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     C nTEnTS

                                                                                                                 VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 1 | 2012
                                                                                                                 On the cover - In the mood of celebration. A school girl garbed in
                                                                                                                 colorful attire beams to the adoring crowd during the Street Dancing
                                                                                                                 Competition, one of the highlights in the Tuna Festival 2012.

 CO n T E n T S                                                                                                  Cover Design by Egai Cadiente
                                                                                                                 Photo by Paul Llanos

 GANDANG                                                                            BANNER STORY                                                       BARANGAYAN
  GENSAN                                                                                                                                                 CORNER

p. 6 |                                                                                                                                                p. 18 | How does the City
Meet the                                                                                                                                                     strengthen its basic
145 spe-                                                                                                                                                     political unit?
cies that
make the
biodiver-                                                                                                                                                 GENSAN
                                                       PHOTO BY: PAUL F. LLANOS

sity of this little-known forest!
                                                                                                                                                      p. 19 |
                                                                                                                                                      Waste seg-
  FEATURE                                                                                                                                             regation- it
                                                                                                                                                      starts with
p. 7 | The 2012 Gensan Eco-                                                                                                                           knowing
      karera: how tougher can                                                                                                                         how. Learn
      it be this time?                                                            p. 12-13 | Celebrating the Tuna Fun in
                                                                                             Tuna Spectacular Fashion

                                                                                                                                                      p. 22 | Gensan, a wellspring
  STATE OF                                                                                                                                                   of winners. Hear the
  WEALTH                                                                                                                                                     story of the Region 12
p. 9 | P137M worth of pork                                                                                                                                   Awardee for Model OFW
      barrel and how it is                                                                                                                                   that started with a
      invested                                                                                                                                               suitcase of dreams.

 ECONOMY BY &                                                                     p. 5 | Seventeen years, P600M and some more –                         WELFARE &
 BEYOND THE BAY                                                                          the making of GSC Circumferential Road                         WELL-BEING

p. 15 | Investments record by                                                                                                                         p. 23 | GSC Hospital steps up
        midyear of 2012 soared at                                                                                                                            the ladder of quality
        its biggest so far                                                                                                                                   health care

SANGGUNIAN                                                                                                                                                 IT &
  NG BAYAN                                                                                                                                               THE CITY
p. 16 | Know the latest                                                                                                                               p. 24 | How does this sound:
      ordinances enacted by                                                                                                                                  Microsoft Philippines
      your Sangguniang                                                                                                                                       and Gensan- partners in
                                                                                  p. 6 | In celebration of beautiful.
      Panlungsod                                                                         Kagandahang Gensan, of IIWCSU upkeeps Plaza                         learning?
                                                                                         Heneral Santos, PnP Camp Fermin Lira, schools and
                                                                                         universities, and a lot of other key public places
                                                                                        with a 112-strong manpower. Photo by Jing Velos

 Magandang Gensan(MG) Newsmagazine is published by the Local Government Unit (LGU) of General Santos City (GSC). It is published every two months or as necessary. All information
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                                                                                                                                                                              OCT | NOV 2012


                        In celebration of Magandang Gensan
                                                                                                                  Magandang Gensan
                                                                                                                         Edgar D. Cadiente

     Class picture of the
                                                                                                                         Associate Editors
                                                                                                                        Avel O. Manansala
  editorial staff after the                                                                                         Millicent Hope A. Kaindoy
    2-day training work-                                                                                                   Anelin Cabfit
   shop on “Journalistic
          Appreciation of                                                                                                  Column Editors
     Public Information”                                                                                                  Jose Aponesto III
     by Univeristy of the                                                                                                  Luzvimi V. Entila
   Philippines Professor                                                                                                  Christopher Sulit
              Danny Arao
               (center) at                                                                                               Managing Editor
 Sarangani Highlands on                                                                                                   Leila D. Rivera
        July 30-31, 2012.
                                                                                                                         Paul Bernaldez
                                                                                                                     Gregori Dominic S. Velos

                                                                                                                          Layout Artist
                                                                                                                         Marianne B. Anas
              Magandang GenSan!

                                                                                                                       Circulation and Print
                                                                                                                       Allan Loi J. Villanueva
           rom a greeting to a branding project and     fares in implementing plans and delivery of ser-                  Erlinda E. Ibarra
           now a publication, indeed Magandang          vices, including among others, financial reports                 Mayshiel Solidum
           GenSan unravels myriad possibilities as      of relevant projects. Intended to revitalize devel-
dynamic as the vision it carries.                       opmental reporting, its pages will breathe trans-               Technical Assistants
                                                                                                                            Leonard Pe
   Welcome to Magandang GenSan (MG), the new            parency. This is a way of enhancing the city gov-                Gerardo Pilapil, Jr.
official publication of General Santos City local       ernment’s communication transference with the
government. For its maiden release, MG features         Generals to generate customer feedback. Through                Department Writers
                                                                                                                          for this issue
a celebration-themed issue which hinges on the          this platform, we can hopefully intensify commu-                   Diane O. Acharon
recently concluded Tuna Festival 2012, the carrier      nity engagement in realizing the shared vision of a                Ursula L. Alvarez
                                                                                                                           Mylene M. Basilio
event of the 44th City Charter Anniversary.             truly Magandang GenSan.                                        Benjamin D. Cadiente, Jr.
   Yes, celebration. We celebrate accomplishments          As the city revs up for the global stage, this pub-             Paz A. Cutamora
                                                                                                                          Marichel C. Dacillo
of governance as we enliven public service de-          lication forms part of our Quality Management                    Lourdes M. Escobar
livery. We celebrate collective and individual tri-     System (QMS) implementation in response to the                    Zenaida G. Eturma
                                                                                                                           Aileen D. Filoteo
umphs as we motivate public servants and salute         requirements of ISO 9001:2008 the local govern-                 Jennifer N. Gabayeron
humanity. We celebrate opportunities as we paint        ment is working on for its investment-related pro-       Gabriel Francis Glenville N. Gonzalez
                                                                                                                           Paulina Goyagoy
a forward-looking city.                                 cesses.                                                             Erline C. Grafilo
                                                                                                                         Elmer Paul E. Guisao
   If I may speak in behalf of the 3,064 workforce of      A formidable task really which necessitated                Lady Margaret M. Manalo
the city government, we celebrate this privilege of     a collective venture. Putting this publication in                Paulito A. Maquilang
                                                                                                                         Dennis Fel Matutina
serving the interest of the only master - the gen-      context and content required an editorial staff                   Ronald O. Mercado
eral public. And with this publication, the public’s    composite of the entire local governance where                      Nenita C. Naval
                                                                                                                           Michael E. Peligro
right to information. Since a functioning publica-      all departments are represented. This assures the                Arlyn Jane C. Quiapo
tion is crucial in the enterprise of participatory      public therefore that what they read is a complete                Rosanna R. Romero
                                                                                                                         Benjie Noel A. Señas
governance, MG is designed to be a massive and          picture.                                                        Engr. Emerald P. Signar
far-reaching medium to fulfill the people’s right to        But as public servants, we can only do as much.          Rhesababes G. Sumalpong
                                                                                                                  Charmaine Ayesha Ramona H. Yap
know.                                                   Our ultimate goal is for the public to react proac-                  Aquiliez Zonio
   MG will serve as the city’s bimonthly report card    tively so that your government can respond pro-
to the more than 500 thousand Generals who de-          gressively. That is after all, the true spirit of com-      Contributors for this issue
                                                                                                                         Fritzie V. Leviste
serve to be informed. It will reflect how the city      munication.                                                       Paul F. Llanos

                                                                                                                        Legal Department
                                                                                                                     Atty. Marites G. Taniegra
                                                                                                                         Roy Victory Ruba
                                                                       Egai D. Cadiente
                                                                         Editor-In-Chief                                     Publisher
                                                                                                                      GSC Local Goverment
                                                                                                                     Office of the City Mayor


     CITy MayOR’s COLUMN

     MayOR’s MaRk
                                                                             M asaganang E konomiya
       Magandang GenSan!

                 atapos na ang taong 2012 at tulad ng ginagawa sa pagtatapos ng bawat taon, ang lahat ng departamento ng lokal na
                 pamahalaan ay nagkakaroon ng Operations Review o ang pagsuri ng kani-kaniyang programa ayon sa mandato ng bawat
                 opisina. Sa pagtatapos din ng taon ginagawa ang Financial Statement kung saan nilalatag kung paano nagamit ang An-
                 nual Budget at ang perang nalikom ng lungsod galing sa mga buwis.

        Galing sa buwis ninyo ang pondo ng mga programa at proyek-                  Ang direksyon natin ay ang patuloy na sagana sa ekonomi-
     tong pinatutupad ng inyong lokal na pamahalaan. Sa taong ito,               ya. Kung kaya patuloy nating inaayos ang mga polisiya at mga
     nasimulan natin ang mga inisyatibo, proyekto at mga progra-                 panuntunan sa pagnenegosyo sa lungsod. Mas masagana ang
     mang naihanay sa taong 2012 tulad nang; Inauguration of the                 ekonomiya, mas maraming oportunidad sa trabaho at negosyo,
     P105M GSC Business Service Hub; Implementation of a P30M                    mas makakaangat ang estado ng pamumu-
     Main Drainage Trunkline in Barangay Fatima; Construction of                 hay ng bawat Heneral.
     107 classrooms worth P71.1M, at marami pang proyektong nasa                    Hinihikayat ko ang lahat na gawin din
     final stages of implementation sa taong ito. Bago magtapos ang              ang nararapat bilang mamamayan, bilang
     taon, sisimulan na rin ang Dialysis Center worth P10.5M sa ating            isang responsableng Heneral. Mag-ambag
     GSC District Hospital.                                                      nang kahusayan sa kanya-kanya ninyong
        Marami tayong natapos, ngunit mas marami pa ang dapat                    paraan, dahil lahat tayo ay may puwedeng
     gawin lalo na sa aspetong sosyal at ekonomiya. Kaakibat ng                  gawin para sa isang Magandang Gen-
     pag-unlad ang mga hamon lalo na sa lumalagong lungsod tulad                 San. n
     ng Heneral Santos. Dumadami ang oportunidad, dumarami rin
     ang mga pagsubok. ngunit kailanman ay hindi dapat maging
     hadlang ang anumang hamon. Mas dapat pa nating pag-igihan
     ang pagtugon sa mga ito sa pamamagitan ng mga solusyong                     Darlene Magnolia antonino-Custodio
     pangmatagalan ang epekto. Ito ang mandato ng inyong lokal                              City Mayor
     na pamahalaan.

Gensan makes headway in climate-change
and disaster management
by: Avel Manansala

         eneral santos City is
         susceptible to weather
         conditions that adversely
 affect food security. While
 reversing the effects of global
 warming is a priority, we need
 immediate and synergised solu-
 tions to present problems...
                                                                                 The Eschborn Dialogue 2012: Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio in one of its
                                                                                 discussion fora. (photo courtesy of www.giz.de)
   Thus said the City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio when she presented
the city’s experiences and best practices regarding disaster management and      that GIZ was very interested on the      gapore.
climate change mitigation at the 15th Eschborn Dialogue, in Germany on June      good practices of a medium-sized city        Along with Mr. Nael Cruspero of
5-6.                                                                             in Southeast Asia like General Santos.   City Planning and Development Of-
                                                                                    Mayor Custodio's three terms as       fice, Mayor Custodio attended mod-
                                                                                 representative of the lower House,       ules to raise awareness of the chal-
   Over 400 participants from poli-    GmbH as one of the dialogue’s 72 re-      her success in the field of govern-      lenges and opportunities integrating
tics, private sector, academia, and    source persons.                           ance as mayor of General Santos City,    climate change issues into local poli-
civil society along with development      She spoke at the conference’s Fo-      as well as the organizers’ interest in   cies.
experts gathered to discuss the        rum 3 entitled “Climate Change and        having a female local leader present-        All these further strengthened
theme "Driving transformation – the    Disaster Management: Resilient Cit-       ing at the Eschborn Dialogue were        the mayor’s resolve for her admin-
city as a global player".              ies, Reduced Risks”.                      among the bases in getting her as a      istration to be more prepared and
   Mayor Custodio was the only local      Mr. Hajo Junge, Senior Urban Gov-      resource speaker.                        involved in concerns pertaining to
chief executive from the Philippines   ernance Specialist of the Cities Devel-      GIZ also invited the mayor to a       the care for the environment and in
who was invited by Gesellschaft fur    opment Initiative for Asia, a partner     Joint Seminar on “Cities and Climate     climate change mitigation and adap-
Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)    of the Eschborn Dialogue, remarked        Change” on September 26-28 in Sin-       tation.

                                                                                                                                             OCT | NOV 2012



The General Santos City
Circumferential Road Project
By: Engr. Emerald P. Signar

     It started out as an                                                                         Participants of the 2012 Gensan Eco Karera avoids the congested
                                                                                              urban roads by cutting the trip through the GSC Circumferential road.
  ambitious dream of a man
     driven by a vision.                                  mies of its adjacent provinces and cities.              that the road slope and profile have been well-
                                                             Spanning a total of 27.60474 kilometers, the         designed. Box culverts and side drains are present

  I    n 1995, then Gen. Santos City Mayor Adelbert       following criteria have been set for the approval       where there are natural water passages thus help-
       W. Antonino envisaged a transport artery that      of such huge project and all have been met: one,        ing to mitigate erosion at critical sections.
       would “provide a continuous, free flowing          that it should connect existing national road sec-         The three residential lots in Fatima area and oth-
road link serving the fringes of the city and other       tions; two, that it should lead to existing airports    er agricultural lands that have been affected by the
municipalities without necessarily passing through        and wharves; and three, that it should decongest        establishment of a wider RROW (road right-of-way)
the city proper. The bypass road was proposed to          traffic in the urban center. Thus was how the Gen-      have also been properly acquired at a cost of 3.39
be located starting from the Digos-General Santos         eral Santos City Circumferential Road Project was       million. It gives the impression that no stones have
Road and would skirt the city passing through a           conceived.                                              been left unturned for the methodical and smooth
small banana plantation, connect to the GSC-Cota-            The concrete road spans the city’s nine major        construction of the project.
bato Road, then pass through the graze lands near         barangays and the only artery that directly con-           It has, even in its incomplete state, already at-
the new airport and the end at the intersection at        nects traffic from Davao City and Davao provinces,      tained substantially what its proponents have envi-
GSC-Maitum Road near the General Santos Fish              Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao and Cotabato Prov-          sioned it would bring. It has addressed the swelling
Port. It also aims at serving the city’s major transfer   inces to the city’s major transportation facilities—    of traffic coming from the South going to the Gen.
facilities, the GSC airport, the Makar Wharf and the      the airport and the Makar Wharf—without passing         Santos Airport and the Fishport Complex and a cor-
canning companies producing tuna for export to the        through the busy roads of the city’s urban center.      responding easing of the traffic load at the Makar-
Unites States and European markets or producing              Seventeen years later and a total of 600 mil-        Malisbong Highway.
other canned fish for the local market.”                  lion pesos spent, this landmark project is more            With the Northern Section and the stretch from
   In the context of the bigger picture, it intended      than halfway completed. Its Western Section (Gen.       the Airport to the Fishport already established for
to facilitate the transfer of goods to their ultimate     Santos-Cotabato Highway to the Airport) – with two      geometric controls and ongoing projects with a to-
export destinations such as the USA, Japan, Ger-          long bridges and box culvert structures -- is already   tal implementation cost of 210 million pesos, the
many, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Neth-        serviceable and very recently the stretch near Fa-      project still needs a whopping 417 million to at-
erlands, Kuwait, Hong Kong and other Asian and            tima was opened to traffic.                             tain 100% completion. That is still a huge budget
European countries.                                          The concrete pavement is well-constructed            requirement by any means and would perhaps
   In the past years, while the Philippines was ex-       which means that all the detailed engineering,          require considerable political clout so that the na-
periencing a negative balance of trade, General           standard construction methods and quality control       tional government would include it as one of its top
Santos has continually showed a positive trend            procedures have been substantially adhered to.          priorities. But on the basis of the tremendous and
with exports at 13 per cent and imports dropping          Majority of its surface is smooth to drive on even      diverse benefits not only for the present but more
by almost 19 per cent. The implementation of this         aboard a rigid road bike (meaning finishing strike      importantly for the future, this is one project where
project should further positively impact the city’s       off has been meticulously done and monitored) and       completion has to ultimately see the light of day.
economy and eventually spread out to the econo-           no ponding occurs during rainy days -- which means         Technical Reference: DPWH May 2012 Status Report g

   A Road Less Travelled, Yet
                                                                                      keeps me coming back for more.
                                                                                          The last two races of the Gensan Ecokarera Adventure Series – a
                                                                                      nationally-acclaimed Tourism event—even passed through sections

                                                                                      of the Gen.Santos Circumferential Road and it has earned praise not
            have biked along this road (especially the western section                only from the event photographers and spectators but also from the
            when it was still a macadam road and later after it was paved)            participants who raved of its breathtaking views and nice, rolling ter-
            countless times and each time am amazed at the scenery it                 rain.
     brings --- Sarangani Bay in its full resplendent glory to the east, the              There are of course portions where my designing engineer’s mind
     towering, awe-inspiring Mt. Matutum to the north and the majestic                kind of becomes critical of some of the configuration of the pave-
     Mt. Parker range to the east.                                                    ment and some structures like for instance the provision for islands
        On dewy mornings, it teems with people ranging the gamut from                 (gaps at the road center line) at the western section and the bridge
     mountain and road bikers to hikers and joggers. Far from the smog                near Cabuay, Sinawal. But these are technical questions which I’m
     of the city proper, this is where one can truly enjoy breathing in the           sure the designers would have a ready answer for. At the end of the
     pristine morning air. Each and every time, the experience – the se-              day, I still would love to start my day with a ride on this road whether
     renity intermittently interspersed with the coos of wild pigeons and             it is part of training for an impending race or just biking along real
     tingkarols and my own heavy breathing – leaves me breathless and                 easy for a recovery ride. -The Author



                                                                                                                 Look before
                                                                                                                 by: Leila Dacua Rivera

                                                                                                                  Based on Klaja Eco-tourism development

      Kagandahan gensan                                                                                        profile by CEMCDO and data from the
                                                                                                               biodiversity assessment conducted by MSU-

      intensifies beautification efforts                                                                       GSC, led by Ma. Luisa Non

      by: Anelin B. Cabfit                                                                                               sprawling 9,500- hectare- mountain-
                                                                                                                         ous karsts landscape; 145 species of
                                                                                                                         trees; 212 shrubs and small trees;

