49thAnnual - Southwestern College by linxiaoqin


49 Commencement
                                   cl ass of 2010

We are What’s Next
              Southwestern College
         2010 Commencement Ceremony
             Friday, May 21, 2010

 DeVore Stadium, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA
Governing Board of the
Southwestern Community College District
Yolanda Salcido, Governing Board President
Terri Valladolid, Governing Board Vice President
Nick Aguilar, Governing Board Member
Jorge Dominguez, Ph.D., Governing Board Member
Jean Roesch, Ed.D., Governing Board Member
Chris DeBauche, ASO President/Student Trustee
Raj K. Chopra, Ph.D., Superintendent/President
Order of Exercises

     Pomp and Circumstance, March No. 1, by Edward Elgar

     Welcome and Introductions
     Mark Meadows, Ph.D.
     Vice President for Academic Affairs

     Pledge of Allegiance
     Michael Anzures
     ASO Secretary
     The National Anthem
     Melissa Sison
     Tracy Burklund
     Southwestern College Students

     Raj K. Chopra, Ph.D.

     Introduction of Honorary Degree Recipient
     Professor Valerie Goodwin-Colbert
     President, Academic Senate

     Honorary Degree Remarks
     Serge Dedina, Ph.D.
     Executive Director, WiLDCOAST

     Student Remarks
     Miguel Barnet
     ASO Treasurer

     Recognition/Presentation of Honor Students
     Angelica Suarez, Ph.D.
     Vice President for Student Affairs

     Presentation of Class of 2010
     Mark Meadows, Ph.D.
     Acceptance of Class of 2010
     Raj K. Chopra, Ph.D.

     Conferring of Degrees
     Yolanda Salcido
     Governing Board President
     College Faculty and Staff

     Class Roster Read By:
     Norma Cazares
     Counselor, School of Counseling and Personal Development
     Ed Cosio
     Counselor, School of Counseling and Personal Development

     S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement          1
    Honors                      and Honor Societies

                                Students who wear a gold tassel have earned an overall
                                grade point average of 3.5 or higher on all academic
                                course work as of the end of the fall 2009 semester.
                                Upon official certification of all academic course work,
                                all graduating students are eligible for diplomas and
                                transcripts annotated With Honors.

                                PHI Theta Kappa
                                In 1989, the Alpha Pi Epsilon chapter of Phi Theta Kappa,
                                the international honor society for students in community
                                colleges, chartered at Southwestern College.

                                PSI Beta
                                Psi Beta is the national honor society in psychology for
                                community and junior colleges.

2   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col l ege • 49 th annual commencement

       Traditions of academic costume began in medieval
       Europe. When students in the universities of Paris,
       Bologna, Oxford, and Cambridge began to organize into
       guilds, they developed distinctive costumes for bachelors
       (apprentices), masters (teachers), and doctors (teachers
       who had completed postgraduate study).

       American usage has been standardized by an
       intercollegiate code, which takes the Oxford costume as
       a starting point. The bachelor’s gown has long, pointed
       sleeves, and the master’s gown has oblong sleeves, open
       at the wrist. Both are untrimmed. The doctor’s gown has
       round, open sleeves, with three bars of velvet and velvet
       facing. The gown is normally black, but some institutions
       have adopted colored gowns.

       The academic hood also found its beginnings in the
       unheated medieval classrooms of England. Its original
       purpose was as a head covering to provide warmth, but
       it has long been replaced by the mortarboard. The hood
       is now worn around the neck and down the back and
       indicates both the degree held and the institution from
       which it was granted. All hoods are black, lined in satin
       with the color(s) of the institution that conferred the
       wearer’s degree. The color of the velvet trimming on the
       hood represents the field in which the degree was granted.
       The style of the hood varies with the degree level.

       Arts, Letters, Humanities ...................................... White
       Commerce, Accountancy, Business .......................... Drab
       Education ....................................................... Light Blue
       Fine Arts................................................................Brown
       Law........................................................................ Purple
       Library Science .....................................................Lemon
       Medicine ............................................................... Green
       Music........................................................................ Pink
       Nursing................................................................ Apricot
       Philosophy ....................................................... Dark Blue
       Public Administration ................................ Peacock Blue
       Science...................................................... Golden Yellow
       Social Work ...........................................................Citron

   S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement                                        3
     Honorary                   Degree Recipients

                                Helynn Hoffa .......................................................... 1988

                                Sheridan Hogland ................................................... 1988

                                Edwina Kenney Hegland ........................................ 1988

                                Daniel Dennison ..................................................... 1989

                                Mary Kay Dennison (‘73) ........................................ 1993

                                Harry Shank ............................................................ 1995

                                Frank J. Urtasun (77’) .............................................. 1996

                                Corky McMillin ...................................................... 1997

                                Denise Moreno Ducheny ........................................ 1998

                                Luis Valdez .............................................................. 1999

                                Dolores Huerta ........................................................ 1999

                                George H. Waters.................................................... 2000

                                Bob Filner................................................................ 2001

                                Augustine Chavez ................................................... 2002

                                Rev. George Walker Smith ...................................... 2003

                                Dede Alpert............................................................. 2004

                                Rachael Ortiz .......................................................... 2004

                                Scott McMillin........................................................ 2006

                                Enrique Morones .................................................... 2008

                                Anthony Young ....................................................... 2009

                                Serge Dedina, Ph.D. ............................................... 2010

4   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col l ege • 49 th annual commencement
Graduates          Fall 2009 Associate Degree

                                                   Bryan T. Dusenberry
                                                   Edgard Echegaray
                                                   Emilyn L. Edquilang
                                                   Leslie A. Edson
                                                   Thomas C. Ellis
                                                   Roberto Enriquez
                                                   Ricardo Escalante
                                                   Marygrace A. Esconde
                                                   Mariavanessa P. Espineli
                                                   Juan M. Espinoza
                                                   Maria-DelPilar Espinoza
 Patsy N. Acosta           Maria Diorella M.       Servando A. Esquer
 Alelie E. Adriano            Cabrera              Kendra Y. Fabela
 Mary E. Alcantar          Joseph L. Cagigas       Ray R. Fabroquez
 Mercedes R. Alvarez       Juan A. Cano            Vanessa M. Felarca
 Andrea Anchondo           Martin E. Cano          Nedina G. Fernandez
    Jimenez                Arturo R. Carmona       Sonia Fonseca
 Andrea C. Andrade         Alexandro Castillo      Kara S. Frederick
 Jesus A. Andrade          Angelica M. Castillo    Alfredo A. Garcia
 Jomar A. Angcaya          Socorro Castillo        Angelica M. Garcia
 Holly N. Angeles          Yolanda Chalico         Danissa Garcia
 Laura A. Apiado           Neroj R. Chamsayidi     Elizabeth Garcia
 Ivette E. Aranda          Yu N. Chen              Lorraine Garcia
 Bianca Arellano           Calso R. Coleman        Sheily E. Garcia
 Mark A. Armas             Sofia Contreras         Miguel A. Garibay
 Eric Y. Auyeung           Cindy A. Corona         Elsa C. Gerena
 Norma A. Ayon             Joel A. Corona          Jack A. Gersten
 Kristoffer J. Babadilla   Jose R. Corrales        Monique E. Goldman
 Olugbenga J. Babatunde    Alejandro Cota          Crystel Gomez
 Kevin R. Baeza            Ruth A. Cuevas          Martha A. Gomez
 Jezer Balangcod           Barrett E. Davenport    Paola I. Gomez
 Vanessa S. Baldiviez      Roman Daylamy           Rubilyn F. Gonzales
 Karla M. Barrera          Fabiola E. De Concini   Melissa R. Gonzalez
 Ben K. Barrios            Cristina DeLaPena       Robert M. Gonzalez
 Irasema Bedoya            Kevin Delatorre         Roberto Gonzalez
 George H. Bell            Edgar D. Delfierro      Mario A. Gutierrez
 Jessica M. Bernal         Angelina M. Demery      Thomas E. Halfaker
 Sean A. Blair             Mariana I. Diaz         Monique C. Hatchett
 Veryl G. Blakely          Sergio L. Diaz          Esmeralda Hernandez
 Elena Bogarin             Victor R. Diaz          Jorge A. Hernandez
 David M. Brown            Logan A. Dmattus        RosaMaria C.
 Vanessa D. Buccat         Michael R. Dodd            Hernandez
 Vanessa M. Bueno          Jamie Matt G. Dones     Diana Herrera
 Ramesis W. Bustamante     Jeffery E. Duarte       Daniela Huerta

