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 Name: Anand Ramanathan
 Email: axr2@hotmail.com
 Field: Flute - Carnatic
 Address: North Scottsdale, AZ 85255
 Misc. Info: I'm an engineer by profession. I have learned the instrument for 13 years from
 Shri.Srirangachary, a disciple of "Flute Mali". I have performed a few concerts in India as
 a kid. Please email for details.



 Name: Dr. Madhuwanti Mirashi
 Email: msmirashi@hotmail.com
 Field: Hindustani Classical and light - vocal, Music appreciation, Voice culture, Naad
 Yoga - Meditation with music, Morning & evening traditional sanskrit prayers set to rag
 and taal, Instrumental - Tabla, Harmonium, Keyboard, available for performance for all
 Address: 2419 South Drive : Santa Clara, CA 95051
 Telephone: 408-557-8006
 Misc. Info: Disciple of Pandit Omkarnath Thakur, Doctorate from Banaras Hindu

 Name: Nicholas Wilson
 Email: wavewriter@earthlink.net
 Field: Harmonium
 Address: Los Angeles, California
 Telephone: 626-441-5597
 Misc. Info: Studied classical violin throughout high school and college. Have played
 harmonium in various kirtan groups for many years. I teach private classes.
Name: International Foundation for Carnatic Music (IFCM)
Email: carnatic_school@yahoo.com
Field: Carnatic - Vocal, Veena, Mrdangam
Address: 3078 Balardo Way, San Jose, CA - 95148. :
Telephone: Ramesh (408) 528-7946 / Gowri (408) 260-8661
Misc. Info: The International Foundation for Carnatic Music (IFCM) Bay area chapter is a
unit of the Ravikiran Foundation.

Name: Shree Ramesh Kumar
Field: Tabla
Address: Cerritos, CA
Telephone: (562) 865.5973
Misc. Info: Learned under father, guru Shree Bansilal-gee. : Co-Founder of Swara-Ganga
Music School.

Name: Rani Didi
Email: Nadaom@aol.com
Field: Vocal
Address: Rainy Day : P.O.Box 1250 : Berkeley : CA 94701
Telephone: (510) 649 0433
Misc. Info: www.Nadaom.com For teachings and C.D.'s : Rani Didi is an excellent
teacher of tone and voice quality. The focus is thru Saregam and reading Indian notation
regardless of the student learning Easten or Western singing. Harmonium playing is also
encouraged as one learns ones Bhajans, songs and Raga singing.

Name: Geetha Vidyalaya
Email: geethavidyalaya@yahoo.com
Field: Carnatic music (Vocal, Veena)
Address: 46826 Fernald St : Fremont, CA 94539
Telephone: (510) 438-9207
Misc. Info: Teaches Carnatic Music (Vocal & Veena) to all age students. Has masters
degree in Music. 20 years of experience in teaching music. Contact via email or phone.

Name: Hemant Ekbote
Email: mebillgates@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 15502 Pasadena Ave # E : Tustin, CA 92780
Telephone: 714-730-4975
Misc. Info: Teaches Tabla, expert tabla players played with famous singers and artists like
Ustad Ali Khan and others

Name: Raju Bhave
Email: rajubhave@rediffmail.com
Field: tabla & dholak
Address: 52 Feather Ridge, Mission Viejo
Telephone: 949 457 0317
Name: Satish Tare
Email: satish_tare@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 20975,Valley Green Drive#230 : Cupertino, CA -95015
Telephone: 408-252-1624
Misc. Info: Engineer by profession.. Hobby of Playing Tabla. : Initially started learning
from My father Madhave Tare. Later on advance training of Farukhabad gharana from
Shri Vivek Joshi and Pt. Arvind Mulgaomkar. Presently learning from Pt. Swapan
Chaudhari at AACM. :

Name: Hamsa Raghuvir
Email: hamsa_ks@yahoo.com
Field: Carnatic-Vocal
Address: Santa Clara, CA
Telephone: 408 8364200
Misc. Info: Hamsa is the granddaughter of the Legendary Sri. : Karaikudi Sambasiva Iyer,
and also a vocal student of Padmabhushan Sri Lalgudi G. Jayaraman. : Classes being
offered to beginners, with maximum of 2 students per class. Please call for more info.

Name: Samar Das
Email: sdas@ita.lacity.org
Field: Tabla
Address: 2634 Shrubwood Circle, Simi Vallley, CA 93065
Telephone: (805) 581-0422
Misc. Info: Studied Tabla in Calcutta. Possess Diploma in Tabla from the Prayag Sangeet
Samiti, Allahabad, India. Performed with many renowned artisits from India and US.

Name: Swetha Dixit
Email: swethadixit@attbi.com
Field: Vedic Chanting, Bharatanatyam, Yoga, North South Indian Music
Address: Kalaikoil : Trivalley School : 6715-G, Dublin Blvd, Dublin, Ca 94568
Telephone: (925) 449-3714
Misc. Info:

Name: Prasad Bhandarkar
Email: paddybhan@hotmail.com
Field: Hindustani Flute
Address: Sunnyvale CA
Misc. Info: Engineer by profession. Have been learning Hindustani flute for over 15
years. Initially learnt flute from Shri. Anant Patwardhan and then from Pt. Hari Prasad

Name: Manapragada Srinivasa Murthy
Email: manepro@yahoo.com
Address: 870, East El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, California
Telephone: 408-732-6503
Misc. info: learned folk music and songs from renowed international folk singer late
shri.manapragada narasimha murthy,presently doing research on the folklore and writing
the biography of my guru late shri. Manapragada Narasimha Murthy. : oraganised and
performed in many international folk programmes in india and UK ,given performances in
television (doordarshan), All India Radio, Hyderabad, India.

Name: Jonathan Dimond
Email: J.Dimond@mailbox.gu.edu.au
Field: Tabla
Address: Los Angeles
Telephone: (310) 444 7807
Misc. Info: Studied tabla and Hindusthani music at New England Conservatory. Studied
tabla under Shri Bharat Jangam in Pune, India. : Professional performer on electric bass
and trombone also.

Name: Mamta Yadav
Email: mamta_yadav@hotmail.com
Field: North Indian Vocal, Ghazals, Film songs, Bhajans, Ragas,Harmonium & Rhtrhm
Address: 310 4437697
Misc. Info: Offering Classes, Workshops, Lectures and recordings. : Concerts for all
occassions, religious, social and cultural : Available for collaboration with other artists
wanting to put on shows/ concerts : Available for recodings : Live in West Los Angeles :
Also workshops on many other aspects of Indian Arts & Culture : : Sangeet Prabhakar in
Vocal Music, Tabla & Kathak from Prayag Sangit Samiti, Performed extensively in UK,
US, and India on Indian and UK TV & Radio. : : :

Name: Supriya Puranik
Email: supriyapuranik_2000@yahoo.com
Field: Bharatanatyam Dancer, Teacher
Address: San Rafael, California, USA.
Misc. Info: Academics : B. A. and M.A. in Dance (Bharatanatyam) from Pune University,
center for performing arts. I also have the Katthak Visharad degree from Gandharva

Name: Pandit Vishwanath Shrikhande
Email: vishwashri@yahoo.com
Field: Hindustani Vocal classical and light classical
Address: 3737, La Calle Court, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Telephone: (650)-856-6435
Misc. Info: learned under Ustad Amir Khan Saheb and Pt. Bholanath Bhatt. Served as
Music producer in All India Radio, Principal-Mahatma Ghandhi Institute (Mauritius) and
Jammu institute of Music (J & K), Director-U.P. Govt. Academy of music, dance and
drama. Over 48 years experience in the field of Indian music

Name: Chandramouli Rao
Email: chandranrao@earthlink.net
Field: Hindustani Vocal
Address: 607 COrnwallis Lane : Foster City, CA 94404
Telephone: 650-577-8582
Misc. Info: Focus on voice culture focus on "paltas" that forms a solid foundation on
swara and sur. Kirana Gharana lineage. Usaully open for Saturday and Sunday Classes.

Name: Rahis Khan
Field: tabla, vocal
Address: San Diego, CA
Telephone: (858)614-0087 home ; (619)368-4276 cell
Misc. Info: Trained under his father Ustad Aziz Khan. : Offers vocal concerts - Ghazals,
Film songs, Bhajans. Birthday parties, weddings, private functions, entertainment and fun.
Excellent singer. Unique stile. Melodious voice. Knowlegeable. : Singing and tabla
classes at your home or his studio.

Name: Vishnu Tattva Das
Email: vtdas@hotmail.com
Field: Odissi : Classical & Sacred Temple dance of India
Address: 1106 Prospect Ave #111, Santa Rosa, CA 95409. USA
Telephone: 707 539 5448
Misc. Info: www.srikrishnasraya.org

Name: Rose Muralikrishnan
Email: isaisangam@aol.com
Field: Carnatic / Vocal Teaching & Performing
Address: 18013 Pires Ave, : Cerritos, CA90703
Telephone: (562) 802-8462
Misc. Info: Studied with world renound performer M.L. Vasanthakumari. Performed in
several prestigious halls in India and USA, composed & dircted music for radio and TV
programms in India. Running music school to promote Carnatic music in the USA.
Worked as adjunct professor at San Diego State University, USA, principal of music at
Santhome Communications, and instructor at Rishi Valley School, India.