                                                                    In celebration of a year of                mosses, lichens and epiphytes (yes, you know
               esponsible for the upkeep and man-
                                                                                                               them); some 37 species of herpetofauna
               agement of key areas such as the                          accomplishments and                   (those green and slimy things); and 76 vary-
               Plaza Heneral Santos, Queen Tuna
    Park, Children’s Playground, Hadano Park and
                                                                  achievements, kagandahan                     ing bird species, 43 of which are endemic.
                                                             Gensan is likewise geared toward                     Hardwoods Kamagong and Antipolo;
    center islands on major thoroughfares, the Ka-
                                                                                                               the endangered Tarictic Hornbill; the likely
    gandahan Gensan has also established partner-               strengthening potentials and                   to become endangered Philippine Flying
    ships with some Local Government Agencies;
    Barangays, such as San Isidro and Dad. West;
                                                                  broadening partnerships to                   Lemur and Philippine Warty Pig; reticulated
                                                                         maximize its citywide                 python, gray monitor lizard; endemic species
    PNP- Camp Fermin Lira and some of its sub-
                                                                                                               Philippine Pigmy squirrel and tree squirrel,
    stations; and schools and universities like the                      beautification efforts.               horned-litter toad, Island Collared Dove,
    Mindanao State University and some public
                                                                                                               Philippine Coucal, White-bellied Flower-
    elementary schools, in developing even a small
                                                                                                               pecker; and 13, 500 flying fox bats which are
    portion in their respective areas to provide for
                                                                                                               near threatened.
    a place that is advantageous for the environ-
                                                                                                                  And you would think you are in some
    ment, pleasant and healthy, which they them-
                                                                                                               virgin unexplored town or some amazon-like
    selves can maintain. Current projects include
                                                                                                               forest. Well, you are about to be blown away
    landscaping of the newly improved Uhaw Cem-
                                                                                                               because this vision of a place teeming with
    etery. Indoor landscaping has likewise stepped-
                                                                                                               various exotic animal species and decades-old
    up this year, providing for stage decorations of
                                                                                                               greeneries is right in here, General Santos
    some of the city’s big events such as the State
    of the City Address, 1st City Health Congress
                                                                                                                  Welcome to the Klaja Karst Eco-Tourism
    and the 1st Regional Livestock and Poultry Con-
                                                                                                                        “Klaja is a park located within
       With the sudden increase of demand for
                                                           Bright yellow flowers dotting the landscape of            the Greater Mindanao Faunal Re-
    planting materials, as well as landscaping ser-
                                                           the highway crossing the Makar Wharf. A han-              gion that is considered biologically
    vices from different sectors, a strategy to mass
                                                           diwork of some of the Kagandahan Gensan                   the richest and one of the most
    propagate assorted ornamental plants, that has
                                                           landscape artists.                                        distinctive in the Philippines. It
    proven to be most useful in beautification and
                                                                                                                     is a vastly mountainous karsts
    landscaping, came up. Six plant nurseries, lo-         Sarangani Province on August 24. They were                landscape with elevation ranging
    cated within the city were established to house        taught styles and techniques in propagation and
    these propagations. Select Kagandahan Gensan           basic landscaping. These will expectedly help
    job orders are assigned to propagate as many           them improve their propagation skills and make
    as they can per day and majority of the planting
    materials they use are taken from trimmings in
                                                           this resource function in its full potential.
                                                              Kagandahan Gensan, now manned by 112
                                                                                                               The GenSan EcoKarera
    the areas they regularly maintain.
       And in line with improving services, 15 of
                                                           job orders is under the umbrella of the Interim
                                                           Integrated Waste Collection Services Unit (II-
                                                                                                               Adventure Race:
    these job orders underwent a 1-day exposure
    trip at the Constantino Nursery in Malandag,
                                                           WCSU). Aside from landscaping and maintaining       An Experience Like No Other
                                                           cleanliness and beautification of parks, plazas
                                                           and road islands, other services include brush-   By: Engr. Emerald P. Signar
                                                           cutting, tree trimming and tree cuttings. n

                                                                                                               A        dventure races is among the most gruel-
                                                                                                                        ling competitions ever designed, compris-
                                                                                                                        ing of different disciplines all rolled into
                                                                                                             one continuous event sometimes lasting more than
                                                                                                             two days. It is akin to triathlons due to the simi-
                                                                                                             larities of the disciplines involved (mountain biking
                                                                                                             road biking, trail running, and open sea swimming)
                                                                                                             but could be something more challenging because
                                                                                                             most of the time it requires orienteering and skills
                                                                                                             in land navigation. Simply put, it is a triathlon on
                                                                                                                I’m no elite athlete by any stretch of the imagi-
                                                                                                             nation but I’m not a couch potato either. Having
                                                                                                             served as Race Marshal in the first two editions of
                                                                                                             the GenSan Ecokarera Adventure Race , afforded
                                                                                                             me a closer look at the event and had a pretty good
                                                                                                             assessment how I would fare if I participated. I have
                                                       Another masterpiece in what you think would just be   had extensive experience in mountaineering and
                                                       another park: the Plaza Heneral Santos. When you      have competed in various cross-country mountain
                                                       want peace in the hustle and bustle of city life.     bike races in the last 5 years and I thought that if
                                                                                                             mountain biking was included as one of the disci-
                                                                                                             plines, I was quite certain I would survive a 40-kil-

                                                                                                                                                OCT | NOV 2012

you leap                                                                                                                  Photos by: Jing Velos
                                                                                                                          Data from: CEMCDO and
                                                                                                                          Maria Luisa P. Non
                                                                                                                          of MSU-GSC
       between 150 meters to 886 meters                 Here lies the choice of every
       above sea level (ASL) at Lamonal,                developing city: of wanton
       Malungon. The land is generally
       of limestone in origin, as seen in its           destruction in pursuit of
       topography of stiff ravines and cliff            economic growth or of sustain-
       walls. This characteristic of the area           able progress – one that is in
       produce a number of waterfalls and               keeping with the rudiments of
       rock faces as high as 200 ¬¬-meters.
       It is still vastly covered by thick for-
                                                        ecological balance. One that
       est and a number of inland water                 preserves life in all its splendor.
       sources and springs. Most notable of
       this is the subterranean river - Klaja           (Patindol 2012).
       Cave that irrigates the nearby Ba-                   This is more simply and famously
       rangay of Conel; and the Amsicong                known as, look before you leap! And what
       River that connects with its 12 cas-             wonders can knowledge bring you indeed.
       cading waterfalls.”                              It unearths not just crude facts or sterile
   It is the perfect habitat for the myriad of          data for the intellectuals or the strategist.
organisms I’ve mentioned. Limestone Karsts              Knowledge brings forth beauty before
are important ecosystem in providing complex            unknown, and before it is diminished
habitat for a diverse range of organism and             to remnants that you can only see in
for maintaining the hydrological integrity of a         pictures. Here lies the choice of every
watershed (Day and Ulrich 2000, Clements et             developing city: of wanton destruction in
al. 2006). Karsts are either coastal or bordering       pursuit of economic growth or of sustain-
large uplifted valley and covered by shallow or         able progress – one that is in keeping with
thin soil that carries unique vegetation, includ-       the rudiments of ecological balance. One
ing forest.                                             that preserves life in all its splendor.
   The presence of these diverse flora and                  Most certainly, Gensan has made clear
fauna at Klaja Ecotourism Park indicates                its choice.                                          Santos City that will benefit the tourism industry of
the extensive forest before that supported                  Sponsored by the City, this study                the city as well as the local communities economi-
important population of several threatened and          conducted recently by a group of profes-             cally, socially, and environmentally.
endemic species of Greater Mindanao Faunal              sionals and budding biologists from                     And on that note, we have not even begun to
Region. With the current resource utilization           MSU-General Santos City, will aid the                present you the other eco-tourism get-aways you can
patterns, which are responsible for the degra-          Klaja Karsts Ecotourism Development                  have from this place! Zip-line of 800m in length AND
dation of highly sensitive and fragile ecosystem        Project, a development initiative of the             height (gasp!)….bird watching…trekking and cany-
in this landscape, the biodiversity are likely          city anchored on the City Comprehensive              oneering through the 12 waterfalls- the rock-climb-
to be heavily affected. Ecological approach             Development Plan of 2010 that addresses              ing that can give you quite a rush, short of saying, life
of re-establishing habitats to bring back and           the call for sustainable development and             and limb risking acitivity , that is if you do not have
establish viable populations of wildlife within         rural transformation. It aims to develop             the rope for rapelling. And it is much thrilling NOT to
Klaja watershed is certainly beneficial to the          Klaja Karsts Ecotourism Park (KKEP)                  use the rope. But these things are for you to know and
ecotourism program in Klaja Ecotourism Park             into an ecotourism destination in General            for me to keep…mum for a while. n

                                                          And then it’s Biking thru the sands of San Jose River
                                                          in the midday sun.

                                                                                                                       This is teamwork. Literally pushing a buddy
Assemble before you go.                                                                                               in the rough roads towards Hacienda Espina.

ometer bike leg and a 12-kilometer run. The goal         week, I was already walking unaided although with           exactly what we thought fit our schedule. We ran
was to survive and put my 40-something year old          a noticeable limp. The moment I was back on the             for two hours on Tuesdays and Fridays while the
body across the finish line: nothing more and noth-      saddle gave my confidence the momentum that un-             rest of the weekdays rode our bikes up the hills of
ing less.                                                til this day has not abated. I was just so happy to         Upper Labay and Olympog.
    But misfortune struck and I encountered a huge       ride my bike again.                                            Finally, I and my teammates were ready and
setback as I was putting together my personal train-         I recruited two bikers and a mountaineer to             found ourselves mixing up with other teams at Up-
ing program. I figured in a freak accident during the    form our ragtag EcoKarera team. I, Pedro Sollano            per Labay Elementary School where we would be
Flight of the Eagles Biking for a Cause in Davao City    (a bikemate at GS-MORBA), Jade Acain (of KAMNE              “quarantined” during the eve of the race and bil-
and partially tore my Achilles tendon. That was in       bikers) and Darwin Solana, our logistics guy from           leted in the meager facilities of the classrooms. Our
July of 2009. My right foot was put in a cast for 8      TrekDjangas Backpackers. Pedro was our strongest            mandatory gears were checked by the organizer,
weeks and had to undergo treatment and rehabili-         and go - to guy. Jade was a novice cyclist, with me         The City Economic Management and Cooperative
tation for another 8 weeks. The pain and the psy-        rounding out as somewhat in-between. We knew                Development Office (CEMCDO), and a program was
chological strain of what I had to endure left me        there would be many younger and more adventure-             held at the barangay gymnasium for the presenta-
reeling. Going to work with a whole leg in a cast and    racing savvy teams like Team EDGE, Team Habagat             tion of the participating teams from all over Mind-
on crutches broke my spirit and I thought I could        and Team Mulatto but we were banking on the fact            anao.
never ride a bike, run or shoot baskets ever again.      that we could make up for our other weaknesses                 We were the second oldest team; Team GS-
    Then I fought back, this injury can’t bring me       because of the longer biking distance and our obvi-         MORBA was the most senior but nonetheless was
down, I thought. I attacked my rehab sessions            ous familiarity with the terrain and weather.               composed of grizzled veterans. And so we’re not
(stretching, strengthening exercises and electric            Self-coached and self-trained, we scoured the In-       going to finish dead last, I would amuse my team-
stimulations) with abandon. At the end of the 8th        ternet for free online training programs and found
                                                                                                                                                     /ECO-KARERA p. 21

                                                            D E Pa R T M E N T R E P O R T s

14th National Tuna Congress                                                                                      InTeRnaL aUdIT On FRaMe:
New Grounds, Steady Commitments                                                                                  New Strategies for
                                                                                                                 Improved and Better
by: Ayesha Ramona Yap
                                                                                                                 Services to Its Members

                                                                                                                 by: Paulina A. Goyagoy
            hink, Live, Breath Sustainability,” chal-
            lenged Senator Francis Pangilinan

            during the 14th National Tuna Con-
gress (NTC) themed “Opening New Grounds and                                                                            n order to serve the people better,
Strengthening Commitments: A Resilient Tuna                                                                            government agencies must establish
Industry” on September 6-7, 2012 at the Family                                                                         effective internal controls and pursue
Country Hotel Convention Center in General San-                                                                  continual process-based improvements.
tos City.                                                                                                            Recently, the City Mayor, Hon. Dar-
   The event, organized by the SOCSKSARGEN                                                                       lene Magnolia R. Antonino-Custodio has
Federation of Fishing and Allied Industries, Inc.                                                                ordered the City Internal Audit Services
(SFFAII) in partnership with the Bureau of Fisher-                                                               (CIAS) to conduct an evaluation of FRAME
ies and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Department of           Offering guests an exhilirating tour through the       financial System. FRAME, or the Family
Trade and Industry (DTI), and LGU-GenSan- City            “Sarangani Bay Cruise”.                                Resources Allocation and Management En-
Economic Management and Cooperative Office                                                                       hancement Program, is a project instituted
                                                          sis in protecting our environment and complying        by the local government to uplift the com-
(CEMCDO), gathered around 300 participants from           with the regulations of the Western and Central
local and foreign countries including the United                                                                 munity from poverty through value-based
                                                          Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) for fishing       capability building and by teaching the
States, Korea, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Korea          in the high seas pockets. Budget is allocated for
and China. It provided a venue for the tuna fish-                                                                value of savings. It provides members ac-
                                                          100 million mangroves planted for three years ac-      cess to livelihood opportunities and socio-
ing and allied industry players to discuss issues af-     cording to Dir. Perez.
fecting them and forge actions geared toward its                                                                 economic activities.
                                                              On the other hand, this year’s NTC and Trade           The City Social Welfare and Develop-
sustainability.                                           Exhibit offered new experiences, among which           ment Office (CSWDO), which is the FRAME
                                                          are: The All About Tuna Pavilion, The Lakbay Tuna      administrator of funds, is confronted with
                                                          and The Sarangani Bay Cruise- touching tourism         various issues and concerns on the inef-
                                                          promotions in the city. Around 60 exhibitors par-      ficiencies of its processes and procedures
                                                          ticipated in the Trade Exhibit in both national and    such as delays in the processing and release
                                                          international categories.                              of mortuary assistance to its members, in-
                                                                 “Being resilient…is an ability                  sufficient data and profile of members to
                                                                                                                 be qualified for enrollment to PHILHEALTH,
                                                             that is consciously, collectively, and              and unreliable financial records due to
                                                                  relentlessly pursued by the                    backlogs and deficiencies in recording of
                                                                       relevant players…”                        transactions.
                                                                                                                     As a result of the audit, the problems en-
                                                              The “All About Tuna Pavilion”, a four-day activ-   countered were gradually eliminated thru
                                                          ity, started from September 5 to 8. The venue was      the recommendations of the audit team.
One of the City’s staunch allies in maintaining           equipped with educational materials like films and
the position of GenSan as the Tuna Capital of the                                                                The changes that are now taking place are
                                                          documentaries, and held workshops and fora, all        the updating of existing members’ profile
Philippines: SFFAII, led by its President, Jake T. Lu
                                                          related to tuna and fishing industry. The Pavilion     through submission of personal data re-
    In its plenary session, 10 resolutions were           aimed for awareness of the city’s main product-        quirements and documents as a prereq-
passed and endorsed to Sen. Pangilinan, Chairman          TUNA. Students, teachers, government employ-           uisite for membership; an on-going auto-
of the Congressional Oversight Committee on Aq-           ees, and stakeholders attended the said activity       mated system of screening of members
uaculture and Fisheries Modernization.                        The CEMCDO of LGU-GenSan facilitated the           who are qualified for enrollment to PHIC
    As the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General       General Santos City Exhibit Booth, a component of      ;reduced timelines in the release of mortu-
Santos City is at the forefront in supporting plans       the Pavilion. Tourism destinations, events, invest-    ary assistance to beneficiaries; clear segre-
and policies to sustain the tuna industry by ad-          ment opportunities, and important facts such as        gation of duties and functions; the prepara-
dressing its plight and protecting the environment.       cost of doing business in the city, were showcased     tion of bank reconciliation statements, and
    Being resilient, “…is an ability that is conscious-   in the booth. (CEMCDO)                                 the development of the financial account-
ly, collectively, and relentlessly pursued by the                                                                ing system which is now 40% on its way to
relevant players…”, emphasized SFFAII President,                                                                 computerization. Through the realization
Joaquin Lu, further adding that it is important that                                                             of these changes and improvements, the
the private sectors, consumers, the government,                                                                  CSWDO-FRAME administrative support
and NGOs work together to achieve a resilient and                                                                staff has fully understood the importance
robust tuna industry.                                                                                            of the internal controls in their processes
    BFAR Director Atty. Asis G. Perez claimed that                                                               and gained confidence in doing things the
there will be an increase in tuna catch with the                                                                 right way. The CIAS, which is responsible in
end of the fishing ban and the expansion of fish-                                                                looking into effectiveness of implementa-
ing grounds through the access of 36 Philippines                                                                 tion of processes and procedures on the lo-
vessels to the so called –High Seas Pocket 1-cover-                                                              cal government thru internal auditing, con-
ing the Exclusive Economic Zones of the Federated                                                                tinues to provide assistance in improving
States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, Indonesia,                                                              the financial operations of FRAME. (CIAS)
and Papua New Guinea.                                     14 years and getting stronger, the NTC participants
    Director Perez laid out the 2013 Programs and         just gets more participation from local and inter-
Plans of BFAR for the Tuna Industry, giving empha-        national organizations

                                                                                                                                                OCT | NOV 2012

                                                                                               LGUs Prepare
                                                                                               2013 Annual Budget
Gensan receives                                                                                by: Lourdes Escobar