              S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement               5
             Hector Huerta             Stephen M. Moniasque         Margot Rodriguez
             Jessica Huerta            Andrea A. Montano               Jacamo
             Krystal M. Huezo          Edgar Montejano              Jason L. Romero
             Nadya Ibarra              Michael S. Moore             Monica Romero
             Martha L. Inga            Laurie R. Morales            Tanya A. Romero
             Kirby A. Isidro           Jairus E. Muller             Gabriel A. Ruiseco
             Heather N. Johnson        Gilberto G. Munoz            Mariana Y. Ruiz
             Ira-Lynn C. Johnson       Nancy Munoz                  Siria B. Ruiz
             Isabel A. Johnson         Sofia L. Murguia             Hidi Saenphansiri
             Jacqueline M. Johnson     Marco A. Najera-Garcia       Guillermo Sandoval
             Kwadena N. Johnson        Allen B. Narvasa                Carrillo
             Daniel Jurado             Alvaro A. Navarro            Greta Santana
             Derrek H. Karmoen         Phuc D. Nguyen               Pablo S. Santana
             Crystal A. Kean           David Niebla-Abarca          Matthew C. Saruse
             Lyndon B. Kerse           Carlos Nowotny               Melissa E. Scholten
             Heath E. Kirby            Melanie M. O’Neil            Fabian Serrano
             Cherry Kiu                Stephanie M. O’Neil          Marcelo Y. Sevilla
             Deborah Kuri              Blanca A. Ojeda              Hector Silva
             Mikael K. Lagler          David L. Osborn              Jennifer D. Sitz
             Lucia Landman             Tino M. Otineru              Corey L. Smith
             Annette D. Leichner       Christina M. Pacheco         Eric R. Smith
             Jason I. Leyva            Guadalupe Padilla            Maricela Solis
             Jacqueline A. Loam        Natalie Padilla              Brandy L. Southern
             James H. Long             Resty L. Pascua              Matthew W. Sowell
             Jose L. Lopez             Brenda Marie R. Pena         Michelle V. Steinhaus
             Olando M. Lopez           Desiree M. Perez             Rodney M. Taitague
             Oscar A. Lopez            Linalyn D. Pipkin            Roberto Tapia-Bravo
             Brenda B. Magana          Nathaniel M. Porras          Senait K. Tarkegne
             Theresa R. Maloles        Christie M. Posner           Eva P. Tellez
             Mario Malpica             Ryan M. Quiambao             Maritza G. Tirado
             Paulina J. Mamahua        Roselyn G. Quiba             Chris L. Tyson
             Carlos A. Manzanera       Adriana Quijada              Roberto J. Ureno
             Juan M. Manzano           Garrett V. Raether           Ruben D. Vaca
             Walter Mariscal           Cesar Ramirez                Angel R. Valadez
             Armando Marquez           Jose V. Ramirez              Edgar Valenzuela
             Jose R. Martinez          Stephanie Ramirez            Alejandro Velazquez
             Maria D. Martinez         Yossa N. Ramirez             Kimberly A. Villareal
             Mayra Martinez            Jean-Luc I. Rancourt         Paola M. Villaver
             Richard P. McQuaid        Monica A. Rascon             Natalia Vostriakova
             Sara M. Mendivil          Daniel Razo                  Babey C. Wagnew
             Francisco J. Mendoza      David A. Regalado            Damon L. Walker
             Carlos Meneses            Romar-Kristian A. Reyes      Shamekia S. Watkins
             Adriana Meza              Oscar J. Reynoso             Kathlene A. Yambao
             Gisselle A. Meza          Francisco J. Rivera          Daniel K. Yowell
             Gregory A. Millea         Christian I. Rodriguez       Lynette T. Zeckua
             Brandon M. Miller         Cynthia Rodriguez            Ricardo E. Zepeda
             Michele L. Miller         Gilberto A. Rodriguez
             Justine A. Miranda        Jonathan Rodriguez

6   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col l ege • 49 th annual commencement
Graduates                  Fall 2009 Certificate of

 Patsy N. Acosta
 Silvia D. Aguiar
 Alicia Aguilar
 Angel A. Alcala
 Mary E. Alcantar
 Melissa Alegre
 Andrea Anchondo
 Bruno N. Araujo
 Jovanna Arechiga
 Peggy J. Bearden
 Roxana P. Beas            Yleanna I. Fierro       Mario Malpica
 Jonathan Benites          Michael L. Foster       Paulina J. Mamahua
 Garrett W. Brock          Brian D. Fritz          Adriana Marin
 David M. Brown            Karla L. Gallegos       Lennon A. Martin
 Pilar L. Brown-Page       Alicia E. Garcia        Jose R. Martinez
 Romy M. Calilung          Claudia I. Garcia       Francisco Medrano
 Juan A. Cano              Miguel A. Garibay       Francisco J. Mendoza
 Arturo R. Carmona         Alma A. Gastelum        Diana M. Meza
 Kenyalizette G. Caro      Jose C. Gaytan          Gisselle A. Meza
 Jacob A. Chambers         Elsa C. Gerena          Gregory A. Millea
 Teofilo J. Chavarin       Paola I. Gomez          Brandon M. Miller
 Estanislao E. Chavarria   Veronica Gonzales       Michele L. Miller
 Jose R. Corrales          Robert M. Gonzalez      Crystal Miranda
 Yolanda Cortes            Maria E. Gutierrez      Stephen M. Moniasque
 Alejandro Cota            Thomas E. Halfaker      Andrea A. Montano
 Beau J. Craig             Brent J. Hannibal       Martha G. Montano-
                           Dalila Hernandez           Hnilo
 Christian A. Curiel
                           Esmeralda Hernandez     Edgar Montejano
 Barrett E. Davenport
                           Fernando A. Hernandez   Hugo Mora
 Manuel C. Devera
                           Melody A. Hernandez     Adriana Morales
 Gloria Diaz
                           Ninfa E. Hernandez      Marty E. Munday
 Victor R. Diaz
                           Mayra C. Herrera        Alvaro A. Navarro
 MaryAnn G. Diloy
                           Nadya Ibarra            David Niebla-Abarca
 Michael R. Dodd
                           Antonio Infante         David W. ODell
 Andrew H. Dorosan
                           Kirby A. Isidro         Arturo D. Ojeda
 Nouhan A. Edmerson
                           Benito Jimenez          Jannet Ortiz
 Emilyn L. Edquilang
                           Heather N. Johnson      Sandra B. Orueta
 Lourdes Elizarraras-
    Dearrizon              Kwadena N. Johnson      Christina M. Pacheco
 Juan M. Espinoza          Heath E. Kirby          Guadalupe Padilla
 Ray R. Fabroquez          Jacqueline A. Loam      Romelia Pardini
 Alicia Farias-Zamudio     Ruben Lopez-Pena        Beau Pate
 Francisco A. Ferreira     Alejandro Luna          Brenda Marie R. Pena
 Connie L. Fey             Brenda B. Magana        Carolina Perez

              S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement           7
             Nathaniel M. Porras       Shannon M. Sanders       Roberto J. Ureno
             Adriana Quijada           Matthew C. Saruse        Ruben D. Vaca
             Cesar Ramirez             Fabian Serrano           Elisa M. Vanorsdale
             Lorena M. Ramirez         Eric R. Smith            Alejandro Velazquez
             Raymond Ramirez           Rosa Maria Soledad       Silvana B. Vereda
             Lucas R. Reed             Vincent M. Somma         Irma D. Villa
             Helene F. Resano          Brandy L. Southern       William J. Walkenhorst
             Kyle J. Reuter            Eva P. Tellez            Jennifer M. Webb
             Maria D. Reyes            Mariana Tinoco           Terry D. Wirth
             Andres Reyna
             Francisco J. Rivera
             Aaron Rodriguez
             Andres Rodriguez
             Margot Rodriguez
             Citlalli Rojo
             Margarita Rosales
             Erika Ruiz
             Noemi E. Salvador

             Blanca G. Sanchez

                          Spring 2010 Associate Degree

              Vincent T. Abalos         Gene Alvarez                Bernard E. Ayuyao
              Idil M. Abdullahi         Monica Alvelais             Anthony C. Bacsal
              Abraham Abousway          Richard A. Amanonce         Zoraida J. Baiza
              Samantha A. Acevedo       Angeli Amar                 Erick G. Balvas
              Jorge A. Aceves           Jane R. Ambon               Reginald B. Barden
              Vanessa Aceves            Diosa J. Andersen           Miguel A. Barnet
              Catherine A. Acuna        Aaron E. Anderson           Gloria Y. Barragan
              Luisiana Y. Aguayo        Tracy J. Anderson           Venus P. Barria
              Maria D. Aguila           Angela C. Anorve            Stephanie K. Barrientos
              Alicia Aguilar            Michael C. Anzures          Lizzette Barrios
              Ricardo J. Aguilar        Adam Araiza                 Nadia A. Barrios
              Jovanna M. Aguilera       Abraham Arce                Michael L. Barrows
              Hinde Ahzi                Natalie V. Arguello         Raymond N. Bartolome
              Mufassa N. Akintunde      Andrey T. Arias Lopez       Deshay L. Baskin
              Becky K. Alarcon          Aaron M. Armas              Kimberly L. Battaglia
              Vanessa E. Albanez        Paula M. Arredondo          Francisco J. Bautista
              Valerie A. Alde-Hayman    Paul J. Athmer              Lorena Bautista
              Gabrielle Aleman          Stephanie A. Atizado        Edgar A. Beas
              Lyan L. Alfaro            Mayra L. Atkinson           Jessica Bedoya
              Steven H. Almos           Ophelia M. Augustine        Scott L. Bedwell
              Fernanda Alonso           Gabriela Ayala              Zeke U. Belle
              Arlene A. Alvarado        Anthony G. Ayento           Fernando C. Beltran

