HubShout Announces Winners of 2012 Online Marketing Scholarship by


Three outstanding students selected from a pool of impressive candidates.

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									HubShout Announces Winners of 2012 Online Marketing Scholarship

Three outstanding students selected from a pool of impressive candidates.

Falls Church, VA, January 18, 2013 --( HubShout, a full service online marketing firm, SEO
reseller and website reseller, launched its “Internet Marketers of the Future” scholarship program in July
2012. The scholarship is designed to support students who are interested in the SEO reseller field or are
working toward a career in online marketing.

HubShout was impressed by the caliber of applicants, but three individuals stood above the others due to
their well-defined career goals and ability to demonstrate a strong interest in online marketing.

Michael Minnock is a senior at Duquesne University and majoring in Integrated Marketing
Communication. Michael's GPA, marketing internships, social media marketing experience and
community service gave him high marks. An administrator at Duquesne remarked, “Mike is a great
student and very well deserving of the scholarship. What a nice surprise to see one of our students win
this for the semester!”

Andre Sadler is a senior at Syracuse University and working on a dual major in marketing and finance.
Andre's campus activities, volunteer work and impressive resume of internships demonstrate his online
marketing aspirations and leadership skills. He has his sights set on a sports marketing career.

Giovanni Holmquist is a junior at the State University of New York, Albany. His dual major of business
administration, with a concentration on marketing management, and political science plus the initiative he
showed in developing and managing online marketing campaigns for a small business prove that
Giovanni has a passion for online marketing. Giovanni is the VP of Finance for the UAlbany Chapter of
the American Marketing Association.

The success of the SEO reseller program inspired HubShout executives to give back to the community via
the HubShout scholarship. In 2008, Chad Hill, CEO and Adam Stetzer, Ph.D., President, co-founded
HubShout and operated out of a small office in Arlington, VA. In 2009, HubShout launched its SEO
reseller program, offering white label SEO and other online marketing services. The rapid growth of the
SEO reseller program necessitated an increase in staffing and larger office space. The business moved to
Falls Church, VA and subsequently opened a second office in Rochester NY. In 2012, HubShout added a
website reseller program.

The SEO reseller program continues to prosper and the team of HubShout account managers has grown to
support SEO resellers with sales and training. Through the HubShout SEO reseller program, SEO
professionals, web developers, graphic designers, ad agencies, website resellers and the like are able to
offer a full package of white label SEO and online marketing services to their clients. The Hubshout
dashboard ensures both transparency and accountability to all SEO reseller clients. The website reseller
program adds yet another dimension to the SEO reseller program.

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Thanks to the growth and success of the HubShout SEO reseller and website reseller programs, HubShout
will continue its scholarship in 2013. One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded in the spring semester and
one in the fall. Colleges and universities that wish to offer the scholarship opportunity to their students
should call 888-266-6432, x303.

HubShout is a US based SEO reseller and website reseller with a complete package of online marketing
services, including SEO, PPC, Local SEO, websites, social media and email marketing. All services are
available to direct clients as well. Technology based software and services are the core of HubShout's
success. For more information or details about the 2013 scholarship , please contact HubShout directly.

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