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									 Volume 23 Number 5                            www.ahcm.ca                                         May 2012

                              Let the Fun Begin
     Greetings all and welcome to May and the            put together a list of short drives to a Saturday
official start of a busy season for our clubs and the    morning breakfast spot. It is meant to get you and
people involved in them.                                 your car out of the city and onto some open roads
                                                         for a drive to do something we all like to do – EAT.
    I would like to thank everyone who came out to
                                                         The first breakfast is May 12th to Morris, MB and
support Ted and my efforts at the Spring Garage
                                                         the second is May 26th to Stonewall, MB. See
Tour. We had a lot of fun and saw some
                                                         Events Calendar, or March issue of Healey
interesting stuff. Everybody seemed to enjoy
                                                         Happenings, for more details.
themselves and what they saw. And thanks to the
people who opened their doors and let us in –                Clear Lake is an overnighter May 11 – 13. We
especially Graeme & Joyce Lowden for the use of          have never been, but have heard it is a nice place
their Bar-B-Q, Henry Fast (TDC) for barbequing           to be for some R & R.
our lunch, and Brian & Brenda Lanoway for hosting
                                                             May 20th is the official start of Pony Corral’s
the chili dinner afterwards.
                                                         Sunday Cruise Nights. A lot of Northern American
   Happy Be-Lated 50th Wedding Anniversary to            cars, but you can meet up with some British car
Graeme and Joyce Lowden !                                club folks at the same time and same place and
                                                         then go for drive together to some ice cream
    I see that the British car clubs have made the
press. The Saturday April 28th issue of the
Winnipeg Free Press ran a 1/3 page article on the           May 26 – June 3 is Drive Your British Car
local British car scene. It mentioned the four local     Week. See www.britishcarweek.org for more
clubs and gave a plug to the up and coming               details.
Northern Lights Rendezvous. It also had a picture
                                                             And, last but not least, the “big one”, June 14 –
of some of our members which included club
                                                         17.     Northern Lights Rendezvous in Kenora.
president Roger Morcilla front and center with his
                                                         This event has a Manitoba record of 119
Austin-Healey 3000.
                                                         registrations as of the beginning of this month. If
    We also appeared in print in the Summer 2012         you      haven’t     registered      yet,    go    to
issue of Going Places , the local CAA magazine.          http://www.britishcar.ca/rendezvous/ to do so. If
Our cars were included in two of the article photos,     you want to help one of the committees during this
but no specific club information included. Oh well,      event or have a donation for the Silent Auction or
our British cars still included for everyone to see.     Door Prizes, call or email our club’s co-chair, Tom
                                                         Struthers, at 888-5633 or tstruthers@gmail.com .
   Now as for letting the fun begin, let’s review
some of the upcoming events. Jean Caron has                  Let the fun begin…

                            President: Roger Morcilla Vice-President: Richard Weide
           Treasurer: Todd Chivers Secretary: Jim Jackson Past-President & Delegate: Elaine Davidson
                         Newsletter Editors: Ann Blonski & Mark Rogers annnmark@mts.net
                                     Webmaster: Ed Driver edriver@sasktel.net
2                                                                                                   May 2012