8   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col l ege • 49 th annual commencement
Nishdallyh Beltran-       Patricia P. Chong      Mildred R. Deleon
   Raygoza                Melissa D. Cobb        Edgar D. Delfierro
Ericka E. Benavides       Heather W. Cole        Michael A. Delgado
Jonathan Benites          Tianna D. Conde        Adriana Delmar
Shelly E. Benitez         Elizabeth H.           Angie M. Desmond
Deiby Bernal                 Consunji            MaryAnn G. Diloy
Christopher A. Bodden     Alexandra L.           Michael R. Dodd
Yvonne R. Boers              Contreras           Michele R. Dorsey
Juan Alberto Bonilla-     Priscilla G.           Nicole A. Dorsey
   Sanchez                   Contreras
                                                 Richard A. Downey
Alejandra Borquez         Crystal L. Corona
                                                 Angela H. Dreyer
Layla Bouchez             Erick M. Corona
                                                 John R. Drummond
Eva C. Bravo              Denise Jeanne H.
                             Corpin              Michael P. Dumalag
Kimberly T. Brecke                               Nicole M. Duncombe
Contrina T. Brown         Oscar D. Corral
                          Erica N. Cosio         Matthew P. Dunkle
Henry E. Brown                                   Sonia A. Duran
Melissa M. Brown          Marline R. Cota
                          Ryan E. Cotton         Eliseo B. Durante
John W. Buehrer                                  Julia K. Dyball
Venessia R. Bumpas        Jennifer L. Cradduck
                          Pamela J. Crandall     Mark R. Ebalo
Torrey M. Burgess                                Richard J. Ebert
Brian T. Burke            Viridiana Criollos
                          Dom R. Crisostomo      Emmanuel R. Ecijan
Donald L. Byrn                                   Davon R. Edwards
Denise Cacho              Ashleigh N. Crisp
                          Francis M. Cruz        Jehiel A. Elad
Abraham L. Cachu                                 Arlene S. Eliano
Natalya P. Cadena         Monica A. Cruz
                          Christian S.           Maria P. Encina
Rolando Cadua                                    Ilse M. Escobedo
Charleene Camacho                                Yuri B. Esmele
                          Eleanor R.
Maggie Mae S. Camaclang      Cuaresma            Esther I. Espana
Angelica Campos           Ana Z. Cuba            Gloria A. Esparza
Sara Canedo               Candy J. Cuevas        Gabriel Espinoza
Richard T. Carey          Kathryn M. Curd        Jose A. Esquivias
Cindy A. Cariaga          Abigail Curiel         Eva Estrada
Kenyalizette G. Caro      Shonte M. Cyprian      Isai Estrada
Jessica S. Carranza       William H. Cyree       Leslie A. Falante
Luis C. Castanares        Maryanna B.            Abigail Falcon
Erica R. Castano             D’Amico             Jeanifer D. Farrell
Joshua Castillo           James E. Dailey        Daniel R. Fellenbaum
Esteban G. Castro         Mark G.                Alejandro Fernandez
Charlie C. Catbagan          Dalugdugan          Michael D. Fichtner
Celso V. Cayanan          Charissa N. Danan      Bruno Fierro-Lara
Fernando Ceballos         Jessica R. Daniels     Florence D. Flores
Monserrat Cedeno          Alexis C. Daniels-     Jazaret Flores
Samantha V. Chaidez          Taylor
                                                 Laura S. Flores
Neroj R. Chamsayidi       Katrina V. De
                             Guzman              Nicole Flores
Ezra Chavarin                                    Salvador Flores
Christian Chavez          Diazen R.
                             DeGuzman            Robert D. French
Luis A. Chavez                                   Alexis Frias
                          Robert DeLaCruz
Melissa Chavez                                   Roxanne Fuentes
                          Vanessa B. Dehesa-
Stephanie Chavez             Woodson             Ide E. Fugate
Jenny L. Chen             Oralia Dejesus         Albert H. Fulcher
Saroeun M. Chhith

            S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement           9
                                      Christopher E. Gonzalez       Ryan R. Hernandez
                                      Estela Gonzalez               Zulem K. Hernandez
                                      Mayra Y. Gonzalez             Elvira Hernandez-
                                      Monica E. Gonzalez               Lopez
                                      Natalia Gonzalez              Roberto E.
                                      Stephanie A. Gonzalez            Hernandez-Muro
                                      Tanya G. Gonzalez             Vanessa D. Herrera
                                      Thania D. Gonzalez            Bernardo C. Hieber
                                      Philip C. Gordon              Alexis B. Hodoyan-
                                      Diana E. Goyena
                                                                    Margaret K. House
                                      Luis H. Gracia
                                                                    Berenice Huerta
            Carla P. Fulgencio        Megan M. Granzow
                                                                    Brenda L. Ibarra
            Kimberly D. Galang        Saundra D. Greene
                                                                    Cecilia Ibarra
            Diana Gallardo            Jennifer M. Gregory
                                                                    Christina M. Igay
            Isabel Gallo              Victor M. Guarneros
                                                                    Jaslin Irish
            Susie N. Galvan           Omar F. Guerra-Salcido
                                                                    Jasmine I. Jasso
            Giancarlo Gamino          Edmund Guerrero
                                                                    Ronievi L. Javier
            Richie D. Gapusan         Hector A. Guerrero
                                                                    Jennifer C. Jeanmard
            Ana G. Garcia             Herick A. Guerrero
                                                                    Eric Jefferson
            Claudia L. Garcia         Rosa A. Guerrero
                                                                    Jennifer Jessen
            Elisa R. Garcia           Shara N. Guess
                                                                    Carlos Jimenez
            Isabel D. Garcia          Vanessa L. Guillen
                                                                    Sergio Jimenez
            Julian C. Garcia          Elizabeth Gurrola
                                                                    Audrey M. Johnson
            Leticia Garcia            Benjamin M. Guss
                                                                    William J. Johnston
            Olivia Garcia             Rosalinda Gutierrez
                                                                    Crandell E. Jones
            Oscar R. Garcia           Yadira L. Gutierrez
                                                                    Luz M. Jones
            Sara Garcia               Erika Guzman
                                                                    Malik J. Jones
            Sophia I. Garcia          Maria G. Guzman
                                                                    Saul Juarez
            Maria D. Garcia-Dela      Ryan N. Hagar
                                                                    Tiffany N. Kahlen
               Hidalga                David Haley
                                                                    Berthina A.
            Genoveva K. Garnica       Kirk A. Hall                     Katzenstein
            Stephen J. Gastelum       Sheridan M. Hamer             Billy L. Kelley
            Justin K. Gattis          Lisa M. Hamilton              Michelle L. Kenaga
            Alma O. Gavina            Franchesca N. Hampton         Victoria L. Kenshur
            Geraldine O. Gavino       Adriana A. Hargrove           Adela Khaliq
            Sara S. Georgos           Julie A. Harn                 Muna Khurshid
            Dominique A. Gibson       Daniesha N. Harris-           Joanna L. Kientz
            Alice D. Gil                 Hopper
                                                                    William R. Klages
            Daniel Gil                Yensi V. Hart
                                                                    Michael D. Kline
            Darlene S. Go             Danielle N. Harvey
                                                                    Petrina G. Knapp
            Alsy Godinez              Aaron M. Hazard
                                                                    Michael T. Koesterer
            Marina E. Godinez         Chelsea M. Hennings
                                                                    Kandice R. Krawcion
            Karla F. Goldsberry       Annette Hernandez
                                                                    Joy E. Kuckelmann
            Aldo A. Gomez             Bianey L. Hernandez
                                                                    Maria D. Kundig
            Ana G. Gomez              Eduardo Hernandez
                                                                    Chandarong S. Lam
            Monica N. Gomez           Elizabeth A. Hernandez
                                                                    Cynthia Lam
            Magda L. Gonsalves        Erika J. Hernandez
                                                                    Carlos Lameda-Diaz
            Jessica L. Gonzales       Genaro Hernandez
                                                                    Lisa M. Lane
            Rosa A. Gonzales          Gina G. Hernandez
                                                                    Rosa V. Latorre
            Christina M. Gonzalez     Jovino R. Hernandez
                                                                    Dennis Lavetti
                                      Maricela Hernandez

