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1. Phonic Ear Staff Changes                                       • Phonic Ear E-Seminar
2. Phonic Ear Celebrates 40th Anniversary                         • Technical Tips
3. Phonic Ear Receives ISO Certification                          • New Speaker Mounts

                      P.E.N. PALS
 Volume 1 • Issue 9
 April 2003

 A   Phonic Ear Network for Friends • • • • •                                               Coast to Coast

     Getting to             Phonic Ear Staff Changes . . . Hello and Goodbye . . .
     Know Us                February 28th, 2003 marked the last day for a familiar voice at the end of the phone line.
                            Carol Van Lierop ended her Phonic Ear career after 14 years and started a new chapter
                            in her retirement years. Emails and phone calls came from many, many customers. We all
                            wish Carol well in her new endeavours.
                            The following is an update on our amazing team:

Customer Support
Cindy Rutz is our lead Customer Service and Program Coordinator. Cindy coordinates          ext. 256
our evaluation, trade and service contract program. She also assists with customer calls    email:
for information, questions and orders.
Jimmy Bains is our Service Coordinator. He logs in and invoices all service repair items. ext. 282
He also assists with customer calls and orders.                                           email:

Christelle Company, our Bilingual Customer Support is the newest addition to our            ext. 252
team. Christelle originates from Paris, France and is totally fluent in English & French.   email:
In-the-field Territory Managers
The following individuals are able to visit you to discuss your equipment needs,
demonstrate products, conduct workshops and help you finalize your orders. They are:
Daniela Durante, Bilingual Territory Manager covers all of Ontario (except the 613 area)    ext. 245

Brendan Mathers, Bilingual Territory Manager covers ‘613’ Ontario, Quebec                   ext. 272
and the Atlantic Provinces                                                        

Sean Reily, Territory Manager covers British Columbia, Alberta, Sasketchewan,               ext. 273
and Manitoba                                                                                email:
And, still in place
Brock Neuman, Managing Director                                                             ext. 290
Karen Stefanishyn, National Sales & Service Manager                                         ext. 229
Randy Patten, Technical Support                                                             ext. 233
Peter Stone, Service Technician - backup technical support                                  ext. 233
                                                                                               1963 Scott and Ruth Holden form
                                                 Phonic Ear                                    what will become Phonic Ear and
                                                                                               release their first speech therapy
                                               Celebrates it’s                                 product, the PHONIC MIRROR

                                              40th Anniversary                                 1968 First FM system developed for
                                                                                               hearing-impaired students in schools

                                                                                               1971 Phonic Ear International
                       Phonic Ear has been an industry leader in Canada
                                                                                               founded in Copenhagen, Denmark
                       providing the total solution for hearing accessibility.
                       Phonic Ear is the only company in Canada to                             1973 Phonic Ear Ltd. founded in
                       provide acoustic accessibility to the classroom, home                   Ontario, Canada
                       and public venue market (like churches, theatres and
                                                                                               1978 The Buffalo Philharmonic
                       cinemas). We are the only company to provide you                        Orchestra uses a Phonic Ear bodyworn
                       with four choices in Sound field amplification: Easy                    FM system in one of the first
Listener FM, Radium FM, Vocalight Infrared and Toteable FM. We also                            commercial applications
provide you with the greatest number of personal FM choices: Solaris, Easy
                                                                                               1990 Phonic Ear builds the first sound
Listener, and Sprite. Look this year for the introduction of even more                         field classroom amplification system
choice in product and above all, our continued commitment to customer
service.                                                                                       1992 Phonic Ear introduced the
                                                                                               EASY LISTENER sound field system
Aside from all of the product innovations and availability,                                    1994 FREEEAR our first behind-the-ear
congratulations and thanks need to go out to you, each                                         FM system, is introduced
and everyone of you trying to make a difference in
someone’s life by providing them acoustic accessibility.                                       1996 Introduced SOLARIS multichannel
                                                                                               personal FM system
It is our pleasure to work with you and thank you in
helping us celebrate our 40th anniversary . . . without                                        1998 Introduced SOLARIS BINAURAL
you it just couldn’t happen!                                                                   multi-channel hearing system
                                                                                               Received ISO 9001 certification
                                                                                               Introduced TOTEABLE sound field
    How to Get "Hung Up" with our New Speaker Mounts
                                                                                               1999 Introduced ONWAVE DDS,
 We have changed our speaker brackets in order to allow for maximum flexibility in             a wireless audio product for
 mounting placement for your AT 578 mini speakers. These are the speakers that are             churches, theatres, and stadiums
 packaged with our Easy Listener Sound field or our Vocalight Sound field. We all know
 that the ideal mounting spot for a speaker may not be a reality because of obstacles
                                                                                               2000 SPRITE behind-the-ear
 (such as windows, blackboards, etc.). The new mounts for the speakers allow you to
 position your speakers and then have full rotation opportunity with the bracket.
                                                                                               FM system introduced
                                                                                               Launched VOCALIGHT infrared
 Below is the picture to explain. Please be sure to give us your feedback, we're always        sound field system
 striving to provide you with the best options and applications for your classroom             Introduced MULTILANG tour
 applications.                                                                                 commentary system
    mounting mini speakers on wall
                                                                                               2001 RADIUM portable sound
                                       1   Screw wall bracket into wall
                                                                                               field system introduced
                                       2   Screw harness into round hole in wall bracket

