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					    The Office of Graduate Placement                                           V O LUME 22 . I SSUE 1

      Presents Our Halloween Day...                                            O CT OBE R 2012

                                                                               I N S I D E T HI S IS S UE :

                                                                               Director’s Desk            2

                                                                               IRT                        3

                                                                               GradStar                   4

                                                                               GradStar Graduates         5

                                                                               McNair                     6

                                                                               McNair Graduates           7

                                                                               McNair Making              8
Brown University                            LSU Law Center
                                                                               Going Abroad               9
Claremont University                        LSUHSU School of Public Health
Columbia University, Teachers College       Loyola University School of Law    Summer Research          10

Emory University                            The New School                     Leadership Alliance      11
Illinois Institute of Technology            Roger Williams University School
                                            of Law                             Faculty Liaisons         12

                          OVER 40 GRADUATE AND LAW SCHOOLS
                               ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
                                 FUNDING INFORMATION
                               RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES

                                     October 31,2012
                                   UC Ballroom 3rd floor
 P AGE 2                                                                                         V O LUME 22 . I SSUE 1

From the Director’s Desk; Tips for the Grad fair
                  Fall’s 2012 Grad       Juniors and Seniors; all students can     you have been searching for. From
                  Fair is quickly        take advantage of this unique             research opportunities to graduate
                  approaching. This      opportunity to meet with graduate         school admissions, this is a chance
                  event is especially    school representatives. You get to        to increase your knowledge base of
                  important to those     speak with someone, as opposed to         graduate school and create
                  that are looking to    solely reading up on the school via the   relationships that will be more than
                  conduct research or    web or other literature. Secondly, you    beneficial in the future. To gain the
                  enter programs         have the opportunity to look beyond       most from this event you must
                  within the next        the schools you know. As there will be    come prepared. Here are a few
                  couple of years.       a myriad of schools and programs in       things to keep in mind.
                  This is not just for   attendance, you may find something
                                             Tips at a Glance
 Be yourself and be relaxed
 Business Attire is not required, casual attire will suffice. You are not going to a formal interview. Please be
 presentable and remember that your appearance is representative of you.
 Have at least 3 copies of your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume. You never know what opportunities you
 will come across.
 Do some preliminary research on the schools, programs and possible faculty. There is a lot of ground to
 cover; this will maximize your time spent.
 Articulate yourself with confidence. Confidence can take you a long way.
 Be honest with yourself and the representatives. Understand that you are an asset to any program; do not un-
 derestimate yourself. Conversely, do not over-exaggerate, it is not as beneficial as one may assume.
 Have your 1 minute “Elevator Speech” ready

                                   Past Grad Fairs

                    IRT provides
             Application process guidance
  Assistance with choosing the right graduate school
            Personal statement assistance
                 Summer Workshops

                              31st Grad fair in the
       IRT will have a table at our 0ct
       UC Ballroom 3rd floor from 12:00–4:00p.m.
***You must meet their representative in order to set up an
P AGE 4                                                                        V O LUME 22 . I SSUE 1

What is GradStar?                      Information
                                           We Host
                                          GRE Workshops
                                           Fall Grad Fair
                 Monthly meetings covering important aspects of Graduate school
                                        We produce
               Monthly newsletter covering important information for our members
          Classification specific checklist for graduate and professional school admissions
                                  Individual Counseling
              We assist in finding summer research *a must for top notch programs*
      We assist in writing your Personal Statement and Curriculum Vita* vital components
                                 to graduate school admissions*
              We help students choose and apply to graduate and professional school

                       GradStar and Professional School Week
 The Office of Graduate Placement
 hosted their first Graduate and                               Torian Lee, Etienne
 Professional School Week this                                 Lombard and Robert
 past Spring with much success.                                Jones II answering
 The week’s event included sweets                              question on law
 with scholarship. Opening the                                 school, LSAT etc...
 week on the yard with treats and
 ice cream the week continued with
 panelist from various professions,
 from Vanderbilt representative, Dr.                 Professional
 Don Brunson, local educational                      Panel- PhDs,
 champion, academic and                              MBA, MFA
 author, Dr. Andre Perry and much                    and Masters
 more. We are anticipating the
 events of next year’s Graduate
 and Professional School Week,
 Spring 2013. Keep your eyes
 and ears open…upcoming dates
 will be announced soon.                                                Kickoff on the
  P AGE 5                                                                             V O LUME 22 . I SSUE 1

                                       HOLLYWOOD SQUARES

                   Kelly Allison                  Domonique Bartley      Zachary Carroll

                      Vernon Dunn                    Ariel Johnson       LeReginald Jones

                   Valencia Potter                  Corie Robinson          Juan Woolfork

                         Why are these students smiling?...