10   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col lege • 49 th annual commencement
John V. Le                   Escalante            Alexis C. Morrow
Jessica M. Leas           Roy A. Massey           Claudia I. Moshe
Trinity Ledesma           Christopher M. Mathis   Alan F. Mosqueda
Patricia L. Ledesma-      Desire M. May           Jeremy S. Muffley
   Quintero               Bernard R. Mbacho       Selma M. Munguia
Jihye Lee                 Vanessa G. McGough      Adriana Munoz
Leslie F. Leon-Aramburo   Derek C. McKechnie      Byanka A. Munoz
Christine R. Lerma        Paris M. McMahon        Diane C. Munoz
Terris P. Lerma           Kelley C. McNeil        Jessica M. Munoz
Jennifer J. Lewis         Hortencia Medina        Najat M. Naime
Araceli Leza              Vanessa Medrano         David A. Najera
Sheryl Ann L. Lim         Shakeiba Mehr           Marlene Naranjo
Tom A. Lima               Juan M. Mejia           Priscilla Naranjo
Amanda Limon              Nelson J. Mejia         Jacquelyn M. Nash
Rachel Lincoln            Brian Mercado           Maria G. Nava
Andrew C. Lininger        Maribel E. Mercado      Emil A. Navarro
Ana-Patricia F. Lopez     Dennhy J. Meza          Hilaria G. Navarro
Andrea M. Lopez           Gisselle A. Meza        Teresita D. Navarro
Celina L. Lopez           Joel F. Meza            Patrick R. Neff
Daniel Lopez              Vanessa L. Michel       Roberto Nelson
Glady Lopez               Willie D. Mickey        Hien M. Nguyen
Leonela Lopez             Thomas P. Miller        Van K. Nguyen
Arantza Loredo            Danielle M. Minton      Tammy Nguyen-Santos
Vivian N. Lorenzana       Edith F. Miranda        Jael Niebla
Bridgette A. Lowe         Janeth Miranda          Jemari C. Nimedez
Vania D. Luque            Jose M. Miranda         Rebecca L. O’Brien
Melaney S. Lynch          Nancy V. Misleh         Claudio J. Ocano
Marc G. Madarang          Athena N. Mitchell      Lisa M. Ochoa
Yolanda Madrid            Nahed H. Mohamed        Oluchi B. Ofoegbu
Jennifer Magallon         Fartun A. Mohamud       Paul E. Ogden
Nydia D. Maldonado        Cori E. Molina          Ana J. Olaiz
   Palacio                Elizabeth P. Molina     Lacey N. Oleary
Pedro J. Manguy           Ernesto Molina          Alexander P. Oleata
Jonathan P. Marquez       Jose I. Monge           Beatriz I. Olivares
Dalia Marron              Cheryl L. Monteiro      Marysol Olivarria
Briggite K. Marroquin     Brian P. Montgomery     Teresa D. Olivo
Sonia E. Martin           Donald R. Moore         Gabriel Orendain
Laura F. Martindelcampo   Jacqueline Mora         Eunice Orozco-
Andrea Martinez           Kimberly A. Mora           Reynoso
Angelica P. Martinez      Sandra P. Mora          Stephanie D. Ortega
Christine M. Martinez     Adriana Morales         David M. Ortega-
Edwin I. Martinez         Celestino O. Morales       Endahl
Esperanza D. Martinez     Esmeralda Morales       Isaac R. Ortega-Endahl
Graciela E. Martinez      Mauricio J. Morales     Frank E. Ortegoza
Jesus Martinez            Monique R. Morales      Alfonso Ortiz
Jorge Martinez            Gianina F. Moran        Celina A. Ortiz
Linda Martinez            Ivan A. Moreno          Karla G. Ortiz
Maria D. Martinez         Laura Moreno            Leticia M. Ortiz
Myrna J. Martinez         Aideth I. Morquecho     Luis R. Ortiz
Vanessa N. Martinez       Dustin J. Morris        Sandra B. Orueta
Melissa E. Martinez       Robert G. Morris        Bobby R. Owens

           S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement               11
            Silvia Pacheco              Mariell Revoyar             Yolanda Santiago
            Guadalupe Padilla           Nancy B. Reyes              Sandra J. Sarmienta
            Sheri L. Painter            Jessica L. Reznik           Juergen Schmid
            Jeana D. Pansoy             Jayrell S. Ringpis          John J. Schmitt
            Philip T. Pantoya           Zoraya A. Ritz              Suzanne M. Scott
            Diego D. Paredes            Ada M. Rivapalacio          Martha L. Searcy
            Dalila Parker               Alma R. Rivera              Roxanne D. Seda
            Araceli Partida             Francisco J. Rivera         Desiree L. Segal
            Anthony Pavageau            Alberto Rodriguez           Antonio A. Seise
            Brenda Marie R. Pena        Amy Rodriguez               Sheera M. Sengsourya
            Jennifer G. Peralta         Anabelle Rodriguez          Stephanie
            Marianne R. Peralta         Brenda Rodriguez               Servindelamora
            Abelardo Perez              Briana A. Rodriguez         Megan R. Shadwick
            Alejandra Perez             Daniel Rodriguez            Abby J. Shaeffer
            Alfredo Perez               Fernando Rodriguez          Cynthia E. Sherman
            Maria I. Perez              Jessica M. Rodriguez        Hector Silva
            Salvador A. Perez           Jonathan Rodriguez          Jay E. Silvestre
            Terri E. Perez              Juan M. Rodriguez           Atalie Simental
            Marylyn Perfino             Karen L. Rodriguez          Karla M. Simental
            Timothy A. Perreira         Liliana Rodriguez           Gladys Singleton
            Sheera D. Pita              Nancy Rodriguez             Donna D. Sisco
            Elyse N. Poderick           Omar Rodriguez              Melissa J. Sison
            Hyve R. Porcioncula         Oscar Rodriguez             Wilbert L. Smith
            Annette A. Porras           Priscila A. Rodriguez       Maricela Solis
            Julius M. Potenciano        Rosaura L. Rodriguez        Jose F. Soltero
            Guy T. Powers               Jaziel Rodriguez-Lara       Kristen A. Somera
            Corrinne J. Prado           Alan V. Romero              Jaqueline G. Sosa
            Silvia Prado                Dee’anna L. Romero          Alejandra Soto
            Gabriella O. Pre            Melissa T. Romero           Dulce Soto
            Diego Preciado              Vanessa J. Romero           Jonathan A. Soto
            Dionnis L. Preclaro         Sasha J. Ronco              Evan Sotter
            Sandra A. Profit            Rosalinda Ruezga            Marlene L. Spink
            Daniel Puentes              Eduardo O. Ruiz             Celia D. Spirakes
            Amanda L. Puron             Karla D. Ruiz               Deron L. Spivey
            Brenda Quezada              Kyle C. Ruiz                David M. Stadler
            Haydee A. Quintanilla       Maria S. Ruiz               Daniel A. Stewart
            Angelica M. Quiroz          Salvador R. Ruiz            Renee L. Stuka
            Albert Ramirez              Timotea R. Ruiz-Garcia      Liliana Suarez
            Denisse Ramirez             Hidi Saenphansiri           Mario A. Suarez
            Jose E. Ramirez             Enrique M. Salas-Limon      Brittney M. Sullivan
            Liliana Ramirez             Brian M. Salazar            Sandra M. Sundstrom
            Vanessa L. Ramirez          Michael D. Sales            Milagro-Evita R.
            Virginia Ramirez-Chavarin   Patricia Salgado               Surriga
            Carlos J. Ramirez-Ochoa     David B. Sanchez            Richard A. Sweet
            Arianna Ramos               Johanna L. Sanchez          Britini M. Syktich
            Ma.Rianne O. Ramos          Karly V. Sanchez            Adrian P. Talamantes
            Sasha G. Ramos              Lisbeth Sanchez             Rochelle R. Tan
            Susan Ramos                 Monica Sanchez              Daniel A. Tapia
            Rebeca Rangel               Alex Sandoval               Roberto Tapia-Bravo
            Mary Ann B. Rapayrapay      Vanessa L. Sandoval         Diamenita M. Tate
            Elissa Andrea R. Ray        Claudia K. Santana          Blake T. Taylor