Name: Srivalli Chivukula
Email: srivallic@hotmail.com
Field: Bharatanatyam
Address: Woodland Hills
Telephone: 818-610-8339
Name: Dr. Fred Siciliano
Email: dr.fred@fredsoffice.com
Field: Sarode, Esraj/Dilruba, also Sitar and Vocal
Address: 4482 Market St.Suite 403 : Ventura, Ca 93003
Telephone: 805-642-1351,805-654-8776
Misc. Info: Studied at Ali Akbar College in early 1970's. : Recieved M.F.A. in World
Music from Cal Arts in : 1975.Student of the Late Pandit Amiya DasGupta for 20 years,
who was a distiguished diciple of Ravi Shankar and Cal Arts professor. Has studied
sarode technique from Ustad Aashish Khan and Pandit Rajeev Taranath : Uses music and
sound in Healing Arts practise. :

Name: Steve Oda
Field: sarod
Address: Oakland, CA 94601
Telephone: 510-832-8240

Name: Richard Harrington
Field: Sarod
Address: 1228 San Anselmo, San Anselmo, CA, 94960
Telephone: (415)-457-5903
Misc. Info: 27 years of study under Ali Akbar Khan

Name: Linton Hale
Field: Bansuri
Address: 455-A Valencia St, San Francisco, CA, 94102
Telephone: 415-863-9049
Misc. Info: I've studied the bansuri with Jeff Whittier for 7 years and briefly with master
flute players G. S. Sachdev, Raghunath Seth and Hariprasad Chaurasia. I'm also a
composer writing new music which is a fusion of music from Western, East Indian and
African influences. I am also a music educator, leading music groups in structured
improvisation in a Veteran's hospital and in psychiatric units, as well as teaching a drum
class in West African style at the Milberry Fitness Center at UCSF in San Francisco.

Name: Brian Godden
Email: Brian@silverbushmusic.com
Field: Guitar/Sarod
Address: 111 Montezuma Ave., Forest Knolls, CA 94933
Telephone: 415-488-4105
Misc. Info: I am professional guitarist and a musical instrument importer with a retail
store called "The Silver Bush World Music Store". I also have a mail order website
www.silverbushmusic.com. I have recorded with Ali Akbar Khan as a guitarist and
arranger on the CD's "Journey" and "Garden of Dreams"
Name: Chitresh Das
Email: info@kathak.org
Field: Kathak
Address: 705 Bamboo Terrace, San Rafael, CA 94903 USA
Telephone: Tel: 415-759-8060, Fax: 415-479-2724
Misc. Info: http://www.kathak.org

Name: Bharathi Kalalaya
Email: Annu_Radha@hotmail.com
Field: North and South Indian vocal and instrumental
Address: 3392 Seldon Ct., Fremont, CA 94539
Telephone: (510) 490 4629
Misc. Info: www.bharathikalalaya.com

Name: Jeff Whittier
Email: Bansijeff@aol.com
Field: Bansuri
Address: 1119 Oregon Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94303
Telephone: (650) 493 2187 (TEL) - (650) 493 2143 (FAX)

Name: Sudakshina Alagia
Email: salagia1@san.rr.com
Field: Hindustani-Vocal
Address: 9214 Calle De Vista Oeste : San Diego, Ca 92129
Telephone: 858-780-8662
Misc. Info: Patiala Gharana student of renoun classical singer Laxmi Shankar in Los
Angelos. Sudakshina has sang in english documentaries and Indian Televisions series. She
has performered all over US and Canada accompaning different dance artists and singers.
She is fluent in five languages.

Name: Rajeev Taranath
Email: rtaranath@yahoo.com
Field: sarod
Address: 23852 Mc Bean Parkway # 158 Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Telephone: 661-290-2878
Misc. Info: www.xstudios.com/rajeevtaranath

Name: Preetha Sheshadri
Email: s_preets@hotmail.com
Field: Carnatic Music - Vocal
Address: 4240 Albany Dr, #G106 : Sanjose, CA 95129
Telephone: (408) 260 - 9733
Misc. Info: disciple of Shri. Panchpakesha Iyer, Smt. T. R. Balamani and Smt. Radha
Warrier (disciple of Shri. Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer). Used to teach at the San Jose State
University, School of Music and Dance. Please call to discuss fees and class schedule.
Name: Brad Van Cleave
Email: brad@floweroutlet.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 2925 Haper St. #B, Berkeley, CA 94703
Telephone: 510-665 9423

Name: Akal Singh
Email: sonealam@lasierra.edu
Field: Tabla
Address: 16313 Gambale, Riverside, CA
Telephone: 909-776-0212

Name: Shaiq Chishty
Email: bmadan@plannedbusiness.com
Field: Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium, Dilruba, Flute
Address: 1515 East Bianchi Rd. #402, Stockton, CA 95210
Telephone: 209-478 6729

Name: Montino Burbon del Monte
Email: aue@di.com
Field: Sarod, Sitar, tabla
Address: 825 Rock Bridge Rd., Montecito, CA 93108
Telephone: 805-969 2130

Name: David Philipson
Email: dphilipson@earthlink.net
Field: Bansuri, Hindustani vocal
Address: 30117 Lexington Dr. #1, Val Verde, CA 91384

Name: Leonice Shinneman
Email: LEONICE@prodigy.net
Field: Tabla, Pakhawaj, Ghatam
Address: North Hollywood, CA 91384
Telephone: 818-980 6873

Name: Rohini Priya Das
Email: rohini@inreach.com
Field: Hindustani Vocal
Address: 3765 Watseka Ave #8, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Telephone: 310-204 6510

Name: Dr. Sinduri Jayasinghe
Email: DrSinduri@hotmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi
Address: 25 East Newman Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006 Telephone: 626-254-8965
 Name: Kala Vandana Dance Center
 Email: kalavandana@smartpick.com
 Field: Bharat Natyam
 Address: San Jose, CA

 Name: Michael Robbins
 Email: tablatime@hotmail.com
 Field: Sitar, Sarod, Tabla, Vocal
 Address: 64 Melrose, San Francisco, CA 94131
 Telephone: 415-585 1709
 Misc. Info: studied sitar and sarod under Radhika Mohan Maitra of Calcutta, vocal under
 Sunil Bandu Bosu (Agra Gharana) and tabla under Jnan Prakash Ghosh.

 Name: Ali Akbar College of Music
 Email: office@aacm.org
 Field: Vocal, Tabla, Sarod, Sitar, etc.
 Address: 215 West End Ave : San Rafael, CA 94901
 Telephone: 415 454 6264

 Name: Veena Kinhal
 Field: Veena & Vocal
 Address: 8909 Donaker St., San Diego, CA
 Telephone: 858-538-4312


 Name: Lavanya yammanur
 Email: ylavanya@yahoo.com
 Field: Kuchipudi Dance
 Address: Y.Lavanya, : 5022, S.Himalaya Court, : Aurora : CO-80015
 Telephone: 720-870-5643

 Name: Ty Burhoe
 Email: ty@tyburhoe.com
 Field: Tabla
 Address: Box 1068, Boulder, CO 80306

 Name: Chaitanya Kabir
 Email: eyoung29@mail.idt.net
 Field: Hindustani vocal, Flute
 Address: 2635 Mapleton Ave #72, Boulder, CO 80304
 Telephone: 303-443-8029

 Name: Rachna Agrawal
 Email: www.kathakusa. com
 Field: Kathak Dance

 Name: Debarati Basu Sarkar
 Email: debarati_b@hotmail.com
 Field: Classical and creative dance of India
 Address: 51 Schuyler Ave : apt-7F : Stamford : CT 06902
 Misc. Info: hello, : I am Debarati from India and presently in stamford CT, USA. I am a
 classical : Indian dancer and i have performed in many prestigious dance festivals in :
 India and abroad.I have attended many Western workshops in India from : abroad and am
 basically a modern creative dancer based on classical Indian : dance.I was a dancer,
 teacher and choreographer of one of the leading : dance troupe in India. : I want to open a
 dance school based on creative and classical indian dance and would very much : like to
 participate in any cultural program .I am also eager to take free workshop on Modern
 Dance of India. e-mail: debarati_b@hotmail.com


 Name: Savita Sreekanth
 Email: parasari@yahoo.com
 Field: Bharatanatyam
 Address: 127 Hockessin Drive : Hockessin, DE 19707
 Misc. Info: Bharatanatyam - Kalakshetra style


 Name: Radha Dutta
 Email: radhadutta@Juno.com
 Field: Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam, folk-dances
 Address: classes in Maryland (near Washington, DC)
 Telephone: 301 564-3683
 Misc. Info: Radha Dutta is an internationally noted dancer, teacher, choreographer, and
 dance critic. She has taught dance for over 2 decades in the USA and India.

