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									Which monastic order built the Abbey of Cluny in 910?
Which monastic order founded the Clos de Vougeot?
Which Valois Duke uprooted Gamay in favour of Pinot Noir?
What was King Louis XIV prescribed for his gout?
Which law fragmented Burgundian vineyard ownership in 1804?
Which factor is the key in Burgundian appellation boundaries?
How many Grand Crus are in the Côte D'or?

Name 4 white Grand Cru Vineyards in Burgundy

Name 3 Grand Cru Vineyards in the Domaine de la Romanée Conti
What term refers to a wine merchant who also grows grapes?
Why are Beaujolais' soils better suited to Gamay than Pinot Noir?
Where would you find the most expensive Chardonnay in Burgundy?
What organization was founded by Nicolas Rolin in 1443?
What do they call the important Burgundian wind which helps keep the vineyards dry?
Burgundian bedrock is formed chiefly by what type of soil?
Name the three types of limestone formations in Burgundy.

Where limestone dominates the Burgundian terroir, which grape is mostly likely to be found growing?
The Pinot Noir in the Cote de Nuits grows typically in which 3 types of soil?
Which white grape is mixed with crème de cassis to form a "kir"?
What is Bourgogne Passetoutgrains?
What two red varieties are found in Chablis?
What form of training is traditionally used in Beaujolais?
Is Chapalization permitted for Pinot Noir in Burgundy?
Burgundian Pinot Noir is typically fermented at what temperature?
What are the yields for Grand Cru reds and white in Burgundy?
What is the chief climactic concern in Chablis?
What are the two famous soils of Chablis?
Where is Burgundy's only Sauvignon Blanc produced?
Delineate the 4 AOC levels in Chablis
Name the 7 Grand Cru of Chablis
Where would you find the only 1er cru white wine in the cote de Nuits?
The escarpment along the western Cote D'or alows ideal mid-slope plantings for top wines. What are
these slopes called?
In which AOC would you find Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru?
What is the largest commune in the cote de Beaune?
Name two out of the three most respected vineyards in Meursault.
The limestone in Meurseault is different from that in Puligny-Montrachet, name both types.
Which two Grand Cru vineyards are shared between Puligny and Chassagne-Montrachet?
In which AOC would you be most likely be drinking Aligoté?
Name four AOC of the Cote Chalonnaise.
What is the finest AOC of the Macon?
Bourgogne Irancy AOC produces a blended red wine of which two varieties?
If you were drinking rosé in the Cote de Nuits, you would most likely be in…?
Which AOC contains the most 1er and Grand Crus of the Cote de Nuits?
Where would you find the Clos de Beze?
Grand Cru Bonnes Mares is share between which two AOC?
Where would you find Grand Cru Clos de Tart?
Which AOC is considered the most variable of the Cote de Nuits?
Which domaine is said to produce the world's benchmark for great Pinot Noir?

Nuits-St-George has a greater content of this soil type, producing markedly firmer, and more rustic wines.
What is the only Grand Cru Red wine in the Cote de Beaune
What is generally accepted as the top AOC in the Cote Challonaise?
What Cote Challonaise AOC produces exclusively white wine?
25% fo the Macon is planted with this grape.
Beaujolais AOC produces how much more wine than the rest of Burgundy proper?
What are the two fermentation stages of carbonic maceration?
Grapes fermented by partial carbonic maceration use which type of vat?

Name 5 of the 10 Beaujolais Cru
What do the Burgundians call a vineyard site?
Name the 5 districts of Burgundy from North to South
The Benedictines
The Cistercians
Philip the Bold
Vieux Bourgogne
Napoléonic Law of Succession (Code Napoléon)
Corton Charlemagne, Charlemagne, Montrachet, Bâtard-Montrachet, Bienvenue-Bâtard-Montrachet,
Chevalier-Montrachet, Criots-Bâtard Montrachet
La Romanée-Conti, Echézeaux, Grands-Echézeaux, La Tache, Richebourg, La Romanée, Romanée-St.Vivant.
La Grande Rue
Puligny-Montrachet (Le Montrachet)
The Hospices de Beaune
La Bise
Marine Fossils, Marlstone, Oolitic Limestone

Sandy limestone, Marl and Clay
A blended wine of Pinot Noir and Gamay
César and Tressot
Yes, up to 2%
30°C 86°F
35hl/ha for reds, 40 for whites
Kimmeridgian and Portlandian
St. Bris
Petit Chablis AOC, Chablis AOC, Chablis Premiere Cro AOC, Chablis Grand Cru AOC
Valmur, Vaudesir, Les Preuses, Grenouilles, Blanchots, Bourgos, Les Clos
Clos de Vougeot, 1er Cru Blanc de Vougeot

Les Coteaux
Aloxe-Corton AOC
Beaune AOC
Les Perrieres, Les Genevrieres, Les Charmes
Meurseault's: Comblanchieb… Pulighny-Montrachet's: Pierre de Chassagne
Le Montrachet and Batard-Montrachet
Bouzeron AOC
Rully, Mercurey, Givry, Montagny, Buxy, Chagny
Pinot Noir and Cesar
Morey-St-Denis and Chambolle Musigny
Clos de Vougeot
Domaine de la Romanée-Conti

