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					FOREWORD                                                             CHURCHWARDENS’ REPORTS
                                                                     Marion Overal writes:
                                                                     It is such a privilege to serve as churchwarden but there is a
This year marks the 60thyear of the reign of Queen Elizabeth         lot to learn and I am very grateful to all those who have
II. Most of us would agree, even if we are not all Royalists,        helped and guided me over the past year. It has been an eye-
that her reign has been remarkable in one particular respect –       opener to see just what is involved in keeping everything
her service. She dedicated herself in 1952 to the service of her     running smoothly - our two church buildings, the centre, the
country, and 60 years on she has proved good for her word.           office, finances, activities for all ages, many courses, all the
Yet service is far from the minds of her subjects.                   services and lots of meetings! We are so fortunate to have a
                                                                     very dedicated and hard working staff team at the centre of it
We live in an increasingly individualistic culture where ‘self’ is
                                                                     all, happy to help in whatever way they can - and all with
the supreme idol. Its all about ‘me’, my rights, my desires, my
                                                                     good humour. In addition we have so many willing volunteers
life, my career, my needs; ipad, iphone, itunes, iplayer are
                                                                     who give of their time and energy to contribute to everything
symptomatic of the ‘i’ culture around us. The concept of
                                                                     we do. Thank you to each one of you.
service is totally alien to this culture, unless it helps ‘me’ to
become more fulfilled. We are so self-centred that it does not       We are a wonderfully varied church family of all ages and
even register that this is odd. No, not odd, but sin. Sin has ‘i’    from all backgrounds. Everyone has something unique to offer
as its centre.                                                       and if you’re new to the church there are plenty of ways to
                                                                     get involved. We continue to see new faces each week at our
So it is so refreshing to belong to a church which is counter
                                                                     services and there is often standing room only. What joy!
culture by being a church which wants to serve others. This
booklet is testimony to the service of the saints in this place.     It is exciting to be able to join in with what God is doing in
We follow a master who came ‘not to be served but to serve,          this place. I hope we never take for granted the wonderful
and give his life as a ransom for many.’ Mark 10.45.                 resources we have, may we use them all for God’s glory and
                                                                     give a warm welcome to everyone who comes through our
                                 Jonathan Perkin                     Gordon Goodman writes:
                                                                     ST BARTHOLOMEW’S CHURCH

                                                                     The last year has seen the normal routine of services and open
                                                                     days at St Bartholomew’s and our thanks go to the whole team
                                                                     of flower-arrangers, cleaners and sides-men for making our
                                                                     parish church beautiful. In addition, Chris Wakeman has done
                                                                     sterling work on getting 3 faculties through the Diocesan
                                                                     permission procedures. So we had new lights in time for

                                1                                                                   2
Christmas carols and a new sound system for the last 2 weeks       350 increasing from the present 210 red chairs with the same
with an audio loop. The churchyard has been kept beautiful         row spacing but facing North in an arc and using all the space
by Mark Kelly’s contract work. With financial help from The        of the present choir stalls as seating area. Most importantly,
Friends and the Summerfield Trust we are converting the            the church will be warm and comfortable with underfloor
Cottage, in which Jeanne Cutter used to live, into a visitor’s     heating. The same lighting designer who did such an excellent
centre using a lot of self-help. Primarily, the old bathroom       job at St Bartholomew’s will turn St Andrew’s into an equally
has been walled off and now has an exterior door to what will      welcoming environment where we can all read easily. A new
become a disabled toilet before the first wedding of the           Audio/Visual set up will ensure we can have all forms of
summer.      This longed-for facility will be opened via a         worship well catered for. Even now, if you have an idea for
combination key case on the door post for all regular users to     the new church then please tell the Project Group as it may
the church as well as for funerals and weddings. The area in       be too late to put in afterwards. All the Diocesan deadlines
front will be cleared with an open patio.                          for permission have been met, so hopefully, by the time of the
The near future will see a new good-looking handrail to            APCM, a firm decision will have been made to start work in
replace the pipe all the way up the path from the cottage.         May. The first step needs everyone’s help clearing and
We should also renovate the path at the same time. Finally,        cleaning the church and hosting the chairs. The future is
the makings of a new LED cross have been bought and will be        warm at St Andrew’s.
installed as soon as possible. The future is bright at St Barts.


It has been a privilege to have been churchwarden for the last
two years and to look after the Centre and Church buildings.
There is always something that needs doing. A fantastic team
help with all the events but there is also an unseen but
essential band cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, keeping
the exterior clean and clear - come sun or snow. Our verger,
Julian Myrans, has to be picked out as an untiring worker on
our behalf.
This last year has seen progress on the Church re-ordering
with the ideas becoming reality. A proposed extension of the
church into the courtyard proved to be a step too far
financially but since October’s pledge’s were totalled, we now
have plans that will turn our church into a warm, well–lit,
spacious building in which to worship. We have been bulking
out regularly at the Sunday family service as well as village
funerals and carol services. The size limits the major events
we have held for the women or youth. We will be able to seat

