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t h e n e w s l e t t e r o f t h e r o w a n u n i v e r s i t y c o l l e g e o f c o m m u n i c a t i o n – fall 2009

A Message from
the Dean

D      ear Colleagues, Students, and
       Friends of the Rowan College of
Communication community:
  Welcome to another exciting academic
year in the College of Communication.
The beautiful summer days, with picnics,
swimming, and trips “down the shore,”
have left us. As the weather changes
and is a little less inviting, we turn our
attention to the life of the mind, and to
our ongoing efforts to build a community
of learning that is intellectually vigorous
                                               Writing Arts Debuts
                                               4 + 1 Degree
and stimulating, while providing a secure
arena in which the diverse abilities and
understandings of the individual can
unfold.                                         by Sanford Tweedie
                                                                                            their senior year while paying undergradu-
  We have many exciting things on the

                                              A    stereotype of unmotivated students       ate tuition and use these credits to fulfill
horizon for this year. All of our programs
                                                   has them slogging through their          both degrees, saving themselves time
are working on assessment of their cur-
                                              undergraduate degree in five years rather     and money. Also known as a 4 + 1 degree,
ricula through various means, including
                                              than the prescribed four. Beginning this      the program allows students to complete
self-studies, student portfolio assessment,
                                              fall, the Department of Writing Arts has      the Department’s bachelor’s and mas-
and outside evaluation. We hope that
                                              instituted a program that allows highly       ter’s degrees in five years rather than the
these assessment processes will allow us
                                              motivated and qualified students the          normal six.
to continue to improve our programs to
                                              opportunity not only to complete an             Even though the program was not ap-
suit the needs of the students.
                                              undergraduate degree but also to obtain a     proved until mid-august, three students
  Assessment and curricular growth and
                                              master’s degree during those five years.      have already been admitted and have
change are also important activities this
                                                By taking advantage of Rowan’s new          begun work toward their M.A.s. Krystle
year. Recently, the Department of Writ-
                                              curricular option to provide dual degree      Wright, who is completing her under-
ing Arts had a 4 + 1 B.A./M.A. program
                                              programs, Writing Arts became one             graduate requirements while taking Core
approved to begin in 2010. in Pr/adver-
                                              of the first departments on campus to         I and Fiction Writing at the M.A. level,
tising, a certificate of graduate studies
in Integrated Marketing and New Media         launch an accelerated B.A./M.A. Under                  Continued on next page.
has been approved and is under way. Our       this program, interested and qualified stu-

          Continued on next page.             dents take four graduate courses during       Pictured above: Dr. Sanford Tweedie.

                                                                                              Rowan’s Thursday evening graduation
    A Message from the Dean, continued.                     4 + 1 Degree, continued.
                                                                                              ceremony and then, during the Friday
Writing Arts Department, Radio/TV/Film         says, “I think that the program is a really    ceremony, their undergraduate degrees.
Department, and the Art Department are         great opportunity. A master’s degree has       But this “five-year plan” will be well worth
working together on an M.F.A. in Com-          the potential to open a lot of doors for       the wait!
munication Arts that promises to be very       writers, and it is a perfect program for         For more information on the accelerat-
exciting (i’ve already had one excellent       people who don’t have the financial or         ed B.A./M.A. degree program, visit http://
senior student ask if she can go ahead         time resources to go through another two and click on
and start taking some of the classes next      years of schooling after the undergraduate     the undergraduate Programs link.
semester). and in undergraduate interdis-      degree.”                                         —Dr. Sanford Tweedie teaches in the
ciplinary work, a team of faculty members        Mary Chrapliwy, another student              undergraduate and graduate programs in the
from the college is collaborating on the       admitted to the program, says it fits well     Writing Arts Department and is Coordinator
creation of a new/Participatory media          with her ambitions: “As an older, working      of Undergraduate Writing Programs.
concentration. It will be a big year for new   student i have a very clear-cut set of goals
opportunities for our students.                and a very definite career plan. the 4 + 1
  efforts to increase communication
channels among members of the college
                                               program allows me to attain those goals
                                               much faster—in 2011 instead of 2012.
                                                                                              In this Issue
community continue. We now have a blog         I love the program so far and feel very        A Message from the Dean . . . . . . . . 1
(, a         fortunate to have been accepted.”
                                                                                              Writing Arts Debuts
facebook page (               in addition to the time- and cost-saving     4 + 1 Degree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
yf2q8e6), a twitter feed (http://twitter.      benefits, program participants have the
                                                                                              In Memoriam: Denise Gess . . . . . . . 3
com/RowanCoC), and an upcoming                 opportunity to interact with a different
googlewave site (tba). additionally, we        group of students. Many of Rowan’s mas-        Tribute to Denise Gess . . . . . . . . . . . 4
have implemented college colloquia for         ter’s students come from other states and
                                                                                              Denise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
the sharing of pedagogical and research        countries, from Maine to California and
interests and have revived the college         from Taiwan to England.                        Two New Undergraduate
                                                                                              Writing Arts Offerings . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
newsletter to facilitate sharing of informa-     The accelerated B.A./M.A. is not for
tion.                                          every student. A rigorous set of criteria      Spotlight on Alumni . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
  i could go on (most of you know that         must be met before applying, and, in the
                                                                                              Rowan Students Get the Full
about me already), but i won’t because i       words of Chrapliwy, “What new students         Menu about Diners . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
know that other new and exciting events        considering this program need to keep
                                                                                              Notes from the M.A. in PR:
in the college will be covered throughout      in mind is that you have to be extremely
                                                                                              Rowan’s Master’s Program
this newsletter. So I’ll conclude by saying    motivated to participate. The reading          Balances Tradition and Change . . . . 7
that I wish you all a good and productive      requirements alone are much heavier,
                                                                                              Notes from the M.A. in Writing:
fall, a happy holiday season, and a wonder-    and the grading criteria are at a higher       Rowan’s Community of Writers . . . . 8
ful new year.                                  standard.”
                                                                                              New Communication Faculty,
                                                 Adds Wright of her experience, “So far
                                                                                              Fall 2009 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
  Lorin Basden Arnold                          I really like the graduate classes I’m tak-
  Interim Dean                                 ing, and I’m looking forward to learning       Communication Student
                                                                                              Accomplishments . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
                                               more about different types of writing and
  Harrah’s Emerging Writers Series             theories of writing.”                          RTF’s Talking Pictures Series . . . . . 12
and the Women’s and Gender Studies               Because the bachelor’s degree is
                                                                                              A Lines of Communication
Program present spoken word artist             not granted until completion of both           Podcast: A Conversation with
            Sarah Kay                          programs, Chrapliwy, Wright, and third         Dr. Maria Simone on Participatory
                                                                                              Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
         nov. 23, 11:30 a.m.                   participant Sam Dodge will actually
         student center Pit                    receive their graduate degrees during