Le Corton, in Aloxe-Corton AOC
Mercurey AOC
Montagny AOC
Twice as much
Intracellular (1st stage) and Extracellular (2nd stage)

Moulin-a-Vent, Brouilly, Morgon, Fleurie, Chenas, Cote de Brouilly, St.Amour,Chiroubles, Julienas, Regnié
Chablis, Cote D'Or, Cote Challonaise, Maconnais, Beaujolais
Which crucial marriage in 1152 sowed the seeds for the growth of Bordeaux as a wine producing region.
Which country drained the marches of the Medoc?
The classification of 1855 was of which three regions?
Which region wasn't classified until 1995?
Approximately how many cases of wine is produced in Bordeaux every year?
What percentage of total French AOC wine does Bordeaux produce?
Who is credited with the first "chateau bottling" in 1924?
Name all five first growths from north to south
What is the latitude of Bordeaux?
Name the estuary and two tributary rivers which run through Bordeaux
Bordeaux's climat is classified as:
What makes the Left Bank's soil so well suited for grape growing?
Sauternes consists predominantly of which two white grapes?
What is the most planted red grape in Bordeaux?
Ch. Petrus is made with which grape?
Although 6 red grapes are permitted in Bordeaux, one is very rarely used, what is it?
In St.Emilion, Cabernet Franc is called what?
What is the Vin de Pays name for Bordeaux?
What major region of Bordeaux was never classified?
What is the largest region of Bordeaux?
In which commune would you find Cos D'Estournel?
Which Bordeaux commune contains the deepest gravel?
Name the 6 communes of the Medoc from north to south
What are the two St.Emilion Premiers Grand Cru Classé A?
How many 1er Gr.Cru Classe B are there?
The iron pan subsoil of Pomerol's gravelly clay is known as..?
What is the most expensive Right Bank wine?
What is the approximate yeild rate at Ch.D'yquem
What is the important river flowing through Sauternes?
Harvesting in Sauternes is in waves of hand-picking called..?
There are 9 1er Cru in Sauternes, name 3.
What is the only 1er Cru Superieur in Bordeaux?
Name two AOC's which produce Sauternes-like wines.
Pre-sales of Bordeaux in the spring following the vintage are called..
Name the famous blue cheese of Bordeaux.
Approximately how many chateaux are in Bordeaux?
How many chateaux were classified in 1855?
What is the primary difference between the soils of Pauillac and Margaux?
Which First Growth is considered to be the most elegant, with the greastest finesse and softness?
Which is the smallest of the classic Medoc Appellations?
What region supplies the majority of red Bordeaux AC?
Where is the only place in Bordeaux where you'd find Chenin Blanc growing?
What is the maximum yeild for AC Bordeaux?
There are 5 second growths in Margaux, name 3
Ch. Angelus, Belair and Figeac are classified as what?
Which first growth is not in the Medoc?
Which is generally the highest priced 1st growth?
What are the four satellite AOC's of St. Emilion?
Approximately how many acres are under vine in Bordeaux?
Which 4th Century poet was the first to mention in writing that wine was being made in Bordeaux?
List the 5 red grapes of Bordeaux in order of most widely planted to leas planted.
What is the greatest climactic threat at harvest in Bordeaux?
Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II
The Dutch
Medoc, Sauternes and Barsac
71 million
Mouton Rothschild
Ch.Mouton Rothschild, Ch.Latour, Ch.Lafite, Ch.Margaux, Ch.Haut-Brion
The Gironde Estuary, the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers
Mild Maritime
Semillion, Sauvignon Blanc
Vin de Pays de l'Atlantique
St.Estephe, Pauillac, St.Julien, Listrac, Moulis, Margaux
Ch.Cheval Blanc and Ch.Ausone
crasse de fer
Le Pin
The Ciron
La Tour Blanche, Peyraguey, Vigneau, Suduiraud, Coutet, Climens, Bayle, Rieussec, Rabeaud
Loupiac, Cadillac, St. Croix du Mont, Cerons
En Primeur
More Gravel in Pauillac, more
Bourg (10% allowed in white blends)
Rauzan-Seglas, Rauzan-Gassies, Durfort-Vivens, Lascombes, Brane-Cantenac
Premiers Grand Cru Classé B
Ch. Haut Brion
Lussac, Montagne, Puisseguin, St.George
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,Cabernet Frank, Petit Verdot, Malbec
Which French Pope held court at Avignon in 1309 and was succeeded by John XXII who built the famous

