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					Extreme Sports (also called action sports and adventure sports) is a term used for some activities
that have a high level of inherent danger. These activities often involve speed, height, high level of
physical effort, highly specialized gear or spectacular stunts

    1. What extreme sports do you know?
    2. Do you do any extreme sports?
    3. Would you like to do any?

    A. Write the correct name under each activity and say what they are doing? If you are not sure ask, e.g.
       “What is he doing? What are they doing?

paragliding    skydiving            scuba diving           BMX racing            hang-gliding       ATV
kitesurfing    mountain bikingl     bungee-jumping        white-water rafting     rock climbing    FMX

1.                    2.                           3.                              4.                     .
___________                _____________             ___________                ________________

5..                     6..                        7.                      8.
_______________           ________________          _________       _________________

9. .              10.                           11.                             12.
_____________________             _________________        ______________        _________________

B. Explain what is each sport and how you do it. Read the information below if you need help with

C. Discussion
   1. Which of the sports listed would you most like to try?
   2. Which ones would you not like to try?

Tell me about the last time you did an extreme sport activity.
   1. bungee-jumping       2. paragliding       3.BMX (bicycle motocross)       4. hang-gliding          .
   5. scuba diving        6.. FMX freestyle motocross)       7. skydiving       8. . white-water rafting
   9. . kitesurfing       10. . rock climbing  11. ATV (all-terrain vehicle)   12. mountain biking

 1. Bungee jumping is high-risk sport. The person jumps from a tall structure like a bridge or a
    pole while connected to a large elastic cord.

 2. Paragliding - is a flying sport where the pilot sits in a harness which hangs below a fabric
    wing that looks like a parachute

 3. BMX (Bicyle Motocross) is a bicycle race over a rough cross-country course, usually consisting
     of jumps, obstacles, and turns.

 4. Hang-gliding is an air sport in which a pilot flies an aircraft called a hang glider. The pilot
    wears a harness hangs under a wing by flexible straps

 5. Scuba Diving is an underwater sport where the person uses breathing equipment and swims
    under the water.
 6. FMX racing (free motorcross) is a form of bicycle racing on off-road tracks with inline start
    and expressive obstacles. The bikers jump in the air and perform stunts to impress judges.

 7. Skydiving - a person jumps from somewhere so high that they can open a parachute and land
 8. White-water rafting – is a water sport that requires you to paddle an inflatable rubber boat
    on a fast moving river.
 9. Kitesuring – is a water sport that uses the wind to pull a rider through the water on a small
 10. Rock Climbing - - is he sport of climbing rock faces, especially. with the aid of ropes and
     special equipment.
 11. Mountain Biking – is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain

 12. ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)- is a vehicle with treads, wheels, or both, designed to traverse
     varied, uneven terrain

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