 Name: Asavari Devadiga
 Email: asavarid@hotmail.com
 Field: Bharatnatyam
 Address: 4400 Lee Hwy. #6 : Arlington VA 22207 Telephone: 703 312 4161
 Misc. Info: Bharatnatyam Teacher. Learned from Guru Smt. Sucheta Bhide Chaphekar for
 18 years. Completed Arangetram in 1990. Used to teach in Mumbai (India) for 5 years
 before moving to USA.
 Name: Dr. Brian Q. Silver
 Email: PanOrient@aol.com
 Field: lecture-demonstrations, sitar
 Address: PO Box 15526, Washington, DC 20003-0526
 Telephone: 202-399-3399
 Misc. Info: Performer in Bande Ali Khan gharana since 1964; has taught full courses in
 Indian classical music at various major American universities, including Harvard (1974-
 83); available for lecture demonstrations, workshops, and individual instruction. Further
 information available at www.surbahar.com

 Name: Shubha Sankaran
 Email: surbahar@aol.com
 Field: surbahar, sitar, vocal
 Address: PO Box 15526 : Washington, DC 20003-0526
 Telephone: 202-399-3399
 Misc. Info: Specializing in individual instruction for serious students. Further information
 available at www.surbahar.com


 Name: Tim Richards
 Email: tim@timrichards.com
 Field: Tabla-Banaras Style
 Address: 920 Placetas Avenue : Coral Gables, Florida 33146
 Telephone: 305-662-1860
 Misc. Info: My Guru is Pt. Sharda Sahai and I have been his disciple and studied
 intensively since 1971. For more information on my Guru and lineage see www.sahai.org.
 I teach privately in Miami and I am also on the faculty of the University of Miami School
 of Music where I teach tabla to percussion and composition students.

 Name: Leela Rammohan Rao
 Email: leelasram@yahoo.com
 Field: Carnatic Music- Vocal, Bharatnatyam
 Address: 4546 Lassassier Drive : Pensacola, Florida 32504, USA
 Telephone: 1 (850) 437 0907
 Misc. Info: Leela Rammohan Rao is the daughter and disciple of the famous Carnatic
 vocalist Mrs. Sarojini Sundaresan of the Alathur style. She has sung in innumerable
 concerts and participated in lecture-demonstrations and workshops with her mother and
 individually. : In Bharatnatyam, she is the student of Padmashree Vazhuvur Ramiaih
 Pillai and Smt K J Sarasa. She had her training in abhinaya under Padmabhushan Smt.
 Kalanidhi Narayanan

 Name: Lavanya Dinesh
 Email: lavanyadinesh@yahoo.com
 Field: Hindustani-vocal
 Address: 14606 Corkwood Dr. Tampa Fl 33626
 Telephone: 813-855-6166

 Name: Bharti Chokshi
 Email: Dschokshi@aol.com
 Field: Sitar
 Address: 10831 North West 17th Ct, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
 Telephone: (954) 964 4445

 Name: Geeta Raaj Karkera
 Email: geetaraaj@yahoo.com
 Field: Indian Dance
 Address: 220, Cherokee Ct. #126, : Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
 Telephone: (407) 265 9959 or (407) 252 7750
 Misc. Info: Founder of Nritya Dance Academy (NIDA)

 Name: David Bruce Huges
 Email: dbh@davidbrucehughes.com
 Field: Hindustani vocal, Bansuri, Keyboard
 Address: North Broward County (Near Ft. Lauderdale)
 Misc. Info: check out http://www.davidbrucehughes.com


 Name: Keetha Mohan
 Email: skeetha@hotmail.com
 Field: Bharathanatyam
 Address: 1367 Brentwood Lane : Marietta, Ga 30062
 Telephone: 770-565-4732
 Misc. Info: I have specialized training from the Kalashetra College of Fine Arts and
 experience in teaching. : For more information, please see www.arunodhaya.com

 Name: Dr. Kakali Bandyopadhyay
 Email: kakalib@hotmail.com
 Field: Sitar
 Address: 1529 Evanston Lane : Marietta : GA - 30062
 Telephone: 770 - 977- 4197
 Misc. Info: Dr. Kakali Bandyopadhyay has been playing Sitar for past twenty years . She
 received her initial training from Smt Kalyani Roy, a leading disciple of Ustad Vilayat
 Khan and later on from Pandit Indranil Bhattacharyya, disciple of Ustad Alauddin Khan .
 She has also attended Master Classes of Pandit Ravishankar and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.
 She has performed in major media channels and major cities in India. She has performed
 in different cities in North America and also public radio. She teaches sitar in Atlanta and
 is also an affiliate faculty for North Indian Instrumental music in The Music Department
 of Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.
 Name: Haresh A. Bakshi
 Email: hareshbakshi@hotmail.com
 Field: Hindustani vocal, elementary tabla, sitar, violin, keyboard
 Address: 4771 Silverberry LN NW : Acworth GA 30102-3559
 Telephone: (678) 354-4678
 Misc. Info: My gharana is Gwalior. Classes only one-on-one basis. Fee:$30.00 per session
 of 45 minutes.




 Name: Sudha Srinivasan
 Email: sudha281@attbi.com
 Field: Bharatanatyam
 Address: 3108 Rosewood Pl. : Downers Grove, IL. 60515
 Telephone: (630) 969-2979

 Name: Vidya Narayan
 Email: brihadisha@yahoo.com
 Field: Bharatanatyam and Carnatic vocal music
 Address: Brihadisha school of music and dance : 101 Kristin Circle #2 : Schaumburg, IL
 Telephone: (312) 371 3580

 Name: Gauri Jog
 Email: gaurijog@hotmail.com
 Field: Kathak
 Address: 2200 Briar Hill Drive : Schaumburg, IL 60194
 Telephone: 847-755-9625
 Misc. Info: I teach Kathak (an Indian Classical Dance) to interested people in
 Chicagoland area. Dance & Music is my passion and I look forward to hear from anyone
 who wants to know/learn Kathak dance. :

 Name: Lyon Leifer
 Email: lleifer@northpark.edu
 Field: bansuri
 Misc. Info: disciple of Devendra Murdeshwar in the gharana of Ud. Allaudin Khan
 through Pannalal Ghosh
 Name: Patrick Marks
 Field: Vocal / Sitar / Mandolin / Tabla / Keyboard
 Address: Chicago
 Telephone: 708 788 0072
 Misc. Info: Former director of Cultural activities, St. Xavier's College, Ahmedabad, India

 Name: Dr. Tapan Bhattacharya
 Field: Vocal
 Address: Chicago
 Telephone: 708 957 7135
 Misc. Info: Patiala gharana


 Name: David Harrison
 Email: david@insertec.com
 Field: Tabla
 Address: 9880 Lakewood Dr. W. : Indianapolis, IN 46280
 Telephone: 317-815-8789
 Misc. Info: Studied under Michael Robbins, a long-time student of Jnan Prakash Ghosh.




 Name: Amit Pandya
 Field: Tabla
 Address: 1024 Coolwater Ct., Lexington, KY 40515
 Telephone: 606-271-8076


 Name: Nalini A. Raghavan
 Email: nalini.r@att.net
 Field: Bharatanatyam
 Address: 521 North 19th Street : Baton Rouge, LA 70802
 Telephone: 225-343-5172
 Name: Sunanda Nair
 Email: sunandanair@aol.com
 Field: Mohini Attam, Bharat Natyam and Kathakali
 Address: 82 Yellowstone Street, : Kenner, Louisiana 70065
 Telephone: 504 465 0146

 Name: Andrew McLean
 Email: andrumclean@yahoo.com
 Field: tabla, vocal
 Address: 517 America St. : Covington, LA 70433
 Telephone: (985) 893-5919
 Misc. Info: Have received training from Ustad Ali Akbar Khansahib, Ustad Zakir Hussain
 and Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. Perform regularly with sarodist Priyo Majumdar from
 Calcutta. Have recorded and performed with many outstanding New Orleans musicians
 including Henry Butler, Charlie Miller, Michael Ray, Tim Green and James Singleton.

 Name: Hans Gruenig
 Email: gruenig@tulane.edu
 Field: Tabla / Some Sitar
 Address: New Orleans, LA
 Telephone: (504)862-9930
 Misc. Info: I'm a former Ali Akbar College of Music student (Swapan Choudhury /
 Lucknow Gharana). I'm a member of the group, "The Rishis"; I play with Hindustani-
 vocalist Sean Johnson in concerts and chanting classes at the New Orleans Yoga Center. I
 could get someone started on tablas and /or may be able to hook you up with a more
 advanced teacher (should one be in town.