What two cities mark the northern point and the southern point of the Rhone wine region respectively.
What do they call the fierce winds that blow through the Rhone?
Is the northern or southern Rhone more continental, climactically speaking?
What is the difference in soils between northern and southern Rhone?
What to they call the unique training system for vines in Cote Rotie?
While most Northern Rhone vines are training single guyot fashion, Hermitage uses this type…
Southern Rhone vines are generally trained by which method?
True or False: Syrah is the only allowable red grape in the Northern Rhone.
Name the three white grapes grown in Northern Rhone.
What are the maximum yeilds for Cote-Rotie?
Vognier can be blended in Cote Rotie up to what percentage?
What is the difference in soils between the Cote Brune and the Cote Blonde?
Condrieu must be made with what percentage of which grape varitie(s)?
What are the maximum yeilds for Condrieu?
The top soils of lint, chalk and mica of Condrieu are called…?
What is the only single estate AC of the Rhone?
Which northern Rhone AOC has been expanding rapidly since 1969?
What are the maximum yields for Crozes-Hermitage?
What percentage of white grapes are allowed to blended into red Hermitage?
White Hermitage is made of what varities?
What Rhone wine must be made with 100% Syrah?
Name the six most planted varieties in the Southern Rhone.
What Rhone AOC is France's second largest after Bordeaux?
A Cotes du Rhone red wine must contain what percentage of Grenache Noir?
Name three principal varieties found in Cotes du Rhone white wine.
What southern Rhone AOC wine must contain at least 50% Grenache and 20% Syrah+Mourvedre?
What is the maximum yield in Chateauneuf-du-Pape?
Name the 8 red varieties allowed in Chateauneuf.
Name the 6 white varieites allowed in Chateauneuf.
Which famous CDP Chateau blends all 14 allowable varieties into it's wine?
What are the famous pudding stones called in CDP?
Which style of wine (red, white, rosé) does Gigondas not produce?
Gigondas is dominated by which grape variety?
What fruity white aromatic southern Rhone wine must contain at least 1 third Clairette?
What AOC famously produces Rosé wines chiefly from Grenache with a little Cinsault?
If your sweet Rhone red displayed a slightly Rancio character, you would drinking…?
What is the only Muscat based Vin Doux Naturel AOC in the Rhone?
Cremant de Die is a dry sparkling wine made from what grape(s)?
Clairette de Die Methode Dioise Ancestrale must contain 75% of what grape?
List the AOC’s of the Northern Rhone from north to south (including the sparkling wine regions)
Name the permitted grapes for St.Peray AOC
Name the appellation in the Northern Rhone that also makes a vin de paille .
What are the two red wine only AOC's of the Rhone?
Approximately how many kilometers from north to south does the Rhone Valley encompass?
What is the "northern Rhone" and "southern Rhone" called in French
Name the four appelations around the town of Die
Rhone's Syrah is theorized to have originated in one of three different places, name them.
Which region banned the wines of the Rhone between the 14th and 16th centuries, calling them tres petits
et povres vins?"
The Northern Rhone produces roughly what percentage of total Rhone Valley production?
Which appellation produces half of the wine made in the Northern Rhone?
Pope Clement V

Lyon in the north to Avignon in the south
The Mistral
Granite and Shist in the north, limestone, pebbles and stones in the south
taille en archet
a staked version of Gobelet
Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne
clay and iron in the Brune, sandy slate and limestone in the Blonde
100% Viognier
Chateau Grillet
Marsanne and Roussanne
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault, Marsanne, Rousanne
Cote du Rhone AOC
Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier, Clairette, Bourboulenc
Cotes du Rhone Villages AOC
Grenache , Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault, Counoise, Muscardin, Terret Noir, Vaccarese
Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, Clairette, Rousanne, Picardin, Picpoul
Ch. Beaucastel
galets roul és
Grenache Noir
Lirac AOC
Tavel AOC
Muscat Beaumes-de-Venise
100% Clairette
Cote Rotie, Condrieu, Chateau Grillet, St. Joseph, Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage, Cornas, St.Peray
Marsanne and Roussanne
Cornas and Cote Rotie
Rhone Septentrionale (north) and Rhone Meridionale (south)
Chatillion-en-Dios, Cremant-de-Die, Clairette de Die, Coteaux de Die
Syracuse, Sicily or Shiraz, Persia or it is possibly native to the Rhone Valley
Less than 5%
What is the latitude range of Alsace?
Alsace is framed by which two geographical features?
What vintage of the last decade is said to be Alsace's best?
Although the yields are set high in Alsace (80hl/ha) most producers in the area aim for approximately what
range of yields?
What is the traditional wine bottle of Alsace?
True or False, the white wines of Alsace generally benefit from Malolactic Fermentation
Alsace Edelzwicker AOC produces what style of wine?
Name the four noble white varieties of Alsace
What do the common abbreviations VT and SGN refer to?
In Alsace, traditionally made sparkling wines fall under which AOC?
Approximately how many Alsace Grand Cru are there?
What requirement of Alsace Grand Cru status has excluded some historically classic vineyards from
becoming Grand Cru?
What is Alsace's most planted variety?
Alsace's fattest and most full-bodied wines are made with what grape?
What are the two types of Muscat grapes found in Alsace?
What variety of grape are you likely to find in Alsace's deeper, clay soils?
After the "big four" name the three next most planted varieties in Alsace.
Which two grapes are generally blended together, as well as counted together statistically, representing 14%
of total acreage planted.
What simple white variety is currently allowed in Alsace, but may not be planted anew?
What variety has the most trouble ripening in Alsace?
In which Grand Cru site would you find Trimbach's Clos Ste.Hune?
Kirchberg de Ribeauville is the source of most of the fruit for which famous wine?
Lower Grand Cru yields in Alscace is creating what phenomenon?
Alsace is divided into what two Departsments?
Around what town would you find the highest concentration of Grand Cru Vineyards?
The Vosges Mountains to the west and the Rhine river to the east

flute d'Alsace
Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Muscat
Vendage Tardive and Selection de Grains Nobles
Cremant D'Alsace AOC