Student                            School                             Program
Kelly Allison                      Georgia State University           Masters of Counseling
Dominique Bartley                  Clark Atlanta University           Masters of Public Administration
Zachary Carroll                    Florida Coastal School of Law      JD/Law School
Vernon Dunn                        LSU-BR                             PhD in Biological Sciences
Ariel Johnson                      Penn State                         Masters in Communication Studies
LeReginald Jones                   New Orleans Baptist Seminary       Masters of Theology
Valencia Potter                    Baylor College of Medicine         MD/PhD
Corie Robinson                     LSU-Shreveport                     PhD Pharmacology
Juan Woolfork                      Southern University Law Center     JD/Law School
G R AD S T AR / M C N AIR G AZE T T E                                                          P AGE 6

What is the Ronald E. McNair Program?
The McNair Scholars                     underrepresented in graduate
Program is a federal TRIO               education and have dem-
program funded at 200                   onstrated strong academic
institutions across the United          potential. The goal of the
States and Puerto Rico by the           McNair Scholars Program is
U.S. Department of                      to increase graduate degree
Education. It is designed to            awards for students from
prepare undergraduate                   underrepresented segments of
students for doctoral studies           society.
through involvement in
research and other scholarly
activities. McNair participants
are either first-generation
college students with
financial need, or members of
a group that is traditionally

                                         New Scholars
Davon Carter - Biology                                   Charles Warner-Hillard - Psychology
Teri’ Graham - Sociology                                 Karry Wright - Chemistry
Sherryl Henderson - Biology                              LaDale Jackson - English
DeVon Pruitt - Political Science                         Kara Keller - Mathematics
LaShaunda Reese -Theology                                Makeda Roberts - Sociology
Jade Romain - Speech Pathology                           Meggan Simien - Biology

                                               Must Desire a PhD

                                          Stop by the Office of Graduate Placement in
                                            St. Joseph’s Academic/ Health Resource
                                                       Center Room 306
G R AD S T AR / M C N AIR G AZE T T E                                                                           P AGE 7

                                         2012 McNair Graduates

                         Mikelle Eskinde                                              Jillique Logan

                         Psychology Major                                             Psychology Major
                         Xavier University of Louisiana (M.A.T)                       University of Georgia (MSW)

                         Ashley Mathew                                                Asia Mathew

                         Chemistry Major                                              Chemistry Major

                         UMASS-Amherst (MD/PhD)                                        UMASS-Amherst

                         Ayrielle Pollard                                             Kelsey Riley
                         Psychology Major                                             Sociology Major

                          LSU (MSW)                                                   Vanderbilt University (MP)

                         Jordan Wilson                                                Mychelle Williams
                         Biology Major                                                Psychology Major

                          St. Louis University (MPH)                                  Chicago School of Professional
                                                                                      Psychology (MS)

                          Jasmine Wise                                                Gemima Fauvel
                          Psychology Major                                             Psychology Major
                          Baylor Unviersity (PhD)                                     University of Alabama (MS)
                                                                  Not Pictured*
                                                                  Jacinda Whitley Abilene Christian University (MS)
                          Marain Gray                             Nelanhta Riley Northwestern University (MS)
                         Psychology Major                         Daniel McGee    Yale University (MS)
                                                                  Joyy Joseph     University of New Orleans (MA)
                          Texas State University (PhD) Odell Isaac                Xavier University {MAT} - NOYCE
                                                                  Blake Smith     Grad Assistant in Office of Grad Placement
G R AD S T AR / M C N AIR G AZE T T E                                                                                   P AGE 8

                                        McNair Scholars Making Waves
                                        McNair Seniors present research
                                        @ the University of Puerto Rico
                                                                       both shared their specific
                                                                       research as well as sharing
                                                                       their journey of the PhD
                                                                       process as a woman and
                                                                       from underrepresented
                                                                       populations. Day two,
                                                                       students participated in
                                                                       oral and poster       pres-
                                                                       entations and share their
                                                                       research findings with
                                                                       scholars, administrators,
                                                                       and faculty where
                                                                       intellectual dialogue of
                                                                       research and further
                                                                       findings were discussed.
                                                                       McNair participants
                                                                       concluded the conference
Asia Mathew, Sean Johnson, Ashley   Kenneth Boutte accompanied         with a cultural activity
Mathew, Jasmine Wise, Mychelle
Williams and Jordan Wilson
                                    five students all selected because which displayed the
                                    of their tenacity, accountability  history of Puerto Rico.
The Colors of Research set the      and post graduate placement        Native cuisine, music and
background for Xavier students      within the Ronald E. McNair        dancing concluded this one
participating in the Seventh Annual scholars program in the McNair and a lifetime academic
University of Puerto Rico,          conference. Students had the       and cultural event.
Humanco Research Symposium. On opportunity to hear from noted
April 25, 2012, Director Damon      Keynote speakers, Dr. Teresa
Williams and Assistant Dean. Dr. Lipsett and Dr. Laura Bravo who