                               3                                                                 4
The PCC has met seven times and discussed a variety of             Since the last APCM there have been four meetings of our
topics. Much time has been spent on the Church Reordering          Deanery Synod. They have been held at different venues and
Project, planning for which has gone ahead during the year.        have considered a range of issues with which the Church is and
The Appeal did not raise enough money to complete the entire       should be engaged.
project but it was agreed that since the heating and lighting
systems needed replacing in any case, the reordering and the       At the first meeting of the new Synod, the Area Dean, Revd
improvements to the interior of the church should proceed          Richard Mitchell, gave a very helpful presentation on ‘What is
and the integration of the courtyard be postponed. The PCC         a Deanery Synod?’. His three main points were:
has authorised improvements to St Bartholomew’s Church and
to the churchyard and agreed to turn the cottage into a                It is a tool of engagement in ministry and a bridge
community centre.       Planning permission for this has been          between parish and diocese;
obtained and work has been done. There is more to do and
volunteer helpers are needed. Policies on the protection of            Deanery Synods have a long history which was ‘revived’
children and of vulnerable adults have been agreed and a               most recently in 1836. Although in 1995 the Bridge
corporate risk assessment has been completed. The PCC has              Report advocated their demise, they emerged with an
taken ownership for insurance purposes of well over fifty              even higher profile than before;
activities which go on in the church and the centre.
                                                                       Our current Severn Vale Deanery was created in October
The PCC is responsible for the finances of the parish and              2009 with 12 benefices, 46 parishes and 48 churches.
therefore has scrutinised and approved the budget and the
accounts prepared by the Treasurer who is an ex officio            This first meeting also saw the retirement of Peggy Price from
member of the council. It has also authorised expenditure on       the office of Lay Chair, a post she had held for the last seven
such events as the community day, the church visit to              years. Peggy was thanked for her work and presented with a
Hothorpe, the church leaders’ course and the youth Revival         gift from the Synod. Sue Padfield (Shurdington) was elected as
Day and on improved visual and audio equipment both in the         the new Lay Chair.
church and in the centre. Most recently it agreed to the
                                                                   During the other meetings, Synod members were asked, with
incorporation of the Parish giving scheme into that of the
                                                                   their PCCs, to revisit their Parish Audit (from the previous
Diocese which will save the parish money and enable it to take
advantage of Diocesan expertise.                                   year). The idea was and is that parishes should identify their
                                                                   relative strengths and weaknesses so that the strengths could
Three members, David Fisher, Emma Stalberg and Keith White         be shared with and the weaknesses supported by other
retire in April having served their full three years on the        parishes in the Deanery. Roger Parker (Deanery Contact –
council and are thanked for their work.                            01531 890795) presented the Severn Vale Deanery booklet
                                                 Enid Castle       ‘Growing Church’ which aims to enhance communications
                                            Secretary to the PCC   among parishes about a variety of Christian ministries and
                                                                   initiatives. Revd Martin Riley, formerly vicar at St Lawrence’s

                              5                                                                   6
Barnwood and now Chaplain to the Gloucestershire Hospitals        ST BARTHOLOMEW’S & CHURCH COTTAGE
NHS Foundation Trust, described and explained some of his
work as a Hospital Chaplain and Pastoral Carer in the county’s    Regular services are held on three Sundays each month with
hospitals.                                                        the Choir and a small but dedicated congregation. Larger
                                                                  congregations attend for Christmas Day, Easter Day and for a
The last Synod meeting, held in February at St John’s             special commemoration of St Bartholomew’s Day.
Churchdown, received a report on the Ministry of Prayer for
Healing from Deanery Officers Revd Michael Bennett and Ruth       A condition of the restoration grant from English Heritage is
Clowes. They pointed out that, contrary to popular myth,          that the church is open for public access at least 28 days per
Healing Services are not gatherings characterised by mass         year other than services. The church is open from Easter to
hysteria. Rather, they are quiet, contemplative opportunities     the end of October on each Saturday, the third Sunday and
for anyone – through faith – to experience what they called       Bank Holiday Mondays. A rota of volunteers drawn from the
the God of Surprises. The Officers went on to encourage           church congregations, The Friends and the wider community is
parishes to introduce Healing Services and urged that there       organised by Sheila Elliot. More volunteers are always
should be recognition that all have a role to play through        welcome. In 2011 there were approximately 1100 visitors,
prayer.                                                           both local and worldwide, during these sessions.
Of course, no Deanery Synod meeting could be complete
                                                                  A new lighting scheme was installed in December to upgrade
without reference to finance in general and to the Parish
                                                                  the general level of lighting in the nave and to enhance the
Share (formerly known as Quota) in particular. Roger Parker
                                                                  beauty of the chancel. A hearing loop and sound support
gave a very helpful presentation on this subject. Among
                                                                  system was completed in March. These items are financed
several points, he emphasised that, while the Church
                                                                  from the surplus in the restoration project. The handrail
Commissioners hold assets of some £5.2bn, they face annual
                                                                  replacement and extension has received faculty approval and
costs of around £203m (2010) and cannot sustain the current
                                                                  an order has been placed. This will be funded by The Friends
trends of increasing expenditure set against reducing levels of
                                                                  of St Bartholomew’s.
income. To address this dilemma, a Recovery Plan for the next
five years has been produced and circulated to Dioceses and,
                                                                  Planning approval for conversion of The Cottage to a visitors
through the Deaneries, to PCCs. Perhaps the most significant
                                                                  centre and facilities for the church has been granted. The
fact for parishes (such as ours) with a full-time stipendiary
                                                                  building work to create the toilets and replacement of the
priest is that he/she costs £50,813 (made up of salary, housing
                                                                  ground floor doors and windows has been carried out.
and diocesan costs). This figure is used to give some meaning
                                                                  Replacement of the electrical wiring and plumbing is under
to the Parish Share figures asked of parishes in the Recovery
                                                                  The Friends of St Bartholomew’s continue to provide valuable
                                                Gareth Davies
                                                                  support both financially and in terms of personal time and
                                                                  effort. During 2012 The Friends will celebrate their 25th
                                                                                                              Chris Wakeman

                               7                                                                8
WORSHIP                                                           We are particularly grateful to Julian Myers our verger, who,
                                                                  along with the people who clean the churches and arrange
Having recently taken over from Sarah James in respect of         flowers in them, ensure that the church is ready for worship
Head of Worship Branch, I am still feeling my way and am          not only on Sunday but also for weddings, funerals and special
grateful for the assistance from both clergy and lay members      services.
of our church with the many aspects of worship in St Andrew’s                                                      Roy Bourne
and St Bartholomew’s. Hence this note will be extremely
brief this year                                                   SUNDAY SERVICES