 Name: David Pontbriand
 Email: d-ponts@msn.com
 Field: Sitar
 Address: 113 Montrose Ave, Portland, ME 04103
 Telephone: (207) 772-0673
 www.davidpontbriand.net, Playing sitar since 1973, also surbahar. Performing and
 teaching. Private lessons available, beginners welcome. Maine-New Hampshire-


 Name: Babu Parameswaran
 Email: babusmusic@yahoo.com
 Field: Musician, Music Composer, Nattuvangam Artist, Keyboard Player, and Sequencing
 Address: 1204,Westerlee Place #T-2 : Catonsville, : MD-21228
 Telephone: 410-719-1569
 Misc. Info: Babu is the Director of the Keerthana Shcool of Indian Music & Fine Arts,MD
He is one of the sought after musician who travel around the world and perform through
out the year. He is a staff artist of Bharata Kalanjali, the dance academy of the world-
renowned dancers The Dhananjayans for the past 12 years. Babu has performed in most
of the major festivals like the Festival of India in Moscow. He has composed music for
many dance productions like Meera, The Nutcracker, The Cinderella, Tagores Shyama,
Thulsi Ramayan Kalidasas Malavika and many others. Recently Babu Composed Music
for the production Hari Charan which was staged in Los Angeles : He has worked with
Pandit Ravishankar in his musical theater Ghanashyam and was featured in the album
Chants of India by Pandit Ravishankar and George Harrison of the Beatles. : :

Name: Hari Singh
Email: vanaspati6@hotmail.com
Field: Sitar
Telephone: 301 873 1347
Misc. Info: I teach sitar in my home. $20/hr. : : I have been playing since 1968.

Name: Dr. P. K. Swaminathan
Email: swamipk@hotmail.com
Field: Mrudangam - South Indian Percussion
Address: Burtonsville, Maryland
Telephone: 301 421 9040
Misc. Info: Dr. P. K. Swaminathan is a Senior Disciple of Padmashree Sangeetha
Kalanidhi Mrudangam Maestro Sri Umayalpuram K. Sivarman : Over 20 years of
experience performing for music and Dance in USA and Canada : Runs the Sri
Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman School of Mrudangam with lessons developed by the
Maestro himself. : Students will have opportunity to take advanced lessons from Sri UKS
in India or in Maryland

Name: Radha Dutta
Email: radhadutta@Juno.com
Field: Mohiniattam, Bharatanatyam, and folkdances
Address: Bethesda
Telephone: 301 564-3683
Misc. Info: Radha Dutta has studied dance under the world renowned Dhananjayans,
Kalanidhi Narayanan, and Kalyani Kuttyamma.

Name: Nabaghana Shyam Singha
Field: dholak
Address: 4216 Underwood St., University Park, MD 20782
Telephone: (301) 864 6976

Name: Anupam Sharma
Email: anupam1119@yahoo.com
Field: Sitar, Hidustani Vocal, Tabla
Address: 9725, Clocktower Lane, Apt 201, : Columbia, MD. 21046
Telephone: (301)-362-8541
Misc. Info: Available for concerts/teaching on weekends.

Name: Dr. Brian Q. Silver
Email: PanOrient@aol.com
Field: lecture-demonstrations, sitar
Address: PO Box 15526, Washington, DC 20003-0526
Telephone: 202-399-3399
Misc. Info: Performer in Bande Ali Khan gharana since 1964; has taught full courses in
Indian classical music at various major American universities, including Harvard (1974-
83); available for lecture demonstrations, workshops, and individual instruction. Further
information available at www.surbahar.com

Name: Shubha Sankaran
Email: surbahar@aol.com
Field: surbahar, sitar, vocal
Address: PO Box 15526, Washington, DC 20003-0526
Telephone: 202-399-3399
Misc. Info: Specializing in individual instruction for serious students. Further information
available at www.surbahar.com

Name: Jai Kishor
Field: Sitar, Surbahar
Address: 604 Brian St., Baltimore, Maryland, 21225-3806
Telephone: 410-636 6030

Name: Samir Chatterjee
Email: aanadhha@ix.netcom.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 11117 Candlelight Lane : Potomac, MD, 20854
Telephone: 301 983 8903 / 8870
Misc. Info: Farrukhabad Gharana - Every third Sunday morning through afternoon group
classes are held in three levels; Beginner, Intermediate, and group. Each class is of an
hour and half duration and costs $40. More detail can be obtained from website

Name: Hamid Hossain
Field: Vocal / Sitar / Tabla
Address:Academy of Indian Music and Fine Arts, 1403 Woodcliff Ave, Baltimore, MD
Telephone: 410-747 3950

 Name: Preetha Arun
 Email: preetha@attbi.com
 Field: Bharathanatyam
 Address: 57 Bucklin Road : North Andover, MA-01845
 Telephone: 978-691-1187
 Misc. Info: I teach pure classical Bharathanatyam to students of any age. Both group and
 private lessons available at North Andover, MA and Nashua, NH.

 Name: Mahalingam Santhanakrishnan
 Email: adambakkam@hotmail.com
 Field: Mridhangam

 Name: LearnQuest Academy of Music
 Address: 108 Elm Street, Suite 2, Waltham, MA 02453
 Telephone: Dr Pradeep Shukla, 781-891-8535
 Misc. Info: Education institution devoted to providing formal instructions in Indian
 Classical Music and Arts in the following disciplines: Sarod, Sitar, Tabla, Vocal Classical
 Music, Vocal Semi-classical and Folk Music, Mridangam and Veena

 Name: Aparna Sindhoor
 Email: asindhoor@yahoo.com
 Field: Bharata Natyam, Carnatic Vocal
 Telephone: 617-776-7939
 Misc. Info: Website: http://www.navarasa.org/ :

 Name: Kazi Jalal
 Email: Kjalal@caregroup.harvard.edu
 Field: Tabla and Harmonium
 Address: Medford massachusetts
 Telephone: 781-393-0445
 Misc. Info: I teach Tabla and Harmonium.one on one basis 1 hour lesson,each lesson costs
 $45,if anyone is interested please contact at the above number

 Name: Pravin Sitaram
 Email: psitaram@msm.umr.edu
 Field: Mridangam

 Name: Soma Sarkar
 Email: sosar@gis.net
 Field: hindustani-vocal
 Address: 311-Huntington Avenue, #2B, Boston, MA-02115
 Telephone: 6179489925
 Misc. Info: Hello Everybody, : It will be a pleasure to meet and train people interested in
 taking lessons in North Indian classical music. I was trained in Agra gharana style of
 singing and received the "Sangeet Visharad" degree before coming to the U.S. : I offer
 classes on weekends and friday nights. My fees : $45.00/hr. : The best way to reach me is
 sending an e-mail or by phone.

 Name: Ramnath
 Field: Carnatic Flute
 Address: Ashland, MA
 Telephone: 508-881 3968


 Name: Dr. Sumita Chaudhery
 Field: Hindustani Vocal (Classical and light); Rabindra-Sangeet; Music of Bengal and
 North India
 Address: Aditi Institute of Fine & Performing Arts : 41901 Sutters Lane : Northville,

 Name: Rohan Krishnamurthy
 Email: Rohan_Krishnamurthy@hotmail.com
 Field: Mridangam
 Address: 544 Sunrise Circle, Kalamazoo, MI 49009.
 Misc. Info: My name is Rohan Krishnamurthy and I am a 15-year-old mridangist and a
 student of mridangam maestro Guruvayur Dorai. For more info about me, you can link to
 my homepage: http://www.geocities.com/rohan_krishnamurthy : I am willing to take
 students of all stages.

 Name: Smt. Devika Raghavan
 Email: devikaraghavan@hotmail.com
 Field: Bharatha Natyam
 Address: 1525 Oakcrest : Troy, MI 48083
 Misc. Info: Kalarasana: Center For Performing Arts

 Name: Rajan Sachdeva, PhD (Music)
 Email: rajanji2@yahoo.com
 Field: Sitar, Tabla, Hindustani Vocal (classical and light) and Harmonium
 Address: Institute of Indian Music : 6166 Wellesley Drive : West Bloomfield, MI 48322
 Telephone: (248) 538-7358
 Misc. Info: Fine instruments available for sale or rental (sitars, sarods, tablas,
 harmoniums, etc. electronic tabla, lehara and tanpura machines also available...)
 Instrument repair service also offered.
 Name: Vidya Krishnamurthy
 Field: BharataNatya and folk dance
 Address: 244 Parsons lane Rochester Hills, MI 48307
 Telephone: 248 652 2394
 Misc. Info: Laasya School of Indian Dance opened on Feb 25th, 2001.

 Name: R. Sundar and Padma
 Field: Carnatic Vocal
 Address: Southfield, MI
 Telephone: 810-647 9363
 Misc. Info: Students of Madurai T. N. Seshagopalan

 Name: Jayshankar Balan
 Field: Carnatic Violin
 Address: Sterling Heights, MI
 Telephone: 810-528 3082

 Name: Shyam Kane
 Field: Tabla
 Address: Auburn Hills, MI
 Telephone: 248-299 9409




 Name: Smitha Rajan
 Email: smitharaj@hotmail.com
 Field: Mohiniattam, Bharatanatyam
 Address: 6937 Brassel Drive : O'Fallon : Missouri
 Telephone: 636-379-1597
 Misc. Info: Smitha Rajan is the grand daughter of Guru Kalamandalam Kalyanikuttiamma

 Name: Rahul Deshmukh
 Email: rahul.deshmukh@emersonprocess.com
 Field: Tabla
 Address: 10309 Tuxford Drive, #1 : St. Louis, MO 63146
 Telephone: 314-993-6850
 Misc. Info: I have been trained in Delhi and Lucknow gharanas. I have been performing
 as an accompanist with vocal and instrumental music since 1984 and have more than 300
 concerts to my credit. : I have been teaching students in India and the US. : I am also
 interested in conducting workshops and lecture- demonstrations on Tabla.