Php137.3-Million PDaF
by: Rhesababes Gallego Sumalpong                                                                 A        ll local government units (LGU) start budget
                                                                                                          preparation in July when the Department
                                                                                                          of Budget and Management (DBM) issues a
                                                                                               memorandum that informs LGUs of their Internal Rev-

           eneral Santos City has received a total of Php137.3 million financial assis-        enue Allotment (IRA) and prescribes the guidelines
           tance from 2010 to June 2012 from Congressman Pedro B. Acharon Jr., vari-           in the budget preparation. On July 2, DBM released
           ous partylist representatives and senators.                                         Memorandum No. 66 that additionally introduced the
                                                                                               concept of Bottom-up Planning and Budgeting.
     According to the report of the Of-          micro entrepreneurs, housing, peace              In preparation for the 2012 Annual Budget, LGUs
fice of the City Accountant, the fig-            and order, health and infrastructures.        are encouraged to align their programs, projects and
ure includes Php35 million from then                Over Php61 million went to infra-          activities (P/P/A) to the five priority areas. These are:
congresswoman and now city mayor,                structure projects which is 45 percent of     [1] Anti-Corruption/Transparent, Accountable and
Darlene Antonino-Custodio.         Priority      the total PDAF received since 2010. Fifty     Participatory Governance; [2] Poverty Reduction and
Development Assistance Fund (PDAF)               million pesos of the infrastructure fund      Empowerment of the Poor and Vulnerable; [3] Rapid,
received by the city government in-              is for the concreting of city roads and       Inclusive and Sustained Economic Growth; [4] Just and
cludes Special Allotment Release Orders          Php6.8 million for the Dialysis Center        Lasting Peace and the Rule of Law; and [5] Integrity of
in 2008 and 2009 which were only re-             to be constructed at the General Santos
                                                                                               the Environment and Climate Change Adaptation and
leased and downloaded to the city gov-           City Hospital.
ernment in 2010.                                      Nineteen percent of the PDAF or          Mitigation. (Source: Executive Order No. 43 dated May
    PDAF, also known as the ‘pork barrel’        Php26.15 million is allocated for the city    13, 2011)
of lawmakers, is used to finance devel-          government’s health program for indi-            LGUs are now required to prepare the Local Disaster
opment projects in their respective dis-         gent patients at the General Santos City      Risk Reduction Management Plans and Local Climate
tricts. In General Santos City, PDAF is          Hospital and private hospitals in the city.   Change Action Plans in compliance with RA 10121.
used to finance programs in computer             The health program provides free medi-        Budget allocation for P/P/As pursuant to existing na-
literacy, livelihood for poor families and       cal assistance to indigent patients. n        tional laws shall also be included, such as, RA 7192-
                                                                                               Gender and Development (GAD), RA 9242-Senior Citi-
                                                                                               zens and Persons with Disabilities, RA 8504-Acquired
P5M alloted for purchase of cemetery for Muslims                                               Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and RA 9344
   A move met with warm welcome by the local Muslim community was the city gov-                for the implementation of the programs of the Local
ernment’s allotment of P5 million for the purchase of an exclusive Muslim cemetery.            Council for the Protection of Children (LCPC).
   Alimudin Al Hassan of Rajah Muda Suguda Buayan who is also a representative of                 LGUs prepare the Annual Investment Program (AIP)
the Muslim group commits to assist in the development of the area in accordance                for the budget year as basis in budget allocation. The
with Islamic burial standards and tradition.                                                   AIP is comprised of the Local Development Investment
   The request for a cemetery exclusive for Muslims was floated first by the Muslim            Program (LDIP), and the regular operational budget
members of the General Santos City Government Employees Association (GSCGEA)                   items broken down into Personal Services, Mainte-
during the deliberation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement or CBA in reaction to           nance and Other Operating Expenses, and Capital Out-
the city’s plan of availing free burial place for the employees of the local government.       lay.
   Hon. Mayor Darlene Magnolia R. Antonino instructed Mary Ann Bacar, head of                     The new concept of Bottom-up Planning and Budg-
the City Housing and Land Management Office to lead the search for an appropriate              eting mandates national government agencies (NGAs)
place side by side with the development of Gensan Memorial Park which her office               and other stakeholders to pursue the Millennium De-
also take charges. (Ursula Alvarez/CHLMO)                                                      velopment Goals; particularly on poverty reduction.
                                                                                               As a strategy, the Human Development and Poverty
Drainage project at Baya-                      P3-M budget allocated for                       Reduction Cluster (HDPRC) and the Good Governance
                                                                                               and Anti-Corruption Cluster (GGAC) organized under
bas St. gets P2-M budget                       undeground drainage project                     Executive Order No. 3, series of 2011, together with
   The proposed underground drainage           at San Isidro
and gutter project at Bayabas street to                                                        the DBM and the DILG, piloted the bottom-up ap-
corner Alerta street Barangay Dadiangas             The city government has allocated an       proach to planning and budgeting. This scheme en-
North has been allocated P2-Million by         amount of P3-Million for the proposed con-      sures the inclusion of the funding requirements for
the city government.                           struction of underground drainage project at    the development needs of at least 300 to 609 selected
    This infra project will help improve       Barangay San Isidro. This drainage project      focus LGUs identified and approved by the HDPRC in
the drainage system in the area especially     will be constructed from NLSA Road along        the budget proposals of participating NGAs. This initia-
during long hours of rains.                    Leon Llido Street to corner Yumang Street.      tive will make the planning and budgeting processes of
    At present the city government is con-         The amount to be used for this is charge-   both local and national governments more participa-
tinuously improving its drainage systems.      able against the city’s 2012 Annual Budget.     tory through the genuine involvement of grassroots or-
    Aside from this, the city has also fund-   The immediate undertaking of this particular
                                                                                               ganizations and communities. It shall also strengthen
ed more gabion dike construction projects      proposed project will help improve the flow
                                               of water especially during heavy downpour
                                                                                               the convergence of the delivery of national services in
to protect communities from flash floods.                                                      the community.
(Ping Aponesto/CPIO)                           of rain. (Ping Aponesto/CPIO)
                                                                                                  In turn, the LGUs shall ensure that the poverty re-
                                                                                               duction projects submitted in the Local Poverty Reduc-
Proposed road concreting project at FVR Village                                                tion Action Plan (LPRAP) under the Bottom-up Plan-
gets P1.5-M budget                                                                             ning and Budgeting approach are incorporated in the
   The city government has allocated P1.5-Million for the proposed road concreting of FVR      2013 budgets of the NGAs concerned.
Village at Barangay Fatima. The plans and specifications of this project has been recom-          By simple analogy, local government finance admin-
mended for approval by the City Council.                                                       istration and budget management is like electricity.
    Project implementation is expected to commence soon and its immediate completion           Not everyone understands it, but everybody enjoys its
will benefit the residents of FVR Village. The P1.5-Million budget is charged against Sup-     benefits. (City Budget)
plemental Budget No. 02 for fiscal year 2012. (Ping Aponesto/CPIO)


                                                           D E Pa R T M E N T R E P O R T s

 Katungod sa
 Pangalan ug Nasyonalidad                                                                UNSA ANG MGA DOKUMENTO NGA KINAHANGLAN KUNG “DELAYED
                                                                                       REGISTRATION OF BIRTH”?
                                                                                         1. 4 ka copya sa Certificate of Live Birth nga puro original ang pirma sa
                                                                                            kung kinsa ang murehistro;
Ang pangalan ug nasyonalidad ang                                                         2. Certification of Negative Record gikan sa National Statistics Office (NSO)
usa sa mga primadong tawhanong                                                              o sa Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO);
                                                                                         3. Joint Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons gikan sa mga tawo nga dili
katungod. Apan, sumala sa United Nations                                                    parente, apan personal nga naka-ila sa bata o tao nga iparehistro. Pa-
Children’s Fund (UNICEF) adunay                                                             nanglitan, silingan o kauban sa simbahan, trabaho o komunidad;
minilyong mga kabataan sa tibuok                                                         4. Duha ka supporting documents nga nagpakita sa pangalan sa bata o tao
                                                                                          nga irehistro, lugar ug petsa sa pag-anak, ug pangalan sa ginikanan.
kalibutan nga wala naka-angkon niini                                                      Pananglitan, immunization record, baptismal/dedication certificate,
tungod kay wala sila marehistro.                                                          ug uban pang susamang mga dokumento.

by: Jen Gabayeron                                                                         Out-OF-tOwn RegistRAtiOn OF BiRth
                                                                                          Kung ang bata o tao nga iparehistro wala nagpuyo kung diin siya gipanga-
                                                                                       nak, mao kini ang gitawag ug “out-of-town registration.” Mahimo kini pinaagi

  A        ng Birth Certificate labing kinahanglan sa pagpa-enroll sa eskwela,         sa pagduol sa LCRO kung diin nagpuyo ug isumite ang mga kinahanlang pape-
           pagpang-apply ug trabaho, paglukat ug passport, pagkuha ug board            les. Sa tabang sa teknolohiya, marehistro didto sa lugar sa iyang natawhan.
           exam, pagminyo, ug pagdawat sa mga benepisyo.
   Ang NSO Administrative Order No. 1, series of 1993, nagmando sa pagpare-               UNSA ANG MGA PAPELES NGA KINAHANGLAN?
histro sa bata sulod sa 30 diyas human kini natawo didto sa Local Civil Registry          1. 4 ka copya sa Certificate of Live Birth nga puro original ang pirma sa
Office sa lugar kung diin kini natawo. Pinaagi sa pagfill-up ug upat ka copya sa             murehistro;
Certificate of Live Birth nga pinirmahan sa kinsa ang murehistro.                         2. Certificate of Negative Record gikan sa NSO;
   Kung marehistro ang bata lapas sa 30 diyas, mao na kini ang gitawag nga                3. Self Affidavit with corroboration of Two Disinterested Persons on the
“delayed registration of birth” nga manginahanglan na ug mga dokumentog                     Delayed Registration of Birth. Kung lapas 18 anyos na ang magparehistro,
magpamatuod sa pagkatao, ug 10 ka adlaw nga posting period.                                 siya ang musaysay sa rason o higayon nganong wala kini marehistro ug
                                                                                            pinamatud-an sa duha na tao nga dili niya parente apan naka-ila kaniya;
  KINSA ANG MUREHISTRO SA BATA?                                                           4. Tulo ka supporting documents nga gapakita sa pangalan, lugar ug petsa
  1. Kung gipanganak sa hospital, clinic, o ubang susamang facilidad, and                    sa pagkatawo, ug pangala sa ginikanan;
     administrador sa maong hospital, clinic o facilidad ang muparehistro                 5. Marriage Certificate, kung minyo;
     subay sa mga pamatuod sa attendant nga nagpa-anak;                                   6. Postal Money Order isip bayad ngadto sa city o municipality kung diin
  2. Kung wala gipanganak sa hospital o clinic, ang doctor, nurse, midwife,                  gipakatawo;
     hilot o bisan kinsang nagpaanak ang muparehistro ug mupamatuod sa                    7. Bayad sa Certification P50.00 ug sa Documentary Stamp P15.00
     pagpanganak;                                                                         8. Sworn Statement on Whereabouts of the Mother. Kinahalngan
  3. Kung wala naparehistro sa administrador o sa bisan kinsang nagpaanak,                   lamang kini kung ang muparehistro sa bata dili ginikanan o inahan
     ang mga ginikanan ang gitahasan sa balaod mga muparehistro sa bata;
  4. Kung ang bata nahimugso samtang sa byahe, and driver, kapitan, piloto,               Busa, atong paningkamutan nga mga rehistro ang mga batang sanggol. Ang
     o ang ginikanan ang muparehistro sa bata.                                         simple, apan labawng importante, nga pagparehistro maghatag ug kasigu-
                                                                                       raduhan sa proteksyon ug benepisyo sa tibuok niyang kinabuhi. (LCR)

GSCPO-PRO 12 adopts 100 hectares for reforestation

       n a move to reforest 100 hectares of                                                                       estry or ISF area identified by SJISFA and shall
       open and low-lying areas in Purok Klol-                                                                    therefore provide and plant forest and fruit
       ang and Purok Atbag of Barangay San                                                                        tree seedlings in the said area. It will also
Jose, the General Santos City Police Office-                                                                      conduct weekly visitations and actively par-
Police Regional Office 12 (GSCPO-PRO 12)                                                                          ticipate in related improvements of the site.
entered into a Partnership Agreement on                                                                               SJISFA, headed by Mocles, shall maintain
May 25 with City Environment and Natural                                                                          the trees planted in the 100-hectare ISF area.
Resources Office (CENRO) and San Jose Inte-                                                                           CENRO will provide the supervision and
grated Social Forestry Association (SJISFA).                                                                      assistance in terms of site assessment, area
   This agreement for the adoption of said                                                                        preparation, periodic monitoring and evalu-
area for Integrated Social Forestry (ISF) will                                                                    ation.
last until 2016 and signatories to it are PNP            May 25- CENRO head Mr. Valiente J. Lastimoso,               The Barangay Council of San Jose, on the
City Director P/SSupt. Cedric G. Train, CESO             stressing salient points of the Partnership Agree-       other hand, shall enact a barangay resolution
VI representing GSCPO-PRO 12, Ms. Lily                   ment as GSC PNP Director Sr. Superintendent Ce-          which will penalize any person directly or in-
Mocsin, President of SJISFA, the Barangay                dric G. Train, his staff of officers and San Jose In-    directly destroying the planted trees.
Council of San Jose represented by Barangay              tegrated Social Forestry Association President Ms.          Reforestation, rehabilitation and conser-
                                                         Lily Mocles listen attentively before signing the
Captain Alfredo Belgica, Sr., and Mr. Valiente                                                                    vation activities have been identified to help
                                                         MOA adopting 100 hectares of ISF Area in Baran-
Lastimoso of CENRO.                                      gay San Jose.                                            address the fast depletion of trees brought
   This partnership was forged in response to                                                                     about by unrestrained development.
Executive Order (EO) No. 26, series of 2011,             program directs the nationwide planting of                   Witnessing the signing were PCSupt. Alex
otherwise known as the National Greening                 1.5 billion trees covering about 1.5 million             Paul Monteagudo, CESE, then Acting Region-
Program and the Memo Circular from the                   hectares for a period of six years from 2011             al Director of PRO 12; Bernie Portes, Pro-
Department of Interior and the Local Gov-                to 2016.                                                 gram Coordinator; and the Chief of Police of
ernment Memorandum Circular (DILG-MC)                       In this collaboration, GSCPO-PRO 12                   the 8 Police Precincts. (Ronald O. Mercado/
2011-21 or the Billion Trees Program. Said               adopts 100 hectares of Integrated Social For-            CENRO)

                                                                                                                                                    OCT | NOV 2012

                           are what we choose! We wear what we choose! What-                                   I decided to choose the t-shirt “COMMITTED”
                           ever we choose, that’s us and it’s what we champion!                                  because I like the color and I am committed to
                           It’s our advocacy! If we put on “I am a public servant.                                  my work as I aim for the best. I am also very
                           And I fear God”, then we must! If we be dressed “I am a                                  dedicated to accomplish all my task because
public servant. And I serve with excellence”, then we should! If we show off “I am                               I know God is leading me somewhere beautiful
a public servant. And I am committed”, then we do! If we sport “I am a public                                 beyond the harsh realities of my work and life......-
servant. And I am a team player, then, we are! If we model “I am a public servant.                            Abedin S. Abosama Jr., Traffic Enforcer
And I am open to change”,                                             yes, indeed!
   How nice to see these marks in our uniform polo shirts, which were designed
by Egai Cadiente, in time for the 114th Civil Service Anniversary celebration. Our
distinctive polo shirts convey our five core organizational values acronymed GSC
‘TO. GSC ‘TO stands for Godliness, Service Excellence, Commitment, Teamwork,
and Openness to Change. These values, together with its behavioral indicators,        “OPEN TO CHANGE”
are products of series of workshops, involving our employees, under our Organi-         Pinili ko po ang “Open to Change”
zation Development Program. Crafting our very own core organizational values          dahil gusto ko po na mapaunlad at
in a participatory manner is in line with our OD goal of aligning our culture         mapabago ang lungsod ng Heneral Santos
towards customer satisfaction and total quality service. Underlying                        “dahil ako ang simula”. -Celestino M
                                                                                                   Hermonio Jr.,Traffic Enforcer
each of these core organizational values are behaviors that
                                                                                                          Ito po ang pinili ko kasi
we all must embrace. If these behaviors become our
                                                                                                           as a traffic enforcer,
norm in public service, then we will achieve our vision                                                       kailangan talang
of: “A learning organization delivering total quality                                                            flexible tayo. Da-
service that delights its customers.”                                                                               pat marunong tayo maki halu-
   How do we show that these are our values                                                                           bilo sa mga nakapalibot sa atin. Marami na
as we serve our customers daily?                                                                                        akong drivers na na-flag down, karamihan
   Firstly, how do we display godliness                                                                                  sa kanila ay nagagalit kasi ini-issuehan
in our day-to-day conduct? If we do not                                                                                   ko ng T.O.P. As a traffic enforcer, dito
abuse our physical, mental, emotional                                                                                      papasok ang tinatawag natin na be
and spiritual health but rather take care                                                                                   always humble, para maintindihan nila
of it, thenwe are humble instruments                                                                                        ang trabaho natin. -Jesus B. Desabille,
of God’s goodness. If we treat every                                                                                                           Traffic Enforcer
customer with equity, compassion and
respect, this is basically godliness. If we                                                                                                           “ TEAM
serve the public with dignity and pride,                                                                                                             PLAYER”
that’s pure goodness. If we maintain our                                                                                                            Bilang isa sa
integrity amidst challenges of corruption                                                                                                        grupo ng traffic
and mediocrity, then that’s righteousness.                                                                                                     enforcers, kailan-
   Secondly, what behaviors indicate our                                                                                                        gan ang matibay
value of service excellence? When we do not                                                                                                         na samahan
let our customers unnecessarily wait. When                                                                                                         at respeto ng
we see them smile because we create and inno-                                                                                                      bawat isa ka-
vate ways they do not expect. When we do not set-                                                                                                   hit gaano pa
                                                                                                                                                 kahirap ang re-
tle for mediocrity and find ways when there seems to
                                                                                                                                     klamo o isyu na hinaharap:
be none. And, when we recognize our lapses and continue                                                dahil nagkakaisa ang lahat, pabagsakin man o talunin ang
to improve our processes and competencies. Without a doubt,                                            grupo ay dapat matibay ang pagkapit-bisig. I am proud to
this is excellence!                                                                                       be a “TEAM PLAYER”. -Jerwin A. Buhe, Traffic enforcer
   Thirdly, what illustrates our commitment? If we cuddle the principles and the
essence of our “Panunumpa ng Lingkod Bayan” i.e. we do not pack our things
and pose at the finger scan before our time out!; nagsusumikap na madagdagan           “SERVE WITH
ang talino at kaalaman upang ang antas ng paglilingkod sa Bayan ay patuloy na          ExCELLENCE”
maitaas; hindi ginagamit ang katungkulan para sa sariling kapakanan; at hindi          I choose the phrase “Serve with
gumagawa ng katiwalian at pagsasamantala; gaya ng pag-uwi ng mga supplies              Excellence” because of three main
o personal na paggamit ng sasakyan ng gobyerno; at nagsasalita laban sa mga            reasons. First, I love how the words
gawaing tulad nito; iniingatan ang mga gamit ng pamahalaan gaya man lang ng            are constructed. Second, the message
pagpatay ng mga ilaw at computers bago umuwi at paglilinis ng ating mga lamesa         behind the phrase catches me most. And
                                                                                       lastly, as a public servant, it is related to
at pinagkainan sa opisina; at iba pa.
                                                                                       our duty which is to serve travelers to
   Fourthly, how do we demonstrate teamwork? If we recognize and accept each           the fullest by looking after their safety.
other’s talents, capabilities, limitations and weaknesses and contribute our re-       -Nur Zayd S. Odoya, Traffic Enforcer
sources without reservation; if we encourage criticism and open discussion to
come up with team decisions and celebrate it. These simply show that we sup-                        “ I FEAR GOD”
port and love each other.                                                                           Ito ang napili ko dahil naniniwala akong kung may takot
   Finally, what attests our openness to change? When we continually learn and                         ako sa Diyos ay hindi ako gagawa nang anumang kati-
accept new challenges; when we can change to respond to the needs of the cus-                                  walian. Bilang isang lingkod-bayan , ako rin
tomers; when we are open to improvement and address feedback appropriately;                                         ay naglilingkod sa Diyos sapagkat may da-
and believe that once empowered, we can do better than our best.                                                      hilan Siya kung bakit ako ay nabubuhay
   In line with our city’s vision of “Magandang Gensan”, we will keep on design-                                       sa mundo. Ang trabaho ko ay ginawa
ing our annual uniform polo shirts in such a way that these will continually mirror                                   Niyang instrument upang sukatin kung
our espoused individual values. We will do this until we all together embrace                                    hanggan saan ang pananalig sa Kanya sapag-
and share a common set of organizational values that become our way of life in                                   kat ang trabaho ko ay maraming pagsubok at
the city hall.                                                                                                    panganib na sinasagupa ko araw araw. Bilang
                                                                                                                   ako, sinisikap kong maging huwaran ng lahat
   As humble public servants of the local government and as Generals, let us
                                                                                                                    dahil ako ang salamin ng ating bayan.
always remember: What we choose is what we are. What we wear is what we
                                                                                                                    -Muhaymin Macalangcom, Traffic Enforcer
choose. Our chosen organizational value is our advocacy. If we live by our five                                     Ito po ang pinili ko dahil takot po akong
core organizational values on a day to day basis while we satisfy our customers,                            gumawa ng labag sa kalooban ko. At naniniwala
then our city will indeed become a Magandang Gensan! (HRMDO)                                        ako na kung walang Diyos ang isang tao, ang taong ito ay
                                                                                                    walang silbi. -Raffy Buenafe, Traffic Enforcer