Whilst many churches are noticing a decline in the numbers at     The main shop window for the ministry here is Sunday. I am
services, it is wonderful to have an opposite situation in that   delighted that we provide a wide range of services in the
we continue to grow and desperately need to be able to            parish – Book of Common Prayer, Common Worship, Family
accommodate more worshippers, and the re-ordering process         Worship and Informal Worship. People connect to God in
about to start will hopefully address that situation.             different ways and through different styles of service. Rather
                                                                  like our taste in radio, some prefer Classic FM, some Radio 1,
St Bartholomew’s                                                  others Radio 4. Rarely do they mix well, which is why we
There are regular services of Matins and Evensong “up the         provide different styles. The downside of this is twofold – it
hill” and several services of Holy Communion. The majority of     encourages a ‘supermarket’ mentality where people only buy
our weddings also take place at St Bartholomew’s.                 one brand and look down on other brands; and it makes
                                                                  fostering unity more challenging as people opt for different
St Andrew’s                                                       services. Nevertheless, my concern is to connect with this
The regular services held are the 9am Holy Communion and          culture in whatever way we can.
10.30 Morning Worship (with communion once a month). FUEL
services (for praise, refreshment, teaching and prayer) are       I am grateful to the huge number of volunteers – musicians,
held most Sunday evenings. We continue to provide carol           readers, prayers, welcomers, stewards, children’s and youth
services for local schools and organisations plus many other      workers, cleaners, flower arrangers, et alias – who make this
services including the Remembrance Day service complete           all work for the glory of our God.
with parade.                                                                                                   Jonathan Perkin

It is our custom to start each weekday with Morning Prayers       PRAYER MINISTRY TEAM
in the Quiet Room at 9o’clock. It would be good if more
people from the congregation undertook to maintain this           The prayer ministry team continues to offer to pray with
background to all that goes on at St Andrew’s throughout the      anyone who wishes at the 9am and 10.30am services at St
week, as we pray for the life and work of Church, and our         Andrews.
mission partners and hold before God all those who are unwell
or have special needs.                                            At the 9am service, prayer ministry takes place in the north
                                                                  porch during and after communion. At the 10.30am service
                                                                  anyone wishing to receive prayer is asked to come forward at

                               9                                                                10
the end of the service where members of the team will be           between 9 and 9.30am. It is a simple time of reading the
waiting to pray with them.                                         scriptures for the day and praying for the parish and beyond.

To prepare for prayer ministry the prayer team for that            We continue to meet for First Priority on the second Thursday
Sunday and any others who are free meet at 10am in the             of every month, 7.30-8.30pm sharp. Those that have come
lounge to pray for the services and for prayer ministry that       have found them to be very encouraging. I recommend you
day. We spend some time seeing if God has any words or             reprioritise your diaries.
pictures that he wants us to share that day to encourage                                                        Jonathan Perkin
people to come for prayer. These are given to whoever is
leading the 10.30am service to use as he thinks appropriate.       24/2 PRAYER WEEKEND
The team consists of approximately 35 members who are              The 24/2 Prayer Weekend took place between 7.30pm on
passionate about offering their services to connect people         Friday 2nd March and 7.30pm on Sunday 4th March with prayer
with God through prayer. Anyone interested in joining the          continuing around the clock for the wider world, Churchdown
team should see either Jonathon or Sue/Derek Conaty.               village and the activities and outreach of St. Andrews.

All that is said to the prayer team members is completely          The lounge was converted into a creative prayer space and
confidential.                                                      all ministries within the church were invited to lead sessions.

The team continues to meet once a month on a weekday               Sessions included prayer walking, interactive prayer for
evening to pray for prayer ministry and for each other and to      Churchdown schools, creative art, prayer for family life led by
share feedback on how we could arrange things better. We           mothers union and specific sessions for families, children and
have been greatly encouraged by the way the congregation           youth. More than 50 young people and adults attended at
has supported and made use of this ministry and pray that it       some point over the 48 hours.
will continue to grow and be used powerfully by God to                                                             Louise Follett
strengthen us all.
                                         Sue & Derek Conaty        BAPTISM PREPARATION

FIRST PRIORITY & MORNING PRAYER                                    Requesting baptism for a baby or child can be an entry-point
                                                                   to the Church for young families in the community. The clergy
Prayer is the vital activity of any church if it wants to become   offer a home visit and the families are encouraged to start
strong and healthy. Corporate prayer is important as it both       attending Sunday worship. The parents then attend a baptism
encourages faith and unites the members together in a              preparation evening at the Church or at home, where the
common aim. Although relatively small in number, the sense         Christian faith commitments made in the baptism service are
of God’s presence is felt as we lift concerns for the local        clearly explained. In the last year we conducted about 18
church and the world before him.                                   baptisms, and BLT continues to prove a fruitful source of
                                                                   baptism requests.
Every weekday in the Quiet Room, we meet for prayer                                                            Jonathan Perkin