                                                 In Memoriam:
Our dear colleague, Denise Gess, a consummate
writer and Associate Professor at Rowan,
taught in the Writing Arts Department for

                                                 Denise Gess
six years before her untimely death in August
2009. An accomplished author of three books,
Denise was extremely popular with both
her students and colleagues, and she will
be greatly missed. Her Creative Writing          walking into the room. (smokin’! one          professor at Rowan University. A list
colleagues—Professor Julia Chang and             rowan grad student declared about her.)       of accomplishments too long to list
Professor Ron Block—composed the following       Dark brown hair, smart and fierce brown       in this small space. Denise considered
tributes to their friend. Julia Chang provides   eyes, a generous mouth, a sodium vapor        herself a Philadelphia writer, a significant
a prose remembrance, previously published in     smile, a low rumbling laugh (a sleek train    distinction, Philadelphia, not the city of
Philadelphia stories (Summer 2009), and          speeding from a well-lit tunnel) that         her birth, but her chosen home, crucial,
Ron Block memorializes Denise in a poem.         came easily and often, promised to go on      she once told me, to her well being. She
                                                 forever. Who couldn’t pay attention?          loved it. She could not live elsewhere.
  by Julia Chang                                   Denise had silky olive skin, a gift         She’d have withered in the ’burbs. She
                                                 from her Sicilian ancestors, and she had      knew; she’d tried it, she’d gotten out and

I   f you were writing Denise Gess as
    a character in a story, you would
have to grapple with extremes, wrestle
                                                 a gorgeous clavicle, a creamy, unlined
                                                 neck and throat. Worried, when the
                                                 docs had to surgically insert a titanium
                                                                                               did not go back.
                                                                                                 Passionate, wise, intelligent, optimistic,
                                                                                               witty, vivacious—qualities throughout
with contradictions. Such a marvelous,           catheter right there at the breast bone       Denise’s life that fought to claim
alluring character! You might have               for the chemo, that the part of her body      dominance, but only succeeded in a rare
trouble maintaining any kind of authorial        she liked best, would be forever scarred.     synergistic creation, a uniquely engaged
distance. You might have trouble making          (though she ended up loving the port,         and energetic writer, teacher, woman.
her convincing.                                  which rescued her from the puncture           she was self-made, an anomaly in her
  First clue to her character, her looks:        wounds of multiple IVs, the purple stains     close-knit family. she began her work
slender as a ballerina; strong as a python.      on her wrists and forearms after her first    life as a nurse, maintained until the
even past the half-century mark (such            treatments.)                                  end her lifelong fascination with and
a paltry amount of time, it now seems)             Denise Gess, novelist, essayist, literary   understanding of all things medical.
Denise could slip into her size 2 skinny         critic, a skilled and passionate writer in      Denise was a voracious reader, a hungry
jeans, pointy-toed high heels, her               many genres, an editor of Philadelphia
sunglasses, and demand attention by just         Stories magazine, a tenured associate         Pictured above: Denise Gess.

learner, an astute identifier of talent, and   the fame or glory it might garner, that
a tireless promoter of others’ work when       mattered. She revered written language,
she loved it, believed in it—her students      and lived to put words down on the
and her writer friends. Though she told        page, the sentences stretching out, one
me once, hands down, that she loved            after the other, in an endless unbroken
being a mother even more than being            chain. Those of us who love her must
a writer; could not have endured the           light candles now in hope that her
rejections and frustrations of the literary    copious, yet-to-be-published work will
life without the joys and satisfactions of     find its way to print or cyberspace, so
motherhood, without her daughter to            that we, and others, will be enriched by
come home to.                                  it.
                                                                                                by Ron Block
  last september—Denise lived exactly                Denise, darling friend and colleague,
one year after her diagnosis of Stage 4        oh, writerly writer, you, you will not be        The messages all begin
lung cancer—i was with Denise for her          missed, because you are here and will            “I don’t know if you heard…”
last radiation treatment at huP. the           abide here, the words you spoke, and             Last night, I heard
radiation targeted lesions on her brain        those you’ve written, woven deeply into          tree frogs making a racket,
and for it, she’d been fitted with a custom    the fabric of my life and the lives of all       trying to find each other
radiation mask, a horrifying thing of          countless others you have touched.               in the dark. And now
plastic and webbing to protect her face              —Prof. Julia Chang teaches Creative        the empty sleeves of shirts
and neck from the killer rays pointed on       Writing in the undergraduate and graduate        tumble in the drier
those lesions. Afterward, she asked if she     programs in Writing Arts.                        with a bit of change
could keep it, and of course she could. It                                                      i forgot in the pockets—
wouldn’t do anyone else any good. That                                                          while in your apartment,
day, for lunch, she managed to down an         Tribute to Denise Gess                           the sounds of trains,
egg and an english muffin. then we went                                                         the brakes and screeching,
upstairs to the lady’s cancer boutique to
buy wigs since she’d soon be bald. Tucked      O         n october 2, in the rowan uni-
                                                         versity Art Gallery, Denise Gess’s
                                               family, friends, students, and colleagues
                                                                                                still rumble past
                                                                                                and keep you from sleeping.
beneath her arm was the odd sculpture,
her radiation mask. Wall art, she told         gathered for “An Evening of Readings,            The messages all begin

