum placed third in
ters on the dog’s’ feet.                         the Working Group at the Alaska Kennel
        Although Nancy did not realize her       Club show and Joshua got to two 4 point
dream of seeing a Storm Kloud team come          majors towards his conformation champion-
down Front Street in Nome, the team had          ship.
averaged 80 miles a day (covering 600 miles
total) through the roughest part of the          Expenses:
trail with no injuries, no weight loss, no de-
hydration, no lactic acid build-up, and they     Total Race Expenses: $13,697.67
were still willing to go on in spite of sore     Total Expenses as of April 15, 1994:
feet. They had not lost their heart, and         $28,628.81
they had proved that today’s Alaskan Mala-
mute could still do the work it was bred to
do. After the team was in Nome, Martin
Buser, winner of the 1994 Iditarod, visited
the team to pay homage to them. Martin
began his racing career in Switzerland with
a team of Samoyeds.
        The Malamutes were the media dar-
lings of the race. The Anchorage Times
featured a front-page story on the team on
Sunday, March 13. At every checkpoint,
photographers and TV cameramen swarmed
around the team. Schools were dismissed
so that teachers could take their classes to
see and pet the Mals. More importantly,
the natives had a piece of their heritage
returned to them. One elderly native took
his grandchildren to see the Mals. “Here,”
the old many told them, “I want you to see
these dogs. These were the kind of dogs
we used to have.”
        The Malamutes were also favorites
of the veterinarians. At checkpoints, they
would obligingly roll over on their back and
wave their paws in the air for the foot
check. A team of 3 vets from Ohio State
University took ECGS of 200 race dogs, in-
cluding the Mals, as part of a research pro-
ject. The Mals were most cooperative and
it only took the vets 5 minutes per Mal to
do the ECG compared with 7-10 minutes per
dog for the other teams. Jacob was so co-
operative that they were able to get lots of
readings of his QRS spike over 3 mv, a sign
 September 2008                          IESDA SLEDTRACKS                                     page 5

                       IESDA Meeting Minutes: July 12, 2008

Meeting called to order by Jeanne Arnold.             Rathdrum yard sale will be August 1st and 2nd,
                                                      instead July at Judy’s. We will take the items from
Old Business—Steve will look at Cushman to see        this one. Whatever we have left will be donated to
if it could be fixed. Look about fixing it and put-   St. Vincent's.
ting it up for sale. Using that money to buy an en-
gine for the Cushman we bought from Arlene            Dirt Rendezvous November 1st and 2nd. Brendia
McCoul. Vince will contact Steve on it.               to order trophies which will be paid for by Alpine
                                                      Outfitters. Brendia will order Porta Potties. And
Race Manual - Bob is working on a race manual         will check with Donna on source. Race Marshal to
to provide a guide for future events as Brendia is    be Vince and Richard.
retiring from the Secretary-Treasurer position after
this year after 23 years!                            Pull Training Class for Spokane Parks will be held
                                                     late September. Club to organize another class at
Call on Timber Days to find out about a booth in     Farragut State Park in Sept. or Oct.
the park. We are not doing a float for the parade
this year. We can sell shirts, bumper stickers, and Let Vicky know when to pick up stuff from Ar-
patches and give out pamphlets on the race. Jill     lene's for next yard sale.
will bring the photo album she made for the club.
                                                     Meeting adjourned.

           Inland Empire Sled Dog Association
     PRESIDENT                           JEANNE ARNOLD                        208-773-7707
     VICE-PRESIDENT                      VICKY MASSEY                         208-623-6242
     SECRETARY/TREASURER                 BRENDIA HEINTZELMAN                  509-447-5744
     NEWSLETTER EDITORS                  JILL and BOB WILSON                  208-683-2387
     TRAIL CHAIR                         WENDY BOOTH                          208-443-2938

The purpose of the INLAND EMPIRE SLED DOG ASSOCIATION Newsletter is to provide
an open forum for communication and information about sled dog related sports in the
Northwest and neighboring areas. Advertising of up to one inch of space is free to
members, with an additional cost of $2.00 per inch over the first inch. Articles published
in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the INLAND EMPIRE SLED
DOG ASSOCIATION. Permission to reprint or use articles from this newsletter must be
given by the editors of the INLAND EMPIRE SLED DOG ASSOCIATION (208-683
 September 2008                     IESDA SLEDTRACKS                               page 6

                                  Classified Ads
Dog Box: 8 hole dog box for short box          Three wheel dog cart: Heavy gauge metal
pickup. Asking $900.00. 3 Wheel Cart, asking   throughout. Good brakes. Good condition.
$350.00. For more information contact Steve    Will handle 4 to 6 dogs. Asking $550.00 but
Marsh at (509) 226-0715                        am willing to negotiate. For more information
                                               contact Carol Payne at
AKC Siberian Husky: 8 years old. Black or call (509) 738—
and white with one blue and one brown eye.     2480.
Housebroken, mellow in house. Needs boost-
ers but otherwise up on immunizations.         Dog Truck: 1990 4WD Ford XLT with Cus-
Owner needs to find a new home for this dog    tom Dog Box. Manual Transmission. 150,000
due to changing family situation. Asking       + miles. 10 hole dog box plus storage on flat-
$150.00. For more information contact Stacie   bed. Asking $2000.00 OBO. Contact Bob or
Davis at or (509) 747-       Jill Wilson at (208) 683– 2387.