                               11                                                                12
CONFIRMATION PREPARATION                                            the band have also helped at the Scout's St George's Day
                                                                    service at Gloucester Cathedral in April, Faith Day in May,
Confirmation is for those who wish to make a public                 Women's Day in October, Revive in February and the Away
‘confirmation’ of their commitment to Jesus Christ. It is           Weekend in March.
especially appropriate for those who have recently come to
faith as adults, or for those who were baptised as infants but      The band continues to grow and now has approximately 30
have never publicly made a Christian faith commitment for           singers and musicians. Over the last 12 months it has been
themselves. Candidates follow a five-session preparation            particularly pleasing to see a number of young people develop
course leading up to the Confirmation service, where they will      musically and spiritually. They inject new life and passion into
receive God’s ‘confirmation’ of his Spirit in their lives through   the band as a whole and, at the same time, they develop skills
the laying on of the Bishop’s hands. The confirmation service       and experience that will stand them in good stead when they
and preparation is done jointly with the Methodist Church and       "fly the nest". Developing young people for their future roles
St. John’s Church. This year’s confirmation service is yet to       within the body of Christ as a whole, and not just for what we
be confirmed (no humour intended).                                  need at St Andrew's, is an important role of the band.
                                               Jonathan Perkin
                                                                    With the amazing things that God is doing in Churchdown, and
THE CHOIR.                                                          with the re-ordering about to happen, we continue to pray
                                                                    (and would ask for all your prayers, too!) that God will give us
The prime role of the robed choir is to assist the clergy to lead   glimpses of what He wants to do, and the wisdom to get
traditional worship through singing and participation at the        involved in His work.
9.00am worship at St Andrew’s and at Matins, Evensong and
Evening Communion at St Bartholomew’s. The choir also                                                                Alex Anderson
attends weddings and funerals by request.
                                                                    SUNDAY’S KOOL
During 2011 the Choir lost two long serving members who
                                                                    This year Sunday’s Kool expanded and created a sixth
sadly passed away and another who has retired. At present the
                                                                    children’s group, Little Stars, for 4-5 year olds. During the re-
Choir numbers around 20.
                                                                    ordering we will shrink back to four groups, to make the best
We would welcome new members regardless of their previous           use of available space. We have welcomed Rosie Conaty, Livi
singing experience. Anyone wishing to get involved can simply       Yates and Sammi Myatt over the year, and now say a
turn up at the practice on any Friday in St Andrew’s from 7.30      temporary goodbye to Sarah Smith, Alex Taylor and Alan
to 9.00pm                                                           Underwood. We bid farewell to Becky Goodman. It is a
                                                  John Taylor       pleasure to see Amy Turner growing into a leadership role via
                                                                    our Growing Leaders’ Course.
                                                                    Tim Perkin and Jodie Sullivan started Kids’ Praise in the
The worship band leads sung worship at the 10:30 service,           autumn – a short time of worship twice a term, led by young
Fuel and other events with a contemporary style. Members of         people and enjoyed by the children before their group time.
                                                                    The time all those involved in children’s ministry spend in

                               13                                                                  14
preparation (and     clearing   away   afterwards)   is   hugely   Sunday Mornings
appreciated.                                                       Our Sunday morning groups are split into two groups aged 11-
                                            Alison Summerskill     14 and 15-18. Both groups are lead by myself and a team of
                                                                   volunteers who take on the teaching and leading of the
OPEN THE BOOK                                                      groups. For the older group I put together a term’s worth of
                                                                   teaching (this has included series on Jonah, Luke 16-17, love)
Ecumenical lay member teams from St Andrew’s, St John’s            whilst the younger guys use Scripture Union materials.
and the Methodist Church started taking Open the Book into         Alongside being part of the groups the young people are also
six primary schools in Churchdown and Innsworth in                 involved in the many different areas of church life that help a
September, 2002. Open the Book is now a national charity and       Sunday morning to run, such as worship band, children’s
has 5550 volunteers telling bible stories in 1082 schools          groups and crèche. In addition to the Sunday mornings, we
(October 2011 figures). We support it financially through          also have a large number of youth who come to Fuel.
mission giving, but also practically by continuing to send
teams into our local schools. A highlight this year was when       Clay
Egyptian Week for Year Three coincided with the story of           Clay is our Friday evening group that caters for all ages. We
Joseph, and we had a cast of 60 “extras” in Egyptian dress.        split the evening in half with socialising and sport first,
 The teams welcome new members, so if you can spare half an        followed by an interactive look at the bible afterwards. This
hour on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning for                 year we’ve spent time working our way through the life of
something that will bring a smile to your face, please ask me      Jesus through Mark’s gospel, and have recently been
for details.                                                       plundering our way through the story of the early church in
                                           Alison Summerskill      Acts. It’s been great to see a steady number of new people
                                                                   make their home in the group as well as encourage older
YOUTH WORK REPORT                                                  members to take on a bigger role in leading the sessions and
                                                                   maturing their own faith. We regularly see over 30 young
When I began life as St Andrew’s youthworker my aim was to
                                                                   people each week from across the age spectrum coming to
help young people understand that God, the Bible and
                                                                   engage with God through discussion, teaching, youtube,
Christians themselves are all relevant in our world. Whilst this
                                                                   fellowship, craft, uni-hoc and prayer as part of the overall
hasn’t always been explicitly at the forefront of everything
                                                                   vision of making the Christian faith relevant to today.
we’ve done, it is encouraging to look back at what we’ve been
doing in light of this vision. This past year has been             TGI
particularly eventful in the youthwork at St Andrew’s.             TGI is a discipleship group for youth aged 15-18 that runs on
Alongside encouraging signs in the regular activities we have      Thursday evenings. In this group we look at some of the more
also seen some real fruit in some of the youth’s own ideas that    challenging areas of the bible and give more time for prayer
have become realities. Below is a short round-up of what           and discussion than in other groups. I've used Christian books
we’ve been doing.                                                  that I’ve personally found helpful to shape the teaching and
                                                                   we’ve been able to spend whole terms looking at idolatry,
                                                                   hearing God’s voice and the Holy Spirit. We get between 15-20
                                                                   of the older youth to this group and it’s a real privilege to see