anyone who asked, and one or two who           Music, and Memories,” organized by               “I don’t know if you heard…”

didn’t. Everybody laughed, most of all         Professors Julia chang and ron Block.            and I wish I hadn’t,

Denise. The frightening mask was for her             Readings and remembrances were             because I cannot imagine

a talisman of what she could endure, what      offered by Jean Block, Julia chang, Bill         not hearing your voice.

she would do for another shot at life.         lutz, Joe carlough, ron Block, lisa              There can’t be silence

   Denise Gess, a woman of hemispheric         Zeidner, Betsy Haase, Carla Spataro,             in a room where

contradictions—a bone-thin foodie with         Lisa Shannon, Ainslie Brown, and Sandy           you lived. There cannot

the spirit of a shaman and the sharp,          Tweedie.                                         be a lonely echo

shiny, ever-working mind of an engineer,             Gabriel MacDonnell Chang provided          in our memory of you,

the exotic looks of an actress. A tireless     music for the evening.                           or in any room where

toiler in the fields of literary writing, a          The presentations in honor of Denise       so many of your friends,

well published, though rarely applauded,       coalesced into a portrait of a much-             full of talk, full of stories,

writer. Yes, she loved applause, but           loved colleague, a brilliant teacher and         are gathered in your name.

understood that it didn’t really matter.       writer, and a strong and courageous
                                                                                                —Prof. Ron Block teaches Creative Writing
Not to her, anyway. She loved the writing      woman.
                                                                                              in the undergraduate and graduate programs in
process, loved writing, and knew that
                                                                                              Writing Arts.
in the end, it was the writing itself, not     Pictured above right: Denise Gess.

 Two New Undergraduate Spotlight
 writing arts offerings on Alumni
  by Sanford Tweedie                         Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Sci-
                                             ence, a program in which students focus
                                                                                         A     1997 communication rtf graduate
                                                                                               of Rowan University, Jason Weber

T     o serve student interests, the Writ-                                               joined WGLS, the University radio sta-
                                             on two areas of study within humanities
      ing Arts Department has launched a                                                 tion, in 1993. he was the station’s sports
                                             and social sciences. As one of several
minor in Writing Arts, and a Liberal Stud-                                               director for his final two years at rowan
                                             Sequence B options students can choose
ies: humanities/social science Program                                                   radio. a Pitman native, weber had the
                                             from, Writing Arts can be taken in
Sequence B in Writing Arts.                                                              opportunity to experience a golden era
                                             combination with others in the Sequence
  these 22-credit sequences provide                                                      of Rowan University athletics. He was on
                                             a offerings, such as english, history, or
students new opportunities for focus-                                                    hand to cover some of the most impor-
                                             Spanish. Because Elementary Education
ing on writing as part of their studies.                                                 tant events in Profs’ athletics history,
                                             and Early Childhood Education have
Both the minor and Program sequence B                                                    including Rowan football’s multiple runs
                                             adopted the LS:H/SS degree as a dual
introduce theories of writing and provide                                                to the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl, and the
                                             major option, these students could be
opportunities to write and evaluate writ-                                                men’s basketball national championship
                                             particularly interested in the Program
ing within a text-rich, learning-centered                                                win in 1996.
                                             Sequence B option in Writing Arts.
environment.                                                                               After his career at WGLS, Weber
                                               Information about the Minor in Writ-
  the minor in writing arts fills a gap                                                  moved on to a career in television. He
                                             ing arts and the ls:h/ss Program se-
between the first-year writing and writ-                                                 spent time with esPn and enjoyed sever-
                                             quence B in Writing Arts can be found at
ing Intensive requirements and the major                                                 al years with mlB Productions, where he
in Writing Arts. It gives students the                                                   won multiple Emmy awards as a producer.
                                             on the undergraduate Programs link.
opportunity for intensive focus on writing                                               His credits include producing documen-
                                               For complete information on the
studies while still allowing them to major                                               taries on Cal Ripkin, Alex Rodriguez,
                                             Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social
in another field of interest.                                                            and the 2002 arizona Diamondbacks.
                                             Science degree, visit http://www.rowan.
  the Program sequence B in writing                                                      Over the past two years, he produced the
Arts is part of the Bachelor of Arts in                                                  critically acclaimed esPn classic series,
                                                                                         Cheap Seats.
                                                                                           in January, weber, along with wgls
                                                                                         alums Jeff hickman and rob ryan, added
                                                                                         to the award-winning tradition of the
                                                                                         WGLS sports department by claiming an
                                                                                         Award of Distinction in the Communica-
                                                                                         tor awards for a documentary on the 10th
                                                                                         anniversary of Rowan men’s basketball
                                                                                         national championship win.
                                                                                           Weber recently joined NFL Films as a
                                                                                         producer. To this day, he says his years at
                                                                                         WGLS stand out as some of his fondest

                                                                                         Pictured left: Jason Weber.

