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A Glance at Mother's Day

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					A Glance at Mother's Day

Mothers Day is celebrated in numerous countries of the world to honour
Mothers and motherhood. By and large, it is a day to honour paternal bonds
and the general influence of good Mothers in the social order as a whole. The
legacy of a mother clearly demonstrates in the quality of life of her children
and grandchildren. Mothers Day is a only one of its kind occasion to reflect
and give thanks to mother for the love, affection that she has bestowed on
her children.

When is Mothers Day 2013?

In the United States, Mothers Day 2013 will be celebrated on Sunday, 12th
of May.

The woman who had this great day dedicated to her was Anne Jarvis, who
was born in 1832 in Virginia, United States. She got married at the age of
20. She had nearly 12 children, but most of them died before adulthood.
Diseases like whooping cough, diphtheria and scarlet fever had claimed the
lives of most of her children.

Ann realized that poor sanitation, garbage and poor ventilation were
responsible for the spread of the diseases. She put her own grief aside, and
dedicated her life to improve their surrounding. She became a community
activist and launched designated days for mothers where other women also
joined her to improve their environs.

Ann also played an important role during the civil war. She organized a group
of women to nurse wounded soldiers. She had a big influence on the lives of
a great number of women as well as men of the time. Her own daughter
Anna devoted a big portion of her life to campaigning for a national holiday
to recognize and celebrate all mothers particularly Ann. The very first official
Mothers Day service was observed on May 10, 1908 in a Methodist church,
West Virginia. Anne saw that day as a day to show love and gratitude to

Ann suggested that white carnations symbolize family bonds. A happy
Mothers Day is a tradition embraced by people in numerous countries to give
mothers flowers on to show gratitude and love for a mothers love.

Giving flowers to mother is the best way to show respect and love to her on
Mothers Day 2013 because flowers give instant pleasure and happiness.
But, if you do not want to give something new, then you can give a nice
piece of jewelry such as a charm bracelet or birthstone keepsake jewelry.
There are several companies that now offer bracelet chains and numberless
kinds of beads and charms for customization. A beautiful ladies watch is also
a good option. These gifts will definitely make Mothers Day 2013 day

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Description: Mothers Day 2013 will be on 12th May (Sunday) 2013 next year. The efforts and contributions of mothers across the globe are acknowledged by people by saying Happy Mothers Day to every mother.