                                15                                                                16
them grow and be challenged by what they are seeing in             variety of schools around Gloucestershire including Kings, St
scripture. Whilst we haven’t seen huge numerical growth in         Thomas Rich’s and Pates. As well as this a number of youth
TGI, the fruit in other areas of the youthwork has come almost     are looking to set up new CUs in their own schools. If Chosen
wholly from the guys regularly attached to this group.             Hill CU has taught me anything about young people it’s that
                                                                   doughnuts are a great tool for evangelism!
Other activities                                                                                                   Matt Clemas
Soul Survivor                                                      ROMANIA
A real highlight of each year’s youthwork is the annual trip to
Soul Survivor. Each year over 30,000 people descend for three      Last Summer we took a team of 8 from St Andrew’s to
separate weeks of Christian celebration and teaching aimed         Romania to work with a charity called FAST who work to raise
chiefly at young people. Each year we take around 50               up the local Rroma communities in an area of the country
teenagers from St Andrew’s and spend the week camping,             called Brasov. The team got involved in helping build housing
eating and worshipping together as well as getting involved in     in the slum communities as well as helping run some of the
a range of seminars, football tournaments and BBQs. It’s           local programmes for young people in the community. This
great!                                                             trip went so well we’re sending two teams out this year- one
Revive                                                             over Easter and one in Summer. This is a hugely encouraging
After the success of last year’s Revive day it was inevitable      ministry to be involved in as it is a really easy way of
that it would become an annual event, and this year’s was a        practically seeing the massive positive effect of giving up just
huge joy to be part of. Tim Perkin lead a team of young            a week of our time to serve a community. If you’re interested
people to create a day of worship, fellowship and teaching         in coming on any future trips you can visit FAST’s website at
with Mike Pilavachi (leader of Soul Survivor) as the main or speak to myself or any of the team who
speaker. We saw almost 250 young people come from all over         have gone in the past.
(one group came from Leicester!) and it was wonderful to be                                                          Matt Clemas
able to put on an event that could serve to “Revive” the faith
of teenagers between Summer festivals. One of the off-shoots       PASTORAL CARE
of Revive is the beginning of a new Youth Service on regular
Friday evenings called “Revive nights.”                            Care for each other is an essential value in the life of the
Youth Alpha                                                        church. We are called to ‘Love one another’. Love is not a
Youth Alpha was rolled out for its third consecutive course and    feeling. In fact it is not an emotional response at all. Love is a
we saw a great number of young people come to St Andrew’s          decision to act in the best interests of someone else, whether
to learn about the basic building blocks of the Christian faith.   we feel anything or not. To that end, ‘The Pastoral Care
The group ate with the adults but had separate teaching and        Team’ is here to provide loving assistance to anyone who
discussion time upstairs. As always it is amazing to see young     needs it without judgment or making assumptions. This could
people become Christians!                                          be in the form of meals during difficult times, visits, or
Christian Unions                                                   helping with hospital appointments etc. If you feel that you,
Whilst I am only regularly involved in one CU at Chosen Hill       or anyone you know, could be helped in any way or would like
School, I know that the youth are involved in running CUs at a

                               17                                                                  18
to discuss alternative support, please speak to a member of
the Pastoral Team;                                                 We help raise funds for local projects such as AFIA – Away
or email Susie at                    From It All holidays and for worldwide projects such as
or phone 548437. Please do not assume we know someone              supporting the work of our many overseas support workers.
needs help, but let the Team know as soon as possible.                                                  Louise Fazeli Branch Leader

                                                   Susie Perkin    THE MARRIAGE COURSE
A & B VILLAGE CARE                                                 This course is aimed at helping marriages to become stronger.
                                                                   Before we drive a car, we take lessons; before playing the
Thanks to our willing band of car drivers we have been able to
                                                                   piano, we take lessons. If we take lessons for relatively trivial
respond during the year to the steady flow of requests for lifts
                                                                   things why not take lessons for the most important
to local doctor’s and hospital appointments by folk both from
                                                                   relationship we will ever have on earth? The course is DVD
within our church and also from our local community through
                                                                   based and only requires the couples to talk to each other.
the A & B Village Care Scheme. Due to illness and for other
                                                                   There is no group discussion. Last year we continued the
reasons during the past few months our team has been
                                                                   course with 8 couples, ranging from those married for only a
somewhat depleted so if you would like to offer as a driver
                                                                   few years to many years. We cannot overemphasise the
then please contact us at the Church Office.
                                                                   benefits of doing this course which would be suitable for any
                                                     Pat Cook
                                                                   couple regardless of levels of faith. This year as a change we
MOTHER’S UNION                                                     are putting on a one evening Marriage MOT supper on June
Mothers’ Union has a membership of over 4 million in 83                                                          Jonathan Perkin
countries. Our vision is for a world where God's love is shown
through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships.          MARRIAGE PREPARATION
Membership is open to anyone - male, female, single, married
                                                                   In 2010 the clergy conducted 12 weddings at St. Andrew’s and
and upholds the MU vision and mission statement.
                                                                   St. Bartholomew’s. Our assistant administrator, Michelle
At St Andrew’s we have a membership of approximately 50            Allen-Jones, liaises with the couples over all the practical
and meet monthly on the third Tuesday evening and fourth           arrangements. All the wedding couples attend a wedding
Thursday afternoon. We offer a strong supportive role in many      morning at St. Andrew’s, covering all the practical aspects of
areas of church family life, supporting families in need,          the wedding day. In addition, they are invited to attend a
helping with the crèche and other children’s groups and            DVD-based marriage preparation course on a Saturday, as well
providing refreshments for a wide variety of events.               as an individual interview with the minister conducting their
                                                                   wedding. The course allows couples to take time out to focus
In the community, members volunteer at our local children’s        on their relationship, and covers very practical matters such
centre, help out at the tea bar at Gloucester prison and           as commitment, communication and resolving conflict.
support the charity SANDS by knitting baby clothes and
blankets for memory boxes for bereaved parents.                                                                   Jonathan Perkin

                               19                                                                 20
ALPHA                                                              •   Worship – how do I do that?
                                                                   •   Baptism, Confirmation and all that...
As Mike and Beth stepped down to take a well earned break          •   Prayer
from administering the Alpha Course for 2011, the big
                                                                   •   How do I tell others?
challenge for us was to try and maintain the high standards
                                                                   •   What are connect groups?
that had been set. With the Alpha Team that had already
been established this was not to be problem. From setting up;    The aim in the future would to hopefully grow this course as
the catering team; the Alpha talks; the worship leading; group   more people come in and maybe have 2 courses a year.
leaders and their assistants; welcoming team; the away day                                                           Jon Hills
arrangements; and locking up! - everybody played their part
to ensure its success.                                           SPIRITUAL GIFTS
Although numbers were slightly down on the previous year it
                                                                 What are you good at? What do you think your special gift is?
was encouraging to see a number of people from Churchdown
                                                                 What fires you up in life? What has God asked you to do for
village wanting to explore the Christian faith. Overall some
                                                                 the Body of Christ? These are the right questions to ask, but
sixty people attended the Alpha course. Most stayed on to
                                                                 not that easy to answer. The Spiritual Gifts Course seeks to
complete the 10 week course and over 20 took up the Post
                                                                 give you tools to answer those questions. Attendees have
Alpha course with Jon Hills after Christmas. This was very
                                                                 often come away encouraged and affirmed in what they sense
                                                                 God is doing in their lives. This is a ‘must do’ course which we
The challenge for 2012 will be to continue reaching out to
                                                                 hope to put on again this summer. It involves two sessions of
friends and neighbours, to invite them onto this year's Alpha
                                                                 about 2 hours using a manual. It is very simple and user
course. Do be praying now about who you could invite.
                                                                 friendly. Watch this space for details.
Thank you again to everybody who helped on this year's Alpha
                                                                                                                 Jonathan Perkin
course. It was a pleasure to lead the team.
                                      Nigel and Lorraine Roe     FAITH DAY