 Name: Suresh Mathur
 Field: Flute
 Address: Manchester, NH
 Telephone: 603-669 8564


 Name: Govind
 Email: govi57@hotmail.com
 Field: Vocal
 Address: 2507 Wildberry Court, : Edison NJ 08817
 Telephone: 732-393-9438
 Misc. Info: If you want to learn to sing; light, semi-classical or devotional vocal music,
 call me. Check me out at www.govindmusic.com If you are already self-taught and wish
 to polish your skills, call me. Singing can give you hours of pleasure! I can also teach you
 to accompany yourself on the guitar. Send me an email govi57@hotmail.com or call me at
 732-393-9438. : : : You can also reach me on my cellphone at 1-848-203-5918 :

 Name: Seema Saboo
 Field: Hindustani Vocal & Light Music
 Address: 1011 Forest View Drive : Avenel : NJ 07001
 Telephone: 732-3261887
 Misc. Info: Basic to advanced Music training in Classical, Semi-Classical, Bhajans &
 Songs. :

 Name: Meenakshi Tumuluri
 Email: meenakshi_tumuluri@hotmail.com
 Field: Carnati Music
 Address: 168 Kinderkamack Road, : Westwood ,NJ 07675
Telephone: 201-664-0901
Misc. Info: Hi iam taking carnatic vocal classes in westwood (BBergen County) NJ. I am
a disciple of Sangita Kalanidhi Sri Tangore Viswanathan. If anyone is intrested to learn
please contact me at this #(201)664-0901

Name: Siddharth Mehta
Email: sidmehta00@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla, Percussion, Recording
Address: 62 Brambling Lane : Voorhees, NJ 08043
Telephone: 856-751-2132, 856-751-2055
Misc. Info: I live in New Jersey/Philadelphia area. I specialize in tabla, drums, guitar,
Songwriting, Recording, Multimedia and Art. I charge $15 a lesson for tabla ( 1 hour ) My
e-mail is sidmehta00@hotmail.com. My web site is sidmehta.20m.com.

Name: Tanushree Sarkar, Kathak Arts Center, Inc
Email: asarkar@stevens-tech.edu
Field: Kathak Dance and Hindustani Vocal
Address: 961 East Lincoln Avenue : Piscataway, New Jersey 08854
Telephone: 732-463-2098
Misc. Info: Tanushree Sarkar is a disciple of the late Pandit Durga Lal of the Jaipur
gharanain Kathak : and is a disciple of Pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra of Banaras gharana
in Hindustani Vocal.She conducts both private and group lessons on a scheduled basis. :
For more information, contact the school as follows: Kathak Arts Center, Inc 961 East
Lincoln Avenue Piscataway, New Jersey 08854 Tel 732-463-2098 (school) 732-726-
4169 (cellular)

Name: Vasudha Narayan
Email: vasudha.narayan@att.net
Field: Veena and Carnatic - Vocal, Light Music
Address: 156, Madison Ave : Rochelle Park : NJ 07662
Telephone: 201-291-7810

Name: Sivakumar M
Email: savukku@yahoo.com
Field: Mirudhangam
Address: 3K Reading Road, Edison NJ 08817
Telephone: 732 452 1154
Misc. Info: Teacher has 14 years experience. Students will be tought from basics upto
performing foro katcheri and Thani Avardhanam.

Name: Lakshmi Sarangapani
Email: sumram_99@yahoo.com
Field: Hindustani and Carnatic Vocal
Address: 404 Timberbrooke Dr, Bedminster, NJ 07921
Telephone: 908 781 1480
Misc. Info: Teaches Hindustani and Carnatic Music (Vocal). Both private and group
lessons given.

Name: Aarthi Sainathan
Email: aarthi_s16@rediffmail.com
Field: Vocal
Address: Hackensack Main Street -NJ
Telephone: 201 678 0378

Name: Surendra Katthula
Email: swarsaagar@yahoo.com
Field: Hindustani vocal, harmonium
Address: 492 College Dr. : Edison, NJ, 08817
Telephone: 732 248 9585
Misc. Info: Agra Gharana. Training for Singing Ghazals and Bhajans with basic Classical
knowledge is also available.

Name: Sanhita Nandi
Email: sanhitan@hotmail.com
Field: Hindustani - Vocal
Address: 23, Hamilton Road : Maple Shade : NJ 08052
Telephone: 856-755-9132

Name: Mitch Greenberg
Email: mgreen@goes.com
Field: Bansuri & Shehnai
Address: 510 1/2 Warren St. Hackettstown NJ 07840 : http://www.goes.com/~mgreen
Telephone: (908) 850-5993

Name: Jayanta Banerjee
Email: jayanta_banerjee@hotmail.com
Field: Bansuri
Address: 2718 Rachel Terrace, Pinebrook, NJ 07058
Telephone: 973-439 0653

Name: Satyan Shah
Field: Tabla
Address: 165 Morris Tpke : Randolph, NJ 07869
Telephone: 973-722-4372
Misc. Info: Student of Ustad Abdul Sattar Tari Khan

Name: Mitali Bhawmik
Field: Hindustani Vocal
Address: 9 Junction Pond Lane, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
Telephone: 908 329 2084
Name: Purvi Vinchhi
Email: vinchhi@hotmail.com
Field: Hindustani vocal
Address: 27 Kingfisher Ct., Marlboro, NJ 07746
Telephone: 732 625 0964

Name: Mrinal K. Pal
Email: m.k.pal@ieee.org
Field: Tabla
Address: 141A Dayton Dr., Edison, NJ 08820
Telephone: 732-494 3716

Name: Sanghamitra Chatterjee
Email: aanadhha@ix.netcom.com
Field: North Indian Vocal
Address: 51 Union Avenue : Nutley, NJ, 07110
Telephone: 718 809 4666
Misc. Info: Students are tought basic to advaced techniques to sing different types of
Indian songs from semi-classical genre along with the accompaniment of the acoustic
keyboard called Harmonium or the drone tanpura. $40 an hour for private

Name: Samir Chatterjee
Email: aanadhha@ix.netcom.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 51 Union Avenue : Nutley, NJ, 07110
Telephone: 718 809 4666
Misc. Info: Farrukhabad Gharana $50 an hour for Private $25 an hour for group More
details can be available from website www.tabla.org

Name: Mysore Satish
Field: Carnatic Violin
Address: Rahway, NJ
Telephone: 908-815 3285

Name: K. Paramjyoti
Field: Tabla
Address: Piscataway, NJ
Telephone: 732-302 1063

Name: Bhuvana Kannan
Email: bhuvanak@hotmail.com
Field: South Indian Classical Instument-VEENA
Address: 11 A, Reading Rd, edison,NJ-08817
Telephone: 732-603-9408

 Name: Stevan Landsberg
 Field: Sitar, Surbahar
 Address: 201 Double Arrow Rd,
 Telephone: 505-983-2153

 Name: Guru Das Singh Khalsa
 Email: gkhalsa@hotmail.com
 Field: Gurbani, Harmonium
 Address: 4100 Windsor Dr., Farmington, NM 87402
 Telephone: 505-326 3877


 Name: Liza Joseph
 Email: liza_dance@yahoo.com
 Field: Bharathanatyam, Semi-classical,Biblical,Folk
 Telephone: 914-948-0295
 Misc. Info: Classes are available in Westchester,Bronx and Long Island. Private lessons
 are available in White Plains. : Please call 914-948-0295 for details.

 Name: Liza Joseph
 Email: liza_dance@yahoo.com
 Field: Bharathanatyam
 Telephone: 914-948-0295
 Misc. Info: Classes are available in Westchester County, Bronx, Long Island. Private
 lessons also available.

 Name: Vaishali Chaudhuri
 Email: vaishali_chaudhuri@yahoo.co.in
 Field: Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi
 Address: 67-11 Yellowstone Boulevard, : Apt# 6A : Forest Hills, : New York, NY 11375.
 Telephone: 718- 544 0564
 Misc. Info: I am a disciple of Late Guru N. Pandarinathan, a worthy disciple of Bharat
 Vidwan Guru Kuppiah Pillai. I have beentrained in the ancient Thanjore style of
 Bharathanatyam. In Kichipudi I have taken Lessons in the Vedantam style from Guru M.
 C. Vedanta Krishna at Calcutta who is the disciple of Guntur Lakshmi Narasimha Sastri.
 For further information please contact me by mail or phone.