                                                                                              rapidly,” Berkey-gerard said. “i’m trying

 Rowan Students Get the                                                                       to [give students] multimedia skills.”
                                                                                                The students were split into three

 Full Menu about Diners                                                                       teams: editorial, design, and promo-
                                                                                              tion/legal. Students used recorders and
                                                                                              microphones to gather data and cameras
                                                                                              to take photographs. The results of those
  by Christina Paciolla                         Jersey specifically,” Berkey-gerard said.
                                                                                              efforts are audio slideshows about two
                                                  The students decided on diners, some-
                                                                                              minutes long and audio interviews about

T     he students of Prof. mark Berkey-
      Gerard’s online journalism class are
probably the only college kids at Rowan
                                                thing that new Jersey has more of than
                                                any other state in the country—more
                                                than 600. from there, the students
                                                                                              a minute long.
                                                                                                “There are really good reporters and
                                                                                              really good photographers, so we found a
who are sick of diners. But, it’s easy to see   turned a late-night hangout into a class
                                                                                              way to incorporate everything, making it
why. They spent all semester designing          project, interviewing patrons, profiling
                                                                                              all a cohesive project,” said Emily Kostic,
a new Jersey diner culture web site—a           cooks and servers, and tasting fare, all
                                                                                              a junior who helped publicize the project
project that had them interviewing cooks,       while shooting photographs and collect-
                                                                                              on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
eating breakfast for dinner, and taking         ing audio for the Web site they would
                                                                                                The project focused mostly on South
pictures at the all-night restaurants sev-      design. “Without knowing it, they picked
                                                                                              Jersey diners, like glassboro’s own ange-
eral times a week.                              a really challenging subject,” said Berkey-
                                                                                              lo’s and PB’s. other area diners included
  “It was really a great group collabora-       Gerard, whose students had to battle
                                                                                              geet’s in williamstown and Philly Diner
tion,” said Alexandra Harcharek, a junior       noise, mirrors, and neon lighting while
                                                                                              in Runnemede. Students traveled to other
journalism major at Rowan who helped            gathering information.
                                                                                              popular Jersey diners like medport in
with design. “We’ve never done anything           The end result is, an
                                                                                              marlton and Parkside Diner in Palisades
like this before.”                              online multimedia magazine examining
                                                                                              Park. Berkey-gerard used The New York
  Berkey-gerard [an assistant Professor         new Jersey people and culture. the 1134
                                                                                              Times’ “one in 8 million” series as inspira-
in the Journalism Department] presented         in the Web address stands for the number
                                                                                              tion. That project is a collection of stories
his spring online Journalism ii class with      of new Jerseyans per square mile, mak-
                                                                                              and photos, added weekly, profiling new
a project: to conceptualize, design and         ing the Garden State the most densely
                                                                                              Yorkers, who include an urban taxider-
implement a Web site with an emphasis           populated state in America. Volume 1 is
                                                                                              mist and an all-night accountant. it is
on news, strategy and production.               the diner issue.
                                                                                              Berkey-gerard’s vision to expand www.
  “We wanted to make it rooted in South           “Obviously the industry is changing
                                                                                     each semester.
                                                                                                Senior journalism student Bobbi Lee
                                                                                              Hitchon knew when she started the
                                                                                              journalism program at Rowan, there’d
                                                                                              be some questions about what students
                                                                                              would do after graduation with the rap-
                                                                                              idly changing industry. Working on the
                                                                                              web site—hitchon produced the audio
                                                                                              slideshows—she said she realized there
                                                                                              are more opportunities now than ever in
                                                                                              the world of media.
                                                                                                —Excerpted from an article previously pub-
                                                                                              lished in The Gloucester County Times,
                                                                                              Wednesday, May 6, 2009.

                                                                                              Pictured left: Prof. Mark Berkey-Girard.

                                                                                           online. one insight: Podcasts focusing
                                                                                           on community aspects of their audi-
                                                                                           ences increase subscriptions and repeat
                                                                                           visits among 18-to-24-year-olds. werner’s
                                                                                           work suggests that the more web content
                                                                                           interacts with audiences, the greater the
                                                                                           probability of funneling audiences to
                                                                                           companion content.
                                                                                             Joseph staudenmayer investigated the
                                                                                           effectiveness of viral marketing by film
                                                                                           studios to consumers among 18-to-24-
                                                                                           year-olds. his work shows that film critics
                                                                                           and experts feel that viral marketing influ-
                                                                                           ences young people and contributes to
                                                                                           their decisions about seeing feature films.
 notes from the m.a. in Pr:                                                                  “While some students focus their work
                                                                                           on emerging interactive media issues,
 rowan’s master’s Program Balances                                                         many students in our program pursue

 Tradition and Change                                                                      studies into more established practices,”
                                                                                           FitzGerald said.
                                                                                             One example: Natalie V. Layton
                                                                                           explored the growing importance of rela-
  by Suzanne FitzGerald and Ed Moore         tradition of focusing on core public rela-
                                                                                           tionship marketing to build longer-lasting
                                             tions practices, but it continues to evolve
                                                                                           relationships between organizations and

