In Clackamas County you must choose a dental plan

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					In Clackamas County you must choose a dental plan

Dental Plan     Family Dental                       CareOregon
                                    Managed Dental                          ODS Community        Willamette Dental        Advantage Dental       Access Dental                Capitol Dental
  Name             Care                            Dental (formerly
                                    Care of Oregon                         Health Dental Plan         Group                   Services               Plan                         Care
 Open or       Open                 Open               Open               Open                   Open                     Open                 Open                       Open
Closed for
 ZIP Codes     All zip codes        All zip codes      All zip codes      All zip codes          All zip codes            All zip codes        All zip codes              All zip codes
Dental Plan    866-875-1199         503-581-1407 or    503-416-1444 or    503-243-2987 or        503-952-2100 or          541-504-3901 or      503-445-9056 or            503-585-5205 or
  Phone        TTY 800-471-7944     800-538-9604       888-440-9912       800-342-0528           800-461-8994             866-268-9631         877-213-0357               800-525-6800
                                    TTY 800-735-1232   TTY 800-735-2900   TTY 503-243-3958 or    TTY 800-735-1232         TTY 866-268-9617     TTY 877-573-0706           TTY 800-735-2900

 Web Site      www.familydentalca   None        www.Willamettedental.    www.Advantagedental www.Accessdentalplan        www.Capitoldentalcare.
                                                       /ohp                   com                      .com                .net                        com

  Primary      Lake Oswego          Clackamas          Oregon City        Canby                  Milwaukie                Lake Oswego          Beaverton                  Canby
Care Dentist   Milwaukie            Gresham                               Clackamas                                       Portland             Clackamas                  Clackamas
                                    Hillsboro                             Damascus                                        Sandy                Estacada                   Estacada
                                    Lake Oswego                           Estacada                                        Tigard               Gresham                    Gladstone
                                    Milwaukie                             Gladstone                                       Wilsonville          Hillsboro                  Hillsboro
                                    Molalla                               Lake Oswego                                                          Lake Oswego                Lake Oswego
                                    Portland (N, NE,                      Milwaukie                                                            Milwaukie                  Milwaukie
                                    NW, SE, SW)                           Molalla                                                              Molalla                    Molalla
                                    Tigard                                Oregon City                                                          Oregon City                Oregon City
                                                                          Sandy                                                                Tigard                     Portland
                                                                          West Linn                                                            Tualitin                   Sandy
                                                                          Wilsonville                                                                                     Tigard
                                                                                                                                                                          West Linn

Copayments     None                 None               None               None                   None                     None                 None                       None

                                                                                                                         DIVISION OF MEDICAL
                                                                                                                         ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS

                                                                                                                                                               HE 9031 Clac (Rev 1/13) English
In Clackamas County you must choose a CCO (Coordinated Care Organization) for your health plan
 Medical plan                                                                                                  Health Share of Oregon CCO                                                 Willamette Valley
                 Yamhill County Care              FamilyCare Tri-
   name                                                                                                                                                                                  Community Health
                  Organization CCO                 County CCO                      HSO/CareOregon                         HSO/Kaiser                      HSO/Providence
                                                                                                                                                                                         CCO (was MPCHP)
Open or closed                                                                                                                                    Closed - You may re-enroll if you
               Open                            Open                       Open                                    Open                                                                   Open
for enrollment                                                                                                                                    were a member in the last 90 days
                                                                                                                  All zip codes served EXCEPT
  Zip codes     Serves 97002, 97071 &                                                                                                                                                    Serves 97002, 97032,
                                               All zip codes              All zip codes                           97028, 97049, 97062, 97132,     All zip codes
   served       97140                                                                                                                                                                    97071, 97362, & 97375
                                                                                                                  97140 & 97269
                 503-488-2800 or               503-222-2880 or                                                                                                                           503-584-2150 or
 Plan phone                                                                                                       503-416-8090 or 888-519-3845
                 855-722-8205                  800-458-9518                                                                                                                              866-362-4794
  numbers                                                                                                                   TTY 711
                 TTY 800-735-2900              TTY 711                                                                                                                                   TTY 866-735-2900
  Web site                                                                        
                McMinnville: Willamette        Gresham: Legacy Mt.        Gresham: Legacy Mt Hood Medical         Clackamas: Kaiser Sunnyside     Gresham: Legacy Mt Hood Medical        Salem: Salem Hospital
                Valley Medical Center          Hood                       Center                                  Medical Center                  Center                                 Silverton: Silverton
                Newberg: Providence            Milwaukie: Providence      Milwaukie: Providence Milwaukie                                         Milwaukie: Providence Milwaukie        Hospital
                Newberg Medical Center         Milwaukie Hospital         Hospital                                                                Hospital
                                               Oregon City: Providence    Oregon City: Providence Willamette                                      Oregon City: Providence Willamette
                                               Willamette Falls Medical   Falls Medical Center                                                    Falls Medical Center
                                               Center                     Portland: Providence Portland Medical                                   Portland: Providence Portland
  hospitals                                    Portland: Legacy           Center, Legacy Emmanuel, Legacy                                         Medical Center, Legacy Emmanuel,
                                               Emmanuel, Legacy Good      Good Samaritan, OHSU, Providence                                        Legacy Good Samaritan, OHSU,
                                               Samaritan & Providence     Portland Medical Center, Providence                                     Providence Portland Medical Center,
                                               Portland Med. Center       St Vincent Medical Center                                               Providence St Vincent Medical
                                               Tualatin: Legacy           Tualatin: Legacy Meridian Park                                          Center
                                               Meridian Park                                                                                      Tualatin: Legacy Meridian Park
                Canby, Clackamas,              Canby, Clackamas,          Canby, Clackamas, Damascus,             Beaverton, Clackamas,           Canby, Clackamas, Damascus,            Keizer
 Primary care   Damascus, Estacada,            Milwaukie, Molalla,        Estacada, Gladstone, Happy Valley,      Gresham, Hillsboro, Portland,   Estacada, Gladstone, Happy Valley,     Mt. Angel
                Gladstone, Happy Valley,       Oregon City, Sandy,        Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Molalla,        Tualatin                        Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Molalla,       Silverton
   provider     Lake Oswego, Milwaukie,        Silverton, Tualatin,       Oregon City, Sandy, Welches, West                                       Oregon City, Sandy, Welches, West      Woodburn
  locations     Molalla, Oregon City, Sandy,   Woodburn                   Linn, Wilsonville                                                       Linn, Wilsonville
                West Linn, Wilsonville
   Copays       None                           None                       None                                    None                            None                                   None
                Albertsons, Bi-Mart,           Albertsons, Bi-Mart,       Acme Sav-On, Albertsons Sav-on, Bi-     Division Medical Office         Acme Sav-On, Albertsons Sav-on,        All area pharmacies
                Consonus, Dave’s               Dave’s Prescription        Mart, Consonus Pharmacy Services,       Kaiser Sunnyside Medical        Bi-Mart, Consonus Pharmacy
                Prescription Shop, Fred        Shop, Fred Meyer,          Cutter’s Hi-School Pharmacy, Dave’s     Center                          Services, Cutter’s Hi-School
                Meyer, Genoa, Haggen, Hi-      Parsons Canby              Prescription Shop, Fred Meyer, Genoa    Mt. Scott Medical Office        Pharmacy, Dave’s Prescription Shop,
                School, Parson’s Canby,        Pharmacy, RiteAid,         Healthcare, Haggen Pharmacy, Hi-        Mt. Talbert Medical Office      Fred Meyer, Genoa Healthcare,
                Providence Milwaukie           Safeway, Walgreens,        School Pharmacy, Mt Angel Pharmacy,     Rockwood Medical Office         Haggen Pharmacy, Hi-School
 Pharmacies     Hospital, RiteAid, Safeway,    Wal-Mart                   Parsons Canby Pharmacy,                                                 Pharmacy, Mt Angel Pharmacy,
                Sav-on, Target, University                                Pharmasync, Providence Milwaukie                                        Parsons Canby Pharmacy,
                Compounders, Wal-Mart                                     Hospital Pharmacy, RiteAid, Safeway,                                    Pharmasync, Providence Milwaukie
                                                                          Target, University Compounders, Wal-                                    Hospital Pharmacy, RiteAid,
                                                                          Mart                                                                    Safeway, Target, University
                                                                                                                                                  Compounders, Wal-Mart
Medicare Plan   None                           FamilyCare Health Plans    CareOregon Advantage                    Kaiser Senior Advantage         Providence Medicare Advantage          None
                Yamhill CCOE                   FamilyCare CCOE                                                                                                                           Clackamas MHO
Mental Health                                  800-458-9518
                                                                                                                    Health Share CCOE
                855-722-8205                                                                                                                                                             503-742-5335 or
   Care                                                                                                    503-742-5335 or 888-651-2134; TTY 711
                TTY 800-735-2900               TTY 711                                                                                                                                   888-651-2134;TTY 711

                                                                                                                                                                             HE 9031 Clac (Rev 1/13) English

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