 Name: Chintan Pandya
 Email: chp213@stern.nyu.edu
 Field: Guitar, drums
 Address: 1-19 E 2nd Street Room 321 NYC, NY 10003 Telephone: 609-204-3181
Name: Dheeraj Gayaram
Field: Kathak, Orissi, Filmy, Folk, Bhangra
Address: 97-31 Lefferts Blvd, NY 11419
Telephone: (718) 850-7952

Name: Dean P. Klopsis
Email: dpk@bigfoot.com
Field: Tamboura, Hindustani Vocal
Address: 1320 Coney Island Ave : Brooklyn NY 11230 USA : Also Albuquerque and
Santa Fe, New Mexico. : Avavilable for travel. Please inquire by email or phone.
Telephone: 917 282-4965
Misc. Info: Kirana Gharana trained under Pandit Pran Nath (Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan
Chisti Sabri of Kirana disciple), LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela and Michael
Harrison (present disciple of Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan). I am a 12 year vocal student
with a current interest to offer tamboura playing services to performers; beginner,
intermediate tutoring on tamboura; beginning, intermediate intro to vocal raga
techniques.. http://www.otherminds.org/html/Prannath.html

Name: Shri Divyang Vakil
Email: aaditaal@icenet.net Field: Tabla
Address: Long Island, New York, and New Jersey
Telephone: (518) 783-0957 http://www.divyangvakil.com/
Misc. Info: Shri Divyang Vakil will be available to give lessons in tabla, in Arpil 2002, in
regions of New York, Long Island, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Call or send email.

Name: Yogesh Bhatt
Email: yogeshsb@hotmail.com
Field: Harmonium, Violin , Tabla and Otheres
Address: 37 Cardinal Drive : Poughkeepsei , UP-State NewYork : NY -12601 :
Telephone: 845-462-2095
Misc. Info: Come and Learn Indian Music on Instruments : Flexible Schedule,

Name: C. Balachandran
Email: Balachandr@pbworld.com
Field: Mridangam
Address: 138-35 Elder Avenue, Apt 8D : Flushing, New York 11355
Telephone: 718 461 5520

Name: Lipson, Roger
Email: rolipson@netzero.net
Field: Sitar
Telephone: 718-726-2838
Misc. Info: Playing the classical music of North India has brought me joy in recent years.
I am interested in meeting and playing with all kinds of people at various levels. I play
because of the love of the music and enjoy sharing it with others. Please feel free to call.
Name: Noe Dinnerstein
Field: Hindustani Vocal, Sitar
Address: 730 Ft. Washington Ave, #3L, New York, NY 10040
Telephone: (212) 543-4448

Name: Ghulam Mohammad Khan
Field: Sitar, Harmonium, Tabla
Address: 326 E. 11th St. #2, New York, NY 10003
Telephone: 212-475 2348

Name: Mulazim Hussain Khan
Field: Tabla
Address: Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY., NY 11230
Telephone: 718-421-6387

Name: Veena Chandra
Field: Hindustani Vocal, Various Instruments
Address: 25 Garling Dr., Latham, NY 12110
Telephone: 518-786 1309

Name: East West School of Dance
Email: ananda@anandaashram.org
Field: Bhartnatyam
Address: Anand Ashram, 13 Saphire Rd., Monroe, NY 10950
Telephone: 914-783-7314
Misc. Info: classes by Pandit Satya Narayana Charka

Name: Samir Chatterjee
Email: aanadhha@ix.netcom.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 34-34, 77th Street, #6L : Jackson Heights, NY, 11372
Telephone: 718 335 3465
Misc. Info: Farrukhabad Gharana $50 an hour for Private $25 an hour for group. More
details can be available from website www.tabla.org

Name: Mamta Bhargav
Field: Hindustani vocal
Address: Williamsville, NY

Name: Daisy Paradis
Field: Sitar
Address: World Music Inst, Manhattan, NY
Telephone: 212-988 8934
Misc. Info: Disciple of Ali Akbar Khan



 Name: Rakesh Chitradurga
 Field: Hindusthani vocal
 Address: 4145, Fox Run Trail, #8 : Cincinnati Ohio 45255 :
 Telephone: 5135280884
 Misc. Info: gharana - Gwalior/Agra : will be fixed based upon student and availability :
 only classical interests will be entertained. : The student must be serious.

 Name: Hasu Patel
 Field: Sitar, Tabla
 Address: 27355 Pineview Dr., Westlake, OH 44145 Telephone: 216-835 1988



 Name: Ankush V. Vimawala
 Email: vimawala@cs.orst.edu
 Field: Tabla
 Address: 1005 SW Washington Avenue,#4 : Corvallis, OR, 97333-4328.
 Telephone: 541-757-4889
 Misc. Info: Tabla Visharad ( triple gold medal) : Advanced studies from Shri Sudhir
 Saxena of Ajrada gharana. : flexible timings. : 20 $ per person per one hour session.

 Name: Doug Scheuerell
 Email: dougsch@oregon.uoregon.edu
 Field: Tabla
 Address: 65 N. Lawrence Street : Eugene OR 97401
 Telephone: (541)484-9305

 Name: Jayanthi Raman
 Email: jayanthiraman@attbi.com
 Field: Bharatanatyam Dance
 Telephone: (503)-531-7266

 Name: Hemkalyan Bapat
 Email: hembapat@hotmail.com
 Field: Tabla
 Address: 3003 Nottingham Road, Norristown, PA 19403
 Telephone: 610 630 4901

 Name: Allyn Miner
 Email: aminer@sas.upenn.edu
 Field: sitar
 Address: 1012 N. 66th Street : Philadelphia PA 19151
 Telephone: (215) 878-6862
 Misc. Info: visit http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~aminer/

 Name: Priya Nair
 Email: prnair100@hotmail.com
 Field: Mohiniattam
 Address: 1247, Knossos Drive,whitehall PA
 Telephone: 610-435-6945
 Misc. Info: Anybody who is interested can join new group classes starting from January at
 1101 Fullerton Avenue, Allentown, PA or contact the given no. for individual classes

 Name: Orlando Fiol
 Email: Contact_Us@surila.com
 Field: Tabla
 Telephone: 215-727-8729
 Misc. Info: After years of Tabla study, Mr. Fiol (pronounced fee-OLE), was awarded a
 nine month fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies to study dhrupad
 singing, tabla and pakhawaj in Pune with Pt. Uday Bhawalkar, Manik Munde, Sanjay
 Deshpande and Vasantrau Ghorpadkar. : If you or your group is truly interested in
 learning this engaging craft, and learning to play Tabla, Surila.com makes it affordable.
 We will teach anywhere in the United States for groups of 20 participants or more.
 Individuals are also encouraged to contact us for lessons. : We teach at schools,
 universities, nursing homes, recreation centers, museums, art galleries and churches. We
 teach at special cultural events, parties and conferences. : If you own a tabla and have
 questions about its sound, construction or performance, feel free to contact us. We will be
 happy to assist you. If your group is interested in our workshops, Contact Us to make
 arrangements. Website - http://www.surila.com

 Name: Pamela Siva Manalan
 Email: pamelasiva@yahoo.com
 Field: Bharata Natyam
 Address: 2822 West Emaus Ave : #102 Allentown : PA 18103
 Telephone: (610) 797 - 2799
 Misc. Info: To those who are interested in learning dance, I am offering classes in
Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley especially in Allentown, PA. In October 2002 I will be
starting new batches. For further inquiry, Kindly contact me at (610)797-2799 : Email :
pamelasiva@yahoo.com : Wpage :http://www.geocities.com/pamelasiva/profile.html

Name: Prabhat Kumar
Email: prabhat@newsindia.net
Field: Tabla, Sitar, Hindustani Vocal, Keyboard, Harmonium
Address: 3039 Magnolia Circle, : Macungie PA 18062 : Near Allentown
Telephone: (610) 967-6161
Misc. Info: Classes are held Sunday through Thursday.

Name: Lenny Seidman
Email: lenny@paintedbride.org
Field: Tabla
Telephone: 215-923-5678
Misc. Info: A tabla player of the first rank, Mr. Seidman is known locally as the world
music director at The Painted Bride Art Center and for performing with various ensmbles
including Spoken Hand, Atziluth, and the Tabla Choir. He began studying over 30 years
ago under Iswarlal Misra.

Name: Charu Collur
Field: Hindustani-Vocal
Address: 2231 Eagles Nest Lane : Monroeville , Pa 15146
Telephone: 412-374-9881
Misc. Info: Charu Collur is a Pittsburgh-based vocalist in the North Indian (Hindustani)
classical style. She has lived and performed in Pittsburgh since 1988. She is the founder of
"NIDHI - Treasure house of Asian American Arts"- an organization to promote and
integrate North Indian Classical music with music from other genres.