Delegate’s Report                                       made: scholarships, drives at high schools,
                                                        colleges/universities and military bases, sponsor
    -   Elaine Davidson                                 projects by donating a car to a high school or
                                                        technical school for restoration, distribute past
    The Bluegrass Austin Healey Club hosted the         issues of the Healey Marques and more public
AHCA BOD meeting in Louisville Kentucky on              promotion for our events.
November 11 to 13, 2011.        There were 45
delegates present.                                          The next delegate meeting is scheduled for
                                                        November 9 to 11, 2012 in Chicago. The AHCA
    Ben Moore from the Bluegrass Austin Healey          executive and delegates were a pleasure to work
Club did an excellent presentation for the Louisville   with and I look forward to growing this relationship.
Kentucky 2012 conclave which is just 45 days from
now. Ben and his staff have put together a Fun and
Exciting event for all Healey Enthusiasts. As you
watch the Kentucky Derby on TV envision that you         This & That
could be sitting on Millionaires Row in June.
                                                            -   Jean Caron
There will be Derby hats for the ladies and a full
day of horse racing. A great Car Show location is           To start with this month, I’d like to pass along
planned for Waterfront Park.         A fun Rally,       some information about tools. A while back, I
Funkhana, Gymkhana and plenty of relaxing social        suggested to one of our Club member that he
activities will make your visit to this Conclave a      should get a set of Pozidrive screwdrivers as he
memorable experience.                                   would find it very useful when putting his car back
                                                        together. The reason for that is many of the screws
    If you are planning to participate in this
                                                        and machined screws on an Austin-Healey have
wonderful event, don't delay, register today.
                                                        Pozidrive heads. It very much looks like a Phillips
Regalia pre-orders, with a choice of over 30 colors,
                                                        head but there are substantial differences when
are due by May 15 and the Hotel special rate and
                                                        you look at it closely. In order to tighten those
room block requires a reservation be made by May
                                                        properly, it is best to use the right Pozidrive . While
15.         For      more      information      visit
                                                        a Phillips head screwdriver will work for a time,
                                                        eventually it will damage the head and you will no
    Preparations for the 2013 Conclave are well         longer be able to tighten it without slipping. I gave
underway. This event will be held at the beautiful      him the contact person’s name from Mac Tools as
Fairmont Hotel – Le Manior Richelieu at La              this is where I got my set several years ago.
Malbaie, Quebec which is 2 hours north of Quebec        However, it now appears that Mac Tools no longer
City. The hotel cost will be $140.00 per night.         carry a line of Pozidrive screwdrivers. So, I ran into
They have secured the airport for driving events.       one of the supplier from Snap-On the other day
Roger Hamel from the Quebec Austin Healey Club          and he informed me that they indeed carry the
is organizing the 2013 Quebec Conclave.                 screwdrivers, so here it is: Louis Beaudry, PH:
                                                        (204)471-3748             or         via         email:
    The AHCA Registries Program has been set up
                                                        louis.g.beaudry@snapon.com. A complete set
for Austin Healey owners to register their car(s) to
                                                        currently sells for $94.00.
store and maintain all pertinent info/data. This will
benefit Healey owners and enthusiasts in the                A couple of weeks ago, I was looking into
preservation of the marque.                             various ways to change the bottom seal on the
                                                        steering box of an Austin-Healey BJ8. The best
   A new membership directory is currently being
                                                        way to do it is when doing a restoration, which I had
worked on by Mike Schneider, AHCA Membership
                                                        done on this particular car but for some reason it
Secretary. This is a huge undertaking and should
                                                        was now leaking. Removing the steering wheel,
be out soon. The AHCA website is currently being
                                                        the grille assembly and the left front steering
                                                        components was not overly appealing to change a
   Another of the AHCA projects is the “Future 50”      $5.00 part. If the steering lever and the side rod
which was initiated to generate interest amongst        assembly come off without too much trouble, then
young people. A variety of suggestions were             the steering box cover can be removed and the
May 2012                                                                                                       3

