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									How to Create a Theme Using Blackberry
Theme Studio 6
I want to make a tutorial for use theme blackberry theme studio 6, download the
software here.
themes that I make now issue # kribonisasi inspired benakribo.
I'm going to edit the Home screennya ja because klo full length definitely buildup,
bisalah own lo-edit edit menus.
Yo we begin the tutorial.
Equipment used:
1. Theme Studio 6
2. What version of Photoshop ja ...
background I took from the art work Yulianzone:

Image not in the edit * original *

use photoshop to edit the picture to the screen size mobile phone bb lo example:
gemini 320 × 240 px
Images that have been edited * sorry ya lo Yulian i edit kry wkwkwk *

Open software Theme Studio 6 ..... then create new theme - select the type phonenya
(Gemini 8500 series) - then create.

long loading process ............................................... until eventually look like this;

Change background image was screennya with lo use photoshop edit. it is up to the
form *. jpg *. png *. bmp but resolutionnya be the same
click picture folder, find the image file .... then ok

after the background is installed, lo live pindahin icons such as time, date, signal icon,
battery icon etc arbitrarily lo .... free .... but it must be well matched to the background
layout. in this section can edit lo-edit font, the color of his writings. so like the picture

the location has not changed

The layout has changed
If you want to change the battery icon indicator such, signal alarm battery icon etc ...
no lo indicator section tuh change the default icon.

to create a unique indicator lo made in photoshop with extennya *. png (mandatory). I
gave an example of an indicator for the battery meter, signal meter equal.

1. Batre Meter (Torch Statue of Liberty)

2. Signal Meter (Mata si Bena)

The location of the battery icon on the torch should fit well with the background ...
keep signal icon also must fit in the eye of the bena the background.

after arranging the indicator icons and edit font, icon now create applications for the
Home screen. select the general-click the application icon-lined (to add to the
application). as shown below.

edit icon in the application properties. tab, the tab focus, icon animation, fonts. edit
arbitrarily lo lo free
icon application has not changed * original *

application icon in the brain after tweaking arbitrarily lo

've become deh ..... Now we export to our blackberry. select the file-export (ctrl-E). as
shown below.
BlackBerry Connect data cable to use lo Lo Pc. exportnya different type.
1. install to blackberry (directly install the theme to the blackberry)
2. publish for Desktop Manager (Theme made so the *. axl and *. cod to be installed
via the Desktop Manager)
3.Publish for OTA's (made into a *. Jad and some files *. Cod and must be connected
to the Internet, install the theme by way of online)
4. Publish for app world (have not tried it but I think that. All *. Axl, *. Cod, * jad in
satuin into one folder or winzip)

make up lo free theme name. path where you want to save the file. handhel blackberry
type lo. Os targets like in os how this theme runs. clay image below.
A few of my tutorial. sorry if there are ambiguous words ... or messy or difficult to
understand. how come there are lots of pictures altered themselves yah .. ok.

yeuhhh cape ouch ..... make impromptu tutorial!!!

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