Mayor with kids – Mayor Darlene up close with
specially-abled kids and their families

 The Tuna Star afloat...on the roads of GenSan
                                                 Gensan, a haven for the food lovers. A training   Mayor Darlene with Senator Chiz jet-skiing the
                                                 ground for champion chefs in-the-making.          vast expanse of Sarangani Bay at the Gensan
                                                                                                   Fishport, much to the delight of the crowd.
                                                                                             Tuna Fest Tuna Fun:

The Tuna-Spectacular Festival!
                                                                                                                             written by: Fritzie V. Leviste
                                                                                                                                Photos by: Paul F. Llanos

                              he view of Earth is spectacular.” So was Gensan’s skyline on the night of September 5, 2012.
                                 On its 14th year, the General Santos City Tuna Festival opening can only be described as a theatrical enter-
                              tainment and pyrotechnic extravaganza… among other things. The Organizers pulled out all the stops with
                              a grandiose stage set-up, great sound system and light effects, incredible LED screen, colorful performances,
                and more fireworks than you can imagine…silver tails, fan shapes, multicolored chrysanthemum shells, crown brocades,
                flying fishes, red wide peacocks, assorted comet balls, flower wave, heart shapes, Saturn rings and many more. Six min-
                utes of breathtaking aerial display!

       And this was only the first night of the 14th      fishing industry. However, like all Festivals,      to provide the much needed information not
    Tuna Festival.                                        the fun and the general feeling of merry-           only for the Generals but also the visiting
       The 60-day preparation leading to this             making must also be highlighted as it rides         tourists and business people who can simply
    moment was not a smooth ride. For this                on the “More Fun in the Philippines” slogan of      saunter into the pavilion exhibits and discov-
    year’s organizer, LGU, through Mayor Darlene          the Department of Tourism.                          er the world of tuna. Other informative but
    Antonino-Custodio appointed the Philippine               And of course, the TUnA must take the            fun events are the: “Lakbay Tuna,” where the
    Fisheries Development Authority as its part-          center stage. Thus, the theme TunaFest, Tu-         participants literally “travel” to “tuna destina-
    ner for the 2012 Tuna Festival. Many seemed           naFun sa MagandangGensan!                           tions” like the Fish Port Complex, canneries
    to think it remarkably appropriate since PFDA            PLACES of FUn. First stop, the Tuna Vil-         and processing plants; “The Sarangani Bay
    certainly knows tuna. But knowledge of the            lage. Since the center of activities is at the      Cruise” offers the “cruisers” the beautiful sight
    tuna industry is one thing, bringing it to cent-      Oval Plaza Freedom Park, it has been con-           of the bay’s coastline while relishing thetuna
    er stage at the Tuna Festival is another. Like        verted into the ultimate Tuna Village to ac-        delicacies as the yachts glide through the wa-
    any newbie, the birth pain was not so much            commodate the Flea Market, The Tuna Ro-             ters of Sarangani.
    painful as it is disconcerting. But that was all      tunda, SMB Party Zone, Coke Pasaya Food                Like many Generals, the Fishing Commu-
    right with Mr. Carlos Hagosojos, Port Manag-          Court Sutukil, Smart Zone, Tuna Art Camp,           nity is a haven to sports enthusiasts especially
    er of PFDA-General Santos Fish Port Complex           The Carnival and of course a headquarters           basketball. That is why it was not a surprise
    also the Festival Director. As a PM, he is used       to synchronize schedules, meetings and the          when the 1stTunafest Inter-Fishing Tour-
    to the dynamic and sometimes erratic nature           most important aspect of organizing a Fes-          nament organized by the Umbrella of Fish
    of the operations. Discomfort is his cup of tea       tival -- a place where anybody can get their        Landing Association (UFLA) was a smashing
    as it comes with the hazards of the job.              questions answered: the TFC – Tunafest Coor-        hit from the get go! The Oval Covered Court
       The main concern was the conceptualiza             dinating Center. It was also decided that sites     was jam-packed since the tournament start-
               tion of the Festival. Like all Directors   for events must be concentered to only few          ed as early as July 6, 2012. The Championship
                       of the past, FDCaloy, wanted       places which are also identified with tuna and      Game, one of the main events for the closing,
                       this to be different. not          fishing. These major event-spots were at the        was no exception with a very large crowd in
                            so much as creating new       Fish Port, The Queen Tuna Park and the Mall         attendance. not to mention a very noisy and
                               events but more of         Partners.                                           animated crowd.
                                harmonizing all              FUn in FACETS.The art installations and             The Federation also launched two aquas-
                                  activities to one       decorations of the Festival showed fun in all       ports which are still new to the Generals but
                                  focal symbol:           its facets… designs, shapes, colors. You can        were also very well received: the 1st Tuna
                                     the tuna and the     see it in the meticulous details in the arcs,       Fest Game Fishing, spearheaded by no less
                                                          and 3D arts, the zany and colorful flags and        than Mr. Marfenio Tan who joined the exuber-
                                                          lamposts, the brush strokes and fonts of the        ant participants on a 4-day fishing trip at the
                                                          layouts, the laidback ambiance of the Coordi-       Sarangani Bay. The 1st Tuna Fest JetskiExhibi-
                                                          nating Center, the sweeping colors across the       tion, also held at the same time as the Fish-
                                                          city... it's everywhere!                            tahansaFishport was a crowd drawer as well
                                                             The FACES of FUn.The Festival centralized        with participants from as far as Manila. Even
                                                          on the participation of the Tuna Fishing In-        Sen. ChizEscudero, who was the special guest
                                                          dustry. The overall impression must be one          for the Fishtahan and Mayor Darlene tried
                                                          that identifies with the industry players --- the   their hands on the jet skis.
                                                          fishermen, the processors, the labor force, the        Sports, although not directly linked to tuna
                                                          exporters… all those that make up Gensan’s          but like the tuna, is in every Generals blood,
                                                          most vibrant industry.                              took form in many events. One was on the
                                                             The SOCSKSARGEn Fishing Federation &             Extreme Sports of Skateboarding, Biking and
                                                          Allied Industries, Inc. (SFFAII) spearheaded        Push Cart Racing and the highly popular
                                                          one of the major events: The 14th national          with the younger Generals, the Skimboarding
                                                          Tuna Congress which has always been the             which has also attracted participants outside
 Opening ceremony with tuna and VIPs- what bet-           venue for discussion on issues in the fish-         of Gensan. The 8th national Lawn Tennis
 ter way to open the Tuna Fest but with a gigantic        ing community, both national and in recent          Open hosted national players in its five-day
 fresh sashimi-grade tuna, humongous enough               years, global. The Federation also initiated        tournament. The 4th Table Tennis Tourna-
 for everyone to have their fill! And for crying out      new events, mostly geared to draw attention         ment was participated by many enthusiasts
 loud, it is “Every Day, Every Night- Sashimi Night”      to the “real scenario” in fishing. The concept      from around the country as well.For the
 in Magandang Gensan!
                                                          of the “All About Tuna Pavilion” was launched
                                                                                                                                           /TUNA FEST p. 21



PPP sa Magandang Gensan!
Public Private Partnership or PPP is a key strategy
of the government to augment its limited resource and
ensure that adequate quality services are provided to
its constituents.
by: Ramona Y.

        nvestments from the private sector                                                             Association were the market stakeholders
        especially on viable projects for basic                                                        that participated in this benchmarking trip.
        utilities and infrastructure like water                                                           Potential investment areas under PPP
system, sewerage, drainage, roads, school                                                                 Here are some of the potential investment
buildings, public marketand other similar                                                              areas considered suitable for PPP and pre-
facilities are encouraged. The investments                                                             sented by CEMCDO during the investment
will strengthen competitiveness, improve ac-                                                           forum held on July 20 at Sun City Suites,
cess to basic social services and enhance the                                                          GenSan.
scope and the quality of economic and social                                                              1. Redevelopment of the General Santos
infrastructure.                                                                                        City Central Public Market into a mall-type
   GSC Mayor Darlene Magnolia R. Antonino                                                              commercial complex with upgraded facilities
                                                   Ms. Griscelda Joson, former CDO Administrator
Custodio believes that PPP as an approach in       guides the LGU-GenSan Employees and some rep-       for business, entertainment, and recreation
implementing projects is not new to GenSan         resentatives from Gensan Central Public Market      activities.
but she encourages the private sector to con-      Stakeholder Organizations to Public Markets &          2. GSC Integrated Food and Transport
tribute more as a greater proportion of the        Terminals of Cagayan De Oro under PPP scheme.       Terminal, a 20-hectare facility to be com-
volume of money in circulation not only in                                                             posed of transport terminal, food terminal
                                                      More potential projects under the PPP            and “AA” slaughter house facility with cold
GenSan but in the entire country is in their
                                                   arrangements have been identified and are           storage, solid and liquid waste management
hands. GenSan should advance to another
                                                   now being studied by the LGU of General             units.
level of development with greater capacity
                                                   Santos through CEMCDO and with the tech-               3. Development of the Queen tuna Park - a
for basic social services and enhanced busi-
                                                   nical and financial assistance from the Cities      project to include the construction of tour-
ness environment to make it truly Magan-
                                                   Development Initiatives for Asia (CDIA).            ism related facilities in and handling the op-
dang Gensan.
                                                      For the conduct of pre-feasibility studies       erations of the Queen Tuna Park.Klaja Karst
   Currently, the City Government is working
                                                   of the proposed GSC Integrated Food and             Eco Tourism Park - an ecotourism park and
on the terms of reference for expanding the
                                                   Transport Terminal, slaughter house, public         tourism destination covering portions of
services of the GSC District Hospital by estab-
                                                   market and development of the Queen Tuna            barangays Conel, Mabuhay, Olympog and
lishing a dialysis center. Based on the study
                                                   Park, CDIA granted the City Government a            Upper Labay. Components of the park are
prepared by the City Economic Management
                                                   technical assistance grant amounting to US$         various facilities such as tourism cottages,
and Cooperative Development Office (CEM-
                                                   262, 500.00. . CDIA is a regional initiative that   campsite, trail sites, and other infrastructure
CDO), at least 6 to 8 dialysis machines are
                                                   provides assistance to medium-sized Asian-          for relatedtourism activities.
needed to meet the growing need for such
                                                   Cities bridging gap in their development               The conduct of feasibility studies for some
medical treatment. This project should make
                                                   plans and implementation of infrastructure          identified PPP projects with the assistance of
available quality dialysis at a price affordable
                                                   investment. The program was established             experts provided by the CDIA is expected to
for everyone especially the poor constitu-
                                                   in 2007 by the Asian Development Bank and           start by November 15 and completed before
ents of GenSan. It is even viable that the di-
                                                   Government of Germany with additional               the end of March 2013. g
alysis be given free for the indigent patients
                                                   support from the governments of Sweden,
from GenSan.
                                                   Austria, and Shanghai.
                                                      In another move to broaden GenSan’s per-
                                                   spective on PPP, on June, officers and staff
                                                   from CEMCDO, CEO, CPDO and City Admin-
                                                   istrator’s Office including six officers of four
                                                   market stakeholder organizations in the Gen-
                                                   San public market went to Cagayan de Oro
                                                   to study and observe the operation of three
                                                   of its public markets and its transport termi-
                                                   nal which were all established under the PPP
                                                   scheme. Gensan Central Market Vendors               Partnership with CDIA for the development of feasibility
                                                                                                       studies (Fr. R to L) Mr. Massimo Petrone Senior Urban
CEMCDO Head, Meriam Buguis, speaks on PPP          Association, Inc., Gensan Maranao Credit            Environment Engr. of CDIA, Mr. Stefan Rau Senior Urban
during Investment Forum on July 20 at Sun city     Cooperative, Central Market Maranao Co-             Development Specialist of GIZ & Atty. Rochelle Mahinay-
Suites, GenSan                                     operative and Maranao Employees Business            Sero of DILG and CEMCDO staff headed by MLBuguis

                                                                                                                                           OCT | NOV 2012

2012 Investments, Gensan’s Biggest
by: Diane Acharon (based on data from CEMCDO
                                                                                                                     Comparative Figures of

              ith the year coming to a close and less than a quarter to go, GenSan’s total new invest-
                                                                                                                    approved Business Permits
              ments soared to 2.5 billion pesos which is the biggest investment so far in the history                                  NO. OF
              of the city. The Office of the City Economic Management and Cooperative Develop-                    MONTH      YEAR     BUSINESS       INVESTMENTS
ment monitored investments from approved business permits and confirmed that as of September                                          PERMITS
this year, total new investments has doubled or exceeded by more than 100% last year’s total
investments of around 1.2 billion pesos.                                                                          July-Dec   2010        598         377,592,027.00
   Significant increase in new investments was                                                                    Jan-Dec    2011       1,855       1,221,454,971.60
                                                       the position of the city as commercial hub
evidently manifested in the entry of SM Prime          in the southern part of the country and as                 Jan-Oct    2012       1,349       2,875,010,341.40
Holdings, Inc. with 1.2 billion pesos capital in-      a favored investment destination nationally.
vestment. It alone generated about 359 direct             Aside from SM Prime Holdings, other no-
employments and 1,635 indirect employments             table investments landed were Roadhaus
with an estimated 3,600 local hires generated
by mall tenants. The entry of the country’s No.
1 mall chain in the city significantly reaffirms

SM Mall of GenSan
Photo by: Jing Velos

Economy Hotel owned by Ms. Jinkee Pacquiao,                  a) Incorporation of Investment Priority Plan          that will include local incentives availment, joint
with capital investments of 55 million pesos and          that shall contain approved Investment Prior-            venture matching, identification of location, pro-
generated a total of 30 local employments; KCC            ity Areas, guidelines, and the Implementing Rules        vision of data, employee-industry matching, and
Property Holdings, Inc. expansion project, the Ve-        and Regulations to simplify application procedures       other business facilitation services.
ranza Mall, with capital investments of 250 million       and improve responsiveness of the Code to rapidly           b) Establishment of a quality management sys-
pesos and 73 employments; Microtel Inns & Suites          changing investment areas;                               tem that will ensure the generals an efficient and
Gensan, with capital investments of 56 million pe-           b) Removal of minimum capitalization of enter-        effective quality services. The local government
sos and 34 employments; and Ivan’s Micro Hotel,           prises or projects which will allow MSMEs (micro,        has now started to look into three business ser-
with capital investments of 13.5 million pesos and        small, and medium enterprises) to avail of and           vice processes and its ten support processes to
10 employments.                                           benefit from investment incentives offered by the        improve and be certified to ISO 9001:2008. The
   The local government also considered it neces-         government; and                                          certification to ISO 9001:2008, an international
sary to revise and update the General Santos City            c) Inclusion of locational restrictions to certain    organization for standardization, will further build
Investment Code to be more responsive to the              investment areas which will encourage dispersal          trust, confidence and loyalty of investors; and
present business environment. A Technical Work-           of industries to more rural barangays, decongest            c) Studies of areas and sites that have potentials
ing Group composed of representatives from vari-          highly urbanized ones, and expand the area of de-        for income and employment generation for the
ous sectors of the city has proposed several sig-         velopment of the city.                                   generals through partnership with private stake-
nificant changes among which are the following:              Working draft of the new investment code is           holders. Investments on 12 identified investment
                                                          currently undergoing review and is expected to be        priority areas are expected by 2013. n
                                                          proposed to the Sangguniang Panlungsod by Janu-
                                                          ary next year.
                                                             Not resting on this achieved milestone, note-
                                                          worthy projects are continuously being initiated
                                                          by the LGU to promote and generate investments
                                                          in the city. Among these significant projects are
                                                          the following:
                                                             a) Establishment of General Santos City Busi-
                                                          ness Service Hub which will integrate the efforts of
                                                          the government agencies both local and national
                                                          towards servicing the permits and licensing needs.
                                                          Simultaneous with licensing will be investment
                                   Hotel San Marco        promotion and provision of investment servicing                                              Roadhaus Hotel


     sP CORNER
                                                                                       Sanggunian’s “Codification
 saNGGUNIaN NG saMBayaNaN                                                              of Ordinances Project”
                                                                                       readied for second reading in
 SP enacts 11 ordinances for the                                                       the plenary session
 1st three quarters of the year                                                        by:Paul E. Guisao

 by:Paul E. Guisao                                                                              he Codification of Ordinances Project (COP) of the
                                                                                                16th Sanggunian Panlungsod of this city is now all