12   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col lege • 49 th annual commencement
  Naochika Teshima
  Brian S. Thomas
  Tiffany N. Threadgill
  Jessica Tiznado
  Elaine P. Tomas
  My Linh T. Tong
  Vanessa N. Torres
  Lidya E. Toscano
  Kristie R. Tovar
  Valeria S. Trejo
  Yolanda L. Trejo
  Timothy R. Trujillo
  Xcelinas N. Turner      Douglas H. Vasquez       Penelope M. White
  Crystal L. Tyler        Rosa M. Vega             Shawn L. Williams
  Vicki T. Tyson          Melissa Velasquez        Edvir A. Wilson
  Leslie M. Umali         Enrique Victorino        Cheryl L. Wind
  Ashley A. Unger         Esperanza Vida           Christine D. Wingo
  Jacqueline S.           Armando Villalobos       Monica Works
     Urbiztondo           Olga Villanueva          Christina M. Wright
  Marianna Urrutia        Crystal I. Villegas      Crystal D. Wright
  Yajaira D. Urrutia      Misael Virgen            Charlene A. Yambao
  Sergio A. Valdes        Christina H. Vitalich    Maria S. Yepez
  Leonardo Valerio        Nicole G. Wamsley        Wren M. Yoder
  Jorge A. Valle          James F. Ward            Julie K. Yrineo
  Monica M. Valverde      Marina Watanabe          Ricardo D. Zambrano
  Shelly A. Van Wey       Hannah T. Watts          Zulma G. Zarate
  Edward J. Varela        Leela S. Weygandt        Shirley M. Zavala
  Francisco Vargas        Christopher M. Wheaton   Sean M. Zigler
  Josefina E. Vargas      Clarence E. White        Adrian A. Zosa

Candidates           Spring 2010 Certificate of

  Maria E. Acevedo-        Aaron E. Anderson       Caitlin A. Baker
     Whisenant             Tanya Anderson          Erick G. Balvas
  Silvia D. Aguiar         Avelina Andrade         Venus P. Barria
  Marcos Aguilar           Juan M. Andreu          Andres Beltran
  Joe Aguirre              Denise Anguiano         Miguel A. Bernal
  Hinde Ahzi               Luz P. Angulo           Simon W. Brice
  Griselide N Albanez      Leticia Araujo          Antonia Buenrostro
  Alwin P. Almazan         Natalie V. Arguello     Ralph L. Cabalar
  Fernanda Alonso          Mayra L. Atkinson       Maria-Elena Cabistan
  Arlene A. Alvarado       Pearl A. Ayon           Denise Cacho
  Sylvia P. Amezcua        Ana R. Babudar          Aleyda Camacho

              S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement           13
             Andres P. Carbajal        Leslie Gonzalez        Olga M. Luna
             Richard T. Carey          Lorena A. Gonzalez     Rachel D. Macaraeg
             Irene C. Castellon-Diaz   Monica E. Gonzalez     Marci Macias
             Elizabeth Castro          Saray D. Gonzalez      Abigail Maldonado
             Erica M. Castro           Teresa Gonzalez        Anthony M. Manelis
             Ines C. Centeno           Diana E. Goyena        Christine M. Martinez
             Ana F. Chiu Flores        Victor M. Guarneros    Jorge Martinez
             Chisato T. Cincilus       Elvira Guerrero        Maria D. Martinez
             Pamela S. Clark           Herick A. Guerrero     Maria G. Martinez
             Melissa D. Cobb           Marisa Guerrero        Bogdan H. Matuszynski
             Priscilla G. Contreras    Maria E. Gutierrez     Edward N. Medina
             Yvonne Coral              Norma S. Gutierrez     Hortencia Medina
             Erick M. Corona           Romeo J. Gutierrez     Cindy L. Meharg
             Oscar D. Corral           Rosalinda Gutierrez    Lyvia I. Mendez-Flores
             Maria C. Cotter           Lorena I. Hagle        Victoria Mendoza
             John H. Dana              Lisa M. Hamilton       Julieta Meraz
             Manuel I. De Leon         Bryan R. Harb          Alicia Mercado-
             Oralia Dejesus            Abril Harlan              DeMorales
             Claudia Delgadillo        Luis A. Haro           Aurora Meza
             Patricia S. Delgado       Daniesha N. Harris-    Elizabeth Meza
             Rosa I. Delgado              Hopper              Jose M. Miranda
             Alejandro Diaz            Yensi V. Hart          Kimberly A. Mora
             Llasmin Diaz              Susanna M. Hartman     Adriana Morales
             Noemi C. Diaz             Eduardo Hernandez      Celestino O. Morales
             Pilar Diaz                Jaime M. Hernandez     Martha D. Morlet
             Emily K. Dibler           Karla C. Hernandez-    Selma M. Munguia
             Elvira Dircio                Magallanes          Roman Munibe
             Michael R. Dodd           Cory D. Hilliard       Adriana Munoz
             Joseph Douglas            Gabriela A. Hoyos      Ana Maria Paola C.
             Jeffery E. Duarte         Cecilia Ibarra            Munoz
             Eliseo B. Durante         Benito Jimenez         Diane C. Munoz
             David B. Elliott          William J. Johnston    Yanet Nash
             Beril Erdogmus            Crandell E. Jones      Maria-Thea L. Navarro
             Esther I. Espana          Ben P. Joves           Teresita D. Navarro
             Maria R. Espinoza         Ricardo Juarez         Hien M. Nguyen
             Eva Estrada               Joseph H. Jungers      Raymond Noriega
             Jose M. Estrada           Viridiana Kaeg         Claudio J. Ocano
             Mujde T. Evizi            Rodney W. Karpenske    Elena Orozco
             Maribel Fernandez         William R. Klages      Isaac R. Ortega-Endahl
             Victor J. Fernandez       Olga Lavenant          Alfonso Ortiz
             Connie L. Fey             Ignacia Ledesma        Leticia M. Ortiz
             Argelia Flores            Adam J. Leichner       Guadalupe Padilla
             Laura S. Flores           Keith W. Leyerle       Sheri L. Painter
             Salvador Flores           Pamela E. Lizarraga    Gerardo Palacios
             Anthony J. Galindo        Maria E. Lomeli de     Santa Y. Palomo
                                          Gomez               Erika G. Pardini
             Jaron F. Gamalinda
                                       Araceli Lopez          Araceli Partida
             Sara Garcia
                                       Guilibaldo Lopez       Alejandra Perez
             Lourdes L. Garcia-
                Herrera                Martha L. Lopez        Samuel J. Perez
             Genoveva K. Garnica       Norma Lopez            Marylyn Perfino
             Gabriel D. Gonzales       Lucrecia Lozano        Maria R. Ponciano

14   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col lege • 49 th annual commencement
  Hyve R. Porcioncula        Tiffany A. Rundberg      Polina Velarde
  Brenda Quezada             Michael D. Sales         Irma Velazquez
  Norma A. Quintana          Daisy M. Salvador        Carlos B. Verduzco
  Luis A. Quiroz             Claudia A. Sanchez       Gabriel Villalobos
  Albert Ramirez             Susana P. Sanchez        Elmer O. Villapando
  Jose C. Ramirez            Sonia A. Santana-        Rebecca L. Volper
  Manuela Ramirez               Mariscal              Natalia Vostriakova
  Carlos J. Ramirez-Ochoa    Norma L. Santos          Sara Waisbord
  Sandra P. Resendiz         Sandra J. Sarmienta      Sandra K. Warrick-
  Jayrell S. Ringpis         Josefina Saucedo            Brown
  Maria T. Rivera            Jeanette Silva-          Marina Watanabe
  Rigoberto Robles              Hermosillo            Leela S. Weygandt
  Maria d. Rodarte           Maricela Solis           Christopher M. Wiley
  Daniel Rodriguez           Blake T. Taylor          Shawn L. Williams
  Juan M. Rodriguez          Ethan T. Thornton        Thomas A. Wong
  Oscar Rodriguez            Jessica E. Tiu           Yolanda P. Woolrich
  Alan V. Romero             Norma E. Torres          Christina M. Wright
  Virginia R. Romero         Guadalupe Valdez         Richard E. Wright
  Jose R. Romo               Fernando B. Valenzuela   Ricardo D. Zambrano
  Maria D. Rosa              Monica M. Valverde       Banjelina Zepeda
                             Francisco Vargas

  Guillermina G. Rosales
  Mariana Y. Ruiz            Douglas H. Vasquez
  Siria B. Ruiz              Amelia Vega