T        his year saw more than 30 stu-      to accommodate the significant changes
                                                                                           consumers in today’s society. Her work,
         dents enrolled in Rowan’s M.A. in   public relations practitioners face,” added
                                                                                           which focused on the food industry, sup-
public relations program. Members of the     Dr. Suzanne FitzGerald, professor and
                                                                                           ports assertions that relationship market-
incoming class include communication         department chair.
                                                                                           ing produces longer-lasting benefits than
veterans seeking to expand their public        several theses written by 2009 gradu-
                                                                                           transactional marketing alone. Certain
relations knowledge and skills, as well as   ates, for example, investigated the in-
                                                                                           relationship marketing techniques also
several recent undergrads moving directly    creasing importance of interactive media
                                                                                           can effectively garner a more positive
into graduate study.                         and online social networks in current
                                                                                           image of an organization among its target
  Rowan’s graduate public relations          public relations programming.
program, founded more than 30 years ago,       Rosie Braude examined social media’s
                                                                                             “While interactive media continue
offers a mix of academic and practical       effect on organizational reputation and
                                                                                           to gain influence among practitioners,
approaches designed for students seeking     innovation. Testing consumer percep-
                                                                                           they’re clearly supplementing and not
to build or expand careers in public rela-   tions through an online survey, content
                                                                                           supplanting more traditional tactics and
tions.                                       analysis, interviews, and focus groups,
                                                                                           techniques,” FitzGerald added.
  “We have an active network of about        Braude found that a majority of American
                                                                                             To learn more about Rowan’s graduate
500 graduates leading public relations       consumers want organizations to interact
                                                                                           program in pubic relations, visit http://
programs for corporations, nonprofits,       with them through social media.
and educational organizations throughout       Brandon Werner used Twitter, Face-
the U.S.,” explained Edward H. Moore,        book, and e-mail—along with a more
associate professor and program coordi-      traditional survey and focus group—to
nator.                                       investigate preferences and habits for
                                                                                           Pictured above left: Dr. Suzanne
  “Our program maintains its strong          listening to music and watching video         FitzGerald and Prof. Ed Moore.

Notes from the M.A. in                                                                       other schools, which is something I know
                                                                                             something about after seven colleges and

Writing: Rowan’s Community                                                                   universities.”
                                                                                               Jackie cassidy, who earned her B.a.

of Writers                                                                                   in Writing Arts and who is now working
                                                                                             on her thesis, underscores the impor-
                                                                                             tance of the relationships forged in the
  by Jennifer Courtney                         Sabatini, a student focusing on new media     program: “What I’ve learned from the
                                               and composition, recently commented,          M.A. in Writing hasn’t come from books

F    or many students, graduate study
     is an isolating endeavor: the end-
less trips to the library, the long hours of
                                               “the flexibility of this program brings
                                               together an eclectic group of highly
                                                                                             or lectures, although such things certainly
                                                                                             have their place in my intellectual life.
                                               motivated and intellectually curious          The most cherished stories and the best
writing and revision, the esoteric nature      students.… you will have the benefit of       lessons have come from the people in the
of specialized research. In Rowan’s M.A.       engaging with and learning from students      program—professors and fellow students
in Writing program, though, students do        of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. I      alike. The M.A. fosters a sense of family
not have to journey alone because of the       have learned a great deal from my profes-     and community. At the end of the day,
strong community of writers supporting         sors and from the other students.”            after I’ve written the story or poem, it’s
each and every student.                          The Writing faculty work closely            the people who inspire me to write again,
  This fall, we welcome 11 talented new        with all students in the program, begin-      to tell a truth that belongs to all of us.”
graduate students and three new “4 + 1”        ning with their very first courses. some        The writing community here at Rowan
students to our program. These students        students even develop relationships with      also extends beyond the classroom.
join our cadre of poets, novelists, teach-     faculty before applying for the M.A. Dan      The Harrah’s Emerging Writers Series
ers, and journalists. as a small, flexible     Marks, a student now working on his           brings writers to campus for Master
program, the m.a. in writing offers writ-      thesis prospectus, notes that while conve-    Classes, lectures, and readings. This year’s
ers of all sorts the opportunity to interact   nience was an initial reason he explored      Emerging Writers include spoken word
with other writers while specializing in       Rowan, he quickly realized that “all of the   artist Sarah Kay, who will be on campus
either Creative Writing or Composition         faculty would go out of their way to help a   november 23 for two workshops and a
Studies. Workshop settings, small semi-        student. This is not only true for students   performance. In February, Maja Wilson,
nars, the spring thesis symposium, and         in his or her class, but also any student     author of Rethinking Rubrics, will visit
readings and events throughout the year        who asked for help. The accessibility of      Rowan to discuss her work on writing
promote community and engagement. Joe          the faculty is beyond comparison to many      assessment. For writers no longer on
                                                                                             campus, RowanWriters, a listserv open
                                                                                             to all current and former M.A. students,
                                                                                             keeps alumni and friends of the program
                                                                                             up to date on current events. If you would
                                                                                             like to subscribe to the list, please contact
                                                                                             Jennifer courtney, graduate Program
                                                                                             coordinator, ( for
                                                                                               —Dr. Courtney is the Graduate Advisor for
                                                                                             the Master of Arts in Writing. She is an associ-
                                                                                             ate professor in the Writing Arts Department.

                                                                                             Pictured left : Dr. Jennifer Courtney.