The requirement that there must be more than one owner
Riesling (24%)
Muscat Blanc a petits grains and Muscat Ottonel
Pinot Gris
Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois

Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois
Pinot Noir
Rosacker GC
Trimbach's Cuvée Frederick Emile
Higher sugar and alcohol levels
Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhine
What are the four methods of Sparkling wine production?
What sparkling wine method is also referred to as "Charmat" or "Cuvée Close"

How many pounds per square inch of pressure is generally within a traditionally bottled sparkling wine?
Asti DOCG uses a modified version of which method of production?
The Traditional Method used to be called what?
Although both undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle, the chief difference between a Traditional
method wine and a Transfer Method is what?
What is the principle benefit of the Transfer Method from a winemaker's standpoint?
Roughly how many millions of bottles of Champagne are produced each year?
What is the largest export market for Champagne?
The historic "original: dry white wine of Champane was most famously know as…?
Who was creating sparkling wines in 1662, 6 years before Dom Perignon was at the Abbey de Hautvillers in
When did the first dry styles of Champagne begin to appear?
Who made the first true "Brut" in 1874?
What technological innovation was available in England before France that leads us to believe that the
English were making sparkling wines before Champagne?
Dom Perignon is said to have been the first master of what important technique Champenoise?
The tradtionl press in Champagne is called…?
Who is credited with making the first true white wines from black grapes?
Madame Veuve Cliquot's cellar master invented what technique in 1818?
Remuage occurs in which traditional technology?
Degorgement via "Volée à la Glace" was invented in which country?

The famous Champenois bottlers Krug, Bollinger, Mumm and Roederer are actually from which country?
What is the climactic classification of Champagne?
Frequent rain can sometimes produce two crops in Champagne, what is the second crop called?
What is the latitude of Reims?
What element in Champagnes chalky soils is responsible for the high acid grapes?
The high amount of lime in Champagne's soils can create this disease, particularly in Chardonnay.
What is the most widely planted variety in Champagne?
What three varieties are allowed in Champagne?
There are 4 vine training methods allowed in Champagne, but the finest vineyard use only these two
How Many Grand Cru villages are there in Champagne?
What are average yields in Champagne?
There are 5 districts in Champagne, name 3.
Montagne de Reims is mostly planted with which grape variety?
Pinot Meunier's early ripening is best suited to which, prost-frone district in Champagne?
In which district would you find 6 of the 17 Grand Cru Villages in Champagne
What is the name of the liquid added as a "dosage" to Champagne?
The first pressing of Champagne grapes (2050 lt from 4000kg of grapes) is called what?
True or False: It is common to find Champagne grape varieties vinified together.
The art of blending wines in the creation of a Champagne is called…?
The Liqueur de Tirage is a blend of which two ingredients?
Many years must a vintage Champagne remain "sur lie?"
The biscuity or baked flavours in Champagne are acetal compounds that are product of which chemical
process present in the secondary fermentation in Champagne?
The final dryness of a Champagne is determined by the amount of what addition?
How sweet would you expect a Champagne labelled "Doux" to be?
How many 750ml bottles are in a Jeroboam?

The largest format bottle in Champagne is named after a famous Babylonian King, what was his name?
What is the maximum percentage of any year's harvest that can be sold as a vintage Champagne?
What is the Champagne vintage of the past decade?
A Grand Cru "Blancs de Blancs" can be made with Chardonnay and what other grape(s)?
Krug's Grand Cru, Blancs de Blancs Cuvée de Prestige is made from which famous vineyard?
What is Veuve-Cliquot's top wine?
There is a separate appellation for still rosé wines produced in the Aube district of Champagne, name this
French Traditional Method sparkling wines made outside of Champagne are called…?
You are enjoying a local, sweet sparkling wine in Languedoc made mostly with Mauzac. You must be
Translate "Cava" into english.
What is geographically unique about the DO of Cava, in terms of vineyard locations?
Your Cava was most likely made in which sub-region of Spain's Catalonia?
What is the second largest sparkling wine appellation in the world, behind Champagne?
A Grand Reserva Cava must be aged a minimum of how many years?
What 3 white varieties are most typically found in a bottle of Cava?
There are three red varieties now allowed in Cava, name 2.

You're tasting a flight of Cava's representing all levels of dryness. The driest wine should be labelled…?
Should a Cava labelled "seco" or "extra-seco" be dry or sweet?
What is the Italian name for the Moscato grapes found in Asti?
Moscato D'Asti must not exceed what percentage of alcohol?
In which Italian region would you find the usually sweet & frizzante Brachetto D'Aqui DOCG?
The original Bellini was made with this Italian sparkler.
If you're drinking the local, traditional method sparkling wine in Lombardy, what would it be?
Franciacorta Riserva must be aged a minimum of how many months?
Roughly how much more Sekt is produced anually compared to Champagne?
What are South African Traditional Method Sparkling wines called?
Carbonation, Tank Method, Transfer Method, Tradtional Method
Tank Method

