The Roaring Twentiesb by MsG77


									The Roaring Twenties!
The Process:
     1.   Choose one of the following aspects of culture to explore: Fashion, Cars, Sports, Entertainment, Women, Technology,
          or Crime
     2.   Read about your topic. Become as informed as possible about that particular segment of culture. VERY
          IMPORTANT: Sites have both pictures and text. It is IMPORTANT that you look at the pretty pictures AND READ!
     3.   Consider the themes, achievements, and important people that shape your topic.
     4.   Products – choose one and create it in your Google Docs acct:
               Magazine cover and introduction from the editor that presents the theme of the magazine [drawing or
               Four “powerpoint” slides (info on each, graphics on at least two, sources in the notes section) [presentation]
               The script for a three to four minute radio broadcast (could possibly be recorded for XC) [document]

These are links, although I have no idea whether they will all work from school.

1.   Fashion:                                                             Audio Clips of Music
      Fashion for Men and Ladies                                         Greatest Films of the 1920s
      History of Fashion                                                 Fads
      The Ultimate Fashion Site                                    5.   Women:
      Women’s Clothing                                                   Woman on the Silver Screen
      1920s Fashion                                                      Flapper Jane
      Boys’ Fashion                                                      Congresswomen
2.   Cars:                                                                Women’s Organizations in the 1920s
      Chicago Vintage                                                    Margaret Sanger
      1920s Automobiles                                                  Bessie Smith
      Riley Motors                                                       Amelia Earhart
      Classic Cars                                                 6.   Business, Industry, and Technology:
      Ford                                                               Technology’s Impact of Life
      Consequences of the Automobile                                     Charles Lindbergh
3.   Sports:                                                              Electronic Consumer Appliances
      Helmets                                                            Consumerism
      Babe Ruth                                                          Henry Ford
      1920s Sports                                                       Business
      Black Baseball Leagues                                       7.   Crime:
      Article on 1920s Sports                                            Leopold and Loeb
      African Americans in Sports                                        Capone
4.   Entertainment:                                                       Sacco and Vanzetti
      Movies and Radio                                                   St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
      Music                                                              Temperance and Prohibition
      Media History Timeline                                             The Scopes Trial
      The Roaring 1920s Concert Extravaganza

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