     F  or the first three quarters of the year, the 16th Sangguniang Panlungsod has            prepared for deliberation in the plenary for second
        enacted a total of 11 ordinances for the constituents of the City of General   reading.
        Santos. Although one was vetoed by the chief executive, Ordinance No. 05          After a year of en banc hearings on the different classi-
 was modified and enacted once again by the August Body on its 97th Regular Ses-       fication titles, the team, headed by City Vice Mayor Shirlyn
 sion on July 10.                                                                      L. Bañas-Nograles, has concluded its review of all the tran-
                                                                                       scripts and executive summaries of each title as part of the
     The following are the enacted ordinances for the first three quarters of 2012:    preparations for COP’s enactment into an ordinance.
                                                                                          The SP culminated the codification project on November
                                                                                       2010 aimed at enabling the public easier access to local legis-
 II TO CALUMPANG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Ordinance No. 01, Series of 2012, 74th
 Regular Session, January 17, 2012)                                                    lative enactments from 1948 to present through a systematic
                                                                                       presentation of the code on online medium. The codification
   2. AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 22, SERIES OF 2002, OTHER-                   also includes correcting enacted laws which have become
 WISE KNOWN AS “AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING THE GENERAL SANTOS CITY                      obsolete and unmodified, as well as those which are duplica-
 TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (GENSANTRAMCO)” SO AS TO                          tive and inconsistent with one another.
 MODIFY SOME SECTIONS AND INCLUDE NEW PROVISIONS THEREIN (Ordinance                       The project’s first phase involved the following processes:
 No. 02, Series of 2012, 85th Regular Session, April 03, 2012)                         (1) Gathering, Collation & Inventory of Titles of All Ordinanc-
                                                                                       es, (2) Arrangement of Ordinances by Title, Year or Series, (3)
                                                                                       Identification of the Subject of Each Ordinance, (4) Prepara-
 THE GENERAL SANTOS CITY HOSPITAL (Ordinance No. 03, Series of 2012, 88th Reg-
 ular Session, April 24, 2012)                                                         tion of List of Titles of All Ordinances, (5) Verification of Sta-
                                                                                       tus of Each Ordinance, (6) Arrangement of Titles of All Ordi-
    4. AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING THE UTILIZATION OF COASTAL SEA WATER IN                nances According to Classification, (7) Assignment of Code to
 URBAN BARANGAY AS A STORAGE MEDIUM FOR SEA FOODS BEING SOLD COM-                      Each Classification, (8) Reproduction of Text of All Ordinances
 MERCIALLY IN GENERAL SANTOS CITY (Ordinance No. 04, Series of 2012, 89th Reg-         Subject for Codification, (9) Review of Text of All Ordinances,
 ular Session, May 08, 2012)                                                           (10) Drafting of Text of The Code, and (11) Calendar and Pas-
                                                                                       sage for First Reading.
    5. AN ORDINANCE INSTITUTIONALIZING THE LOCAL BLOOD COUNCIL FOR THE                    The codified ordinances were presented for first reading
                                                                                       to the August Body on June 14, 2011 during the SP’s 47th
 of 2012, 89th Regular Session, May 08, 2012)
                                                                                       Regular Session and then referred to the en banc for series
 OF MOTORCYCLE SIDECAR, PROVIDING PENALTY FOR VIOLATION THEREOF AND                       En banc hearings were conducted every Tuesday after-
 FOR OTHER PURPOSES (Ordinance No. 06, Series of 2012, 90th Regular Session,           noon and Wednesday morning. Deliberations were attended
 May 15, 2012)                                                                         by different concerned stakeholders. With this process, a
                                                                                       number of obsolete ordinances were repealed and various
   7. AN ORDINANCE IMPOSING A CEILING FEE FOR THE ISSUANCE OF BARANGAY                 provisions of other local legislations were revised and / or
 CLEARANCE WITHIN GENERAL SANTOS CITY, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES (Ordi-                   amended. These en banc hearings constituted the second
 nance No. 07, Series of 2012, 90th Regular Session, May 15, 2012)
                                                                                       phase of the project.
   8. AN ORDINANCE PRESCRIBING THE RULES IN THE DISPOSITION OF CITY LANDS                 Other ordinances which were earlier laid on the table
 (Ordinance No. 08, Series of 2012, 91st Regular Session, May 22, 2012)                were subjected to follow-up and series of en banc hearings
                                                                                       for further deliberations and refinements.
    9. AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING THE LOCAL INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT COUN-                     This Codification of Ordinances Project is said be the big-
 CIL (LCIDC) IN THE CITY OF GENERAL SANTOS (Ordinance No. 09, Series of 2012,          gest contribution of the 16th Sangguniang Panlungsod to the
 97th Regular Session, July 10, 2012)                                                  city’s history, governance and development. n

 of 2012, 97th Regular Session, July 2012)

 ERNANCE AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES (Ordinance No. 11, Series of 2012, 106th
 Regular Session, September18, 2012)

   These Ordinances were passed and submitted for approval by the Hon. Mayor           COMPLETING THE CODIFICaTION PROCEss (Left to Right) VM
 Darlene Magnolia R. Antonino-Custodio. n
                                                                                       Bañas-Nograles, Mr. Bueno, Mr. Tapel, & Ms. Gindap of the COP Team

                                                                                                                                       OCT | NOV 2012

                                                                   D E Pa R T M E N T R E P O R T s

Kwentong ilaw
by: Benjamin Cadiente, Jr.
                                                                                                                   LGU-GenSan Avails Free
                                                                                                                   Automatic weather station
Programang Pa-ilaw ang napapaloob sa Executive Order
(EO) No. 034, series of 2011 na inamendahan sa pamamagitan                                                           M       r. Ephraim T. Beliran, OIC- CDRRMO to-
                                                                                                                             gether with Engr. Pablito Bustos of CEO and
                                                                                                                   Arnold Odan of CENRO attended a training on Auto-
ng EO No. 010 series of 2012 na nilagdaan ni                                                                       matic Weather Station Installation given by Weather
Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio nitong Abril.                                                                      Philippines Foundation in Partnership with League
   Narito ang ilan sa mga nilalaman ng nas-                                                                        of Cities and Aboitiz. After the seminar, the General
abing atas ehikutibo BLG. 010, Serye 2012;                                                                         Santos City Local Government was able to avail for
   Section 1. Guidelines for the availment                                                                         free, 1(one) unit Automatic Weather Station with
of electrical connections for informal set-                                                                        the mission to positively contribute to the Philip-
tlers.                                                                                                             pine society and economic by operating a premise
    A. AVAILMENT OF THE PROGRAM                                                                                    weather forecasting system that will provide free
    1. This program may be availed of by informal
settlers whose occupancy on a parcel of land is
                                                                                                                   weather information as public service for Filipinos
without tenurial document and under the follow-                                                                    to reduce risk to calamities associated with adverse
ing conditions:                                                                                                    weather condition.
    • Those informal settlers who have no docu-                                                                       The equipment cost accordingly is $ 2,500 that
ments to show proof of ownership over the land                                                                     will detect and record wind velocity ( rate of mo-
they are occupying whenever feasible.
    • Those houses made of indigenous materials
                                                                                                                   tion), wind direction, humidity and weather data
and with an estimated cost of not more than fifty Captured during an actual interview of TEC applicants at Upper   covering 20 kilometers radius. This is an automatic
thousand pesos (P50,000.00).                          Banualan, Tambler last August 14, 2012.                      equipment that information will automatically be
    • Informal settlers who are not occupying                                                                      transmitted to the central office in Manila through
high risk/danger zone areas.                                    ero hanggang Setyembre.
                                                                   Lahat ng nabanggit ay nasuyod at isa-           SMART. AWS is an electronic device that sense,
    2. This program may also be availed of by informal set-
tlers whose application for land title is on process and has    isang ininspeksyon at binalido-okyular ng          measure and transmits meteorological/weather
no legal impedi ments.                                          team COSHERA kaakibat ang City Housing             data in order to provide aggregated picture of
    Sa pamamagitan ng nasabing EO, ang mga resi-                   and Land Management Office (CHLMO) na           current and future weather conditions. It is also
denteng may kabahayang nakatirik sa mga loteng                     sya namang nagbibiripika sa istado ng lupang    equipped with automatic rain gauge.
di nila pag-aari, ay mabibigyang pagkakataon na na                 kinatatayuan ng mga nasabing kabahayan. At         The equipment is installed at the Agri Demo Farm
magkaroon ng sariling kwentador ng kuryenteng                      sa 340 kabuoang naturan, may 32 aplikante       for rainfall monitoring to be done by DELTA 9 24/7.
magmumula sa SOCOTECO 2. Ito’y maliban sa mga                      ang hindi nabigyan ng rekomendasyon dahil       (Chel Dacillo/CDRRMO)
tirahang nasa tabing ilog, tabing dagat at iba pang                hindi naayon sa mga pamantayan ng EO.
lugar na nasa delikado ang kinalalagyan.                              Ang ibang 308 na aplikante ay mapalad na
    Ilan sa mga layunin ng nabanggit na EO ay upang                inirekomenda’t ang mga kanikanilang doku-
maibsan ang mga ilegal na koneksyon ng kuryente                    mento ay na-isumite nang lahat sa CHLMO.          Generals reach half
at tuloy maiwasan ang trahedyang sunog sanhi ng
                                                                      Para sa nagnanais na makabinipisyo sa
                                                                   adhikaing saklaw nitong EO No. 010, man-          a million
    Base sa Section 1. C. ng EO # 010 sa ilalim ng in-             gyaring sumulat-hiling lamang at iguhit sa

   Ang mga nasabing pumasa sa balidasyon ay na-
                                                                   likod ang daraanang kalye at lagyan ng ma-
                                                                   pagkakilanlang popular na lugar para madal-
                                                                                                                     T    he ”GENERALS” have now reached a 538,086
                                                                                                                          count according to the May 2012 census by
                                                                                                                   the National Statistics Office (NSO) .
katira sa ibat-ibang barangay partikular ang mga                   ing matunton at matukoy ang inyong bahay
                                                                                                                      According to NSO-Gensan, the number of resi-
sumusunod:                                                         pati na ang inyong numero ng telepono o
                                                                                                                   dents in 2010 is 8,544 higher from 529,542 in the
                   BILANG NG                    BILANG NG                                                          2007 population count. It is growing at an aver-
     BRGY                            BRGY                             Ang kaukulang clearance na pinagtibay ng
                     BAHAY                        BAHAY                                                            age rate of 0.58 percent annually between the two
                                                                   lagda ni Mayor Custodio na magmumula sa
                                                                                                                   periods. If the annual growth rate of 2.71 percent
 Calumpang              35         Bawing             7            tanggapan ng Alkalde ay WALA PONG BAYAD.
                                                                                                                   (2000-2010) continues, the population in 2010 of
                                                                      Bukod pa sa EO. # 010 may EO. # 43 rin
 Lagao                  7          San Isidro         1                                                            538,086 will double to 1.07 million in a span of 25
                                                                   na ang saklaw naman ay ang mga kaba-
                                                                                                                   years. That is about 43,047 persons added every
 Labangal               4          Bula               4            hayang ang loteng pinagtayuan ay sa mga
                                                                   relokasyong pag-aari ng lungsod Heneral
 Apopong                90         Tambler           25                                                               Gensan population count of 538,086 is 13.09 per-
                                                                   Santos, kalakip ang mga bahay sa lupang
                                                                                                                   cent of the total population in the SOCSKSARGEN
 Sinawal                4          North              1            pinagtibay ng mga barangay na maging re-
                                                                                                                   Region of 4.1 million and only 0.59 percent of the
                                                                   lokasyon din.
 Mabuhay                69         East               1                                                            country which is 92.3 million.
                                                                      Sa bisa ng EO # 43, ang bilang ng mga ap-
                                                                                                                      Sixty two percent of the people are the produc-
 Fatima                 58         Baluan             1            likanteng direktang pumunta sa tanggapan
                                                                                                                   tive age (15-64), 35 percent are the young depend-
                                                                   ng COSHERA at agad namang nabigyang ng
 West                   1                                                                                          ents (0-14), while 3 percent are the old population
                                                                   karampatang aksyon at nagawaran ng clear-
                                                                                                                   (65 and above).
stitutional arrangements, ang aming tanggapan ng                   ance ay WALA RIN PONG BAYAD. Ang mga na-
                                                                                                                      Among the 26 barangays of the city, Barangay Ca-
Committee on Socialized Housing Education and                      sabing kabahayan or relokasyon ay nasa mga
                                                                                                                   lumpang is the most populated with 671,156 resi-
Resettlements Awards (COSHERA) ay ang syang                        sumusunod na Barangay:
                                                                                                                   dents. That is 12.5 percent share of the whole city
naatasan magpatupad nitong mga sumusunod na                                                                        residents. Second is Barangay Fatima with 65,189
kwalipikasyon batay sa deriktibang sumusunod:                                                   BILANG NG
                                                                          BARANGAY                                 residents. The least populated barangay is Upper
    Section 1.                                                                                    BAHAY
                                                                                                                   Labay with only 2,826 residents at 0.5 percent share
    C. Institutional Arrangements
    • Committee on Socialized Housing Education and Re-               Fatima                         84            of the city.
settlements Awards (COSHERA).                                                                                         Most of the people in Gensan in ethnic affiliation
    - Conduct background and field validation on the ap-              Apopong                         2            excluding foreigners are Cebuanos (57%) followed
plicant.                                                              Sinawal                         7            by the Ilongos or Hiligaynon (18%), Tagalog (5%),
    - Asses/evaluate applicants eligibility to avail of the pro-                                                   Maguindanao (4%), B’laan (3%), and others at 13%.
gram.                                                                 Mabuhay                        28            This data is based on the 2000 census data analysis.
       - Recommends to the City Mayor qualified applicants                                                         (Benjie Noel A. Señas /CPMO)
for availment of the program.                                         Bawing                          5
   Ayon sa opisyal na talaan ng COSHERA, umaabot                    Ito ay may kabuuang bilang na 126 kabahayan.
na sa 340 aplikasyon ang aming natanggap mula En-




  On its 18th Phase: City Hall sa Barangay
 Culminates in Barangay Apopong
 by: Lady Manalo

                                                                                                                      join forces to serve the barangay people.
                                                                                                                         EO 25, approved by the City Mayor Darlene
                                                                                                                      Magnolia Antonino-Custodio, is established to
     Bringing the                                                                                                     strengthen and enhance the communication of
                                                                                                                      the LGU with the Barangays through the program
     government closer                                                                                                “City Hall sa Barangay”. According to the said EO,
                                                                                                                      CHB aims to provide a venue for the barangay
     to the people.                                                                                                   people and the government to meet and discuss
                                                                                                                      the problems of the barangays and together find
                                                                                                                      viable solutions to problems.
                                                                                                                         “CHB was initiated in 1998 by the former City
  This is the spirit behind Executive Order (EO)            Hundreds cueing up for the CHB’s medical service          Mayor Adelbert W. Antonino and later adopted
25, series of 2010, strengthening “City Hall sa                                                                       by the succeeding mayor, now Representative,
                                                            Office where one fleet of heavy equipment is de-          Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.,” Juanday said. This year on
Barangay” (CHB), a program now on its 18th                  ployed in the barangay for a week for road main-          its 18th phase, CHB is continued by the present
phase, which culminated in Barangay Apopong                 tenance.                                                  administration primarily due to the noble cause
on September 14.                                               In every CHB, all the departments of the City          and effectiveness of the program.
  Nur Juanday, head of the CHB Secretariat said             Government together with the National Govern-                A assessment and evaluation meeting was
that thru the CHB’s medical service , thousands of          ment Agencies (PHIC, SSS,NSO, DFA, PAG-IBIG,              conducted to review and find ways to improve
people have been benefited, making it the most              PNP, NFA, BFP, DPWH, NIA, Phil. Army, COME-               the recently concluded CHB. It was attended by
sought-after service. He also claimed that the              LEC) and Non-Government Organizations (FPOP,              relevant stakeholders, partners and the Punong
most liked service is that of the City Engineer’s           PNRC, SOCOTECO 2, Phil. Medical Association)              Barangays. n

     Gensan commences ka-Barangay                                                                                        CityCen Update:
     awards for 2012 by: Lady Manalo                                                                                     Locating DSWD’s 4P

              ensan’s Ka-Barangay Awards is now                 Barangay Project Design 2012). According to Mr.          Beneficiaries
              on its second year. And the stakes                Nurhasan A. Juanday, Acting Division Chief of the       by: Dennis Matutina
              just got higher.                                  Barangay Affairs Division, for purposes of judging,

      Gensan’s Ka-Barangay Award is an annual                   the barangays are divided into Rural and Urban                 he encoded results of the City Socio-
   search that recognizes the importance of                     Categories.                                                    Economic and Health Census 2011
   the barangay as the basic political unit of the                 Criteria for the elimination round are based         (CityCen 2011) is helping locate and validate
   government. It is anticipated that through this              on the barangay’s performance management                the beneficiaries of the Department of Social
   award, involvement, hard work and dedication                 system (50%) which is about governance, social          Welfare and Development's (DSWD's) list of
   at the grassroots level will stimulate the                   services, administration, economic development,         Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4P)
   development works of the Local Government                    and environmental governance; field verification        beneficiaries. This listing is released to its lo-
   Unit. It is the desire of the government to                  and evaluation (40%); barangay innovations              cal counterpart, the City Social Welfare and
   establish a mechanism that would facilitate                  (5%); and awards and distinctions (5%). Results         Development Office (CSWDO).
   the annual selection of the city’s barangay                  of the elimination round, interview with the               CitiCen 2011 was designed to capture
   development initiators and through this award                Punong Barangays, and assessment of relevant            the names of individuals and the location of
   the barangay people will be encouraged to                    documentation will determine the winner for the         households with the help of Geographic In-
   participate and contribute in the effort of                  final round.                                            formation System (GIS) technology. This al-
   bringing development to their barangay,                         Model Barangays (Urban & Rural), each will           lows the city to locate the 4P beneficiaries by
   inspiring emulation by other barangays (Ka-                  receive cash prize of P30,000.00, trophy and            performing a matching of names from the 4P
                                                                               computer set while the Promising         masterlist against the CityCen 2011 database.
   Proving just how competitive: along with other commercial complex- Barangays and Dynamic Barangays
                                                                                                                        A total of 2,303 out of 4,300 4P beneficiaries,
   es lining the main road of Brgy. City Heights is last year’s model baran- will receive P20,000.00 and
                                                                                                                        or roughly about 53.55%, were located while
   gay (urban) winner, is the new 40-room Road Haus Economy Hotel P10,000.00, respec-tively.
                                                                                                                        the others are currently being subjected to
                                                                                  Last year’s winners were              further verification due to possible errors in
                                                                               Barangays City Heights (Urban)           the spelling of the names in the DSWD listing,
                                                                               and Katangawan (Rural) as model          preventing a match against the CityCen 2011
                                                                               barangays. Promising Barangays           database, or vice-versa.
                                                                               were Barangays San Isidro (Urban)           CityCen 2011 tried to enumerate all resi-
                                                                               and Olympog (Rural) and the              dents of the city, but there are some house-
                                                                               Dynamic Barangay was Lagao               hold members who refused to be interviewed,
                                                                               (Urban). These barangays are now…        are temporarily away, or chose to answer the
                                                                                  The awarding ceremony will be         questionnaire by themselves. Some of the
                                                                               on December 14, 2012 at the Sun          non-matching DSWD beneficiaries could also
                                                                               City Suites. n                           be attributed to this situation. n

