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Ability Spec Form
Submittal Date:                                        Requested Due Date*:
Requested By:                                          Anticipated Install Date:
Project Name:                                          Project Location:
Key Contact Person**:
   Office Phone:                                       Cell Phone:
   Email Address:
Number of Stations:                      Number of Offices:                        Number of Linear Feet:
Teknion Sales Mgr:
Dealership Name:
Dealership Location:

Product(s)*** to be specified:

* Non-standard product/finishes may affect requested due date completion time.
** Plans, Bill of Materials and other information in PDF format will be emailed to the Key Contact Person.
*** Please note that a specification form for each product line being specified must be completed and submitted.

                Type of Project:        Standard           GSA Contract     State Contract        Price Protected
                       Is Project:      Speculative        Existing     RFP       Qualified Order         Mock-up
         Was a Mock-up ordered:         Yes                No
         Are Specials anticipated:      Yes                No

Scope of work/additional information (For product specific details, comment in notes section of the corresponding
product specification form(s)):

 Teknion LLC’s CAD Services specification support is provided on occasion as a courtesy in conjunction with
 new product launches, complex and integrated product solutions and for new Dealers in development. In
 these instances, CAD Services will produce a plan and bill of materials. Please note however, that it is the
 responsibility of the Dealer of record to still verify that the design intent has been interpreted accurately and
 appropriately, that all areas of the request have been captured, and all products and components are
 accounted for. Claims that are submitted against CAD Services, especially surrounding appropriate product
 and finish applications, will not be accepted.

 Further Questions/Comments? Email CAD Services at: TekCAD@tekus.com. Thank you.

     1                                                                                Revised- 01MAY09
                         Work Tables                Partner Tables                    Gathering Tables
                         Amigos Tables              Quick Shift Tables
    Surface Finish       Foundation                 Wood Veneer GR1                  Flintwood
   Edge Trim Style       PVC Flat                   PVC Bullnose                     Wood Flat
                         Wood Bullnose
       Legs/Base         Foundation                 Mica (Where Available)
           Casters       Lockable Casters           Casters                          Levelers
Height Adjustment        Counter Balance            Increment                        Electric Standard
            Crank        Modesty                    Top Surface                      Electric Increased
 Table Accessories       Modesty Panel              Rectangular Shelf                Curved Shelf
                         Fabric Table Screen        Translucent Table Screen         Table Rail
                         Monitor Screen             Table Tray (Black Only)
Storage                  Square Caddie         Oval Caddie
                         Double Caddie Rectangular                     Double Caddie Accessory
                         Large Trolley Rectangular                     Large Trolley Bean
                         Large Trolley Rollo                           Small Trolley

              Kiosk      Kiosk- Box/Box/File                           Kiosk- File/File
                         Kiosk- Box/Box/File/Tambour                   Kiosk- File/File/Tambour
                         Kiosk- Storage/Tambour                        Kiosk- Storage/Storage
                         Kiosk- Full Metal Door                        Kiosk- Wardrobe

          Kiosk Acc.     White Board                   Fabric Tackboard              Mesh Tackboard
                         Coat Hook

      Finish Colors      Foundation            Mica
       Fabric Grade      A                     1                       2                     3
     Surface Finish      Foundation            Flintwood               Wood Veneer
         Edge Trim       PVC Bullnose          PVC Flat          Flintwood Bullnose         Flintwood Flat
                Key      Alike                 Random
            Casters      Lockable              Casters                 Levelers
           Outpost       Outpost Column              Outpost Port            Outpost Column Up-light
                         Outpost Column Sails        Outpost Countertop      Outpost Signage
               Feed      Base Feed                   Ceiling Feed
              Finish     Foundation                  Mica
                         Mobile Task Board       Mobile Task Board w/ Accessory Rail     Bin
Accessories              Book Organizer       Media Bin           Drawer

    Please note that if relevant information is not supplied Teknion’s CAD Services Department may
    not make the necessary assumptions to specify the project and we will put the project on hold. All
    revisions will be scheduled based upon the CAD Services Department’s workload and require the
    Dealer Audit Request Form completed and submitted.

    2                                                                             Revised- 01MAY09

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