Settling in Saudi Arabia

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					               Setting in Saudi Arabia
                                               With a population of over 27 million people, the
                                               Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is growing economically
                                               each day. It is no wonder that its booming economy is
                                               attracting expats from all over the world. Most expats
                                               find it difficult to pick one city from Jeddah and
                                               Riyadh to settle down. Both cities are similar in a lot
                                               of ways yet so diverse in their offerings that it is
                                               indeed a difficult choice.

                                              Once little more than a dusty, desert outpost, Riyadh
                                              today is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
                                              Since the 1970s, its population has tripled. It is not
                                              only the county's capital but it is also its financial and
                                              administrative center. In contrast to Riyadh is Jeddah
                                              - the commercial capital of the Kingdom. A
                                              converging point for pilgrims and traders for
centuries, Jeddah is probably the largest cultural melting pot in the world and has a lot of foreign

Both these cities are great places to settle down but it is difficult to get ‫ شقق للجيجار جدة‬and
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The best options for finding rented apartments are either to look online for options or to contact a
real estate agent. If you are familiar with using the Internet, then you will easily find websites that
provide complete information on apartments that are available on rent. They will match your
requirements with the best options that they have available and you will have the option of
comparing various options through a single click. If you contact an experienced broker, he too
would help you in finding an appropriate apartment that matches your budget and your needs. You
may even speak to your friends and business associates who have moved to the city before you and
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Both these cities offer furnished as well as unfurnished apartments. If you are settling from abroad,
you may opt for a furnished apartment as they save you the trouble of packing and moving all your
furniture. If you have a budget in mind, then your next step is to decide on the location, you may
choose to rent an apartment that is closet to your place of work. It should be noted that Saudi
Arabian cities like Riyadh and Jeddah are smaller by international standards and driving time
between home and office are short, usually without any traffic jams.

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