                                                                                                                                                          OCT | NOV 2012



  Sa DILAW o sa LUNTIAN, o saan?
  Important Notes on Waste Segregation
  by: Anelin Cabfit

              aste Segregation is not a new          GREEN RECEPTACLE: Leaves and branches,
              technology. In fact, it has been a     fruit and vegetable peelings, gair or fur of
              talked-about concern for years.        animals, left over food, animal wastes, saw
And its benefits have been repeatedly high-          dust, cigarette litters, tissue papers and paper
lighted, if only to encourage every individual       napkins, egg shell, abaca rope, and the like
to start segregation right in their respective          RECYCLABLE WASTES (Pwedeng magamit
corners.                                             ulit o may pakinabang pa) - ORANGE RE-
                                                     CEPTACLE: box and paper, plastic bottles or
  But the questions remain -                         gallons, glass containers, aluminum, steel,
  Have you started segregation,                      bronze and scrap irons, tin, doy juice packs,
  yet? Do you know how to?                           monobloc chairs
                                                        RESIDUAL WASTES (tira-tira)- YELLOW                  New sets of color-coded bins distributed by the II-
   By virtue of Republic Act 9003, otherwise         RECEPTACLE: shampoo sachets and bottles,                WCSU to public places. These ones are seen right in
known as the Ecological Solid Waste Manage-          toothpaste containers, candy and junkfood               front of the City Hall.
ment Act and the City Ordinance 12, series           wrappers, cellophanes, disposal shaves, ball-           in this very important practice, to address this
2008, or the Ecological Waste Management             pens, etc., plastic and glass containers (that          concern on wastes. Barangays and establish-
of the City, wastes should be segregated as          cannot be sold in junkshops), broken ceram-             ments are already required to establish their
follows:                                             ics, old fabrics and rugs, washcloth, napkins           respective Material Recovery Facility (MRF);
   BIODEGRADABLE WASTES (Nabubulok) -                and disposable diapers.                                 and garbage haulers have also been reori-
                                                        SPECIAL WASTES - BLUE RECEPTACLE: med-               ented on the proper practices. Early this year,
                                                     ical wastes like syringes and used needles,             new sets of bins of 4 colors, have also been
                                                     contaminated swabs and bandages, used cot-              released to public places such as the Oval Pla-
                                                     ton balls; hazardous wastes like old batteries,         za, Plaza Heneral Santos, City Hall premises,
                                                     paint cans, aerosol spray, used bulbs and fluo-         and the like to facilitate easy segregation and
                                                     rescent tubes.                                          collection.
                                                        The Interim Integrated Waste Collection                 For further information and other concerns
                                                     and Services Unit (IIWCSU), through its Solid           on Waste Segregation or the City Ordinance
                                                     Waste Management Division, have intensified             12, s. 2008, send feedback to the IIWCSU at
                                                     the campaign for information dissemination              telephone numbers 552-2470 and 554-6243.
                                                     and in encouraging community participation              (CENRO)

   Greening GenSan Project goes SPES
  by: Paz Cutamora

     M         ore than 100 ben-
               eficiaries of the Spe-
               cial Program for the
   Employment of Students (SPES)
   were assigned by the PESO at
                                        source in everyone’s backyard, these
                                        young students are being honed to
                                        become more responsible citizens
                                        while earning their way thru school.
                                           To equip the students, they were
   the City Agriculturist Office dur-   oriented on the basics of the Green-
   ing summer this year to support      ing Gensan Program and were
   the advocacy of the City towards     trained on Proper Waste Manage-
   a Greener Gensan through the         ment.
   Greening Gensan Project (GGP).          Formally launched in 2010, this
      Their job was to help establish   worthwhile student employment is a
   community gardens in the 26 ba-      joint effort of the Public Employment
   rangays of this city. SPES them-     and Services Office (PESO) and the
   selves grow vegetables in their      City Agriculturist Office (CAO).        Healthy vegetables raised by the SPES in their own backyard in Brgy. City Heights
   backyards, lead in the creation of      SPES are grouped according to the    dez led the monitoring and documen-         ing the marginalized populace of
   communal gardens in their own        barangays where they reside and as-     tation of the project in all barangays      the barangays in alleviating pov-
   puroks and monitor the recipi-       sisted by the assigned agricultural     in the city. As a culminating activ-        erty by bringing healthy foods to
   ents of vegetable seeds provided     technician from the CAO in the im-      ity, SPES had a tree planting at Demo       their table sourced from their
   by the office.                       plementation of the program. City       Farm in Barangay Sinawal.                   immediate vicinity and is specifi-
      By promoting self-sufficiency     Agriculturist Merlinda M. Donasco           GGP is the City’s initiative aimed      cally addressed to combat mal-
   through growing nourishment          and PESO Manager, Ms. Elisheba Val-     at greening of the city while assist-       nutrition among local infants. n


                                                         D E Pa R T M E N T R E P O R T s

 Generals show                                                                             150 less stray dogs from the streets
 Superlative Sports Prowess                                                                  L   eash your dogs or we
                                                                                                 strap them up.
                                                                                              Putting teeth to the Or-

                                              I    t is but another day in the “The
                                                   Home of the Champions” except
                                               that some General somewhere has
                                                                                           dinance No. 13 series of
                                                                                           2008, or “The 2008 Anti-
                                                                                           Stray Animal Ordinance
                                                                                           of the City of General
                                               gained a new reason why GenSan de-          Santos “, the Office of the
                                               serves that moniker.                        City Veterinarian (City Vet) Is this yours? Some of the 150 dogs im-
                                                  In the PLDT –ABAP National Boxing        has rounded up 150 stray pounded in the City Dog Pound, Animal
                                               Championships on March 4-8, 2012,           dogs, impounding them Control Center in Barangay Sinawal
                                                                                           in the recently completed
                                               Tagbilaran City, out of over 130 contend-   Dog Pound at the Animal Control Center in Barangay Sinawal. Of
                                               ers, three boxers from GenSan were se-      the 150 dogs caught, 49 have been claimed by their owners.
                                               lected by the national coaches as fresh        The procedure requires the City Vet to inform the dogs’ owners
                                               recruits to join 10 others to the Philip-   and allow them to claim their dogs. Those who wish to claim their
                                               pine National Boxing team. They are:        dog have to pay an impounding fee of P50.00 at the City Treas-
                                                                                           ure’s Office. Additional P50.00 per day is charged after three days
                                               Jade Bornea, Jake Bornea and Roland         of impoundment. Dogs unclaimed after 10 days are considered
                                               Boncales. The Philippine Sports Com-        abandoned and are offered for adoption to interested individu-
Bagging medals in the 12th World Eskrima mission (PSC) will provide the monthly
Kali Arnis championship, Cebu City, July 2012.                                             als.
                                               allowances, food and billeting, while the      In fulfilling said ordinance’s objective of controlling the grow-
Association of Amateur Boxing of the Philippines (ABAP) will shoulder the ex-              ing number of stray dogs in the city and reducing the incidence
                                                                                           of rabies, the City Vet personnel under the Animal Health and
penses for school, uniform, vitamins, and other such things.                               Disease Control Division conducted its initial operations against
    In another yet fresh feat, two of our young generals won the 12th World                stray dogs on August 22 at Dona Soledad Subdivision, Barangay
Eskrima Kali Arnis Championship in Cebu City on July 18-21: not quite an easy              Labangal. City Vet now concentrates in urban barangays and soon
achievement since they had to fight through more than 500 contestants from                 will go through rural barangays. (Paulito Maquilang/CityVet)
25 countries around the world. In the live stick women’s featherweight divi-
sion, Arlyn E. Noro, a 26 year old student from the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial
Colleges, won the gold medal. In the live stick men’s featherweight division,              gensan traffic enforcers relearn traffic
a home-based arnistador and playing coach, Silvano B. Bombales bagged the                  Regulation and implementation
bronze medal. Noro and Bombales has once again put GenSan in the world
map and confirmed its reputation as the Home of the Champions. The compe-
tition features our very own traditional and indigenous martial arts organized               Y    our authority must be coupled with responsibility in imple-
                                                                                                  menting RA 4316 or the LTO Code,” thus explains TRO I de
                                                                                           Guzman S. Samal, Examiner/Lecturer to some 85 traffic enforcers
by the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation ( WEKAF) in coordination with Cebu
                                                                                           in the one-day orientation-seminar on Traffic Regulation and Im-
City Government. (Neneth Naval/SPORTS)                                                     plementation held at Mix and Magic on August 29.
                                                                                              In covering salient points of the LTO Code, Samal also touched

 slope protection project gets
                                                                                           on the moral values each officer must uphold. Among these are
                                                                                           honesty, patience and humility. “… all enforcers must be gentle but
                                                                                           firm, “he stressed.
 P700T budget                                                                                 As part of the professionalization program for traffic law enforc-
                                                                                           ers, this orientation seminar is expected to help reduce incidences

  T    he proposed project for slope          tablishment of the plant.                    of misunderstanding between enforcers and violators.
                                                                                              The seminar was sponsored by the City Mayor Hon. Darlene
       protection at Purok Badjao, ba-             According to the measure, “this
                                                                                           Magnolia R. Antonino-Custodio and LTO-Gensan Chief Mike Al-
rangay Bawing, was allocated P700,000         joint undertaking endeavors the ample
budget by the city government.                generation and use of Liquid Nitrogen           Another seminar on anger management will be conducted be-
    Its immediate construction will pro-      (LNs) as an advanced agent used for          fore the year ends as part of improving traffic management ser-
tect the people living in this Badjao-        cryopreservation/storage and transport       vices of the city. (Glenn Gonzales/CITY ADMIN OFFICE)
dominated community.                          of animal reproductive sperm and egg
   Slope protection will help prevent         cells, and such other biological samples
soil erosion or maybe landslide in this       and materials”.                              CDRRMC provides sandbags to pro-
particular purok located beside the na-           It further pointed out that this pro-
tional highway road in barangay Baw-          ject is in line with the Unified National    tect riverbank
    Rains usually makes it quite difficult
to pass through the narrow road lead-
                                              Artificial Insemination Program (UNAIP)
                                              which is a major component of the De-
                                              partment of Agriculture’s Genetic Im-
                                                                                              T    he City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council or
                                                                                                  CDRRMC has started to place sandbags along the river-
                                                                                           bank of Purok Matinabangon, Barangay Labangal in an attempt
ing to this community.                        provement Program (GIP).                     to protect residents living near the riverbank.
   Establishment of Mini liquid nitrogen           It was also pointed out that this          This action is also intended to protect the lower silway bridge
generating plant mulled                       joint undertaking is highly beneficial       from scouring as a result of the rising water due to contine-
    The city will soon have its mini liquid   to the livestock farming communities         ous rains.
nitrogen generating plant at the animal       of General Santos City inasmuch as it            Engineers Mark Reyes and Noel Odi have recommended
breeding center in barangay Sinawal.          would essentially and scientifically aid     sandbagging of the area following their ocular inspection and
    This, after the City Council approved     in increasing the conception rate of         assessment of the situation in Purok Matinabangon.
resolution 479 authorizing Mayor Dar-         cattle, carabaos, and other animals,            Mr. Teofi Jo who represents Mr. Paul Gaisano in the CDRRMC
lene Antonino-Custodio to enter into a        hence, buildup their reproduction for        has also donated sacks to be used in the sandbagging of the
Memo of Agreement with the Depart-            agricultural and commercial use. (Ping       area. (Ping Aponesto/CPIO)
ment of Agriculture, RFU 12 and Bureau        Aponesto/CPIO)
of Animal Industry in regard to the es-

                                                                                                                                               OCT | NOV 2012

ECO-kaRERa...                                             douse it on our sunburnt necks and arms. Bunga
                                                          Spring, a crystal clear cold spring issuing from Karst
mates. After a whirlwind of pre-race activities that      rocks gave us a much-needed refill for our hydra-
left us virtually sleepless the night before the race,    tion packs.
we blast-off for the start of the 5th GenSan Ecoka-           We reached Conel Gym surprised that our bikes
rera Adventure Race.                                      were upside down with the wheels removed and
   With the first 2 kilometers 30-degree uphill climb,    the tires deflated. Another task, we exclaimed. But
we overtook 7 other teams, many of whom had to            the seasoned bikers that we are, it didn’t pose a big
walk their bikes up the hills. I took the lead as Pe-     problem as we breezed through the task which for
dro assisted and at times pushed Jade in the climbs.      some seemed quite gargantuan. I gobbled down a
There was no let-up for the next 5 or 6 kilometers        few bites of macaroni fruit salad and washed it with
of rolling terrain and our heart rates approached         Gatorade after I put on my cycling shoes. Clearly        Paddling thru Amandari Cove Springs. With bare hands.
maximum as my Timex Heart Rate Monitor beeped             there was no time for a sit-down lunch.
intermittently. The downhills were treacherous: we            Now it was back to saddle again and back to our         Finally and thankfully, we were on the last leg to
even passed a team whose lady teammate suffered           strongest discipline. About a few hundred meters         the finish at Robinson’s Place. The tricycles darting
a spill and was severely bloodied.                        down the Labu-Katangawan road we saw Kamne’s             in and out of their lanes was quite an adventure in
   It was already scorching hot when we started the       second team go down.Their lady teammate could            itself --risky even— compounded by the pedestri-
arduous run up Sanchez Peak (elevation 800 meters         no longer make it due to sheer exhaustion. That          ans becoming obstacles and a systematically timed
ASL), down to K’laja River and the rigorous river run     made us gain one place. Seventh. Maybe we can            traffic lights a thing to endure as we sprinted the
to Mokam’s Camp - an energy-sapping 12 kilometer          still catch the sixth-place team.                        last 3 kilometers.
stretch of limestone single tracks, loose-gravel de-          Hurting legs and all we pedalled again to the next      Eight hours and thirty two minutes of suffering is
scents and grassy mounds. Cramps were starting            Control Point (CP) at Plaza Heneral Santos. We won-      now over. Seventh place among 15 mostly younger
to slow us down despite the steady dose of energy         dered what task was waiting. It turned out to be a       teams, we take our position on the podium, our
gels and electrolyte drinks. But as we reached high-      real bummer. Memorize and recite the 6-paragraph         bodies exhausted from the punishing endurance
est elevation we clearly saw that there was nobody        text of the epitaph at General Paulino Santos’ mon-      race but with spirits high knowing full well it’s a feat
closing in on us. We were running eighth and so we        ument at the park. Brain sapped dry, lead-heavy          not everybody can achieve and something we can
took it a bit easy for a better finishing kick.           legs, reddened eyes and all from the 8-hour swel-        be proud of.
   The run back to Conel traversing the boulder-          tering heat, it was only between me and Jade now            The prizes were all too good to accept on the
strewn Klaja River was a relief from the uphill trek at   because Pedro can’t memorize a hoot. We slowly           winners’ podium but more satisfying, heart-warm-
Balakayo but since the sun was at its hottest, it was     gathered ourselves after a brief lull as I read, mem-    ing and gratifying was the sense of accomplish-
a bruising battle. Every so often we would pause to       orized, read again and memorized 4 paragraphs to         ment, the camaraderie and the sense of purpose
cup with our hands the cool, clear river waters and       Jade’s two. Passed.                                      that finishing the race brought. n