ALPHA + COURSE                                                   In 2011 we had our first Faith Day with Jon Coles speaking.
                                                                 John is the leader of New Wine Ministries having been an
The Alpha+ course was a 6-week course that was used as an        incumbent of a London Church for many years. His teaching
extension of our Alpha course. We had between 15-20 people       was very practical, uplifting and challenged the heart to go
who attended the course. The intention was to bridge the gap     further with Jesus. We hope to repeat the Faith Day in the
between Alpha course life and church life and make the           year we don’t go to Hothorpe Hall for a parish weekend. So
transition as smooth as possible. Of course this wasn’t          watch this space in 2013.
exclusive to alpha course people but maybe people who had                                                    Jonathan Perkin
recently joined the church to get familiar with some of the
terminology used in St Andrew’s church life. The areas the       COMMUNITY DAY
course covered are named below:
                                                                 Launched in May 2011, over 80 volunteers gathered to wash
  • What does it mean to belong?                                 cars, garden, renovate a bathroom, pick litter up, iron

                              21                                                                22
clothes, clean windows and chairs, you name it, we got busy!     WOMEN’S BREAKFAST
At St Andrew’s & St. Bartholomew’s we have a vision to reach
out to the whole of Churchdown and those people inside and       We are continuing to be delighted with these events which are
outside of our church walls. We wanted to make a tangible        proving to be a real help to so many. The aim is to provide
and visible impact on people not so we can give ourselves a      stimulating and faith-building events, as well as giving the
holy pat-on-the-back, but so that we can physically              women a small treat of a lovely breakfast. We have had very
demonstrate the love of Christ to others. There is nothing       moving talks from speakers. The numbers have been very
greater than helping out someone in need. The needs are          encouraging from 80-100 per breakfast. We also had a very
varied and complex but many people realised this and helped      successful Women’s Day with Lucy Peppiatt, with about 150
out. The community day is about uniting ourselves together       women from near and far. Special thanks to the team of men
for a common purpose: to provide hope and help to those in       who helped. The breakfasts will continue in ’12. More details
our community. It was a wonderful success and many people        later.
were united and blessed. To round the day off we had a BBQ                                                        Susie Perkin
on the front lawn to celebrate the day. So by dusting off our
gardening gloves and paintbrushes, each year we hope to bless    RE:FUEL (18-30s)
the socks off our community and see our community changed
through the love of Jesus.                                       Launched in September 2010 specifically designed for 18-30s.
                                                    Jon Hills    Due to the increasing number of people attending the church
                                                                 with the addition of our tagline ‘hope for all ages’ it seemed
CONNECT GROUPS                                                   appropriate to provide a ministry to our younger adults.

The St Andrew’s and St Bartholomew’s Connect Groups are          This year Re:fuel took a break with the arrival of the new Hills
continuing to grow, with new groups started focused on           baby and with a renewed emphasis on connecting everyone
interests, for example Art, and Football (though these guys      into connect groups. It may return within the coming year
don’t call themselves a Connect Group) and this is a good way    depending on the need.
to continue getting people involved. We are looking at finding                                                          Jon Hills
ways for the groups to interact better, for them to get better   UNITE (Men’s Ministry)
support, from each other and outside; and particularly to help
people grow their gifts by using them in Connect Groups.         In January 2011 a new vision was set out for Unite: ‘To see
There is a gathering planned for May to discuss how we take      every man who is connected with St. Andrew’s and St.
this forward and another in July. Please let me or the Church    Bartholomew’s to be connected with Unite’. This is a tall
Office know of your ideas, what you would like and what you      order but we believe, as a team, this can be achieved over the
would like to offer.                                             next few years. What was set out was a 4-level strategy based
                                             John Henry Lonie    on the types of events that will be on offer for men:

                                                                 Level 1 – An activity or social event with zero Christian
                                                                 content but will get Christian men and those not-yet Christian