                                       3   Screw speaker onto wall bracket
                                                                                               2002 Merged with Logia, a respected
                                                                                               Danish developer of assistive
                                       4   Attach harness to top of speaker                    listening devices and systems
                                       5   Attach speaker wires to the back of the speaker
                                                                                               2003 A milestone anniversary-
                                       6   Aim the speaker to desired position
                                                                                               Phonic Ear celebrates 40 years
                                       7   Secure speaker by tightening the ball joint using   of better speech and hearing
                                           a 4mm Hex Key
                                                                             Phonic Ear - Built to last
         Coming Soon!
    Phonic Ear E-Seminar                                                    Marie-Claude Bruneau, Hearing Loss Resource
                                                                            Director at the Ministry of Education, Estrie Regional
                                                                            office in Sherbrooke Quebec had a PE210R, a single
Phonic Ear will soon be hosting their very first e-seminar. To              channel FM Receiver Amplifier stolen from one of
ensure you don’t miss out on this learning experience make sure             her schools in the middle of last winter.
you send us your email address. To do this simply visit our web-
site at and click on the “email address” link. A
                                                                            With the arrival of Spring,
screen will pop-up requesting you to fill-in the required fields. Be        the unit was found half
sure to have ready the following information: Account Number,               buried in a melting snow
                                                                            bank. Marie-Claude was
First Name, Last Name, School or Business Name, Work Phone
                                                                            sure that it would not work
Number, Email address, Territory Manager and Category.*                     after spending five months
                                                                            in the outdoors. The good
* To ensure we communicate to you properly we have set up categories        thing was she never bothered
to help us communicate news that would benefit you. You will be             to throw it out.
asked to select one category that best describes you. Teacher of the Deaf
and Hard of Hearing, Speech Language Pathologist, Audiology Clinic,
Sound Contractor, Sound Consultant, Dispenser, and Dispensing               Well, having no lack of confidence in product
Audiologist. For those of you who have discovered the power of              performance and durability, Brendan Mathers,
e-learning, we are confident that our e-seminar will have everything        Territory Manager for Quecbec checked out the unit
you need to learn about our exciting new product.                           for Marie-Claude and it worked like a charm!

                                              Receives ISO Certification
Phonic Ear Canada is now certified under the international quality standards of
ISO Q9002:1994 and 13488:1996 Quality Management System. The audit was
conducted by ITS - Intertek Testing Systems, an internationally recognized reg-
istration company.

"The certification of Phonic Ear represents the culmination of many months of
hard and dedicated work by our employees," says Brock Neuman, Phonic Ear
Canada Managing Director. "The quality of our products has
always been a Phonic Ear trademark. Quality is a major
reason that we have been in business for over 40 years.
Phonic Ear realizes that just selling a product or products
is not enough. Manufacturing must be top notch and
servicing our customers must be our first priority. Our                             Phonic Ear ISO Audit Team
products have to be the best and our processes to make                              (l-r) Sheeraz Rahim -Quality Control Technician, ISO Internal Auditor,
                                                                                    Simona Radencich -Human Resources, ISO QS Rep/Lead Auditor,
them, even better.                                                                  Raj Sidhu -Shell Lab Technician, ISO Internal Auditor,
                                                                                    Randy Patten -Team Lead Technician, ISO Internal Auditor
Phonic Ear has instilled a high discipline within our organization which in

turn requires us to have standard operating procedures for all job functions that
have an impact on quality and customer service and support”.

 “Over the last year we have seen our company's team spirit reach a new level”, says Simona Radencich,Human Resources
 Generalist. “Every employee now realizes even more than ever the important role they play in ensuring our products are of
 the highest quality. They also realize how important this certification is to our customers because it assures them they are
 working with a company that not only puts people first but quality as well.”
                                             Technical Tips
            N EW
                              Thanks to our fantastic in-house-tech support team, Phonic Ear is able to address
                              technical questions, applications and modifications like no other company in the
                              industry. Our easily available Customer Service team, out-in-the-field Territory
                              Managers and in-house Technical Support team are all capable of handling applica-
                              tion type questions. The degree of difficulty or your need may dictate who you need
                              to start with. Your Territory Manager or Customer Service Representative should be
                              who you start with first and if need be, they’ll put you in touch with our technicnal
                              support team.
Here are some tips on the common calls we get:

Mic plugs: Ensure these are pushed deep into the jacks. This is a tight-fitting connection and not pushing the plug in
all the way may result in static.

Radium Mics
The only available standard microphone is the behind-the-neck boom mic with no mute switch. Any other microphone
choice you would like is available with a modification and a fee of $20.00.

“Bollo-mics” need to be positioned as high up as your collar bones. Two problems may result if they are not:
 (1) signal cut-out
 (2) poor sound quality since mic proximity is compromised.

Vocalight Sensors
Feedback from customers has indicated to us that number one spot for an external sensor is above the blackboard.

Easy Listener Sound field (SF)
Noise can come from a variety of sources in a classroom: other electrical sources that share the electrical outlet with
your sound field, batteries more than 11/2 - 2 years old, fluorescent ballasts, computers, other inside/outside sources.
Check our website for further troubleshooting tips.

       Be sure to check with your Territory Manager or our in-house team regarding the
            latest programs we have got going to help you enhance your program.

 How St. Theresa’s School got a free Sound field

 Last year St.Theresa’s School at 110 Mundy Pond Road, St John’s,                     Please send in any
                                                                                  stories, testimonials, ideas,
 Newfoundland purchased a Sound field system for a teacher with
                                                                                    comments and/ or ques-
 nodules. Prior to the system, the teacher first missed school 9 days, then       tions you may have for my
 another 6 to 7 days due to vocal fatigue. Once the Sound field was in                     next issue!
                                                                                      Please e-mail me at:
 place, the teacher did not miss a day. Essentially,
 the system paid for it self! The Students benefited                                or fax to: 905-677-7760
 from their teacher being in class all year long.                                     or give me a call at
                                                                                   1-800-263-8700, ext 229.

                                                                                    Karen Stefanishyn, Editor

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