T     his fall, in addition to many adjunct
      professors, the College of Com-
munication welcomes a number of new
                                              New Communication
full-time and three-quarter-time profes-
sors. Here are the newest members of our
                                              faculty, fall 2009
                                              nity, and culture. Cora has published in       a non-profit as a Program Planner for a
Communication Studies                         popular feminist magazines and scholarly       $50-million community action agency,
                                              journals throughout her academic career.       helping the organization launch numer-
  Gerald A. Lazzaro has a B.A. in             she is full-time temporary in the commu-       ous projects to eliminate poverty. These
English and an M.A. in Rhetoric and           nication Studies Department.                   included the area’s first licensed mobile
Communication from Temple University.                                                        dental unit, an urban farm, expansion of
He is a communications professional             Pamela Marshall, Visiting Instruc-           community-based educational services,
with over thirty years of experience as a     tor, has an M.A. from Temple University.       and a collaborative effort to organize anti-
communication teacher and practitioner.       She is a communication scholar, with an        violence and gang-prevention programs.
He has taught in the Department of            emphasis on listening and perception. She      she is full-time temporary in the Public
Speech Communication and Theatre at           has taught classes such as Public speak-       Relations/Advertising Department.
Kutztown University, served as director       ing, Group Communication, Family Com-
of public relations and marketing at Dela-    munication, Interpersonal Communica-             Tracie Babb holds a Ph.D. in rhetoric
ware County Community College, and            tion, and Organizational Communication.        and Intercultural Communication from
was director of public relations for the      Her research includes her Master’s thesis      howard university and an m.a. in Public
Fox School of Business and Management         on the communication satisfaction of           Communication from Fordham. She also
and the School of Tourism and Hospital-       off-site workers, as well as various studies   earned a B.A. in Communication and Me-
ity Management at Temple University.          on the listening capabilities of high-level    dia Studies and African American History
He has also served as a communication         managers. She is also a consultant in the      from Fordham. Babb has taught at How-
and public relations consultant, writer,      corporate sector and has conducted both        ard University, Bowie State University, and
speaker, executive trainer, and translator    research and workshops in telecommu-           Kaplan University. She has taught courses
for many organizations in both the public     nications, the pharmaceutical industry,        in Public relations, advertising, com-
and private sector. He has taught at          the publishing industry, and the prison        munication conflict, human Dynamics,
temple, Penn state, montgomery county         systems in new Jersey. she is 3/4-time         and Public speaking. she also worked at
Community College, and Northampton            temporary in the Communication Studies         Burson-marsteller, a leading Pr firm. she
community college. he is full-time tem-       Department.                                    is full-time in the Public relations/adver-
porary in Communication Studies, where                                                       tising Department.
he teaches Communication Theory, In-          Public Relations/Advertising
terpersonal communication, and Public                                                          Marisa Miloszewski has a B.A. in
Speaking.                                       Gina Audio has a B.A. and an M.A. in         Economics and an M.B.A. in Marketing
                                              Public relations from rowan university.        from The College of William and Mary.
  Corey (“Cora”) Leighton received            She also has an M.A. in Adult Education        Miloszewski has more than twelve years
her B.A. in Theatre from San Francisco        and Distance Learning from the Univer-         of multi-channel marketing experience,
State University; her M.A. in Commu-          sity of Phoenix, where she is currently        including retail, Internet, and direct
nication Studies is from California State     A.B.D. She has twenty years’ experience        marketing. As Director of Marketing for
university, los angeles; and her Ph.D. in     working in communications and public           charming shoppes, inc., a $2-billion na-
Communication Studies is from Louisi-         relations for both for-profit and not-for-     tional retailer, she directed all marketing
ana State University. Her areas of research   profit organizations in southern new           operations for the Fashion Bug division.
focus on performance, identity, commu-        Jersey. most recently, audio worked for        Her areas of expertise include brand

strategy, media and promotional plan-              Writing Arts                                    Kate Selfridge earned a B.A. at La
ning, database analysis, online marketing,                                                       Salle University and an M.A. in English/
and advertising execution. Miloszewski               Drew Kopp received his Ph.D in              Creative Writing from Temple University,
also managed direct marketing for two              Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching       and is currently working on her first nov-
product divisions at The Franklin Mint             of English from the University of Arizona     el. She has been a member of the Rowan
and was responsible for email marketing,           in 2009. his research interests include       University community for four years and
online promotions, and web content for             sophistic approaches to writing instruc-      teaches Integrated College Composition
their Internet business. She has taught at         tion, such as writing with new media          and improving Personal writing skills.
rowan and temple university. she is full-          (especially digital video), and using writ-   she is 3/4-time temporary in the writing
time temporary in the Public relations/            ing situations to examine and challenge       Arts Department.
Advertising Department.                            everyday practices and values. Kopp is
                                                   currently preparing an article for publica-     Carla Spataro has a Bachelor of
Radio/Television/Film                              tion that examines how using digital          Applied Arts from Central Michigan
                                                   video to help students identify themselves    University, a Master of Music from
  Television critic David Bianculli                as college writers may also serve to ef-      Michigan State University, and an M.F.A.
earned his B.s. in Journalism and m.a.             fectively represent the work of writing       from Rosemont College. She is publisher
in Journalism and communication from               programs to the university community.         and fiction editor of Philadelphia Stories.
the University of Florida. He has written          This extends the argument he developed        Spataro’s teaching experience includes
for The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York        in his published article, “Computer Game      courses at rutgers university–camden,
Post, and The New York Daily News. He has          Play as grunt and reflection” (Works and      West Chester University, and Temple Uni-
published articles, columns, and reviews           Days 2004), which discusses how com-          versity. She has been a guest lecturer and
in numerous prestigious publications.              puter game players undergo a sequence         workshop leader at numerous universities.
His work is syndicated in hundreds of              of transformations through encountering       she is 3/4-time temporary in the writ-
daily newspapers. since 1987, he has been          the spatial challenges a computer game        ing Arts Department, where she teaches
national Public radio’s tv critic on Fresh         arranges. He is full time in the Writing      Creative Writing.
Air and substitutes as the show’s host.            Arts Department.
He has written two books on television,                                                            Christa B. Teston earned a B.A.,
Teleliteracy: Taking Television Seriously (1992)     Sabatino Mangini has a B.A. in              m.a., and Ph.D. from Kent state uni-
and Dictionary of Teleliteracy: Television’s 500   Advertising and an M.A. in Writing from       versity. Her doctorate in Rhetoric and
Biggest Hits, Misses, and Events (1996) and        Rowan University and is completing his        Composition was in the Literacy, Rheto-
is working on a third book, Dangerously            Ph.D. in composition and tesol from           ric, and social Practice Program. teston’s
Funny: The Uncensored Story of “The Smoth-         indiana university of Pennsylvania. his       areas of academic interest include writing
ers Brothers Comedy Hour.” He has taught           dissertation explores the home and aca-       for the workplace, visual rhetoric, quali-
courses on television history and ap-              demic literacies of basic writing students.   tative research methods, classical and
preciation at rowan since 1998, lectured           Mangini’s research interests include          contemporary rhetorical theory, and writ-
on television topics in many venues, and           narrative theory, composition pedagogy,       ing technologies. Her current research
served as an international juror for many          multimodal writing, and technology and        interests include deliberative rhetoric,
television festivals. This fall, Bianculli is      literacy. he teaches improving Personal       visual communication, and technical writ-
teaching Film History and Appreciation             Writing Skills and The Writer’s Mind. He      ing. She is full time in the Writing Arts
and Television History and Appreciation.           is full-time temporary in the writing arts    Department.
He is full time in the Radio/TV/Film               Department.