                              23                                                                24
men mingling together. (e.g. Curry night, Adventure day, Quiz       SAFC is becoming a welcoming place and a genuine role being
night, etc.) 1 or 2 per term                                        played by each member to make everyone feel a part of the
                                                                    team and everyone to be accepted for who they are. At SAFC
Level 2 – An event with some Christian content, maybe a             we hope newcomers are made to feel welcome by all squad
testimony or life experience/topic that can get men thinking.       members.
(e.g. Men’s breakfast, God @ work, etc.) 1 or 2 per term
                                                                    We train on Thursday nights (although this may change) and
Level 3 – A Christian course where men can ‘chew the cud’ so        play on Saturday morning. In time, we hope that the people
they can debate and discuss elements of the Christian faith.        connected with the team will eventually become connected
(e.g. Alpha course, marriage, lent and parenting courses,           with the church but more importantly with Jesus. At the
UNITE evenings) 1 or 2 per term                                     moment the Christians in the side are a lot of people’s first
                                                                    encounter with the church, so please hold these people up in
Level 4 – A regular discipleship group that meets to worship,
                                                                    prayer as they try and witness in what can be a tough place to
pray and study scriptures together. (e.g. Connect groups,
                                                                    do so and that Jesus would be at the centre of this team and
men’s bible study group, etc.) Every week or every other
                                                                    would draw people to himself.
                                                                                                                         Jon Hills
This new vision has been running for a year now and has seen
good numbers at most of the events we have organized, with          CHURCH CENTRE USE
more men wanting to help in anyway they can. Timing of
events has proved the key to success of events. With the busy       The Church Centre continues to welcome many different
nature of our church this is of utmost importance to get right.     groups throughout the week – not only all our church groups
All-in-all there is a growing sense of excitement amongst the       but different activity groups from our local community and
team about what God is doing amongst the men and hope that          beyond. We aim to provide a bright, warm and friendly
the ministry can reflect what he is doing.                          environment for our Centre users and endeavour to
                                                     Jon Hills      accommodate everyone who would like to book a meeting
                                                                    room – including a new Mum’s bible study, a Craft Connect
                                                                    group, the Blood Service, an Animal Art Group and many
                                                                    more! We have been delighted to welcome on board Lesley
St Andrew’s F.C. (SAFC) was formed to reach out to those who        Watters as our Health & Safety Officer this year. Lesley has
love playing football in our church to connect with men             put in place some great new measures concerning Fire
outside our church community. We are currently coming to            Training and Evacuation, Food Hygiene and many other
the end of our first ever season, in which we finished 4th in the   important matters to ensure the safety and well-being of all
Cotswolds Churches League - a great effort and some great           our Centre Users.      Our grateful thanks go to so many
relationships are being made through the team. As it stands         volunteers from our church family who come and go during the
we have used 50 players in our team this season alone, so all       week carrying out a multitude of important tasks around the
of those men have played under the St Andrew’s name.                Centre – you all know who you are!
                                                                                                                       Pat Cook

                               25                                                                 26
                                                                  Alongside this, the website has been an excellent source of
During October/November we ran our fourth Divorce Recovery        information, that has been well developed and maintained
Workshop in the Church lounge. Four people participated,          over the years by Robert Cook. However, we have realised
coming from the local area and as far as Worcestershire. The      that our web page needs updating and in the coming year we
workshop is run for those who have been affected by the           hope to have a new web page too!
breakdown of a marriage or significant relationship and                                                              Jon Hills
provides a secure & friendly environment in which to discuss
many issues arising as a result of the break up. We are part of   MISSION LINKS
a national charity and one of 20 similar groups operating
                                                                  The Mission Links committee has worked hard this year to get
around the country. Although we are not permitted to
                                                                  representatives from the church for all our charities and
promote Christianity (or any faith) the course has Christian
                                                                  missionaries, and to help these reps in promoting their causes.
roots and we run the workshop to help provide a hope to
                                                                  We have started having a monthly slot in the Sunday services
individuals. The workshop is run by volunteers, many of whom
                                                                  for a representative to tell the congregations about their
are active members of St Andrew's.
                                                                  charity or individual; we have also encouraged reps to liaise
                                                                  with intercessors to ensure that mission work is covered in
As I write this we are busy preparing for our fifth workshop
                                                                  prayer. Most significantly, the first St. Andrew’s Mission Fair
here at St Andrew's in May. If you are divorced, going through
                                                                  took place on Sunday 1st April. All the charities and
a divorce or a breakdown of a significant relationship and feel
                                                                  missionaries we support were present and in all there were 24
that our workshop would help, please get in touch. Similarly if
                                                                  stalls. The reps were responsible for putting together and
you know of family and/or friends that would benefit from
                                                                  manning their own stand or for getting an outsider to come in.
attending please put them in touch. Our email address
                                                                  Stan and Sue Rothwell were our speakers at both services.
                                                                  Initial feedback about their talks and the Fair has been very
                                                Richard Cundy
                                                                  positive. One couple commented that they had been quite
WEBSITE & SOCIAL NETWORKING                                       unaware of what had been going on in mission and they “lived
                                                                  in a bubble”. We hope that the bubble has been burst and
St Andrews is now diversifying its online communications by       that many members of both congregations will have a much
venturing into the world of twitter. Both Facebook and            better understanding of the range of mission organizations we
Twitter have been useful tool for communicating events such       support and want to get involved themselves.
as Revive but has also been a great way to keep up with the       At the initial count Mission Sunday raised £1375.67.
'Bible in a year' for daily readings. St Andrews Facebook page                                                        Sara Hobbs
regularly gets people interacting with the site, with new
worship songs, events and the like being advertised               CAMEO – COME AND MEET EACH OTHER
                                                                  The number of members that we currently have has swelled
There are 60 people who follow our twitter page and around        tremendously and we had a hundred people at the Christmas
170 who interact with our Facebook page.                          Lunch in December. We were entertained by the infants from

                              27                                                                28
Churchdown Infants School who sang Carols and Christmas           cookies at a reasonable cost to customers of all ages from
songs, the atmosphere was warm and jolly and everybody            near and far. Our numbers have been boosted by the regular
enjoyed their meal.                                               custom of a French class who meet most weeks in the small
We have had some good speakers, Gordon Goodman on Hover
Doctors in New Guinea, Derek Fisher on Life as it was in          As well as meeting friends and enjoying tasty food there is
Churchdown, Jancie Hills telling us about living in Texas, the    also the opportunity to purchase fairly traded food and gifts
Churchdown Village Agent telling us about the service they        from the Traidcraft stall. The coffee shop is run by a friendly
offer, the Jubilee Sailing Trust providing activities for the     team of volunteers who would be happy to welcome more
disabled and people with special needs 'on board' and there is    willing helpers. Each year we have been able to give away
lots more to come. We are planning a super Jubilee Party          £1,000 from our takings to local charities and this year we
which will be very exciting.                                      have been able to increase this to £1,500, divided up as
One of our events should have been a garden party but it
poured with rain and at the last minute we held it at the         Headway          £600
Witcombe Village Hall with props to make it authentic.            Listening Post   £300
                                                                  Little Bundles   £300
Still to come is a visit to the Cadbury garden centre, together   Cheltenham Open Door £300
with more exciting events. We have some new Cameo
Supercooks who produce some fabulous meals.                       We would like to thank our regulars for their custom and
                                                   Chris Eade.    encourage those new to church to come along and enjoy what
                                                 Cameo Leader     we have to offer!
                                                                                                                Judith Shore
                                                                  PARENTING GROUPS
A new venture was started in September 09 to encourage
parents as they drop their children at school. Every Monday       Whilst there are many books, magazines and television
morning between 8.30 and 9.15, parents are offered a free         programmes offering parenting advice, attending a parenting
coffee and a home-made cookie in the Foyer whilst their           group provides a unique opportunity to share stories, compare
toddlers play. We have about 15-20 parents each week. Why         experiences, pool ideas and have some fun. Here at St
do we do it? As a love gift to say “Well done, parents. We        Andrew’s we run informal, relaxed parenting groups where the
think you are doing a great job.”                                 main aim is to get together in a supportive environment and
                                                Susie Perkin      talk about the joys and challenges of bringing up children.
                                                                  Among other things we look at ways of building up self esteem
ST. ANDREW’S COFFEE SHOP                                          in our children, share ideas of how to set loving limits and
                                                                  explore how to help our children express their feelings. No
On Thursday mornings St Andrew’s coffee shop continues to         group has run during the last 12 month period.
serve a wide variety of drinks and homemade cakes and                                                              Judith Shore

