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Doll by linxiaoqin


•   Product
•   Target market
•   SWOT
•   Pricing
•   Promotion

                    BJD dolls business   1

 BJD dolls business   2
           About the product
Introduction of our product

• Ball Joint Doll
•   Incredible flexibility
•   Clothes, and body parts can be changed
•   Can do make up
•   No product line, complete handmade
                    BJD dolls business       3
• Target market

      BJD dolls business   4
   Main markets in the world
Our competitors in the world and comparison
• Japan: original producing country
  Volks- the biggest and most famous producing
  SD, best quality
  Selling mainly in stores, also on internet
  Stores and work shops are all over Japan
  Most expansive
  Price: 5,000---15,000 yuan
                    BJD dolls business           5
    Main markets in the world
• Korea
  Second producing country
  Several companies- Dream of doll, A.I, Luts
  Doll, etc.
  High quality
  Only selling online
  Price: 3,000---15,000 yuan

                   BJD dolls business           6
   Main markets in the world
• Mainland China
  First producer in China
  DZ, lower quality
  cheapest price: 720

                   BJD dolls business   7
          Market in China
Our Target Market in China
4 Groups of Customers
• University students
• Trendy people
• Middle age rich women & young mothers
• Other
Portion of sex: female90%, male10%

                BJD dolls business        8
     Target Market in Beijing
1. U student
The largest potential market

Enrolling U students in Beijing: 480,000
•   Rent apartment
20% renting apartment: 100,000

Female, renting apartment U students: 50,000

In 3-5years: 120,000

                          BJD dolls business   9
       Target Market in Beijing
• Expense structure
target market: above                             Below
   900yan/m                                      400
14.6%+7.5%=22.1%                                 400-550
480,000*22.1%=106,080                            18.3%

Female university student                        34.4%
  with above 900 yuan                            900-
  expanse per month:                             1400
  53,040                                         14.6%

                            BJD dolls business     10
              Trendy People
• Character: Flow the fashion
             Have more free money
             Try to consume
• Number:
       23-30 ages people of Beijing:1,476,000

                    BJD dolls business          11
              Target market
3. Rich women

 Own a lot of money and spare time

  Have very large purchasing power

                      BJD dolls business   12
        Survey about Price
 The price sector most is 600-800
and 1000RMB
 We thought above 1000RMB is
possibly the high grade product
 Regarding ours product
appropriate price about 600-800 RMB

               BJD dolls business    13
• Promotion

  BJD dolls business   14
  Promotion of Japanese company
Because promotion is so important, first we try
 to see what competitor doing now.

• Volks:
  SD owners club
  dolls party: Exclusive limited items, booths,
  Dollfie Workshops, Bingo Games,etc.

                     BJD dolls business           15
  Promotion of Korean company
• D.O.D
  Bonus credit, special sale

  Bonus credit, special
  buy $110-$330, give one wig for free; over$300,
  give one wig and a pair of doll’s shoes
  During Christmas, Christmas edition products

                      BJD dolls business            16
               Our Promotion
• Strategy:

• There are 2 part,Internet and entity shop。

• 1.Internet including Building website, periodical news
  letter,owners club,BBS ETC. It’s more like add value
  to our brands.

                       BJD dolls business              17
               Our promotion
• 2. For entity shop. First we would let more people
  know our product. May achieves through the
  magazine advertisement.

• We use Flyer distribution and doll street show to
  view of some popular region.

• We have special sales for loyal customer. And we
  could do some exchanges activities to keep them

                      BJD dolls business               18
           Our Promotion
1.Entity shop in Xi Dan:
• Dolls photography competition
• Street doll show
• Card collection
• Advertisement in comic magazine
• Website
• Flyer distribution
                 BJD dolls business   19
            Our Promotion
Sending e-mail newsletters



                  BJD dolls business   20
     Promotion of Xidan outlet
• Website

We would like to building a website for our
 company.The customer can buy our product
 easily from internet.

The Xian outlet will put it as entity shop area.

                    BJD dolls business         21
• Professional Website
Our customer:120(base on what we did last term)
Cost of the website
To building an expert website around 30,000 RMB
 Have huge potential to attract people, not so
  efficient, the price is high, but as the place to
  showing our brand it is OK.

                     BJD dolls business               22
Promotion of Xidan outlet

         BJD dolls business   23
         Our Promotion Plan
Sending e-mail newsletters:
  when people use the promotion number to
 register in our website, they must leave their
 then we will send e-mail newsletters to them
 and our existing ownership members

                   BJD dolls business         24
        Our Promotion Plan
 Ownership club:
 Besides e-mail newsletter
• 30% discount when there is promotion on
• Bonus credit

                 BJD dolls business         25
           Our Promotion Plan
   20% discount on accessories
   every two months, 6 times/y
   items on promotion in each time are all different
   Thus, If planning to invest ¥8,000 in
  accessories(1/6 of dolls) and 300% of profit
size: every buyer

                     BJD dolls business          26
      Promotion of Xidan outlet
•   Dolls photography competition
•   Street doll show
•   Card collection
•   Advertisement in comic magazine
•   Website
•   Flyer distribution

                   BJD dolls business   27
    Promotion of Xidan outlet
• Dolls photography competition
Photo show board
Vote: website or store
Award: winner gets ¥50 discount of one
Target: all customers
mainly for keeping old customers and
  attracting people’s attention
                  BJD dolls business     28
      Promotion of Xidan outlet
• Street doll show & flyers distribution

 salespeople will dress like the dolls clothes
 showing in Xidan street, and also distribute
 paper advertisements at the same time
 Every weekend

 Target: Xidan shopper

                    BJD dolls business           29
      Promotion of Xidan outlet
• Flyer distribution :
 every month in all weekends

 promotion number
 9.5 discount if purchasing our product.
  lottery every month, 50% off for buying our doll.

                         BJD dolls business           30
• Each of us invests in same amount
• Decision maker: Debbie
• Comila—Marketing, advertisement,
  promotion (assisted by Eva)
• Eva– warehouse
• Debbie& Anly---Financial, PR, salary
• Yvonne– communication, sourcing,
                  BJD dolls business     31
Thank you!

  BJD dolls business   32

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