rocker shaft peg lifted allowing for the bottom seal       shows how many miles some owners like to drive
to be drifted out and a new one installed. But what        their cars. A case in point here is that three couples
if it still leaks? Since this last seal was installed,     from Southern Ontario are planning to attend the
about three years ago, there is no way it should           2012 Austin-Healey Rendezvous 2012 in
have started leaking. So, I started to look at other       Parksville, British Columbia. They will be joined on
solutions and ended up calling Bob Yule of                 their trip by two other couples from Atlanta,
Autofarm in Ontario. He has a lot more experience          Georgia and one couple from New Mexico and
that I have with Austin-Healeys and does not mind          another from Kansas. They then plan to drive all
sharing his knowledge. While he agreed about the           the way to the west coast just north of Los Angeles,
ways to remove the seal, he felt that a new one            then up to Victoria and Parksville. Then the return
would likely still leak and it is likely caused by wear    trip will take them to Port Hardy, BC to Prince
on the rocker shaft over the last 40 + years. He           Rupert, then Jasper, Banff, Winnipeg and back
found a solution to all this by using a light grease.      home in Ontario. By then they will have traveled
He went on to say that the Healeys initially used          some 7500 miles in their Austin-Healey. I talked to
80/90 oil in the steering box simply because it was        Bob Yule, the main guy behind this planned trip,
light and heavy enough for summer and winter               and it is possible that they will be in Winnipeg for a
temperature variations we have in many parts of            couple of days since one of the couples on the trip
North America. However, now that these cars are            has a brother here. Bob will let us know and it is
not driven in winter and that uneven wear on the           possible that we can spend an evening with these
shaft can wreak havoc with leaking, he and his             guys here sometimes in the first part of July. As
mechanics had looked into various options for a            soon as their plans are firmed up, Bob will advise
while and came to the conclusion that light grease         us.
would be a good solution. They experimented with
a few and found that John Deere Cornhead Grease
Part #AN102562 possessed the qualities they                2012 Garage Tour
were looking for. They have used it for about three
years now with no problems. He told me that first             -   Mark Rogers
remove all the oil, if it has not already all leaked out
and just replace it with the grease. It takes about             On April 14th, the 13 Annual Garage Tour took
½ a tube to fill the steering box properly. I will         place. It’s been a yearly tradition that Ted and I,
certainly try it, sounds like a good option to me.         along with Roger Morcilla, Brian Lanoway and Bill
                                                           Sullivan in the past, have organized over time.
    Tom Struthers, one of our Club members,
found a source for parts to build a Brake Bleeder               It started as a group of enthusiasts in a caravan
Vacuum unit. What this set up does, is that it can         of cars and vans to a school bus full travelling to
easily be used by one individual to bleed brakes. It       different points of interests in garages and
sucks the air out of the system and does a great job       businesses.
of bleeding brakes. Initially Jim Jackson, another
Club member had such unit but it got damaged and
Tom searched all over the internet to find some of
the difficult parts to locate and ended up making
several of these units. He donated one each to the
Austin-Healey Club of Manitoba and the Triumph
Drivers Club. One will be raffled at this summer
Rendezvous as well. I have talked to Jim and he
agreed to have a Tech. Session to show how to
use this system as well as put it in paper form so
that when some Club member borrow it, they will
know exactly how to operate it. A big thank you to
                                                              This year we made six stops along our
both Tom and Jim.
                                                           chartered bus ride. We met at Tom Pearson’s
    A short article in Healey Marque of May 2012           (TDC) to view his 1980 TR7 which is getting a V-6
4                                                                                             May 2012

engine modification and his next project, a 1958
Bugeye with Speedwell bonnet and a Mazda rotary

                                                         Off to Graeme Lowden’s place where his shop
                                                     holds at least ten member cars that are worked on
                                                     over the winter as well as a storage area within the
   Roger Morcilla’s was next.            Roger is    shop which has at least fifteen more cars – even a
assembling an early MG Midget for an                 Big Healey chassis on top of another. This was
acquaintance with a planned summer ready date.       also our lunch stop where Joyce Lowden make lots
He also has his beautifully restored BT7, a driver   of coffee and Henry Fast (TDC) worked the grill for
100-4 and a project TR-4 in his collection.          a Smokie lunch. It was great.

     This year’s business stop was The House of         A quick stop at Bob Wilkinson’s place to see his
Sliver, a local chroming shop, to see the chroming   Austin-Healey 100-4 and his newly acquired driver
process. It was not as bright and shiny as the       1980 TR7 brought home from Conklin, Alberta.
finished product, but was quite interesting to see   There was also a lot interest in his 1958 Austin
the different steps on how chroming is done. Like    Gipsy Jeep.
most things, it’s 90% pre work and 10% finishing
work. Outstanding work done there.
May 2012                                                                                                  5

    The last stop was Rick Unrau’s (TDC) place to     June14-17 Northern Lights Rendezvous, Kenora
see his 1960 Triumph Herald project which he
                                                      June 23    Breakfast - Depart at 9:00 am from the
hopes to take to Rendezvous in June. It is a nice
                                                                 Winnipeg Mint to the Slice of Life
car that you do not see on the road often.
                                                                 Bakery and Cafe in Niverville, MB
                                                                 located at 290 Main St, Niverville.
                                                         Check out the Calendar on our website for a
                                                      complete listing of club events.