    TUNa FEsT...                                          Dance Invasion and see for yourself. Really, come
                                                          and see.
    more outdoor sportsmen, the 11thYellowfin                If you are the laid back type and just enjoy
    Mountain Bike Competition was their event.            watching the fun from a distance there was the
    Truckloads of bikes were transported to the           Fishtahan sa Fishport and the Bancarera. These
    City from the neighboring provinces.                  two activities have been much anticipated every
       If that does not a Festival make, then the         Tuna Festival and were actually participated
    food and culinary activities will. The very           by fishermen and fish workers. The bancarera
    much anticipated “Golden State Culinary               is a race of motorized bancaswhich are popu-
    Skills Olympics”wowed many spectators at              larly known here as “pakura.” The Queen Tuna
    the 2-day competition of colorful flower and          Park was already crowded even before sunrise
    table arrangements, cake decorations, table           and was packed like sardines by the time the             A contingent for street dance competition in a
    settings and who would have thought that              gun was fired to signal the start of the race. The       syncopated routine.
    there is an art to folding table napkins! Yes,        Fishtahan, as its title connotes, is a feast. A feast
    behold those dainty tissues!                          of tuna activities: Tuna Relay – test ones speed
                                                                                                                   Barangay Fatima. What started at about 8:30
       If you are not into sports, or food (although      while carrying the tuna; Pabigatan Tuna – hails
                                                                                                                   in the evening, was finished by 1:00 in the
    one can hardly imagine not being into food)           the biggest catch of the day; Buhat Tuna – meas-
                                                                                                                   morning! Definitely the longest Float Parade
    then, like many Generals again, you must              ures one strength by how long one can hold the
                                                                                                                   in Gensan’s history. Another first is the Float
    be into music and dance! The Brigada Teen-            tuna (like a weighing scale) ; Bilis, Linis Tuna –cal-
                                                                                                                   Exhibit in front of the City Hall for the week-
    Guwang&Talent Showcase of the Generals                culates ones speed in de-gutting & de-gilling a
                                                                                                                   long Festival celebration where the Generals
    displayed the undeniable, the unquestion-             mature tuna. These are normally what laborers
                                                                                                                   can take a closer look and take pictures.
    able, and the undisputable: Gensan is where           and fishermen do everyday at the Fish Port when
                                                                                                                      If that made the opening salvo colorful, the
    the hum of the “kulisaps” and the hopping of          thecatch are unloaded. now you know why the
                                                                                                                   Street Dancing which was participated by el-
    the grasshoppers can be orchestrated into             participants are fishermen and fish workers…
                                                                                                                   ementary and high school students from dif-
    harmony of melodies and choreography of               these are no ordinary contest of skills or endur-
                                                                                                                   ferent schools, rendered the Gensan streets
    moves! Exaggeration you say? Then come                ance. The onlookers are usually amazed by how
                                                                                                                   vivid and bright with the multihued and flam-
    and see next year’s Pop Idol and Hip-Hop              fast or strong the participants are especially while
                                                                                                                   boyant outfits of the dancers as it highlighted
                                                          carrying or cleaning a 50-kg tuna.
                                                                                                                   the closing of the Festival. The costumes were
                                                             All Festivals go for the fancy and colorful. The
                                                                                                                   rich in colors embellished with flashy and
                                                          Tuna Festival is no different as it aspired to be
                                                                                                                   glitzy accessories and props. The dance rou-
                                                          above par in this year’s Tuna Float Parade and the
                                                                                                                   tines were enthralling with fluid and excited
                                                          Tuna Pasiklaban Street Dancing Competition.
                                                                                                                   movements. The sequence were made more
                                                             The Tuna Float Parade was participated by fish-
                                                                                                                   beguiling by the moves of the little ones who
                                                          ing companies, malls and other local businesses
                                                                                                                   were so earnest in their dance steps.
                                                          which jumpstarted the opening ceremonies. All
                                                                                                                      Indeed, the 14th Tuna Festival personified
                                                          Floats were enhanced with electric props and
                                                                                                                   the “WOW” and “more fun” spirit. It was in the
                                                          were lighted for the night parade. Yes, this is also
                                                                                                                   cherubic, smiles of the children. The knowing
                                                          the first time that the Festival had a day parade
                                                                                                                   grins of the elderly. The ever feisty laughter of
                                                          which started from the newly opened SM Mall of
                                                                                                                   the young. People from all walks of life with
     Making it TUNAspectacular. The organizers            Gensan making its way to the Oval Plaza and a
     of the event led by GSCFishport Manager,                                                                      variety of preferences and differences in ori-
                                                          night parade after the opening ceremonies. The
     Carlos Hagosohos (at left) and Egai Cadiente                                                                  entations with the same hullabaloo: It is re-
                                                          caravan of lighted floats proceeded its leisurely
     (second from the right).                                                                                      ally more TunaFest, TunaFun in Magandang
                                                          procession passing major thoroughfares as far as
                                                                                                                   Gensan! n



Isang Maletang Pangarap
by: Egai Cadiente

One extraordinary woman. One exceptional family. One burning dream.
This is the story of Imelda Ogoy-Delos Reyes and her family,
Region 12 awardee for Model OFW Family 2012

           he quiet neighbor-                                                                                                            is no wonder why their four
           hood of a little bar-                                                                                                         children - Daniel John Flor-
           rio in Tupi South                                                                                                             ence, 17; Luke John, 14; Paul
Cotabato would awaken as                                                                                                                 John, 10; and Dorothy May,
a lyrical “putooooo... bib-                                                                                                              5 - have imbibed the very
ingkaaa” small, crisp, voice                                                                                                             values that they espouse.
would echo in the mist of                                                                                                                Reared to be God-fearing,
dawn. This was how Imelda                                                                                                                Christian values are evident
was introduced to the value                                                                                                              in their youthful disposi-
of hard work. At a tender age                                                                                                            tion: Daniel was an altar
of 9, she would already earn                                                                                                             server who even dreams to
a living for her family and                                                                                                              be a priest; Luke is an active
for herself. Born in a brood                                                                                                             reader for chapel liturgical
of 9, Imelda’s childhood was                                                                                                             celebration, while PJ sings
about earning extra cents so                                                                                                             for the church choir. Sunday
she could buy her own school                                                                                                             mass in their community
requirements.                                                                                                                            chapel would not be com-
    From childhood to her                                                                                                                plete without them in their
teens up to her college                                                                                                                  respective roles. Active as
days, Imelda never wavered                                                                                                               they are in church and com-
through difficulties. Working                                                                                                            munity, they are as prolific
as an office assistant in an in- Imelda poses with her trophy during the regional awarding in October, with her family on right.         in school. All three boys are
surance company, she would                                                                                                               bemedalled students. A
be on the streets and houses selling       tate to give her a chance.                quired which range from real estate      consortium of awards ranging from
trade and goods when she’s not in              And so her buy and sell business      to agricultural lands.                   academic to civic citations, decorate
the office. As a working student, free     began. She would send package after           Despite the demands of business      their home.
time is never free. On evenings, skip-     package of goods to the Philippines,      and the rigors of work, Imelda and           Theirs is a happily contented fam-
ping dinner became a routine. She          which, her business partner Alonso,       her husband never faltered in their      ily. The kind of contentment derived
would just wait for mornings in the        who was also her boyfriend, would         faith. Both of them were heavily ac-     not from material abundance but
office for free coffee.                    prudently manage.                         tive in cathechism and other church      from the overflowing love they share,
    For her, thrift became a virtue. She       All told, Alonso, would not only be   engagements way before they met.         the kind of love that transcends bor-
would have an empty stomach, but           a business partner. Eventually, he be-    Alonso was a former volunteer            ders.
she had the fullest determination.         came Imelda’s life partner. Two years     church worker in Koronadal South              Alonso, who is presently work-
Discipline and decent means were           into the business, and her fifth year in  Cotabato and Imelda was a devout         ing overseas in Japan, maintains
her tools. The odds and odd jobs           Hong Kong, Imelda                                             Catholic.      When  daily communication with the fam-
were her allies.                                                                                                              ily. Conversations are always replete
    Soon after graduation, an oppor-
                                           decided to finally              On evenings,                  Imelda came home
                                                                                                                              with encouragement and affirmation.
                                           return home to the                                            from Hong Kong,
tunity for Hong Kong presented itself.     Philippines after             skipping dinner                 she organized the    Distance has never been a hindrance
She was just accompanying her sister       they got married. became a routine. She                       first Catholic Wom-  as the family’s closeness grows each
to process her papers but she found        Imelda and Alonso                                             en’s League in her   day.
herself applying instead as domes-         settled in General          would just wait for               community. Out of        Theirs is a family of simplicity and
tic helper. And circumstances were                                                                                            humility. Theirs is a home of kindness
on her side. Resources would come
                                           Santos City where
                                           they continued the
                                                                    mornings in the office their hearts, they and generosity. And the children are
                                                                                                         the abundance of
handily from friends who lent her
money she needed in the processing.
                                           buy and sell busi-             for free coffee.               funded the con-      the living testament to the kind of
                                                                                                                              character Imelda’s family has.
                                           ness having estab-                                            struction of their
    The day that she packed her suit-      lished a partner in Hong Kong.            community chapel as testament to             Five years as domestic helper,
case for Hong Kong would be the day            Both imbued with natural busi-        their parochial fidelity.                eighteen years of a blessed marriage,
that would change her fate forever.        ness acumen, they ventured into a             Beyond religious engagement,         Imelda today is a woman of content-
    As though fated indeed, her em-        merchandising store and not long          their hearts poured out into civic       ment and joy. And it all started with a
ployer was a family of good people         after, a catering service. Like all other involvement as well. Presently, they     suitcase of dreams. The suitcase that
who embraced and treated her like          endeavors, these ventures were not        are sending 8 scholars to school.        she brought to foreign lands is now
a kin. When they found out that she        without challenges. There were days       They also sustained the priesthood       filled with promise for her family. Her
was a degree holder, they offered her      when they had to deliver packed           formation of Fr. Ferdinand Tomo,         family is the story of life now.
a sideline as messenger of the fam-        lunch to offices and establishments       who has been recently ordained as
ily business. Even in foreign land, her    themselves on foot. At times Imelda       priest. Her brother Tommy, whom              This is the story of Imelda and her
ingenuity was never kept at bay. On        and Alonso would deliver ordered          Imelda supported from the start, is      suitcase of dreams. n
her days off, she would cook and pack      goods under heavy sheets of rain,         now a Seaman and Chief Engineer.
Filipino lunch and snacks and sell at      using their first ever vehicle - a mo-    Charitable institutions like home for    ____________
church gates and parks to OFWs. She        torcycle.                                 the aged, an orphanage in GenSan,        (Delos Reyes Family of General Santos City
was a relentless entrepreneur. That,           But these pains were all tests they   and a seminary are regular recipients    is Region 12’s entry to the National Level
and the trust and confidence her em-       have both withstood. Through the          of their abundant hearts. The fam-       Model OFW Family-MOFYA- competition
ployers afforded her, paved the way        years, their perseverance and strug-      ily also regularly shares resources to   land-base category. Awarding will be in
for a buy and sell business she had        gles yielded generously as evidenced      calamity-stricken communities and        early December in Malacañang. MOFYA, a
planned. When she asked her em-            by the number of properties and           medical missions.                        program of OWWA and DOLE , is now on
ployers for a loan, they did not hesi-     investment they have gradually ac-            With how they are as a couple, it    its 8th year)

                                                                                                                                                     OCT | NOV 2012


                                                               A Challenge made Flesh
                                                              by: Aileen Filoteo

                                                                T   he GSC Hospital took the challenge which the Honorable City Mayor conveyed in her
                                                                    Inspirational Talk on its 38th Foundation Anniversary in February.
                                                                 Dr. Benjamin G. Pa-        sonable budget. Conse-
                                                              garigan, Jr., Chief of Hos-   quently, a strategic plan
                                                              pital, was audacious to       was devised. Cost Centers
                                                              confront the bondage          of the city hospital were
                                                              which our city hospital       determined and geared
                                                              has been tied up for so       to meet their quota.
Ramp going to the GSCH ER-OPD Complex                         long a time – deficient          As of September 2012,
                                                              revenue. He is steadfast      the city hospital’s total
End of the Wait:                                              in his belief that “The re-   collection amounted to
Refurbished GSC Hospital                                      quirements to yield best
                                                              and quality services are
                                                                                            Php78,300,000.00 (CTO
                                                                                            Report on Revenue &
ER-OPD now open                                               (1) trained and skilled       Receipts), a far cry from
   The wait is finally over!                                  doctors, (2) quality and      the meager 2011 Total
   Two years after the renovation project was unveiled        cost effective medicines,     Operating Income of
to the public, General Santos City Hospital Emergency         (3) sufficient medical sup-   Php67,800,00.00.               Mayor Darlene challenges to step
room- Out patient department or ER-OPD Complex is             plies, (4) complete servic-      And it does not stop        up the ladder of quality health
finally functional.                                           es, (5) therapeutic milieu    there. The challenge           care in one of her interactions with
   GSC Hospital will hold its soft opening on November                                                                     hospital personnel
                                                              (health      environment),    goes on and it is best to
26, 2012, in time with the conduct of the much awaited
“Operation Smile”; a surgical mission for the cleft lip       and (6) skilled and profi-    note that GSC Hospital
                                                              cient hospital personnel.”    continues to improve to        pital will soon be free from the
and palate to cater to the indigent constituents of Gen-
eral Santos City and its neighboring municipalities. This     The conditions which Dr.      become a true Economic         LGU financial subsidy and could
project is in coordination with Operation Smile Philip-       Pagarigan stated require      Enterprise. This can only      sustain its operations by its own
pines and LGU-General Santos City.                            an appropriation of rea-      mean that the city hos-        income. n

   Completion of 2nd floor OB Ward and Private Wing is at its 59.04% work
accomplishment. Construction of the Gynecology Ward is now at 75.24% com-
pletion rate.                                                                           Philhealth, hihimukin ang lahat
   The renovation of the Operating Room/Delivery Room (OR/DR) has stopped
at 42.67% completion because the city hospital is yet to relocate the existing          na maging miyembro
OR/DR to an area that would not compromise sterility. Same is true with the
Renovation of Pediatric ICU Room possible area for relocation is still to be de-        by: Allan Loi J. Villanueva

      Another project of the Department of Health in joint efforts with the                      ng PhilHealth ay susuy-   sabing plano ng PhilHealth.
LGU-General Santos City - construction of the Supply and Management Build-                       urin ang lungsod upang       Makakatulong ang resulta ng
ing. With this proud edifice that is now fully operational, the Inventory System                 himukin ang lahat na      nakaraang City Census upang
of the city hospital is now in place.                                                  maging miyembro”, ito ang naging    malaman kung ilan pang mga
                                                                                       pahayag ni Dr. Eduardo P. Banzon,   General ang di pa myembro ng
  IRR of Gender and Development Code approved                                          Presidente ng PhilHealth, sa kan-   PhilHealth ayon kay Mayor Custo-
                                                                                       yang talumpati sa kaunaunahang      dio. Malaki din ang parte ng City
  by: Erline C. Grafilo
                                                                                       Health Congress sa lungsod kam-     Social Welfare and Development
     Another milestone is reached as       bition of materials in the city that        akailan lang.                       Office sa nasabing hakbangin,
  the Executive Order (EO) No. 005, or     degrade persons.                               Kasama ang buong pwersa ng       dagdag pa nito.
  the Implementing Rules and Regula-           b) Special event for men every          PhilHealth Region XII na pinan-        Ipinagkaloob din ng Philhealth
  tions (IRR) of Gender and Develop-       first Monday of June which is Men’s         gungunahan ni Regional Vice         ang tsekeng nagkakahalaga ng
  ment (GAD) Code 2010, is signed          Day to support GAD advocacy pur-            President Ramon F. Aristioza,       8.5 milyong pisong share sa Ru-
  early this year by the Honorable         suits.
  Mayor Darlene Magnolia R. Antoni-            c) Establishment of Barangay            ipinahayag ni Banzon ang na-        ral Health Unit ng Bula. Umaasa
  no-Custodio.                             GAD Committees;                             sabing plano na gawing pilot area   si Dr. Edgardo Sandig, Head ng
     GAD Code is a local law recog-            d) Prohibition of the conduct of        ang Gensan upang tugunan ang        City Integrated Health Office na
  nizing women as full and equal           Fund Raising Activities that depict         kautusan ni Pangulong Noynoy        maging taunang pagtitipon ito
  partners of men. This ensures that       any person as central, partial, or          Aquino na mabigyan ang lahat ng     upang maging daan sa mga karag-
  all forms of discrimination against      special focus to raise funds; and           medical insurance at masigurong     dagang kaalaman sa lahat ng mga
  women and children are addressed.            e) Regulation of Beauty Contest         hindi na mahihirapan sa mga ser-    tagapagpalaganap ng tamang
     Provided in the EO is the desig-      and similar activities that commod-         bisyong medical.                    kalusugan.
  nation of the City Population Man-       ify, abuse, humiliate and treat any
  agement Office (CPMO) as the GAD         person as sex objects.                         Buong suporta naman ang             Isang exhibit din ang binuksan
  Focal Office of the City.                    With the GAD policy, the Gener-         naging tugon ni Mayor Darlene       sa pagsisimula ng congress kung
     Other salient provisions of the       als can now envision living in a city       Antonino – Custodio matapos         saan ipinakita ang ibat-ibang pro-
  EO are:                                  that respects every person regard-          marinig ang mensahe. Ayon sa        grama at hakbangin ng mga RHU
     a) The creation of Local Monitor-     less of its sexual orientation and          Alkalde handa naman ang lokal na    at distrito ng kalusugan ng lung-
  ing Board for Violence in Media,         promotes protection of its peo-             pamahalaan na magbigay ng mga       sod. (CPIO)
  function of which is to classify, cen-   ple from gender-based violence.             datus upang matulungan ang na-
  sure, prohibit, or regulate the exhi-    (CPMO)


                                                                                                                       NEWS BITS
                                                                                                              Mangrove planting,
                                                                                                              rehab set
                                                                                                                 Officers and members of the Small Fishermen
     Microsoft Philippines to Gensan:                                                                         Association of Barangay Bula in coordination with
                                                                                                              the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
                                                                                                              (BFAR-12) and the city government are set to plant
  Implement Partners in Learning Program                                                                      mangrove seedlings at Zone 6, Bula, this city.
                                                                                                                  This activity will further improve the rehabilita-
  by: Michael E. Peligro                                                                                      tion efforts of the government in mangrove trees