IESDA Schedule of Events:

Fun Run at Malcolm's ------------------- Oct 4

Pull Training Class ---------------------- Oct 11

Roslyn Rig Rendezvous 1 ---------- Oct 11-12

Fall Highway Cleanup and Meeting -- Oct 18

Roslyn Rig Rendezvous ------------ Oct 25-26

Spokane Dirt Rendezvous ------------ Nov 1-2

January Race Planning Meeting --------- TBA
Golden Corral Restaurant

Priest Lake Sled Dog Races ----- Feb 7-8, 09
 September 2008                          IESDA SLEDTRACKS                             page 7

Below is a list of Sponsors for the Priest Lake Sled   Donna Daymude
Dog Race. Please be sure to make an effort to let      6497 Stone Lodge Rd.
them know that we appreciate their sponsorship         Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026
either by dropping by or sending a letter with your
thanks. This could mean a difference between           JACKPINE FARMS
having a race next year or not. Thank you from the     Wendy and Steve Booth
Inland Empire Sled dog Association                     PO 444
                                                       Nordman ID 83848
                                                       MOSS ENGRAVING
PO Box 1728
Marysville WA 98270
Phone/fax (360) 659-3800
                                                       OLA J ENGLUND, DDS
                                                       6817 N. Cedar, Suite 200
                                                       Spokane WA 99208
Tom Palmer
                                                       PANHANDLE STATE BANK
42604 N. Hatch Rd
                                                       P.O. Box 1847
Deer Park WA 99006
                                                       Priest River, ID 83856
                                                       PEND OREILLE VETERINARY CLINIC
6931 Deer Valley Road
                                                       PO BOX 503
Newport WA 99156
                                                       Oldtown ID 83848
                                                       PET STOP
Jim and Susie Malcolm
                                                       10464 N. Government Way
735 Shadow Green Road
                                                       Hayden ID 83835
Blanchard ID 83804
                                                       PRIEST LAKE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                       PO BOX 174
Jill and Bob Wilson
                                                       COOLIN ID 83821-0174
7875 E Highway 54
Athol ID 83854
                                                       REAL ESTATE MARKETPLACE NW
                                                       Jim Palmer, Sr
                                                       PO Box 1252
Signs, Silk Screening Clothing
                                                       Deer Park WA 99006
And Promotional Items
                                                       SEEBER’S PHARMACY
Newport, WA99156
                                                       336 S. Washington Ave
                                                       Box 609
                                                       Newport WA 99156
Reeder Bay
Priest Lake Idaho 83848
                                                       SPIRIT OF THE WIND SIBERIANS
                                                       Jeanne Arnold and Judy Cowan
                                                       4668 Carpenter Loop
Priest River ID
                                                       Post Falls ID 83854
                                                       TRI-STATE OUTFITTERS
4777 West Lakeshore Road
Priest Lake ID 83848                                   6275 Sunshine Street
                                                       Coeur d’ Alene ID 83814
 September 2008                      IESDA SLEDTRACKS                           page 8


     Date                Race              Location            RGO
Oct 11-12, 2008      Roslyn 1 Cart Race   Roslyn, WA    Northwest Sled Dog Assoc

Oct 25-26, 1008      Roslyn 1 Cart Race   Roslyn WA     Northwest Sled Dog Assoc

Nov 1-2, 2008        Spokane Dirt         Spokane WA Inland Empire Sled Dog Assoc

Jan 3-4 , 2009       Frog Lake 1, PNC     Frog Lake     Cascade Sled Dog Club
                                          Snow Park

Jan 14-17, 2009      Eagle Cap Extreme    Joseph OR

Jan 17-18, 2009      Chemult 1 (not PNC) Chemult OR Pacific States Sled Dog Assoc
                                         Warren Haring
                                         Snow Park

Jan 23-25, 2009      Siskiyou Sled Dog    Siskiyou CA

Jan 24-25, 2009      Super Mush           Conconully    Northwest Sled Dog Assoc

Jan 30-Feb 1, 2009   Lake Davis           Lake Davis    Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers

Jan 30-Feb 1, 2009   Cascade Quest        Leavenworth Northwest Sled Dog Assoc

Feb 7-8, 2009        Priest Lake PNC      Priest Lake   Inland Empire Sled Dog Assoc

Feb 14-15, 2009      Chester PNC          Chester, CA   Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers

Feb 14-15, 2009      100 Mile House       100 Mile

Feb 21-22, 2009      Frog Lake 2          Frog Lake   Cascade Sled Dog Association
                                          Sno Park OR