Tank Method
Methode Champenoise

The Traditional method wine must be sold in the same bottle in which fermentation takes place
Elimination of the expensive riddling (remuage)
330 million
United Kingdom

Christopher Merret

coal-fired glass bottles
blending (cuvées)
Pressoir Coquard
Dom Perignon
remuage (riddling)

 le bouvreu
Pinot Meunier
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

Taille Chablis, Cordon de Royat
Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne, Cotes des Blancs, Aube, Cotes de Sezanne
Pinot Noir
Vallée de la Marne
Cotes des Blancs
Liqueur d'Expedtion
cuv ée
Sugar and Yeast

Very Sweet

Clos du Mesnil
La Grand Dame

Rosé de Ricey

Blanquette de Limoux
Cava has mulitple geographic areas spread out over several different zones
Paralleda, Macabeo and Xarel-lo
Pinot Noir, Monastrell, Garnacha

Brut Nature
Twice as much (1/2 billion bottles)
Cap Classique
What is the new Vin de Pays for the Loire valley?
Between which two latitudes are vineyards planted in the Loire?
What do they call Muscadet in the Loire?
What is the famous chalky limestone called that makes the "building blocks" for the Loire's famous
You're drinking a relatively simple, light bodied dry white wine with seafood in the Loire Valley; you're most
likely in which region?
Name the four wine regions of the Loire Valley from West to East?
What is known as the "Pineau de la Loire?"
In the Loire, Cabernet Franc is also known as…?
What is the principal red variety of the Loire?
This lesser known red variety of the Loire is used primarily for rosé in Anjou
One quarter of the wines made in the Loire are red, roughly how much still white is made?
Only two wines can carry the suffix "…de la Loire." What are they?
What typical Loire variety is not used in Crémant de la Loire?
Including the 9 months resting sur lie, a Cremant de la Loire must age how long before release?
There are 5 AOC's for Muscadet in the Loire, name 4.
A melon in the Nantais must not contain more than what percentage of alcohol by volume?
85% of the Muscadet made in the Nantais is grown in which AOC
Muscadet sur lie must remain on it's lees for roughly how long?
Gros Plant, Cot, and Malvoise are used locally in naming which three varieties?
Savennières' famous Chenin Blanc owes much of it's credit to what type of soil?
Three AOC's within Anjou produce off-dry and sweet rosé, name one.
What is the single-estate AOC of the Loire?
Name the two sweet wine Grand Crus of the Coteaux du Layon.
In which Saumur AOC would you find only red wines from Cabernet Franc?

In which of the 4 regions of the Loire would you find the most wines made from the lowest yielding vines?
What style of wine is made from the Chenin grown in Coteaux de Saumur AOC?
Name the four varieties allowed in Touraine AOC.
What region in Touraine shares it's name with a famous abbey built there in 990AD?
Great Chinon is grown on limestone slopes which contain what specific type of chalk (from what geological
What tributary river of the Loire passes through Chinon?
True or False, dry Chenin Blanc is made in Chinon?
Bourgueil allows 10% of what variety to blended with their Cabernet Franc?
What are the average yields for still wines in Vouvray?
This Touraine AOC makes unique white wines from the Remoratin grape.
Vouvray's mineral character is said to come from it's flinty-clay known locally as..?
Name the four principal appellations of the Central Vineyards from west to east
Sancerre's minerality is derived from marine fossils from which geological age?
The preponderance of limestone in Sancerre can lead to which vine disorder?
Smally amounts of red and rosé are made in Sancerre with which variety?
Poullly-Fumé's classic gun-smoke character is said to derive from what element in it's soil?
Chasselas is grown in the Central Vineyards and made into this wine.
What vintage of the last decade may be the greatest of the century for Chenin Blanc in the Loire?
There are 4 classic vintages of sweet wines from the Loire, name 2.
Vin de Pays du Val de Loire
47° and 48°N
Melon de Bourgogne


Nantais, Anjou-Saumur, Touraine, Upper Loire (Central Vineyards)
Chenin Blanc
Cabernet Franc
Grolleau (groslot)
Rosé de la Loire & Crémant de la Loire
Sauvignon Blanc
1 year
Muscadet AOC, Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine AOC, Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine Sur-Lie AOC, Muscadet des Coteaux de la Loire, Mu
Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine AOC
Over the winter (6 months) Not before the 3rd week of March
Folle Blanche, Malbec, Pinot Gris
Rosé d'Anjou AOC, Rosé de Loire, Cabernet d'Anjou AOC
La Coulée de Serrant
Bonnezeaux & Quarts-de-Chaume
Saumur-Champigny AOC

Sweet and Semi-sweet
Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc and Gamay

Cabernet Sauvignon
Reuilly, Quincy, Menetou-Salon, Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé
The Cretaceous
Flint (Silex)
1947, 1959, 1989, 1990
s Coteaux de la Loire, Muscadet Cotes de Grandlieu
In addition to Chardonnay, what white variety is uniquely found in the Jura?
The Jura has four red varieties planted. What two local varieties are used in addtion to Pinot Noir and
What is the film of flor-like yeast called that grows on Vin Jaune?
What is the Jura's single-estate AOC for Vin Jaune?
What is the Jura's sweet wine made from dried grapes?