          Summer 2010 Associate Degree

  Aimeely I. Abugan         Enrique Casillas          Maribel Fernandez
  Roxana S. Alcaraz         Sarah E. Casillas         Jazaret Flores
  Gabrielle Aleman          Joyce Barbara R.          Tiana C. Fohne
  Lilliana Amador              Castaneda              Jennie Galindo
  Roxanne A. Argallon       Roberto Castanon          Juan C. Gandara
  Abigail Aron              Michelle K. Castellanos   Ayshaloe Gari
  Rebecca M. Asuncion       Cesar A. Cazares          Nicholas R. Garza
  Rudy E. Avenido           Fernando Ceballos         Sara S. Georgos
  Jose L. Avina             Teressa Celma             Desiree C. Glade
  Ana R. Babudar            Julissa L. Chacon         Angel M. Godinez
  Nathan A. Bailey          Rogelio H. Charles        Angelina A. Gonzalez
  Alfredo Barcenas          Erica N. Cosio            Jonathan M. Gonzalez
  Layla Bouchez             Richard W. Craig          Ryan R. Gonzalez
  Mike J. Boulrice          Jonathan I. DeGuzman      Mistee O. Granpil
  Luke M. Brazington        Oscar L. Detrinidad       Cynthia Gutierrez
  Sandy S. Brazington       Antonio Diaz de Sandi     Giyeon Han
  Stephanie M. Brunson      Gregory L. Dumas          Edward S. Hannon
  Elias A. Cadena           Enrique Espinoza          Heath B. Hansen
  Jose R. Campos            Kisai Farias              Glen A. Hester
  Raul E. Carranza          Diana Felix               James B. Hobel
  Eric A. Carrillo          Aaron G. Ferby            James C. Holmes

            S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement                15
                                      Mireya Martinez             Jose Ruiz
                                      Moises D. Martinez          Mariana Y. Ruiz
                                      Bridget D. Martinez Lopez   Jackeline R. Salazar
                                      Ady L. Medina               Xochitl L. Santana
                                      Daniel A. Medina            Linnae L. Shahbaz
                                      Michelle Mendoza            Andrea E. Sholan
                                      Ashleigh J. Meza            Luis Sifuentes
                                      Angel A. Miranda            Maria C. Solano
                                      Daniel R. Montano           Ivan Sosa
                                      Eban Murillo                Evan Sotter
                                      Lionel B. Oliver            Ophelia Steppe
                                      Martha T. Oregel            Daniel L. Stuardo
                                      Eunice Orozco-Reynoso       Maxwell H. Tatar
                                      Bobby R. Owens              Lito P. Tisuela
                                      Krista L. Peace             Norma E. Torres
                                      Alejandra Perez             Casey L. Turner
                                      Richard B. Perez            Jenny I. Turner
                                      Lucero Preciado             Angela L. VanOstran
                                      Cyrene B. Prudente          Rachel Vasquez
            Victoria E. Huffman       Tina M. Puterbaugh          Veronica S. Vasquez
            Jeanette G. Irlando       Melinda A. Rabino           Yuridia Velarde
            Chantalle JeanCharles     Claudia I. Raygoza          Vivian E. Velasquez
            Eric Jefferson            Mariell Revoyar             Brenda A. Velazquez
            Vincent E. Jimenez        Karina I. Rico              Maria D. Velazquez
            Ellenhor A. Jovellanos    Richard E. Riddle           Natalie Vellekoop
            Barbara L. Kairis         Lisa A. Rieger              Ivany Villalobos
            Shunsuke Kurata           Raquel I. Rios              Fernanda N. Vizcarra
            Khanh L. Lam              Alexandro S. Robles         Nicole G. Wamsley
            Lisa M. Lane              Paola B. Robles             John D. Waters
            Mario Malpica             Ileen M. Rodriguez          Iris C. Wesley-Coleman
            Laura E. Manjarrez        Silverio Romero             Alyce Williams

            Daniel Martin             Rowena C. Ronsairo          Jaime Ybarra
            Matthew R. Martin         Hilda C. Rosales            Carmen D. Zamora
            Claudia G. Martinez       Jorge R. Ruiz

                             Summer 2010 Certificate of

            Crystal E. Aguayo         Chantalle JeanCharles       Christopher A. Russell
            Cruz A. Armendariz        Barbara L. Kairis           Brenda A. Velazquez
            Rudy E. Avenido           Elbia E. Lopez              Maria D. Velazquez
            Lorena Bautista           Lakeisha M. MacKlin         Elvia R. Sanchez
            Tammy J. Carney           Mario Malpica               Miriam Sherman
            M C. Del Toro             Monica M. Marin             Ivan Sosa
            Mark E. Gianino           Ivan D. Martinez            Rand R. Yurong
            Jessica K. Guerra         Aldo D. Pimentel
            Felipe Guths              Eunice Orozco-Reynoso

16   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col lege • 49 th annual commencement
Faculty            of Southwestern College
 Maria Abuan             Gary Creason            Vern Jorgensen
 Duro Agbede             Grace Cruz              Alexander Juden
 Alma Aguilar            Alexandria Davidson     Walter Justice
 Esther Alonso           John Davis              Diana Kelly
 Deana Alonso-Post       Naomi Davis             Patricia Kelly
 Clarence Amaral         Janet DeLay             Tinh-Alfredo
 Margarita Andrade-      Melanie Durkin             Khuong
    Robledo              Diane Edwards           William Kinney
 Leah Apatan             Faustino Escalera       Carla Kirkwood
 Dean Aragoza            Heather Eudy            Janet Koontz
 Jonathan Atwater        Sylvia Felan-Gonzales   Steve Kowit
 Diana Avila             Zaydie Feria-Bataller   Randolph Krauss
 Paul Azevedo            Richard Fielding        Gary Larson
 Nouna Bakhiet           Dagmar Fields           Hok Lee
 Fredric Ball            Surian Figueroa         Courtney Leokey
 Felipe Ballon           Scott Finn              Caree Lesh
 Elizabeth Ballesteros   Malia Flood             John Lewis
 Joyce Bayles            Robert Flores           Robert Lingvall
 John Beach              Jamie Florez            Mary Livingston
 Clark Binley            Leslynn Gallo           Kathleen Lopez
 Maya Bloch              Adriana Garibay         Philip Lopez
 Luis Bohorquez          Janis Goedhart          Victoria Lopez
 Peter Bolland           Valentina Goldberg      Alana Loyer
 Russell Bonine          Rosalinda Gonzalez      Yvonne Lucas
 David Brady             Valerie Goodwin         Thomas Luibel
 Diane Branman           Shannon Gracey          Linda Lukacs
 Max Branscomb           Julie Grimes            Eric Maag
 Corey Breininger        Veronica Guaracha       Alison MacArthur
 Susan Brenner           Diane Gustafson         Andrew MacNeill
 Erin Browder            Mark Hammond            Noreen Maddox
 David Brown             Jennifer Harper         William Maddox
 Lukas Buehler           Christopher Hayashi     Maria Martinez
 Veronica Burton         Greg Hazlett            Janet Mazzarella
 Francisco Bustos        David Hecht             Danielle McAneney
 Cecilia Cabico          Elisa Hedrick           Cynthia McDaniel
 Concetta Calandra       James Henry             Linda McDonald
 Edward Carberry         Linda Hensley           Anthony McGee
 Martha Carey            Peter Herrera           Glenda McGee
 Todd Caschetta          Irene Hollman           Cynthia McGregor
 Norma Cázares           Mary Holmes             Andrew Medin
 Patricia Charter        William Homyak          Cecilia Medina
 Victor Chavez           Kesa Hopkins            Shery Medler
 Nira Clark              William Horlor          Michael Meehan
 Karen Cliffe            Mary Jo Horvath         Grant Miller
 Maria Constein          Charles Hoyt            Jordan Mills
 Sandra Corona           Jose Ibarra             Gregory Mohler
 John Cosentino          Stanley James           Dionicio Monarrez
 Ed Cosio                James Jimenez           Daniel Moody
 Dinorah Costa           Cheryl Johnson          Myriam Moody
 Peggy Crane             Gloria Johnson          Meredith Morton
 Karen Cravens           Linda Jones             Yasmin Mossadeghi

