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					A trip that should be imitated
This story I (the author) is to provide ibroh write to us all, especially my own suffering and
kesusahahpayahan us in the path of truth is not much, even if we compare with the salafushalih.
I took this story is the story of man in this period, which is very rare and difficult to find people who have
the same ghiroh seemed in tholabul 'ilm. I wrote this story is based on a true story, which I heard the
story itself by one source (akhowat) reliable who knows the story ... wallahua'lam. Hopefully this story
will motivate and inspire us to be more zealous in pursuing knowledge syar'ie ... Baarokallohufiikum ......
In a remote area, there are a couple who are very ascetic .... they have not been blessed with a son
because it is still considered a young bride. Keep in mind the husband was a very diligent studying, he is
someone who has an incredible spirit to obtain knowledge. Even before when she wanted to get
married, he does not have enough money for a penny a akhowat woo, and eventually he went to one
teacher at ma'had which time he studied there just to ask for advice on how he can get married. He was
very aware that he was not handsome, and well established in the job because of his youth was spent in
almost ma'had. The chaplain also appreciate his determination and in the end the man's wedding fund.
The husband in his youth was a disciple who recognized his cleverness in ma'hadnya. Some fellow and
chaplain praised in scientific terms. One day her husband intending to visit a dauroh outside the city.
Because he has not had a permanent job (still odd-red-) so he and his wife thought about how to keep
the husband can go to visit dauroh the economy despite their very mediocre. The distance that the very
deep, thus requiring no small cost. While earning their daily meals alone is not enough. The husband is
not a lazy in making a living, but qadarallah .... God has established just such a fortune. Yet he remains
passionate in his life.
One day his wife are very qona'ah thanks our Allah and asceticism, took the initiative to dismantle the
savings that a few months he collected in the storage box. Qaddarallah ..... the money collected is only
Rp 10,000, -.
Imagine, O reader,,,, even the eyes like crying as I type this story .... In one day we can hold tens of
thousands, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even until one reaches millions par ... asceticism With
keistiqomahan and she does not ever complain to collect 100 silver (USD 100, -) any benefits that her
husband was not every day he got .....
The wife immediately collect the money and take the initiative to make provision arem-arem (Java
language), which is a kind of rice wrapped in banana leaves fist for the journey her husband. That's all
the wife can give to her husband as an expression of love and affection ....
The husband was then left to bring lunch and prayer from his wife for his education .... He went out on
foot ..... yah!! just walk away for a distance of tens of kilometers menepuh!!! (Wallahua'lam) Because he
did not bring any money to go ... just a few pieces arem-arem and the clothes on his body that he
carried out of the city ... Subhanallooh .....
Journey he traveled 3 days 3 nights with both feet without any vehicle .... Finally he reached the dauroh
implemented, only on foot and in a makeshift shelter during the trip .....
Dauroh finally begins ... for dauroh he was very excited to take the knowledge he received, he took the
front rows and close to the cleric presenters. But moments later he was reprimanded by someone next
to him because every few minutes she always stretch his legs when the material took place ... it was not
he did once or twice .... but a few times ... until finally man beside him was rebuked because it was
considered impolite ... . thing he did because his leg was sore for 3 days and 3 nights walking distance ....
Masyaa Allah ..
When the rest arrived ... he gathered with other brothers in the kitchen to help clean up .... he finally
tells the story of 3 days 3 night to one of his brothers was in place .. and immediately sprinkle the people
who hear it ..... Eventually the story reached the ears of the speaker dauroh cleric ... Ustadz was stunned
by the story .... and finally the chaplain and his brothers volunteered to raise funds to donate to him ...
and terkumpulah current funds of Rp 300,000, - as an aid to return ....
Subhanalloh ... a story that we could possibly doubt the truth, but Insha Allah is the true story .....
Hopefully we can take from this story .... ibroh last let us consider the following hadith ....
"Whoever is on the path to seek knowledge of religion, surely Allah makes easy for him the path to
Paradise" (Muslim)
Yahya ibn Abi Katheer rahimahullahu ta'ala says, "Science is not to be obtained with a pampered body
(with a relaxed / not serious)." (Narrated by Ibn 'Abd al-Barr in Jaami' Bayaanil 'ILMI wa Fadhlihi I/385,
no . 554)
Hopefully this story can be a valuable lesson for us all terkhususnya me as a writer ..... Wallahua'lam
bishowab ....

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