What will you find on the label of a bottle from the Cotes du Jura AOC that is atypical in the rest of France?
Arbois AOC is the hometown of which famous Frenchman?
The Jura is home to France's first AOC, named in 1936. What is it?
In the Savoie, the white grape Rousette is know as what?
AOC Vin de Savoie Apr émont, Ripaille or Chignin would be made with which variety?
What two varieties for the backbone of most Provencale Rosé?
Cabernet Sauvignon may appear in a wine of Provence, provided it not exceed what percentage?
What is Rolle also know as?
What is the largest Aoc in Provence?
Which AOC in the south of France has the only Cru Classé system outside of Bordeaux?
In which Provencale AOC would you find vineyards mostly planted with Mourvedre?
What are the maximum yields for Mourvedre in Bandol AOC?
White Bandol is made from which 3 grapes?
Chateau Simone occupies 3/4 of this Provencale AOC, famous for it's plethora of grape varieties.
The Italianate varieties of Vermentino, Brachetto and Fuella combine to make reds and rosés in which
Provencale AOC?
The white wines (made with Ugni Blanc, Clairette, Marsanne & some Sauvignon) from this Provencale AOC
are said to be the ultimate partner for Bouillabaise.
What is the greatest Provence vintage of the last decade?
What is Corsica's "Nielluccio" also known as?
The majority of Corsican wine is produced under which Vin de Pays?
Which to principal vinifera varieties are planted in Corsica, but not allowed for Aoc wines?
The finest AOC of Corsica is generally recognized to be..?
Some of the greatest Muscat wines in the world are produced under this Corsican AOC.

What traditional variety's plantings in the South of France has dropped by nearly 50% in recent years?
Name the 5 red varieties allowed for AOC wine in Languedoc and Roussillion.
What is the largest Aoc in Languedoc and Roussillon?
Where would you find La Clape, Pic-Saint-Loup and Chateau Négly?
What recenly awarded AOC in Languedoc-Rousillion boasts wines that undergo 3 separate tastings and must
be aged a minimum of 1 year?
What AOC of Languedoc-Roussillon is divided into the two subregions of "Maritime" and "Montagneux"
with wines consisting of at least 30% Carignan?
What Languedoc-Roussillon AOC is famous for it's old-vine Carignan grown on shist at relatively high
altitudes (2000ft?)

You're drinking a traditional sparkling wine made with Mauzac, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. What is it?

The tradionally method sparkling wine in the South of France made with 100% Mauzac is called…?

There are 5 Muscat-based Vin doux Naturels in the South of France. Name 3.
How long must Banyuls remain in cast before release?
grand Cru Banyuls must contain what percentage of Grenache?
The "stewed" or slightly "cooked" flavours apparent in Banyuls VDNs is generally referred to as..?

Where would you find a Vin Doux Naturel made with all three Grenache varieties (Blanc, Gris and Noir?)
What is a Fougasse?
What type of fish makes up a Brandade?

True or False: Viognier is now allowed in small amounts in the AOC wines of the Languedoc-Roussillon.

Poulsard and Trousseau
Chateau Chalon AOC
Vin de Paille

The grape variety
Louis Pasteur
Arbois AOC
Grenache and Carignan
Cotes de Provence AOC
Cotes de Provence AOC
Clairette, Bourboulanc and Ugni Blanc
Palette AOC

Bellet AOC

Cassis AOC
Vin de Pays de L'isle de Beauté
Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah
Patrimonio AOC
Muscat du Cap Corse AOC

Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault and Carignan
Corbières AOC
Coteaux du Languedoc AOC

Minervois la Livinière AOC

Fitou AOC

St. Chinian Aoc

Crémant de Limoux

Blanquette de Liomoux Methode Ancestrale
Muscat de Frontigan, Muscat de Lunel, Muscat de Miravel, Muscat de Rivesaltes, Muscat de Saint-Jean-de-
30 months