            Look for Our Next Issue of Lines of Communication in Spring 2010!

                                             organization recognizes individuals and      “The Rowan Report,” was honored in
Communication                                companies whose talent and creativity        the radio newscast category. The team of

Student                                      achieve excellence and serve as a standard   past/present students involved with that
                                             for the industry. This year’s competition    production are Steve Maiorana (rtf),
Accomplishments                              featured a pool of over 7000 entries. in     Jeff O’Connor (rtf), Angela Colligan
                                             the student production category, the         (writing arts), John Early (rtf), Ron
  by Lorin Basden Arnold                     Award of Excellence was given to “Fading     Patrick (rtf), Mandy Rippert (Pr),
                                             farms & saving grace: Preserving the         and Omarey Williams (Pr).

O      ur student achievements are a
       cornerstone of our college, both
a reflection of the effectiveness of our
                                             garden state,” co-produced by former
                                             wgls-fm Public affairs director Julia
                                                                                            • Emily Kostic, Journalism major,
                                                                                          was selected as one of UWire’s top
                                             Giacoboni, a recently graduated Radio/       100 student journalists. emily is the
curriculum and the talent of our students.   Television/Film major, and Brian Ka-         Editor in Chief of The Whit, Rowan’s
Each year, communication students win        nady, who earned his bachelor’s degree       campus newspaper. This past summer,
numerous awards, their work honored by       in journalism, may 2008. this is the         she held a BBC internship in New
many professional organizations outside      eleventh major award for “Fading Farms.”     York. She was also honored for her
the university. Here are just some of our      • several communication studies            impressive “Journalism 3.0” blog. she
students’ most recent accomplishments:       students were accepted into prestigious      received a 2nd place award in the “Best
  • rowan rtf students in Professor          graduate programs with substantial aca-      Independent Blog” category in the
Diana Nicolae’s Documentary Filmmak-         demic awards. Allison Chellew will be        society of Professional Journalists new
ing class won Honorary Awards at this        attending Indiana University and has been    Jersey chapter’s excellence in Journalism
October’s Downbeach Film Festival at         awarded a full graduate assistantship.       Awards. To visit Emily’s blog, go to http://
Resorts Atlantic City. The two honored       David Penyak and Samantha Gable    
productions are Empty Room, produced         have both been accepted into the M.A.          • the Bagin-ambacher scholarship
by Tara Acquesta, directed and filmed        program in Communication at Villanova        Committee announced the names of
by Patrick McKee, and edited by John         University. Samantha received a full         the scholarship winners for 2009–2010.
Clements; and Life behind Beards, pro-       tuition award, and David has been given a    The transfer student winner is Rebecca
duced by Stephen Hanulec, directed           graduate assistantship.                      Cicione, who will be majoring in Public
by Dan Ferrara, filmed by Ashley Zaz-          • Brittney Horner, an Advertis-            Relations.
zarino, and edited by David Monk.            ing and Public relations major, was            The freshman winner is Matthew
  • wgls students and alumni were            awarded the top honor in the Philly ad       Farrel, who intends to major in Journal-
honored at the National Broadcasting So-     club’s 2009 “Philly’s future” scholarship    ism.
ciety/alpha epsilon rho 18th annual na-      Awards. The Ad Club awards are based on        • The Gloucester County Times published
tional Student Audio/Video Scriptwriting     academic excellence and professional and     an article describing the work of students
and 46th annual audio/video Production       personal contributions.                      in our online journalism class taught by
Awards Competition. Julia Giacoboni            • the society of Professional Journal-     mark Berkey-gerard. (see the article in
and Brian Kanady received a grand            ists announced their Region 1 Mark of        this issue, p. 6).
prize award for their audio documentary,     excellence winners, and wgls-fm                • a crystal award of Distinction was
“fading farms & saving grace: Preserving     was honored with two awards. “From           given to “Depression: Sad But True,” a
the Garden State.” “Code Blue: Keeping       First Snap to Stagg: A History of Rowan      documentary that explores the signs,
Our Students Safe,” a campus safety docu-    football”—a radio documentary produced       symptoms, and causes and effects of de-
mentary, brought an honorable mention        by RTF graduate Joe Staudenmayer             pression. the documentary was co-pro-
to Cody Chrusciel and Colin Weir.            and former sports director and graduate      duced by RTF graduates Ashley Smith
  • wgls students won two awards             Jim Vassallo—received an award in the        and Jeff O’Connor. This documentary
in the fifteenth annual communica-           documentary radio sports reporting cat-      previously won 3rd place in the 2008
tor Awards competition. The national         egory. The station’s news magazine show,     Best educational Program competition,