                                                                                                              located in the coastal areas of Zone 6 barangay
              s part of its 15-city technology road-   agreement to be signed and approved between            Bula.
              show dubbed “Microsoft’s I.T.: It’s      Microsoft and the local government to start the             Coastal areas planted with mangrove trees
              More Fun in the Philippines”, the        program’s implementation.                              serves as spawning ground for fishes and other
              Microsoft team visited the City, pri-        The City has but positive response for this and    marine animals.
marily its S.H.E.E.P. Computer Literacy Program        will consider it for its future projects.                  Other magrove trees in the city are located in
(CLP) office on September 10, suggesting various           During its visit to the SHEEP-CLP office at Ma-    coastal barangays of the city.
information technology (IT) improvements such          buhay IT Park, Ced Avenue, the team was briefed             Just recently, a Memo of Agreement was
as the Partners in Learning Program (PIL).             about the Robotics training being implemented          signed by Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio rep-
   Headed by Tovia Va’aelua, Business Group            through the SHEEP-CLP. Robotics is the most ad-        resenting the city government, and the head of
Lead of Microsoft Philippines and George Parrilla,     vanced level-up training handled by the SHEEP-         the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in
Microsoft Territory Manager for Southern Philip-       CLP.                                                   regard to the planting/rehabilitation of mangrove
pines, the team visited key offices in the city in         The team also toured the adjacent office of        at Zone 6, barangay Bula. (Ping Aponesto/CPIO)
pursuit of enticing business entities to adopt and     Rapid Signal Electronics (RSE). RSE’s technopre-
deploy IT solutions that will improve their pro-       neur, Engr. Franz Duran, showed them wireless
ductivity and make them globally competitive in        technology applications and expounded on the           Brownouts hit
the fast-growing buyer-to-buyer (b2b) and buyer-       capabilities of microcontrollers. He also discussed
to-consumer (b2c) international markets .              his experience in developing the training and on       Mindanao anew
                                                       how it can be replicated in other schools through-         Power consumers in Mindanao has started to
gensAn AnD MiCROsOFt:                                  out the country. He explained that it is also a way    experience two hours rotating brownout starting
PARTNERS IN LEARNING                                   to encourage students to become involved in sci-       second week of October.
    In its courtesy call with General Santos City      ence and technology and develop more skilled               According to Ms. Milfrance Q. Capulong, Cor-
Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio, the team dis-         Filipino engineers. RSE is a local private techno-     porate Communications and Public Affairs Officer
cussed the possibility of becoming technological       preneur partner of SHEEP – CLP in that it designs      of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines
partners for the city government’s information         the circuit trainer boards and mobile robots that      (NGCP) Mindanao Area, this is caused by the
and communications technology (ICT) infrastruc-        served as instruments for practical experimenta-       preventive maintenance shutdown for the two
ture. Parilla suggested the idea of implementing       tion used by the students of the Robotics training     electric generation units of STEAG State Power
the Microsoft Partners in Learning (PIL) program       under the SHEEP-CLP. RSE has been collaborating        Inc Mindanao Coal Fired Power Plant in Misamis
for the city, particularly for public school stu-      with SHEEP-CLP in giving lessons and delivering        Oriental.
dents.                                                 the robotics training to high school students.            In a recent Forum on Mindanao Power Situ-
    The PIL program is an online global commu-             Microsoft is the world leader in personal com-     ation held on Oct.4, 2012 in General Santos City,
nity named “Partners in Learning” Network. It is       puting operating systems and business produc-          NGCP also presented the Power Situation Outlook
a venue where school leaders with common in-           tivity software and the SHEEP-CLP is an active         as of Oct.3 wherein it was reported that available
terests can share their experiences and connect        proponent of its technologies. SHEEP-CLP gives         capacity for Mindanao is 1,151 mw while the Sys-
with one another. The members of this network          basic computer operations training to teachers         tems peak is 1,232 mw. Gross Reserve is -81.
are encouraged to organize local school commu-         and students by offering lessons in Microsoft              Power consumers say that this preventive
nities, visit other Partners in Learning Schools,      Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Structured Query          maintenance schedule will further worsen the
hold local workshops, and share best practices.        Language (SQL). Clearly, this short stopover by        power shortage being experienced by Mindanao.
This network has been in existence for 10 years.       Microsoft is one of the promising developments         (Ping Aponesto/CPIO)
It is a 500-million dollar global initiative aimed     that the SHEEP-CLP has been waiting for, espe-
at improving teaching and learning. Since 2003,
it has partnered with educators, helping nearly
                                                       cially with regards upgrading its robotics training.
                                                           Indeed, the city is on its way to making IT,
                                                                                                              Ongoing inventory of local
8 million educators and reaching more than 190
million students in 114 countries. Parilla also
                                                       more fun in Magandang Gensan! n                        assets now at 70%
                                                                                                                 With only eight offices remaining from the to-
mentioned that it will just take a memorandum of                                                              tal list, the ongoing inventory of all the properties
                                                                                                              purchased by the local government unit here is
                                                                                                              now 70% finished, The inventory started April 23,
                                                                                                              2012 and is scheduled to conclude before end of
                                                                                                              this year. The activity is conducted by the Local As-
                                                                                                              sets and Inventory Board or LAIB.
                                                                                                                 The remaining offices now undergoing physi-
                                                                                                              cal inventory are the Day Care Centers under the
                                                                                                              City Social Welfare Development Office, City Engi-
                                                                                                              neer’s Office, City Treasurer’s Office, City General
                                                                                                              Services Office, City Accounting Office, City Health
                                                                                                              Office, General Santos City Hospital, and City Ad-
                                                                                                              ministrator’s Office.
                                                                                                                 In an interview, Roman Salazar, GSO Head, said
                                                                                                              that the inventory is aimed to update the records
                                                                                                              of the City Accounting Office and City General Ser-
                                                                                                              vices Office.
                                                                                                                 LAIB was introduced during the incumbency of
                                                                                                              then City Mayor Adelbert W. Antonino through
                                                                                                              Executive Order # 22 dated November 25, 1998.
                                                                                                              It was amended on August 22, 2001 through Ex-
                                                                                                              ecutive Order # 13 by Hon. Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.
Courtesy visit of Microsoft Philippines business group with Gensan City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio       (Mylene M. Basilio / CGSO)
and Executive Assistant III Mr. Percival Pasuelo of the CMO-SHEEP-Computer Literacy Program.

                                                                                                                                                 OCT | NOV 2012

                                                              NEWS BITS
Technology-based trainings                                                                                    CaUGHT IN THE aCT:
for OSYs conducted                                                                                            Government personnel
by: Arlyn Jane C. Quiapo
                                                                                                              siphoning diesel fuel
  I  n order to uplift the socio-economic status
     of the youth in the City, technology-based
     trainings have been implemented by the
Youth Advocacy Development Office..
   One of the trainings is the Unlad Kakayahan
                                                                                                              for personal use
                                                                                                              by: Aquiliez Zonio

ng Kabataan Skills Training and Enhancement

Program (UKK-STEP) Cum Livelihood focused on                                                                            he administration of Mayor Darlene
plumbing, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)                                                                             Antonino-Custodio is taking steps to
and computer servicing. This advocacy is                                                                                address even low-level corruption to
strongly supported by the Barangay Youth Peace                                                                prove it is serious in pursuing good governance.
AdvocacyDevelopment (BYPAD) Program. This                                                                         Just recently, a heavy equipment opera-
program is aimed at increasing the self-reliance                                                              tor got more than just a slap on the wrist for
of the youth and become more productive citi-                                                                 selling government fuel allocation to a private
zens of the city.                                                                                             individual.
   The training courses were conducted in Ba-       Youth trainees in working mode.                               No less than City Administrator Jose Mariano
rangay Tinagacan, Labangal, Apopong and City                                                                  Constantino Gonzales, with the help of Civil Se-
Heights with a total of 120 out – of – school       gays in the City of General Santos, are in support to     curity Unit deputy chief Reynaldo Clapis, caught
youth (OSY enrolees)                                President Pnoy’s Social Contract with the Filipino        in the act a 56-year old Elinito Oco siphoning
                                                    people, that is, poverty reduction and empower-           off diesel fuel of a backhoe to a plastic con-
   This program, which has been in existence
                                                    ment of the poor and vulnerable. These are also           tainer.
since 2001, had already trained OSYs who are
                                                    geared towards local attainment of the Millenium              On Sept. 25, upon the request of a barangay
now self-employed, while others are working                                                                   official, Oco, an employee of the City Engineer’s
for some industries locally and abroad.             Development Goals (MDGs) by uplifting the dis-
                                                    advantaged youth, encouraging them to continue            Office for more than 30 years, was sent to Ba-
   These community-based trainings, which has                                                                 rangay Lagao to do some road works.
forged partnerships with the Technical Educa-       learning through adequate technical programs
                                                    without spending any huge amount of money.                    Around noon time, Oco asked permission to
tion and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)                                                                 go to Camella Homes in Barangay San Isidro to
and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) of some baran-        (YADO)
                                                                                                              meet his daughter.
                                                                                                                  He was, however, unaware that the city
GenSan wins 112th Civil                             GenSan Gun Free Zone                                      government was conducting surveillance on
                                                                                                              all heavy equipment in the wake of persistent
Service Inter-agency                                sa TunaFest                                               reports of fuel pilferage.
                                                                                                                  Gonzales, himself, on board a private vehicle
                                                       Idineklarang Gun Free Zone ang lungsod ng Hen-
SportsFest                                          eral Santos sa pagdiriwang ng 2012 Tuna Festival
                                                    matapos lagdaan ni GenSan City Mayor Darlene An-
                                                                                                              followed the suspect andsaw the actual drain-
                                                                                                              ing of diesel fuel from a government-owned
                                                    tonino – Custodio ang Executive Order 23.                 excavator to a plastic container.
   After 2 years, the City Government of Gensan         Ang deklarasyon ay naayon sa Republic Act 7160             The incident took place around 12:45 p.m.
regains the Championship in the recently            o ang Local Government Code of the Philippines na         near a variety store in Purok Masagana in Ba-
concluded Inter-Agency SportsFest as part           nagbibigay kapangyarihan sa local na ehekutibo bi-        rangay San Isidro.
of the 112th Civil Service Month Anniversary        lang kumatakawan sa National Police Commission                Gonzales called for a back-up and when Cla-
celebration.                                        na bumalangkas ng plano sa pangangalaga ng kapa-          pis and his patrol team arrived, Oco had just left
                                                    yapaan sa kanyang nasasakupan.                            aboard the backhoe. Gonzales and Clapis found
   This was announced during the event’s                 Sa E.O. ay naatasan ang Philippine National
closing ceremony September 21 at the City’s         Police at iba pang ahensya na ipatupad ito ayon sa        at the scene three 18-litre plastic containers
Oval Plaza covered amidst a crowd composed of       Presidential Decree 1866 mula ika 8 ng Agosto hang-       filled with diesel fuel.
around 17 LGUs.                                     gang ika 15 ng Setyembre taong kasalukuyan.                   The city administrator called up Mark Reyes,
                                                        Isa sa malaking parte ng paghahanda ng natur-         Acting City Engineer, to bring Oco at the scene
   The Provincial Government of Sarangani
                                                    ang selebrasyon ang isyu ng siguridad at kapaya-          for confrontation. Elements of San Isidro Police
came in second this year after holding the                                                                    Station also arrived to investigate and take cus-
                                                    paan, kaya naman taunang tinututukan ng ating ma-
Championship title for 2 successive years in        mumuo ng festival, PNP, Joint Task Force – GenSan,        tody of the suspect.
2010 and 2011. The result is based on the tallied   Lokal na Pamahalaan ng lungsod at iba pang ahen-              Gonzales said he started conducting surveil-
scores of various sports events like Table & Lawn   sya ang pagpaplano nito.                                  lance on Oco some three months back after re-
Tennis, Chess, Badminton, Bowling, Basketball,          Naging matiwasay naman ang takbo ng halos             ceiving reports of fuel pilferage.
Athletics, Dart, and Volleyball.                    isang buwang aktibidad ng Tunafest, Tunafun sang-             The fuel buyer, identified as a certain Gerar-
                                                    ayon sa inaasahan ng lahat. (Allan Loi villanueva/        do Estipano, admitted during investigation that
   This is an annual friendly competition           CPIO)
between local and national government                                                                         he had purchased diesel fuel from Oco thrice
agencies in the city and Sarangani Province
spearheaded by the Civil Service Commission
                                                    Completion of sanitary                                        Estipano agreed to turn witness and execut-
(CSC) Sarangani and General Santos Field Office     Landfill project set next year                            ed an affidavit substantiating the charge against
headed by Dir. Edna N. Mahinay with the theme           The city’s Sanitary Landfill is expected to be            The buyer bared that he is buying an 18-litre
“Kawani, Ikaw ay isang Lingkod Bayani”.             completed and operational middle of 2013. Ac-             container of diesel fuel from Oco at P700.
    Mahinay read the messages of President          cording to Engr. Nael Cruspero, head of the City              A case of qualified theft had already been
                                                    Planning and Development Office, the target date          filed in court against the suspect. “This is to
BENIGNO S. AQUINO III and CSC Commissioner          of completion is the month of June next year. Its
FRANCISCO T. DUQUE which centered on                                                                          prove that we are serious in running after
                                                    completion is a boost to the solidwaste program of        crooks in the bureaucracy. This will serve as a
strengthening the foundation of government          the city government.
and recognizing the sacrifices that the                                                                       stern warning to others,” Gonzales said.
                                                        Gensan’s landfill project is located in a 63.3-hec-
                                                                                                                  Fuel pilferage has been a perennial problem
government workers give for public service.         tare land in barangay Sinawal, about 10-minute
                                                                                                              bugging the City Engineer’s Office.
   “The success of the celebration is always a      drive from downtown Gensan. Cruspero said that
                                                                                                                  Aside from criminal case, the City Legal Of-
collaborative effort of many hands and heads,”      this project amounts to P362-Million and is under
                                                    contractual arrangement of “Build-Operate-Trans-          fice had also initiated an administrative case
Mahinay said, thanking the local and national                                                                 against the suspect to expel him from govern-
                                                    fer” scheme. The project contractor is R-II Builders
agencies for their support to the annual                                                                      ment service. (Civil Security Unit)
                                                    and Philippine Ecology Systems Corporation Con-
celebration. (Allan Loi Villanueva/CPIO)            sortium. (Ping Aponesto/CPIO)


                                                        D E Pa R T M E N T R E P O R T s

  GSC’s 3rd Lechon Festival:
  Celebrating the strength of Local Hog raisers
by: Paulito A. Maquilang (with inputs from Nestor Claro V. Cabalquinto, SOCOSPA)

   “The Power of One: One                                                                                                  and backyard. The Philippine hog sector
Industry…One Voice…Fresh Pinoy                                                                                             composes a majority of backyard hog
Pork”, thus is the theme of the 3rd                                                                                        raisers. Commercial hog raisers are
Lechon Festival held on July 3 at the                                                                                      compose of only about 29 percent of the
City Oval covered court .                                                                                                  country’s local hog sector.
   In its 3rd year, the said festival                                                                                         The local hog raisers had raised their
which is organized by the GSC’s                                                                                            concerns to the government to protect the
Office of the City Veterinarian and                                                                                        industry through regionalization of bio-
South Cotabato Swine Producers                                                                                             security areas in the country especially in
Association, Inc. (SOCOSPA) has                                                                                            Mindanao which was declared FMD (Foot
drawn the support of around 113                                                                                            and Mouth Disease) free since 2000 and
major veterinary drug companies,                                                                                           2002 by the International Organization
distributors       and         suppliers                                                                                   of Animal Health in Paris, France and to
from Manila, Cebu, Davao and                                                                                               open the halted hog export program.
SOCSKSARGEN region, hog raisers,                                                                                           Dr. Catbagan said that the government
Pork Producers Federation of the                                                                                           is now bidding out the LCMS (Liquid
Philippines, National Federation                                                                                           Chromatography Mass Spectrometry)
of Hog Farmers, AGAP and ABONO                                                                                             machine to be installed at the National
Party Lists, Swine Development                                                                                             Meat Inspection Services (NMIS)
Council and local lechoneros.                                                                                              Regional Satellite Laboratory in Glamang,
   Representative      Nicanor       M. Feast for the senses. Sumptuous stars of the 3rd Lechon Festival for public con- Polomolok, South Cotabato as means to
Briones of Agriculture Sector sumption in GSC Oval Gym.                                                                    support the health and quality of locally
Alliance of the Philippines or AGAP                                                                                        produced meats in the region for the local
delivered an inspirational message to all hog producers in the city, drawing         and export markets.
the participants’ support to vigilantly monitor and stop pork smuggling–                John Lechon House wins the 3 Lechon Parade & Competition

logistically and technically - from the country’s major ports of entry to local wet     Forty-two lechoneros participated in its Lechon Parade & Competition,
markets; and he stressed that by November of this year, if drastic measures          where lechoneros roasted pork carcasses right in the city’s Oval Plaza open
do not put an end to this, probably 50 percent of all backyard hog raisers will      grounds. John Lechon House won the first place. KIKO’s and Mauro Gimongala
stop business.                                                                       lechon houses won the second and third places respectively. The prizes were
   Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio echoed the same sentiment but also                awarded during the 3rd Livestock Sectors and Suppliers Night held at Phela
emphasized the City’s action in addressing this problem that she would not           Grande Hotel.
allow any illegally smuggled and imported pork to be unloaded at the city’s             The winners received P5,000.00, P4,000.00 and P3,000.00 respectively. The
Makar Wharf and be sold at a lower price at our city public markets.                 five judges also selected the best lechon in town.
   Chester Tan, President of South Cotabato Swine Producers Association,                The festival was one of the highlights of annual city’s business month
Inc. said that pork imports are competing with local pork unfairly due to its        celebration of Yaman Gensan which ran from June to July respectively. (City
cheap costs which hurts much of the local hog producers both commercial              Agri)

     Real Property Tax
                                                                                           TOTAL ASSESSED VALUE TAxABLE

     indicates the city’s economic growth
   by: Rose R. Romero

     R      eal property tax is one of
            the major sources of rev-
            enue to fund local services
   and development projects. In real
   property tax collection, assessment
                                           formance review by the City Assessor’s
                                           office where growth trend of total as-
                                           sessed value taxable of lands, build-
                                           ings, machineries and plants in the
                                           city was established, following are the
   process plays a pivotal role. Assess-   notable findings:
   ment is a scheme of assigning to            • 98.69% significant growth of total
   every parcel of land including all      assessed value of commercial buildings
   the taxable improvements on such        in 2007 from P1,039,332,220 in 2002
   lands, a current and fair market        to P2,065,042,170 in 2007 and 67.6%
   value. An assessment level factor       increase for the period 2007-2012 at-                    Incremental pattern of the total assessed value taxable of lands, buildings,
   is applied to such market value to      tributed to the influx of investments in                 machineries and plants located in the 26 barangays of the city every five
   arrive at an assessed value for each    the city;                                                years from year 2002 to July, 2012.
   parcel of land and each improve-            • Total assessed value of residen-
   ment to insure the equitable distri-    tial buildings rose from P245,477,180      18.9% for the next five years;                       increased slightly in 2012 by 5.57%.
   bution of the tax burden. Thus, the     in 2002 to P514,578,640 in 2007 or            • Construction of school buildings                   The results of the assessment
   assessed value is the value pegged      109.62% increment and for the period       accelerated at 143.67% during the pe-                performance review depict the
   on taxable property by the Asses-       2007 to July 2012, a 100.82% increase      riod 2007-2012;                                      city’s development in terms of
   sor for ad valorem tax purposes.        implying the tremendous leap of resi-         • Commercial machineries in-                      building construction and acquisi-
   The amount of tax depends upon          dential building construction as a re-     creased from P413,119,660 in 2002                    tion of commercial machineries.
   the value of the property. Real         sult of population growth and migra-       to P1,256,126,390 in 2007 or 204.05%                 This growth means the emergence
   properties are assessed on the ba-      tory factors;                              increment and a slight decrease of                   of taxes and calls for the harness-
   sis of their actual usage regardless        • Hospital building construction       P35,167,680 in 2012 or 2.80%;                        ing of source of reserves which
   of the location of the property and     was at its peak in 2002-2007 from             • Total assessed value of govern-                 would ultimately lead to more de-
   who is using it.                        P9,208,520 to P29,937,890 or 225.11%       ment-owned buildings increased im-                   velopment projects and ensure the
       In the recent assessment per-       growth rate and a slight increase of       mensely from P573,140 in 2002 to                     delivery of basic and other social
                                                                                      P4,741,210 in 2007 or 727.23% and                    services. (CASSO)

                                                                                                                                                               OCT | NOV 2012


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