Name: Mukul Goel
Email: goelmshri@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla / Harmonium / Keyboard / Vocal
Address: Morton, PA
Telephone: 610-541-0954

Name: Kamala Reddy
Email: kamala@nauticom.net
Field: Kuchipudi
Address: 5013 Meadowcrest Drive, Allison Park, PA 15101
Telephone: 724-444-0757

Name: Kedar S. Naphade
Field: Harmonium
Address: 819 East Fifth St., Bethlehem, PA 18015 Telephone: 610 866 6325
Name: Shafaatullah Khan
Email: shafaatullahkhan@worldnet.att.net
 Field: Sitar, Surbahar, Tabla, Vocal
 Address: 457 Valley Forge, King od Prussia, PA 19406
 Telephone: 610-878 9595
 Fax: 610-878 9565
 Misc. Info: Check out www.shafaatullahkhan.com

 Name: Ratnakar Navathe
 Field: Tabla
 Address: Philadelphia, PA
 Telephone: 610-277 5900

 Name: Vivek Khadilkar
 Field: vocal
 Address: Southhampton, Philadelphia
 Telephone: 215-357 5383



 Name: Nitin Mitta
 Email: nitinmitta@rediffmail.com
 Field: tabla
 Address: Medway Street, Apt. 12A, Providence, RI 02906 : :
 Telephone: 404-274-8971
 Misc. Info: Nitin Mitta, one of India’s rising tabla players, is a talented young artiste who
 has recently moved to Rhode Island from India. He started his training in tabla at the age
 of 9 from late Pt. G. Satyanarayana and subsequently continued his advanced training
 under Pt. Arvind Mulgaonkar of Mumbai. Both his gurus are disciples of the late Ustad
 Amir Hussain Khan, who belongs to the Farukhabad Gharana. Nitin has been the recipient
 of numerous prizes and scholarships since 1988.He has accompanied many eminent
 artistes, both in India and abroad, such as Padmavibhushan Pt. Jasraj ji, Pt. Rajan and Pt.
 Saajan Mishra, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Pt. Ulhas Bapat, Pt. Nayan Ghosh, Pt.
 Vidhyadhar Vyas, Smt. Sumitra Guha, Pt. M. Janardhan, Shri Vishweswaran, Shri Gaurav
 Mazumdar, Shri Sanjeev Abhyankar, Shri Purbayan Chatterjee, Anupama Bhagwat. He
 has toured in many European countries such as Germany, England, France, Finland,
 Belfast and the Baltics. He has also had the opportunity of performing at the prestigious “
 Purcell Room” South Bank, London and a solo performance for “Bandish” in Mumbai.

 Name: Christopher Pereji
 Email: chittanna@hotmail.com
 Field: Tabla
 Address: 85 Atrhur Street, Apt # 7 : Pawtucket, RI 02860 USA
 Telephone: 401-724-925(H) 617-563-9460(W)
 Misc. Info: Tabla - Individual and Group lessons : Accompaniment services - Tabla,
 harmonium, keyboard, guitar : Styles: Hindustani classical, semi-classical, light, ghazal,
 bhajan, contemorary & fusion : Interested in long term Recording and Composing projects


 Name: Anuradha Murali
 Email: anuradhamurali@hotmail.com
 Field: Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi
 Address: 1944 Way Drive : Orangeburg, SC 29118
 Telephone: 803-536-4133
 Misc. Info: Mrudani School of Performing Arts : Artistic Director : : Performer and




 Name: Chandrakantha Courtney
 Email: chandra@chandrakantha.com
 Field: Vocal
 Address: 3759 Ingold, Houston, TX 77005
 Telephone: 713- 665 4665
 Misc. Info: Former artist with All India Radio

 Name: David Courtney
 Email: david@chandrakantha.com
 Field: Tabla, Pakhawaj
 Address: 3759 Ingold, Houston, TX, 77005
 Telephone: 713 665 4665
 Misc. Info: Disciple of Ustad Shaik Dawood Khan of Hyderabad and Zakir Hussain

 Name: Zia Hasan
 Email: hasanhasan@sbcglobal.net
 Field: Vocal Light Hindustani
 Address: 7108 Baird Dr. : Fort Worth, TX. 76134
 Telephone: 817-551-7817
Misc. Info: I sing film songs, ghazals and folk songs. I have learned to sing by my
association with shree Javed Akhtar and Shree Mujahid Hussain Khan sahab of Sahaswan
Gharana. : I do shows in different parts of U.S. and will be glad to consider performing in
any shows as long as they are decent and well organized.

Name: Krishna Kumari
Email: kowthakk@yahoo.com
Field: Carnatic Veena/Vocal
Address: Arlington - Texas
Misc. Info: I am a disciple of Smt A.Sharada garu and Smt I.Chellayi garu. I performed
widely in India, All India Radio and Doordarshan. My recent performance was in
Chicago. : : Interested persons can email me at kowthakk@yahoo.com

Name: Rick Henderson
Email: rhenderson3@satx.rr.com
Field: Sarode, Vocal
Address: 13860 Dreamwood # 908 : San Antonio, TX 78233
Telephone: (210) 269-4861
Misc. Info: MA Hindustani Classical Music, Antioch University. : Began study in 1976 in
Nepal, trained extensively in Seni Binkar Gharana by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and Ustad
Aashish Khan.Peformed/toured with :The New Maihar Band (Ali Akbar College of
Music), Chitresh Das Dance Company, Ancient Future (award- : winning East-West
fusion group)and numerous solo sarode concerts. Recording artist on Global Pacific
Records and numerous recording credits with artists in California, Oregon and
Washington.Will teach non-Indian instruments.

Name: Robert Goldman
Email: rgold@swbell.net
Field: Bansuri
Address: 1035 Voight : Houston, Texas 77009
Telephone: 713-861-2194

Name: Santosh Chandru
Email: santosh_chandru@hotmail.com
Field: Mridangam
Address: 990, West Florida Ave#07, Beaumont, Texas-77705 Telephone: 409-813-2193
Misc. Info: I am a student of Ambalapuzha Sri T . S . Nandakumar of Mumbai and have
been playing for concerts and Dance Programs for Several years. : : I am also a Graded
Artist at the "All India Radio" : :

Name: Asha Narasimhan
Email: ashabaktha@hotmail.com
Field: Carnatic-Vocal
Address: 4306 Hillswick CT : Sugar Land, : TX 77479
Telephone: 281 980 3827
Misc. Info: Trained under Guru bellary Venkateshachar. : Students wanting to learn music
please contact me through email or telephone.

Name: Revathi Ravi
Email: revathy17@hotmail.com
Field: Carnatic-Vocal
Address: 4900 E.Oltorf St : Apt#912 : Austin, TX 78741
Telephone: 512-386 6346

Name: Bharathi Annapurna
Email: bharathigollapudi@hotmail.com
Field: Carnatic Music-Vocal
Misc. Info: I'm currently located in houston and students interested in pursuing Carnatic
music(vocal) can contact me at the above e-mail address.. I'm a student of Smt. Sarada
Subrahmanyam and Smt. Saileshwari. I've performed in India and am willing to takeup
classes for beginers as well as students with previous experience in music.

Name: Austin Asian Cultural Center
Email: ashford2@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Austin Asian American Cultural Center 11713 Jollyville Rd., Austin Texas
Telephone: 512-249-2943
Misc. Info: The Austin Tabla Workshops : : Are held every Saturday at the Asian Cultural
Center with beginning classes first at 10:00am and intermediate classes at 11:30am : It is
not necessary to contact the instructors before coming, interested students are welcome
anytime to come and watch the class and meet with the instructors at no charge. : Single
workshop classes are $20 but students may pay for the entire month in advance at a
discounted rate of $15 per class : Students must have a set of tabla in order to take the
class although a set may be available to rent at a monthly rate. : Austin Tabla recommends
students should purchase tabla in India or from Buckingham Music, Austin's reputed local
tabla dealer Buckingham Music sells a range of different priced quality tabla sets that our
guaranteed and meet our class standards. : Please bring a note pad and pencil , recording
devices are also recommended. : The Austin Tabla Workshop instructors : Warren
Ashford: A 20 year student of tabla, Started his training at the Ali Akbar Khan College of
Music in San Rafael California under the late Pandit Pnan Prakesh Ghosh, Pranesh Khan
and Ustad Zakir Hussain. He later continued his training in San Francisco under the late
Ustad Allah Rakha : Amit Bhagwat: Was born in a musical family in Bombay. : His
mother Vandana Bhagwat is a well known vocalist & is one of the senior students of Late
Pt. Nivruttibuva Sarnaik of Jaipur Gharana. : He has been playing tabla since the age of 6
under the instruction of Late Pt. Vishnu Aloni & Shantanu Panshikar. : A traditional
musical environment being available at his home has helped him to develop his skill as a
good tabla solo player and as an accompanist. : Both instructors are currently students of
Sri Gourisankar Karmaker.
Name: Srinivas Koumounduri
Email: sitar66@hotmail.com
Field: Sitar
Address: Houston
Telephone: (281) 232 8636

Name: Sanhita Moulik
Email: moulik@worldnet.att.net
Field: Hindusthani Vocal, Harmonium, Keyboard Lesson
Address: 12055 Sturdivant St : Stafford, Texas 77477 : U.S.A : (Suburb of Houston)
Telephone: 281-495-1996
Misc. Info: Classical Ragas, Urdu Gazal, Bhajans, Hindi Film Songs, All Kind of Bengali
Songs--Rabindra-sangeet, Nazrul,modern, etc. Lessons for Adults and Children.

