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Miss Contestant Packet - Miss Greater Hampton Roads Schol


									                              Scholarship Pageant 2013

                                     “A Stepping Stone to Miss Virginia”
                          An affiliate of the Miss Virginia and Miss America Organizations

                         Miss Contestant Packet
                                Bud Moulse, Executive Director
                                              Cell (757) 477-0819
                           Debbie Moulse, Co-Executive Director
                                              Cell (757) 407-7603

                           (please do not communicate via Facebook – use email please)

                                 Saturday, November 17, 2012
                                            7:00 pm
                           Barry Robinson Theatre & Fine Arts Center
           Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School, 4552 Princess Anne Road, Va. Beach
                            Deadline to enter – November 4, 2012

The Miss Greater Hampton Roads Scholarship Pageant provides an opportunity for young ladies to win
scholarships, develop poise, confidence, show stage presence, enhance interview skills, and improve
speaking ability. In addition, the young ladies will make public appearances and volunteer for community
                                Requirements to Enter
                                   (This is an “open” pageant)
 Meet time and responsibility commitments as set forth by the Executive Director for the Miss Greater
  Hampton Roads Scholarship Pageant.
 Required to attend the Miss Virginia Workshop scheduled for April 13, 2013 and to compete in the
  Miss Virginia Pageant the week beginning June 23, 2013 in Roanoke, VA.
 Meet the requirements of the Contestant Agreement (see form below).
 Complete the Contestant Registration Form (see form below).
 Complete an Official Miss America Contract. The Official Miss America contract with mandatory
  attachments & requirements will be sent to you upon receipt of the Contestant Information Form.
 Submit a Platform Statement
 Provide a head & shoulders photograph to be used in the Program Book and Judges’ Books.

                      Meet $100 fundraising requirement for Children’s Miracle Network. Contestants
  must register on line at for this collection requirement. Please note that
  your collection site must show that the required $100 has been raised for Miss Greater Hampton
  Roads in order to be eligible for the Miss Greater Hampton Roads Scholarship Pageant 2012. You
  must also include a copy of your profile page with proof of funds raised. The winner of Miss Greater
  Hampton Roads Scholarship Pageant 2012 will be required to raise $250 for Children’s Miracle
  Network to enter the Miss Virginia Pageant the week of June 23, 2013.
 Meet the following “Rules to Become a Contestant” as set forth by the Miss Virginia Organization

                         Rules to Become a Contestant
        To compete in a local pageant a contestant must fulfill the following requirements
    A contestant must be born female.
    A contestant must be a U.S. citizen.
    A contestant must have never been married.
    A contestant must be a resident of city/town/state for at least six months prior to November 17,
    2012 OR must have fulfilled eligibility requirements by educational status or employment.
    A contestant must have never performed any act or engaged in any activity or employment that is or
    could reasonably be characterized as dishonest, immoral, or indecent.
    A contestant must be between the ages of 17-24 years of age. A high school graduate and no older
    than twenty-four (24) years of age on December 31, 2012 (for Miss America 2013).
    A contestant must be of good moral character and never have been pregnant and is not now
    pregnant nor the adoptive parent of any child and has not been involved at any time in any act of
    moral turpitude.
    A contestant, other than minor or petty offenses, must never have been convicted of any criminal
    offense and there are no criminal charges presently pending against her.
    Must be a high school graduate or have successfully completed the G.E.D. testing program for high
    school equivalency or have successfully completed the academic requirements for entry into a four-
    year college/ university degree program by July 30th immediately preceding the National Finals.
    A contestant must be in good health and can participate fully and without limitation in any program
        A contestant must participate in actual competition in a local pageant within the year immediately
        preceding her competition in the state pageant and be certified the winner of that local.
        A contestant must not use or consume any illegal controlled dangerous substances or abuse the use
        of alcohol or other dangerous substances.

              Please visit the Miss Virginia Organization website for additional requirements @
                     Click on “Become Miss Virginia”

Photo Requirements
Each contestant must provide a head & shoulders photograph that will be printed in the official Program
Book and Judges’ books. You may submit two photos if you wish – one for judges’ books and one for the
program book. Please indicate which photo goes where. Color or black/white photos are acceptable.
Please email photo in a JPG format

Categories of Competition
The contestants participate in five categories of competition, scored 1-10
    Interview - 10 minutes                  25%
    Talent – 90 second maximum limit 35% no live accompanist allowed
    Lifestyle & Fitness Swimsuit            15%
    Evening Wear                            20%
    On Stage Questions                        5% Two on-stage questions will be given. The first question will
       be a light question followed by a question from the Contestant’s Resume & Platform Statement.