             S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement       17
                                                                    Corina Soto
                                                                    Barbara Speidel-
                                                                    Patrick Staley
                                                                    Margery Stinson
                                                                    Gail Stockin
                                                                    Arthur Stone
                                                                    Joanne Stonecipher
                                                                    Angelina Stuart
                                                                    Candice Taffolla-
                                                                    T. J. Tate
                                                                    Sharon Taylor
                                                                    Romina Tehrani
                Patrick Mowery           Mike Riddle                Jacquelyn Thomas
                Thomas Murray            Lina Rocha                 John Tolli
                Norris Nagao             Angela Rock                Mustafa Tont
                Jeffrey Nevin            Thomas Rogo                Matthew Truitt
                Nicholas Nguyen          Teresa M. Russell          Felix Tuyay
                Carmen Nieves            Teresa P. Russell          Sandra Tyahla
                Cheryl Norton            Laura Ryan                 Ronald Ungar
                Maria Olivas             Phil Saenz                 Robert Unger
                Alejandro Orozco         Sherilyn Salahuddin        Mark Van Stone
                Luis Osuna               Jaime Salazar              Perry Vasquez
                Frank Paiano             Mark Samuels               Vivien Vaughan
                Kathy Parrish            Eliana Santana             Jeffrey Veal
                Jorge Pastrana           Samone Sayasenh            Ronald Vess
                Gabriella Penaloza       Carl Scarbnick             Marie Vicario
                Valerie Pennington       Tracy Schaelen             Val Viegas
                Mark Pentilescu          Michael Schnorr            Claire Villalpando-
                Sandra Peppard           Susan Schoenrock              Utgaard
                Jorge Perez              Stuart Shaffer             Dick Wasson
                Harriet Pollock          Elisabeth Shapiro          Virginia Watson
                Nora Portillo            Sharon Shapiro             Jessica Whitsett
                Franklin Post            Richard Sherard            Michael Wickert
                Teresa Poulos            Meredith Sinclair          Janelle Williams
                David Preciado           Elizabeth Sisco               Melendrez
                Henry Quan               Mark Sisson                Rebecca Wolniewicz
                David Quattrociocchi     Bruce Smith                Ken Yanow
                Arlin Ramira             Elizabeth Smith            Leslie Yoder
                David Ramírez            Walter Smith               Susan Yonker
                Miriam Rasky             William Snell              Eileen Zamora
                Andrew Rempt             Marisa Soler-Mcelwain      Lauren Zinola
                Marisol Rendon Ober      Maria Solis-Matson

18   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col lege • 49 th annual commencement
Faculty     and Administrators Emeriti

  Allen Accomando, Mathematics                                  1970–1998
  Wayne Allen, Dean of Student Activities                       1962–1977
  William Alexander, Telemedia                                  1987–2009
  Gary Anderson, Spanish                                        1967–1999
  Jerrold Anderson, Communication                               1967–1997
  Luther Armstrong, Physical Science                            1964–1976
  Virginia Armstrong, Home Economics                            1971–1991
  Donald S. Baird, English                                      1965–1992
  Penelope Banks, Philosophy and Humanities                     1990–2004
  Gladys Barrett, Child Development                             1975–2003
  Jerry Bartow, Athletics                                       1975–2001
  Peter Berend, Director, Admissions, Evening/Extension         1970–1981
  Ray Benkendorf, Communication                                 1971–1991
  John Bibbo, Mathematics                                       1966–1998
  Barbara Blourock, Communication                               1976–1988
  Carolyn Brady, Athletics                                      1971–2001
  Melanie Branca, Mathematics                                   1981–2009
  Richard Brannen, Aviation                                     1969–1990
  Janey Brown, Nursing                                          1973–2003
  Thomas Brun, Health                                           1968–2002
  Wesley Burnett, History                                       1965–1972
  Clarence Burton, Counselor                                    1965–1976
  Barbara Canaday, Psychology                                   1974–2003
  Oscar Cañedo, ESL/Spanish                                     1975–2003
  Martin Carlsen, Administration of Justice                     1965–1978
  Fred Carvell, Special Assistant to Superintendent/President   1988–1998
  Lloyd Cassady, Counselor                                      1960–1987
  Richard Chavez, Automotive Technology                         1975–1994
  Robert Cizek, Physics                                         1990–2001
  John Clark, Art                                               1955–1990
  Francis E. Clarke, English                                    1956–1992
  Mark K. Coniff, Nursing                                       1967–1979
  John Connelly, Philosophy                                     1971–2000
  Nancy Conrad, Nursing                                         1986–2000
  Joseph M. Conte, Superintendent/President                     1986–1997
  Jean Cooke, Anthropology                                      1962–1987
  Elvira Cordova, English as a Second Language                  1977–2000
  John Coufal, Communication                                    1964–1998
  Lois Cowan, Music                                             1962–1994
  Thomas Crescenzo, Economics                                   1975–1997
  M. Jean Curtis, Associate Degree Nursing                      1969–1999
  Maryellene Deason, Counselor                                  1987–1998
  Alvar De Baca, Business                                       1968–1997
  Wadie Deddeh, Political Science                               1970–1990
  Lourdes De Perio, Vocational Nursing                          1982–1998
  Chester S. DeVore, Superintendent/President                   1946–1981
  Stella Dickinson, English                                     1970–1983
  Mary-Nora Dorn, English                                       1965–1983
  Miriam Dornbirer, Nursing                                     1973–1996
  Felix Dugger, Accounting                                      1957–1987

           S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement                19
               William Duncan, Health/Physical Education                     1965–1990
               Christine R. Eldred, Vice President, Administrative Affairs   1967–1993
               Jeanne Elyea, Campus Nurse                                    1974–1998
               Wilbur Enderud, Business                                      1962–1979
               Dean Endres, Auto Technology                                  1969–1998
               Charlotte Erdahl, Nursing                                     1986–2001
               Robert Erquiaga, Foreign Language                             1971–1992
               Art Filson, Physical Education                                1952–1987
               Donald Firebaugh, Philosophy/Spanish                          1969–1999
               Edwin Fix Sr., Business                                       1965–1983
               Dennis W. Foreman, History                                    1966–1991
               Robin Franck, Psychology                                      1971–2007
               Donald Frederick, Mathematics                                 1962–1983
               Julio Garcia, Administrator & Psychology                      1976–1999
               Larry Gardner, Mathematics                                    1963–1987
               M. Richard Gehring, Physical Education                        1959–1996
               Judith Gennette, Nursing                                      1979–1997
               Frank Giardina, Jr., English                                  1977–2003
               Bernard Gorman Jr., Mathematics                               1956–1983
               Henrique Guereiro, Spanish                                    1970–1995
               Tom Hahn, Vice President, Academic Affairs                    1965–1998
               Willard Hanson, Mathematics                                   1989–2003
               Mayne Harrington, Political Science                           1961–1972
               Carol Hauenstein, Health & Physical Education                 1961–1983
               James D. Heinrich, Mathematics                                1970–1992
               Dale Henderson, History                                       1956–1990
               Tony Hernandez, Counselor                                     1970–2001
               Pamela C. Hill, Vocational Nursing                            1981–1996
               Rosanne Holliday, Child Development                           1971–1998
               Wilma M. Howard, English                                      1951–1982
               Hugh C. Hyde, English                                         1968–1992
               William Johnston, Sociology and Social Psychology             1965–1984
               Ursula Kantor, Counselor                                      1971–2001
               John Keetch, Chemistry                                        1962–1998
               Dorothy Kirkpatrick, Nursing                                  1967–1977
               Ronald Lawson, Photography                                    1955–2000
               Joseph Lierman, Business                                      1990–2003
               Eileen Lindsay, Counselor                                     1960–1992
               Norma Little, Reading                                         1991–2002
               George Livermore, Mathematics                                 1965–1975
               William Lopez, Physical Sciences                              1972–1987
               Frederick Lotze, Business                                     1965–2003
               Lorraine Lowerison, Business                                  1950–1984
               Susan Luzzaro, English                                        1991–2003
               Donald Lynn, Chemistry                                        1966–1997
               William Lynn, Automotive Technology                           1971–2001
               Donald MacQueen, Sociology                                    1966–1983
               Robert Madden, Business                                       1970–1983
               Daniel Mahoney, History                                       1959–1991
               Lois Marriott, Assistant Dean of Instructional Resources      1976–1994
               Vincent A. Martin, Computer Information Systems               1969–1992
               John Martinez, Spanish                                        1965–1990
               Robert Matheny, Art                                           1961–1991
               Charlotte McGowan, Anthropology                               1971–1998
               Susan McKewon, Reading/ESL                                    1988–2003
               George McMartin, Administration of Justice                    1968–2000
               Bob Mears, Physical Education                                 1970–1997