Name: Mowna Ramachandra
Email: mownar@hotmail.com
Field: Hindustani-Vocal
Address: 4701, 14th Street, Plano , TX 750 74
Telephone: 972 583 1191
Misc. Info: Kirana Gharana

Name: Noopur Dance Academy
Email: Swatishah@noopur.com
Field: Bharat Natyam, Raas, Garba
Address: Plano, TX, 75024
Telephone: 972-208-2718
Misc. Info: classes taught by Swati Shah

Name: Rathna Kumar alias Rathna Papa
Email: anjali@wt.net
Field: dance-Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi
Address: 8030 Oakington Dr : Houston - Tx 77071, www.rathnakumar.org
Telephone: 713 772 ARTS/713 771 6388 fax
Misc. Info: Texas's first and the largest Indian dance school. (since 25 years). Classes
taught at 4 convenient locations: * Mon,Sat & Sun - Southwest Houston (Bissonnet@59)
* Tue - The Woodlands * Wed - Clearlake City * Thurs - Sugarland

Name: Punita Srivastava
Field: Vocal / Harmonium / Keyboard
Address: Austin, TX Telephone: 512-257 7504
Name: Vittal Ramamurthy
Email: vittalramamurthy@hotmail.com
Field: Carnatic Vocal and Violin, Bhajans
Address: 3714 Almond Creek Drive : Houston, TX 77059-3701
Telephone: 281-480-4535
 Misc. Info: Fifth generation in the Thyagaraja Musical Tree First generation in the
 Lalgudi Violin Tradition



 Name: Gabe Halberg
 Email: yahmberg@sover.net
 Field: Tabla
 Address: 77 Corbett Road : Underhill, VT 05489
 Telephone: 802/899-1113
 Misc. Info: Private lessons and classes available in Vermont and New Hampshire.


 Name: Konark Dance School
 Email: nazy_poo@yahoo.com
 Field: Odissi Dance
 Address: http://bluemarble.net/~rosemary
 Telephone: (703) 689-5621
 Misc. Info: Konark Dance School for Odissi classical dance.

 Name: Dr. Suman Sharma
 Email: sumansharma@sumansharma.com
 Field: Sitar
 Address: 2863 Running Pump Ln : Herndon VA 20171
 Telephone: 703-561-0605 / 703-371-9490
 Misc. Info: Please visit web site: http://www.sumansharma.com/

 Name: Shweta Misra
 Email: shweta_misra@hotmail.com
 Field: Kathak, semiclassical dances, folk dance
 Address: 2559 James Madison Cir., Herndon, Virginia 20171
 Telephone: 703-713-1927
 Misc. Info: Kathak dance - Luknow gharana : I am prabhakar in kathak(six years course
 from Prayag Sangit Samiti)

 Name: Radha Dutta
 Email: radhadutta@Juno.com
 Field: Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam, and folkdances of Bangladesh
Telephone: 301 564-3683
Misc. Info: Radha Dutta has performed extensively in 4 continents and has taught for over
2 decades. : www.radhadutta.net

Name: Aparna Karmarkar Nrityagandha
Email: karmarka@erols.com
Field: Kathak Dance Style
Address: 10622 Cavalcade Street : Great Falla, VA 22066
Telephone: (703)759-3979
Misc. Info:A Brief note on the school "Nrityagandha" : This school of Indian classical
dance "Kathak" was founded in 1976 in Great Falls, VA. : by Aparna Karmarkar who is
also its director. So far Nrityagandha has trained over : 100 students in both classical
"Kathak" and folk dances. The school has presented : so far dance programs and dance
dramas based on social and religious themes, in : Kathak style for the benefit of the
temples of Washington Metro area, Smithsonian : Institute (Barney Studio, Museums),
National Press Club, South East Asian Cultural : Heritage Day at the Government
Profile of Aparna Karmarkar (Kathak dancer) Aparna Karmarkar,a disciple of Shrimati
Rohini Bhate of Bombay, India,the renowned Kathak Dancer of Lucknow style, is
founder-director of "Nrityagandha" School of : Indian Dance.She has been running the
School,in the Washington Metropolitan Area, : for over thirty years. : Aparna has
performed extensively in India, Canada and the USA and has presented several lecture
demonstrations at the Universities, colleges and : at many other prestigious places. She
has given performances for a number of charitable organizations, temples, : churches and
senior citizen centers. She teaches dance to all the ages on Sundays and week days.

Name: Subhash Karmarkar
Email: karmarka@erols.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 10622 Cavalcade Street : Great falls, VA 22066
Telephone: (703)759-3979
Misc. Info: Subhash is a deciple of late Tabla wizard Padmashree Ustad Ahmed Jan
Thirakwa of Rampur. : He has accompanied great Indian classical music stalwarts like
Padmavibhushan : Pandit Jasraj, Laxmi Shankar, the Dagars, Pandit V. G. Jog, Pandit
Rajeev Taranath, : Ustad Asad Ali Khan Pandit Budhaditya Mukherjee, Buddhadev
Dasgupta, : Asraf Sharif Khan (Sitarist from Pakistan), Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar and
many others. : He teaches tabla on Sundays and week days.

Name: Dr. Brian Q. Silver
Email: PanOrient@aol.com
Field: lecture-demonstrations, sitar
Address: PO Box 15526 : Washington, DC 20003-0526
Telephone: 202-399-3399
 Misc. Info: Performer in Bande Ali Khan gharana since 1964; has taught full courses in
 Indian classical music at various major American universities, including Harvard (1974-
 83); available for lecture demonstrations, workshops, and individual instruction. Further
 information available at www.surbahar.com

 Name: Shubha Sankaran
 Email: surbahar@aol.com
 Field: surbahar, sitar, vocal
 Address: PO Box 15526 : Washington, DC 20003-0526
 Telephone: 202-399-3399
 Misc. Info: Specializing in individual instruction for serious students. Further information
 available at www.surbahar.com

 Name: Nirmal Bajekal
 Email: abajekal@erols.com
 Field: Hindustani Vocal
 Address: 3400-A, Brockwood Ct., Richmond, VA 23294
 Telephone: 804-935 0306

 Name: Vijaya Balakrishna
 Field: Carnatic Vocal
 Address: 2139 Cunningham Dr. #102, Hampton, VA 23666
 Telephone: 804 838 3121

 Name: Naru Gopal Das Baul
 Email: fmg3u@virginia.edu
 Field: Baul Sangeet
 Address: 474 Seymore Rd. #4, Charlottesville, VA 22903
 Telephone: 804-923 3769


 Name: Chandana Dixit
 Field: Hindustani Vocals, Pop and Film vocals
 Address: 3204 W. Concord Way #479 : Mercer Island WA 98040
 Telephone: 206 853 9874
 Misc. Info: Classically trained vocalist giving lessons in a variety of vocal repertoire
 including pop and film songs.


 Name: Vindhya Vasini Annapareddy
 Email: vindhya81@yahoo.com
 Field: Carnatic Music - vocal
 Address: 2125 Kensington Dr #14 : Waukesha, Wi-53188
 Telephone: 262 574 1452

 Name: Kripa Baskaran
 Email: baskarans@ameritech.net
 Field: Bharatnatyam
 Address: 2202, Luann Lane : Madison , WI 53713
 Telephone: 608 278 8507
 Misc. Info: Natyarpana School of dance

 Name: Pooja Dhaliwal
 Email: dpooja77@hotmail.com
 Field: Hindustani Classical Vocal
 Address: 5276 N Lovers Lane Rd; #210 : Milwaukee, WI- USA.
 Telephone: 414-465-0143
 Misc. Info: Masters of Music Vocal from Punjab University Chandigarh. (Gold Medalist).
 B.A. Honors (Gold Medalist, Punjab University, Chandigarh.)Along with Hindustani
 Classical vocal won various competitions in light music, punjab folk music and devotional

 Name: Dr. Balathandan S. Pillai
 Email: latha.balathandan@wepco.com
 Field: Tabla
 Address: 921 W. Theresa Ln., Glendale, WI 53209
 Telephone: 414-540-1234
 Misc. Info: I have learned tabla and Mridangam for over 12 years an performed music
 programmes in India and abroad. I also got Best Tabla Player in Tamil Nadu from CM of
 Tamil Nadu. Performed All India Radio programmes and performed TV programmes in
 Madras (Chenai). Accompanied best artists like Dr. Ramachandra Bahavathar (Student of
 Dr. Balamurali Krishna), Mr. Jayachandran of Kerala and few other well known artists.
 Please contact me through telephone for other details. I teache tabla and Mridangam
 during weekends for nominal fee if you can afford, otherwise for free.


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