                                 Xavier University makes history
                                  with twin MD/PhD Scholars!
                                             Imagine a prestigious medical school which offers a highly competitive program
                                           for which they interview only 40 applicants per year and actually only accepts 7-10
                                           of those students. What would be the odds of two students from the same
                                           undergraduate college being selected for the program?
                                             Enter Ashley and Asia Matthew, a pair of Xavier senior chemistry/premed
                                           majors from Quincy MA (Quincy High School), both of whom have received
                                           acceptances into the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Medical School’s
                                           Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences’ 2012 MD/PHD program. Their tuition is
                                           fully-funded and includes a stipend.
                                             Academically they excelled, each earning a 4.0 grade point average. Designated as
                                           Rousseve Scholars (a distinction reserved for the Top Ten performers in their
                                           respective class years) and clockwork regulars on the bi-annual Dean’s List, Asia
                                           and Ashley also participated in the University’s Ronald McNair Post-baccalaureate
G R AD S T AR / M C N AIR G AZE T T E                    P AGE 9

Students Go Abroad!
Semester at Sea
Kelsey Riley, with the assistance
of the Center for International
Intercultural Programs, got the
opportunity to participate in
Semester at Sea. She traveled to
Africa, South America and Asia.
She was awarded the Tom Joy-
ner Scholarship and is now cur-
rently studying policy at Van-
derbilt University.

                                        Hard work in Honduras

                                        Corinne Williams, with the
                                        assistance of Buena Lingua
                                        received the opportunity to
                                        work with hearing impaired
                                        children and adults in
                                        Roatan, Honduras. Corinne
                                        is a senior speech pathology
                                        major and is currently
                                        applying to Graduate school

A Semester in London
Cyrell Robinson, Gilman
Scholar recipient, is studying
in London this semester and
now plans to apply to
graduate school domestically
as well as abroad.
             P AGE 1 0                                                                                                    V O LUME 22 . I SSUE 1

                                               Summer Research Experiences

                                                             McNair 2012
                                                             2013 Cohort
Scholar                  Summer Program                            Topic
Antonio Roberts          Leadership Alliance-Johns Hopkins          “The Well Being of Adolescents in Vulnerable environments”
Shenitra Lewis           Xavier University-Dr.Bryan                 “A Comparison into Two Jamaican Female Writers on Diaspora of the Caribbean”
Michael Seaberry         University of Rochester                    “The Role of ERKS in Platelet Activation and Thrombosis”
Yves Young               Leadership Alliance-Johns Hopkins          “The Well Being of Adolescents in Vulnerable Environments”
Corinne Williams         LSU Health Sciences                        Dichotic training and language therapy. Intervention technique with children on the
                                                                    autism spectrum
Alonza Terry             University of Illinios at Urbana Champagne Fibonacci Sequence, Cluster Algebras and Integrable Systems
Corneisha McCorkle       Xavier University -Dr.Noonan               Peter’s Inner Ruth: Gender Reconstruction in The Adromeda Strain
Cyrell Roberson          Academic Research Consortium               The Downside of Diversity: When Diversity Structures Backfire
Sean Johnson             Xavier University-Dr. Williams             Breast Cancer
Melanie Moore            University of Wisconsin Milwaukee          Wisconsin’s Senate Bill 237: Sex Education Legislation from a Community
Veronique Dorsey         Loyola University                          “Quality and Equity in Education: Title 1 funds for the schools in New Orleans”
Kara Keller              SPIRAL at UMD-College Park                 “Two-Color A-Nim”
Makeda Roberts           Xavier University-Dr. Norris               “Growing Up Black and Female: Life Course Transitions and Depressive Symptoms”
Meggan Simien            Xavier University-Dr. Brumfield            “Bionformatics Analysis of Sterol Biosynthesis in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii”
Charles Warner-Hillard   Xavier University-Dr.Norris                “Sankofa C.D.C Factors of Food Preferences in Food Deserts”
Jade Romain              Xavier University-Dr. Ginger and Martino “A Latino Perspective on Communication Disorders”
Teri’Graham              Xavier University-Dr. Norris               “Low Birth Weight in New Orleans Does Neighborhood Matter?”
DeVon Pruitt             University of Mississippi                  Social Work Field Evaluation Review
LaShaunda Reese          Xavier University-Fr. Linden PhD           Critique of Enrique Dussel’s Ethical Framework
Sherryl Henderson        Tulane University                          “The Effect of Motherhood, Lactation and Pregnancy on Memory and Striatal function”
       P AGE 1 1                                                            V O LUME 22 . I SSUE 1

