Poutama Over 21 Years of developing Maori Tourism 1988-2010 by hcj


• Established track record in supporting
  Maori Tourism Operators
• Focused on providing tangible services
  that deliver tangible benefits
• Well networked within the NZ & Global
  tourism industries
• Innovative & Entrepreneurial
• By Maori for Maori
Poutama Global
Poutama has led Maori Tourism marketing missions to:
Poutama Tourism Activities
• Developing & building Maori
  presence in NZ tourism sector
• Brokering of relationships
• Leveraging of resources
• Identifying & developing
• Showcasing of Maori tourism
  to the World
Poutama Tourism Services
• Providing Advice & Information to Maori
  tourism businesses
• Direct investment into Maori tourism businesses
• Supporting Maori tourism participation in TRENZ
• Supporting Offshore & Domestic marketing
• Creating synergies for Maori business
  e.g. food & beverage, art & culture, and tourism
• Interacts with the Tourism Distribution System
• Assists Wholesalers & Agents to connect with
  Maori tourism
• Assists Inbound operators to package and present
  Maori tourism to the world
• Organises & hosts famils & media
• Promotes Maori tourism via social media
• Globally Astute
• Technologically Literate
• Lean & Flexible
• Omnipresent
• Independent & Self Funding
• By Maori for Maori
Kaupapa Maori
Manaakitanga - Hospitality
Kaitiakitanga - Stewardship
Wairuatanga - Spirituality
Tau utu utu - Reciprocity
Whanaungatanga - Family
Aroha - Love
He mihi nui ki nga Roopu Tautoko
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