conducted by the Broadcast Education            • rowan radio’s The Women’s Room,
Association.                                  hosted by Julia Giacoboni, won First
                                                                                               RTF’s Talking
  • rowan television network (rtn)            Place for Best radio magazine feature            Pictures series
received three Bronze Telly Awards for        in the Philadelphia Press association’s

the programs All Access with the Profs,       annual competition. The winning entry                  he talking Pictures speaker series,
Game On, and Up All Night. The Telly          discusses post-partum depression, with                 co-sponsored by the charles and
Awards honor local, regional, and cable       commentary by expert guests Susan Ellis          Lucille King Family and Rowan Founda-
TV programming/advertising, as well as        murphy, coordinator of PPD services in           tions, brings industry professionals to
online film and video.                        south Jersey, and connie Bonillas, associ-       campus to interact with RTF students.
  All Access with the Profs, RTN’s weekly     ate Professor at Kean university and a           This semester, producers Mike Donovan
show covering Rowan sports, was pro-          PPD survivor.                                    and Ken Kaleta will present filmmaker
duced and anchored by Cody Chrusciel            • finalists in the 2009 Philadelphia           tom Kalin. Kalin—writer/director of
and Corey Scheiner and directed by            College Achievement Radio Awards have            Swoon, Geoffrey Beene at 30, and Sav-
Megan Patterson.                              been announced, and eight WGLS stu-              age Grace and producer of I Shot Andy
  Game On, a video game show, was pro-        dents are finalists:                             Warhol—teaches at columbia university.
duced by Alex Wanschura and edited              Best college news/Public affairs host:         Kalin inaugurates the 2009 talking Pic-
by Tony Wanschura. Their winning              Mandy Rippert, for Community Affair:             tures series on Wednesday, November 4.
episode considered the Nintendo Mega          Journey Out of Autism: Interview with
Man game.                                     Leanne Whiffen.
  Up All Night was produced and directed        Best college sports reporting (two             A Lines of
by Adam Bradshaw. this late-night             finalists): Mandy Rippert, for Interview
talk show stars Kevin McTigue and Joe         with Independent Football League Commis-
Penn and earned honors in the student         sioner Mike Von Allen; and E.J. Campbell,
category.                                     for Rowan Sports Minute: The Passing of          A Conversation with
  • writing arts professor Bill wolff and     Harry Kalas.                                     Dr. Maria Simone
two writing arts students (Katherin             Best college on-air Personality: Doug          on Participatory media
Fitzpatrick and Rene Youssef)                 Cohen, for Doug’s Indy Rock Show.
recently had the honor of publishing their
work in the online journal, Currents. The
article, ”rethinking usability for web 2.0
                                                Best original Psa for the march of
                                              Dimes, written and produced by Doug
                                              Cohen and Jen Grasso.
                                                                                               I   n September, Interim Associate Dean
                                                                                                   Janice rowan talked with Dr. maria
                                                                                               Simone of the Department of Communi-
and Beyond,” was informed by research           Best College Radio Editorial: E.J.             cation Studies about the uses and impact
Katie and Rene completed as part of           Campbell, for Phillies Post Season Ponder-       of social media. Dr. Simone’s focus is on
Bill’s NSFS grant and is about important      ing.                                             Media and Democracy and how advanced
issues of website usability and audiences.      Best college radio commerical/Pro-             technology has facilitated civic engage-
you can find their work online at http://     mo: Doug Cohen, for Oldies to the Future.        ment.        Best college radio Documentary: Pro-             The podcast is at http://www.rowan.
trickYoussef.                                 ducers Jessica Ortuso, Steve Maio-               edu/InstructionalMedia/winkler/
  • rowan radio’s Studio 89.7 was the         rana and Beth Burnston, for Solace in            f09newsvideo.html.
2009 first Place winner in the enterpris-     a Bottle.
ing reporting category of the new Jersey        Winners will be announced on Nov. 5.           Pictured above: Dr. Maria Simone.
chapter of the society of Professional
                                              Lines of Communication, a publication of Rowan University’s College of Communication, is produced
Journalists annual competition. the win-
                                              and edited by Prof. Janice Rowan, Interim Associate Dean, and Tom Kloskey, Director of Col-
ning episode featured host Paul Per-          lege Publications.
                                                 thanks to contributors lorin Basden arnold, ron Block, Julia chang, Jennifer courtney, suzanne
rello’s interview of Hill Harper, author of   fitzgerald, ed moore, christina Paciolla, maria simone, and sandford tweedie. and to chris
Letters to a Young Sister.                    winkler, carl frandino, and the students of the rtf Department for creating our podcast. Photos
                                              of Denise gess provided by her family. Photo of Jason weber by Doug cohen. Podcast still of maria
                                              Simone by Chris Winkler. Other photos by TK. Thanks to Eleanor Hansen for proofreading.


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