Provencale flat bread with Herbs and/or Olives (Focaccia)
Salt Cod

Who overhauled Italy's wine laws in 1992?
What does IGT stand for?
In which small, mountainous region would you find the DOC's Donnaz, L'Enfer D'Avier and Nus
What lake would find near the eastern vineyards in Piedmont?
What is the largest wine region in Italy for DOC and DOCG wines?
Nebbiolo is derived from the Italian word meaning what?
What is the principally plated white grape in Peidmont?
What ancient white grape of Peidmont was sometimes called "white Barolo," and when loosely translated
means "little rascal?"
What is Spanna?
Two Nebbiolo clones are favoured in the Langhe region, one is Lampia. What is the other?
True or False: Nebbiolo is naturally low yielding and less vigorous than many other varieties.
Traditionally, Barolo was aged in large casks called…?
A Barolo Riserva must spend how many months in wood prior to bottling?
Barolo's soils contain calcareous marl in the north-west and more iron-rich deposits in the south-east. What
are these two soil types called, respectively?
Bussia, Brunate and Bricco Roce are famous vineyards producing what wine?
Gattinara DOCG allows 10% of this grape to blended in with Nebbiolo?
A normale Barbaresco must be aged a total of how many months before release?
Why are many of Angelo Gaja's wines made as Langhe Nebbiolo DOC?
Many said it was a "pity" that Gaja pulled up his Nebbiolo vines and planted Cabernet Sauvignon to produce
this wine.
Rabaja is one of this DOCG's most famed vineyards.
A cocker spaniel is often found on the label of "La Spinetta" which is made from which grape?
You're drinking a frizzante red wine in Peidmont that reminds you of Moscato D'Asti and Lambrusco. You're
probably drinkin..?
How does Dolcetto translate into English?
The Muscat grapes in Asti are locally referred to as…?
How many atmospheres of pressure are in a bottle of Moscato D'Asti?
Name the two greatest vintages in Peidmont of the last Decade.
You're drinking a traditional white Peidmontese wine with undeniable notes of almond.. You're probably
You're in Gavi, drinking a DOCG wine with light, lemony characteristics. What grape is used to make this
There are four DOCG's in Lombardia. Name 2.
Nebbiolo that's grown in the Valtellina vinyards near the Swiss border is called..?
There are five offical sub-zones for Valtellina Superiore DOCG. Name 3.
You're drinking a DOCG wine in Lombardia that has a distincly Amarone-like character. What is it?
This bubbly wine made from Pinot Bianco and Pinot Nero earns it's "G" on the DOC when it's bottle
The people of Liguria have been making wine for 2500 years. It is the origin of this type of pasta.
Arguably the best Ligurian red wine is made in Dolceacqua with what grape?
What are the "Tre-Venezie" (three Venetias?)
Alto-Adige is also known as the..?
Giovanni Goria
Indicacione Geographica Typica
Valle D'Aosta
Lake Maggiore
Muscat (Moscato)

18 months

Tortonian and Helvetian
21 months (9 in wood)
So he can add (up to 15%) of other varieties besides Nebbiolo


Brachetto D'Acqui
"Little Sweet One"
Canelli (or.. Moscato Canelli)
2000 & 2001

Arneis di Roero

Valtellina Superiore, Franciacorta, Sforzato di Valtellina, Oltrepo Pavese Metodo Classico
Grumello, Inferno, Sassella, Valgella, Maroggia
Sforzato di Valtellina

Friuli-Venzia-Giuli, Veneto, Trentino-Alto-Adige
South Tyrol (Sud-Tyrol)
What are the rocky, shistous soils in the better vineyards of Tuscany called?
What are the three principal white grapes grown in Tuscany?
What Tuscan appellation produces more DOCG wine than any other in Italy?
What's the name of the traditional straw-wrapped bottle used in Chianti?
Who was the architect of the original Chianti blending recipe?

What are the maximum allowable yields for Chianti DOCG, and Chianti Classico DOCG, respectively?
Of Chianti's 7 sub-zones, which two are generally accepted as its finest?
What was eliminated from Chianti DOCG in 2007?
Besides Sangiovese, what other two native Italian varities can be used to make Chianti Classico?
Chianti Classico Riserva must age a minimum of how many years prior to release?
International varieties can be used in Chianti Classico to what maximum percentage?
What is the technique called in Chianti of re-introducing juice pressed from dried grapes into the young
What is the name of the Sangiovese clone used in Brunello di Montalcino?
How long must Brunello di Montalcino age prior to release?
True or False: Brunello is generally harvested earlier than Chianti.
What is the DOCG for Brunello wines that are releasable after the first year?

If you wanted to make a DOC wine in Brunello with international varieties, what would you have to call it?
What is the clone of Sangiovese used to make Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
How many years must a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano spend in oak?
Where would you find a DOCG wine made with roughly half Sangiovese, 10-20% Canaiolo and finished
with a little Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot?
What historic Italian DOCG was the first to receive DOC status in 1966?
Vernaccia di San Gimignano can also contain up to 10% of what grape variety?
This special wine was traditionally aged for a minimum of 3 years in Chestnut casks to encourage an
oxidative character.
Vin Santo is typically made with what two white grape varieties?
A famous Super Tuscan wine is named for this type of gravelly, chalky soil in Bolgheri.
Who is credited with planting the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc on the Tuscan coast after the
second world war, leading to the Super Tuscan phenomenon?
These two Antinori Super Tuscan's generally share opposing percentages of Sangiovese and Cabernet
Who makes Sassicaia?

The Cabernets grown to make Sassicaia were brought to Italy from what famous Bordeaux vineyard?
What Tuscan vintage of the last decade is said to be a true Classic, based on it's nearly perfect growing
Morellino di Scansano DOCG is the top producing area in the loosely defined strip of the Tuscan Coast
known as "The…"
What does "Morellino" refer to in Morellino di Scansano
This Italian province is home to the Orvieto whites, and the DOCG's of Montefalco di Sagrantino and
Torgianno Rosso Riserva
White wines from Torgianno DOC are prinicpally belnds made from which 3 varieties?
Orvieto DOC makes a fully botrytized wine called..?
The Burgundian styled Chardonnay of Orvieto is called…?
You're drinking an off-dry sparkling red DOCG wine from the Marches, what is it?
Rosso Conero DOCG is a red wine from the Marches made almost entirely from this grape.

You're drinking a local DOC wine labelled "Est! Est! Est! di Montefiascone." What province are you in?
You're in a trattoria in Latium drinking a light dry white made with Trebbiano and Malvasia that's poured
on tap. What is it?