                   LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE

     Brown University                             University of Chicago
   Columbia University                       University of Colorado, Boulder
     Cornell University                     University of Maryland, Baltimore
    Harvard University                             University of Miami
    Howard University                          University of Pennsylvania
      Hunter College                              University of Virginia
 Johns Hopkins University                         Vanderbilt University
 Montana State University                            Yale University
   New York University
   Princeton University
    Stanford University
Applicants must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 3.0 or better and have:
   Completed at least two semesters and have at least one semester remaining of their
   undergraduate education by the start of the summer program.
   Demonstrated interest and potential to pursue graduate study toward a PhD or
   Documented US citizenship or permanent resident status.
   Attend an accredited public or private college or university in the U.S. or its territo-
   ries, as recognized by the US Department of Education.

                         Deadline: February 1, 2012

                                       Faculty Liaisons 2012-2013
Faculty Liaison                     Department Chair       Faculty Liaison                 Department Chair

Art                                                        History
Dr. Ron Bechet                      Dr. Ron Bechet         Dr. Elizabeth Manley            Dr. Steven Salm
Ext. 7982          Ext 7982               Admin. Bldg. 212      
                                 Ext        Ext 5272
Biology                                                    Languages
Kristal Huggins                     Dr. Shubha Ireland     Brother Herman Johnson      Brother Herman Johnson
NCF                                Library 546                 Library 546
Ext. 7918            Ext. 7918              Ext. 5116 Ext. 5116
Business Administration                                    Mathematics
Dr.Bautista                         Dr. Joe Ricks          Dr. Carroll Diaz                Dr. Gurdial Aora
Ext. 5042        Admin. Bldg. 317C,    
                                    Ext 5047               Ext. 7467        Ext. 5312

Center for International Studies                           Music
Karen W. Lee                                               Dr. Tim Turner              Dr. Tim Turner
Ext. 7381                                   Music Bldg. 109C            Music Bldg. 109C
                                                           Ext. 6738 Ext. 6738
Center for Undergraduate Research                          Pharmacy
Dr. Gary Donaldson                                         Dr. Patience Obih Pharm. 330A   Dr. Vimal Kishore
                                     Dr. Gary Donaldson                                        Ext. 7656
Ext. 7408                                                                                  Ext. 7443
                                     Ext. 7408
Chemistry                                                  Dr. Thora Bayer                 Dr. Paul Schafer
Dr.Florastina Payton-Stewart        Dr. Maryam Foroozesh                     Ext. 7479                       Ext. 5406
Ext 7381                            Ext 7942               Physics
                                                           Dr. Frank Wesselmann            Dr. Murty Akundi
                                                           NCF 239               
Communications                       Dr. Ross Louis        Ext 5149      Ext. 7647
Elizabeth C Edgecomb       
                                                            Political Science
Computer Science                                            Dr. Willie Gin                  Dr. Steven Salm
Dr. Andrea Edwards                  Dr.Andrea Edwards                             
                                                                                                  Ext 5272
Education                                                   Psychology
                                                            Dr. Kate Eskine                Dr. Elliot Hammer
Dr. Judith Miranti                   Dr. Rosalind Hale                           
Library 5th Floor          
                                                                                           Ext. 7952
Ext. 7536          Ext. 7536
Engineering                                                 Sociology
Bryan W.Bilyeu                      Bryan W.Bilyeu          Dr. Farrah Gafford
                                         Dr. Christopher Faircloth                                                                  
5414                                5414                    Ext 5423

English/AFAM                                                Theology
Dr. Oliver Hennessy                  Dr. David Lanoue       Fr. Phillip J. Linden          Dr.Jerry Farmer
Admin. Annex 201C                 Admin. Bldg. 302, Box 91 C
Ext. 5150          Ext 7944               Ext. 7631     7480

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