                                                      Visitor from Australia
                                                         -   Jean Caron
                                                          A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Frank
                                                      Mancini, the owner of Metro Motors here in
                                                      Winnipeg, that he had a visitor from Australia at his
                                                      shop and he was asking if Frank knew any
   The day was topped off with the tasty Chili
Dinner at Brian and Brenda Lanoway’s (TDC)            Austin-Healey owners. I got him on the line and
                                                      found out that he was a keen Austin-Healey
                                                      enthusiast from Victoria, Australia on a visit to
   Many thanks to all that opened their garages       Winnipeg. He was wondering if there was any
and shops to people who just want to see how the      chance we could get together to see some Healeys
next guy does it.                                     as he was getting a little tired of just watching “ice
                                                      hockey” at his host place. I made arrangements to
                                                      take him to Graeme Lowden the next day to see
Upcoming Club Events                                  the eclectic group of cars stored and worked on
                                                      there during the winter months.

May11-13 Clear Lake Weekend @ McTavish’s,
         contact Jodi Bolger
May 12     Breakfast - Depart at 9:00 am from the
           Co-Op gas station in St. Norbert, on the
           west side of PTH#75. We will drive to
           Burke's      Restaurant      at      the
           southwest end of Morris, MB for
May 21     Sunday Night Cruise Night, Pony
           Corral, Grant & Wilton                         Jeff Gilland owns a Healey Blue BT7 that was
                                                      restored at “The Healey Factory” a restoration
May 26     Breakfast - Depart at 9:00 am from the
                                                      facility in Australia. He went on to say that his car
           corner of the North Perimeter Hwy and
                                                      has many engine upgrades and was converted
           PTH#7 to Cravings Restaurant,
                                                      from a left hand drive car to right hand drive for
           Stonewall, MB corner of #67 and #236.
                                                      Australia as the car was originally delivered to the
June 4     Club Meeting, 7:30pm, Ann & Mark’s         USA. An interesting fact that Jeff told me is that
           home, St Adolphe                           while there were many Austin-Healey 100 exported
                                                      to Australia, the BJ8 models were quite rare as
June 9     Breakfast - Depart at 9:00 am from
                                                      there were only 13 sent there originally. He went on
           Deacon's Corner Hwy #1/#207 to
                                                      to say that there are two major Austin-Healey
           G'News in Oakbank, MB located on
                                                      Clubs in Australia and the one he belongs to, have
           Main St. in Oakbank.
                                                      their own Clubhouse, purchased several years ago
6                                                                                                  May 2012

along with the local Jaguar Club.
    Unfortunately his visit had to be short, a couple
of hours only, otherwise I would have gathered a
group from our Club to meet with Jeff and discuss
things of mutual interest.

In the Land of the Sleeping
Giant – Part Two
    -   Ted Clarke (Editors’ Note: Ted is a friend
        of Frank Mancini. Some members may
        have visited Russ Wanzuk’s collection,
        included in Part One, at a previous
        Rendezvous in Thunder Bay)
    More on Russ Wanzuk’s “Toy Car”                          After viewing Chuck's and Russ's collections, I
                                                        felt like Goldilocks. Chuck's three gleaming Fords
                                                        were at one extreme of some sort of spectrum;
                                                        while Russ's massive museum, totally lacking a
                                                        completely restored genuine classic car, was at the
                                                        other end.
                                                           Like Goldilocks, I found the happy medium, on
                                                        Reg Vaillant's acreage on the outskirts of Thunder
                                                                                          Bay.       In     a
                                                                                          large      two-car
                                                                                          garage        were
                                                                                          two vehicles -- a
                                                                                          1951          GMC
                                                                                          pickup        truck
                                                                                          restored, and a
                                                                                          completed 1925
                                                                                          Maxwell sedan.
                                                                                          Jack        Benny
                                                                                          may           have
                                                                                          pretended that
                                                                                          a Maxwell was
                                                                                          his daily driver,
                                                                                          but          Reg's
                                                                                          Maxwell is the
                                                                                          real deal.
May 2012                                                                                                  7

                                                          A 1941 Buick Century adjoined a 1939 Dodge.