Wardrobe Requirements
    Opening Dance Number – Select a “high fashion” ensemble that you would wear on a fashion
     runway. Make it fit your personality. (Example – cool jeans, great shoes, fashionable top OR
     skirt/top or dress that makes you look like a fashion model.
    Interview – Professional dress, skirted suit or pants suit
    Talent - Appropriate costume or attire for stage presentation
    Swimsuit - one or two piece in good taste
    Evening Wear - Long gown any color and style

Agenda for Pageant Production
The competition categories will be performed in this order:
    Opening Number
    Lifestyle and Fitness
    Talent
    Evening Gown
    On Stage Questions
    Intermission
    Special Entertainment, Farewell, Crowning
Gifts and awards for the Winner
      $500 Scholarship Award
      Official Miss America Crown
      Official Miss Greater Hampton Roads Sash
      Physical fitness training at Edge Personal Training
      Parade Car Signs
      Thank You Cards
      Business Cards
      Official Photo Head Shot with crown by Myers Photography
      Hotel and transportation paid to the Miss Virginia Workshop

Host Hotel                        5793 Greenwich Road, Va. Beach, VA 23462 (1-757-490-9800)

A block of rooms will be set aside for Friday and Saturday evenings, November 16 th & 17th
Rate per night - $79.00 plus taxes
When calling to make reservations, please let them know you are with the Miss Greater Hampton Roads
Scholarship Pageant. The deadline for the special room rate is November 2, 2012. Please contact Maria
Brunner at the Hampton Inn if you have any problems in making your reservations.

When and Where
       Interviews:          November 17, 2012 (Saturday)
                            Barry Robinson Theater and Fine Arts Center
                            Time: start 9:00 am (individual interview times will be assigned)

       Rehearsal:           November 17, 2012 (Saturday)
                            Barry Robinson Theater and Fine Arts Center
                            Time: 11:30 am

       Pageant:             November 17, 2012 (Saturday)
                            Barry Robinson Theater and Fine Arts Center
                            Call for Show: 6:00 pm
                            Show Time: 7:00 pm

       Winners’ Cake Party:        November 17, 2012 (Saturday)
                                   Lobby of Barry Robinson Theater and Fine Arts Center
                                   Immediately after the pageant
                                   All contestants & their immediate family & committee members are

       Winners’ Brunch: November 18, 2012 (Sunday)
                            Moulse Residence, 519 Liverpool Court, Chesapeake, VA 23322
                            Time: 12:00 am
                            Miss Greater Hampton Roads 2013 title holders and parents only
Ticket Information

        $15 per Adult
        $ 5 per child 6 years and under
        Free: 2012 Miss Virginia Local Title Holders (Miss, Teen & Preteen) in the
               Miss America System wearing crown and sash
We kindly ask our contestants to sell tickets to help support our program. This is optional but the financial
support will help make this scholarship program a success. Tickets will be distributed to contestants prior
to the date of the pageant. Monies collected and unsold tickets will be turned in at the time of your

Committee and Contact Information

Executive Director: Bud Moulse Cell (757) 477-0819
Co-Executive Director: Debbie Moulse Cell (757) 407-7603
Mailing Address: Miss Greater Hampton Roads
                 519 Liverpool Court, Chesapeake, VA 23322
Production Manager: Mark Graupmann
Assistant Production Manager: Stephanie Van Petten

                                     Contestant Check List
                                Deadline to enter – November 4, 2012

         Please mail to Debbie Moulse at 519 Liverpool Court, Chesapeake, VA 23322
              Contestant Contract with Exhibits A, B, C – signed, initialed & notarized
              Signed Contestant Agreement (form listed below)
              Talent Music CD – labeled with your name & the words “Miss” division
              Copy of Birth Certificate
              Copy of Driver’s License
              CMN Verification & Profile Page showing your CMN contribution of $100

          Please email to Debbie Moulse at
              Contestant Registration Form (form listed below)
              Contestant Contract Exhibit A (emailed copy does not need to be signed, initialed & notarized)
              Photo Headshot (must be emailed in a jpg format)
              Platform Statement
Miss Contestant #________

                               Scholarship Pageant 2013
                                  Contestant Agreement
        Please mail to: Miss Greater Hampton Roads, 519 Liverpool Ct., Chesapeake, VA 23322

       I hereby apply for entry into the Miss Greater Hampton Roads Scholarship Pageant, a duly authorized
   local in the Miss America Pageant System, for the title of Miss Greater Hampton Roads. I hereby agree to
   the following:

      1. As the Miss Greater Hampton Roads Scholarship Pageant winner, I must attend the Miss Virginia
         workshop with my Executive Directors. The pageant organization will pay for transportation to
         and from the workshop and lodging for Friday night. The workshop is scheduled for the spring of
         2013 in Roanoke, VA.
      2. As the Miss Greater Hampton Roads Scholarship Pageant winner, I am required to fundraise $250
         for Children’s Miracle Network to compete at the Miss Virginia Pageant. This is a
         separate/additional requirement to the $100 needed to be raised to compete in a local
         preliminary. Should the contestant win a Local pageant, any excess donations submitted to will automatically roll-over and be applied to the $250 minimum
         required goal for the State pageant.
      3. As a contestant, I will write thank-you notes to my sponsors within 10 days after the pageant.
      4. I understand that rehearsals are closed to anyone aside from the contestants and the pageant
      5. As Miss Greater Hampton Roads, I am to represent the pageant organization and my title in a
         well-groomed and friendly manner and with a good attitude at all public appearances. I
         understand that I must notify the Executive Directors of all appearances for approval. I am
         required to wear crown and sash at all appearances while representing Miss Greater Hampton
      6. I will be required to have the Executive Director and Pageant Committee approve my Miss Virginia
         wardrobe. I also understand that I am responsible for the purchasing of the wardrobe that I will
         need as a contestant in the Miss Virginia Pageant.
      7. I agree to meet with the Miss Greater Hampton Roads Executive Directors and Pageant
         Committee as much as possible to prepare for the Miss Virginia Pageant, including mock
      8. As Miss Greater Hampton Roads, I will be required to perform my Miss Virginia talent, before the
         Executive Director and pageant committee prior to the Miss Virginia Pageant for approval.
9. I agree to turn all Miss Virginia pictures and paperwork in to the Miss Greater Hampton Roads
    Executive Director on or before the deadline date, as required by the Miss Virginia Pageant rules.
10. As Miss Greater Hampton Roads, I understand that I am requested to obtain three full-page
    sponsor ads at $300 each prior to the Miss Virginia workshop.
11. The Miss Virginia Organization will cover housing expenses for the winner from Sunday arrival
    through the following Sunday morning after final competition during the week of the Miss
    Virginia Pageant. All meals after registration on Monday are provided for the contestant through
    the Miss Virginia Organization. Any other expenses, such as room service, movies or Internet fees
    will be the responsibility of the contestant.
12. As Miss Greater Hampton Roads, I will be under contract to follow ALL RULES of the Miss
    Virginia/America Pageants. I must also be willing to follow advice given to me by my Executive
    Director and pageant committee while getting ready for Miss Virginia and during Miss Virginia
    week in Roanoke. Any pageant consultants and/or coaches affiliated with Miss Greater Hampton
    Roads must also discuss with the executive director and pageant committee any guidance or
    advice to be given to the titleholder.
13. I know that my Miss Greater Hampton Roads obligations do not end after the Miss Virginia
    Pageant; they end the night I crown my successor. I am expected to make appearances and
    continue to work with my platform throughout my year of service.
14. Any legal problems during my year of service must be reported to my director within 24 hours.
15. Selection of photographs to be used in the Miss Virginia program book is to be approved by the
    Executive Directors.
16. Personal Appearance – Upon advice of the pageant committee, I must be willing to discuss
    possible changes to my personal appearance (i.e., hairstyle, use of make-up, nail care, tanning,

I agree and will abide by the rules set forth in this agreement.

I have also read the contestant rules (see Miss Virginia Organization website and
click on “Become Miss Virginia”) & I am eligible to compete under the guide lines set for contestants.

Signature of Contestant                                                           Date
Miss Contestant #________

                                      Scholarship Pageant 2013
                                   Contestant Registration Form
      Please email this form to: Debbie Moulse
    The Official Miss America contract w/mandatory attachments will be sent to you upon receipt of this Registration Form

Full Name:                                           Nickname:
(as you wish it to appear in the program book)

Parents Name:

Home Address (Street, City, Zip):

Home Phone:                                          Cell Phone:

Email Address:

Date of Birth:         Current Age:                Age on December 31, 2012:

High School:            Year Graduated:

College:                  Class:


Do you prefer us using your college address for mailing purposes? If yes, please list college address:

What is your platform issue?

What is your talent?                              Title of Music:

Are you using a music CD?                Will you use a mic?  Hand  Stand  Foot  Lavalier
To set the stage for your talent performance, please write your own talent introduction. (25 words or less):

Please fill in your name and list Children’s Miracle Network Hospital volunteer hours and/or donations:

                              2013 Local CMNH Donations Form

                     Contestant Name                              CMNH Hours         CMNH Donations

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