These two DOC wines (one white, one red) make up the vast majority of wines produced in the Abruzzi.
Many native varieties are grown in this southern Italian region, including: Greco, Fiano, Biancolella,
Falanghina and Anglianico
This full-bodied red wine made from Anglianico grapes in Campania was elevated to DOCG status in 1993,
and is often called the "Barolo of the South."
The top-quality Campanian white made from Grego grapes is called…?
You're travelling through the Apulian areas of Salice-Salentino, Squinzano, Leverano and Copertino. You're
probably drinking red wines made with this grape.
Zinfandel is known locally in Apulia as…?
You're in Basilicata drinking an excellent dry red whose grapes are grown on the volcanic slopes of Monte
Vulture. What is it?
You're comparing two local wines made with Gaglioppo grapes labelled Ciro DOC and Melissa DOC. Where
are you?
What is the only DOCG of Sicily?
What are the most planted red and white grapes of Sicily?
Your Sicilian sommelier has recommended two local sweet wines; the red being Marsala. What's the
You're comparing two local Sicilian reds labelled Etna DOC and Faro DOC which are made with the same
grape. What grape is it?
In Sardegna, Grenache is referred to as…?
You're drinking a Vermentino-based DOCG wine in Sardegna. What is it called?
There's a lovely sweet passito wine made on the island of Pantelleria made with Muscato di Alessandria.
What do they call the grape, locally?
Vermentino, Trebbiano and Malvasia
Chianti DOCG
The Fiasco
Bettino di Ricasoli

56hl/ha for Chianti, and 52.5hl/ha for Chianti Classico
Chianti Classico and Chianti Ruffina
White Grapes
Canaiolo and Colorino
2 years

Sangiovese Grosso (Brunello)
4 years
Rosso di Montalcino DOCG

Saint Antimo DOC
Prugnolo Gentile

Carmignano DOCG
Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Vin Santo
Malvasia and Trebbiano

Marchese Incisa della Rocchetta

Solaia and Tignanello
Tenuta San Guido



It is the local name for Sangiovese

Trebbiano, Malvasia and Grechetto
Vernaccia di Serrapatrona
Montepulciano (+ up to 15% Sangiovese)



Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Trebbiano d'Abruzzo


Taurasi DOCG
Greco di Tufo


Anglianico del Vulture

Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG
Nero D'Avola and Cataratto

Passito di Pantellaria

Vermentino di Gallura DOCG

What is the large central Spanish plateau referred to as?
Name the three principal climactic zones of Spain.
This viticultural technique was illegal in Spain prior to 1996.
Vines are trained low in arid Spanish vineyards. This method is known locally as..?
Bush training in Spain or "Gobelet" is referred to locally as..?
What is the most planted white grape in Spain (and actually, the world).
What is the famous Spanish white variety from Galicia?
Xarel-lo and Parellada are joined by this variety in Cava production.
What is the most-planted red variety in Spain?
There are two prinicipal quality clones of Garnacha planted in Spain. Name one.
Mazuelo and Monastrell in Spain are known as what, in France?
What are the only three regions of Spain with DOCa applelations?
What is the Spanish equivalent to Vin de Table?
You're drinking a top Spanish wine with "DO Pago" on the label. What differentiates this wine from one
labelled DO or DOCa?
Spanish wines with this term on the label must be aged for two full years before release, 6 months of which
must be in wood.
A Spanish red wine labelled "Gran Reserva" will have been aged for at least how long?
How many years must a Spanish wine labelled "Reserva" be aged in oak?
What is the name of the Spanish wine industry's regulating body?
What grapes are used to make white Rioja?

This famous Spanish winemaker has a special dispensation to include Cabernet Sauvignon in their Rioja.
In which of the 3 Riojan districts would you find the most ageworthy Tempranillo?
What district of Rioja is the driest?
A typical Riojan blend consists of which 4 varieties?

This Spanish DO overlaps the Rioja Baja district and is famous for traditional rosés made with Garnacha.
This high altitude region of Spain is famous for it's extreme diurnal temperature variation.

What two elements are particularily present in the soils of Vega Sicilia that make this wine so special?
What percentage of Tempranillo must be found in a bottle of Ribero del Duero?

White DO wines from this Spanish Region must contain at least half of this variety, 85% if labelled "Superior."
Michel Rolland is making wine in this dry, high elevation Spanish DO which is due east of Rueda.
In which Spanish DO will you find soils resembling the "pudding stones" of Chateauneuf?
The wines form this Spanish DO must contain at least 85% Tinta del Pais, with the balance being only
The Masesta
"Green Spain" (North), "Maseta", "Mediterranean Coast"
En Cabeza
En Vaso
Macabeo (Viura)
Garnacha Lisa and Garnacha Peluda
Carignan and Mourvedre
Rioja, Priorata and Ribiero del Duero
Vino de Mesa

It comes from a single vineyard

5 years
1 year
Consejo Regulador
Viura and Malvasia

Marques de Riscal
Rioja Alta
Rioja Baja
Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graniano

Navarra DO
Ribero del Duero

Shist and Chalk

Toro DO
Cigales DO

Cigales DO

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