                                                           Next was a 1953 Ford and an enormous
                                                       Oldsmobile convertible hidden under a cover in the
                                                       shadows. Reg asserted that the convertible is
                                                       twenty feet long; I stifled my skepticism. And at the
                                                       extreme right end of the garage was a 1950 Buick
                                                       Super, Reg's personal buck-toothed favourite.
                                                            Next to that sat the evidence that Reg is more
                                                       accepting of foreign cars than the other collectors I
                                                       visited that day. Despite the Buick being his
                                                       favourite, it was a beautiful "granny" Rover, a
                                                       six-cylinder 105 model, that Reg elected to start
                                                       and proudly drive out to be captured by my Nikon.
    Once again, despite little or no advance notice,   Some slightly-pitted chrome was all that
this classic started readily, and shone when           distinguished the Rover from new.
backed into the sunshine. But these two gems
were only the tip of the iceberg. A long hike to the
rear of the Vaillant property took us, not to yet
another "service station," but to a more modest
garage - if six-car capacity can be deemed modest.
   And what a sextet was stored therein. The Big
Three were well represented.

                                                           All of Reg's cars in that garage looked like
                                                       late-model used cars, though not quite in the
                                                       showroom condition of the '25 Maxwell.
                                                           Tearing ourselves reluctantly away from Reg's
                                                       impressive collection, not all of which he showed
                                                       us, we proceeded back to Thunder Bay, where we
                                                       called on Jack Stevens, who has driven the same
8                                                    May 2012

1961 Chevy 10 4WD pickup truck for fifty years.
Whether it has been merely preserved or instead
has been restored can be debated; apparently it is
on its second cab and third pickup bed.

    The amount of energy, skill, devotion and
tenacity required to restore a handsome antique
car is enormous, and this is nowhere more
apparent than in the 1931 Ford Model A pickup
truck owned by Bob Walker, who was my guide on
this memorable September Monday.

    The Model A pickup is probably better than
when it was new. Bob has several "project"
vehicles. The Model A is at the most advanced
stage of restoration, while others are approaching
completion. Foremost among these, intended to be
driven more frequently than the Model A, is a 1961
Pontiac Parisienne pillarless four-door hardtop
which I am hopeful will be complete and ready for
the Nikon when next I travel to my favourite
destination -- Thunder Bay!
May 2012                                                                                             9

                          The 2012 Vintage Sports Car RENDEZVOUS
                                        is looking for
                              PRODUCT DONATIONS

                                Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the MGB.

The Vintage Sports Car Rendezvous is an annual event that attracts British Sports Car
enthusiasts from Manitoba, Ontario, North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. This
year, our three day event will be held June 14 – 17, 2012 in Kenora, Ontario.

We are looking for product sponsors and product donations for our silent and charity auctions.
Proceeds from these auctions will go to our designated charity and will help defray the costs of
offering a quality event to our registered attendees.

Product donations can be large or small, a single donation or multiples.

Depending on the size of your donation, Product Sponsors will receive recognition such as:

          A listing in our published sponsor’s directory,
          Inclusion of your advertising or promotional material in our attendee registration kit,
          Sponsor recognition alongside each product display
          Sponsor recognition on the sponsor page at our event web site,
          An appropriately-sized advertisement in our event program brochure,
          Sign-board displays at one or more of our program events.

Visit our event web site at http://www.britishcar.ca/rendezvous/ to learn more about the 2012
Northern Lights Rendezvous.

Need even more information? Contact our 2012 Rendezvous co-chair: Tom Struthers at
tstruthers@gmail.com or phone Tom at (204) 771-5214.
10   May 2012

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