Feb 26—Mar 1, 2009 Chemult 2              Chemult OR Pacific States Sled Dog Assoc
                   Possible PNC
                                      The Inland Empire Sled Dog Association presents:

                                        Pull Training Clinic
                                 A hands-on harness training class for dogs of all
                                         Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008
                                             9:00 am - Noon
                                 Farragut State Park – Flyer’s Field

Pull training is a great way to get started in the exciting sports of scootering,
carting, and skijoring.
      Learn how to train your dog to be a reliable worker
      Training techniques for dogs of all levels
      Conditioning methods for working dogs
      Safety for dog and owner stressed at all times
We will cover:
   Equipment
   Basic pulling techniques
   How to get started with a scooter or cart

You will need:
   Your dog(s)
   A leash
   Water and dog treats
   A harness (if you don’t have one, we can
     fit one of ours)
   A bicycle helmet
   Mountain bike or scooter (Optional)

Cost: $25
All participants must have a park pass, available at the visitor’s center
For registration or information – Bob or Jill Wilson: 208-683-2387
                All proceeds to benefit the Inland Empire Sled Dog Assn.
                          Spokane Dirt Rondy
                          Sled Dog Cart and Scooter Race
           Sponsored by the Inland Empire Sled Dog Association
                                    November 1 and 2, 2008
                          Riverside State Park, Spokane, WA
                         Medal Events                                Entry Fee

                          2-dog sprint                               $15
                          4-dog sprint                               $15
                          6-dog sprint                               $15
                          8-dog sprint                               $15
2- and 4-dog teams will run a 2 mile, loop trail. The 6 and 8 dog teams will run a 5 mile loop trail. The trail
will be 12 feet wide, mostly flat and dirt. Spare carts will be available for those that do not have them. No
motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails.

Directions (From S, E, and W of Spokane):                      From I90 take Division St. north to Francis St.
and turn left onto Francis St. At the end of Francis, bear right onto Route 291 North. Turn left onto Seven
Mile Road. Immediately after crossing bridge, turn left onto Riverside Dr. Follow signs to parking area.

Directions (From N of Spokane):                Take the Dennison-Chatteroy exit off of Route 2 (turn at
Chatteroy Hills diner). Follow this road and cross Rt. 395 and Monroe St. Turn left onto Swenson Road.
Swenson intersects with Rt. 291. Turn left onto Rt. 291 and follow this south. Turn right onto Seven Mile
Road. Immediately after crossing bridge, turn left onto Riverside Dr. Follow signs to parking area.

Drivers meeting at 8:00 AM both days. Required for all drivers.

On Saturday the Inland Empire Sled Dog Association invites all participants to a Chili dog Feast
following the completion of all heats.

Lodging Available, closest to race site:
Apple Tree Inn 9508 N Division St (509) 466-3020
Comfort Inn 7111 N. Division St (509) 467-7111
Howard Johnson Inn North 3033 N Division St (509) 326-5500
                             Spokane Dirt Rondy
      November 1 and 2, 2008 Riverside State Park, Spokane, WA
                          Race Entry Form

Make checks payable to the Inland Empire Sled Dog Association. Mail Entries to: Frank Caccavo,
5553 Rocky Top Way, Deer Park, WA 99006. (509) 262-9722.

                         2-dog Sprint ________________ @$15 $ _________________
                         4-dog Sprint ________________ @$15 $ _________________
                         6-dog Sprint ________________ @$15 $
                         8-dog Sprint ______________ @$15_________________$

                                                              TOTAL $ ______________

I hereby absolve the Inland Empire Sled Dog Association, all sponsors, landowners and all race officials
of any responsibility for any accident, incident or injury while participating in the sled dog races. I fur-
ther agree to be responsible for the conduct of all persons in my party and all dogs in my possession
while in the Riverside Park area.

Name of Driver                                                     Team

        Driver’s signature

         Address                                                   Phone

        City                                      State                             Zip

Owners Signature________________________________________________________________
Bob & Jill September 2008                      IESDA SLEDTRACKS                        page 12
25411 N. Ramsey Rd.
7875 E. Hwy 54                                                                              Stamp
Athol, ID 83801                                                                              Here

           Inland Empire Sled Dog Assn.
           Membership Form

           Name _________________________________________________________

           Address _______________________________________________________

           City, State, Zip _________________________________________________


           Email _________________________________________________________

           Membership Categories:
           Associate—$10/year                     Membership Categories:
           (Make checks payable to IESDA)
           (Newsletter Only)                      Renewal __________________________
           General—$20/year                       New _____________________________
           (Newsletter Only)
                 Mail Memberships to:              Mail Memberships to:
                                               Brendia Heintzelman
                                                   Brendia Heintzelman
                                               6831 Deer Valley Rd.
           New _____           Renewal _____       6831 WA 99156
                                               Newport, Deer Valley Rd.
                                                  Newport, WA 99156

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