20   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col lege • 49 th annual commencement
Sara Megling, Journalism                                 1989–2003
Marion Menzel, Geography                                 1962–1974
James Merrill, Music                                     1953–1983
George E. Milke Jr., Physical Education/Athletics        1951–1992
Robert Mills, Counselor                                  1963–1976
Lionel Mordecai, Mathematics                             1989–2001
John Newhouse, Telemedia, Dean of Academic               1999–2002
   Information Systems
Leo Nichols, Counselor                                   1970–1994
James Nolfi, English                                     1955–1982
Vane Olinger, Counselor                                  1967–1979
Leroy Olson, Biology                                     1972–2000
Ernest Oroz, Accounting                                  1975–1998
Elizabeth Otten, Dean, Mathematics                       1962–1985
Johanna Paladino, Speech/English                         1965–1995
Tom Parker, Health & Physical Education                  1950–1982
Tom Pasqua, Political Science, Philosophy & Journalism   1965–1998
Joseph Perretta, Automotive Technology                   1971–2004
John Pittman, Visual Arts                                1969–2002
Michael Pompa, Exercise Science                          1977–2009
Vera Powell Mooring, English/Reading                     1977–2003
Wayner Pressler, Library                                 1967–1990
Mary Quimby, Business                                    1979–2000
Ray Riesgo, Electronics                                  1971–1994
Pamela Reives, English                                   1991–2000
Joseph Rindone Jr., District Superintendent              1933–1967
Richard Robinette, Music                                 1969–1999
Richard Robinson, Art                                    1954–1992
Valerio Rodriquez, Spanish                               1968–1990
Charles Rucker, Criminal Justice                         1971–1991
Ellablanche Salmi, Reading                               1985–1991
Mary Samaras, English as a Second Language               1975–1990
Alva Sands, Business                                     1984–2003
Victor Saucedo, Music                                    1971–2003
Percy Sayers, Electronics                                1962–1983
Norman Schaffner, Accounting                             1959–1991
Charles Schultz, Counselor                               1948–1982
Marion D. Schultz, Nursing                               1968–1991
Fred Shwend, Computer Information Systems                1982–2002
Ned S. Sewell, English                                   1964–1983
Pauline Sewell, Biology/Zoology                          1961–1982
Jocelyn Sheppard, French                                 1969–2000
Aida Sirios, Nursing                                     1972–1993
Karen Smith, Library                                     1984–2009
Dayton Smith, Aeronautics/Appliance Maintenance & Repair 1978–1997
William Snyder, English                                  1964–1990
Alice Stapczynski, Business                              1976–1990
Joseph Stapczynski, Electronics                          1967–1990
Irene Steinle, German                                    1964–1983
Leon Stewart, Counselor                                  1959–1990
Keith Stiles, Physics                                    1961–1990
Katheleen Sumption, Nursing                              1967–1983
Ruth Swanson, Nursing                                    1964–1981
Wilbur Switzer, Geography                                1965–1996
Roberta Tatreau, English                                 1969–2004
Loretta Taylor, Physical Education                       1965–1990
Orville Thomas, Business                                 1961–1984

         S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement           21
               G. Edward Thornton, Vice President, Administrative Affairs        1972–1990
               Ruth Tucker, Learning Disability Specialist                       1979–1992
               Robert Tugenberg, Mathematics                                     1980–1990
               Geraldine Turley, Art                                             1974–2003
               Robert Utterback, Librarian                                       1967–1983
               Elizabeth Vaden, Business                                         1961–1983
               Warren Veis, English                                              1972–1990
               William Virchis, Theatre Arts                                     1973–2002
               Joseph Wagner, Music                                              1961–1977
               Carolyn Wardell, Business                                         1968–1990
               Peter Watry, Economics                                            1961–1996
               Eric Wedberg, Biology                                             1969–1980
               Johanna Weikel, Physical Education                                1975–1990
               Richard Welsh, Architecture                                       1961–1983
               George Weston, Counselor                                          1966–1991
               George Wolf, Business                                             1965–1984
               Elwyn Wong, Psychology                                            1964–2001
               Saxon Wraith, Political Science                                   1961–1988
               LeRoy Wright, English                                             1962–1988

     Retiring             Faculty & Staff of 2009 – 2010
               Southwestern College extends best wishes and a fond farewell to the faculty
               and staff who are retiring this year. We thank you for your dedication,
               hard work, and committment to the Southwestern Community College
               District which has tremendously helped in the success of our students.

                      Sandra Alden                         Meredith Morton
                      Assessment Technician                Professor of English
                      24 Years of Service                  18 Years of Service

                      Clara Davis                          Elizabeth Sisco
                      Translator/Word Processor            Professor of Art
                      39 Years of Services                 22 Years of Service

                      Michele Dawson                       Arthur Stone
                      Student Employment Services          Professor of Exercise Science
                      Specialist                           37 Years of Service
                      28 Years of Service
                                                           Richard Sherard
                      Janet Delay                          Assistant Professor of
                      Professor of Administration          Fire Science
                      of Justice                           3 Years of Service
                      35 1/2 Years of Service
                                                           John Wilson
                      William Kinney                       Senior Director of Business,
                      Professor of Health and              Operations and Facilities
                      Exercise Science                     Planning
                      34 Years of Service                  37 Years of Service

22   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col lege • 49 th annual commencement
History                    of Southwestern College

                                              The Southwestern Community
                                              College District, located south of
                                              San Diego and extending to the
                                              U.S.–Mexico border, is one of 72
                                              community college districts in the
                                              California Community College
                                              system. It serves as the primary
                                              source of college education for
                                              approximately 400,000 residents of
                                              the South San Diego County area
                                              including the communities of Bonita,
Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach, National City, Nestor, Otay Mesa, Palm City,
San Ysidro and Sunnyside.

The college began offering classes to 1,657 students in 1961, with temporary quarters
in Chula Vista High School. Groundbreaking for the present 156-acre campus was
held in 1963. By September 1964 initial construction was completed and classes were
being held at the new campus on the corner of Otay Lakes Road and H Street in
Chula Vista.

In 1988, Southwestern College (SWC) established its Educational Center at San
Ysidro on the memorial site of the McDonald’s tragedy. The college again expanded
its locations in 1998 by establishing the Higher Education Center at National City in
partnership with San Diego State University. In 2004, the Higher Education Center
at National City became an integral component of the Educational Village with the
construction of a new facility. A new Higher Educational Center at Otay Mesa opened
its doors in 2007 as a regional center for educational training and development. In
2009, a new state-of-the art facility replaced the previous San Ysidro site to serve its
students and the community.

In addition to its Centers, SWC also provides classes at several extension sites
throughout the District and operates an Aquatic Center in Coronado in conjunction
with the California Department of Boating and Waterways/Cal Boating and the
California Department of Parks and Recreation. Current enrollment, at all locations,
is nearly 23,000 students. More than one half million students have attended SWC
since its founding.

The college offers a comprehensive curriculum, preparing students for transfer to four-
year colleges or universities and for jobs and career advancements. Of the more than
1,100 community colleges nationwide, SWC consistently places in the top 100 in the
number of associate degrees conferred.

                     S outhwestern College • 49 th annual commencement                     23
     Thank You   A special thank you to all individuals and
                 departments who have provided their time
                 and service in the planning and success of
                 the 49 th Annual Commencement Ceremony:
                 Joel Alfonso                   Nicholas Alioto
                 Chris Bender                   Raj K. Chopra, Ph.D.
                 Bruce Boman                    Michael Kerns
                 Tom Bugzavich                  Mark Meadows, Ph.D.
                 Brent Chartier                 Angelica Suarez, Ph.D.
                 Grace Cruz
                 Jose Islas                     Academic Senate
                 Frederick “Gus” Latham         Administrators Association
                 Joe Fighera                    Bookstore
                 Patti Larkin                   Classified Senate
                 Brenda Mora                    College Police Department
                 Ursula Morris                  Community & Media Relations
                 Arlie Ricasa                   CSEA
                 Terry Russell                  Custodial
                 Robert Sanchez                 Grounds
                 Ramsey Romero                  Evaluations
                 Dawn Taft                      Food Services
                 Vince Taijeron                 Health Services
                 Linda Thrower                  Human Resources
                 Jackie Watts                   Maintenance
                 Bob Womack                     Office of Academic Affairs
                                                Office of Business & Financial Affairs
                                                Office of Human Resources
                                                Office of Student Affairs
                                                Office of the Superintendent/President
                                                Office Support Services

                 Southwestern College gratefully acknowledges the volunteer
                 assistance provided by faculty, classified staff and Friends of
                 SWC to help make this commencement ceremony a success.

                 Event services:
                 Public Safety: Chula Vista Police Department
                                Elite Show Services
                 Sign language interpreters: Western Interpreting Network
                                             Rachel Groner and Brenda Jimenez
                 Audio: TriQuest Audio

                 Production Credits:
                 Publication Writing and Editing: Chris Bender and Linda Thrower
                 Graphic Design: Brenda Mora
                 Printing: DurraInk

                 The Southwestern College Foundation extends congratulations to
                 all graduates and their families and welcomes the graduates as the
                 newest members of the Southwestern College Alumni.

24   S o u t h w e s t e r n Col lege • 49 th annual commencement
              900 Otay Lakes Road • Chula Vista, CA 91910-7299 • www.swccd.edu

Southwestern Community College District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or marital status in any of its
policies, procedures, or practices.This nondiscrimination policy covers admission, employment
and access to all College programs and activities. Questions about the Rehabilitation Act of
1973, Section 504, and student grievances should be directed to the Dean of Student Services,
(619) 482-6369. Inquiries regarding the Equal Employment Opportunity policies should be
               addressed to the Director of Human Resources, (619) 482-6330.

     To request this material in alternate format, contact Disability Support Services at
                         (619) 482-6512 or TTY (619) 482-6470

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