Tutorial – Chapter 2

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					 Tutorial – Chapter 2

 Part A: Multiple Choice
 Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

 1. The most popular Internet activity is
    a. going shopping                                 c. playing games, reading, listening to music
    b. conducting research                            d. communicating with others
 2. The fastest-growing application for the Internet is
    a. going shopping
    b. conducting research
    c. playing games, reading, and listening to music
    d. using e-mail
 3. The ____ is the multimedia interface to resources available on the Internet.
    a. Web                                          c. browser
    b. ISP                                          d. URL
 4. The term ISP refers to
    a. internal software protocol                     c. Internet service provider
    b. international shareware pool                   d. interface standard protocol
 5. A ____ program provides access to Web resources.
    a. Web                                      c. browser
    b. ISP                                      d. URL
 6. In a client/server network, the user’s computer is considered the
    a. server                                        c. Web site
    b. client                                        d. library
 7. Rules for exchanging data between computers are called
    a. programs                                  c. protocols
    b. procedures                                d. hyperlinks
 8. The extensions .gov, .edu, .mil, and .net are called
    a. DNSs                                           c. domain codes
    b. e-mail targets                                 d. mail to addresses
 9. Connections to other documents or to other locations within a Web site are
    a. filters                                     c. plug-ins
    b. hyperlinks                                  d. bots
10. Unwanted and unsolicited e-mails are called
    a. spam                                           c. flame
    b. junk                                           d. lurk
11. Newsgroups use a special network of computers called the
    a. UseNet                                    c. AddressNet
    b. MailNet                                   d. ChannelNet
12. A popular chat service is called
    a. IM-Chat                                        c. Internet Protocol Chat
    b. UseNet Chat                                    d. Internet Relay Chat
13. Before you submit a contribution to a discussion group, you should first
    a. lurk                                         c. queue
    b. signal                                       d. ping
14. These search engines receive the results, eliminate duplicates, order the hits, and then provide the
    edited list to you
    a. megasearch engines                           c. keyword search engines
    b. metasearch engines                           d. directory search engines
15. Buying and selling goods over the Internet is called ____.
    a. hyper-marketing                              c. e-commerce
    b. cyber-selling                                d. euro-conversion
16. This type of electronic commerce involves the sale of a product or service to the general public.
    a. B2C                                         c. C2C
    b. B2P                                         d. B2B
17. This type of e-commerce often takes the form of an electronic version of the classified ads or an
    a. B2C                                         c. G2C
    b. C2C                                         d. B2B
18. Another name for electronic cash or e-cash, the Internet equivalent to traditional cash, is
    a. cybercash and analog cash                    c. carders and cybercom
    b. digital cash and cybercom                    d. cybercash and digital cash
19. ____ are specialized utility programs that make using the Internet and the Web easier and safer.
    a. Telecom                                      c. Norton Utilities
    b. Web utilities                                d. Web firewalls
20. An Internet standard for transferring files is known as
    a. IRC                                            c. FTP
    b. Telnet                                         d. WAIS

Part B: True/False
Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

21. The Web is another name for the Internet.

22. Regional service providers offer access through standard telephone connections. Users can access
    the Internet from almost anywhere within the country without incurring long-distance telephone

23. Browsers are programs that provide access to Web resources.

24. Users of the Internet are part of a large client/server network.
25. In the Internet address "”, the domain name is maryellen.

26. The three parts of an e-mail message are the header, message, and signature.

27. Unwelcome e-mail is called spam.

28. Web storefronts are virtual stores for B2C electronic commerce.

29. A plug-in is an independent program that can be executed by the browser to add capabilities.

30. Filter programs can monitor use and generate reports about Internet usage on your computer.

Part C: Completion
Complete each sentence or statement.

31. While connected to the Internet, the user’s computer is the ____________________ that requests
    services from the provider’s computer or server.

32. ____________________ are special programs that are typically written in a programming
    language called Java.

33. To use instant messaging (IM), you specify a list of friends (also known as
    ____________________ or contacts) and register with an instant message server.

34. Reading the communications of others before you join a discussion group is called

35. In a ____________________ search, you enter a phrase reflecting the information you want.

36. In a directory search, also known as an ____________________ search, you select a category or
    topic that fits the information you want.

37. This basic type of e-commerce (____________________) involves individuals selling to

38. This basic type of e-commerce (____________________) involves the sale of a product or
    service from one business to another.

39. ____________________ cash is the Internet’s equivalent to traditional cash.

40. ____________________ is the ability to copy files to your computer from the Internet.

Part D: Open Ended

41. List three commercial Internet service providers.

42. Label and define the elements of a typical e-mail message.

43. Explain the parts of a URL.
44. Differentiate between a mailing list and a newsgroup.

45. Explain how a chat group differs from instant messaging.

46. Describe what is meant by lurking on the Internet.

47. Describe what electronic commerce is, and explain the three basic types.

48. Telnet and FTP are Internet standards. Describe each of these concepts.

49. What is a "plug-in?"

50. Explain the function and necessity for filters on the Internet.

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