                              29                                                                30
BLT – BABIES, LUNCH & TODDLERS                                   We have also arranged flowers for Alpha, other occasions and
                                                                 various Christmas meals in the Church Centre
“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long,
difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about    The teams operate separately but support each other as
lunch?"”                                                         necessary.

 A.A.Milne would surely have approved of BLT! The group is       We all feel it is a great privilege and pleasure to do the
now six years old and was started to provide support in the      Church Flowers and are always looking for more people to join
form of a midday meal and friendship for women in the early      our teams.
days of becoming a parent. It has grown to accommodate
toddlers, dads, grandparents and childminders too. There are     Our thanks to everyone for their help this year, also to the
currently 143 children and 134 mothers on the register.          office team Pat, Michelle and Jo for their endless patience,
Weekly numbers fluctuate around 20-30 adults, 30-40              support and help.
children. People come from Churchdown, Innsworth,                Betsy Wilson -St Andrews    Kathy Gilden - St. Bartholomews
Hucclecote, Abbeymead, Longlevens and Cheltenham.
Our team of helpers has increased to support this growth, but    TRAIDCRAFT
we will always welcome more. Some cook, others serve and
wash up. Some chat to the mothers and others play with the       Traidcraft’s mission is to fight poverty through trade,
children. One person maintains the list of contacts. We are      practising and promoting approaches to trade that help poor
happy to receive gifts of produce from gardens and allotments    people in developing countries transform their lives by
to turn into soup in the Winter or salads, flans and pizzas in   enabling them to use their skills and resources to build
the Summer.                                                      sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their communities.
                                                                 Established in 1979 as a Christian response to poverty, they
An offshoot of BLT is Meals for Mums, now entering its fourth    combine a trading company (Traidcraft plc) and a
year, which provides a week of meals for families with a new     development charity (Traidcraft Exchange). This enables
baby, cooked and delivered by volunteers. The team has           them to build lasting relationships with producers, supporting
expanded to cope with increased demand; thirteen families        people to trade out of poverty to work to bring about trade
were helped this year and there are twenty volunteers in the     justice.
                                         Alison Summerskill      Traidcraft Exchange is the UK’s only development charity
                                                                 specialising in making trade work for the poor.          Since
                                                                 September 2003, St Andrews Traidcraft Stall has been able to
ST ANDREW’S & ST BARTHOLOMEW’S FLOWER GUILD                      donate £8000 to Traidcraft Exchange. So a huge thank you to
                                                                 all who support Traidcraft through purchases and volunteering
Both the Flower teams have been kept busy with the Women’s       to man the stall. We are short on volunteers so anyone willing
Day, Faith Day and Revive, Weddings and Funerals over the        to help will be warmly welcomed!
year.                                                                                                              Alice Oakes

                              31                                                               32
RIPPLES                                                             could help at either a morning or afternoon session, on a
                                                                    regular basis or just now and again. Tel. No. 01452 712329 so,
Ripples has now been trading for almost eleven years, and           we look forward to another year when, with your help and
continues to be a major fundraiser. Various charities in our        support, and a few more volunteers, we hope to keep Ripples
community, nationally and world wide, including world vision        going and to continue to help as many people as we can.
benefits from ripples profits, all generated at this tiny charity
shop. A portion is also given to the Methodist Church to                                                               Jill Flower
donate to their chosen charities. Our grateful thanks go to all
our volunteers who come form the community, St Andrew's
Church and the Methodist church, in fairly equal proportions.
Visitors to ripples number about 80-100 each week most of
whom do make a purchase however small, and receive a very
warm welcome from our volunteers, who are always willing to
chat and listen. This can be especially important to someone
who is feeling lonely, or perhaps a bit low par. Conversation
and being prepared to listen can sometimes work wonders and
cost nothing.

During the latter part of 2011, we were forced to close on
many days due to roadwork's in Brookfield Road, and nearby
roads which was reflected in our takings. A half price sale in
February this year did, in some ways, help to boost the
takings. At Ripples we continue to donate small toys and
jewelry to the 'operation Christmas child' boxes, drawing
equipment and items suitable for a school in Devon, clothes to
villages in Kenya and Zimbabwe via one of our customers, and
some art materials have gone out to Albania via Sue and
Gordon Goodman. Also, we try to fulfill other requests that
occur from time to time. We welcome donations but please
remember they must be clean and in good condition, taking
them to Drew's Court. And not to the shop, as it has no store

Due to a certain amount of illness, four having to give up
altogether, and three having moved out of the area our
numbers have depleted and we desperately need to welcome
some new volunteers into our fold. Alan and Jill Flower run
Ripples and would be very pleased to hear from you if you

                               33                                                                 34
   St Andrew’s Church Centre
   Station Road, Churchdown
       Gloucester GL3 2JT
         T: 01452 712154
E: admin@standrewschurchdown

Vicar : Revd Jonathan Perkin


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